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Mite Infestation Cures

Coconut Oil, Sulphur

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Posted by Malu (Houston, Tx) on 04/03/2018
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Hello, I suffered a mite infestation in my scalp and they were spreading some in my neck area, an older doctor diagnosed them right (other dr thought I had an allergic reaction to a new shampoo) and he gave me a mix of coconul oil and sulphur to apply in the head and body. Left it in there for two hours, and then washed with soap. For the body he gave also a mix of zinc and copper sulfate in water, to apply with a cotton after I washed the coconut oil. I washed all my clothes in hot water since I just returned from a trip. This worked for me, they didn't come back, nor infested my home. Hope this helps someone.

Replied by Suzieq
(Santa Cruz, Ca)
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Demodex mites. I have been dealing with these, at least I think that is what it is... for the past 5 months. It's hard. My partner doesn't quite believe me. I've been to 5 different doctors, all do not believe that I feel crawling sensation in my lashes and brows, and on my face, and scalp and behind my hair. We have a cat and dog, and I know what a flea infestation is like, and this is NOT that. The bugs are much more active at night, when the light goes off, the shuffling around starts, in my lashes and brows, and now on the cheeks, scalp. The hardest part is going to a Dr. and telling that that I think this is demodex mite overpopulation. Most have never heard of demodex mites. Others just don't believe me and think I have some kind of allergy, another suggested that sometimes alcoholics can have crawing-sensations... I had to tell her, I do not drink. More than once I have left these Dr. visits, gone to my car, and cried. So, it is reassuring to me to read everyone's input here, I feel that I am not alone. I had not seen anything on my face, using a magnifying mirror, until recently. I had tried using a sea salt and hydrogen peroxide rinse on my body, scalp and face (avoiding the actual eye area), left this on for several minutes, and then looked in the mirror at my face. I was able to see some black things, very tiny, coming to the surface on my cheeks, just under my eyes. They looked kind of like black lint. So, I feel like I am on the right track with using the hydrogen peroxide treatment. I also just bought some borax powder, and neem oil. I am also trying to keep my house much cleaner, but it's hard to wash bedding so often, but I'm trying. We did not have this problem ever when we lived in MN, but moved to CA about a year ago. We also live up near the mountains where there are lots of critters, squirrels, birds, deer, mice, etc... and the dog probably drags things in on her paws. I think that the reason I am getting bitten, more than my partner, is that I had cancer a few years ago and my immune system still is not quite up to par. So... Onward! Keep the faith and please give updates of some remedies that work to get rid of these things. And Thank you all, and God bless you.


I have the exact same thing happening with the eyebrows, eyelashes and face mites. Everything I researched says to use Oust Demodex cleaner because it is the least likely product to sting and burn. Look it up for further details and YouTube has several videos on it too.

Granny 5
(King, NC)

I hope you have already found HCOL. I ordered it from Amazon. I have suffered since January 1993. Went to dozens of Dermatologist, Doctors and Esnaticians. None were helpful. I was searching for something recently and found this item. I think it is an "L" on the end, if not, try and "I". It is super safe and you can spray it everywhere and it gets rid of Mites. You do need to follow up according to the reproduction cycles to keep them gone. These cleaners are sold by the gallon and Personal use containers to spray on CLOSED eyes at night. I spray them every night and sometimes spread it over my face. I guess I cannot recommend this: But, I spent the last 3 weeks digging with my fingernails to get all the debre out of my pores and I am beginning to see a clearing of my complexion, thankfully I used 91% alcohol to clean lesions as I recently read the 71% does not work on Dust Mite Lesions. Apparently, according to what I have read--Doctors have for years been trained to consider these mites harmless. Well now for some reason the Mites are on the uprise and Doctors are still not helping their patients with this problem. I have read that they can enter any organ in our bodies and cause real problems. I also had them in my eyebrows. If you have pets, I have read they have Mites, but different and their mites cannot live on humans.

Coconut Oil, Tomato Juice

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Posted by Fran (Rocky Face, Ga) on 01/29/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Half coconut oil and half tomatoe juice helped a friend of mine that was suffering from what we believe to be mites

good luck

Replied by Barbara

i give up ...what did you DO with this? Apply to skin? Drink it.

Cold, Witch Hazel

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Posted by Seeker (Salt Lake City, Utah) on 10/15/2017
5 out of 5 stars

We have mites of some sort and are going crazy. It is so frustrating to feeling these things crawling on us, biting us, and unable to see anything. We first noticed them on our dog when we petted him and before long they seemed to be everywhere there was fabric or carpet. We keep trying tons of things and have found two remedies to be very effective.

1. Cold: for clothing, bedding and shoes, like outside freezing temperatures or the freezer for 8 hours.

2. Witch hazel for a body wash or spot treat on the body. I suggest these to methods be added to the natural remedies.

Here is a recipe with natural ingredients to remove mites from the body.

  • 4 cups vinegar
  • 2 cups water
  • 1/2 cup lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup witch hazel

After showering, spray on in the shower and rub. Air dry.

Collagen, Diatomaceous Earth

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Posted by Mite Sufferer (London) on 12/30/2016
4 out of 5 stars

Hi I have been suffering from some sort of mite infestation for a couple of years-unfortunately I seem to pick it up from my dad every time I see him, but he doesn't feel affected so won't do anything about it.

May be a coincidence, around the time I started taking collagen supplements (the one I take comes in a liquid form) the mites just went away.

I'd also been re applying Diatomaceous earth to carpets hoovering/and reapplying once a week for a couple of months. Washing hair and body in tea-tree oil type shampoos and conditioners and washing all bedding a couple of times a week- so it could have also been that the DE was working, it can maybe take a long time. I got a duster and went around all the scurting boards, as well as sprinkling light over the carpets.

Unfortunately after a month of peace the mites came back- I think because my flatmate, who is never in, was off work for a week and hanging out in the living room with all his stuff/coats/blankets all day, and I hadn't been putting DE in his room. I came into the living room after he'd been hanging there a couple of days and almost straight away started to feel a crawling biting sensation again. Around the same time I had forgotten to buy anymore collagan supplements and had not taken the them for about a week. Anyway I have since gone into flatmate room with DE and have started taking the supplements again. I do feel a crawling sensation but not as bad as bad as before- and no pinprick biting (touch wood! )! I did some research after taking the collagen and thinking it might be helping, and (and as well as helping with wrinkles) it does also have some sort of anti bacterial affect on the skin. Hope this helps!

Replied by Cathi

Are you still mite free? What brand of collagen do you use?

Colloidal Silver and Coconut Oil

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Posted by Mckenna (Aubrey, Texas) on 07/11/2014
5 out of 5 stars

For 3 months and 11 days I had treated the tiny back yard with 100 pounds of sulfer powder, sulfered the floors and dusted the dogs. Then tried 50 pounds of Diatomaceous earth. Countless Pyrethrine baths, sulfer baths (not sulfer lime dip) Washed my sheets every day in Borax, cans of Frontline, Revolution drops, boraxed the dog beds finally throwing them all out, used EVERY single bug spray that Lowes and Tractor Supply had inside and outside. Neem oil sprayed outside, countless pesticides inside and out. I put neem oil on myself and orange oil, lemon oil, tea tree oil, menthol name it. I also bombed my cars on 7 separate occasions each. (I considered selling my car with cloth seats as even the bombs and Nylar powder I was using was not killing them at all.) I tried absolutely everything!!!!!!!!

I lost my fiance for a week because he thought I was losing my mind because he wasn't bitten by these things. Only my daughter and I were affected. I bought a high powered microscope but could never find a mite. I ordered a gallon of concentrated lime dip (I have great danes). While waiting for this last hope, I bought $100 worth of the finest colloidal silver Sprouts had to offer and the finest liquid coconut oil. I did 10 parts silver to 1 part oil and slathered my dogs up. They loved it. It was also safe for them to lick it. They got it all over and inside their nostrils as well which was great cause the mites I have learned will live in there. I shampooed them 4 hours later...bugs were decreasing by the next day. I then saturated the danes with straight silver and brushed it all in their coats and never washed it. I did another yard treatment and full house and bedroom treatment.

After a break up, many sleepless itchy nights, terrible dry scaly painful red skin, depleted bank account, and tears upon tears I was free of these bastards. Colloidal Silver was the ONLY thing that killed them on my dogs. My poor 3 year old Dane developed a huge lipoma from all of the toxins I had exposed him to. I am now using much Tumeric powder to try and get the toxins out of their system. It was SO MUCH WORK!! But I am now free. Please ask me any questions. I now consider myself an expert in these things. Please please be careful what you expose your family and dogs to. One more thing...we also bathed the parrot and three guinea pigs we had, but had immediately isolated them from the dogs upon learning we had mites.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey McKenna!

Thanks so much for sharing!

Replied by Timh
2083 posts

McKenna: I'll second the thanks on your success.

I am no expert, but did you ever try Ivermectin? What kinda wormer meds do you use on the pets? Remember, internal parasites cause immune dysfunction which then can trigger hyper infestation of stuff like Mites, Tics, and Fleas. It may be that the Colloidal Silver has been so effective in killing the pathogens associated w/ the parasites that the immune system is able to defend the "bastards", although it is possible the C.S. had a direct effect also.

Also, if-I-might-add, you can also add C.S. to pets food or water on a regular basis. My pets show marked improvements fallowing a needed C.S. treatment. Hydrogen Peroxide aka 35% FG H2O2 added to the pets water on occasion or when necessary is also about equally effective as C.S. Rotation is best.

Maybe a little off topic, but still important is keeping the Colon clean w/ a pinch of Milled Flaxseed. I like to give Flax at least once every two months.

Replied by Heather

Thank you for your post and your offer to answer questions! So how did you apply these items to yourselves? External or internal? How much, how often? Or did the problem just go away once the dogs were treated?

Replied by Spelth
(NY, US)

Heather, were you able to find out how to apply the silver and oil to your house eg, bedroom?

Replied by Nicole
(Wi, US)

Please email me I going through same thing. They want to dip my dogs now in Lyme sulfur. I used lidaine twice. And its back. Were do I buy powder for toxins out and were do I buy finest coconut oil and colloidal silver. And how do u use these things to treat care. House yard. Please someone help. I been going through this almost 3 years. MY YORKIES. HE IN BAD SHAPE BACTERIAL WISE. THANKS FOR UR TIME. I HOPE SOMEONE CAN HELP ME. I FEEL LIKE THIS IS CRAZY. I OUT OPTIONS......

Replied by Timh
2083 posts

Nicole. You can get Coconut Oil at grocer but Colloidal Silver at health food store. You can also buy Colloidal Silver Generator and make your own at home. For now, put about 10 drops Hydrogen Peroxide in your doggie's water bowl. I rotate C.S. and H2O2 in my kittie's water bowl.

Replied by Julie
(St Paul, Minnesota)

I'm to try colloidal silver with son's guinea pig Snickers His brother Skittles died a few weeks ago of a skin condition of some type (lice, mites - not sure) and I don't want son to be heart broken again!

Thanks for the info! Julie

Replied by Donna

What did you do for the house treatment? And can I use colloidal liquid?

Replied by Cathi
(Madison, Al)

I want to know if you sprayed colloidal silver in your house and car?

Replied by Sunnie
(Santa Clara, Ca)

Hi, I too have tried multiple products, to rid myself of mites! I have at least 2 species of mites (bird mites and possible scabies)! My question for you is about your reference to "bombing your cars 7 times". First, question is when you say "bombing" are you referring to a fogger? Also, if you fogged, what brand of fogger did you use? And finally you mentioned finding a cure for yourself and your dogs, but "how" did you finally rid your vehicle? (I live in my van, and it is highly infested, and even if I clear my body per oils, creams, etc, I still must eradicate the van) Thanks! -sunnie

Replied by Nicole

Did you ever use castile soap, neem oil aid water in a spray bottle on your body? I just read about that today and am about to try it.

Denatured Alcohol

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Posted by Court (Vista, Ca, Usa) on 06/18/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I have found after suffering -and trying assorted remedies this has WORKED

for mite infestation - denatured alcohol in a spray bottle all areas - couches, beds, floors , mats outside of doors and carpets wont hurt or stain fabric or leathers evaporates quickly

15.00 a gallon at most home centers -get enough to do it twice depending on the size of your house and how many beds , ect (i used aprox a gallon per application 1200 sqft house )make sure all your windows are open when you spray -hope I dont need to say... Don't smoke while applying or near open flame. It kills the buggers instantly and the second time gets the offspring that were eggs.

do it twice 4-6 days apart

almost instant relief- breakes the mite lifecycle

Bathe in Dr. Bonners peppermint casile soap 3 capfuls to a bathtub 1 time a dayand within 1-2 days you will start to heal with no new bites

As I said this WORKS is relatively inexpensive and saves you from having to hear it's all in your head - you are crazy, you cannot see these lil buggers with the naked eye but they bite and burrow lay eggs move and do it again so I hope my experience helps some of you desperate to be free from this.


Replied by Koni
(Ottumwa, Ia)

I do also believe I have a mite infestation. Been going on over a year. Even moved and got rid of lots of furniture. Unfortunately, it came with us. I have lost 40 pounds and other heath issues since this whole nightmare started. Have spent thousands of dollars on exterminators, Dr. Bills. All the drs. stated all in my head. My question is Denatured Alcohol different than the regular rubbing alcohol you buy at the store? For we tried that and that only helped temporarily. Back feeling bites within less than hr.?

Replied by Dana
(Qld., Australia)

In Australia, denatured alcohol is called Metho. metholated spirits.

Replied by Hans
(Elk Grove Il)

Should you dilute the denatured alcohol in the spray bottle or use full strength? Also, is it safe by the stove / non-flamable once evaporated?

Replied by Jeff
(Colorado Springs)

it worked but just like mineral spirits, these are toxic chemicals that are known to cause cancer.

Diagnosing Mites

Posted by Eve K (Houston, Tx, Usa) on 11/19/2009

Hi all, I am wondering if I may have some type of mite infestation? How does one determine what type of mite it is? I notice the remedies are quite varied but seem to be directed at specific type of mites...

This summer, in the evenings, we usually sit on the patio for a little happy hour after work. This is between 6-7 pm. Summers (well, ALL seasons, actually) are very HUMID.

I noticed on several evenings that my right occipital orbit bone would become quite itchy and irritated but there was no obvious bite. I thought it was some kind of tiny mosquito, biting gnat or something like that, but it made no sense that it would always be in the exact same place. Occasionally there is a similar itchy spot along my right temple at the hairline.

Tonight, it is too cold to be outdoors, but the itching started in the same old place. The orbit bone is quite puffy and red, my whole right cheek is flushed red (no alcohol tonight so that is not the reason!) and there are two little bloody spots like pin pricks.

The left cheek was a little flushed but not itchy and no obvious bites. I really don't want this thing to spread, it would be a nightmare.

Any thoughts?

Two other things--I have an inside dog but have had him for 11 years. He doesn't seem any itchier than normal...
Also, this year, we started using a clothesline to dry our clothes and towels, especially during the drought when it was pretty hot and sunny all day, really saved on our electric bill. The line runs from the house to a big pecan tree that is heavily inhabited by squirrels and we also have a lot of birds in our yard (all kinds from sparrows to cardinals to hummers to owls). On at least one occasion, I had to rewash towels that had been hanging on the line due to being soiled with some kind of animal droppings...

I just washed all my towels and pillow cases in super hot water and washed my face with ACV followed with a layer of coconut oil.

This is a long post but I would appreciate any input.

Thanks and thanks, Earth Clinic, for this amazing site!!

Replied by Gaynor
(Manaton, Devon Uk)


You should try Ted's remedy below for dermodex mites borax and hydrogen peroxide- this works well for killing these nano- insects. I am in the process of treating myself presently. Best of luck.


Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes: "Consider taking borax. Some people believed the demodex mites are responsible for rosacea. They may be right. But, there are others too that are not yet identified. I prefer to lump all these insect issues to just one category: nanoinsects. These insects have several weakness that you can kill them, or at least weaken them. One obvious ones is borax. The treatment can be broken down to two things;

1. Taken internally: Try 1/8 teaspoon to 1/4 teaspoon of borax in one liter of water/day. You just drink this water throughout the day. If it runs out then drink just normal water, with some magnesium added if possible. Magnesium is found in certain seeds such as sunflower. They seem to be synergistic with the vitamin D as vitamin D promotes calcium and the body needs to balance both magnesium and calcium to an ideal amount.

2. Used externally: Dog mange is confirmed demodex mites and the only treatment that effectively cured of dog mange is 1% hydrogen peroxide and borax saturated solution applied topically. Many people believe the demodex mites is the cause of rosacea. What I am sure about is it is an insect issue. The method of killing them is external application of 1% hydrogen peroxide with borax saturated solution to the face, unrinsed. It tends to cause drying. So you can apply appropriate lotions to prevent drying, such as jojoba oil, aloe vera or lavender oil.

Replied by Ruth
(Hobart, Tasmania)

Oh this is the remedy including borax, didnt see it earlier, thank you!

Replied by Ruth
(Hobart, Tasmania)

How long do you keep the saturated solution with 1% peroxide on face for please Ted? I have had worsening roseacea since mite insect population exploded. Maybe I have the Demodex mites but how come none of the 12 medical people I saw suggested that? I understand that chinese medics say sugar is red on skin (dairy is white patches) I love sweet foods as much as I try not to I feel it' s a sugar issue, myself -the rosecea I mean but this is all interesting-well not that interesting-I could be doing alot of other things! Thank you, Ruth

Replied by Tricia
85 posts

Ted's recomendation is to leave it on the skin but because it made my skin look dry I put it on at night and washed it off in the morning. I kept up the regime nightly for 1 month the went to every second night for 2 weeks, every third night for 2 weeks and tapered off.

I don't believe mine was a sugar issue and mites will attach to easy healthy option before they'll go for hard to grip damaged or oily skin that they find difficult to latch onto.

Also, use and change your pillowcases, i.e use 1 side tonight other tomorrow then change to prevent reinfection. Your pillowcases may lighten from the concoction so use old ones.

Replied by Ruth
(Hobart, Tasmania)

Thanks Tricia, I'm concerned at ingesting Borax after pharmacist warning that it accumulates as poison in body?

Replied by Tricia
85 posts

I honestly can't say whether the borax was dangerous or not. I'd love to have the chemical background that some of the other posters have to be able to know for certain but I can tell you that it didn't adversely affect me. I still continue to use it 2 days a week in a litre of water. Somewhere on this site a poster mentions the LD50(the amount it will take to kill you) of borax but I can't remember where it is.

My worry at the start was "did the borax or peroxide have stabilisers added that would be harmful". So I rang the company and said I was doing an educational project to find out what was added. The answer was nothing so I guessed that with the amount of posters that had successfully ingested and knowing what to watch out for thanks to the warnings pages I would jump in with both feet.

I imagine that most people start a borax regime with trepidation.

Replied by Eden
(Mesa, Az)

What about the hair?

Replied by Anne
(Amsterdam, Ny Usa)

Again, has anyone had success treating bird mites that have gone internal? I have altered my diet, gone more alkaline, no red meat, very little animal protein, MSM, vitamin c, cal/mag/zinc supplement, vitamin D, good yogurt, flaxseed oil and a multi-vitamin supplement. I am still infested, and want to begin the borax treatment, but am not sure what to expect...

Replied by David
(Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland)

In keeping with EC guidelines I've not been posting my progress here daily. However, I'm now on Day 7 of Ted's remedy and I feel I should report my experience so far:

The remedy: I dissolve 1/4 teaspoon of pharmaceutical-grade borax in one litre of water and sip it throughout the day. Additionally, I drink 1/2 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in 1/2 glass of water twice daily.

I also drink unpasteurised ACV "with mother" in a glass of warm water three times daily with meals, two tablespoons of food-grade diatomaceous earth in water daily, one high quality multi-nutrient capsule daily (contains all the vitamins, minerals, and trace elements), two cups of green tea daily, two chewable calcium tablets for my osteoporosis (I think it's inorganic but I can't find the organic variety in Ireland), and a clove of raw garlic every second day. Lunch is a heap of cucumber, an apple, a clementine, and a banana. I also eat dark chocolate every now and again. Daily, I drink yoghurt with plant sterols (for my high cholesterol).

I've cut out coffee (which I really, really miss), sugar, bread, and cheese (which I also miss badly) and the only milk I consume is on my breakfast bran flakes. I don't eat butter.

Day 1: I had a dramatic drop in the number of tickles - down to less than 100 from well over 1, 000.

Day 2: Was not as good as Day 1 but I believe more insects are being driven out onto the surface of my skin and of course a new clutch of eggs "comes online" every day. I also noticed that urinating created lots of bubbly suds in the toilet bowl.

Day 3: Was the same as Day 2 except that the timings of my tickle onslaughts changed. Mornings were now much busier while afternoons were relatively peaceful until dusk. At full nightfall they quietened again until 8. 30, then got busy again till midnight when they started to taper off.

Day 4: Was the same as Day 3 except the suds disappeared from the toilet bowl and my urine was now pale green, the exact same colour as my sebaceous plugs.

Day 5: The suds returned with urine still green. But something happened that's never happened before: normally, I've always been able to halt a tickle onslaught on my scalp and face during the day by going outdoors into the light. At night, going outside into the cold air also stopped them (they love heat and relative dark - a demodex mite trait). The day was sunny but freezing cold with a high wind chill when I went out for my afternoon walk. The tickles continued unabated.

Day 6: I didn't go outdoors (rain) but the timings remained the same. Less suds and urine not so green. Tickles seem less intense and plugs that were hard and solidly embedded in my skin were now softer and could be fairly easily removed with a fingernail. The objects they contain are blackened and seem malformed. Fewer trips to the bathroom to brush wandering mites off my abdomen, groin, scrotum, perineum, and buttocks, and remove them from my anus. Almost all the astonishing amounts of scurf that used to coat the wash-basin when I washed my face and scalp (I shave my head nightly) has disappeared. My skin feels much softer and the orange-peel texture is fading.

Day 7 (today): Same timings but tickle numbers slightly reduced so far. Less suds and urine less green.

I seem to have plateau'd at a better but still unacceptable level and it's unclear how long I should continue with Ted's remedy. But since demodex females can live for up to 60 days, three months would seem a good idea.

Some people here reported adding a capful of hydrogen peroxide to the borax mix so I googled it and found nothing but warnings. Until I found this astonishing website:

Don't bother reading the site or viewing the video but download the PDF file from the Free eBook link - it contains more information. Apparently, since 1888, doctors (and even some hospitals) all over the world have been using H2O2 (reagent or food-grade) orally, topically - and now via intravenous or intra-arterial infusions - to successfully cure (yes, cure) all sorts of serious conditions including cancers and heart disease that don't respond to radiation or drugs. Illnesses cured also include parasitic infestations.

The PDF contains a long list of American doctors (with telephone numbers) who regularly use H2O2 therapy with astonishing success rates. It even includes instructions on how doctors should proceed with this infusion treatment.

The PDF is free, the website sells nothing, and carries no ads.

I've ordered 35% food-grade H2O2 from the UK ( as well as a countertop water distiller. I also emailed the site owner (James Roguski, who seems to be a scientist) to find out how best I should proceed. I'm still awaiting a reply.

Things are definitely better than they were before I started Ted's remedy but I propose to try the oral H2O2 as an adjunctive therapy to speed things up. If Mr. Roguski tells me that the oral route won't work optimally, I'm prepared to travel to the ends of the earth to find a doctor who will do this infusion technique. I've now been trying to deal with this 24/7 torture for two and half years, and thanks to the wonderful Ted, I've made significant progress. But I want these pests gone NOW so I can start trying to get my life back.

I've read Ted's warnings about drinking distilled water and they directly contradict the advice given by Vivian Goldschmidt MA (in Nutritional Sciences and Biochemistry) who runs a marvellous site for osteoporosis sufferers ( who advises us to drink only distilled water.

I'm taking my health back out of the hands of the quacks (doctors) who did so much damage to my health permanently and, to that end, I intend to drink food-grade hydrogen peroxide as well as baking soda for the rest of my life.

Now I just need to find a remedy for the chronic insomnia and tardive akathisia (inability to be still and constantly racing thoughts) due to brain chemistry damage inflicted by a year of Risperidone injections by the dermatologist who diagnosed delusional parasitosis. H2O2 is supposed to help rebalance brain chemistry. We'll see.

So that's where I am at the moment, still awaiting the delivery from the UK of my FG-H2O2 and my water distiller. I can't wait to get started...

Will keep you posted on progress.

Replied by Dud
(The Woods Of, Wv, Usa)

David from Dublin,

[this is a re-post, the 1st post got into the wrong thread]

You're doin good.

I downloaded the peroxide book, thanks for the tip.

Here is another easy protocol to add to your regimen, that may help your skin itches immensely:

Use the borax powder in a hot tub of water to soak in for 30 to 60 minutes. Soak in it every day, or every othe day. Use the time to relax. Most people get the bathtub water comfortably hot. The hot water alone helps the fibromyalgia symptoms [soreness]. The borax in the water will kill the mites externally, and under the skin. It is a fungicide & a bacteria-cide. Some people report seeing black specs, etc. , floating in the bath tub, coming out of their skin. Also add epsom salts [magnesium sulphate] to the soak water, to get it's benefits also. It has a drawing power to it. It is used by sports teams for sore mucles and bruises. Bangkok Ted recommends using the borax externally for mites in this manner. You should feel much better for a couple of hours after soaking in this. You mite kill off the biotics crawling on your skin.

possible amounts: borax: 4 tablesoons epsom salts: 1 quart

cost: about 50 cents U. S. For the borax, about $2 U. S. Dollars for the epsom salts. [in the USA]

Also; You may want to change the way you are using the vinegar internally. Do some Research on on how to use it. Maybe switch to taking it 1 hour away from meals, instead of with meals. In general; taking it with meals is usually not recommended, because of it interfering with your food digestion. Mix it with about 6 ounces of water, adding 1/4 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate to it, to reduce the acidity of the vinegar, and to improve it's ability to alkalize the blood. Take this mixture about 1 hour away from meals.

However, if taking it with meals seems to help you, then go ahead and continue taking it that way.

Read more about the why & how of it by searching the earhclinic website for older messages. Bangkok Ted has explained this alkalizing method in great detail in past messages.

good luck."

Replied by David
(Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland)

Many thanks for the tips, Dud. Unfortunately, I don't have a tub in my bathroom, just a shower stall. This has been a major hassle throughout this experience.

Now a tip for you and everyone else here ingesting hydrogen peroxide and baking soda at the same time.

Don't. Sodium bicarbonate acts as a powerful antacid. This means there will still be undigested food in your stomach for longer than is normal and when the H2O2 hits it, if there's iron, manganese, copper, zinc, fats, or Vitamin C present in it, it will create very dangerous free radicals which can severely damage the lining of your stomach.

You also need to carefully examine the list of ingredients of any supplement you may be taking for the things mentioned above and if it's the "slow-release" type, stop taking it as well while on H2O2.

I can say this with certainty because it happened to me yesterday.

Full story is here: Hydrogen Peroxide Cures

I find this website very confusing. Information on a subject seems to be spread out all over the place. For instance, on the above-linked thread, Bill from the Phillipines says you should only take borax water for five consecutive days, then take a two-day break. That information is nowhere to be found in this thread on Ted's Remedies. Nor does Ted say how long you should take it for.

And I've been unable to find the proportions I should use of 1% H202 to saturated solution of borax for topical use. Nor how to make a saturated solution (we're not all science grads! ). Ted doesn't give that information here. Nor does he mention how many times it should be done, how frequently, or for how long.

Very confusing.

Stay well and take care.

Replied by David
(Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland)

OK, I found out the exact mix for dog mange using borax and hydrogen peroxide on a blog-site whose owner used it on her own animals. I've been unable to find it again today to provide a link here but the gist of it is this:

1. Make up a 1% dilution of hydrogen peroxide either by adding two parts distilled water to one part 3% hydrogen peroxide (five parts water if using 6% HP, and 33 parts water if using 35% food-grade HP).

2. Measure out 48 fluid ounces of this and slowly add to it 8 ounces of borax powder. This should be enough to give you a saturated solution (there will be undissolved borax left in the bottom of the container - this means that the mixture is saturated). If you halve both of the above quantities, you can get enough to fill a 32-ounce spray bottle to about three-quarters. However, my spray bottle refused to work because of clogging caused by the undissolved borax powder, so you may have to remove the spray cap and pour it carefully into your cupped hand when applying.

Note: you do not need to use the entire bottle, just enough so you can thoroughly wet the skin and massage it in. I'm over six feet tall and fairly slim and I still have half a bottle left over after doing myself from head to foot.

3. Shower with tea tree shampoo all over and rinse off thoroughly but do not dry yourself.

4. Apply the mixture to your body starting with the neck, rubbing it in well, and work your way down to the soles of your feet. DO NOT RINSE. Be aware that if you apply this to your anus IT WILL STING - but this will pass in a minute or so. I did this as well as my scrotum because both these areas are considerably infested.

5. If you need to treat your scalp and face then YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST wear a good tightly-fitting and waterproof pair of swim goggles to prevent any of the mixture entering your eyes. The rubber-bodied ones are best because you can wet the insides before putting them on - then press on them when they're comfortable to create a suction effect around the eyes. Only do fairly small patches of your scalp and forehead at a time using small amounts to help prevent liquid runoff. BUT BE VERY CAREFUL - if you do get some in your eyes, IMMEDIATELY rinse them out with running warm (not hot) water for 15 minutes.

6. Leave the goggles on and air-dry for 5-10 minutes. When you remove the goggles, you can then apply small amounts with your fingers to those areas on both sides and the back of your head that were covered by the goggle strap.

I did this last night because nausea has prevented me from ingesting borax water for the past four days and my mites were making a substantial resurgence which was preventing me from sleeping. I applied it into both ear canals and just inside each nostril entrance without any problems.

I'm not recommending the following to anyone but I also managed to do my eyebrows (which are very infested - I now only have half-eyebrows left due to their follicle destruction) and areas reasonably close to my eyes by bending over at 90 degrees from the waist, wetting my finger with the mix and thoroughly shaking off any excess drops so my finger was just damp, then massaging it very carefully into those areas as many times as necessary.

My results were that all mite activity stopped, enabling me to sleep.

Today has been very good. I have had only two groin tickles and about 50 on my scalp and face. I intend to treat only those areas again tonight before bedtime because I'm still too nauseous to resume the internal borax remedy (my Christmas "dinner" today was two slices of dry bread, a yoghurt drink, and a glass of milk). Plus, my sensitive skin has always rebelled against daily showering.

For dogs, the blogger recommends all-over application every second day. Ted recommends that for humans, application should be done "several" times a day. I think I'll pass on that because of my sensitive skin and the extreme drying effect that this remedy has.

For this drying, Ted recommends topical oils, particularly lavender oil because demodex mites apparently hate the smell of it. My own past experience with oil-based topicals has been that demodex mites just love it, including neem oil - besides your sebaceous glands, they also feed on your sebaceous oil. So I'm now looking for a non-oil based moisturising/soothing compound with which to mix the lavender oil. (Remember that lavender oil is an essential oil and so must be well diluted before application). I don't know what proportions to use because, again, Ted doesn't mention them, but I'm sure I'll find them on the internet.

I hope this information is useful to someone. If you decide to do this, please remember to BE VERY CAREFUL OF YOUR EYES because hydrogen peroxide - even a 1% dilution - can damage them irreparably. So stay in the shower stall until you're air-dried. That way, you'll have immediate access to fast-running warm water should you need it. I sincerely hope you don't.

Take care and stay well.

Replied by Dud
(The Woods Of, Wv, Usa)

In reply to - David from Dublin, Co. Dublin, :


I have come across a free 28 page report on the internet, which mite [no pun intended] explain several of your symptoms, and how to fix them. This includes

1. sleeping problems

2. mind racing, & brain fog

3. nervous system problems, anxiety, being hyper-active, etc.

4. immune system destruction and all the symptoms that follow that

5. headaches , etc etc

The causation maybe radio-frequency emmissions from inside and outside your home. Microwaves from cell phone towers, etc etc etc. Read the full report at:

Replied by David
(Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland)

Thanks for the link to this, Dud. It's fascinating stuff. About two years ago, a telecom tried to build a new tower about 1, 000 yards from my home but the local residents mounted a campaign to have them stopped. They succeeded. The nearest tower to me now is about a 20-minute walk away.

Having said that, this tower was present before my insect invasions started and I had no problem in sleeping for nine hours each night and no problem in going back to sleep after getting up to visit the bathroom. My problem started with the nighttime activities of the bedbugs and fleas, then the scabies, then the demodex. And they segued into the sleep disturbance caused by the anti-psychotic Risperidone.

I've saved this article as a PDF though and will try some of the tips outlined.

You've reminded me though that I tried an experiment early on in the demodex infestation. I bought an emergency sleeping bag, rather than a flat emergency blanket, and slept naked in it to see if it would have any effect. Back then I was getting what I called "swarms" every third or fourth night. This was a deeply unpleasant and intense body-wide sensation of fizzing and popping which would wake me up immediately. (I subsequently discovered that this was a large number of insects either hatching or crawling out onto the surface of my skin at the same time).

When I started sleeping in the emergency bag, all mite activity on my body stopped immediately, but my head (which, naturally, was exposed) became the target for these "swarms" instead. I remember waking up one night in a fit of sneezing with this going on - some of the mites had crawled really far up inside my nostrils and caused it.

As well as this problem, these bags are not designed for sleeping but for a fully-clothed person to remain awake and warm in life-threatening weather conditions. As such, when you sleep naked in one, your perspiration and water vapour which is output via the skin is not wicked away as it would be with fabric, but pools instead and cools in the bag next to your skin. So you wake up cold and wet. Consequently, I stopped using it.

Thanks again, Dud, and Happy New Year!

Replied by Linda
(San Francisco, Ca, Usa)

To Dave from Dublin,

Sorry to hear of your trouble, I have an idea which may help with the skin drying and mite problem.

If you were to use Castor Oil as a moisturizer, I am thinking that the natural Ricin in it may help to kill off those mites, as well as to moisturize your skin and prevent them from having a field day crawling around on you.

I don't know how your grocery markets are in Ireland, but here there are varying thicknesses of Castor oil available in grocery and health food stores, some are very thin in consistency which would be easy to spread onto your skin, and some are very thick and sticky like runny tar. For this, if it were me, I'd try the thin stuff first. The people who sell Edgar Cayce products also have it for sale on the web. They call it Palma Cristi.

I am wondering if it might not be a good idea to mix in a small amount of Borax into the Castor oil, if you can get any there. Only a small amount I am thinking, not enough to be unsightly on your skin.

If it were me, I'd also study other *nontoxic and natural* miticides, like the folks would use who have birds or other mite-challenged pets, to see which of them, if any, are safe for human topical use.

And set out Borax all over the floors, under mattresses, etc to kill off any adventurers.

My belief is that for every problem lifeform on earth, there is a naturally-occurring herb or substance which is safe, and which they will want to get away from. IMO you now get to create an environment on yourself where they would rather be somewhere else.

Might even be good to trap some of the mites off your skin, if that is possible, to test which human-safe substance might be of use in wiping them out.

I hope this helps.


Replied by David
(Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland)

@Linda from San Francisco: many thanks for the castor oil idea. I haven't heard of that dreaded stuff since I was a child a hundred years ago! But I've just done some preliminary research and it seems that castor oil is unusual in that it's able to readily penetrate the outer layer of skin due to its low molecular mass (whatever that means).

I'm not sure that adding borax would work since I don't know if there would be any molecular binding with the oil in order to carry it into the skin.

Hydrogen peroxide does this readily since the extra oxygen atom in it reacts with almost anything and brings it into your skin. The whitening of your skin when splashed with 3% hydrogen peroxide is due to those extra oxygen atoms that have just been delivered under the skin. It disappears in about 20 minutes or less as the oxygen is absorbed by the cells.

An unusual idea to use a powerful laxative on your skin, but I'll try anything within reason to be rid of these mites as quickly as possible. You can't buy stuff like this in Irish supermarkets but I'll ask my pharmacist about its availability and report back.

I've also found what seems to be a brand new way to kill these mites instantly apparently discovered by a member at the Lymebusters forum. It involves making a topical solution using dried mustard powder. I have more research to do before I try putting a known irritant like this into the skin all over my body.

Thank you again for the tip.

Replied by David
(Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland)

OK, the proportions of borax to water for the topical mange remedy I wrote above is wrong. I originally took it from a dog owner's blog who found most of it here but couldn't find the correct proportions as recommended by Ted, so she made up her own.

After searching this site for almost a week, I finally found Ted's recipe buried somewhere obscure here.

According to this, you use between 2-4 tablespoons of borax powder in one litre of 1% hydrogen peroxide solution made using distilled water (1 litre is almost 34 US fluid ounces or slightly more than 35 UK fluid ounces). According to Ted, "the borax need not be precise, it is always a saturated amount of borax until it no longer dissolves itself."

Using 8oz of borax, as I originally wrote, won't do any harm - it's just wasteful and the large amount of undissolved powder clogs up the spray bottle.

Replied by Linda
(San Francisco, Ca, Usa)

To Dave from Dublin, I had another couple of ideas; If you get pure 100% Clove Bud Essential Oil, it will blend directly into your Castor Oil and I think it will help. I would not exceed 1-7 drops max of Clove EO per ounce of castor oil if you do this. If you can't get Clove Bud EO, I would throw a dozen cloves (same ones you might find in the spice aisle at your local grocery and use for cooking/baking) into a blender with the castor oil or, better yet, crush or grind them fine as you can with a coffee grinder or mortar and pestle, then mix them into the castor. If you leave the blended cloves and castor in a clear glass container in a warm place (or maybe 12 hours in the Sun), it will transfer the clove essence throughout the castor, then squeeze it through a stocking or something and strain the clove debris out. Or, you could extract the crushed cloves into Vodka, and add tiny amounts of the resulting extract into your Castor oil, that should blend in and hold.

True that the Borax itself would not *dissolve* into the Castor Oil, but I was thinking more of using the Castor Oil as a simple "spreading tool" for the Borax, in addition to Castor Oil's own valuable insect-relieving properties.

Finally, I am thinking that Black Walnut Hull (tincture or a vodka (or ACV?) extract of it ) may be of some value to you also, Black Walnut gets rid of a lot of parasite/insect issues, Google it and lots of stuff should come up.

One more thing, have you tried soaking in a weak Borax solution, using it like a bath, without 'scrubbing' on your shower-sensitive skin? Might be another good thing to do, if you can do it.

My thoughts about the vaseline:

As a child I got chiggers from wading through high reeds at the local riverbank several times. I used to have to put nailpolish on the welts and lay on the roof of my Mother's house in the Sun to kill them off.

It only worked because the nail polish cut the chiggers off from their air supply and they smothered as a result. So I think the purpose of the vaseline is to keep the mites from breathing. And I think it would take a thick coat of vaseline to do that. IOW I think that *wiping off* the vaseline (effectively leaving only a thin coat behind) would actually prevent it from being successful, and just cause an inconvenient mess for you while a large percentage of the mites go happily on.

I hope some of these ideas are useful for you. Please respond with your results if you use them. Be careful with the clove, use less rather than more until you see how your skin responds to it.

Note about Mustard: It can burn you (I understand that desperation breeds a willingness to try anything. Therefore I am urging you to exercise caution). I would be *very* careful about using it. JMHO. Patch test on tiny area of skin, etc- A good rule of thumb for everything in this email, BTW.


Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

@David from Dublin You might want to read the book Use Your Brain to Change Your Age (Amazon). I just got the book, but haven't read it yet. There was a couple hour long special on our public TV station and the author did a presentation showing how some people's brains have actual pockets or holes in them. He tells how to improve your brain and make it healthy again. I too am up all night long and can't sleep at times. My mind races terribly. I sleep with the TV on. I have been setting the timer for 90 minutes so it shuts off and I can get some quiet time. It's a bad habit, I know. Hope the books helps. You may want to try a small glass of tart cherry juice at dinner time. Then power down your electronics at 8 p.m. or so.

Replied by Braveheart
(Vancouver, Bc)

I have found a very easy way to tell if human have mites but since we all have them it is pretty much just a fast way to confirm. Shower/bath like normal or if you want add a couple of tea tree drops to your bathing products or 20 to your espson salt bath. :) afterwards even if you do none of that slather yourself with organic coconut oil (or any other oil you have like almond, olive, macadamian nut, castor - all good) then get the camera ready! Here they come, they all come squirming out of your pores. Hundreds came out of me. I've been doing this morning and night for 4 days and only this morning have they started to be countable like 60 etc. The tea tree oil kills the eggs too and massage yourself firmly and watch them come out it is disgustingly spectacular. Some get stuck in pores and cause breakouts. I did this to my whole family and we all had them come out. My son's arm was bumpy with the keratonisis and they squirmed out of there. I had lots come out of my feet most on uppper thighs and some out of my eye area that had been twitching and then finally the twitching stopped! Fantastic, please do it and tell everyone you know to do it. Thank you!! :)

Replied by Mimi
(Maine, US)

To Dave in Dublin, I think I might have found a trick that"ll help you. I'm gonna have to mention a brand name because I don't know if it's available in Ireland. I believe I was experiencing what you call the tickles (under the skin). I put these pain patches which are trans dermal on the two spots where I had the "tickles" for three or four days constantly & they"re gone! These things (salonpas) are $4 for a box of 40 (10 cents each! ) @ walmart. They recently started making them in larger sizes as well. I hope this helps you! Happy belated St. Patricks Day!

Replied by Xoxom

Tried the Ted recipe and I started bruising easily...

I guess its not for everybody. Now looking for something else that may work along with good clean diet and supplements

Diatomaceous Earth, Essential Oil Borax

1 User Review
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Posted by TAndrews (Mississippi ) on 08/12/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Well well well….I've been going through similar issues as everyone here, and I struggled with not being believed or heard. So many appts and same story retold endless amounts but I'm pretty sure I've found a way to overcome your skin from being a host of these invaders…This is how I'm taking my life back…3 ingredients mixed together and rubbed on your body anytime you feel even the smallest movement on your skin, no matter where u May feel…wipe your face at least 3x a day and your skin will would look so bright and clear.This was after trying so many things..

Food grade diatomaceous earth, soap and essential oil smell (peppermint tea tree oil eucalyptus, etc and a mixture of borax dissolved in water. Take a face wipe, suds it up with your soap, evenly sprinkle diatomaceous earth on the wipe, and as you rub your skin in a circular motion til you form what feels like a light paste as you go..If you use a lot of diatomaceous earth, the thicker the paste.I use thin coating..This will kill mites, clear your skin and protect it from being invaded..I have more recipes..I've gone from severely invested with scabies or bird mites for 3yrs to now 90% cleared up .I prayed and this solution was the answer.. This was the worst fight of my life..thank God for his mercy on me

Replied by Mertle
(Pembine, Wi)

Food Grade DE can be ordered online from Home Depot for one.

Diatomaceous Earth, Peppermint and Oregano Oils

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3 star (1) 

Posted by Pamela (Houston, Texas) on 12/28/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks for Earth Clinic I was totally free from mites pick up from handling fire wood. My doctor had prescribed medication that I had read on Earth Clinic was very toxic and didn't work that well. I didn't want any part of this if I could avoid it. I also read someone on Earth Clinic recommended Diatomaceous Earth which I have used for years for internal parsites with great success. I decided to try the diatomaceous earth first. Wasn't real sure it would work because the mites are in my skin not inside of me. Since diatomaceous earth is non toxic I wanted to try it first. Have to interject I did try other topical remedies - different essential oils and others things with no relieve. I am amazed in 3 days of diatomaceous earth no mites. I took 1 heaping teaspoon in a half of glass of water a day. I did have trouble with the mites remaining in my hands. I read in the Young Living desk reference book that equal amounts of peppermint oil and oregano oil would kill chiggers or ticks. I mix these two together and experienced lots of itching for about 30 seconds and then they died. Thanks Earth Clinic and all of those who post here.

Replied by Pamela
(Houston, Texas)

I forgot to mention that I used FOOD Grade Diatomaceous Earth. It is real important to use food grade DE and not commerical DE.

Replied by Angieb123
(Salem, OR)
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I have been suffering with bird mites from coming into contact with infected birds. I have tried almost everything. I have tried Diatomaceous Earth and it seemed to work although I was tired of dust being in my hair and throat and I have these bugs all over me and the kids. Has anyone had any success killing bird mites?

Replied by Tina
(Toledo, Ohio, Usa)

Can you tell me where to get Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth? thanks

EC: Check Google Shopping

or Amazon

Replied by Lisa
(Pacific Northwest)
5 out of 5 stars

Would like to mention that Diatomaceous Earth is what allowed me to sleep again. I rub it into scalp with fingertips and apply to body with duster (don't breathe while applying to avoid getting into lungs) under my pajamas. This keeps the Demodex mites from running about on your body and waking you up at night. I rub it into face also before bed (if I forget I remember as soon as I turn the light off because they become active immediately- though some nights are worse than others). Hope this helps someone because it sure has saved me...

Replied by Michelle
(East Sussex)

How long have you been doing this? I am using DE at the moment - I used it about 2 weeks ago and then stopped because the symptoms stopped. Now they are crawling and biting again with a vengence! From your comment it appears that you haven't got rid of them yet?

Replied by Totally Frustrated

Well the only thing I can tell you is that the food grade DE is available online.I bought it from Amazon a few years ago, but now I buy it right from the company.I live in ca, but I am sure you can but it straight from the company depending where you live.

Replied by Steve

Since the incubation period is about 2 Weeks, this would explain why after 2 Weeks you started itching again. You killed the adults the first time but the eggs hatched. Time your use of DE with this knowledge.

Ie.. first dose kills adults, apply second does in about 12 days and then another 12 days.

Hope this helps

Replied by Anya
(San Francisco)


When you applied this diatomaceous earth to your body did you get an increase in bumps? I work in sales and constantly interact with public so worsening of painful bumps is an issue.

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Mae (Albuquerque Nm) on 07/18/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have read many of the posts on the mite infestation section here and have come to one conclusion. While it is important to treat your living enviornment, it is equally as important to treat your body's internal environment and by that I mean, CHANGE YOUR DIET. If mites find a good host, one with a polluted body (compromised immune system) they move right in. On the other hand, if they find a body that will not support them then they move right along to the next person. I think this logic is simple. Bugs go where it is beneficial for them. Make your body into a place that is not beneficial for them and they will leave. Or simply never move in. Many of us here in the states live in a protected eviornment and by that I mean we are able to actually servive despite having awefull diets and bad health. In countries where the standard of living is "lower", that is not an option. So guess what happens when we visit these courntries?

Get a reality check people. Go organic and seek out good health and you will be happier healthier and the organic food industry will grow and we will prosper as only the human race can.

Disinfectant, Hair Dryer

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Posted by Arlisa (Gloucester, U.S.) on 06/21/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Bed Bugs: I used disinfectant spray, then dried it with a hair dryer, replaced my mattresses and they disappeared.

Dry Mustard

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3 star (1) 

Posted by Sweetsue (Missouri) on 12/29/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I have had fantastic results treating mites and sores that won't heal with dry mustard. What I do is mix 1 teaspoon cold water to 1 teaspoon dry ground mustard. Stir well. Let stand for 10 minutes. Then add about 2 teaspoons coconut oil and mix well. Next add 2-3 ounces of a good lotion, mix well. Then I add about a teaspoon of glycerin and mix well. The dry mustard will burn your skin if too much is used. I also mix the mustard mix with a antifungal shampoo (head and shoulder). Wash my entire body and hair with shampoo mix and let stay on skin a few minutes. Rinse well. After drying off I put the lotion mix on my entire body. I have used lotion several times a day at the beginning. I put it on my face at night, putting thick on eyebrows. Right before bed, I lightly put on eyelashes. But be careful if you use by eyes. Mustard will burn the heck out of your eyes if it gets in or very close to them. Store bought Prepared mustard will not work. And I will repeat: MUSTARD CAN AND WILL BURN YOUR SKIN IF USED TOO STRONG.

Replied by David
(Dover, NH)

OK do where to get and what is the brand

Replied by Brenda
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

I have been using the dry mustard if I feel even an itch and I was down to no crawls and bites but I got reinfected and the mustard with water does not seem to work for me anymore in my hair. One of our tenants' families was badly infected with mites. We managed to get the mites out of the rental house after they moved; although, we got infected. Our next tenant stayed in the house for 5 years with no problem. When she moved and we did work on the house 2 months ago, some of the mites were hiding under the house. When we replaced boards at the bottom of the house and replaced some under-the-house plumbing, we were inundated again with the mites. I want to spray under the house, but I don't want to gather more mites on me but I have to do it.

Replied by Ana
(Dallas, Texas)

If anyone has tried mustard powder using DMSO as a carrier, I need some guidance.

Can I use it on my hair? I've been drinking Borax which has helped immensely. I need to kick things up. How do you use it? Amounts?How long? If I understand correctly, this should kill the eggs. Is this so? Is there any other information you can provide?

I am treating Rosacea, specifically, Demodex mites. Thanks for any help provided!

5 out of 5 stars

For the mustard treatment, I used equal parts dry mustard and water. Make a smooth paste and wait for 10 minutes. You can mix it with body wash and with shampoo (maybe equal parts of mustard mix with other wash/shampoo/lotion etc). In the beginning, I mixed it with the wash/shampoo etc, but later, I mixed it with a little coconut oil and "oiled" my scalp and my feet. It appeared to stop the crawling/biting etc in my feet quickly but the scalp took a little longer. It does work and I got the information from this website.

Dust Mite Remedies

Posted by Jd (Usa) on 12/14/2016

I'm going to sum up 1.5 years of hell very briefly:

Stayed at a cheap hostel in Thailand when I ran out of money temporarily. Started getting big welts, "bites" that were incredbly itchy, on my legs. Became extremely depressed for months because I thought I had bed bugs. Finally realized that I had never seen a bed bug, even when I'd scoured the apartment looking for them. Became sure that I must have bird mites, remained depressed while trying to figure out resolution to the problem. Eventually I realized that bird mites are also visible, and I saw nothing. What I'd had the whole time was dust mites. You may not have bed bugs or bird mites or whatever kind of mite you think you have. Controlling humidity, cleaning, etc., is necessary to control dust mites if you're allergic. You will read that dust mites don't bite. They don't, but if you are allergic, you will get big itchy welts that look exactly like a bug bite. You have to treat for the problem that you have, and extermination is not required to get rid of dust mites. Anyway I'm free from these welts that made me feel like a leper and ruined a year and a half of my life; I hope if you have dust mites you figure it out sooner rather than later and can move on from it. :)

Also, I think it would be helpful to have different categories on here for different mites. I also suffer from demodex and the cure for demodex is going to be something totally different than the cure for dust mites. These are different mites.

Replied by Sam

I have had that thought too. Dust mites on steroids. However it could also be springtails, a soil creature that has enormous plasticity reproductive rates and actual size. Throw away all unneccessary paper or fabric items. Seal what you can (leather/canvas) with wax. Sulfur fog vehicles but its toxic so air out well. Washing is impossible because like the guinea worm they explode in population.

Enzyme Cleaner

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1 star (2) 

Posted by Om (Hope, Bc, Canada) on 10/19/2014

This is an alert for everyone. I am looking for help from regular posters and anyone who knows something.

I have a long sleeved blue cotton t-shirt from a real big super store. When I wore it at night, there was severe stinging in patches. I was in denial and washed it with Borax. Wore it one more time and then threw it into the garbage after the same type of intense needle like stinging in patches at night. That was on my torso.

However, the deed was done. Wore a night dress I hadn't worn for a year as it is for winter. I had already passed on to this garment. Again, into the garbage. I discovered raised bites in the shape of a horseshoe to my horror. Because of a previous poster's mite success story, I had purchased online an enzyme cleaner that just came in handy. These things I have now are different! Second night they attacked my torso and I reached for the spray bottle. All quiet but in the morning more bites to see in the mirror, bigger and better. I searched this section for Ted's morgellons treatment. They were two chemicals. Does anyone know? He said to use these as soap on the body.

The company who sells this enzyme cleaner told of many desperate calls from all over the world from people hit by this plague, partly caught from newly bought clothes.

A chicken keeper who posted here recently said that enzyme cleaner was the only thing that helped and cured the mite problem. And I remember that years ago, I saw another post on EC by a lady that claimed success with enzyme cleaner for mites.

I tried to find it in the stores without success till I found info. online. I have to study that now. So now know that brand new clothes can be like a Trojan horse. It is difficult to know if such a garment came from China or elsewhere.

Any suggestions, please.

Namaste, Om

EC: Om, Ted's most recent post:

Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 10/12/2014

The easiest treatment for Morgellons is to obtain tetrasodium EDTA and take a bath with it and use that like a soap. Ted

Replied by Meeya
(Sunnyvale, Ca)

Hi Om,

Thanks for the alert. How are you doing now? Did you use the enzyme cleaner? I've read about the enzyme cleaner called Kleen Green... I'm assuming that's the one you're talking about??

Other than the tetrasodium EDTA, I've read that kerosene applied on the body and scalp gets rid of hard to treat mites.

Do you mind sharing more about the shirt you bought? Was it in a package or was it exposed on a hanger? Do you mind sharing what brand it was? With small children, I'm especially concerned... as I'm sure are many others... since we need to buy new clothes for them every 6 -12 months. My boys are growing fast!

In any case, please keep us posted on this and what treatments do and don't work for you... and anything else you learn. Take Care, Meeya

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

Meeya, Sunnyvale, CA --- on the second day after that discovery, they seem to be gone after the spraying with KLEEN GREEN. I am on the look out though and spray before bed time. The horseshoe formation of bites just withered after spraying. There are some odd withered spots but thankfully nothing new so far.

If there were to occur an infestation later, I would use Vaseline. Other people on EC have used mayonnaise with success. I will, however, order Ted's remedy online as well. Kerosene for that purpose is not available here that easily; I had a bad reaction with it as companies will not be up front about their product. Forest Products from Georgia, US are superb. I will keep it for other health treatments. It is the postage that makes it so outrageously expensive if sent out to Canada.

The answer for you where bought etc. is simply: our politicians have brought Pandora's box right into our homes with the chief concern of course, China. Most businesses and corporations wheel and deal without being concerned about the consumer. So, all big stores IMO. I can imagine, if one were to make a complaint, they could show you the door for being the chief cause of the complaint.

One not only lives in interesting times, but very dangerously as well.

With me, I was blessed to have the right treatment on hand. It arrived here the day before. I can well imagine, if nothing helps, the infestation could be overwhelming. It also helps to remain calm and take a minute at a time. Easily said. Research is very important.

Another point to consider is this: on research on enzyme cleaners, I find pesticide companies have made it difficult for house cleaning products such as enzyme cleaners, to claim that enzymes kill pests.

This is where EC comes in so handy and timely when needed. We are on our own.

Wishing you and your little ones well.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Meeya
(Sunnyvale, Ca)

Glad Kleen Green did the trick! I plan on getting some just to have on hand. In fact, I think I will wash all new clothes with some Kleen Green added just to be safe. Thanks for all the info! Very helpful. Blessings, Meeya

Replied by Joanne
(Pittsburg, Ca)
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Hi and hello. so glad to read all of your messages. you communicate well about infestations and what to do about them.

Can anyone tell me the difference between Kleen Green and Kleen Free other than the price?

I've been using KG for a month and it has made a great difference in reducing the sheer numbers of mites. Getting good results, but it is very hard to analyze each movement and get up the energy to fight to good fight (vacuum and steam clean my car at least twice a week, plus all the rest of it)):

I want to switch from KG to KF. Has anyone else done that? Thank you

Replied by Viking
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Demodex mites cling to hairs, fuzz, you name it, what ever they cling to the crash into your body, foreign material is rebuked from your body which is where the Morgellons nonsense came from. See a qualified dermatologist and ask to be treated for an over obligation of Demodex mites. Be specific and dominate, Good luck. I'm doing great now.Go to entomology sights or cdc for info!

Replied by Carol
(North Carolina)
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Kleen didn't work for me😥 I am thinking of trying extreem heat.

Replied by Bev

Kleen Green, at least twice daily, helped me inordinately. The product offers an insert with instructions for use. Also, petroleum jelly suffocated them for me on my eyelashes and eyebrows.

For clothes, place them in a bag, and store them in the freezer for at least six hours. This was a game-changer for me.

I freeze every garment I wear: jackets, hats, scarves, socks, shoes, everything. Make sure damp clothing, including shoes, dry prior to placing them in.

I'm so grateful for our online community here. Thank you, everyone who has taken the time and care to share your struggles and triumphs.


@ Bev. Kleen Green twice a day on clothes and bed sheets? or do you spray it straight into your skin? Thanks for the tip about the petroleum jelly on your eyebrows!

Replied by Tony
(Helsinki, Finland)

To get the larvae and mites out of your clothes, simply stuff all the clothes into a big plastic bag, tie it air tight and leave it be for approx. 48hrs. Then wash them all at around 60 degrees c. The mites should die without food in about 2 days but to be sure, wash them at a high temperature. After that your clothes should be fine! Good luck!

Essential Oils

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Posted by Nelly (Seattle, Wa) on 01/12/2013

I just consulted with a naturopath here in Seattle who said, emphatically, please do NOT ingest essential oils, especially these listed here (clove, cinnamon, etc. ) They are very caustic and can cause kidney and liver damage.

Nelly Crowe

Replied by Mary

Does this apply to all essential oils. I was going to purchase some online and it said mix with rice milk or goats milk. I can't see how they would be able to advertise this if it were dangerous. Does anybody have an informed opinion.

Replied by Jobugged
(Los Angeles, Ca)

been using thieves oil for my immune system whenever something internal starts; it is largely clove and cinnamon oils. Is great. A couple of drops up to 3 times in 24 hours if I am feeling fluish; goes away. I don't do it every day but it is also recommended. Wouldn't worry unless you ar doing this all the time.

Replied by Me
(Philly, Pa)

I am trying to help as many people as I can. I discovered that if you dump benadryl liquid gel on your head the mites will come out and die. You should leave it on for a few minutes and them shampoo with 1/2 benadryl and 1/2 shampoo. Then brush. You will see them in the brush. Do it a few times if you have to. It works on your face too if you get pimples from the suckers. Also put it on your eybrows because they are there too. It draws the mites out of your pores on your face too.

Replied by Cary Lewis
(Topeka, Ks)

You use the capsules?

Replied by Cured For 3 Months

Benadryl gel worked for me. I used permethrin 7 times, cayenne pepper, tea tree oil, Borax, turpentine, clove oil. I was able to get rid of of scabies on my body will a combination of all of the above (mostly Benadryl gel and clove oil). The only way I was able to get rid of scabies on scalp was by putting on a thick layer of Benadryl gel. I believe that they suffocated In the alcohol gel.

Replied by Theestarseed
(Bradenton, Fl)

I am going to get Benedryl gel right now. I will report back. I have morgelllons, and I have tried everything on my hair to get them out. I keep it in 2 shower caps, a wig cap, and a bandana on top. Nothing works 100%. I have tried borax & hydrogen peroxide (worked well on body), Dawn, horse paste, TTO & coconut oil, clove oil & castor oil, shampoos with tetra EDTA, hair dye, kleen free, kleen green, diluted bleach, RID, Nix, lindane 1%, lice freee, denorex extra strength, mayonnaise with additional olive oil left on 24 hr, glass cleaner, a dog shampoo with ketoconazole, sulfur 8 that I left 24 hours, Herbal Hair Oil left on 24 hr, sulphur soap 10%, all to no avail.

The hair loss is devastating. I am an alternative Health practitioner so I feel, in addition to hopelessness and isolation, awful about my abilities since I cannot even cure my hair, let alone cure myself. I read Ted's post on tetra EDTA and ammonium chloride yesterday, and both are in the mail. However, they are not fulfilled by the big guys online empire, they are fulfilled by the company so I have at least a week wait ahead of me. I am so thankful for this website, all the poster's stories and suggestions, and especially all of Ted's posts and responses. His observation of the hidden Morgellons nests in the ceiling was brilliance. I am researching the green led light as well. Much blessings and love, Starseed

Replied by Joey

Dear theestarseed pet shampoo w/precor(insect growth retardant/IGR) left in hair 4 30-45 min.s b4 rinsing&rewashing w/lice shield shampoo breaks the life cycle. Also, use a blow dryer 2 dry out the dead bodies so u can "shed"them. tto&clove oil in the "voids"they leave behind disinfect the sore&kills the eggs.Do this daily/use lice shampoo 4 body wash also. The same co. that makes the pet shampoo also makes a carpet powder w/[email protected] $10, you"ll have 2 get the PRECOR [email protected] store.Being in health field u must no ur immune system. Hope this helps

Replied by William

Have you tried msm powder with vitamin c supplements? Diatomaceous earth is slowly working with garlic pills.

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