Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Anti- Dandruff Shampoo, Baking Soda
Posted by Dita (London, Uk) on 09/19/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I want to say very big thank you to people here who recomended using Sebiprox shampoo for rosacea. I have rosacea and stopped taking all antibiotics almost a year ago. Instead I wash my face with BICARB SODA and Sebiprox shampoo and my rosacea is almost gone! My skin looks so much better and healthier! I wash my face with sebiprox 2-3 times a week just before I go to bed. The rest of the week I wash it with bicarb soda (mix with a drop of water) also before I go to sleep. I don't use any other products. If you need to moisturise your skin I would recommend mixing a teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of milk and apply it on your face as a mask. My skin looks better than ever! Thank you!