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Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Terry (Dallas, Tx) on 12/31/2012

I mix equal parts of Tea Tree shampoo with 100% strength tea tree oil in a small bottle. Then, I step into the shower, pour about 1/4 ounce into my hand, then work through my hair (very short), massage my face, eye lids, eyebrows, ears and neck. I leave in place for 2 minutes, then turn the water on and rinse off. I repeat this once more, then continue with the shower. I shower like this twice a day, once before work and once before bed.

My blepharitis is clearing up. The skin itching and crawling sensation has stopped. I read that I should continue this for at least 4-6 weeks, then maintenance, to kill and keep the Demodex from returning.

Tea tree oil is very strong, but you get used to it after the first few times. It is worth the hassle to get rid of Demodex.

Tea Tree Oil + Neem

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Posted by Tammie B. (Iowa) on 10/06/2015

I have had mites where they bite, sting and price before about two years ago.I vacuumed and shampooed my carpets. I went to the vet and bought micodex and is a microbial mite killer. I sprayed my whole house. It was better and then I went to Dollar General and bought raid that kills every thing and I balmed the house with it. In the mean time I was got perinth cream from the Dr. it did work but I had gotten it back in between treatments on the house. So I called an herb Dr. in Tennessee and she said to do 17 to 18 drops of tea tree oil and about the dame of neem oil in a bath and I did that for a week. The herb lady said the the neem and tea tree oils retards them, kills them, and if they do mate it actually kills them. It just takes longer to kill them. She told me to spray this solution all over the house with tea tree oil and neem oil 17 drops and 15 drop in a spray bottle. Then went to wall mart and bought lice treatments and did those all over my body for about three days in between working. I got some shampoo for mites and fleas from the vet and gave the kitty a bath and got rid of everything and life was normal. Oh and for a whole weekend I also did nothing but garlic juicing with carrots, broccoli, and parsley. I smelled like a garlic balm all weekend but I could also feel the mites dying and leaving me. I also put my clothes in bags and sprayed each individual bag with Micodex and left them there for 2 weeks. I only kept out so many cloths to wear and as I wore them they went into bags also. I was very diligent. I am just hoping that I do not have to do this all again.

I recently picked up a cat that was in my brothers yard and he tole me that the cat went hunting with its dad for a couple of days and I did not know that. Now I have the bird mites again. I am just doing tea tree oil and pine ointment from natures sunshine and I do not put the pine ointment in my hair cause it is too greasy but it does kill them along with the baths. I am going to add kleen green to this because it has an enzyme and see if just those things will work. Other wise I am going to do what I did the first time about 2 years ago when I had this.

Ted's Remedies

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Posted by Rhondag (Charlotte, Nc, Us) on 03/25/2013

I'm wanting to make sure of measurements for a couple of Ted's recipes for demodex mites or issues with mites. I need to confirm if recipe below is correct. Thank you.

- 1/2 tsp borax and 1/8 tsp of baking soda and 6 to 7 drops of H202 in one liter or basically 1 quart of water to drink daily?

- 1/2 cup of borax and 1/2 H202 in tub of water for bath approximately once a week or every bath?

- small amount of borax in palm of hand and add small amount of H202 leave on a few minutes and wash face afterwards - daily

Replied by Patty

Hi back. I thought I'd let everyone know my progress w/ this issue. I went last week to an Indian dr. w/ this problem and right away he said it was not eyelash / demodex mites. I mentioned they started out in eyelashes but noticed face, hair, nose later. Always mentioned in jan. Visited Woodbridge NJ & stayed at an "Indian" hotel and instantly almost started itching. Only reason continued to stay 8 days was it was a smoking hotel (for me). I had spent about 150.00 in hair extensions but thankfully knew how to put them in myself or would have probably pd.another 100.00 just to pay someone there 20.00 to take them out after a few days. It was that bad that quick. I know the eyelash problem was there before the trip for couple months but I certainly got something there that was not bedbugs. The dr. didn't seemed surprised so that's my last Indian hotel. Very nice people but very buggy. So, he have me a perscription for some body wash but I got the over the counter version at walgreens for 8.99. It is called "well at walgreens"..antiseptic skin cleanser in 8 oz bottle. I even put it on my face the first night and left it although it is a liquid soap. Just a little goes a long way in the shower and was told put it everywhere folds of the skin, hair, genitals everywhere. First time what a relief. He also perscribed for me ..mupriocin 2 % cream 15gm. It was 40.00. It is cheaper i found out even walmart. It only takes a little and thin layer. I knew it was a good choice to see an indian doctor and was right. I can't believe the difference and immediately. I still am going to clean the furniture w/ a sprayer attached to the bed bug/mite insecticide from lowes and was clothes everyday and sheets, well every couple or so days and i really believe for the first time in about 7 months I am going to be back to normally. Btw mentioned all I'd read and tried the dry mustard, tea tree, bacterial cream listerine, etc. and was told a waste of time. Temporary fix but not going to irradicate the parasite. Anyway passing it along and good luck to all. Patty

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Cal (Monroe, LA USA) on 11/14/2008

I have been fighting Demodex brevis mites for a year now - they somehow invaded my meibomian glands in my eyelids after a lot of 'extreme' exposure to ordinary dustmites. Eventually they migrated to my chest, neck and body - even my feet. I could feel needle stabbing sensations in the soles of my feet for gosh sakes!!! I have used tea tree oil a lot, but eventually developed a reaction to it, so had to stop using it. I then used some permethrin 5% from head to foot, and took a round of ivermectin for a couple of weeks. These remedies worked temporarily. My latest and most effective treatment thus far has been a combination of water, peroxide 3% and 20 Mule Team Borax. I also sleep with a wet washcloth on my face, which has really begun to get things moving along. Every time I bathe, I run a warm tub of water and add 1/4 cup of borax and 1/2 cup of 3% peroxide and soak in it for 10 or 15 minutes. I use the same like a rinse after shampooing my hair. At night I put 1/3 peroxide 3%, 3/4 water, 1/2 tsp. of borax in an 8 oz spray bottle, shake it up well until no granules are left, then spray my body down and let it dry without toweling. I then saturate a washrag with same solution, not dripping wet, but wet. I sleep with it on my face, carefully tucking it into the corners of my eyes and around my lids, making sure the washrag covers my face from over the top of my brows, over to my temples, then down to my top lip. This is working well to clear my eyes and face of this parasite..takes a while, but my eyes and face have crusted over and peeled, my eyes have resumed an almost-normal shape, I feel a very small amount of movement around my lids and in my lashes. Also, I drink fresh squeezed lemon juice in my water all day and sometimes I use Ted's 1/8 teaspoon of borax to the 1 litre of water to alkaline my body. No sugar, overdose on vegetables. Slow, but it seems to be working.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Julie (Clearwater, Florida) on 07/31/2008

THANK YOU for putting this site together. I could not stop itching. Those mites were driving me cray!!!! I have become some what of a loner. It is wrecking my life. But instantly, I felt relief by using borax and peroxide. I will try coconut oil and vinegar next. Whew!!! All we know is how to use borax, vinegar, baking sode, etc. to clean. Thanks again! you just might have saved my life.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Eloise (Oakland, CA) on 12/12/2007

I have been troubled by tiny red bites, itching, and stinging for about 2 1/2 months. I have made some progress deep cleaning with Kleen Green and treating myself with it, washing all clothes and bedding in hot water and borax after a single use, bagging all clothes, throwing out about 50% of my belongings, vacuuming three times a week and immediately disposing of the bag, and triple covering my futon and computer chair with vinyl mattress covers. I have also had some success with Ted's external borax treatment (thanks, Ted) but found the internal treatment very irritating to my bladder. I am now going to try silver and have ordered some of the ABL silver as suggested by Tracy. I am trying to figure out the maximum amount I can safely take and afford since I have seen posts here suggesting amounts as large as 4 ounces a day. Any suggestions? Also, has anyone tried di-limonene sprays or powders on carpets, for biting mites, with any success? Love the website and thanks in advance for your replies.

Replied by Chris
(Longmont, Colorado, Usa)

I am glad, also, to have found this site. I have been dealing with cheyletiella mites for a long time, since my 2 long-haired cats and I lived in mite infested Nederland (dog city) Colorado. On this site I found a helpful suggestion about drinking Neem tea & where to get it. So I would like to share about cleaning your house and doing the laundry with something that will kill the mites. I use a rather expensive ($6.00/bottle) enzyme cleaner. I can not tell you the brand but it also contains real lime extract and it is organic & comes in a lime green bottle with blue trim. You can dilute it with water and spray it on your rug before vacuuming (just let it dry a bit first), you can spray it on your walls and clean the shower with it. It rocks. For laundry use it straight, a couple teaspoons per load. Ok, right now I am going to bathe in epsom salt & lavender oil. Some use Eucalyptus but it irritates my skin. Thank you, all you helpful people.

Chris in Colorado

PS: do NOT use this enzyme cleaner on your body

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Lynn (Grand Rapids, MI) on 10/28/2007

re: demodex mites/rosacea -- I am currently in the process of ridding my face of these nasty mites. I can attest to the fact that they really do move. I first put the borax solution on my cheeks to test it and all of the red spots moved to my chin the next day. It was incredibly freaky! I have felt them move to my eyes, nose ears and scalp at various times. Now there are a few spots showing up on my ankles as I fight to kill them all! I am determined to win this battle thanks to this awesome website and my new hero "Ted"!

I have ingested the borax several times now with no ill effects at all. I was quite leary at first, but I knew that everything else Ted had stated had proven to be true- so I took a leap of faith. I am so glad I did! Now I just need to stay focused and disciplined to follow through on the routine. Thank you so much for your help.You are making a huge difference in the lives of many people.

Ted's Remedies

Posted by Eve (Nv) on 06/14/2014 22 posts

Mite Help: Several weeks ago, Ted was referring to EDTH and another chemical to use as a soap and a spray. I can't find these in the posts, I need to know what type to buy as it seems there are several types in each.

Replied by Theestarseed
(Bradenton, Fl)

Ted's soap is a mixture of tetrasodium edta and ammonium chloride. I bought both online. He said to make a ten percent solution for the environment. he gave directions if you don't measure your products to use two tablespoons of each to a pint, a pint is two cups, so one tablespoon per cup. I hope this helps.

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Theestarseed --- thank you so much for the explanation for Ted's edta mixture. Finally I can use it. Thanks again Namaste, Om


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Posted by Candace (Scottsburg, In) on 12/30/2012

Bad Infestation... THYME.... I even soaked THYME leaves (put in a sock) in a glass of 100% alcohol. Pour it into tub and use sock if you want to scrub.

Treat the Septic System

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Posted by Ike (Two Mile, Tn.) on 03/14/2015

i"ll try to make this as short as possible. Hope it's helpful to someone. If you have a septic tank on your home and you're washing your clothes w/mites you are washing the eggs right into your plumbing system. They hatch in the septic system and crawl right back up the drain and into your floor boards. The boxed stuff at the grocery store won "t kill " em either! That's what happened to me. You have to treat your septic system! Not sure with what; pool chlorine? Also keep bleach tablets in toilet water, I wrap these things in tissue paper and drown em in it, usually combined w/"urine therapy". When I wash my hands and brush my nails, I also make sure anything that came off of them goes completely through the trap under the sink and down the drain, you don"t want them crawling up the sink drain. I spray w/bleach cleaner immediately also. Didn't see this anywhere on your site. The septic tank is usually installed within 20 ft. of the main bathroom on most houses. This may be the reason some people aren't getting anywhere in the battle. Hope this helps somebody.


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Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 02/02/2022

Turpentine Gum Pine Resin Bath is the ONLY treatment used for turkey mites (seed ticks) when they attack you by the hundreds.

Only use turpentine that comes from a plant source like Pine Trees or Balsam Fir (Canadian turpentine). Humco Turpentine Gum Pine Resin is the brand that can be found at most independent-owned family pharmacies or Diamond G Turpentine online. These brands are the only form of pine turpentine used as medicine. Do NOT use mineral turpentine found at the hardware store. Mineral turpentine is a hazardous substance and is NOT used as medicine.

How to take a Pine Turpentine Bath

1. Fill the bathtub with hot water (temperature 36C/97F)

2. Pour 20 drops of pine turpentine and a squirt of baby soap or dish washing liquid solution into a small empty water bottle with a cap and dilute with a small amount of hot water (38-40C)

3. Cap the bottle, shake it up well and pour the contents into a filled bathtub

4. Mix well the water in the bathtub until a uniform of water is obtained.

5. Start bathing at a temperature of 36C for 15 minutes. Repeat daily til infestation is gone.

6. Also, launder the clothing you were wearing when you got infested with the mites with pine turpentine and laundry soap in HOT water.

Interesting Article Published in the (Roy and Ghosh Medical Journal Dec. 1944), From the Department of Medical Entomology, School of Tropical Medicine, Calcutta) When it was noticed that the incidence of scabies is at present extremely high and that drugs such as benzyl benzoate, mitigal, tetmos, etc., are not available in this country, it was felt that it would be worth while to undertake an investigation with the object of discovering a sarcopticidal drug which would not only be efficient but would also be readily available. In this connection, a large number of indigenous preparations commonly used for scabies in this country were tested, and in course of this investigation oil of turpentine was observed to possess properties whereby the mite was quickly overwhelmed and was soon killed on contact outside the body.

The oil was used in the form of an emulsion and was prepared as follows : Oil turpentine, B.P. 20 parts Soften the soap with Soap shavings (bar water; mix the soap) .. q.s. oil and the soap 70 per cent alcohol 80 parts thoroughly in a (If necessary the pestle and mortar; common methy- mix the spirit lated spirit may gradually. be used after dilution). N.B. 90 per cent alcohol makes a very good emulsion, but for economy 70 per cent may also be used. The emulsion must always be well shaken before use.

Vapor Rub

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Posted by Shoo (Cleveland, Ohio) on 05/23/2021

Cover mites with vaporub, the mites don't like eucalyptus, & will back out. Worked in 2 days for me. Keep the area moist with Vaporub

Replied by Lisa

Hello! Did you put it on ALL over your body....legs, arms, face, etc.? I have them everywhere!

Vitamin D

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Posted by Lou (Tyler, TX) on 02/17/2022

Vitamin D drops with Sunflower Seed Oil is the cure for Mites!

For the first time in months, I woke up not itching. I did everything—the baths, the Kleen Green, the vacuuming, the laundry, aloe Vera, creams, etc. I even tried the wash with soap and warm water, peroxide, anti itch cream and whitening toothpaste method. I slept that night, but woke up itching like CRAZY! I watched parakeet bird mite video yesterday and a commenter said to put a paper towel with sunflower oil at the bottom of the bird cage and the mites just fall off. I thought, I am allergic to sunflower oil, but do I have any here? I was willing to try ANYTHING at this point. I had a bottle is S_____ Vitamin D drops with sunflower oil and orange flavor which I had been meaning to take back to Natural Grocers.

I opened it last night and took 20,000 IUs of it. I also dabbed some in my spots near my elbow creases to see if any parasites came out. Nope. (My throat was itching a little so I took some Benadryl.) But I almost slept until 10 with no itching! That was a good thing!

The other thing I did differently yesterday was I had pancakes instead of eggs. The mites are after birds, not humans. I was essentially feeding them chickens. No more eggs for a while! The biopsy came back as eczema, and eggs are on the offending food list as well. I am so happy! I just hope more of these bird mites don't hatch! I will keep drinking my C C tea with whole cloves and honey. Cloves stop the hatching of their eggs.

Replied by Cathi

What is the brand you bought for liquid vitamin D? I know it's been only 3 days but do you feel it's still working for you?

Replied by Gina

Not clear how much sunflower oil you took.

Walking Dandruff Remedies

Posted by Lin (Chicago, IL) on 02/24/2009

Walking Dandruff: I am going crazy with this. I have been ( myself to a derm) I am so allergic! Covered in bites. My cats have never left my home...or been in contact woth anyone new. Totally indoor. Can a human who has them on them spread them to my cats???? How can this happen. Since I raise them........I need help.We have applied Revolution......... just had one girl dipped at the Vet... I spent over $1000! The furniture spray the Vet wants me to use is a bit scary! Please explain the products you are talking about.What can I do???? Desperate. Thank you

EC: "Cheyletiellosis, commonly known as "walking dandruff," is a very contagious, leach like ailment incited by assorted species of Cheyletiella, a breed of big mites. The different species of Cheyletiella are able to infect the skin surface of dogs, cats, rabbits, and humans."


Replied by Dianna
(Austin, Tx)

i would bathe the cats and yourself with grandpa's pine tar soap. just suds them up and try and leave the suds on for a few minutes and rinse. this will make the mites and/or fleas come off you and your pets and is also good for skin irritations. fleas, mites, mosquitos, etc. do not like the smell of pine tar and will not soon come back on the animals or you.

someone else may have some ideas for your house - but i know that anything with citrus oil in it can help. you might make a spray with orange oil and water and spray it everywhere. once my friend had scabies and came to my house and sat on my bed. that night after she had left i felt weird crawling sensations on my skin - but none got into my skin. later i found that the bath oil i used contained citrus oil and that is what saved me from the scabies. you can also spray this on your cats and yourself after the pine tar soap treatment.

good luck

Wheat Grass

Posted by John (New Jersey, US) on 12/29/2014

Wheat grass 2 oz juiced every morning in omaga juicer I got on line ..fresh cut wheat grass, get at whole foods. Once I stopped this after 5 years. Every day I did 2 oz of fresh wheat grass juice, now mites are back. Gotta get my wheat grass program going again. Every other thing I tried, mites become used to and it does not work.