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Sea Salt Bath  

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Posted by Robert (Los Angeles, CA) on 12/15/2014
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This post may be helpful by providing some details to some of the treatments for mites as I think it's maybe needed for some of us new to this.

First of all thank you so much to everyone on this site and others like it. I've only started dealing with this for about a month but I'm finally starting to get a grip on it and myself.

I don't have a cure yet but for anyone starting to deal with it sea salt baths will help you keep your sanity. But after the first bath all the critters that fell off my body ended up on my face and scalp, which increased my misery 10 fold. Wait at least an hour to get your head near the water till they all die off. I've noticed the water temp doesn't have to be all that hot. For my critters sea salt water is enough that they let go and start swimming till they die.

My guys are translucent in color so I never saw them until my second bath when I would gaze at the surface of the water from the side just where the light from the light bulb is reflected. I could see what looked like a sliver of thread or lint swimming like mad with all eight legs. The bigger ones look like a tiny wet dandruff flake with legs all around while the smallest ones look like the tiniest of dots, but looking even closer I realized they were treading water too! This truly freaked me out because there were tons of them in the dime sized spot I was observing. Well maybe 30 or so but that means there was a constellation of mites that just fell off my body in the tub with me! And that was just up to my waist!

I just wanted to give up and I dunno start sleeping on benches at this point. At least my lower half didn't itch that much. While I would soak and ponder getting my upper half in the water again I sprayed my torso and arms with Listerine to keep them from docking on me again. I chickened out a few times and just got out of water spraying my legs with Listerine and washed up, but eventually got a bucket with clean pre-soaked tub water and would step into that from the tub to ensure I didn't take with me the last of the stragglers, which I always found a lot of even after draining the tub and washing feet.

I even tried to dunk my head in a bucket but was afraid they would all crawl to my face then before I was done. Big dilemma. Until today I read about someone snorkeling in their tub, but not owning a mega tub I drove out to the beach and did some real snorkeling. Besides them crawling back on my legs on my drive back 30 min in the ocean got rid of them from me, most importantly my head! I just scratched my head as I wrote that but this is a turning point for me.

So find a big tub or the beach if your near it and dunk yourselves. If a tub hose yourself off while coming out or wait till they all die before getting out. I dream of the Dead Sea or Dr. Fish in Turkey that eats anything and everything off your body.

Now I gotta figure out how to get them off my 3 year old son, which is breaking my heart, and out of our lives.

Good luck to you all! God bless you.

Replied by Catherine

I have a six month old did you find anything for your child?

Replied by Michelle

I have had amazing results with filling a spray bottle with apple cider vinegar, salt and water - sprayed on myself and my environment. I guess you could do a small patch test on your little one and check that it's not too harsh? I am also using eucalyptus oil, lavender and peppermint in my clothing drawers. Spray the sea salt mixture onto dirty laundry and bag up. I am also putting a load of salt in my washing machine drawer. This has helped immensely. Best of luck!

Selenium Sulfide Shampoo  

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Posted by Nancy New Jersey (Turnersville) on 08/12/2016
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I finally found a cure for mite infestations, selenium sulfide shampoo. You do it every day for 7 days straight, then twice a week until you stop feeling them. No drinking alcohol because it will bring them right back your body is dehydrated all the nerve endings and it attracts the mites to your body so if you shampoo like I said 7 straight days and then twice a week after that it will start to clear up meanwhile you need to clean your house used to premethrim spray leave the house that's what I do I leave the house for the whole day after I spray everything outside sidewalks your car you have to heat it up to at least a hundred fifty degrees.i used a electric grill put it inside the car when the extension cord out in the sun put a thermometer in there to check the temperature get it up to at least a hundred and thirty forty fifty degrees. The car is the hardest thing to get rid of them.

Septic System  

Posted by Ike (Two Mile, Tn.) on 03/14/2015

i"ll try to make this as short as possible. Hope it's helpful to someone. If you have a septic tank on your home and you're washing your clothes w/mites you are washing the eggs right into your plumbing system. They hatch in the septic system and crawl right back up the drain and into your floor boards. The boxed stuff at the grocery store won "t kill " em either! That's what happened to me. You have to treat your septic system! Not sure with what; pool chlorine? Also keep bleach tablets in toilet water, I wrap these things in tissue paper and drown em in it, usually combined w/"urine therapy". When I wash my hands and brush my nails, I also make sure anything that came off of them goes completely through the trap under the sink and down the drain, you don"t want them crawling up the sink drain. I spray w/bleach cleaner immediately also. Didn't see this anywhere on your site. The septic tank is usually installed within 20 ft. of the main bathroom on most houses. This may be the reason some people aren't getting anywhere in the battle. Hope this helps somebody.

Skin Scraping Test  

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Posted by Nikki (Seattle, Washington) on 05/25/2011
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I also thought I was infested. Interestyly, I started itching again 2 years to the date of my last 'infestation'.

Last time I was treated with permithium (sp) cream and so was my family. My Dr. thought I had scabies. My family showed no symtoms. This was a 4 month long ordeal of washing, steaming, vacuuming etc.... I probably spent $1000 on cleaning alone.

I went back to the Derm and she did a skin scraping, so that she could take a look under the mycroscope. She said that I do not have scabies, that it must be some sort of alergy. I was going out of my mind, and by the end of summer the rash was gone and we went back to normal.

Fast forward to spring of this year. I really feel the crawling sensation and find it hard to believe that an alergy can feel like a bug and a bite! But, I beleive her. We did a skin scraping again.... And nothing. No bug, feces, legs... nothing.

Something is blooming in my yard that has triggered an allergy. I am starting claritin and a night time antihistimin to get my system to calm down.

The moral here is to get the skin scrapping before self diagnosing and going crazy thinking that you have some sort of parisite.

I love this sight, but wish that the mention of getting a skin scraping FIRST was mentioned somewhere.

Sincerely, Nikki

Replied by Sheila
San Diego, Ca, Usa

I'd get an IgE blood draw. That will tell you just about everything you're allergic to. There is also the ALCAT. It's pricey and you can pick and choose groups of allergens to test.

Sodium Bicarbonate Baths, Flowers of Sulphur  

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Posted by Carolyn (Penzance Cornwall, Uk) on 09/29/2015
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Mites: I was infested by some ducks that I rescued & I found that a strong (3 mugs) of bicarbonate of soda in a bath helped. I allso took bicarb (1/2 tsp) 2x a day as they hate low ph blood. Then dust yourself ALL OVER with flowers of sulfer. Dust your bed as well. Then mix kleen green & Dr Bronners Sal Sudds as a liquid soap & just keep on washing with it. I never thought I would be rid of the little blighters but me & the birds are all nice & mite free now. Persistence is the key.

Replied by Michelle

How did you treat the ducks?

Steam and Vacuum  

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Posted by Misty (West New York, NJ) on 08/02/2009
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For the past several months I've had unexplained itching sensations on my arms, legs and trunk and it was absolutely driving me crazy. When I looked with the naked eye, I couldn't see anything, but felt ceratin it was some type of mite. I started to apply blue painter's tape to any area that itched and then examined the tape with a magnifying glass and saw minute red specks. The only thing I could find on the internet was that it could possibly be bird mites. We do have a lot of pigeons and sparrows around my building and I have noticed tiny white moving lice-like bugs on the cement sill outside my window. These are the steps I have since taken: 1.vacuuming the whole house a minimum of three times a week, in addition to vacuuming my own body when I just feel itchy all over. 2. Spraying the carpets and upholstery with alcohol and Eucy oil. Bought a hot floor steamer to apply super hot steam to all carpets. 4. bought a hand held steamer for mattress and bedding. 5. Sprayed entire house with a popular residual insecticide that is nontoxic to humans and is orderless . 6.Increased my hot water temp. to 140 degrees for laundry. I'm going to try the vinegar solution tomorrow! Hope some of my ideas help.

EC: Eucy oil is (Australian) slang for eucalpytus oil.

Replied by Theestarseed
Bradenton, Fl

hi, I was wondering the nontoxic residual pesticide that you used for your house? Thank you.

Tea Tree Oil  

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Posted by Terry (Dallas, Tx) on 12/31/2012
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I mix equal parts of Tea Tree shampoo with 100% strength tea tree oil in a small bottle. Then, I step into the shower, pour about 1/4 ounce into my hand, then work through my hair (very short), massage my face, eye lids, eyebrows, ears and neck. I leave in place for 2 minutes, then turn the water on and rinse off. I repeat this once more, then continue with the shower. I shower like this twice a day, once before work and once before bed.

My blepharitis is clearing up. The skin itching and crawling sensation has stopped. I read that I should continue this for at least 4-6 weeks, then maintenance, to kill and keep the Demodex from returning.

Tea tree oil is very strong, but you get used to it after the first few times. It is worth the hassle to get rid of Demodex.

Ted's Remedies  

Posted by Cocoa2 (Rincon, Ga) on 10/05/2014

Re: Mites in the Eyes

Ted...I have been on here for weeks and I have tried everything. I read about how great castor oil and TTO is for the eyes which for me is my biggest concern. I used it several times a day but while mixing the TTO with baby shampoo and putting on my eyelashes a little would burn my eyes terribly. It was impossible to avoid this as this was on the underpart of the lids. I had great results but had to stop due to my vision be affected. I was putting the castor oil in my eyes having read this was safe and helped with the mites and the dry eye.

Then I read a comment by one warning castor oil can damage the eye and my vision is not clear now. I stopped the castor oil (said was also good for lashes) and vision is a little better. I can not locate the post with warning about using castor oil in the eyes.

I have 4 subtypes of Rosacea, I am in my 70's with many serious medical problems but this mite in my eyes is driving me crazy.

I have used Borax and Turpentine both internally and externally(baths). Can you suggest anything to use on eyes that will not hurt the eye? I thought about the AVC and the Borax mixture or the alcohol/borax but can not find info about using anything on the eye safely.

I am using baby shampoo often during the day. I have purchased all sorts of oils and many other items and tried them all.

I can not get neck underwater as I have a trach tube due to being left intubated too long which damaged my trachea beyond repair.

Thank you so very much for your reply if you can reply to me. Your info is very valuable to many and I thank you that you are willing to do so. I am thinking of getting the ozonated olive and coconut oil to try but unsure if I can use that on the eyes.

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Cocoa 2 ---- cold pressed castor oil, mixed with coconut oil is what I use all the time as it is super for the eyes, has cleared cataracts and the mites die. Creates beautiful skin. Makes lashes grow.

But I would stand clear of "baby oils". They have been known to be everything but ... I would never.

Colloidal silver drops into the eyes is always good and effective for mites, too. It has reduced my roseacea 95%. I was too lazy to carry on but planning to.

Hope this helps. Om

Replied by Dar
Phoenix, Az

Do you combine equal portions of the CPCO and CO (virgin) and use a dropper? Or rub over the eye?

I have the critter that I believe is a demodex. I also have a weird hair bug? Parasite? That lives on my hairstrand that turns the ends of my hair black and in certain looks black and white. It also twist the hairs around and groups a small section together. The scalp looks like it the hair has been sectioned off into small sections of hair. And if I do anything with my hair it pricks me. I also have a infestation of parasites in my organs and under my skin.

Can you suggest anything for the "hair mites"? I have tried everything from Neem oil, dandruff shampoo, castor oil on scalp etc... nothing seems to work. Any suggestion I would greatly appreciate. I am thinking about shaving my head. I am at the end of my road.

Thank you.

Ted's Remedies  

Posted by Eve (Nv) on 06/14/2014 15 posts

Mite Help: Several weeks ago, Ted was referring to EDTH and another chemical to use as a soap and a spray. I can't find these in the posts, I need to know what type to buy as it seems there are several types in each.

Replied by Theestarseed
Bradenton, Fl

Ted's soap is a mixture of tetrasodium edta and ammonium chloride. I bought both online. He said to make a ten percent solution for the environment. he gave directions if you don't measure your products to use two tablespoons of each to a pint, a pint is two cups, so one tablespoon per cup. I hope this helps.

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Theestarseed --- thank you so much for the explanation for Ted's edta mixture. Finally I can use it. Thanks again Namaste, Om

Posted by Lindy (Bronson, FL) on 08/20/2013

Hi Ted, Thank you for info about borax and H2O2 solution, it is helping so far. Been using a week now on mite sores and mites. Been suffering with these for 6 mos now. Dr. treatment ivermectin for scabies was not sure and that worked for awhile but they came back. Did not know about drinking borax 1/8 tsp- 1liter. Is laundry detergent safe to drink? My immune system is low, lost 20 lbs due to stress from 5 Drs visits and no help. I am 66 years old and never knew mites could live in human skin and cause so much damage and suffering, been healthy till now. Do you still suffer from mites? My scalp mites are continuous nonstop. Will try orange oil/borax soon, borax/h2o2 not working there. I now know Ih ave demodex mite infestation on face, eyes nostrils, ears, body, buttocks and fungus on feet soaking with vingar for that problem. Have any suggestions?

Replied by Itichy
Orlando, Fl

I am so glad I found this website... So many remedies , I am still fighting this terrible pest on me, but I am not loosing hope... Persistent is the key, cloved oil is what is working for me.... But my car keeps getting them.. So denatured alcohol will be again..... DO NOT Loose HOPE.... We will survive.... My life needs to get back on track... with the help of GOD.

Replied by I Am
Pahoa, Hi

How are you using the clove bud oil? Yes, Clove bud oil will kill mites according to an Australian study.

Replied by Patty Mcneely
Daytona Beach, Fl

I was at the Pharmacy today asking about Drinking Borax Solution. Pharmacist hadn't heard of it and didn't know if it was safe. I wondered myself as the only Borax I know of is the Laundry Detergent. Could someone enlighten me please. Also, bought Mustard Powder just did as I read put in the palm of my hand w/ a little water which made it like a paste put it on my face...couldn't get to the sink fast enough to wash it off. My face was on fire. If that is the normal reaction, it should kill them, nearly killed me. Patty

Replied by Susie Bishop

The only real cure for Sarcoptic Mites is Cedar Oil. You can find online. Also, DR Scabies. Although Cedar Oil better.

SOAK in 2 cups 20 Muleteam Borax and 2 cups peroxide Very hot water For 30 minutes or more. This is how we are getting RID OF MITES. CEDAR OIL IS GOOD FOR A LOT MORE AND is NATURAL, no chemicals.

Posted by Diana (Stouffville, Ontario) on 05/04/2013

Please could someone pls contact Ted and give him my email. I have been battling bird mites all over for 3 months and a week ago my toes went numb.... Is this related.... Pls help. Taking borax and hp and baths, heat treatment for the house..... Not sure how to heal poor cat. So scared. God Bless Ted for his generous help. cyber-d (at) rogers (dot) com

Posted by Rhondag (Charlotte, Nc, Us) on 03/25/2013

I'm wanting to make sure of measurements for a couple of Ted's recipes for demodex mites or issues with mites. I need to confirm if recipe below is correct. Thank you.

- 1/2 tsp borax and 1/8 tsp of baking soda and 6 to 7 drops of H202 in one liter or basically 1 quart of water to drink daily?

- 1/2 cup of borax and 1/2 H202 in tub of water for bath approximately once a week or every bath?

- small amount of borax in palm of hand and add small amount of H202 leave on a few minutes and wash face afterwards - daily

Replied by Patty

Hi back. I thought I'd let everyone know my progress w/ this issue. I went last week to an Indian dr. w/ this problem and right away he said it was not eyelash / demodex mites. I mentioned they started out in eyelashes but noticed face, hair, nose later. Always mentioned in jan. Visited Woodbridge NJ & stayed at an "Indian" hotel and instantly almost started itching. Only reason continued to stay 8 days was it was a smoking hotel (for me). I had spent about 150.00 in hair extensions but thankfully knew how to put them in myself or would have probably pd.another 100.00 just to pay someone there 20.00 to take them out after a few days. It was that bad that quick. I know the eyelash problem was there before the trip for couple months but I certainly got something there that was not bedbugs. The dr. didn't seemed surprised so that's my last Indian hotel. Very nice people but very buggy. So, he have me a perscription for some body wash but I got the over the counter version at walgreens for 8.99. It is called "well at walgreens"..antiseptic skin cleanser in 8 oz bottle. I even put it on my face the first night and left it although it is a liquid soap. Just a little goes a long way in the shower and was told put it everywhere folds of the skin, hair, genitals everywhere. First time what a relief. He also perscribed for me ..mupriocin 2 % cream 15gm. It was 40.00. It is cheaper i found out even walmart. It only takes a little and thin layer. I knew it was a good choice to see an indian doctor and was right. I can't believe the difference and immediately. I still am going to clean the furniture w/ a sprayer attached to the bed bug/mite insecticide from lowes and was clothes everyday and sheets, well every couple or so days and i really believe for the first time in about 7 months I am going to be back to normally. Btw mentioned all I'd read and tried the dry mustard, tea tree, bacterial cream listerine, etc. and was told a waste of time. Temporary fix but not going to irradicate the parasite. Anyway passing it along and good luck to all. Patty

Ted's Remedies Reader Feedback  

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Posted by Cal (Monroe, LA USA) on 11/14/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have been fighting Demodex brevis mites for a year now - they somehow invaded my meibomian glands in my eyelids after a lot of 'extreme' exposure to ordinary dustmites. Eventually they migrated to my chest, neck and body - even my feet. I could feel needle stabbing sensations in the soles of my feet for gosh sakes!!! I have used tea tree oil a lot, but eventually developed a reaction to it, so had to stop using it. I then used some permethrin 5% from head to foot, and took a round of ivermectin for a couple of weeks. These remedies worked temporarily. My latest and most effective treatment thus far has been a combination of water, peroxide 3% and 20 Mule Team Borax. I also sleep with a wet washcloth on my face, which has really begun to get things moving along. Every time I bathe, I run a warm tub of water and add 1/4 cup of borax and 1/2 cup of 3% peroxide and soak in it for 10 or 15 minutes. I use the same like a rinse after shampooing my hair. At night I put 1/3 peroxide 3%, 3/4 water, 1/2 tsp. of borax in an 8 oz spray bottle, shake it up well until no granules are left, then spray my body down and let it dry without toweling. I then saturate a washrag with same solution, not dripping wet, but wet. I sleep with it on my face, carefully tucking it into the corners of my eyes and around my lids, making sure the washrag covers my face from over the top of my brows, over to my temples, then down to my top lip. This is working well to clear my eyes and face of this parasite..takes a while, but my eyes and face have crusted over and peeled, my eyes have resumed an almost-normal shape, I feel a very small amount of movement around my lids and in my lashes. Also, I drink fresh squeezed lemon juice in my water all day and sometimes I use Ted's 1/8 teaspoon of borax to the 1 litre of water to alkaline my body. No sugar, overdose on vegetables. Slow, but it seems to be working.

Replied by Sue
Farmington Hills, MI

Hello, I have been dealing with problems that are very similar to the ones you have described and would like to share what has been working for me. I have been using neen leaves, they are well know to strengthen the immune system and to fight parasites. Everyday I drink one cup of neem tea (boiled leaves for 5 minutes in filtered water) in addition, I put some strong neem tea in a somewhat large bottle (probably about 32 oz) and after I finish showering I pour the whole bottle of warm tea over my head and body, no rinsing needed, it is just like water, not sticky. As far as drinking the tea, I must say that it is bitter, however, I have used many essentials oils (oregano, lemongrass, clove, even neem, etc), as well as the hydrogen peroxide/borax mixture (which was too harsh for my skin, especially the facial area) but nothing has given results as good as the neem tea. The discomfort and itching have decreased immensely, as well as the redness and inflammation. In addition to the neem, I have been doing castor oil packs and drinking a tablespoon of castor oil twice a week. Also, I plan to purchasing a shower filter. Keep in mind that he have at present and come across and incredibility large number of microorganisms at any given moment, our immune system is very capable of dealing with them, UNLESS, it is weak. A strong immune system may be the key to solving this, since these little critters are quite opportunistic and have as sole purpose to grow and divide, for that, they use our resources and take over our body, so technically any microbe can become pathogenic if it finds a weak host. I get organic neem leaves and castor oil from Mountain Rose Herbs, I am not affiliated to them, but I love their products.

Replied by Ruth
H, Tasmania

I' d like to try this Neem tea leaf drink. I' ve found that neem oil night after night for weeks on end wrapped in plastic didn' t help, neither essential oils in variations.

It seems its an immune system challenge and maybe related to candida. Apparently mites feed on yeasts and sugar. Ive been reading on a vet site just tonifght about this and it rings true for me!

Replied by Debi
Concord, Ca, Usa

My husband and I have both been suffering from mite infestation for the past 5 months. Does anyone have a solution for getting rid of the waxy like substance that the mites create on your skin when you are showering? My poor husband has been trying without much success couple times a day he showers and just gets drenched again and again with this waxy stuff we have tried sulfur soap, tar soap, Dr Bronners peppermint castile soap, Dr Bronners tea tree oil castile soap, dawn dish soap, also have been using Kleen Green enzymes on hair and spraying it all over our bodies as well as spraying everything we own and our household items with the kleen green. But, we still have the mites and still get waxed when showering what else can we do?

Replied by Anon
Anon, Usa

Hello. I just have to tell you that, I had something get on my forearms several years ago. I believe this was some kind of mites or parasites. This happen one day when I was cutting grass with a super high power zero turn lawnmower. This lawnmower really kicked up grass and dirt and dust. My forearms begin to itch very bad. I also had what looked like a dull film on my arms. I did not ever know what this was for sure. After the itching went away I had these white head bumps that would appear festered up.

Some things that helped me was some scalp treatment that I purchased from puritian pride called hairever cleansing scalp treatment. I would rub this on my forearms for about a minute and leave on for 5 minutes then shower off. When I would do this, I would have these black specks that would rub out of my arms. Recently, I have purchased a a bar soap saver. This is in the beauty ailse. You put your soap inside of it and wet leather it up and wash the area. The soap I been using is called grandma's lye soap. I am clearer than I have ever been. almost like it is almost gone, even the film on my arms is barely noticiable.

Some other things I have heard or read that suppose to help is covering your body with vaseline or mentholatum or vicks. Nu-stock which I tried... You may also want to try and do a parasite cleanse of some sort, worm wood, black walnut hulls ect.

My best results came from the scalp treatment and the lye soap. I tried lots of stuff, even borax internally and extrenally, nu-stock ect. The scalp treatment will get kinda warm and cool tingling feeling after you stop rubbing it. The lye soap lathers good inside the bar soap saver and I scrub not to hard, but hard enough to remove loose skin cells.

Replied by Amanda
Tn., US

To get rid of that waxy substance, use baby power every time you wet your skin, it's definitely the best thing I've tried.....

Replied by Lee

Please stop what you're doing. I've lived, if you call it living, with this mite and lice problem for 9 years. I have yet to find permanent answers. Green clean will help but their web site is like most I have found. They make it sound like they have a cure all but have no idea of what they're dealing with. The product does help esp. eyes. Although I still get eye infections. You need to treat your environment. Pheromones - that's the question and the answer. NO ONE ADDRESSES IT!


Lee, I don't know that they can stop what they are doing. They are all trying to end this. I am almost clear of the mites. The key for me was when I read the post that said ACV and garlic. I wash all worn clothing and used linen everyday. I spray with Windex/Borax with hydrogen peroxide and I use the dehumidifiers and oxygen generators (which works great in cars). I take all steps to improve my immune systems (exercise, nutrition, enough sleep, a very good vitamin, de-stress) and take raw garlic daily (in my yogurt with mint) and some days I take the ACV.

Posted by Julie (Clearwater, Florida) on 07/31/2008
5 out of 5 stars

THANK YOU for putting this site together. I could not stop itching. Those mites were driving me cray!!!! I have become some what of a loner. It is wrecking my life. But instantly, I felt relief by using borax and peroxide. I will try coconut oil and vinegar next. Whew!!! All we know is how to use borax, vinegar, baking sode, etc. to clean. Thanks again! you just might have saved my life.

Posted by Eloise (Oakland, CA) on 12/12/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have been troubled by tiny red bites, itching, and stinging for about 2 1/2 months. I have made some progress deep cleaning with Kleen Green and treating myself with it, washing all clothes and bedding in hot water and borax after a single use, bagging all clothes, throwing out about 50% of my belongings, vacuuming three times a week and immediately disposing of the bag, and triple covering my futon and computer chair with vinyl mattress covers. I have also had some success with Ted's external borax treatment (thanks, Ted) but found the internal treatment very irritating to my bladder. I am now going to try silver and have ordered some of the ABL silver as suggested by Tracy. I am trying to figure out the maximum amount I can safely take and afford since I have seen posts here suggesting amounts as large as 4 ounces a day. Any suggestions? Also, has anyone tried di-limonene sprays or powders on carpets, for biting mites, with any success? Love the website and thanks in advance for your replies.

Replied by Chris
Longmont, Colorado, Usa

I am glad, also, to have found this site. I have been dealing with cheyletiella mites for a long time, since my 2 long-haired cats and I lived in mite infested Nederland (dog city) Colorado. On this site I found a helpful suggestion about drinking Neem tea & where to get it. So I would like to share about cleaning your house and doing the laundry with something that will kill the mites. I use a rather expensive ($6.00/bottle) enzyme cleaner. I can not tell you the brand but it also contains real lime extract and it is organic & comes in a lime green bottle with blue trim. You can dilute it with water and spray it on your rug before vacuuming (just let it dry a bit first), you can spray it on your walls and clean the shower with it. It rocks. For laundry use it straight, a couple teaspoons per load. Ok, right now I am going to bathe in epsom salt & lavender oil. Some use Eucalyptus but it irritates my skin. Thank you, all you helpful people.

Chris in Colorado

PS: do NOT use this enzyme cleaner on your body