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A number of treatment options for mite infestation have been identified, ranging from simple skin treatments to daily supplements and other more contemporary methods. The most effective treatments involve curing the underlying issue causing infestation. Topical application of natural detoxifying agents is generally the most effective.

What Is Mite Infestation?

Several different types of mites are naturally present on the skin in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands of the skin. For most individuals, mites cause no symptoms; however, several conditions can cause a dramatic increase in the number of mites and result in poor health.

The main causes of mite infestation appear to be immune disorder, stress and additional illness. Symptoms of infestation include rosacea, inflammation, large pores, redness, thinning of the hair and enlarged pores.

Natural Remedies for Parasites of the Skin

Treatments for mite infestation are two-fold, aimed at eradicating the issue and soothing the affected skin. Generally speaking, topical applications of natural agents are most effective for treating mites as these options eliminate the cause of mites and cleanse the skin. Three common remedies include tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar and borax.

Tea Tree Oil

An extract from a plant native to Australia, tea tree oil is effective as both a topical antiseptic and antifungal treatment. As such, this important agent eliminates mites and treats the other issues of the skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a natural tonic full of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, the tonic contains acids, mineral salts and amino acids. These components work to eradicate mites and support the overall health of the skin.


Borax works in two ways for treating mites – eliminating the parasites on the skin and eradicating them from the home. A natural mineral, borax is a particularly effective cleaning agent. Used in small doses, borax cleanses the skin and can be used as a house cleaner to eliminate mites.

While some mites are naturally occurring on the skin and hair, an onslaught of the parasites causes skin irritation, inflammation and other skin disorders. Natural treatments work to treat the underlying issue causing mites as well as the disorders of the skin.

ACV and Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Guisela (Arizona, US) on 05/19/2014

My body feels likes I have mites crawling, I was diagnosed with demodex on my scalp and eyelids. My scalp mostly burns and itches very little. I have been doing tea tree washings without much change. Would like to try ACV + hydrogen peroxide.? What are the amounts for the mixture? Want to see if it works for my scalp discomfort and hair loss. Thanks Ted!

Replied by Cheekio

Try going to the drugstore and finding/buying shampoo that has benzyl benzoate. I use Bed Head shampoo that has this ingredient listed in the back. It's usually found in expensive shampoos. If you can't find it, then order it from amazon. Bed Head oatmeal & honey scent has it, but not all bed head shampoos have this ingredient so make sure to read the back label and it has to have those exact words, benzyl benzoate. It's a blue bottle. When you get it, get in the shower and shampoo and lather your hair, face and body really well and leave it on for 5 minutes or longer, then rinse and do it a second time. Shampoo your dogs with it too, the same way. Wash your clothes with Tide original powder detergent. Air out your house and keep everything very dry. Benzyl Benzoate is an antimicrobial and used for scabies and mite infestations. Wash all bedding and laundry with Tide original power laundry detergent. Keep everything very dry.

Replied by Sharon

If you want to know if you have mites, my mom discovered that using the skin so soft bug spray with picaridin cases them to pop out in aboout 2-3 minutes, and they don't seem to move for hours after. It also caused the nymph form to dig out rather rapidly as well. She was just trying to prevent infestion while mowing her yard. She had to shower after about 30 min to rinse all the little greyish specks off her.

(San Diego)

You can't see the type of mites that crawl on and in your skin; you can't see mange mites.

(North Carolina)

I see the mites that crawl from my scalp and skin as well as the ones that come out of my nose and ears, they are very fine black specks, hard to see but you can see them. I wet a cotton ball with Tea Tree Oil and wipe when I itch or feel movement.

(new jersey)

The amount that I see are insane. I heard that there are only 15-20 Scabies mites alive on a person. I see so many small tip of a pin-sized black specks, day after day. I've been using borax and peroxide which has reduced the itching. I'm wondering if they are any type of mite or Morgellon but think I'm seeing too many for Morgellons

(fresno, ca)

I beg to differ, based upon personal experience. They are not much more than dark dots, but they are readily observable to my non-superhuman senses, albeit my vision is 20/20 still or damn close.

Replied by Bea
(Rochester, NY)

"METRONIDAZOLE TOPICAL 1% GEL"or if you are in Europe, even better is the Metonidazole Topical 2% Gel or Ointment (in the USA they only allow 1%) is the answer for drug intervention that has the BEST RESULTS compared to all other medical drug resolutions. This gel is rated #1 of any of the doctor medical resolutions, medicine-wise.

I take baths twice daily in TEA TREE OIL AND PEPPERMINT OIL ((several drops of each per bathtub)), and I find 30 minute saunas 3 times per week helps eradicate them as well, over a period of time (probably a few months)

i wash my sheets and clothing every two days in the washer machine with one capful WISK ((Deep Clean)), 1/2 cup Borax, and 1/4 or a bit more Lemon Juice, and this combination works for me, except I dry all my clothes TWO times through in the dryer, and I wash my clothes in HOT WATER (extra long, extra rinse cycles).


They attack my scalp, my eyebrows, my eyelids, and they crawl up my legs at night looking for moist areas to hang out for fluid I guess, like in the anal area and sometimes and in the groin. I am getting sharp pinpoint-like stings as well, leaving me with tiny red pinpoint-size bites.

I use moisturizing shampoos and moisturizing bar soaps (Dove makes a good one) in my bath wash as well to use on my skin.

I am going to get some "Skin-So-Soft" from Avon, I think as well.

i vacuum daily, and I have an Air-Conditioner, Dehumidifier, and Air-Cleaner as well, , , for MITES LOVE HUMIDITY.

A demumidifier is a MUST!

these "f, , , , in mites" can destroy our comfort and happiness, that's for sure.. They seem to prefer nighttime hours too, when we are still, and where ever there is any kind of moisture, like in our beds. (No, they are not bedbugs, these are MITES).

if anyone has any faster resolutions, I beg you to SHARE. (Some people these monsters lead them to suicidal tendencies), lo, which is the Worst! (As we know). Let's not one of us, ever ever go there.

I am trying the apple cider vinegar as well, but I see little affect for me, anyways, but I still take it 3 times a day, one teaspoon a shot.


I've suffered the same bites and stings for three months, and have seen four doctors who've prescribed permithrin 5% cream and Ivermectin 5% cream and Ivermectin pills. I quit using borax in my laundry, since it's toxic to pets and can cause irritation to us. I also don't wear polyester tops or sit on couches, since those don't breath. What's working today is simply hydrogen peroxide on cotton pads rubbed onto areas of itching.


For help and healing Lavendar scents-- Dial soap - and what they really hate and it works Dr. Bonners pure castile soap $15 walmart, So dont harm yourself arm yourself, mix with water in a spray bottle and spray bed hours before retiring. Wet a towel and wipe nose and face. Mop floors with it. I stopped using tissue and started using flushable wipes and I add some to the pack of wipes with a little water added, I've had success with washing clothing with a pesticide in my wash.

Replied by Kathy
(Cal, US)

Perhaps you can try the Tea Tree oil and Peppermint on your skin....if it's too strong maybe add ten drops of each to a spray bottle and spray yourself AND your bed for the mites....maybe mist it around the room.....And get a diffuser to diffuse the oils....

Replied by Heidi
(Santa Fe, NM)

Trader Joes has a shampoo and cream rinse with tea tree oil and peppermint. I like it and it does relieve the itching. Sadly just got the mites and trying to deal with it.

Replied by Marie
(Modesto, CA)

Please tell me how you resolved the problem.

I need you HELP real bad.

Replied by Ruby
(Sydney, Australia)

I believe I have demodex brevis mites. Everything that I have read about them describes what I am experiencing although all the doctors & specialists I have seen keep saying no, no, demodex only occurs on those with severely affected immune systems such as HIV etc but I tell this this is old school textbook and these mites are extremely adaptable and just because I don't present as "text book" to you, doesn't mean I don't have them. We are the experts on our own bodies and they simply can't treat what they know relatively nothing about. And yes, I've been continuously prescribes anti-depressants & anti-pyschotics but not been told what they are. Of course, now I always read the pharmacology on anything before I take it. These are not imaginary. Crawling sensation, followed by the pin-prick sting and a small bump a few minutes later which turns into a lesion (of varying degrees) that takes longer than normal to heal. For the last week I have been bathing in a mix of 1 part hydrogen peroxide (3%) with 3 parts distilled water, Borax (added until it stops breaking down in the water and you can see it on the bottom - use a plastic container to mix & store), with a few drops of lavender and a splash of tea tree. I cover head to toes... scalp, face, genitals.. everything (just watch your eyes!! ). This seems to keep them a bit quieter and I believe you need to apply this AT LEAST twice a day for 4 weeks. In my opinion it needs to be tackled from a few angles. Environmentally, topically, internally & psychologically (to stop us from completely losing the plot) as stress will make your "living environment" for these mites worse. Internally I am taking golden seal, a parasite cleanser (Parex), aloe vera juice, MSM, garlic supplements, magnesium & Vit C. I have drastically reduced ALL sugar (incl carbs), try to adhere to a yeast free (Candida free) diet. Environmentally I use borax and natural oils to spray on & around the house, vacuum daily, rotate clothing, hot washing everything REGULARLY. I am also about the embark on the psych aspect as it has become evident that support from medical practitioners will not come & I am fighting on my own. I need my mind to be strong. Good luck to you all. x

(Ontario, Canada)

I am reading about the borax solution and will give it a go. I share my home with my husband and son. I believe we all have this mite but I'm the only one noticeably reacting. I feel it making my skin crawl when I'm near their hair. I've been using tea tree oil-walnut oil 50:50 before I go to sleep as I feel them on my face, eyebrows, and hairline. So tired of washing sheets and having dried out skin and sleepless nights. Did you use anything on your hair? Are you still repeating the treatments?

Kat Jay

I tried everything. After reading a number of journal articles, I started on oral metronidazole (500 mg 2 x day) and after years, my severe demodicosis is almost gone! Hoping to switch to just an ointment. If you do not have a cooperative doc, you can buy "fish zole" on line. Same thing. And you can make ivermectin cream, too, with ivermectin paste and a water based lotion.


HI Kat,

Did the metrondiazole work to eradicate them?


Replied by Lynne H
(Westminster, Co)

I and my 3 indoor cats started feeling something that caused us to scratch and scratch some more. My poor cats shake, bite and lick. We are getting these things in our hair, eyes, ears, mouth and more personal areas. I get them everywhere. I have tried using Diomataceous Earth, food grad, Avon Skin so Soft Oil, Premerthin (on me) the earth on me and my cats. I have tried flea powder on them, and whatever I can find that is safe. I have fogged my apartment living room and bedroom, 2 different times. I have vacuumed and steam cleaned the carpet, I have covered the heat vents on the ceiling and walls with vent filters. I have sprayed rubbing alcohol, peppermint spray, Avon Skin So Soft oil, Rid, House and Garden spray, and that's about it. I am exhausted and so are my cats..

I need help. My bites start itching again when they are haling. I do not know what to do about my cats, poor things. I even had the vet come and apply Advantange Multi. Did not do a thing.

I have seen a Dermatologist 3 times after showing my primary care doc. I have sent specimens to the Dept. of Health, I went to see an infectious disease doctor (with specimens), I saw an entomologist and even showed the Pest Control Maintenance person that is contracted with my apartment complex.

I am on prescription ointments and creams for the skin and hair and eyes.

I do not know where the infestation is in my apartment or where it came from for sure. We had Swallow birds sleeping in our outside vestibule on the second floor. I have had linoleum replace (2 layers), which eventually showed some black mold on the cement floor. The floor was totally re-cemented. I have feral cats on my small patio which I give dry food and water to. I caught a tame cat that was pregnant and brought it to a cat sanctuary and adoption center. She had some kittens. I noticed that some of the other cats were shaking their heads, scratching and licking their body. Could not find out what the cats had.

I was told by an Infectious Disease Doctor to see a Psychologist and all he did was to look at the bites on the upper arm and he did not look at my specimens.

Has anyone had any luck with this. I think they are bird mite Nymphs or Larvae mostly. They can be seen but it looks like everything that does not bite until you look with a jewelers eye glass or microscope. I think the eggs look like a small speck of salt. These things are soft, and they secrete saliva.

Help in Colorado please. Lynne

Judy Staples

Eradicator works well and there is also a dust mite powder with Borax you mix with water- works the best- The Ecology Works puts it out. My cats were much happier as nothing else worked

James Moran

I have noticed other threads have mentioned sulfur powder.

Replied by Nanowriter
(Hotspot, Texas)

Lynne, I don't know how much help I can give you, but I think you might want to change your focus. In gardening, it's accepted that sickly plants attract more bugs and healthy well-nourished plants are not attractive to bugs.

You may not need to know just what is attacking you and your cats, but rather figure out what you are missing in your diet that is making you vulnerable to pests.

One nutrient you may want to explore is minerals, such as magnesium, zinc, etc.

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

Lynne H (Westminster Co)

My condolences, as I also have cats, dogs, and do rescue. We also have mites. The whole planet is burdened at this time with parasites which reflects the times we live in.

I use enzyme cleaner, melalucca products, borax for defoliation, neem tincture and neem oil. And I do UT which is very important. I take it philosophically, experiencing embodiment is often dangerous.

You can look up Ted's morgellons treatment with tetrasodium EDTA. I find the undissolved particles in borax water are good for total rub down. The skin needs to be moisturized afterwards. While one gets reinfected easily, I keep on doing what does not drive me mad in the long run as mental stamina is a tool. Enzyme treatment of body and usage for housecleaning. With time things will at least improve. Try KLEEN GREEN enzyme cleaner. I had a post on this recently. It works very well but one has to do it for a time.

For your cats in the summer time a bath with borax and Dr. Bronner's liquid kastile soap with lavender or tea tree essential oil proved to be quite effective and has to be repeated. They have to dry in the sun as the drying process kills the mites.

In the cold season, however, I find I have to use diatomaceous earth, food grade in their coats and food. A lightly diluted spray of VCO helps to maintain the right ph. There are homeopathic remedies that have helped people. Such as sulphur, arsenicum album, to be given for a short time. It takes research or a consultation.

I don't go into expensive sprees for experimentation as persistence and variety with simple things will at least make a difference or remove the cause. Do with herbal teas and oil pulling for internal treatment for the mouth. Like wormwood, etc.

These are some suggestions. For laundry I use pre wash with borax and soap berries for a clean wash. They are anti bacterial and keep the washing machine super clean. With all the laundering, this is a money saver.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Lynne
(Westminster, Co)

Thanks so much for those who gave ideas and advice. I will try just about anything but not sure what to do for my cats. They are suffering with these mites/nymphs that bite and suck blood. I have tried Diatomaceous earth-Food Grade but it does no good and makes a powdery mess that gets on everything. It does not help me, or my cats when I apply it.

Tonight I will go get some Borax, not Boraxo, right?

Please tell me what ACV is. I already have Hydrogen Peroxide, 91%. Again, I cannot put that on my cats. I have tried a combination of peppermint oil and tea tree oil and rubbing alcohol mixed, in the palm of my hat, then rub it in good on the back area. Does no good and they get scared. I understand.

These parasites are so tiny, but bite hard enough to let you know they are there. I think now it could be the Mange Mite (demodex). Originally I thought it was bird mites or mold mites. Who knows. There are 60,000 species of mites.

I will try again but do not know where the infestation is at this time or where it has come from.

I have never experienced anything like this in my 69 years. It is getting cold here so windows will not be open much longer. As far as moisture, my bathroom, tub and shower is around the corner from the living room and even with the intake fan in the bathroom on, it is difficult to keep moisture out of the bedroom and living room.

Again, thank you. Let's say prayers for one another.


EC: ACV is Apple Cider Vinegar, organic with the 'mother'.


Tea tree oil and some essential oils are toxic to cats. ACV is apple cider vinegar. Unpasteurized in the best to use. Also Epsom Salt baths seem to help. Research ways to detoxify on the internet. There is a lot of helpful info on this.

Replied by Debbie
(Portslade, Uk)

Firstly, don't use tea tree oil on cats. It's really toxic for cats. The DE should help with the mites. So, I would persevere with that. Hoover the house really well, before you use it around the house. And make sure it is all around the entrances. Like doors and windows.

If your cats have mites in their ears. There is a really good product, that has been around for, many, many years. THORNIT ear powder.

You may have to google it, to find where you can buy it from.

Replied by Lori
(Alberta, CA)

Regarding Borax taken internally. Can some tell me how and how much? I'm trying ACV and would like to try the borax treatment as well. I'm new to this site and this disease and apologize if I've missed the recipe.

thank you all, Lori

Replied by Cassie

Some of the problems the comments are stating aligns very heavily with bed bugs, not the mites. Bed bugs won't go away with any kind of treatment and will bite, leaving little pinpricks of blood on your sheets. Itchiness and little bumps are common too. I have found a company that sells great steam cleaners in the US and they have a bed pan looking attachment that hooks up to the steamer and it has been proven effective against these critters. You can vapor steam carpets, bedding, mattresses, etc. I have rosacea too and was doing research on the mites and came across these comments. It's not the traditional wet steam machines you see in stores, but it will sanitize and clean anything. This steamer will even go through carpet pad. Maybe another idea for trying to kill them?

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U CASSIE, , , , , , , , , what you are describing is super heated steam. Steam at 212 degrees is wet. Most industrial steam plants heat their steam higher to reduce the amount of condensate in the lines. This is interesting that a simple steam cleaning machine does this. I can see how this machine can kill mites in place without running every thing through a hot wash daily as my wife had to do.

Thank you for this revelation. I imagine the bosses would let you give the name of this device as it seems that mites are the hot topic these days. You have made a great contribution to this site if folks will read and heed. This will take care of our environment, now to get the little buggers in our bodies. That is still an interesting chore.


Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc, Canada)

HelloCassie ---

The one time I had bed bugs was a very traumatic experience. But I found a very compassionate bug man who used the African daisy treatment and they all died. But they were on my body, too and I soaked a tee shirt in colloidal silver since I am in the habit of making it and having it on hand, and they died on contact, falling on the floor with a click noise. Also, the silver dealt with the allergy that ensued. I had rescued a very sick cat and the cloth that was in the carrier it came in, was full of bed bugs of different types. They spread like wild fire and even flew through the air. I researched the different bugs and found they came from South America. The different bugs were horrendous to look at.

So, anyone who has the bad fortune with these, remember, colloidal silver will do it. It is far cheaper to make it one self without going for the expensive generators. I hope this will help, as I had to vacate the house for a night and a cat died during the night. It was very sad.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)


thanks for the good insights on use of colloidal silver.

I recently flew to Europe and in a day or so after the flight had ear infection. Uind the silver by way of an ear syringe and knocked out what was appearing to be at a serious ear infeinind instantly.

Replied by Shanarose
(North Miami Beach)

for Lynne .... I rescue cats (not intentionally, they just come to my home) and one of my rescues came here actually dying from mange .... I searched all over for something and found that an anti-lice product used for farm animals, called ivermectin, is very effective for cat lice/mange .... but it is mostly sold for farm animals, so the dosage has to be adjusted significantly for cats (if you give too much of this, which is at most 3/10 of one cc/ml, you can easily kill your cat) ........ here describes the dosage one should use for cats: ... I also add brewers yeast and DE ( ) to all their food now since we had the mange issue, and all my cats are healthy and their coats are fluffy, no balding and itching which I got before I knew about ivermectin, DE, and brewer's yeast ... also, I open an A and D capsule once or twice a week and put that into their food .... A and D helps keep skin strong and resist parasites .... lots of dry cat food is toxic to cats and seriously destroys their immune system, so I also started limiting the amount of dry food .... I still give wet canned food but check ingredients ... no colors or preservatives .... and raw egg yolks (no whites) a few times a week also good for cat health ..... wishing you health and healing for you and your cats ..... b complex and the b complex vitamins in brewers yeast has also been claimed to repel insects and parasites, so you could look into that for yourself and your cats, as well: lots of alternatives to the flea/lice/mange/parasite/ etc. thing .... we just have to find them .... but they're there ..... we're all in this together ..... blessings to you and yours ...

Replied by Cory
(Virginia Beach Va)

Hello everyone. First let me thank you for all the sharing and all the information. I've just recently begun this battle and still recovering from the initial onslaught. I admit I'm waning between knowing I'll make it through and need to maintain emotional strength, and a despair feeling as I continue to realize more about what I'm up against. My greatest emotional blow comes from learning that these insidious mites go for the weaker immune suppressed. I have two cats that are FIV positive, which is why I adopted them 6 mos ago, and I'm sickened with guilt that this has happened, and even more so, watching them suffer with symptoms.

I've already encountered the...lack of willingness to think outside the box (from doctors both human and vet), so I'm both sorry for all going through this, but grateful for the information from experience.

All I have to offer so far, is that I did find an exterminator with mite experience, who treated my apt with diatomaceous earth, and a pesticide out on the deck. (this is where I suspect it started with a nest of house finches in my boston ferns, and the cats spending every allowable moment out there.) Anyway, we spent a few days at a hotel and I've resumed the cleaning regimen, and believe it was helpful as a first strike back.

I thank everyone again for the various treatment suggestions, and will put them into action. My prayers will include all of you now.

cory....and kittys

Replied by Nelson

Based on a posting I read on this website I purchased a Rife Digital machine. I ordered it on the web at a cost of $600. It was a bit expensive but is very useful for many other problems as well as mites. I had tried most everything mentioned in these replies with some limited success but was becoming increasingly depressed due to misery every night with no relief on the horizon.

After one month using the machine as directed the change is extraordinary. I still have a few mites as they continue to live in my environment. But only a few and with general hygiene around the bed and steaming my sheets every evening(changing them as well every two or three days) I sleep through the night with only an occasional bite. I use the Rife device all night attached to my feet ...again as directed...and after a few days it is no distraction at all. I use the frequencies suggested for mite infestation for a week and then I switch to "general parasites" for a week. It works. It really does work.

Replied by Sharon
(Florida (fl))

Hello, Cassie- l saw you had posted about using a steam cleaner, which is a very beneficial instrument when you are dealing with any kind of insects. You also mentioned that it sounds as if we are dealing with bedbugs. It is true that some similarities exist, biting, blood, bumps, etc, but the difference is that you can see bedbugs in your environment, and you can see their eggs on your mattress. Mites are about the size of a black pepper speck and flesh colored until they have fed, then they turn black/brown, or reddish. Also, mites tend to feed only between 3-4 am and 4-5 pm and bedbugs will try to feed all during night. The problem with mites is that they are so tiny, you cannot see them unless you have a magnifying glass to the 12x power, or you are in strong sunlight and know to look for a spot smaller than a black pepper fragment. Mites only measure .2mm to .5 mm in size, no matter what variety it is. Those suffering only wish they were dealing with bedbugs that they can see to eradicate. The adult can live on bedding, walls and ceiling invisibly. You can look up the difference between the two at any pest control website, which many of the sufferers have done, trying to identify what they are fighting. Cheers for trying to help.

Replied by Rebecca

Hello everyone,

Just want to share some of the treatments I have used that work well for mites - for me it has been the cat demodex mite which infected my skin, face, scalp, everywhere, after taking care of a stray cat for a few days over 5 years ago. It is still an ongoing battle that has been taking over the past more than 5 years, and at times it has been horrible beyond belief, but it is under control now, and I do feel that I will overcome it. First: the best 2 things I have found are Neem leaf powder (neem leaf and NOT neem oil) - which you buy in capsules (Nature's Way makes them. The neem LEAF is edible too but the neem OIL is NOT edible). You break open the neem leaf capsules, and mix into a paste in tea tree oil and vitamin E lotion (which comes in a small tub). This WILL get rid of them on the skin over time - it works to make the mites stop breeding and it has been used traditionally in India for thousands of years. The other great thing I found is Cedar oil spray from D& G, I use the "Natures Defender Vet's Choice" Animal/livestock Care from D&G cedar oil. It is totally safe to use on yourself, on your hair, bedding, clothes, etc. and it is actually non-oily and will not stain. It is best for crawling nymphs, it knocks them out when you feel something crawling just spray it on - do be careful not to use too much around the ears and eyes because the skin is more sensitive.

Other things I use: benzoyl benzoate like an earlier poster mentioned, kills on contact but it is a chemical, not really safe at all, so I only use it for things like inside the shoes when nothing else works. Vacuum constantly, change the sheets frequently, dry on HOT. I do use Borax in the wash. Boric acid powder is also very good to use in the shoes, and sometimes I mix it into the tea tree oil lotion. One other remedy that works is Campho-phenique in the little green bottle. I use it on my ears, and rub into bites. It does help a lot. Also the neem leaf capsules can be taken internally and will help that way. Good luck everyone. I think it is a resistant strain of mite out there. To be honest I've lately been seeing signs of it on sooo many people - the bite marks on the neck, face, hands - this is just unreal. But hoping my tips can help someone. Oh also, for eyelashes, mix sea salt into vinegar, then close eye tightly and place onto eye area with a washcloth, rinse off with cool water, and then do the other eye.

Replied by Kappyl

If you have been dealing with this for 5 years after all of those treatments, wouldn't something tell you that it might not be the Demodex mite? That just seems a little strange for someone who's actively cleaning and treating themselves. I wouldn't understand why it has been present for that long.

Replied by Sheryl
(South Dakota)

I have a poor immune system due to illness therefore I was an unlucky candidate to catch these little buggers. I was surfing the web trying to find a way to be rid of these things and was lucky to run across your site. Just wanted to thank you for your informational note. I plan to put it use and see how it feels to be a normal person once again.

Replied by Pat

I also found benzyl benzoate in "Thicker Fuller Hair " products. It is in their shampoo, creme rinse and hair spray. It is a less expensive than the bed head. I have had success with the itching crawling on my head when using this and leaving it on my head for at least 5 minutes.

Replied by John
(Seal Beach Ca)

I have found that ordering on line 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and diluting it to about 11% or so kills these mites fast.only problem is if you have them in your scalp shaving your head is a good option and you can see the results with your own eyes.spray on body head to feet, careful of your eyes.let soak for 15 minites then rinse and wash .all depending how bad you have them you will reapply in days ahead until gone .those with bad health your immune system with supplements. Borax is also good to use in a spray or you can make a thin paste and spread it on all infected areas..after shower dries them out and gets you relief.H peroxide at 8 to 11% is best.

Replied by Lori

What are the rife frequency settings for the mites? I have a gb 4000 rife machine and it has a scabies series and a mange series and I have been using that but it does not seem to be strong enough or specific enough for this problem. Thx. -L

Replied by Cynthia
(North Carolina)

Your experience sounds similar to mine. I have been dealing with these mites for 4 months and have found peroxide and medicated powder has worked best so far but my skin is very dry now. Vinegar made me feel worse and more crawly but I do drink it daily. Taking lots of supplements for 2 months now. My dog is also affected, she was treated with Comfortis and Advantix to no avail.This is a nightmare. I need help badly!! My primary care physician and 2 Dermatologists have not helped.

Replied by Mara

Nelson, I hope you're still hanging arond this forum? What type of rife machine are you using? As I understand there are several different types, and it can be quite confusing to choose which one is best.

Replied by Beverly
(U S)

I got rid of them. There have been a lot of posts of what helps, but you want something to eliminate them completely. They are attracted to you because of candida/yeast/fungus in your body. Take 1 tablespoon of diatomaceous earth (DE) – food grade (DE) in the morning and another 1 in the evening before meals by stirring it in a glass of water/tea/yogurt. (Look at the Wolfcreek Ranch site about mites for further info on DE and mites). DE helps get rid of mites and the candida in your body. Take candida cleanse tablets (from a health food store), a probiotic, clove pills (to kill the eggs) and multi-vitamins daily according to the directions on the bottle. Stop eating anything with sugar, yeast, and gluten. You can use stevia. Eat healthy – green veggies and low carb fruit and low carb veggies. Meat is ok but stay away from processed meats (bacon, sausage, luncheon meats). Do not eat processed foods and junk foods. Example: breakfast: frittata with veggies; lunch: green salad with chicken and homemade salad dressing; dinner: meat and low carb veggies (green veggies best). Snacks can be bananas and green apples (as listed with a candida diet). Improve your immune system. You can google the list of things to do for that. Look up an easy brown rice flour bread recipe that is easy to make. It can be really good sliced with olive oil and fresh garlic. Use stevia or bananas, but not sugar or yeast.

Combine 1 qt ammonia with ½ c borax water (1 T borax in water) and a few drops of tea tree oil. Spray your house with it. You can spray the entire house in the beginning but you will notice a big difference when you take the DE, pills, exercise, and follow the diet above to improve your immune system. Always spray your bed when you get up, your chair where you sit daily, your car, and spot spray where you feel mites. If you can, wash clothes/linen after one use. If you cannot wash your sheets after one use, spray it thoroughly. (Seal your dirty clothes/linen until you can wash them and maybe spray the interior of the bag/container.) Seal your pillow in plastic and spray it daily after you get out of bed. Double-check the seal on the pillow daily to be sure they are not hiding in the pillow because they love to get in your scalp. Eat fresh chopped garlic on your food as much as possible if you can. You can continue the DE for months if needed, but you should see a change in a few weeks. (Look up the benefits of DE.) Keep a cup of borax water near you and put that on your lesions/bumps/itching on your skin. The borax water can have a couple of drops of tea tree oil (TTO), but never put ammonia in it to put on your skin. Add Dawn dish liquid to your bath water to make sure that they die when they hit the water. If it makes your skin dry, oil your skin with coconut oil or plain vegetable oil with a couple of drops of TTO. Mint Listerine helps get them out of your mouth, borax water for your nose, and Systane eyedrops for eyes (there is a generic brand at Walmart). The DE costs about $10 and will last your for many months if you get it from a farm store. You can add TTO to your shampoo and your body wash. I add borax and ammonia to my detergent to wash clothes.

Carrie Hathorn

Hi Beverly, can you give me your exact recipe for laundry. All my clothes are infested with Northern Fowl bird mites. I haven't been sure what to wash them in that will actually kill them and how to make sure not to spread them.



Replied by Christina
(Chico, Ca)

Thank God I finally found a site where I feel comfortable sharing with others what I'm going through with these effen mites. I know exactly whe they were brought into my home and by who. Not only were mites brought in, but bed bugs as well. I've tackled, the bed bug problem but I still am battling the mite situation. And it doesn't stop there. I have a dog that brought home ear mites when he stayed at a friend's house for a couple days. No I'm not crazy! All three of them at the same time. I even conquered the ear mites with natural remedies. I used mineral oil with a couple drops of tea tree oil. Doing it twice a day for 4 to 6 weeks they were gone. BUT THESE MITES ARE DRIVING ME INSANE! I use coconut oil with peppermint and tea tree oil, and lavender. I finally had to given in and use permethrin cream on my skin. I did did all my laundry and sprayed my furniture, bed and carpet today. (And vacuumed too! ) I'm feeling some relief from the bites and itching finally. I'll update everyone in a week. Thank you for everyone sharing their experiences, especially with the doctors. It's not scabies, these are mites for sure.

Replied by Ellen

I am 75 years old and have never had anything like this my whole life. Thought it was lice at first. Referred to a dermatologist, verified not lice. It all started with one eyebrow itched like crazy. Eyes itched constantly. Tried it all. Figured it had to be paranoia. Used peroxide, lice treatments, vinegar, borax, soaked in tub for endless hours. Used witch hazel. Used shampoo dermatologist gave me, asked the pharmacy what it was for and it was parasites. Shampooed and applied to washcloth to scrub whole body and left on for 15 minutes. Didn't work. One day I saw a bottle of Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo I had on the shelf. Shampooed hair, and applied to wash cloth and washed whole body, face, feet and all. Rinsed off and put a conditioner on hair. Noticed after that the dry skin appeared more normal. The rough gray patch of skin on one elbow started to grow smaller after a few times. The two cheeks on my face that drove me completely nuts, started to let up on the itching. I swear it was a breeding place. When I scratched it seemed like loose skin appeared and I had to use tweezers to pull what I thought was loose skin off, except I couldnt brush the loose skin off, had to pull it out. It has almost been a month and I have really had a lot of relief. Change bed clothing and sheets whenever I bathe. Just wanted to say it is worth a try. I have done everything else. If I feel an itch I put the shampoo on a wash cloth and rub it on the spot or spots, and rinse off. So far this has helped me. Good Luck.

Replied by Greta

Hi I have been tortured with mites for past 6 months just moved to a less humid home and they have despite my best efforts have travelled with me.

I am so glad to have found this forum. I have felt so isolated and alone with this issue.


Replied by Greta

Thank you for your post The psychosocial spiritual impact of this mini- plague is very intense. It is not an issue you want to speak of in social gatherings for sure.

I can understand feeling suicidal and hopeless battling this. Especially when others in your environment are not affected. Some mites chose favorite hosts and lucky me I am it so I am aware I also need to change my internal environment to be less of a target.

Replied by Cocoa
(Rincon Ga)

I can not wait to try the eyedrops. I am 75 years old in a few days.

I have those mites in my eyes and doing all sorts of eye meds and washes/scrubs per my dermatologist and as I use a 10x magnifying glass I saw these things in my eyes, got an apt to see my dermatologist who said I was hallucinating and that my eyes she had checked two weeks before had developed macular degeneration so she sent me to a retina specialist.

He also said I was hallucinating. That some see all sorts of things.

I am not hallucinating. I do not see these things other than when I look into the mirror in my eyes. I see different stages of these mites and there are egg sacks that are there most of the time. Somehow they moved from my lashes into my eyes. I read they are protected by a biofilm. Some are in my white part of my eye and behind my eyelashes and one fell out onto my cheek. I take turpentine to try to removed the biofilm. I do eyewashes with TTO and I use coconut oil with a tiny amount of iodine in my eyes and wipe TTO with almond oil on my lashes two or three times a day. I also have the gland disease with the oil plugs which I hope will reverse. I have been doing this for weeks.

I do the ACV, Oil of Oregano, Lugol's Iodine, TTO shampoo for hair as I have thinning hair (thyroid patients and perhaps the mites in hair as well). Read the CDC saying that 50% of Americans now have parasites, perhaps more. Another website says that there are over 300 thousand types of parasites and drs only know of a handful and what to do.

If they ignore the problem then they are not responsible to treat us. Telling me I am hallucinating is just a way to get rid of me. Something was in my ear, went to my dr, she leaned over and looked in but did not touch me, she said I see something but I do not know what it is.

CDC report also said that we are probably closer to Africa in the #'s of people infested but mostly ignored and laughed at, sent to be mentally evaluated if we say we have parasites.

One of these two reports I saw says it is now believed that these parasites cause arthritis and other Immune System Diseases. I believe now that parasites/bacteria/fungus and others are all parasites and later read others who are of the same opinion. I have many Immune System Diseases and most in my family do as well. It appears many do these days. I do not know, am just sharing that which I have read.

I am going to try this that you share here and appreciate this info so very much for it is really difficult to see these in my eyes each time I look into my magnifying mirror. I now notice others and have seen these in the eyes of some I have spoken with but do not mention what I see in their eyes. You can see them in the sun.

I know I am not hallucinating for I only see these in the mirror in my eyes. I am not crazy, I am not hallucinating. My dau considers me hallucinating as the dr said so must be true?

It is a shame that drs refuse to address these issues but pretending not to believe they exists is harmful to those who have these terrible things that are harmful to our bodies.

This website is very helpful to so many for so many different issues and I thank them everytime I come here. I thank those who share their info = their experience for so many need help in these things.

I pray everyone is successful in ridding their bodies of all these things we are told do not exist and just something we imagine.

I looked for some of the info I found on the CDC and the other website but it is no longer there.

Thanks to one and all who share their info and for these wonderful people so faithful to answer questions from so many.

Replied by Rema
(Hollywood, Fl)

I have been battling these things and living in misery for a few years now. I have moved several times but I think and they have moved with me. They are in my clothes, bed, hair, furniture, purses, shoes, closets, cabinets, books, paperwork and even my cigarettes. It has made my life miserable because I feel them everywhere I go! I wash my clothes with tide and it doesn't help. Even putting on clean clothes from my closet I still feel them. Putting my hand in my purse I feel them biting me and I have cleaned out my purses constantly using lysol. I will now try the Borax 20 mule power for my clothes, sheets and floors. But what do I use for my cabinets, closets, shoes and purses. I find temporary relief with a tree oil body wash. And I use a eucalyptus/tea tree oil body lotion which I use 3-4times a day. I also use an eucalyptus mint candle and let it burn at least 2 hours before bedtime and my ceiling fan on medium and my a/c set at 76 degrees. I clean my entire place at least twice a week using with Pledge Allergen for the furniture. It has not worked. Everyway I go I feel them. It's like they are traveling with me. Like everyone else I consulted with me doctor and I was told mites are microscopic and they should not bother me and maybe it's psychological. Who hasn't heard this from their doctors? Right now to not have them bother me at my PC I have a mini fan on high blowing on me. I covered my limbs with the eucalyptus/tea tree oil lotion. I am living in hell! I now finding myself sometimes talking to them to leave me alone. Now maybe it is affecting me psychologically. HELP!

Replied by KT

Dear Rema,

I have nothing to back me up about this except my experience and a video that came out in the early 90's. "Food, Inc." reported our food was being engineered to last longer. I truly believe it is because of our food supply and the living bacteria in it that never dies.

I am in my late 60's and have been keeping my body uninhabitable to the critters that, at one time, kept me scratching all night keeping my husband up.

I mince a garlic clove and swallow the pieces whole by chugging 1/4-1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper in a little water before meals. I eat most things with yellow onion. I drink diluted ACV throughout the day. I had kept baking soda in our carpet when we had dogs and I used to bomb the house once or twice a year.

We haven't had dogs for about six years so I haven't bombed the house. I have not had a recurrence of critters eating me up but I had also been changing my way of eating due to hidden sources of MSG in food, supplements/medications and the infiltration of GMO's in our food that cannot be avoided due to wind and bird droppings.

I honestly don't know what to advise first. Maybe start with bombing your house. I would seriously caution the use of bleach on anything. There is good and bad bacteria everywhere but bleach kills it all even the good bacteria that fights the bad. White vinegar is a disinfectant and a much better choice. A spray bottle of half water half white vinegar keeps spiders out of room corners.

Putting a dryer sheet between the mattress & boxed springs at each corner is supposed to keep bed bugs out if they are a bother.

I hope some of this will help.


Replied by Jj
(Crystal River Florida)

I used a brand of ivermectin it was a 1% sterile solution on a stray that couldn't be trapped, the mange covered his eyes, they were almost crusted over. I used approx. 1 to two drops in some fishy food -cat weight about 9lbs. The cat hid and I didn't see him for a little while but when he showed up he was beautiful. I read they should get another dose after the first- so he had only one more drop in fishy cat food. He still looks great. Go very easy if using. Some cats may not tolerate, but as a last resort saved this cat.

Replied by Gesia

Can you please give us the name of the steam cleaner. I am starting to go crazy here. I rented this apartment and is infected with mites the building started to have a problem with pigeons. I live by the beach and the wind blows them everywhere. Thanks.

Replied by Susan
(Saint Laurent Du Var, France)

@Geisa The steam cleaners are sold through companies that help with bed bugs. I'm not sure this is the best solution for bird mites but couldn't hurt. As long as the pigeons are still nesting in your building you will have big problems with bird mites. The nest have to be cleared, the openings sealed and a mite killer powder placed where they roosted. Australian sites are good for this. The building may have to be tented and bird mite killer used (BetaCyfluthrin). If you kill them in just your apartment they will leave and then return.

If they are driving you mad then you can obtain relief though some of the remedies here.
Borax soaks with teatree are good for itching (the teatree oil repels them). I have used an essential oil spray that I had for my leg circulation. They hate the smell of essential oils, camphor, teatree, orange oil, and pine. Using these makes them leave temporarily.

Some people say that Skin-so-soft kills them on your body and repels then at night. I recommend sleeping in synthetic nightmare and using synthetic sheets as they prefer cotton.

Dry cleaning your clothes kills them as does high heat drying. Some recommend borax in the wash. When the clothes are clean you should keep them in a plastic bag or the mites will jump back on. Keep dirty clothes sealed in a bag as well. Some people say that modern moth repellants keep them off clothes temporarily. Some people say that Arrid Extra Dry repels them on clothing and in the car.

Bird mites like the face, nose, and ears and can make your face break out in bumps that scab over. I first noticed them in my nose and thought they were an allergy until I used the essential oils on the outside and they my nose stopped itching and congestion and breathing returned to normal- if momentarily. Some people recommend cleaning with alcohol, or bleach, or borax. I used diluted bleach, then alcohol on my face, then face cream and they stopped itching and the bumps cleared.

Mineral oil and particularly Vasoline kills them as they cannot breathe. This is a common remedy used on pet birds as they get mites on their beaks and feet. Some people use Campho-Phenique or Vick's vaporub in their nose on outer ear to keep them out and kill mites that have entered.


CLEANING: Vacuuming daily with a hepa filter that is sealed and kept outside. Vacuum walls, furnishings and clothes. Cleaning floors and surfaces with Dettol, Pinoclean, or Pinesol. (People with carpet use borax powder.) Spraying (BetaCyfluthrin found in roach spray) bedroom, mattress, closet, and pillows and sealing room for 4 hours. Keeping worn clothes sealed in bag and outside of bedroom.

BODY: Denorex, Gold Bond Foot Powder (It has menthol, eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil and keeps them off feet and out of shoes), bleach baths, Arbonne bodywash and spf 30 sunscreen, Borax, sea salt scrub, Gold Bond Foot Spray.

Anything that has menthol in it or sulfur in it. Sulfer based hair products (Sulfur 8 hair and scalp medicated conditioner). Pestene by the company Inca Powder, sulfur, lime sulfur oil, sulfur dust, all work great. Lime Sulfur Oil from the Bonide Company (order lime sulfur pet dip from Amazon).

ENVIRONMENT:Keeping the rooms dry and cool. Mites love wet and humid. Using mite pillow protectors (also helps with dust and dust mite allergies.) Sleeping in synthetic nightgown and sheets. Sleeping on a laytex/memoryfoam mattress (helped with bird and dust mite)

Hope this is helpful! Good luck to you.

Replied by James

For mites, you can try a product called NuStock. You can get it at a farm supply place and it's cheap. It is oily and messy, to suffocate mites and has sulfur, too. If you look at sites for chickens and birds you'll see it.

Replied by Bedee

Nustock is camphor, sulfur and petroleum jelly. Smelly, but works.

Replied by Beverly

Laundry approximate measures for full load: hot water, 1/2 c salt, 3/4 borax, 1 c ammonia, detergent with oxyclean in washer. For dryer on high heat about an hour: use about 4 dryer balls and put tea tree oil on them (by dabbing the balls on the top of the bottom as you turn it upside down). If you don't like the tea tree oil smell in your clothes, when the clothes dry, put peppermint oil on the balls and run it about 30 min more. I read somewhere that tea tree oil kills them 100% of the time and peppermint oil kills them 86% of the time in a lab study.

Replied by Jewel

I have same thing diagnosed after 100s of test with fibromyalgia. Wrong! I deal with this everyday as you.

Replied by Angelica
(San Jose)

Feral Cats. There's your source. You have to work on cleaning the entire area where they hang out, the perimeter of your home and then the interior, otherwise every time you or your cats walk by the area you'll have them tag along inside your home.

Replied by Jodie

Yes Feral cats are a big problem because their favorite play things are birds, especially sick ones. It doesn't help that their other favorite play thing is rodents. It is birds that are the main source of these mites, lice and many other bugs, that, all will happily feed off human skin and blood if we become and incidental host, including soft ticks from their nesting material and hard ticks that regularly attach to and feed on these birds, (often leading to Lyme/Morgellons) because of the multiple Vector-borne diseases these transmit at the same time after feeding on birds blood. A survey beginning 10 years ago found, that, every body surveyed who had this problem could link the onset to a bird experience. 95% of the time was following the construction of bird nests in their home or workplace, usually mynahs. The remaining 5% of the time was linked to either sleeping in beds that had mattresses infested with bird arthropods, or following rescuing a sick bird and/or cat and or a pet cat bringing a sick or dead bird into the family home, etc. But it was linked to birds 100% of the time. We are not being told this and instead being swayed to look for other culprits. Conveniently for some, making us look delusional.

Replied by Robert

Can you tell me which model RIFE machine you have?

Replied by Vicky

DON'T use neem oil on cats. You'll KILL them!

Replied by Donna

Use Neen oil diluted on skin go to health food store but neem capsules...also use tea tree oil diluted on skin n in shampoo.. Sounds like to je u have scabie mites..

Replied by Felicia
(MD - Maryland)

I hope you found some relief. I think maybe ear mites could be. The corporate cats can get air mites too and so can humans? I am dealing with a demodexed infestation which is a facial might and what you're feeling is the same thing. I'm going through try tea tree oil.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Paula (TX) on 02/24/2023

Apple Cider Vinegar works great! It is by far the best treatment I have found for my hair and body! When I'm in the shower I have ACV in a spray bottle and I soak my hair and spray my entire body. Wait for 10 minutes, rinse. It kills all forms of the mite including the eggs. I did that twice a day for 5 days, once a day for 10 days, then every other day for only 5 minutes. It is very drying so I use Moo Goo MSM cream on my face and body. I have long hair so after I rinse I turn my head upside down and put conditioner only on the hair, not the scalp--rinse it. I've easily spent a thousand dollars and the cure was quite simple. Also, I bought a 32oz bottle of permethrin and I put 1oz in each load of laundry so I didn't reinfect myself. Cedarwood oil is awesome sprayed on my mattress and around my bed, it kills the little bastards and the house smells great! Also, vacuum everyday. Also, I am taking neem capsules, MSM capsules, and NAC as a little insurance. I rarely feel a bug and I am immunosuppressed and taking steroids. Hope this helps someone! Peace!

Replied by Kelly

Thank you, Paula! This site is a Godsend, no? Do you mind if I ask if you have a compromised immune system? I ask because I do (chronic Lyme) and I have been misdiagnosed with hormonal acne and then rosacea to find out that my drs are idiots and of literally no help. How soon did you see a change? and are you doing anything else to boost your immune response aside from the ACV? It gives me hope that you've only just posted in Feb. I've been dealing with this for about 3 years - and only learned about the role of demodex mites 9 months ago, at which point I have been trying to find what works.

Replied by Robin
(Hurricane WV)

What do you add to cedarwood to spray on a mattress? Also, can you spray your furniture with it also?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Cindy (Houston) on 08/15/2015

Been dealing with infestation of mites for 6 months. Apple cider vinegar wiped over skin at night keeps the crawling down. I also put vinegar on my hair with a plastic cap. It is working. I use tee tree shampoo and soap during the day. Put ACV soaked socks on my feet for 30 minutes a day to kill those hiding ones. An air purifier ionizer kills them in car and bedroom.

Replied by B
(Ventura, Ca)

What kind of mites did you treat?

Replied by Lora
(Denver Co)

If they are returning it could be that there's a nest somewhere. Locate the nest then repeat the treatment using ACV and cleaning your entire home. Wash every material you own and what you can't wash put in a plastic bag for three weeks I left it for a couple months, repeat until they're are gone.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mel (Clermont, FL) on 06/28/2009

Demodex mites

I had written before about my ordeal with these terrible bugs. About 3 months ago I noticed that there was some kind of bug getting under my skin. I somehow ended up on this site. I read every posting and tried everything. I mean everything! The first time I used cocunut oil, I saw the bugs shed off my skin, however they did not die. I soaked in borax and baking soda, proxide, ACV, you name it I did it. I bug bombed my house many times, but they would not go away. It was better, but not gone.

I started to drink ACV, and I saw a great improvemenet. I have been doing this daily 2 to 3 times a day. I take at least 3 teaspoons a day. Well I am happy to say, they are almost gone.

I spent over $3,000.00 on medicine, which I knew was very poisenous, but I was desperate. I have learned a lot since. Other than the ACV, I washed everything almost daily in hot hot water. Covered matress and pillows with plastic. I can finally feel like I can be at home and feel much better....hey and on top of all, I seem to be loosing lots of weight too. Good luck to you and hope this helps.


Replied by Roger
(Shady Point, Ok)

I tried most everything on this web site and it all helped but I was still overwhelmed by these mites. Not knowing what to do I prayed and that same day I stumbled across an ion air purifier. It zaps mold, bacteria and mites and it worked immediately. I don't know about other brands but this one is good for 3500 sq ft and problem solve. I wanted to share this only to help. Good luck and GOD bless.

Replied by Kathy
(Santa Fe, Nm)

Where did you find the ion air purifier (for zapping dust mites)? There are so many out there and most do not produce all that many negative ions and also produce ozone, which I don't like. Any more information would be much appreciated, including the cost. Thanks.

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

I tried everything too. Try spraying Lysol disinfectant spray around the house. Put peppermint oil drops on cotton balls around the house. Wash pillows in hot water with pillowcases and dry, dry, dry going at least through 3 drying cycles. Bathe in peppermint and coconut soap (mix the two). Wash hair in coconut shampoo with a few drops of peppermint essential oil. Then shampoo again in tea tree oil shampoo. Use tea tree mint conditioner with a few drops of clove oil mixed in (to kill the larvae). Now, that being said, everyone has these mites and they only get out of hand when your immune system is down or something worse is going on. Not sure if we should be killing larvae as they control excess sebum. But, I did this anyway. Let hair dry on its own, only blow dry when barely damp. Wash face with peppermint soap too, rinsing a few times with cold water to close pores. Borax in the washer, vinegar rinse is good. Take probiotics and B & C vitamins, along with a multi. Zinc is helpful. Use ponds cold cream at night and bacitracin ointment during the day on skin where bites are present. I am going to try mineral oil in the ears and nose (if it persists). No itching or biting today!

Replied by Kate
(Dallas, Texas)

Was the mineral oil in the ears and nose effective? What quantity did you use in your ears and nose and for how long please? Thanks!

Replied by Mary
(Atlanta, Ga)

I tried mineral oil on my eyelashes and it definitely did work!

Here's what has worked the best for me, after 6 months of trial and error, I'm 95% rid of these things! . Keep your place as cool, dry, and clean as possible. Get a dehumidifier and place it near the air vent uptake, since heat and humidity play a huge role in hatching new eggs. I spray my apartment and car down with a cedar oil spray at least every 3 days, because this hinders the reproduction process. A couple times a day I spray my apartment down with an enzyme based cleaner (which is cheaper) or an orange based cleaner (cheapest). Pay special attention to kitchen and bathrooms- they seem attracted to water and heat. Include light fixtures in items sprayed down, and wipe off electronics too. Showering twice a day is best; use a gentle soap with essential oil and exfoliate with a loofa glove. Shampoo hair, adding essential oils such as peppermint or clove to the shampoo. 5-10 drops should do the trick. Dry your hair immediately. Clothes have posed the biggest problem- I've thrown a lot of stuff out and replaced them with clearance items from stores ending in "Mart". Thin, synthetic materials are best to prevent the bugs from infesting the items. Launder with peppermint oil added to soap (kills larva), and boric acid, and dry thoroughly- very important! Keep clean clothes in bags and put cotton balls drenched with peppermint inside the bags. You can do this with dirty clothes, too. Replace sheets with polyester and wrap mattresses and pillows in water proof encasements. Never wear anything twice without washing. Consider getting a dry steamer for carpets or problem clothes. You can also microwave or iron problem clothes. For bad flare ups, I apply Kerosene directly to my skin for 30 mins before showering. This kills them when nothing else will. Baths never did anything for me, but tanning beds have helped- seems to kill anything under that top layer of skin. I also vacuumed and sprayed my car frequently. I applied fly traps to windows and the backs of computers. Finally, I also reduced dairy from my diet by about 80%, and take colloidal silver, omega-3, and digestive supplements daily.

Replied by Andra

Thanks to Mel our stories seem to mirror each other. I spent about $2500.00 fighting mites. I took his advice about drinking apple cider vinegar and in 3 days I have hope again. I like other people have became a loner and am also wearing clearance items from stores that end in Mart. Everything threw out. I became so desperate I threw out my bed, frame and all and now sleep on an air mattress. I also swear by borax and epsom salt. I also used 91% alcohol. This website truly saved my life and my sanity! Thank you.

Replied by Rudeclouds

I did the acv, but by itself it was only bringing some relief for me, I started using the teatree in olive oil for my showers, still only some relief, after reading over and over to dry my clothes in hot setting, I decided to dry my self the same, with my hair dryer.. It burnes some so I have to keep moving it around, but my skin is mostly healed, mostly only my legs are left, but my torso and back are almost clear, when I first started it burned and itched like the acv, but once it started to heal, the itched was not so bad! My skin gets pink from the heat, and very dry :( but I follow with coconut and olive oil with some tea tree in it. hope this helps someone.

Replied by Jimbo

I"ve managed 2 clear my enviroment(house, car, etc).I think my scalp&back r almost clear, but now these little demodex(facial mites) are showing up. Is this a final stage of this nightmare? Do/are they feeding on follicle mites? If so, does tto kill both species? Please tell me this is a final stage?!

Replied by Pat

I am gradually clearing my skin of problems through using cod liver oil, boron supplements, and vitamin A. My dermatologist said my problems were mostly the result of stress, which I attribute to having 3 hip replacements as well as other stressors, which likely created a slight immune system problem. I also have some problems with too much heavy metal because of my titanium and cobalt hip. Anyone who sweats heavily on the head and face is likely vitamin D deficient, and oily skin with large pores seems to be evidence of too much stress and not enough beneficial oils and vitamin A. It's a slow cure, going from stressed out to calm, but supplementation helps. Lemon Balm Tea also helps with calming (Melissa officinalis) and clarifying thoughts, and is being studied as an aid for alzheimers. It can cause drowsiness.

Replied by W.

Most of you have Morgellons...

It has over 97+ symptoms including mites, knats, itching, lesions that won't heal, tingling, biting, crawling, sores, fibers, bugs, worms, flying knat like bugs, rashes that move around, hair moving, pulsling, feels like there are tons of bugs in the person as there often is, invisible crawling, feather like or static like feelings, electric shock like feelings, etc. It's an advanced Bioweapon of magnetic aspect to it, plant agrobacterium etc. Most doctors have no idea it exists and will call it delusional parasitosis. There are Some "Consciously Awakened" doctors or people out there that help others and know it exists. Many will have to throw out infected items, take care of your environment, and body inside and's not easy to beat and contagious as many people living in the same household will infect others. Treat it as a Plant Agrobacterium although it is many other things than that.

Replied by Tammie B.

I have had mites where they bite, sting and price before about two years ago.I vacuumed and shampooed my carpets. I went to the vet and bought micodex and is a microbial mite killer. I sprayed my whole house. It was better and then I went to Dollar General and bought raid that kills every thing and I balmed the house with it. In the mean time I was got perinth cream from the Dr. it did work but I had gotten it back in between treatments on the house. So I called an herb Dr. in Tennessee and she said to do 17 to 18 drops of tea tree oil and about the dame of neem oil in a bath and I did that for a week. The herb lady said the the neem and tea tree oils retards them, kills them, and if they do mate it actually kills them. It just takes longer to kill them. She told me to spray this solution all over the house with tea tree oil and neem oil 17 drops and 15 drop in a spray bottle. Then went to wall mart and bought lice treatments and did those all over my body for about three days in between working. I got some shampoo for mites and fleas from the vet and gave the kitty a bath and got rid of everything and life was normal. Oh and for a whole weekend I also did nothing but garlic juicing with carrots, broccoli, and parsley. I smelled like a garlic balm all weekend but I could also feel the mites dying and leaving me. I also put my clothes in bags and sprayed each individual bag with Micodex and left them there for 2 weeks. I only kept out so many cloths to wear and as I wore them they went into bags also. I was very diligent. I am just hoping that I do not have to do this all again.

I recently picked up a cat that was in my brothers yard and he tole me that the cat went hunting with its dad for a couple of days and I did not know that. Now I have the bird mites again. I am just doing tea tree oil and pine ointment from natures sunshine and I do not put the pine ointment in my hair cause it is too greasy but it does kill them along with the baths. I am going to add kleen green to this because it has an enzyme and see if just those things will work. Other wise I am going to do what I did the first time about 2 years ago when I had this.

Replied by Windy
(Ionia, Michigan)

Can I get the make and model ... please

Replied by Sheila

Would you mind sharing how you cleared your enviroment and your car? Thanks for any help.

Replied by Sharon
(Seattle Wa)

Really would like some CURRENT UPDATES, FROM some of the older EC members and hear how everyone is doing? Are you healthy? If u got rid of them, how long did it take, what worked the best.IF you got rid of them, do you have any other lasting health issues that you attribute to the bugs? Take care

Replied by Sharon
(Seattle Wa)

Hi there, I see ur post is from 7 years ago, but I'd love an up date from you and others out there that posted over a year ago? R they gone? If so, r u left with any neurological issues? What other things if any, did you try AFTER this post. What Worked best I hope this finds you mite free and healthy and back to the land of the living.

Replied by Jessica
(Vancouver, Bc)

What's the name of the brand of ion air purifier that you used?

Replied by Penny

Did you drink ACV straight? I've started drinking ACV about a month ago but added honey. My gut is telling me not to add the honey that it would mite attract or enable the Demodex mites. I know everything that is possible to know about living with this hell. My immune system broke down about 2 years ago and I woke up from a nap after coming home from the hospital having been severely hydrated and was given IVs to mites crawling and falling off of me. A speciality clinic "UNGEX" out of Australia that does nothing but treat "Hair Follicle Demodex Mites" disease for humans. They reached out to me after desperately trying to get help (NO DOCTOR WOULD HELP AND BELIEVED I WAS DILLUSIONAL) and really saved my life. I was literally being eaten alive. I've come a long way.

Please tell me how long you been drinking ACV and when and how long did you see a difference.

How are you doing now?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Camron (Elizabethtown, Ky) on 03/04/2009

I used ACV to try and cure candida, i'm not really sure if i have a candida problem but after taking any amount, even 1 teaspoon in water, my face will turn red and feel warm. Mainly my cheeks. Is this a reaction between candida and the ACV?

Replied by Jane
(Kanata, Ontario, Canada)

It's not Candida, it's probably the Human Demodex:

It sounds like you have a mild case of rosacea. Try Ted's recipe of 50/50 of Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide to kill the human demodex mites. We all have these mites but those who naturally have oilier skin seem to be an ideal host for this parasite.

I have used the following routine which cleared up rosacea in less than a week. My face was full of blackheads, whiteheads, puspules, after I had a stressful minor accident or around PMS. My face felt like I had a sunburn with minor itching, especially on my cheeks. I've always had flare ups on my T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) but noticed blackheads spreading on my cheeks. Benzoyl Peroxide did not help - it caused more flaky skin - dry and oily skin at the same time. Also, my eyes felt like there was always something in it - like a eyelash or grit. One eye was puffy especially in the morning.

My doctor prescribed Topical Metronidazole and to wash with a mild beauty bar soap. Also to wear sunscreen daily.

Day 1: Evening at Bedtime: Topical Metronidazole (0.75%) all over the face including eyebrows and eye lashes, and eye lids. Effect: Felt tingling for less than 5 minutes then nothing. Slept a very deep and restful sleep.

Morning Day 2: Red flushing of cheeks gone. Washed face with mild beauty bar, as directed by my doctor. Skin felt and looked better than the day before. Applied Topical Metronidazole all over. Applied a light mineral powder for makeup coverage.

Evening Day 2: By dinnertime, face was quite an unpleasant greasy feeling but the redness was subsiding but new pimples appeared but looked like they were healing except for one. According to the lifecycle of the human demodex mite, this was normal - the immune system is trying to fight the mite as the mite is dying off in large quantities. That evening, washed face just with the beauty bar twice in a couple of hours. Then applied the Topical Metronidazole at bedtime. No tingling on cheeks but, boy, the eyebrows, eyelashes, and eye lids felt like things were hopping! Washed face again with beauty bar and reapplied Topical Metronidazole with minor tingling (less than before so it was washed off).

Morning Day 3: Washed face with beauty bar. Applied Topical Metronidazole. Found Ted's recommendation of 50/50 borax and hydrogen peroxide. Washed face with this mixture - cupped hand with the borax and poured H2O2 on it and scrubbed face. Let stand for about 5-10 minutes. Wow! My face felt quite clean and refreshed. Small red dots are disappearing. Large pores are shrinking. Oil on pores appears more normal. Minimized blackheads (extracted some)

Evening Day 3: Washed face with Ted's 50/50 Borax & H2O2. Then followed by the moisturizing beauty bar restoring pH level. Applied Topical Metronidazole at bedtime, again, very active around the eyebrows, eyelids, and eyelashes. Do not put directly in the eye - just a light film all over the eye area -

Morning Day 4: Had a warm, soak bath with water and 1/2cup borax, 1/2cup H2O2. Bathed and soaked head too. Washed hair with Sensitve Skin Shampoo (containing sulphur - must be active ingredient). Rinsed. Skin is very soft and subtle.

Now the routine is this:

Morning - Wash with 50/50 Borax & H2O2 then follow with the beauty bar soap. Apply sunscreen & light coverup makeup, if required. Wear a hat on sunny days.

Evening - Wash with 50/50 Borax & H2O2 then follow with the beauty bar soap. Apply Topical Metronidazole at bedtime.

Weekly - Bathe in borax & H202 in tub.

Diet - I didn't change diet. It's a high fiber diet following the Canada's Food Guide. One cup of coffee, water, green tea and occassionally a carbonated mineral water. Occasional glass of red wine or one beer - no more than that at mealtime. Everyday multivitamin. Looking into Apple Cider Vinegar to improve digestion and pH balance.

Exercise - at minimum 30 minutes daily.

Laundry - wash loads with Borax and laundry soap with 1/2 cup of vinegar scented with lavendar oil as the fabric softener. Wash bed linens once or twice weekly. Change pillowcase daily. Change facecloth daily and body towel every other day.

I've found that Ted's Solution expediated the process with amazing results along side with what my doctor prescribed me.

Also, my home, & car environment:

1) I've always used Borax in my laundry routine, mostly for the whites & underwear load. Will definitely use it for all loads especially bed linens, towels, etc.

2) Washing the bathroom with borax with great results compared to filmy, cholrine-based products (nicer on your hands, for the sensitive skin type!)

3) Why stop at the bathroom, the kitchen looks and feels fantastic!

4) Trying dusting with a microcloth with diluted borax and water I use 15mL borax+1L water. Vacuum often (at least 1-3 times a week).

5) No residue on hardwood floors.

6) Borax and hot water in spray bottle - lightly spraying the mattresses, leather sofa, carpets,etc. Test small inconspicuous area first.

7) Borax is a great cleaning agent for the car interior.

8) Change the furnace air filter monthly. Use a mattress cover on every bed.

9) Get rid of clutter - collects too much dust, especially where you sleep - don't forget the kids rooms too. Put things in labelled boxes and get them out when you want to use them. Otherwise, give away. Speeds up the cleaning routine and is motivating!

10) Last, but most importantly, wash the telephone, computer, light switches, etc. where we share each other's space.

I feel like I have more energy. The general malaise is disappearing (even though I was trying to take care of myself and family with good food & exercise. Everyone else was benefiting except for me). Since I'm getting my sleep, I noticed a decrease in stress (or my ability to cope). Less stress is less havoc on my digestive system. General well-being is improving.

Keep up with this routine as the Human Demodex mite life cycle lasts quite awhile until you feel it's in check. The Human Demodex mite is passed on and is normal (just like dust mites) so please don't obsess, just be informed that this microns have a lifecycle and we just have to keep things in check. The website, ____ was helpful in viewing photos of the gradual process that some people may experience as well as the life cycle of the human demodex mite.


Topical Metronidazole (Prescription 60mg for $36 CDN)
Beauty Bar - less than $2 each, package sizes vary
Borax $4-5 a box (grocery or pharmacy store)
Hydrogen Peroxide $1 at dollar store or pharmacy
Sensitive Skin Bubble Bath & Shampoo, $1 at dollar store

Wow - for around $50 and some cleaning muscle, this acne and rosacea causing mite called the human demodex can be controlled and minimized to minimize outbreaks. Thank you Ted for posting the 50/50 Borax/Hydrogen Peroxide Solution!

I wish it works well for you! Good Luck!

Replied by Trish
(Toronto, Ontario Canada)

Thanks so much - this info is working for me!

Replied by Lindsey
(Fort Lauderdake, Florida)

I also have oily skin that is prone to breakouts. I have had great results clearing out blackheads and shrinking large pores by applying a paste of baking soda and water after cleansing my face at night. Just use it as you would a face scrub and wash off. My skin is so much softer and really does glow!

Replied by Barb
(Perth Wa Australia, Australia)

Have read these post with alot of interest- it makes sense that mustard would work and any other product that draws. Clay is another product that as a 12yr sufferer of demodex I have found to help. Mustard has been used for centuries as a poultice to draw out splinters etc., clay is the same. Was thinking about the question of a carrier oil. Emu oil penetrates the skin to 6 layers deep. At least this may be a way to penetrate the layers easier and enter the follicles. I also found that using an LED machine has had great results.

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

I read a post on another site that someone got a burning rash from emu oil. Please use care next to your brain.

Replied by Itchy Scratchy
(New York)

Hi All! All of you need to get neem oil, cedarwood oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil and virgin coconut oil.

Mix neem, cedar, peppermint (10 drops each oil) in some coconut oil. Apply this from head to toe. Cedarwood would suffocate the bugs and their larvae. Neem is a neuro toxin of some sort ONLY on them and not you. It makes them lose appetite for food and sex. If the eggs catch a bit of neem they become sterile. Peppermint calms the itchy bites. Coconut oil is a natural anti bacteria and virus. Apply this mix after shower. During the shower - use a shampoo with added teatree oil, neem oil and cedarwood oil.
Vaccum the house. Then mop the house with the same mix of oils in the mopbucket water.

Spray your bed mattress and wooden frame with the above oils added to the water. Best is to fogg the house with cedarwood oil and neem oil. Kills everything from bedbugs, lice, mites, fleas- the lot! For those who have the dried up skin that the mites have used.... apply apple cider vinegar and then 10 minutes later apply lavender essential oil too. All the best!

Replied by Rebel

On August 15, 2013, I replied about mites. Search on here in the search box for Rebel and look for that date. I told about Cayenne Pepper and so scalp therapy oils for these things. Cayenne Pepper 30, 000 HU. Start slow 1/8 teaspoon once a day in maybe V-8 juice and work your way up from there. Lots black specks from my skin, became very very few after about a month of Cayenne. Rebel

Replied by Andrea
(Lufkin, Tx)

Look up "Flushing", I have this problem too.

Replied by Sunnie
(Santa Clara, Ca)

The apple cider vinegar, gives me a "flush" as well! It is because AVC is highly acidic. I too have Candida Albicans, and it takes awhile of constant use for a "reaction" to happen. At least one that you would notice. I personally, have just ordered DE. Diatomaceous earth. I will use this both externally for bird mites, and internally, for the candida! DE breaks down the "exoskeleton" of these parasites, and then immediately dehydrated them!!! Here's to hoping! -Sunnie

Replied by Dmoore

Do you think defusing the oils you mentioned will help? I think my dogs contracted mites and were kind enough to share with me. I bought the neem, cedar oil, and peppermint and want to use them in the best way possible. I have GOT to get rid of this stuff before mid september because I have a vacation scheduled!!!!

Replied by Fran
(Panama City, Panama)

Hi, for how long did you have to fog with Cedar Oil?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sue (Ontario, Canada) on 01/30/2009

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I have not idea why my arms were so itchy. Intense itch that kept my up through the night. Recently i felt a crawling sensation and biting.Yikes! I figured it was some sort of skin parasite(non-contagious) After spending alot of money and going to the doctors , nothing was working.... until a finally stumbled on your site. The first day, i bathed in ACV(1/2 cupt) plus applied it directly.Then i drank it 2x (2 tablespoons) a day, applied it directly 2x a day as well. Now i am on day 6 , and my arms are almost completely healed. lots of sores prior to. little sign of any parasite. God bless you and Thank you!

Replied by Cj
(Stamford, Ct)

Worked Temporarily

Do you continue to use ACV for mite infestation? Demodex mites appear to be extremely adaptable to all my efforts to kill them.

(Tyler TX)

Try Chang Sheng soap for demodex mites. Also try tea tree oil eye wipes. Be careful to not get this into your eyes!

Pay It Forward

Thank you for the Chang Sheng soap recommendation. I've ordered the tea tree oil eyelid wipes and am waiting for them.

Have had itchy eyelids/lash line on and off for too long. Dr sent me to an ophthalmologist who told me to get the wipes and use them twice daily. AND why would they stay contained on your eyelids. They must travel to your brows, hair and wherever else. Going to also add Teds 50/50 Borax Peroxide solution, including baths/shampoo etc. I already drink Apple Cider Vinegar daily. BUT... if they're in the bedding, all that is for not unless bedding/clothing is aggressively treated. Changing bedding daily, or at least every 2 days, would be essential. Or at the very least, putting the sheets and pillowcases into a hot dryer daily for 20-30 minutes to fry those creatures. Otherwise it's a viscous cycle of reinfection each time you get into bed. Not wearing the same clothes two days running is key. Using a disposable garbage bag as a laundry bag so as not to get that infected too. Gosh it makes your skin crawl just thinking about it.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Salt

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Posted by Michelle (Brighton) on 10/30/2016

Like so many others on here, I have suffered with the dreaded mites for months. I picked them up from a yoga retreat in India. we had mini bean bags to place over our eyes in a meditation session and I felt hundreds of tiny beings descend from the bean bags and invade my face. After looking up and trying remedy after remedy, I found a solution on here - I can't remember who it was but thank you so much!! I sprayed a solution of apple cider vinegar, water and salt on my hair, myself, my bedding, carpets and my cats and I went to bed - with nothing crawling on me. Every time I feel a wriggle I spray it and it stops immediately. I can't give you the doses as I just poured - it was approximately 1/2 vinegar, 1/2 water and about 3-4 tablespoons of salt. So extremely effective and easy, and an easy, non-toxic and quick way to treat your whole environment, including your mattress. I hope this helps you.

Replied by Mite Girl

After what feels like eternal hell, I am down to the last few mites in a relatively short time (about 2 weeks). I hardly feel much movement now but I will keep this up for at least another 2-3 months. Here is the sum total of everything I do:

Drink 1/4 teaspoon borax in 1 litre water 5 days on, 2 days off.

Take a hot bath every night with 1/2 cup borax, quite a bit of salt and epsom salts (the salt kills them in the bath quickly). Hose down well before getting out of the bath.

In the morning I shower with shower gel mixed with freshly prepared mustard, and I mix some in with my shampoo.

I really feel its important to shower / bath twice a day. Obviously I cant see mites in the shower, but on the water surface of the bath its amazing how many critters you can see floating. The baths and showers really help get a truck load off in one go. I can't stress the importance of salt enough - best thing ever.

I have 2 spray bottles - one with a good amount of apple cider vinegar (approx 1/8 of the bottle) double the amount of water and about a tablespoon of salt). When I feel any crawling I zap them. Spray myself down fully at least once a day. I use the other bottle with same ingredients but instead of apple cider vinegar, I use cheap distilled vinegar. I use this to spray my bed, sheets and pillows when I get up, my robe, flip flops, bathmat, sofa, rugs, cats (who hate me now), towel, car, shoes once I've worn them. Once I started treating my environment like this I had real quick progress.

I also by chance found out that Oxy Powder tablets really help as well, but I think you would probably get results anyway if you cant find it. I have tried substituting with Colosan as it's a similar product but a lot cheaper, and it doesn't work.

The salt is incredible - it kills them so fast. The salt and treating my environments have been the biggest factors in finally triumphing in this long, long war. Now has anyone got any recommendations for scar removal??

Replied by Anita
(Newark, Ohio)

Real cocoa butter works for scars, use religiously. Find it at the dollar stores. Smells good and it will fade scars. Slow process, but works! Good luck.

Avon Skin So Soft

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Posted by BeverlyP (TN/USA) on 11/11/2022 4 posts

Hello, I have Demodex mites (my diagnosis). I used Avon's pesticide straight from the bottle on my face and almost immediately these white things started oozing out of the skin all over my face! The they were white soft appropriately 1/8 of an inch long mostly round and tubular. After I waited about 20 minutes I thought they were finished. I am guessing there were at least 100! They washed off very easily. About an hour later I went to check on my face and I guess there were about 20 more. I did this pesticide treatment on the day I took my second day of Ivermectin pills. I also take Supercritical Extract of Neem Leaf Oil Capsules 2xd and NAC 2xd. These demons itch me to the bone. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and am definitely immunosuppressed. The amount of itching has improved significantly. The skin on my face is quite dry so I plan to wait a few days or until the severe itching returns to repeat. Can someone please tell me what those white things that came out of my skin were.

Replied by Kelly

Beverly, this sounds amazing.

Unfortunately the text where you name the product looks funny. Is the pesticide you are referring to the body oil from Avon? Skin So Soft? And did you just spray it directly onto your face? I am REALLY struggling with these things and need all the help I can get.


EC: Yes, she used Skin So Soft.

Replied by Texas

Dental Toxicities

Digestive health starts in the mouth: For many patients, dental and digestive health seem to go hand in hand. Currently there are a multitiude of procedures and materials that have been developed by the dental industry to promote dental health, not to mention to ward off infections and improve oral hygiene. Manufacturers of dental materials spare no effort to provide dentists with the widest array of amalgams, composites, sealants, varnishes, cements, adhesives, pastes, etc. We all know about mercury and heavy metal toxicity; see for example, Ziff (2002). What we did not know about is the involvement of dental sealants (liners in the causation of a newly discovered disorder called neurocutaneous syndrom (NCS) (Amin, 2003, 2004).

NCS is a disorder that degrades the skin (cutaneous tissue) and neurological system of patients who have been treated with sealants during filling or root canal procedures. Patients sensitive to sulfa are especially susceptible to experiencing the neurological and dermatological toxicity symptoms of NCS. Neurological symptoms include but are not limitited to pinprick and/or creeping, painful, and irritating movement sensations, often interpreted as loss of memory, and light sensitivity may also be experienced. The cutaneous aspects include the development of small itchy sores or inflamed, elevated, pimples that may eventually evolve into painful open lesions with a tendency to spread. General symptoms include compromised immune system, fatigue, and psychological trauma.

A complete description of NCS symptoms, the syndrome, compounding factors, and the toxic sealants, with case histories and treatment protocols, is given by Amin (2003, 2004) Dental practitioners should be aware of the adverse effects of using sealants, and employ this knowledge to safeguard the well being of their patiesnt.

Amin, O.M. "On the diagnosis and management of Neurocutaneous Syndrome (NCS), a toxicity disorder from dental sealants." Explore, vol., 13, no. 1 (2003): pp 21-25.

Amin, O.M. "Dental sealant toxicity: Neurocutaneous Syndrome (NCS), a dermatological and neurological disorder." Holistic Dental Association Journal, no. 1 (2004): pp. 1-15

Ziff, S. Silver Dental Fillings: The Toxic Time Bomb. Santa Fe, Aurora Press, 2002.

Bird Mite Remedies

Posted by Bonnieji (Long Beach, Ca) on 06/11/2015

Bird Mite alert... for all those out there that have home infestation of Bird Mites, pls remember it is very important not to steam clean your carpet! Do Not introduce moisture into your home environment, particularly moisture on your carpet... these tenacious nasty critters love moisture!

Keep in mind those whom use Diatomaceous Earth on or around your pet, to make sure to use Food Grade DE. Food grade DE can be powdered on your pets fur. Also, FG DE can be used internally to rid parasites. A shampoo I heard is helpful for pets is Heard "Revolution" topical flea treatment is helpful. For ear mites I recommend this product...

This is my first experience with Bird Mites, or any mite infestation, and I pray the last! I have used DE all over my carpet, crevices, along base of base board, as soon as I knew about the bird mites, I can't swear by it's effectiveness, but do feel it has helped, messy as hell, but I do feel it has helped nip it in the bud a bit. I put it outside by my front door, as well as, Borax... the infected bird nest was above my front door, in open eave - ugh! Mites migrated into my bedroom, once nest was abandoned through window.

PCO/Pest Control has to come clean out attic, take away abandoned nest, and treat home with miticide fumigant.

Be careful when vaccuming up DE it can harm some vacs, but if you have a filter, that's good, just be sure to clean it out frequently! Borax is preferable, it won't harm vac. Before I vaccum every day, I'm sure to administer some Borax, so it kills any mites inside bag. But empty bag w/ each vac, and put in sealed plastic bag, and put outside trash.

ACV is good on body, also, essential oils, peppermint, Cedarwood oil, eucalyptus oil are my favorite. I put many drops in spray bottle, and spray my bed sheets, that is after I launder just before I go to bed. Spray around base of bed. If I feel anything crawly, I'll but oil non dilute on my hands and rub on my body, also on my cats, rub around neck, ears, top of head along back, belly/ Peppermint, and/or Cedarwood oil.

Also, I have found "Orange Guard" natural bug spray helpful. I will spray all around my room, along base of bed, behind bed behind desk. But remember nothing replaces vaccuming, laundering w/ HOT water, HOT dryer. Put things out in sun if can during the day. Launder, and put away excess pillows, and linens, after laundering to simplify, and eliminate hiding areas for these dasty critters! Cover your box spring mattress with plastic zip bag if you have one after treating. Make sure to put Borax along piping of your mattress. I spray under my mattress with essential oils every day, and night. Spray your walls with Essential oils.

One thing I did, that seemed helpful, is I smudged with a Cedar smudge stick. My infestation in primarily in my bedroom, so I smudged very heavily late in the day with my window closed until it filled my room with heavy smoke. Then I opened window, til dissipated to the point it didn't irritate my eyes, and in hopes those buggers would leave the room. Then I closed the window again. I usually keep the window closed all the time so they don't come back in. They are active at night, and don't like the UV's or sun. Once the offending/infested nest is removed, and attic is treated, and house is fumigated, I will continue with this routine for several weeks. Will have Pest Control come out and do second treatment a couple weeks after first treatment.

What ever you do, make sure no birds nests are on, in, or overhanging/close to your home. Bird mites do love chickens too, so be mindful of this.

One PCO was telling me he theorized this is becoming a problem, as a result of climate change, I.e. migration changes, chem trails, GMO chicken, and bird feed, lowering birds immune systems, and of course over use of pesticides - OY! Welcome to life out of balance, [

Biting and Crawling Mites

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Posted by Amanda (Wi) on 08/30/2013

Please HELP me! I believe by the resesrvh I've been doing on the internet this week that I have mites in my apartment. I don't see anything but alwahs feel them on my feet, legs, hair, seams of shirt, hands, waistline... Everywhere. At first I thought it was fleas-which I really wish it was-but I bombed my apartment and had my cat checked but didn't help. I can't get any sleep because I can feel them all over me after laying in bed after a few hours of sleep. Please someone help!! I have bought listerine, windex, borax and tea tree oil and washed all clothes (that were not hanging in my closet) sheets and comforters everryday and put a waterproof mattress lad cover with a zipper around my mattress-not my boxspring though. I have called 2 doctors and yeah... No help there. I got a prescription for permitium lotion but I don't think I will use it because most people said it doesn't work against these mights and some people have gitten sick after 2nd dose. I have NO bites marks on my body but feel them constantly and its basically killing me. I can't eat or sleep and can't afford to keep buying all thus stuff to "try"and see if it'll work nor can I afford to shower 2/3 times a day and do laundry constantly. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!

Replied by Mertletertel

Mite Infestation: Here is what some sufferers did with dry mustard powder... I'm going to try it too... Body wash: I mixed one level teaspoon of mustard powder using a measuring spoon with another of cold water, mixed well into a runny paste, and allowed it to stand for 10 minutes to allow the mustard to develop its full potency. To this, I added four ounces of body wash and mixed it thoroughly to ensure a homogenous result.
Body lotion: I used the same amount of mustard powder and water, mixed it well with three ounces of hydrating body lotion, and added five drops of glycerine, then mixed again thoroughly.

ALSO...lint roll clothing you were next to your skin, before wearing it; put all dirty clothes and clean clothes in plastic bags tied shut... Keeps bugs in and will keep them out too; use diamotaceous earth... (found at lawn and garden depts or at hardware stores... Try the 85% if you can get it; otherwise 77%) to powder your garbage, floors, etc. MMS, by Jim Humble, kills them in the house. I did this. 10 to 20 drops of activated MMS (look it up you'll see how) plus 16 oz of ACV in a spray bottle... Keep spraying daily! It works after awhile. Can also spray this on yourself. ALSO dry your clothes, then take them out, spray them with this mixture, and dry them again... It kills the bugs in them. My son told me about that. MMS is cheapest on ebay. WATCH out with scratching itchy places... I have felt things fly up and hit my face when scratching my foot... spray MMS mix and/or power DE (diatomaceous earth) all around when you have had to scratch.

ALSO...tincture of clove on the bandaid overnight kills a new bug bite; tea tree oil on the bandaid overnight and/or all day leaves a scab there also... but I think tincture of clove is stronger; I just can't afford everything, right? I have more rashes now than bites, so I'm treating areas.

Okay, I hope some of this helps. I also am using hydrogen peroxide, 2 oz with 40 drops of tea tree oil on my rashes... I spray it directly on and also on panty lines which I tape over the rashy area. On the private area I use a mix of Dollar Tree buttpaste, raw coconut oil (think foodstamps lol), tea tree oil (10 drops per TBS of coconut oil), and chest rub from dollar tree (no chems in that one). For some reason, it keeps the itching down PTL.

Trying pine tar soap, but living in a tent and using someone else's bathroom, due to my abusive family and this problem combined... so it's difficult.

Stay focused... This is your mountain right now... climb and gather your strength, k?

Love you! Heal quickly by God's grace.

Replied by Njoy
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi there, This website has been so helpful to motivate me to go head on with the outbreak of bites on my body.

Backgrounds: I had two spider/insect bites above the right hip (moderate welts) in Feb 2014 when gardening, this must have challenged my already stressed system (current but temporary life situations), because within a few days (amidst additional emotional stresses and after one full day of not eating well) a three week outbreak of hives. Then ? mite bites (clusters of small lumps in heat/moist areas of body armpits, groin, and trunk of body. That is when I got really FED UP with this state of health. And found this website.

I had already begun taking immune support supplements and working on my inner/gut to empower it to bring health to body. And I knew I needed to deal with the stressors/emotional stability. But these bites/?mites was the last straw.

After reading this website I went shopping and bought turpentine, huge tub of sorbeline moisturiser, (had tea tree oil already at home). And proceeded to cover my entire body and scalp with turpentine using a sodden face washer. I did this two consecutive evenings - and sat for 30minutes on a towel while covered with this topical treatment/turpentine 'body wash'. The idea was to kill off any potential mites or bugs (suffocation if they have burrowed in or drowning or burning of the solution etc). Yes the turps stung my scratched sores and any sensitive parts it seemingly reached (not for the fragile nerves - take heart the sting did fade with time).

Then after the 30mins, I then went to the shower and lathered my skin and scalp with natural soap (non-animal products). Lathered and lathered then washed off throughly in the shower.

Then after drying my skin/scalp from the shower, I lathered myself with a thick layer of sorbeline moisturiser. All over, everywhere. Kept reapplying. And reapplying as it seemingly soaked into my dehydrated skin (that has scratch marks, recovering hives, recovering old bites etc all over).

Then I put on very loose pyjamas which was tolerable Autumn weather for Australia (April 2014). What I experienced then was outrageous. I could literally FEEL sensations on my skin here and there. And it drove me to react. I went to the bathroom mirror and looked at my body. What I saw were tiniest black dots emerging through the thick layer of sorborline moisturiser. I was shocked. They must have tried to surface from their burrows since the moisturiser was sealing off the air. I was stunned. I removed them and tried to squash or crush or slice in two. But they were so tiny that I could not much at all. Just rubbed them on a rough surface to kill them through friction.

I did not think to put them in a jar.

But my Doctor has since given me a laboratory slip and a collection jar, to help me. But since doing the turpentine body wash for two nights, followed by soapy shower + thrice daily moisturising, and now daily, I have not found any more critters since the third day.

(My pathology results for common allergies and otherwise were normal! ) Which confirmed to my Doctor and that I was right: needing stress management strategies to not stress my body into the fight/flight mode which requires me to eat immune boosting diet and fluids. Moisturiser for protection and prevention of my skin.

I am 2 months now since the spider bites that was 'the straw that broke the camels back' on my stressed system. I am relieved greatly. But not cured. I am still somewhat stressed (inner emotional work still needs attention) and am still recovering my immune system from the gut outwards. I find that I am reacting to certain complex foods (refined, innutritious foods) and from sugars including fructose etc. If I do stress the gut out trying to breakdown complex foods, then I maintain a small bumpy rash has tiny red heads that fills my inside forearms, at this stage.

But at least the mites of whatever they were are behind me as of a few days ago. They were unbearable.

Environment: I got paranoid thinking my whole house might be filled with such critters. And tested this by walking bear legged around my carpeted and not carpeted areas over a period of several days. The only time I got a critter was in my car immediately after I sat in the driver's seat. It was the same tiniest black dot I had experienced a few days earlier. it was crawling up my bare leg.

I was also paranoid that my bedding and bed was riddled with the same. But washed all bedding, and the other night sleeping with nothing on my legs, I was bite free. Thank God. I am very thankful that my environment is not affected.

The only other consideration was my chickens. They can get mites and critters from the wild birds. So I have to keep an eye on them, and transfer potential to me if any, for the future when I cuddle them in the yard. They bath in garden dirt/ dust bathes they are called. This is their natural means of hygiene, and it seems to work.

Hope this helps someone. And I hope I can help myself recover, by unlearning old stress coping mechanism, and replace them with / or relearn new ones that are relevant and affective for new circumstances. God Bless you.

Replied by Rebel
(Somewhere, Usa)

My guess would be you will soon find out that you must kill these critters from the inside of the body. The black spots or specks are in my opinion blood born pathogens. One can rub different stuff on infected area and have these black specs come out and you may be killing the adults. I believe they hatch from eggs and the only way to kill the eggs is from inside the body.

When I treated myself, I had some success with a little of everything. But, what seemed to work and caused DIED OFF completely, after using Cayenne Pepper. I took 35000 heat units and start with a 1/16 teaspoon maybe 3 or 4 times daily and work up to a teaspoon a couple times daily. In 60 days, my black specks seemed to be gone. No more at all.

Also alkaline body defeats disease. So I alkalined with baking soda, a couple times a day.

Replied by Van

Having mite problems. What are heat units and what do you mean by alkaline with baking soda?

Replied by Erik

It sounds like my family has the same thing you and Lynn have, we've been fighting this mite infestation for 2.5 months and we're nearing our wit's end. We did get rid of them on our bodies for a short while when visiting California at Christmas, we just went through a heavy decontamination protocol and were free of itching within a couple days. We used over-the-counter bug bombs in the apartment before we left, and it sat for two weeks so we thought we'd be coming home to a deadzone. Not so, as soon as we entered the apartment it was back to itching and crawling sensations. The worst part of it is our 1-year-old is itchy a lot as well but we can't use the strong eucalyptus soap on her scalp as often because she doesn't know to close her eyes. It will get you clean of mites temporarily, but burns like a muther in your eyes. Also have been using DE but that doesn't seem to slow these buggers down much except for around bed posts, I think we've been getting less in the bed with that. We then tried Cedar Oil fogging, three times now, and this third time we baged/boxed/binned just about everything we could. Already feels like they're crawling on us...they must have hidden away in the cracks in the floor/walls. These things are vicious and extremely strong survivalists. I hope someone was able to find an actual solution to this, I may have to send my wife and kid to live with the in-laws for a few months to try and deal with this.

As for those talking about immune system stuff, I'm probably healthier than just about anyone they know. Thirty years old, former NCAA Div 1 athlete and still can run a sub-16 5k, eat organic and body surf at the beach on weekends. These mites don't care how healthy you are, they just want to eat you.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U ERIK, , , , , , you right boy, it not about health, nor cleanliness . You don't have mites, they have you. I went down this trail a couple of years ago and I can tell you now that you will whip them by knowledge and perseverance. I did the MD thing with no help. Heat will kill them in your bedding, clothes , etc and I think that is what finally got them in my body. I was fortunate enough to have a combo sauna and old heat with a FIR detox to boot. Mites die at 120+ degrees , that is why you max your water heater and dryer. Borax kills them so add that to your wash. I then did a Sauna every night at between 160 and 180 to get those in my body. And followed that with a long soak in stuff. Don't forget the eggs. They will be mites in two weeks so there is no short cut. You have to keep on keeping on.

There are many species of mite parasites, but my dermatologist was too stupid to send my sample off. He called it a rash and discarded my sample. Look into EC 's archives on this subject, read and develop you a plan.

Wish you the best. ======ORH=======

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Eric, take your little one's fresh urine and rub it gently everywhere all over. With an eye dropper put some into her eyes as they are there too. Have her drink it so the body computer will manufacture antibodies. I do everything with this divine elixer.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Kathyk
(Thousand Oaks)

Hi - I've had the mites for years. I just identified it after 10 years as I saw them, somehow miraculously, crawling out of my computer one day. Had it identified as the Cheyletiella mite. If you have pets, go online and do the full protocol with a pet dermotologist for getting rid of these mites. And then go get your self the cedar oil. It's a friggin miracle. To start getting relief immediately, get Revolution and put it on your pets every two weeks. But you will need to do more than that to get rid of the problem, if you have pets. So that's why I recommend going to a pet dermotologist about it. If you don't have pets, then go immediately to get the cedar oil online. It's expensive, but totally worth it and worth the time, aggrevation and money you will spend on a whole host of other treatments that don't work. Trust me because I've been at it for years. I finally moved out from the house with pets about 4 weeks ago and the mites followed me. Just got the cedar two days ago and it has been working wonders so far... I can't even believe it. Please.. don't waste your money on all the other crap. Go get this cedar oil stuff and use Revolution and your nightmare will be over.. if it is indeed the Cheyletiella mite. Please don't be discouraged by what you read online about these mites. Your experience is probably 10 times worse than what is online about a human experience. My bug expert said the stuff online is only general information. So it is probably the Cheyletiella mite that is harrassing you. Good luck and stay strong.

Bleach in Bath Water

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Posted by Tired Of Itching (College Park, Ga) on 12/05/2011

I have a question when using the bleach and water after basing and wiping down everything in the house with bleach. But when taking several baths in bleach in water do they get rid of the spots that come from itching and scratching?????

Replied by Martie
(Tampa, Fl)

I recently read that taking regular bleach baths destroys the normal skin bacteria needed for healthy skin and can cause the problem to get worse. Since your poor skin is already under attack, you may want to consider a different type of bath, like Ted's borax baths, not to speak of what chlorine bleach can do to your lungs.

Bleach in Bath Water
Posted by Mary (Media, Pa, Usa) on 01/24/2010

I have had a recent skin mite infestation. Interestingly enough, I often take salt baths and clays throughout the week,this keeps my skin in good shape. I often have a dermatitis of some sort. For some reason I did not lower my entire neck and shoulder area under the water.that week I suffered the "rash" itchiness, crawling sensation on my neck and upper chest area and knees for a week. I believe my immune system was lowered due to a month long cold..I recall using bleach - 1 to 1 and 1/2 cups in bath water and submerging for 30 minutes to calm a skin condition. I read this in a Louise Gittlemens post. It did the trick and the mites were gone after the second bath. I have sensitive skin and suffer no reaction from the bleach in bath water. I don't believe you could do this for an extended period of time, but once or twice a week has been helpful.

Replied by Mama In 'bama
(Al, Usa)

I know this thread is old, but the idea is brand new and works for anyone taking soaking baths of any kind!

When I and my family figured out we had a demodex mite skin(and home infestation), we took 100% submersed baths using A SNORKEL. Yep, a diving snorkel we found at a national retail store for just a couple of dollars.


Replied by Jenn
(Valley, Nebraska, Usa)

I have been infected with mites for weeks now with no relief. I raise mice and rats outside my house and believe thats where they are coming from. I put cedar and cloves on the floor of the rodent structure hoping this will help. Does anyone know if this will work? I am definately going to try the bleach bath cuz I can't stand the constant itching and bleeding from these mites. I have scabs all over me and itch to death. What kind of remedy do you spray on carpet and furniture that is safe? I have cats and dogs as well as snakes. I don't want to harm them. Jenn

Replied by Mevina
(Ransom Canyon, Texas, Us)

'... What kind of remedy do you spray on carpet and furniture that is safe? I have cats and dogs as well as snakes. I don't want to harm them. Jenn'

Jenn, you might try cat flea spray with a 3-4 month insect-growth regulator. First try it diluted with water, even as little as 4:1; that is 4 parts water.

Not that I like any of this stuff. But a few drops in a couple tsps of water cured earmites in one of our indoor-outdoor hunting cats after olive oil failed to do the job. An hour or so later I rinsed his ears with OTC sterile ear cleaner.

The mites have not returned in over a year.

Cat insecticide products are said to be safe for dogs but not the other way around. I'd keep the snakes off the rugs for a few days.

Replied by Bonnie
(Palm Desert, Ca)

Carpeting ? Put some diatomaceous earth or borax into it... Just make sure to get the pets out of the room, first, then put on a respirator type mask.. And distribute or dust around... You can put that onto your mattress, under the vinyl cover. If you wish, one can get the food grade stuff to ingest... It cuts parasites to pieces. Just make sure it goes down into the fibers, so that your dogs do not breathe it in, while rolling around, or laying their heads on the carpeting.

The second thing I used, was an all natural product that does not have fumes... I cannot mention the exact name, but check the Topix health blogs I posted.. It has the name in there... I got a whole gallon of the stuff.. I spray it on my mattress, on the carpet, on the tarps on my couches, in my car, and believe it or not, one can bathe with it in the bathwater.. I also spray enzymes onto my dog... I was using it on my skin, but I was slightly allergic to one of the enzymes.. But I would try that, if I could do so, as well! And it will kill the parasitic mites, dust mites, or dermodex ones, by eating through the exoskeleton, and it causes them to molt prematurely.. If they do that, then they die off! ... So I spray the entire bathroom floor, and everywhere I sat during the day, even near the kitchen sink, my computer table, etc.. All with no fumes, and no toxins. If you spray upholstery with it, say in your car.. It will dry clear, and have no scent after it is dry.. And it eats up dust mites, etc... And breaks down dirt.. So everything smells good, after it is dry. I am so allergic to poisons! Oh yeah, I set my spritzer with 2 onces of it, then add 14 more of the distilled water, then set the sprayer on a harder spray, so it goes into my dog's coat.. It immediately causes the itching to die down, so now he knows what will follow, and does not fight me on this--he simply wants the surface of his fur wiped down, so he is not soggy! Then, the poor baby can sleep..

Oh, yeah, try not to allow pets to sleep in your bed, until both are cured, or you will pass mites back and forth, into infinity! Tomorrow, I will put the mustard, castor oil, and virgin coconut oil onto his skin, for a more permanent treatment, to kill most of them off.. I did that with my own skin, and was shocked at how many died off.. Rubbed it into my hair, then put a shower cap on, overnight! It works! Bonnie

(Santa Barbara, CA)

Could you post a link to the blog post so we can see what that spray is called and who makes it? Thank you!

Replied by Looneygirl
(Houston, Texas, Usa)

Bonnie can you tell us what this product is or give us a link to the blog. I am not familir with topix health blog and could not locate. I also have been doing the ongoing fight against demo mites/red mange and using Ted's remedy and some others, plus supplement's & diet change for stronger immune system. I thought I had it beat but it looks like it has returned and she is scratching/biting herself like crazy. Sometimes what works for one person/pet does not work for others. Please share the name of this product or a link as there are many other in need of help & assistance with this mite problem.

"The second thing I used, was an all natural product that does not have fumes... I cannot mention the exact name, but check the Topix health blogs I posted"

Replied by Meeya
(Sunnyvale, Ca)

This question is in reply to "Mama In 'bama from Al, Usa" 's post" (we took 100% submersed baths using A SNORKEL. Yep, a diving snorkel we found at a national retail store for just a couple of dollars. Worked PERFECTLY! "

Mama, what did you put in your bath water? Or was it just a regular soap and water bath?

Replied by Dana
(Ontario, Ca)

I've been reading everyone's various post and all good ideas and do help for a bit, I've been infested for 3+ months with a new breed of bird mites and I'm at my wits end. So I've been studying these things and learned they get used to whatever you use very quickly, so you have to change it constantly.

I was completely covered head to toe at the start, now it's just my ankles and we all know vacuuming and washing are givens but what I found to help the most is borax and Windex as a spray, lint roll your sheets, buy some repellant it changes your smell and this I stumbled across but it helps oatmeal baths it suffocates them you will feel them popping out than tea tree lotion add some neem oil it helps against the breeding.

Hope this helps some of you to find a little relief.

Bleach Spray

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Posted by Kat (Durant, Oklahoma ) on 09/10/2016

Use spray bleach cleaner on your mattress it will kill all mites and eggs... Every since I did this I have quit breaking out over and over

Replied by Melissa
(Ontario, Canada)

What concentration bleach works? thanks.


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Posted by Prez (Sunny California ) on 06/22/2022

3 tablespoons borax, 2 tablespoons 3% hydrogen peroxide, and enough water to make a paste.

Use this as a scrub on your face and neck and the liquid on a cotton ball for your ears

Demodex (Face Mites) Demodex is a type of mite that lives in human hair follicles, usually on your face. Almost everyone has these mites, but they usually don't cause any problems. But Demodex can multiply too quickly in people who are immunocompromised or have other skin conditions. That causes an itchy, irritating condition called demodicosis.

Posted by Jule Valentine (St Charles, IL) on 07/07/2021


I have run into mites from pets on 3 occasions so far... for me and my family we put 2-3 heaping tablespoons of borax into warm/hot water in a squirt bottle (like the ones used to dye your hair), shake it hard to dissolve, and leave it in the shower... we squirt it on all skin and head after our shower, and we don't remove it. I'd do it again at night to be protected overnight too... I'd add essential oil also to make it a pleasant body tonic/experience. It's been great for stopping the mite attacks on our bodies. Good luck!

Replied by Nancy
(Tyrnersville, NJ)

How did you get them out of your car?