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Posted by Rhondag (Charlotte, Nc, Us) on 03/25/2013

I'm wanting to make sure of measurements for a couple of Ted's recipes for demodex mites or issues with mites. I need to confirm if recipe below is correct. Thank you.

- 1/2 tsp borax and 1/8 tsp of baking soda and 6 to 7 drops of H202 in one liter or basically 1 quart of water to drink daily?

- 1/2 cup of borax and 1/2 H202 in tub of water for bath approximately once a week or every bath?

- small amount of borax in palm of hand and add small amount of H202 leave on a few minutes and wash face afterwards - daily

Replied by Patty

Hi back. I thought I'd let everyone know my progress w/ this issue. I went last week to an Indian dr. w/ this problem and right away he said it was not eyelash / demodex mites. I mentioned they started out in eyelashes but noticed face, hair, nose later. Always mentioned in jan. Visited Woodbridge NJ & stayed at an "Indian" hotel and instantly almost started itching. Only reason continued to stay 8 days was it was a smoking hotel (for me). I had spent about 150.00 in hair extensions but thankfully knew how to put them in myself or would have probably pd.another 100.00 just to pay someone there 20.00 to take them out after a few days. It was that bad that quick. I know the eyelash problem was there before the trip for couple months but I certainly got something there that was not bedbugs. The dr. didn't seemed surprised so that's my last Indian hotel. Very nice people but very buggy. So, he have me a perscription for some body wash but I got the over the counter version at walgreens for 8.99. It is called "well at walgreens"..antiseptic skin cleanser in 8 oz bottle. I even put it on my face the first night and left it although it is a liquid soap. Just a little goes a long way in the shower and was told put it everywhere folds of the skin, hair, genitals everywhere. First time what a relief. He also perscribed for me ..mupriocin 2 % cream 15gm. It was 40.00. It is cheaper i found out even walmart. It only takes a little and thin layer. I knew it was a good choice to see an indian doctor and was right. I can't believe the difference and immediately. I still am going to clean the furniture w/ a sprayer attached to the bed bug/mite insecticide from lowes and was clothes everyday and sheets, well every couple or so days and i really believe for the first time in about 7 months I am going to be back to normally. Btw mentioned all I'd read and tried the dry mustard, tea tree, bacterial cream listerine, etc. and was told a waste of time. Temporary fix but not going to irradicate the parasite. Anyway passing it along and good luck to all. Patty

Ted's Remedies Reader Feedback

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Posted by Cal (Monroe, LA USA) on 11/14/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have been fighting Demodex brevis mites for a year now - they somehow invaded my meibomian glands in my eyelids after a lot of 'extreme' exposure to ordinary dustmites. Eventually they migrated to my chest, neck and body - even my feet. I could feel needle stabbing sensations in the soles of my feet for gosh sakes!!! I have used tea tree oil a lot, but eventually developed a reaction to it, so had to stop using it. I then used some permethrin 5% from head to foot, and took a round of ivermectin for a couple of weeks. These remedies worked temporarily. My latest and most effective treatment thus far has been a combination of water, peroxide 3% and 20 Mule Team Borax. I also sleep with a wet washcloth on my face, which has really begun to get things moving along. Every time I bathe, I run a warm tub of water and add 1/4 cup of borax and 1/2 cup of 3% peroxide and soak in it for 10 or 15 minutes. I use the same like a rinse after shampooing my hair. At night I put 1/3 peroxide 3%, 3/4 water, 1/2 tsp. of borax in an 8 oz spray bottle, shake it up well until no granules are left, then spray my body down and let it dry without toweling. I then saturate a washrag with same solution, not dripping wet, but wet. I sleep with it on my face, carefully tucking it into the corners of my eyes and around my lids, making sure the washrag covers my face from over the top of my brows, over to my temples, then down to my top lip. This is working well to clear my eyes and face of this parasite..takes a while, but my eyes and face have crusted over and peeled, my eyes have resumed an almost-normal shape, I feel a very small amount of movement around my lids and in my lashes. Also, I drink fresh squeezed lemon juice in my water all day and sometimes I use Ted's 1/8 teaspoon of borax to the 1 litre of water to alkaline my body. No sugar, overdose on vegetables. Slow, but it seems to be working.

Replied by Sue
(Farmington Hills, MI)

Hello, I have been dealing with problems that are very similar to the ones you have described and would like to share what has been working for me. I have been using neen leaves, they are well know to strengthen the immune system and to fight parasites. Everyday I drink one cup of neem tea (boiled leaves for 5 minutes in filtered water) in addition, I put some strong neem tea in a somewhat large bottle (probably about 32 oz) and after I finish showering I pour the whole bottle of warm tea over my head and body, no rinsing needed, it is just like water, not sticky. As far as drinking the tea, I must say that it is bitter, however, I have used many essentials oils (oregano, lemongrass, clove, even neem, etc), as well as the hydrogen peroxide/borax mixture (which was too harsh for my skin, especially the facial area) but nothing has given results as good as the neem tea. The discomfort and itching have decreased immensely, as well as the redness and inflammation. In addition to the neem, I have been doing castor oil packs and drinking a tablespoon of castor oil twice a week. Also, I plan to purchasing a shower filter. Keep in mind that he have at present and come across and incredibility large number of microorganisms at any given moment, our immune system is very capable of dealing with them, UNLESS, it is weak. A strong immune system may be the key to solving this, since these little critters are quite opportunistic and have as sole purpose to grow and divide, for that, they use our resources and take over our body, so technically any microbe can become pathogenic if it finds a weak host. I get organic neem leaves and castor oil from Mountain Rose Herbs, I am not affiliated to them, but I love their products.

Replied by Ruth
(H, Tasmania)

I' d like to try this Neem tea leaf drink. I' ve found that neem oil night after night for weeks on end wrapped in plastic didn' t help, neither essential oils in variations.

It seems its an immune system challenge and maybe related to candida. Apparently mites feed on yeasts and sugar. Ive been reading on a vet site just tonifght about this and it rings true for me!

Replied by Debi
(Concord, Ca, Usa)

My husband and I have both been suffering from mite infestation for the past 5 months. Does anyone have a solution for getting rid of the waxy like substance that the mites create on your skin when you are showering? My poor husband has been trying without much success couple times a day he showers and just gets drenched again and again with this waxy stuff we have tried sulfur soap, tar soap, Dr Bronners peppermint castile soap, Dr Bronners tea tree oil castile soap, dawn dish soap, also have been using Kleen Green enzymes on hair and spraying it all over our bodies as well as spraying everything we own and our household items with the kleen green. But, we still have the mites and still get waxed when showering what else can we do?

Replied by Anon
(Anon, Usa)

Hello. I just have to tell you that, I had something get on my forearms several years ago. I believe this was some kind of mites or parasites. This happen one day when I was cutting grass with a super high power zero turn lawnmower. This lawnmower really kicked up grass and dirt and dust. My forearms begin to itch very bad. I also had what looked like a dull film on my arms. I did not ever know what this was for sure. After the itching went away I had these white head bumps that would appear festered up.

Some things that helped me was some scalp treatment that I purchased from puritian pride called hairever cleansing scalp treatment. I would rub this on my forearms for about a minute and leave on for 5 minutes then shower off. When I would do this, I would have these black specks that would rub out of my arms. Recently, I have purchased a a bar soap saver. This is in the beauty ailse. You put your soap inside of it and wet leather it up and wash the area. The soap I been using is called grandma's lye soap. I am clearer than I have ever been. almost like it is almost gone, even the film on my arms is barely noticiable.

Some other things I have heard or read that suppose to help is covering your body with vaseline or mentholatum or vicks. Nu-stock which I tried... You may also want to try and do a parasite cleanse of some sort, worm wood, black walnut hulls ect.

My best results came from the scalp treatment and the lye soap. I tried lots of stuff, even borax internally and extrenally, nu-stock ect. The scalp treatment will get kinda warm and cool tingling feeling after you stop rubbing it. The lye soap lathers good inside the bar soap saver and I scrub not to hard, but hard enough to remove loose skin cells.

Replied by Amanda
(Tn., US)

To get rid of that waxy substance, use baby power every time you wet your skin, it's definitely the best thing I've tried.....

Replied by Lee

Please stop what you're doing. I've lived, if you call it living, with this mite and lice problem for 9 years. I have yet to find permanent answers. Green clean will help but their web site is like most I have found. They make it sound like they have a cure all but have no idea of what they're dealing with. The product does help esp. eyes. Although I still get eye infections. You need to treat your environment. Pheromones - that's the question and the answer. NO ONE ADDRESSES IT!


Lee, I don't know that they can stop what they are doing. They are all trying to end this. I am almost clear of the mites. The key for me was when I read the post that said ACV and garlic. I wash all worn clothing and used linen everyday. I spray with Windex/Borax with hydrogen peroxide and I use the dehumidifiers and oxygen generators (which works great in cars). I take all steps to improve my immune systems (exercise, nutrition, enough sleep, a very good vitamin, de-stress) and take raw garlic daily (in my yogurt with mint) and some days I take the ACV.

Ted's Remedies Reader Feedback
Posted by Julie (Clearwater, Florida) on 07/31/2008
5 out of 5 stars

THANK YOU for putting this site together. I could not stop itching. Those mites were driving me cray!!!! I have become some what of a loner. It is wrecking my life. But instantly, I felt relief by using borax and peroxide. I will try coconut oil and vinegar next. Whew!!! All we know is how to use borax, vinegar, baking sode, etc. to clean. Thanks again! you just might have saved my life.

Ted's Remedies Reader Feedback
Posted by Eloise (Oakland, CA) on 12/12/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have been troubled by tiny red bites, itching, and stinging for about 2 1/2 months. I have made some progress deep cleaning with Kleen Green and treating myself with it, washing all clothes and bedding in hot water and borax after a single use, bagging all clothes, throwing out about 50% of my belongings, vacuuming three times a week and immediately disposing of the bag, and triple covering my futon and computer chair with vinyl mattress covers. I have also had some success with Ted's external borax treatment (thanks, Ted) but found the internal treatment very irritating to my bladder. I am now going to try silver and have ordered some of the ABL silver as suggested by Tracy. I am trying to figure out the maximum amount I can safely take and afford since I have seen posts here suggesting amounts as large as 4 ounces a day. Any suggestions? Also, has anyone tried di-limonene sprays or powders on carpets, for biting mites, with any success? Love the website and thanks in advance for your replies.

Replied by Chris
(Longmont, Colorado, Usa)

I am glad, also, to have found this site. I have been dealing with cheyletiella mites for a long time, since my 2 long-haired cats and I lived in mite infested Nederland (dog city) Colorado. On this site I found a helpful suggestion about drinking Neem tea & where to get it. So I would like to share about cleaning your house and doing the laundry with something that will kill the mites. I use a rather expensive ($6.00/bottle) enzyme cleaner. I can not tell you the brand but it also contains real lime extract and it is organic & comes in a lime green bottle with blue trim. You can dilute it with water and spray it on your rug before vacuuming (just let it dry a bit first), you can spray it on your walls and clean the shower with it. It rocks. For laundry use it straight, a couple teaspoons per load. Ok, right now I am going to bathe in epsom salt & lavender oil. Some use Eucalyptus but it irritates my skin. Thank you, all you helpful people.

Chris in Colorado

PS: do NOT use this enzyme cleaner on your body

Ted's Remedies Reader Feedback
Posted by Lynn (Grand Rapids, MI) on 10/28/2007
5 out of 5 stars

re: demodex mites/rosacea -- I am currently in the process of ridding my face of these nasty mites. I can attest to the fact that they really do move. I first put the borax solution on my cheeks to test it and all of the red spots moved to my chin the next day. It was incredibly freaky! I have felt them move to my eyes, nose ears and scalp at various times. Now there are a few spots showing up on my ankles as I fight to kill them all! I am determined to win this battle thanks to this awesome website and my new hero "Ted"!

I have ingested the borax several times now with no ill effects at all. I was quite leary at first, but I knew that everything else Ted had stated had proven to be true- so I took a leap of faith. I am so glad I did! Now I just need to stay focused and disciplined to follow through on the routine. Thank you so much for your help.You are making a huge difference in the lives of many people.


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Posted by Candace (Scottsburg, In) on 12/30/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Bad Infestation... THYME.... I even soaked THYME leaves (put in a sock) in a glass of 100% alcohol. Pour it into tub and use sock if you want to scrub.


Posted by Bailey (IN) on 10/20/2020

In rare form from bug bite in scalp a almost 4 weeks ago thinking it was a flea. House sprayed bc I thought I was getting bitten, all over well another bite popped up on my head: in between All of this I I had a Demodex on my scalp and I kept seeing all of these like particles are like small dust fragments of white not micro things coming out of my thick thick hair for a little while. Then my eyelids and eyebrows with the little like salt grains and things like that. My husband and my daughter's eyes are both infected a couple times I'm hoping that that has since passed but in the meantime I cannot get this to go away on my hair and body at times. My hair will no longer lather it is straight straw I don't believe I over treated it but I have tried different products it just went out ladder I've tried home remedies I've tried natural things I don't like Teatree it doesn't sit well with me I've still been spraying it around I've done a lot of things I've seen on this website I do not have a clue what shampoo to even use or want to try anymore but I have to keep washing my hair or it will get more oily. I How to control this but I know every time I move my head there's like some dandruff or particles falling from my head and I cannot understand what is going on. I've read so many blogs so many articles not a lot of people talk about this exact issue with Demodex but it's happening and I'm freight and my hair is everything but I'm about to shave it and just buy a wig it's so bad. I've tried lots of different things like I mentioned we have a new water head I'm not up to par on my nutrients my way is very under because I'm upset I know this is not the worst I've been so I again don't think this is triggered by wondering.Wondering if that bike set some thing off and then I have another one even though we've had the house treated and it was not infested with any type of creature that they could see I've read articles from top to bottom from all kinds of things and I'm confused Walking aimlessly through stores and looking online to try to find a product for myself and I can't seem to pull the trigger on much because nothings working and everyone has tried and you so many different things again nothing will lather on my damn head I have to use a lot of product so I'm thinking I'm using too much and it's getting really difficult to manageObviously it's not something they really treat here in the US but I believe our body does need them if we have them but I don't know if I want to eradicate or exterminate them completely I just want them to go back to normal whatever that is doctors. I do know it sounds crazy I'm thankful that my family does believe me since their eyes were affected but a lot of people just think it's crazy so I won't even bring it up I haven't even been able to get to the doctor because she's not taking me seriously and the dermatologist is out of pocket and booked out which in my little town and I don't think they really treat it and maybe they were treat my eyes possibly write me a prescription again I would have to pay out-of-pocket for her for some itch cream so I'm really freaking lost I've gotten so many things that I've seen y'all try and I don't know where to go from here anymore but I don't want to try anything on my hair so far on that I've just done a few natural remedies and shampoos that I have as well as tea tree. Help my hair won't even absorb water… I believe our whatever I do not know I even have a background in here and I'm pretty knowledgeable but I feel like this is just so broad! I'm even more afraid to get opinions because I don't know what to do I've also treated my eyes and if I stay on it every single night it works but one night if I don't they're on there if I get a little extra oil either little grains of salt or on there there was so many of them all over my head too I just don't understand. I'm not knock on wood watching like crazy at the moment I've had spots and then a really weird like foot each moment but I can't get a grasp of any of it and it's very fucking taxing. I can't even touch my head without something falling on my face and it's not big chunks of scalp skin or anything like that it's particles or a little salt grains!


Posted by Mary (Saskatchewan, Canada) on 05/05/2014

Hi Om from BC below is the posting of the person who cured them with Kerosene.

Question for Bill .................Have you any experience with killing mites with either Kerosene or Turpentine. I "pulled an Om", and coated myself with turpentine and it did not help me. It helped Om, I am so happy for her!!!

Don't know why it worked out that way for me.

YEA] 06/09/2010:

Sharon from Wesley Chapel, Fl: "Well, I finally fixed it. Killed all the mites. Thanks and much thanks to Ted's borax remedy. However, what killed them fast is plain old lamp oil, coal oil, purified kerosene. Put in a sprayer bottle and went to town with the purified lamp oil sold in crafts store for the hurricane style lamps. Not much smell. Used the oil on my hands to treat my face. Really sprayed my long hair and scalp.didnt burn or have but one side effect-- brought all those critters up from underneath the skin and they chewed their way up. Looked like a sunburn where they were, and welts formed. But I kept dosing it the next day and the next and it dried them up. Itches were gone in 4 hours. First night I have slept thru the night in four years. At first I thought the lamp oil had burned me, but then I realized that it was only red where I was itching. Even my face and eyelids were not "sunburned" the tenderest part of the body. Now that I killed them on me, I treated the rest of the house, using Ted's borax mix, bleach where I could, took a week to treat everything properly to where I was not getting bit. Its been 4 weeks. Once you kill them on yourself and have a quick spray-on for the re-infections, it goes fast. The cars were the worst problem. Hooray

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc. Canada)

Mary from Saskatchewan --- many thanks for your post. Well, as you said, it lowered my mite load, but not completely. The inhalation of those strong fumes did stop my constant cough at least. I am considering now using lamp oil and am glad to see the post you mentioned.

I have to say the visit at the hospital emergency was a bit like a nightmare. Especially, upon leaving, seeing the sign of $$$$ they want (for what, I ask). When getting into the taxi, I was glad the taxi driver was a real human being.

EC has very good posts, especially lately, and we are blessed to have this option to treat ourselves and learn. Thanks again for your input and also thanks to Bill. Namaste, Om

Replied by Mary
(Saskatchewan, CA)

Hey Om: I agree I really want to try the Kerosene thing too. I saw a post where Bill said Diggers Low Odor was good as well as Klean Strip 1 K Kerosene. I also live in western Canada and am wondering where to buy and which one. Any ideas. Are you going to spray it on as well. please let me know how it goes. I work long hours and it is very hard not to itch in front of people. I feel very alone, as only my husband and naturopath know and the naturopath told me I did not have mites. Sigh. I used to really like him.


Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc. Canada)

Mary of Saskatchewan --- Hi Mary

Knowing now that lamp oil works, I will try it. It is here available in the grocery store. Bill has sent me info on the pure stuff in Georgia USA; it is flammable that why I think shipping will be high. Meanwhile I use my turp. I have for a tsp. internally with BSM as Bill does. I just have to work out my protocol.

Interesting, when I visited archeology online, The queen of Sheba, when she visited King Solomon, interrogated him on many aspects of wealth in her kingdom amongst which was good old kerosene.

I have less mite activity now but that is not to be trusted. They had made a hole next to my ear lobe which was dealt with by the use of turp. It also caused "sunburn" appearance but disappeared after moisturizing the skin. Many remedies were good but extremely drying. I am glad you forwarded the info. on lamp oil which is also mentioned on Walter Last's website. Let's see how it does.

Namaste Om

Replied by Mary
(Saskatchewan, CA)

Hi Om thanks for the quick reply. that info on the queen of Sheba sooooo interesting to me. May I ask where you found it . I would like to read it as well. Would you mind forwarding me the info Bill gave you on brands of Kerosene. I want to be really careful as I am going to do it as well.

Sorry to hear about their activity near your ear. Turp is amazing. I took it this am. It does not seem to be killing them however. as I type I am so itchy!!

Thanks in advance and I love to hear your progress!!!! Mary

Replied by David
(Dover, NH)

What did you do or solve the "mites-in-the-car" problem? I have used the cedar oil, bleach-water spray, H2O2, Neem oil, baking soda-water, to no effect. This is ongoing for almost 4 years now and I am tired. Plus I have also applied. The very few people I have told think that there is no mite problem- I would like to be normal again.

Replied by KT

Hi David, I was reading the latest posts and saw your question. There is a nationwide store here in the U.S. that sells spices. I don't know if I can mention the name here (different rules for different sites, it seems) but if you call 1-800-741-7787 they can provide you with a store near you. I get all my spices there and if you get on their mailing list, they sometimes send coupons for free spices and their booklet has some great recipes.

Replied by Mike
(Southern Cal., US)

To David in Dover, NH, go to tractor supply and get some ivermectin pour-on for cattle. My friend who owns an auto body shop sprayed the interior of my car with his paint sprayer, the one that's run with an air compresser. I closed it up overnight to let it penatrate real good, then aired out the smell. We do this every 2 weeks to make sure new ones dont hatch & start the sh**t all over again.

Replied by Sharon

Hi folks, sorry for the delay, as l post and then forget to look for questions. Thank you again Ted for your oxyclean and borax mix for my pomeranians. l used it on myself when l had nothing else!!! l have used lamp oil, low-odor kerosene(stinks), low odor lighter fluid, turpentine, and Lysol spray to kill them fast. l have sprayed the lighter fluid in my autos everywhere but the glass(didn't feel like cleaning the glass). l tried de-stinking the lighter fluid with essential oils, eucalyptus, and any of the tree-scented ones, but got the best results on odor with a cookie-scented oil. Sweet smells the best, and petroleum products do smell, l have only electric appliances in my house, and caution using around any gas appliances. l have used lighter fluid on everything in my house, and, every inch of my body, in my nostrils, eyelashes, raw spots- over and over on spots that take 14 days to heal, and then revitalize the skin with oil baths, or udder ointments at night, which are thick with lanolin. I like the lighter fluid best for my scalp, but l sometimes use a mix of half citric acid powder and half water in a glass to pour over my scalp with my head back, work with my nails into my scalp until the itching stops, and then shampoo as usual. DO NOT GET INTO YOUR EYES. Burns!!!! L have been re-infected some 9 times now from relatives visiting occasionally who are in total denial that they have the mites. Can anyone tell me how to convince them once and for all. l had settled back to wait for their 3rd year of infestation to show up the worst, but they all moved within the year, and l have grandbabies suffering. As you know the doctors have no clue, and these mites are imitators and can barely be seen, even when you know what to look for. If your family starts showing ear infections, "psoriasis", running low-grade fevers, etc, know that they are infested, just not allergic enough to suffer as much. l even had one niece who found that psychologist getting his 15 minutes of fame claiming we are all "delusional" and she shared it with my family, so now, of course, l am old (65)and "senile" wink wink. l can tell you my oldest daughter now has "Bell's Palsy" after 3 years infestation with no treatment), and has had constant "chronic severe ear infections". Bell's Palsy happens when a trigeminal nerve has pressure on it-this nerve is located between the neck and the ear, closest to the ear. When visiting 2 years ago, l gave her two #00 capsules l had filled with praziquantal powder, and the next day, she came running to me exclaiming that all her sinus and ear problems had vanished and demanded to know what l had given her. When l told her it was a mite killer, she freaked, and told me l had tricked her and she got all mad. l just took myself home the next day and have been waiting for her to discover for herself that mom might be right. She also has a swelling closing off an artery in her neck by 90%, that the doc said only happens to very old people and was unusual in her age of 44. He is treating it like cholesterol clogging. l am still waiting for her to ask me for real help. These mites can cause all kinds of health havoc, especially fatigue. Well, wishing you all success, Sincerely, from the old mite buster.

Replied by Cary

How long do you take the praziquintal? Does it help long term? I've had this 3 years and just can't kick it. I have tried about everything. Thanks for any help.

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Cary (Kansas)

For mites the best treatment is a mixture of essential oils in a nebulizer, and 3% hydrogen peroxide (H202) as spray after each shower plus improving the immune system.

I have done a lot of research and essential oils seem to work even though this has to be used for some time. It is advisable to obtain professional info. as health food stores do not seem to carry high percentage oils.

In addition, one liter of water daily with a pinch of salt and 1/8th teasp. of borax sipped throughout the day five days a week. This for about six months. For males, 1/4 teasp. of borax.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Hope

Thank you so much for the time frame on borax solution drink. I was guessing 3 months, at least.

Replied by L.franklin

Regarding cleaning out car,get Diatomaceous Earth and sprinkle all through your car leave for at least 5days then vacuum. Then take a spray bottle full with 70% rubbing alcohol.

Vapor Rub

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Posted by Shoo (Cleveland, Ohio) on 05/23/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Cover mites with vaporub, the mites don't like eucalyptus, & will back out. Worked in 2 days for me. Keep the area moist with Vaporub

Walking Dandruff Remedies

Posted by Lin (Chicago, IL) on 02/24/2009

Walking Dandruff: I am going crazy with this. I have been ( myself to a derm) I am so allergic! Covered in bites. My cats have never left my home...or been in contact woth anyone new. Totally indoor. Can a human who has them on them spread them to my cats???? How can this happen. Since I raise them........I need help.We have applied Revolution......... just had one girl dipped at the Vet... I spent over $1000! The furniture spray the Vet wants me to use is a bit scary! Please explain the products you are talking about.What can I do???? Desperate. Thank you

EC: "Cheyletiellosis, commonly known as "walking dandruff," is a very contagious, leach like ailment incited by assorted species of Cheyletiella, a breed of big mites. The different species of Cheyletiella are able to infect the skin surface of dogs, cats, rabbits, and humans."


Replied by Dianna
(Austin, Tx)

i would bathe the cats and yourself with grandpa's pine tar soap. just suds them up and try and leave the suds on for a few minutes and rinse. this will make the mites and/or fleas come off you and your pets and is also good for skin irritations. fleas, mites, mosquitos, etc. do not like the smell of pine tar and will not soon come back on the animals or you.

someone else may have some ideas for your house - but i know that anything with citrus oil in it can help. you might make a spray with orange oil and water and spray it everywhere. once my friend had scabies and came to my house and sat on my bed. that night after she had left i felt weird crawling sensations on my skin - but none got into my skin. later i found that the bath oil i used contained citrus oil and that is what saved me from the scabies. you can also spray this on your cats and yourself after the pine tar soap treatment.

good luck

Wheat Grass

Posted by John (New Jersey, US) on 12/29/2014

Wheat grass 2 oz juiced every morning in omaga juicer I got on line ..fresh cut wheat grass, get at whole foods. Once I stopped this after 5 years. Every day I did 2 oz of fresh wheat grass juice, now mites are back. Gotta get my wheat grass program going again. Every other thing I tried, mites become used to and it does not work.

Yogurt With Cinnamon

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Posted by Viv (Camarillo, Ca, Usa) on 05/06/2010
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I have been having skin problems for over a year, since I moved into my apartment--itching, burning, and finding tiny bites all over, especially on arms and legs. When I would sit at my computer I could feel invisible things biting my feet and lower legs. The "bugs" are invisible, but sometimes I would feel something like a grain of sand.I'd sometimes have a tiny grain in the corner of my eye, also. Also the beltline area of my body was very red and itchy.

To come to the point, one of the latest things I have tried is plain yogurt with a little ground cinnamon. I took a couple of tablespoons of plain white yogurt (not sweetened) and mixed in about a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and put a little bit on my skin and rubbed it in. I started with the lower part of my right leg and rubbed hard. After a few minutes tiny black specks seem to appear that look like very short black hairs. I kept rubbing and after five or ten minutes a large amount of whitish "debris," like flakes or grains, starts falling off of my skin. I don't know whether it's just flakes of dead skin falling off or some kind of mites or parasites that had been inside my skin that have come out and are falling off. I did the same thing on my other leg and my feet and arms and as much of my back I could reach. In some places there was a large amount of white "debris" that came off my skin and in other places I didn't notice any. The whole process can take some time. When I was done I rinsed off my skin and it felt and looked extremely soft and clean. That was last night. I did feel a couple of biting sensations during the night, but that was all. Also, when I got up this morning my legs were no longer swollen. They had been swollen for the past year.

I also had been noticing long indentations or lines that would appear on my arms and legs for the past six months. They would come and go. I still have some of those on my upper legs.

I went to a doctor yesterday and tried to explain my skin problem. She insisted that it's just a skin allergy and prescribed hydrocortisone. She also said when bathing to use a very mild soap such as Dove and not to use hot water, and for laundry, to use hypoallergenic detergent and not to use fabric softener. She didn't even examine my skin. I have many visible tiny bites on my arms and legs, and some larger bites on my body--I don't think those could be caused by an allergy! I told her that if I put a little hand sanitizer on my arm and rub it gently, I start to feel soft granules. She said that just means I'm allergic to the sanitizer. I showed her two small rows of bites on my lower leg, and she said those were scratches.

Another strange thing: During the past year I have thrown away some underwear, clothing, and even blankets that had mysterious "lint" on them, sometimes dark, sometimes pale blue, sometimes reddish, sometimes white. Once I had a hand-knitted white wool sweater. It looked clean, but when I held it up to the light, I saw that it was covered with very pale blue lint, especially clustered along the seams. I threw it away.

A couple of months ago, to keep my couch clean, I had a pale pink blanket on it. I put a clean, white, padded mattress cover on it and put a clean off-white sheet over that, and was sleeping on the couch. I left it that way for perhaps a couple of weeks. I'd been having itching problems. I took the sheet off and was surprised to see that the mattress cover seemed to be disintegrating and was full of small reddish pieces of lint. There had been nothing in that area that was reddish. My couch is moss green. After that I would sometimes find reddish lint in my clothing or underwear that seemed to have some connection to my itching. I know that it doesn't make any sense.

Also, bathing in very hot water twice a day with about two cups of borax and 1/2 to 1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide helped a lot. I did it for a few days. When I skipped one evening, I started to have itching again. I also have tried a deep cleaning salve that I got online, and it helped, but I ran out of it.

I'll mention also that I almost always wear something only once and then wash it. I always use hot water and use borax in addition to laundry detergent. I have tried other additives in the past: ammonia, bleach, vinegar, or disinfectant. I vaccuum frequently; I rented a carpet cleaner and cleaned my carpet. I washed the vinyl flooring. I bought an air purifier and have used that, also, to try to keep the air clean.
I think I have conquered the problem. Mainly, I wanted to share the idea of yogurt with cinnamon--at least it doesn't hurt to try it.

Replied by Mary
(Regina, Saskchewan)

Hi: Sounds like your apartment, not you, has the issue. And your issue is solving itself. Good thing you are not brainwashed into thinking doctors have all the answers! Anyway i think you need to borax your whole aparment often. Buy boxes of it. Drive it into the carpet with a broom all along baseboards. sprinkle it all over your mattress. If you leave it for a day before you vacuum that is better and do it often.
when you treat yourself and your environment they will go away.

I hope you post again, would like to hear how you do.

Replied by Neem_enthusiast
(Toronto, Ontario Canada)

Sounds like Morgellon's disease.

Replied by Betty Lou
(Ga, US)

You need to buy some diatomaceous earth, FOOD GRADE only!! Look on line to find a place near you that sells it.. or buy on line.. FOOD GRADE only.. spread it througout your home and car.. within 3 to 4 weeks they will almost be gone.. I promise you.. I have had them for 13 yrs.. until I tried DE.. I can feel them if I don't keep the DE down in my house, I also put it on myself in the beginning. This really does work.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U BETTY LOU, , , , , , , , , , with a double name you got to be a Southerner from yester year. I bet yo momma called you Betty until you got her dander up..... then, she addressed you as "BETTY LOU" in a strident voice and you knew she has the ass. "Yas mame , I be good" was your reply.

Anyway, diatomaceous is a mined product and it's all food grade. Just like Borax. Everyone on this site says you got to use only food grade borax. Bull, it is a mined product and 20 Mule Team Borax is food grade.

Anyways, I went to Ga Tech and lived in Augusta and St Simons for awhile so we bonded somehow.

Yo buddy======ORH==========

Replied by Hope

I'm trying ginger, garlic, cayenne and toasted sesame seeds as a supplement with cleansing baths/shower scrubs. Thanks for the cinnamon tip, I was thinking of trying this.

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
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Absolutely sounds like morgellons. Fortunately what you are using is working. You could also be ingesting the borax and I wanted to mention an ec'er got rid of bed bugs by INGESTING the cinnamon. Took 3 months.

Replied by George

Demodex mites could be the cause. Lots of info online. Ignore the ads.. tree oil and permethrin are some of the treatments.


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Posted by Jesse (Dowling, Mi) on 04/03/2017
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After years of suffering from bird mites and major secondary skin infections to the point of abscesses that had to be opened surgically, I have found that zinc tablets 100mg in the morning and 50mg at night has cleared my skin completely in a matter of 2 weeks. Finally free.

Replied by Dee
(New Orleans)

If you are using Zinc internal, what are you using for the environment...?

Replied by Heather

Do you mean it cured the infection or the bird mites too?