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Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Katela (Silver Spring, Maryland, Usa) on 04/22/2012

I wanted to share my experience with successfully combatting what my dermatologist repeatedly told me was 'rosacea'. Three years ago - at age 30 - I suddenly developed the redness and dryness and eye irritation associated with rosacea on my face. I went to the dermatologist who told me I had rosacea (on multiple visits). She gave me a cream which, of course, only temporarily relieved this condition I was very self-conscious about. I tried other suggestions - coconut oil, etc, but to no avail. And then I decided to go to a naturopath. The naturopath, after a lengthy consultation, had me take an allergy test. The test came back positive for dairy and soy. And, interestly enough, the symptoms of a dairy allergy are very similar to rosacea. I cut dairy and soy out of my diet and, within a few weeks, the rosacea went away. Completely disappeared. A few months later, I started eating yogurt again as a little test and the tell-tale redness came back. I now eat minor amounts of dairy when I most want it but generally avoid it all together. And my "rosacea" has completely disappeared. I know this isn't the cause for everyone, but I strongly encourage you to think about cutting out dairy and soy and limiting gluten. The redness and dryness I experienced were the outward signs of imbalances in my body and this dietary easy shift in my life has had both cosmetic and internal benefits. I am extremely frustrated with the dermatologist who repeatedly misdiagnosed me and also with my insurance which would only cover the dermatologist and not the naturopath - but that is another topic all together.

Replied by Olddude
(Chattanooga, Tn, Usa)
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Try equate diaper rash ointment, works for me. P.S. I use a light baking soda wash on my face, and don't rub hard, it can burn slightly, don't panic, it tingles some. The ointment is 13 percent zinc oxide, so a little goes a long way. It works for me.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Stacy (Oklahoma City, OK, USA) on 11/19/2008

Keratosis Pilaris, acne, rosacea, etc

I used to have many health ailments, many of which I have read about here. The only thing that works to cure them and keep them away is a raw diet. When eating a raw diet, you avoid most of the foods that cause the problems in the first place. Consuming too much cooked proteins, especially wheat and dairy, causes disease. Cooking the proteins makes them difficult for the body to break down the protein. The excess proteins clog up the lymph and other organs of elimination causing an over growth of bacteria (colds, cysts, etc.)which in turn causes disease. The disease usually shows up in the weakest organs that have usually been abused the most from a wrong diet. There is a wealth of info at and barefoots forum at Herbs are a great way to aid in healing. When you just start cleansing and eating a raw diet, they can help you heal faster. Just wanted to mention this. Thanks and have a great day!

Dietary Changes, Probiotics, Neem, Sarsaparilla

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Posted by Linda (Dublin, Ireland) on 06/10/2011

hi, havent been to site in a while but I thought id leave a little feedback on helping rosacea. Im not sure if I actualy have rosacea but I my face was always red and would glow sometimes, say after eating , drinking a beer or god forbid I got hot. I done a lot of reading. The first thing I discovered is that diet is huge in this fight. I took out a wide range of foods, anything hot like chillies etc or anything fermented like cheese or vinegar.

My supplements consisted of neem and sarsaparilla and a good bacteria. These things cleansed the blood, cleared heat and inflammation and the good bacteria helped well with lots of things. Anyway 2 months in and iv lost weight(that was a side bonus) and my skin is still a little red but I havnt burned bright red like I used to and I even toned down my make up. I hpoe maybe someone else might benefit from this.x

Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics, Aloe

Posted by Afh (Abq., Nm) on 03/24/2012

While looking up possible pancreas problem cures for a friend, I ran across a site where they were saying they felt that rosacea may in some cases be caused by mites, but that they felt it was mainly due to severe inflammation in the digestive system. They recommended digestive enzymes, probiotics and aloe beverages. They felt the skin was thinning due to inflammation in the digestive system. It was interesting that they were saying that ACV caused inflammation and although I love my ACV pills, I have noticed my skin is really looking older and much more red. Has anyone tried enzymes? I'm desperate to try anything that will work. So tired of this!! I don't really have the acne but the broken veins are driving me nuts.

Replied by Cat
(Papamoa, New Zealand)

Afh from Abq., Nm: Although I never really had the broken veins, I did have some form of Rosacea on my face - mainly nose - to the extent that it was almost glowing! I reported on EC a few weeks back that when I started taking Molasses (with copper in it), it has disappeared completely almost straight away and I'm soooo much more confident out in public and now need no make up to cover this horrible problem. I'm taking 2tsp morning and 2tsp evening. I hope this goes some way towards reducing the redness in your skin.

Replied by Susan
(Bath, England)

When you say Copper, do you mean colloidal copper? Many thanks!

Replied by James
(Ormskirk, Lancashire, Uk)

In reply to afh's post from 2012, I've got broken vein rosacea which is getting worse and driving me nuts too. Gut issues must by relevent for mine, as the rosacea worsens immediately following food. I've had IBS for years and have become intolerant to dairy, gluten, fruit, chocolate, nuts which is a pain. choc and nuts in particular right now make my rosacea awful.

I've got low stomach acid (using the bicarb soda on empty stomach test - no real bubbling felt) and have been on betaine hcl tabs for a while. Due to recent higher stress I needed more tablets and started using ones with higher pepsin also, for breaking down proteins, thinking I could be low in that as it is produced in the stomach.

On the higher tablet level my nose veins became much worse, but this also is during a period of higher stress which could also be the dominant factor. If not just the stress, maybe I was acidifying my body too much, or the stress was reducing my pancreatic enzymes.

I got lab tested and my pancreatic enzymes were normal few years back, though this could have changed.

I have found enzyme supplements help digestion to varying degrees, find one or a combination that suits. A nutritionist informs me that evidence shows they don't lower your own enzyme levels, which had always been a caution for me. I've found previously they benefit the skin and reduced the onset of redness and nose veins.

So I've tried to cover all bases - reducing stress with mindfulness practise, and opted for aloe vera to calm the guts, and am about to start ght's active digestive enzymes again to help the nose veins.

I'm adding alkalising drops to help rebalance my body if over acidity is a factor as well. Also starting o2 drops again for fatigue (have helped previously, but only at high dose and lose gains when stop - I'm recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome). fingers crossed, I can report back after a few weeks with any knowledge gained.

(British Columbia Canada)

I had pustules and papules form of rosacea and began to support my body for the stress using a very good, as in Douglas Laboratories, vitamin B complex and also something called AdrenoMend. It helped immensely. When under stress I still tend toward rosacea. Keeping diet simple is also a key.

Replied by Kathy
(Lv, Nv)

Hi James, I started taking diatomaceous earth on May 8th, about 1 Tablespoon per day and I also use it as a face mask about once a week. I think the DE is helping my roscea. I am not as red as usual. And I just notice that my hair is returning to a darker color!!! The DE kills parasites, so perhaps if it is mites it is helping. I also have red broken veins. I had laser trtmnts a few years ago but it did not help.

Dishwashing Soap and Vinegar

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Posted by Linda (Murphy. Nc) on 02/17/2015

My husband suffered for years from red, itchy face and scalp in the summer and the worst hair, beard, and eyebrow dandruff imaginable in the winter. Our doctor prescribed all kinds of meds for what he said was rosacea. Well, nothing helped for long and the meds were expensive. I stated to search and experiment for a way to cure or at least control whatever was happening to my husband.

Octagon soap/white vinegar controls the problem. Unfortunately, Colgate Palmolive stopped making Octagon soap several years ago. I found that Colgate Palmolive Original Green dishwashing soap has much of the same ingredients as their discontinued bar soap.

Use the Palmolive "Green" dish washing soap as you would a shampoo and body wash. Do not add to bath water as it will be too diluted to work. Rinse with white (less expensive) or apple cider vinegar cut 50% with water. You must shower/wash affected areas EVERYNIGHT BEFORE BED as mites breed in darkness. You can break the chain of infestation by washing every night.

Also, we switched to a waterbed with a regular vinyl water mattress. Mites cannot live on vinyl. I wash our white sheets, blankets in any laundry detergent with a cup of bleach per load.

It's been 5 years since he started this regimen. It worked immediately and continues to work. My husband doesn't suffer anymore. This regimen controls the problem so well that he no longer has any rashes or dandruff.

Please give this a try. It's inexpensive.

DMSO, Green Tea, Aspirin

Posted by Zark (Emerald City) on 08/20/2016

EC: It may sound silly but I couldn't find a button to click for adding a new remedy

Remedy: DMSO, Green Tea, Aspirin

I found a well documented cure today and wish to share it. He used the following topically as a cure, of which DMSO was a major contributor: "The final formulations were the green tea with aspirin, alternating with a mixture of DMSO, Copper Salicylate, Methyl Salicylate and Caffeine"

Here is the full info on his protocol which is provided freely:

Epsom Salt Scrub

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Posted by Amanda (WI) on 12/04/2020

I have had a very severe case of Rosacea. Mostly I think it occurs during stress and overheating. I think overheating really may cause this as perhaps the demodex mites increase in number when the body temperature changes or some chemistry in the body.

I treated and got all the pustules off in a matter of days and my face color is back. But remember this is more to do with internal heat than topical. So start changing your blankets to light weight where I also felt improvement. Don't overheat yourself at night with warm blankets or room temperature etc. Try to eat less hot foods, and go on eating more colder foods such as fruits and salads. etc, when you drink coffee/tea wait until it cools down.

So for treatment, I would like to share what I used.

A face wash with grapefruit over the counter any facewash will do that has the pink grapefruit, put it on the face then take a bit of Epsom Salt and gently scrub the affected area. Do it 2 times a day, now that may dry the skin, so I used moisturizer for very dry skin I bought plain moisturizer and added some drops of tea tree oil to it and applies that on my face. That was it.

When I got rosacea I was in a very bad place in my life and I was using a down comforter and I didn't have time to change to a lighter blanket, I overheated my body and got it. Just to let you know that my entire face was affected in a matter of weeks I had a terrible painful pustular Rosacea and I tried a lot of remedies and the combination of these ingredients helped me overcome this. Hope this helps someone.

Essential Oils

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Posted by Molly (San Francisco, CA USA) on 03/25/2008

I found a cure for Rosacea!! I've tried everything. I was using the Rosacea therapy with Skin Actives, and it was controlling it OK, but not completely. I'm 51 and have "mature skin", but I prone to breakouts if I use the wrong products.

I've really been getting into aromatherapy and have been reading a lot about essential oils.

Helichrysum! Also Patchouli.

So I got a couple of ounces of Jojoba oil, and free poured these two oils into the mix. I slather it on, wipe off the excess but don't completely remove it. It took about 3 days to see a difference.

I only get really good quality oils, like from Natures Gift or Mountain Rose Herbs. Only steam distilled.

I added some Sea Buckthorn Berry oil to the mix lately, as well as a drop of lavender and a drop of sweet fennel (for pores).

I really think I'm onto something. I cannot believe how great my skin (two girlfriends and my husband) looks!!


Posted by Karen (Alpharetta, Georgia/USA) on 04/05/2009

My eyes and throat were so dry I could not sleep at night. Nothing helped, not vitamin A, eye drops etc.nothing. For some reason, I reached for some natural estrogen with pomegranate that I had had for months but never taken. They were from a major on line supplier of health supplements. My dry eyes and dry mouth symptoms disappeared as well as my Rosacea. Now instead of using Vitamin C and Lysine (works too but doesn't take care of dry eyes and mouth) for Rosacea I take natural estrogen tablets. Since then I have researched this and there are numerous testimonies of people who have used bio-identicial estrogen for Rosacea. I no longer take Lysine and vitamin C. Men have estrogen too. So, maybe Rosacea is a hormonal problem.

Evening Primrose Oil

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Posted by Grandmaa (Sacramento, Ca) on 10/13/2009

I have had excellent results for roscea with primrose oil. I take one capsule per day. It took about 2 or 3 weeks to really work well. Now I take it every day.

Replied by Diane
(Ottumwa, Iowa, Usa)

Skin Update. Fatty Acid Metabolism Disorder.

Supplement with Borage, or Evening Promrose and Flax Seed Oil and Carnitine.

Totally Cured.

This is also posted in Dermatitis because the symptoms can be misdiagnosed. Many times I thought I had rosacea from the descrption alone.

Symptoms: red, flaky skin, lifting off in very large flakes with white pustules like small cysts, forming rapidly under the skin. I did not have just the redness and broken veins that some people have. We need to be very specific about the symptoms here, since the symptoms can be easily mis-diagnosed.

It was diagnosed by my Dr. As "perioral dermatitis". Drs should be embarrassed to even say this to patients, I mean we all know we have a rash around our mouths, right? It was a mess, and I had it for approximately 8-9 months before I figured out what it was.

This is for people who have tried everything. Believe me. I tried everything listed on this website and more.

I treated it as: a pathogen (like a bacteria like strep or staph), a fungus, mites, (rosacea), (yes, I drank the damn borax), scabies, leishmania, malessezzia, (seborrhea), acne, I tried three different antibiotic gels from the Dr, (metrogel, ciclopirox, clyndamyacin). I would get excited, because some things seemed to work for a few days, then the condition always returned and got progressively worse. A fatty acid metabolism disorder will mimc the symptoms of Dermatitis with few other noticeable symptoms. My only clue came after I took a big dosage of Cod Liver Oil and I saw what looked like chicken skin under my eyes the next day. I knew something was really wrong. Started Flax, and Borage Oil capsules the next day. Took L-Carnitine on an empty stomach, (just happened to have it, and knew it was good for fatty acid metabolism disorder from a study I saw on the web regarding Acidura and Carnitine). The Acidura, (a condition of acidity in the body) interferes with fatty acid metabolism processes in the body. This combined with a genetic predisposion called kryptopyluria and six cups of coffee a day meant I was not able to process fish oil of any type. This also explains why some of the other remedies like vinegar and baking soda, alkinalizing the body, and the liver cleanses, and the digestive enzymes seem to work for some people also. You will know within three days if this will work for you.

I saw healing within one day, the flakes stopped in three days and the redness went away in a week. My skin is perfectly clear and has been for two months. I still continue with the Carnitine, Flax and Borage only because I'm afraid to stop. Please note: I did topical applications of Sulfur, (sublimed pwder mixed into mayonese as a carrier) and bought MMS, (chlorine dioxide) just before trying the Flax, Carnitine and Borage. The sulfur may have lessened the white pustules, but I still had the red, flaky skin. If the pustules don't go away, you made want to try the sulfur or the MMS.

Best Wishes.

Replied by Maggie
(Calgary, Alberta, canada)

Hi Diane, I have been battling rosacea (or at least that is what I've been told it was by a doctor and a dermatologist) for many LONG years. At the time I thought they had to be wrong because my white bumps weren't red like all the photos I researched online that were described as rosacea. But needlessly I continued trying unbelievable amounts of products, supplements, waiting to see a difference. $$$ I couldn't quite understand why some of my symptoms were the same as rosacea but the pustules were definitely not. They are never red; they never leave. They are not filled with liquid like some descriptions - they are full of a very hard substance that is almost impossible to get out. Some days they look more prominent than other days. Anyway, as you know this is just an endless circle of trying things; getting frustrated; trying something else. Some days thinking you are going to go crazy obsessing over finding something - anything that will make a difference.

I know last summer a couple picked off and I couldn't be sure what I had done right -- always trying new things - somethings one or more before knowing if the last new addition has worked or not. Waiting weeks, months, for a change to the bumpy (dare I call it - chicken skin??) face. If you think I could possibly have the same fatty acid metabolism disorder as you, please kindly write me back so we can compare notes.

I do have evening primrose tablets I take off and on when the mood hits; I take small amount of flaxseed meal in my oatmeal daily. Still have these terrible bumps. Right now I am currently trying the borax (ugghh); magnesium oil therapy; blackstrap molasses, ACV with baking soda; iodine - all remedies recommended for rosacea. So sick and tired of obsessing for the last 4 years... I am 52 years old and noticed this around the same time I knew I was going through menopause.

One other interesting note; about a year ago I had a thorough blood work done to confirm I was in menopause and a couple of things stood out on tests - one that I was a little high in B12 and also that my cholesterol level was a little high. I look forward to hearing from you with the hopes I have found someone who has the same condition I have been battling. Many thanks.

Replied by Cheryl

It sounds as if you have milia. They are small white, hard bumps under the skin and once removed, look like a bird's seed. I was removing about a dozen of them a year with a needle, alcohol and peroxide. You actually get good at it after a while. Then, when my rosacea became worse, I stopped eat chocolate/sugar and the milia stopped forming completely. I think the milia culprit was 85% dark chocolate. Google milia photos on the Internet to see if it is what you have now, in addition to rosacea.

General Feedback

Posted by Angela (Witham, Essex, Uk) on 09/13/2012

Just found your excellent and common sense site, thankyou for all the increased ideas for Rosacea.

I have been wheezing for much of the past year and my doctor sent me for an asthma test. It proved negative. I fell to looking at other treatments creams on the web and then wandered to the side effects. Oh yes! There was wheezing, tightness of breath, coughing. Reported to the Gp who had no idea but took my word. Stopping the latest cream Finacea, my wheezing and coughing was all gone a week later. However in an effort to claw back some sleep disturbed by the heavy coughing, I elevated pillows to three from my normal two and awoke next morning with a 'mild' crick in the neck.

Twelve hours later I was in real agony and trembling with shock. Waves of pain and swelling have responded to masses of anti-inflammatories/hot treatments and so on. Its a week on now and I would say I am 98% better this morning.

The motto is to understand that skin is highly absorbent to anything you use and that in a search, ALL prescribed Rosacea creams do carry the wheezing warning. This week ( and the past year) has been a terrible train of events all stemming from a 'useless anyway' Rosacea cream.

I am holding the worst redness with arnica but have been attracted to a hand gel with Grapefruit Seed Extract in it which I have massaged in lightly and will repeat tonight. GSE has antimicrobial properties and is the only product to have rid me of Giardia some years back.

I will see how this goes and then start on one on the list taken from this site, perhaps the sulfur soap or the anti-dandruff shampoo with Olamine.

Many thanks to all the contributors who have written in.


General Feedback
Posted by Sharon (Silfiac, France) on 11/23/2011

Hi, I was first diagnosed with rosacea 10 yrs ago when I stopped taking the TRINORDIOL contraceptive pill. I fell pregnant and after a few months the rosacea dissappeard. After I finished breast feeding I went back on the pill. 2 yrs later I stopped the pill again to have another baby and the rosacea came back. After a year or so I started the pill again and had no problems with the rosacea. Two yrs ago I decided to stop the pill to give my body a rest and low and behold the rosacea came back. I then decided to continue taking the pill purely to keep the rosacea at bay. I am now 40 and have been told that I have to stop the pill forever now and yet again it's come back!

Is there anyone who can tell me why the pill seems to play a big part in connection to the rosacea and more than anything else, what can I do now as do not really want to take antibiotics for the rest of my life.

Many thanks, Sharon

Gluten Free

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Posted by Sue (Santa Barbara, Ca.) on 12/16/2010

I have had terrible Rosacea with bumps and redness for years. I have not tried the apple Cider Vinigar which has many healing properties but it was suggested by a Naturepathic doctor to try cutting out Wheat (Gluten) all together. Not much fun but its been 3 weeks and my face is clear! Food allergies can cause many skin problems.

Grapeseed, Olive Leaf

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Posted by Ken (Durango, Colorado ) on 02/04/2016

Cure for Rosacea: I read the remedies here and had very good luck stopping outbreaks with apple cider vinegar but it did not prevent outbreaks. Then a dermatologist put me on grapeseed pills as an anti inflammatory and olive leaf extract as an anti viral and I am finally free of Rosacea!!

Replied by Rose
(Los Angeles)

Thanks I got GSE and olive leaf, started it tonight. What are you using topically?

Replied by Pat
(Sarasota, Fl)

I read where Ken had a rosacea cure using Grapeseed, and Olive Leaf. Anyway to find out how many Grapeseed pills he took each day and was the Olive Leaf something he put on or took internally, how much or how many. I would like to try this and would be so greatful to know how. Thank you, Pat

Replied by Michelle

Hello, I would also like to ask: - how long and how many pills per day were used to treat the problem? - which brands were used? - where GSD and OLE both supplements or topical applications? - who was the dermatologist? ( name, adress) - did it completely cure without recurrence? Thank you for any feedback, Michelle

Green Tea, Aspirin Topically

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Posted by Jenny (Jersey, Uk) on 12/05/2010

My partner was suffering from rosacea on his face for the first year I met him. It was really ruining his self esteem. The rosacea was causing large red blotchy and scaly areas on his face and we tried all sorts of remedies including washing the areas with cider vinegar and drinking baking soda to alkalise the body. It wasn't until I saw another website that mentioned applying cold green tea mixed with crushed aspirin that we found the answer. Within two days of using it my partner's skin had lost the inflammation and within a week all sign of the rosacea was gone.

He continues to rinse his face three times a day with the mixture (he found that if he used soluble aspirin something in it made his skin flare up so he uses ordinary aspirin). He makes a fresh batch every day and now gets occasional small patches now and again but I would say the condition has improved 90 per cent and he is so much happier now that he can go out and not feel embarrassed about the way he looks.

Replied by Sgonzales
(Houston, Tx)

Would really like to try the greea tea/aspirin topical remedy for rosecea. Can you please give the mixture? How much of each?

Replied by Susan
(Battle Ground, Wa)

I've been steeping a green tea bag in a quarter cup of boiling water for about 15 minutes, then adding an aspirin. Once cool, I shake it up in an old spice jar and use a cotton ball to dab it on my face twice a day. I've been doing this for about 2 weeks so far. I still have the broken capillaries, but the redness is mostly gone.