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Posted by Sharon (Tampa) on 05/29/2014

l recently had to visit my daughter to help her move, who has these mites and is in denial. It took me five years to learn enough off EC to rid myself and my dogs of these horrible things. Knowing l was going to get a snoot-full of mites off her car, bed and furniture, and having limited suitcase space, l packed MMS flakes plus citric acid activator for a ten-day stay (Note: it is possible to be covered with them with few symptoms, when you have a healthy immune system.) l have discovered that larger amounts than specified will work in the bath with regular tap water, BUT, the mix produces a healing gas that displaces your oxygen, and you MUST use a fan to circulate the oxygen you are breathing while you bathe, or you will start coughing uncomfortably. If you cough even once, immediately increase the air circulation. l use a box fan on high. l also use 3 tablespoons mms flake with 15 tablespoons citric acid to activate it, don't wait, get in the tub, immerse yourself head to toe for at least 7 minutes, scrub everywhere lightly-no soap or other items which will deactivate the solution- until after the 7 min soak, shampoo and cream rinse after the 7-min soak. When l got home, l experienced none of the usual problems of re-infestation, except for what l got in her car on the way to the train. If 3 tablespoons seems to make you cough, use 2 tablespoons with 10 tablespoons citric acid. This is a 5-1 ratio. Here is a reliable web-site with more info on MMS - ( explore this site with tabs at the top, the forum is full of personal experience info.) You can purchase the flake (sodium chlorite- watch this spelling!! - read carefully what you are buying!! ) on ebay by the pound. Some feed stores carry the citric acid in bulk for cheap. Yes you can bathe your dogs in it, be aware that white dogs fur will turn pink, as it leaches the metals out of their body into the bath. rinsing with weak baking soda and water will restore the white.

Replied by Mary

Hi Sharon: Could you tell me more about how you got rid of mites using MMS. I bathe in 90drops per night and even spray my body with the skin protocol amount and I have not been able to eradicate them. It seems like this much larger amount you used has worked for you. How often did you bathe in this amount to kill them?

Also did you take protocol 1000 during this time. Also is your daughter having success getting rid of them? Thank you

Replied by Sharon

Having fought a 10 year battle with these mites before eradicating them, and thousands of $$ l would like to remind newcomers that these mites get on everything in your home. They make new adults every 7 days. In 6 months, you can have a million, and a week after that you will have 2 million. Your ceilings, your walls, your upholstered furniture, your car seats and any fabric coverings, light fixtures, computers, electronic devices, dog or cat beds, the underside of tables and chairs, curtains, books, any cracks and seams in wallpaper, mattresses and pillows, Wow. Almost impossible to see with the naked eye, some species can live up to 9 months without feeding. You must spray these areas, and cover your seating or sleeping areas entirely encased in plastic that has all seams, including zippers duct-taped. Check every 3 days for holes and duct tape those. Preventing re-infestation is as important as treating yourself. You can bathe and treat yourself, but going back to sit on that untreated couch or chair or car or porch or yard will re-infest you, that is why some things seem not to work, it is working, but you are going where there are still mites living to get on you. Read all the letters to the end of the mite site and you will get valuable information to help your fight. It is worth the time, as further down you will get info that you may like better than what you have read before. l rid myself of mites using what l read here and Ted's info (thank you so much, Ted and EC) and using kerosene and taking DE powder internally. Also used a pest company twice to use miticide everywhere. Now if someone will show me how to convince my family members that they have mites l will be eternally grateful. Cheers.

Dayton, Ohio

I fought these things off and on for years. My dog and some of my friends dogs have also had to fight this off. I was putting Vanguard (with mite control) flea control drops on my dog and thought... why not... and put just a couple of drops on my arm... in 2 days I was itch free and stayed that way for quite a while. They came back, I treated again. I don't have any idea the long term complications of my actions... but that was first back in 2011 and pretty much they were gone until I recently moved and got old bed clothing out of storage and now... we're back to fighting them again! But one thing I do like about using the frontline... every time they bite me I'm poisoning them. After a while it would seem that if they all take a bit, they'll all die.

Quassia Wood Chips  

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Posted by Nancy (Seattle, Wa) on 01/24/2013
4 out of 5 stars

I have been dealing with bird mites for three years, after innocently bringing an abandoned bird nest into my home as a natural decoration. Within a month I was bitten all over, then swarmed with tiny bugs I could not see. I left my house and rented a place near my job. My car and office were infested. Finally figureed out what was happening via I used bug bombs, RID, etc. To no avail. Used natural remedies like neem, tea tree, cedar oil, DM, you name it. Nothing worked against these monsters, which I could feel all over, esp. In my nose, ears, eyes, crotch. Then they burrowed into my skin leaving lesions all over me. The scariest part was realizing they were in ME, not just the house, car, etc. I have been to 8 doctors who treat me like I am insane and diagnose Morgellons. Ozone, H2O2 baths help a lot, and last year I discovered that hot saunas helped beat them back, so I take a sauna 2-3x week. Still felt like I was just managing them, not killing them off.

I write this today to say that I have found that quassia wood is working to kill them off. Soak the bark chips in water and drink it and apply it all over. I have been doing this for 4 days and the results are amazing. I will post back as this treatment progresses.

Replied by Sweetkitten
Colorado Springs, Colorado / United States

I picked up a skin mite infestation while a tourist in the Costa Rica rain forest five years ago. I have tried ivermectin oral and topical including eprinex, permethrin 5% cream and 45% permethrin for extra large dogs, lindane, malathion bug spray mixed with rubbing alcohol and citra-solv, bleach baths, epsom salt baths, borax oral drink, borax topical, essential oils, neem, ammonia, sulfur, etc.

By alternating I can sometimes knock them back but nothing cures. I have seen two dozen doctors and specialists, flown all over the United States seeking expert help and while I have the skin scrape results to prove I am not delusional, the doctors are clueless about how to help me.

Can you give me a update on your experience with 'Quassia Wood Chips' oral and topical??

Thank you, Jan

Replied by Nancy
Seattle, Wa

It has now been about 2 months using the quassia wood decoction as a body wash and drink. It has really helped heal and eliminate the sores. I continue to use the wash, mixed with witch hazel, all over, and drink it. I have also discovered that the "bug patch" really helps. It is a vitamin B1 patch sold for "no-see-ums", mosquitos, etc. I have three on at a time and it is helping a lot. Seems that the B1 (thiamine) goes right to blood stream and changes my smell--they hate it. Helps keep them out of my mouth and nose as they avoid the smell of expiration. I am still struggling with the mites, wonder if this will ever be completely over, but know that slowly it is getting better.

Replied by Myredemption
5 posts

I have this infestation/infection and it is the "superbug" that Morgellons sufferers refer to. My variation of Morgellons is with superbugs infecting my entire environment, especially clothing and paper material. Its a tiny white superbug that flies extremely fast, mostly to get to my scalp/head. Their existence is manifested by white/black/brown specks and tiny white/black fiber/threadlike material. After dealing with this for 3 years, I believe that I'm more than halfway to being free from this. The challenge lies in having enough money to leave EVERYTHING behind AND to rid most of them from my body. My goal is a clean environment and clothes that is not infested and not having them in/on my body which otherwise would reinfest clothes and my home environment rather quickly.

I think that this superbug is the vector for the organisms/particles that comes out of lesions when essential oils/solutions are applied. For me, it came first, and then ultimately I developed lesions, myiasis in the fingers' nail area, and of course the infestation of my environment. I'll share some insight from my years of observation of this plight and could help others to live again.

My infection began when my neighbor's cat ran into my apartment unnoticed at night as I entered. By the time that I found him, it was curled up and sleeping on my bed. Shortly thereafter, I heard "popping" sounds of something in my ear when going sleep laying on my side with my ear against the pillow. I thought they were harmless earmites of some kind and used over the counter lice permethrin sprays on my bedding. It didn't go away and due to a busy lifestyle, I didn't try to eradicate it, living with it and only dealing with it when I go to bed. Looking back, I saw a lot of people scratching in close proximity. But like everyone, didn't realize that I'm the cause at first; one has to be very observant and conscious to recognize it. Then 6 years later, I got a cat, and made the mistake of letting it go outside and utimately bringing the Morgellon's superbug. I recalled that I felt a "fuzz" when petting her after that day. My cat also brought back a flea infestation and I believe that a flea bite infected me with the Morgellon's/superbug. I also had a couple of mice at the time and this is most likely a part of this developing problem; possibly with mites from the mice. I began noticing that there were white specks EVERYWHERE and continually reappeared despite vacuuming the previous day. Then one day, I woke up from a nap and felt something clogging my nose. I pulled out a clump of long white strandlike material and that brought me to the realization that something was wrong along with an infestation of some kind. I had 4 exterminators come out, telling me that there is nothing but "dust" after showing them the white specks. One of them said they were whiteflies and that they don't treat for agricultural pests. I then started feeling crawling/bites on my scalp, especially when I was in my car. I bought a steam cleaner to clean and kill whatever bugs were in there and strangely black specks and splotches appeared on the fabric that I was steam cleaning. (According to Ted on this site, Morgellons bugs turn black when killed.) There were also strange black, white, and brown specks and smears on my furniture and logically I proceeded to clean. Then I noticed that shortly after cleaning a furniture item, the specks and smears were on them again. I ended up throwing out ALL of my furniture and moved into an apartment that I find out to be infested with Morgellons and ancillary bugs that are attracted to it. I got bites creating an itchy red rash, put hydrogen peroxide on them and black specks surfaced. Strange material/particles appeared on all surfaces in my apartment and I began to feel bites or something landing on my head despite not being in the car. I also got rid of my car, fought property management to get out of the year long lease (and won). But the nightmare had begun. I stopped work due to all the sores/lesions on my face and dedicated all of my time to cleaning and trying to eradicate this infestation. At the time, I didn't know about Morgellons and never thought that these parasites are in my body. I continued to feel the bug bites and crawling feeling on my head. I also had the superbugs on my belongings and they would fly to my head/scalp when I disturbed whatever they were on. I lived in hotels for 6 months moving into a new room every 1-3 days, sold my car, and only had a large bag of belongings. Yet the plight continues. At the time, I realized that I could infest others, especially the people that I cared about and stayed to myself and my girlfriend who strangely wasn't affected at all.

Eventually, I spent all of my savings and maxed out my credit cards due to hotels, living expenses, and buying products to try to eradicate the infestation. I was homeless, unemployed, and lost most of my social circle. This was in Southern California and I had to move back into my mother's place in Seattle. No one believed that I had a bug infestation and family/friends even discussed an intervention for a psychiatric hospital stay. It ended up not happening but I knew then and there that I'm alone in this. I saw many doctors, mainly PCPs and a couple of dermatologists. None were helpful, few even made a close observation of my lesions/sores with all the rest saying that they don't see anything. I was prescribed Hydroxyzine for itch and tubes of steroid gel. Unknown to me, I was eventually diagnosed with Delusional Parasitosis and they put me on Risperidone. I didn't know that it was prescribed for their assumed DP diagnosis and was told that it would help me relax, so I took it. All of my cleaning activity caused the superbugs to infest my fingernail area. There was a white substance under my nails and skin around the nails, which were cracked and white in color. When I clipped the skin off, something would fly out and hit my face along with white grainy particles coming out. My clothes were heavily infested by then, with brown and white specks constantly on most items and the superbugs flying off and hitting my face/scalp. It was hell and I wished that I wasn't alive at times. In my mind, I knew that I couldn't even date or have a family with this condition. Also, I only focused on my environment and didn't consider that my health would be the key to repel the bugs and kill the ones on/inside my body. I moved into my own place and began infesting it, despite all attempts to stop its re-population, with ziplock bags. I knew that I had to work again to earn money for the products that I used. Ultimately, I had infested my workspace - keyboard, chair, carpet, and moniter and was being reexposed each day. People withing 10 feet of me would scratch or cough around my area on the bus. I knew that it wasn't a coincidence because when a lot of the bugs were jumping to my head, a lot of people around me are scratching as well.

Key points and what has helped me:

Now I barely feel bites/crawling from clothes for most of the day. I'm trying to rid them from my body and building up my health and immune system. When I use the bathroom for a number 2, I feel the bugs come out and get back on my head. I feel particles/bugs landing on my face/head. I's disgusting and I have to rid them from my body. I even quit smoking due to this because the bugs will infest my cigarettes and when smoked come flying to my head and face. Even my medications get infested despite being double ziplock bagged in an "airtight" container after repeated openings. My plan is to leave everything behind(since it's all contaminated) and not have enough in/on my body that would otherwise infest new clothes/environment.

- The superbugs fly and their particles are airborne. This dynamic is the most challenging when trying to overcome this variation of Morgellons. Many particles float in the air constantly, emanating from contaminated belongings. It is one of its life stages - possibly nymphs. If you pay attention and look at the "air", you may see tiny tiny particles, which can be seen as a slight white blur. Sure some of it is dust but upon close observation with a dark background, the particles have a CONTROLLED floating pattern. I believe that this is why many people cannot overcome Morgellons. A person continually breathes the particles in and anything that is amongst the particles will become infected. My theory to permanently overcome Morgellons is to get away from the contaminated air as well as the contaminated items. For example, when I buy a new article of clothing and leave it unbagged in my apartment, it will start having specks/superbugs on it within 3 hours. After about 8 hours, it is fully contaminated and if worn, will cause crawling, itching, and biting on my skin and head. This means that wherever I go, there is a cloud of particles that envelopes/float around me. Not to be funny but think of Pigpen in the peanuts comics. This is why people will scratch and cough/sneeze when I am within 5 feet of them and on a bad day with infested clothing, 10 feet. This means that on the day of leaving everything behind SOMEONE WHO IS NOT INFECTED has to bring clothing to me; anything that I'm within 5 feet of for an extended period of time will be infected. Even ziplocked items are not fully protected over time. When the bag is opened, particles/bugs will float in and reinfest. This airborne aspect is why cleaning can be futile, because the airborne particles will just re-infect a cleaned item when placed in the other side of the room. This also means that I can infect others. I get depressed from minimal contact with family. I don't socialize much and don't have friends due to discomfort being around others in the same place for an extended period of time. My concern is that when they realize that they scratch while being around me, they will know that I have an infection of some kind.

- Cleaning needs to be done while the entire body is protected or covered. Keep in mind that some items cannot be cleared/rid of parasites. There are items, esp plastics where I have sprayed with a killing solution, poured boiling water on, and then rinsed only to still be infected evidenced by a white film shortly thereafter. Cleaning is basically moving particles/bugs from one place to another and it could be to YOU. The problem is when they are disturbed, they will become airborne and land on your body as well as being breathed in at a high concentration. I use Ted's recommended Tetrasodium EDTA/Ammonium Chloride formula to kill the bugs. Kleen Green purchased on Amazon ($75 + $19 shipping for a gallon of concentrate) works well too and I take a bath in it. It kills the bugs (EDTA is better at killing) and forms a protective barrier on the body when air dried. The problem while cleaning is when the solutions are sprayed on any surface, the live ones will fly at me. Their other particles will go into the air exactly where I'm at and breathed in. I plan on moving in a month and therefore decided to only do spot cleaning and not disturb the others. If I were to stay, I would spray EVERYTHING, including walls and ceilings in one cleaning session.

- These superbugs/Morgellons go INSIDE my body and will come out while on the toilet. I fear that it is also in other fluids, if you get what I mean. I'm theorizing that if my immune system is strong, then it will eradicate some of them. The other ones need to be driven out.

For building the immune system:

- Eating minimal carbs/sugars and consuming a healthy diet esp. vegetable/protein.

- Taking Vitamin D: 10,000 IU/day. There is a book about the author taking 10x the daily recommended dosage everyday for a year and most of his health problems - arthritis, high cholesterol, etc were gone.

- Taking Glutathione, which is produced by the body to rid toxins. The most effective product to induce Glutathione production is MaxOne GXL Glutathione. This is key to building my body back up. According to Wikipedia: Glutathione (GSH) is an important antioxidant in plants, animals, fungi, and some bacteria and archaea, preventing damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen species such as free radicals, peroxides, lipid peroxides and heavy metals.

- Taking Cholorella (cracked cell wall) 8,000 mg/day. It is a green algae superfood high in chlorophyll, protein, antioxidants and minerals. It's widely used for its properties to stimulate and enhance the immune system, and reducing radiation treatment side effects by increasing white blood cell counts. In addition to this it has a chelating effect (getting rid of metals) which will help clean the bioterrain in my body. NutriGuardian's Chlorella found on Amazon has the highest mgs for the money.

- Taking a probiotic. This is to develop and maintain a strong immune system with the gut's good bacteria. The gut is a main component of our immune system and probiotics will help with nutrient absorption. I take 5 medications and they inhibit efficient absorption of nutrients. I chose a liquid form of probiotics (SCD Essentials Liquid) with the two main genus groups: Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Although there are others in there, broad spectrum probiotics will have these two groups. I found it on Amazon as well.

- Supplementing my diet with a multivitamin superfood powder to optimize my health. It goes without saying that a vegetable rich supplement is healthy. I use Amazing Grass Green Superfood Alkalize and Detox in a drink.

- Alkalizing with Ted's formula, mine consists of 2 TBSP of apple cider vinegar and 1/2 tsp of baking soda in a regular sized drink bottle. I drink this twice a day, 30 min. after a meal. Parasites have a hard time living in a neutral PH body so this is a key step.

- Killing/ridding bugs from my body with Ted's formula which consists of a capful of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 3% and 1/4 tsp (I added more) of Food Grade Borax.

- Expelling and repelling superbugs with Essential Oils formula. I found this here at Earth Clinic and it works! A person in an interview said that he/she was cured from Morgellons with this. It consists of 5 drops (I do 7) of the following essential oils with a water chaser after each oil. They are: 1. Clove Oil, 2. Cinnamon Cassia Oil 3. Lemon Oil, 4. Red Thyme Oil, 5. Oregano Oil, 6. Rosemary Oil. Use 3x/day and it's 3 days on, 2 days off.

- I take Biotin which helps with a healthy metabolism and creating important enzymes. Biotin is often used to strengthen hair and nails, and is also called Vitamin H (for hair). Since Morgellons affects the skin and the superbugs will bite/burrow into the skin, it's important to maximize it's strength. Many systems benefit from biotin including the skin, nerves, digestive tract, metabolism and cells.

- Vitamin C - 3,000 mg/day. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, good against toxins in this Morgellon's fight.

- Wormwood Tincture - 3 dropper-ful/day. This helps drive out the superbugs/Morgellons. Wormwood is known to help the body produce an environment that is toxic to harmful organisms. It is also a powerful antioxidant and aids digestion.

Other Helpful Tips -

- Using an Electric Pressure Cooker for my clothes, with a wash cycle in the washing machine IMMEDIATELY after the cooking has ended. This will eliminate most of the bugs and will feel comfortable when worn. If you let it sit in the cooker, it will be reinfested due to bugs settling on the inside of the lid/top as well as the rest of the cooker. I hang dry if possible assuming there is enough time to dry before use. I cook clothes the night before it is worn. A pressure cooker gets the temp. higher than boiling water. This rids the parasites from clothes by killing and MAINLY driving them out of clothing items. Borax didn't work for the superbugs that has infested my clothes. I even boiled some clothes only to find that some were still alive and clothes still uncomfortable to wear. So I thought...why not cook them at an even hotter temperature. I bought a 10 quart electric pressure cooker found on Amazon (this was the largest one for electric ones that I found. Anything bigger would be an autoclave.) and in one session can treat a pair of jeans, 2 boxers, a t-shirt, and a sweater. That's one outfit, which I cook for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. I make sure that there is at least 1/4 fill of water in the pot. WARNING: DO NOT USE IN YOUR HOME, USE OUTSIDE WITH ENOUGH DISTANCE FROM YOUR HOME. This is because A LOT of the superbugs will come out of the pressure cooker during cooking despite the lid being locked. They come out from under the lid and through the steam vent on every pressure cooker. I first used it in my apartment hallway and now is infested badly. Didn't think they would come out but they do. The area around the pressure cooker WILL BE INFESTED due to cooker use, so place accordingly. If you don't have an outlet, I recommend a generator to power the pressure cooker placed far enough from your home.

- Using a Far-Infrared Sauna to sweat out toxins and kill the bugs/Morgellons in the body. If you are not familiar with it, Google it. After each use, I feel super clean and bug free.

- Wear a bandanna, beanie, or other head gear whenever possible. My head is shaved and the bugs aim to go to my scalp when I'm in a badly infested environment or when cleaning. It's important to not allow more to burrow into the head. I believe that in addition to electrostatic energy attracting the Morgellons/superbug to the head, that these are socially oriented organisms communicating and ATTRACTING more to where a group/nest is. For example, if I spray EDTA/Ammonium Chloride to kill them on a sleeping bag, the ones that are still alive are all in clumps together.

- Use Nature's Gift Debriding Soap to kill and extract the bugs/Morgellons from the skin. Non-toxic and natural. It works very well and turned my situation around. The first time that I applied it to my scalp without diluting, there was a big purge of Morgellons/bug particles/specks with clumped up fibers that are round and thick in the middle. In fact, I applied regular lotion later on that day and it REACTIVATED the purging while I was on the bus. The moisture will reactivate and I felt tingling along with some crawling sensations on the head. Then fibers and particles dropped to my lap. There was a fan that the bus driver turned on above my head and it blew all the particles everywhere. Oh well. I use it full strengthen on infected areas to kill the bugs. In fact, my infected finger are now finally cured after 3 years. Apply and use a pumice stone to scrape biofilm/dead skin off infected body parts. Dilute it and use in the ears; I move my head around to get the solution flowing into all the space in the ear canal. I hear loud popping indicating dying bugs and after about 15 minutes, rinse my ear out with a spray from the shower head. Using Clinere earwax picks will extract dead ones as well after rinsing. I've ordered another bottle and will cover my entire body with it for 30 min. or more if necessary. You will feel the bugs move around trying to get away from the soap inside your body. For me, they exited out of my toes. I always felt them crawling up my leg to a certain spot and saw a cut/scrape there and realized that they crawl up my calf and enter the body in the spot. I don't remember scraping that spot and wonder if the superbugs/Morgellons created it. Thus be sure to seal all wounds.

- My keyboard was always getting infested and they jump at my face, along with particles floating above the keyboard, infecting my hands while typing. I searched and found WASHABLE KEYBOARDS on Amazon. I scraped money up and got the best one which is by Logitech and is truly washable.

I hope that all of this helps and please share if you know something that can help us. This is the only way for us to overcome these parasites/Morgellons; I felt the need to spend a few hours typing this up because what goes around comes around. Doctors aren't helping so we need to help each other. My email is socal2wa (at) gmail

Rife Machines  

Posted by Mike (Southern Cal., US) on 03/21/2015

I bought some 250ppm colloidal silver & have read of people applying it under the tongue. Can anyone advise me on dosage. Also I was reading ole robert henry"s post on rife machines & can't find it to finish reading it. What page is it on?

EC: Hi Mike, you can check out this page and see if it's what you were looking for.

You can also do a search of Earth Clinic (box at top of page) for 'Robert Henry Rife' and you'll see where he mentioned Rife Machines in several posts.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc


Re: Dosage on taking Colloidal Silver...

I take 2 tablespoons or more three times daily to rid myself of possible system wide infections. I've been on that quantity for about 9 months. If I get a sinus infection or ear infection I must irrigate into sinus cavity on both sides and into ears. I use an ear syringe to make sure the CS goes deep into the sinus cavity.

Replied by Mara

Has anyone had success with Rife Machines?


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Posted by Andoy (Boise, Id) on 11/02/2012

Thank you Antonio-- I rubbed my saliva on my itching skin and after 5 minutes no more itching.

Posted by Antonio (Santiago, Reg. Metropolitana, Chile) on 01/16/2010
5 out of 5 stars

SALIVA Kill DEMODEX mites and it's structure


I am not a doctor, as Ted's contributions I would also like to help out with my survey and solution for this problem according to my own experience :

a) Uncomprehensible dermatologists does not know about this...and you lose lot of time with wrong diagnosis, problem getting worse, wrong treatments, being contagious,...

b) Skin thickness is a factor on the effectiveness on treatments

c) Stage of evolution of this insect is another factor on the effectiveness of treatments

To start with:

Babies: as they have thin skin, alcohol (ideally on gel to last more over the skin) kill the mites. Apply very small amount three times during one day and they are dead. Apply them to red dot supposed to be a mite attack. Caution: as the skin is so thin any product applied is absorbed so take caution on the amount of surface covered and on the amount and concentration applied, be very conservative on this.

Adults: When the mites are only superficial on a very early stage of development you can use alcohol too to kill them. Important here is to reach the wrinkles.

As you may notice the face skin is usually more thick than the rest of the body so it will be more effective on the rest of the body than the skin.

At an more advanced stage of development of the mite:

It will penetrate more deeply and form some structures so you can not reach them with alcohol and can not reach them with most of the products. So here we have the Ted solutions and I will introduce you another one:

Have you ever wonder why the mite does not develop inside the mouth or why they are destroyed when attack our lips ?

Well it's the SALIVA that degradates them.

So a solution for Demodex attacking our face is to apply Saliva on our face... but there are more strongest saliva than others. If somebody have very good teeth without too much care effort it shall be bacause their saliva is more concentrated ... this is what we need to use. Apply it and let it dry before a new application. If you are accumulating saliva you may keep if on cold at the refrigerate in order it to maintain it's properties. (of course it's a good advice to wash the teeth carefully before accumulating saliva in order to have it the cleanest possible). A good saliva is the best solution it degradates the mites and it's structures, it's safe, no toxic, acts like a miracle...

A product that works similar are the enzymes that are sold concentrated and you dilute in order to apply to your body. As they are composed of about four types of enzimes you have to make shure you are receiving a good balance of them, I mean a well mixed products because not all of them acts nor are they all as effective.

I hope I am helping here, any feedbak will be appreciated

Replied by Ruth
Hobart, Tasmania

Yes, that makes sense to me I've found that as soon as a dab them with saliva from my finger they stop crawling, it's the invisible perpetually hatching eggs that I wish I could dissolve...I hadnt thought to collect saliva holus bolus! I will have a go at regularly cleaning around my ears more consciously with saliva and see. Anything that works! I tried a USA product for a long time that is an insect enzyme source, with relief but like I said gotto get those eggs.

Replied by Antonio
Santiago, Reg. Metropolitana, Chile

Hello Ruth,

Regarding your comment on the USA product you tried. I understand we can not post the name here, but if we are talking on the same I would like to comment that as discussed with them, they have improvement their mixing, so you may want to try another new bottled from them. Talk to them before purchasing.

Replied by Antonio
Santiago, Chile

Hello, Fast solution for clothing mite cleaning:

Just put them into the microwave oven, always with a cup of water (so you prevent a fire! ), this for 1min 30 or 45 seconds.

Replied by Alva Myrdall
Nashua Nh

Antonio this is such a brilliant idea. It's almost 3 months that I am being consumed by them. I am to the point of losing my mind here. All I have done is comb my head every 3-4 hours everyday that I see the same structures all the time. My head hurts its like digging into my skull. Worst is the thought that I have these worms in my head makes anxiety goes to the roof.I have phobia of worms.Thanks for Xanax I can control it. Like everyone me too have done this almost second career of researching & experimenting to see what would work for me.No luck. I think my condition is in severe stage.I am a researcher by profession so I combed the internet & I am an avid reader here .I even tried peanut butter. Sort of cemented my head which is the point is to suffocate , immobilized & starve & dehydrate them & prevent them from mating. But they managed to move by coz I can feel them. This is all made sense that saliva is the answer to this. Saliva have about 300+ types of enzymes secreted by our own immune system. Maybe more. Saliva is the most potent immunoglobulin that our body produces to act as the first line of defense mechanism Mother Nature have protected us.

Now to add to your idea I wonder if glycerin would kill them too.The most challenging is how to prevent them from mating.The eggs are incredibly strong to dissolve. I was combing using a flea comb in front of the stove as I wanted to see if there is an odor that will elicited while they are burnt. I have a stove that is able to do this & it is on the highest setting but the eggs would not burn or pop.

Antonio this is such a brilliant idea. It's almost 3 months that I am being consumed by them.I am to the point of losing my mind here.All I have done is comb my head every 3-4 hours everyday that I see the same structures all the time.My head hurts its like digging into my skull.Worst is the thought that I have these worms in my head makes anxiety goes to the roof.I have phobia of worms.Thanks for Xanax I can control it. Like everyone me too have done this almost second career of researching & experimenting to see what would work for me.No luck. I think my condition is in severe stage.I am a researcher by profession so I combed the internet & I am an avid reader here.I even tried peanut butter. Sort of cemented my head which is the point is to suffocate , immobilized & starve & dehydrate them & prevent them from mating.But they managed to move by coz I can feel them. This is all made sense that saliva is the answer to this. Saliva have about 300 types of enzymes secreted by our own immune system.

To add to this idea I tend to believe that glycerin might be an adjunct to saliva to quell the enzymes that these mites feeds on.
I am not fully convinced that they are just parasitic in nature but of course nothing is exact science that is not subject to change.

Replied by Brenda
East Texas

Alva, are you taking the apple cider vinegar and garlic at least twice daily? (I take the grapefruit seed extract to help get rid of the garlic smell.) You can shampoo your hair with pine tar soap and leave it on for 15-30 minutes before rinsing. Massage in the borax with peroxide. Finally, rinse hair with apple cider vinegar with dissolved salt. Rinse with water.

Alternative treatment: One thing that I found that made a huge difference with mites crawling on my scalp is Pine Tar hair conditioner. Oil your scalp with it and around your ears and eyebrows. (You can buy it at Sally's in the US or order it online from Amazon.) It smells like pine tar so you might just want to use it when you are at home and shampoo it out before you leave home to go to work. (I leave it on while I am shopping and it does not appear to offend people, but in close quarters, it will offend others.)

A better smelling alternative: Mix equal parts dry mustard with water and leave it for 10 minutes. Mix one part mustard mix with 1 1/2 parts oil or lotion. Apply on your scalp areas only, not your hair. Actually, this works all over your body.


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Posted by Virginia (Vista) on 05/08/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, sea salt or regular ionized salt gets mites off body and kills them. Plus it makes your skin soft. Can use in hair also to kill mites. It will dry your hair out a little though so use a good conditioner afterwards. Plus use a lice comb with the conditioner in your hair before rinsing out you can add tea tree oil in conditioner. Bomb your house and car with hot shot bedbug and flea fogger. It works everytime. My cat I bathed with coconut and strawberry shampoo with a little tea tree oil. Also rubbing alcohol sprayed on bedding, mattress, pillows and carpet helped and kills. You can also use rubbing alcohol to kill lice. Also salt kills lice. Salt kills fleas in carpet. After spending thousands of dollars on everything else these are the only things that worked. Oh yeah. Wash all your clothes bedding and bomb at same time. Raid fogger didn't work. Only hotshot.

Also grapefruit seed oil added to water in a sprayer kills lice and mites around house. It's expensive but works. Plus it's all natural. Won't harm animals either. Add it to your shampoo and animal's shampoo. Can add to your drink for an internal cleanse of mites to as well . Colloidal silver is a great cleanse internally for mites. Just a few drops of either of these in a drink works. Also if you have a yard spray with mixture of grapefruit seed oil and water. It doesn't harm plants or animals. Salt mixture will also kill fleas out of dirt and rocks. God bless and good luck. You will be so happy after you try this. I promise. It is the cure.

Sea Salt Bath  

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Posted by Robert (Los Angeles, CA) on 12/15/2014
4 out of 5 stars

This post may be helpful by providing some details to some of the treatments for mites as I think it's maybe needed for some of us new to this.

First of all thank you so much to everyone on this site and others like it. I've only started dealing with this for about a month but I'm finally starting to get a grip on it and myself.

I don't have a cure yet but for anyone starting to deal with it sea salt baths will help you keep your sanity. But after the first bath all the critters that fell off my body ended up on my face and scalp, which increased my misery 10 fold. Wait at least an hour to get your head near the water till they all die off. I've noticed the water temp doesn't have to be all that hot. For my critters sea salt water is enough that they let go and start swimming till they die.

My guys are translucent in color so I never saw them until my second bath when I would gaze at the surface of the water from the side just where the light from the light bulb is reflected. I could see what looked like a sliver of thread or lint swimming like mad with all eight legs. The bigger ones look like a tiny wet dandruff flake with legs all around while the smallest ones look like the tiniest of dots, but looking even closer I realized they were treading water too! This truly freaked me out because there were tons of them in the dime sized spot I was observing. Well maybe 30 or so but that means there was a constellation of mites that just fell off my body in the tub with me! And that was just up to my waist!

I just wanted to give up and I dunno start sleeping on benches at this point. At least my lower half didn't itch that much. While I would soak and ponder getting my upper half in the water again I sprayed my torso and arms with Listerine to keep them from docking on me again. I chickened out a few times and just got out of water spraying my legs with Listerine and washed up, but eventually got a bucket with clean pre-soaked tub water and would step into that from the tub to ensure I didn't take with me the last of the stragglers, which I always found a lot of even after draining the tub and washing feet.

I even tried to dunk my head in a bucket but was afraid they would all crawl to my face then before I was done. Big dilemma. Until today I read about someone snorkeling in their tub, but not owning a mega tub I drove out to the beach and did some real snorkeling. Besides them crawling back on my legs on my drive back 30 min in the ocean got rid of them from me, most importantly my head! I just scratched my head as I wrote that but this is a turning point for me.

So find a big tub or the beach if your near it and dunk yourselves. If a tub hose yourself off while coming out or wait till they all die before getting out. I dream of the Dead Sea or Dr. Fish in Turkey that eats anything and everything off your body.

Now I gotta figure out how to get them off my 3 year old son, which is breaking my heart, and out of our lives.

Good luck to you all! God bless you.

Replied by Catherine

I have a six month old did you find anything for your child?

Replied by Michelle

I have had amazing results with filling a spray bottle with apple cider vinegar, salt and water - sprayed on myself and my environment. I guess you could do a small patch test on your little one and check that it's not too harsh? I am also using eucalyptus oil, lavender and peppermint in my clothing drawers. Spray the sea salt mixture onto dirty laundry and bag up. I am also putting a load of salt in my washing machine drawer. This has helped immensely. Best of luck!

Selenium Sulfide Shampoo  

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Posted by Nancy New Jersey (Turnersville) on 08/12/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I finally found a cure for mite infestations, selenium sulfide shampoo. You do it every day for 7 days straight, then twice a week until you stop feeling them. No drinking alcohol because it will bring them right back your body is dehydrated all the nerve endings and it attracts the mites to your body so if you shampoo like I said 7 straight days and then twice a week after that it will start to clear up meanwhile you need to clean your house used to premethrim spray leave the house that's what I do I leave the house for the whole day after I spray everything outside sidewalks your car you have to heat it up to at least a hundred fifty degrees.i used a electric grill put it inside the car when the extension cord out in the sun put a thermometer in there to check the temperature get it up to at least a hundred and thirty forty fifty degrees. The car is the hardest thing to get rid of them.

Septic System  

Posted by Ike (Two Mile, Tn.) on 03/14/2015

i"ll try to make this as short as possible. Hope it's helpful to someone. If you have a septic tank on your home and you're washing your clothes w/mites you are washing the eggs right into your plumbing system. They hatch in the septic system and crawl right back up the drain and into your floor boards. The boxed stuff at the grocery store won "t kill " em either! That's what happened to me. You have to treat your septic system! Not sure with what; pool chlorine? Also keep bleach tablets in toilet water, I wrap these things in tissue paper and drown em in it, usually combined w/"urine therapy". When I wash my hands and brush my nails, I also make sure anything that came off of them goes completely through the trap under the sink and down the drain, you don"t want them crawling up the sink drain. I spray w/bleach cleaner immediately also. Didn't see this anywhere on your site. The septic tank is usually installed within 20 ft. of the main bathroom on most houses. This may be the reason some people aren't getting anywhere in the battle. Hope this helps somebody.

Skin Scraping Test  

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Posted by Nikki (Seattle, Washington) on 05/25/2011
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I also thought I was infested. Interestyly, I started itching again 2 years to the date of my last 'infestation'.

Last time I was treated with permithium (sp) cream and so was my family. My Dr. thought I had scabies. My family showed no symtoms. This was a 4 month long ordeal of washing, steaming, vacuuming etc.... I probably spent $1000 on cleaning alone.

I went back to the Derm and she did a skin scraping, so that she could take a look under the mycroscope. She said that I do not have scabies, that it must be some sort of alergy. I was going out of my mind, and by the end of summer the rash was gone and we went back to normal.

Fast forward to spring of this year. I really feel the crawling sensation and find it hard to believe that an alergy can feel like a bug and a bite! But, I beleive her. We did a skin scraping again.... And nothing. No bug, feces, legs... nothing.

Something is blooming in my yard that has triggered an allergy. I am starting claritin and a night time antihistimin to get my system to calm down.

The moral here is to get the skin scrapping before self diagnosing and going crazy thinking that you have some sort of parisite.

I love this sight, but wish that the mention of getting a skin scraping FIRST was mentioned somewhere.

Sincerely, Nikki

Replied by Sheila
San Diego, Ca, Usa

I'd get an IgE blood draw. That will tell you just about everything you're allergic to. There is also the ALCAT. It's pricey and you can pick and choose groups of allergens to test.

Sodium Bicarbonate Baths, Flowers of Sulphur  

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Posted by Carolyn (Penzance Cornwall, Uk) on 09/29/2015
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Mites: I was infested by some ducks that I rescued & I found that a strong (3 mugs) of bicarbonate of soda in a bath helped. I allso took bicarb (1/2 tsp) 2x a day as they hate low ph blood. Then dust yourself ALL OVER with flowers of sulfer. Dust your bed as well. Then mix kleen green & Dr Bronners Sal Sudds as a liquid soap & just keep on washing with it. I never thought I would be rid of the little blighters but me & the birds are all nice & mite free now. Persistence is the key.

Replied by Michelle

How did you treat the ducks?

Steam and Vacuum  

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Posted by Misty (West New York, NJ) on 08/02/2009
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For the past several months I've had unexplained itching sensations on my arms, legs and trunk and it was absolutely driving me crazy. When I looked with the naked eye, I couldn't see anything, but felt ceratin it was some type of mite. I started to apply blue painter's tape to any area that itched and then examined the tape with a magnifying glass and saw minute red specks. The only thing I could find on the internet was that it could possibly be bird mites. We do have a lot of pigeons and sparrows around my building and I have noticed tiny white moving lice-like bugs on the cement sill outside my window. These are the steps I have since taken: 1.vacuuming the whole house a minimum of three times a week, in addition to vacuuming my own body when I just feel itchy all over. 2. Spraying the carpets and upholstery with alcohol and Eucy oil. Bought a hot floor steamer to apply super hot steam to all carpets. 4. bought a hand held steamer for mattress and bedding. 5. Sprayed entire house with a popular residual insecticide that is nontoxic to humans and is orderless . 6.Increased my hot water temp. to 140 degrees for laundry. I'm going to try the vinegar solution tomorrow! Hope some of my ideas help.

EC: Eucy oil is (Australian) slang for eucalpytus oil.

Replied by Theestarseed
Bradenton, Fl

hi, I was wondering the nontoxic residual pesticide that you used for your house? Thank you.

Tea Tree Oil  

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Posted by Terry (Dallas, Tx) on 12/31/2012
4 out of 5 stars

I mix equal parts of Tea Tree shampoo with 100% strength tea tree oil in a small bottle. Then, I step into the shower, pour about 1/4 ounce into my hand, then work through my hair (very short), massage my face, eye lids, eyebrows, ears and neck. I leave in place for 2 minutes, then turn the water on and rinse off. I repeat this once more, then continue with the shower. I shower like this twice a day, once before work and once before bed.

My blepharitis is clearing up. The skin itching and crawling sensation has stopped. I read that I should continue this for at least 4-6 weeks, then maintenance, to kill and keep the Demodex from returning.

Tea tree oil is very strong, but you get used to it after the first few times. It is worth the hassle to get rid of Demodex.

Ted's Remedies  

Posted by Cocoa2 (Rincon, Ga) on 10/05/2014

Re: Mites in the Eyes

Ted...I have been on here for weeks and I have tried everything. I read about how great castor oil and TTO is for the eyes which for me is my biggest concern. I used it several times a day but while mixing the TTO with baby shampoo and putting on my eyelashes a little would burn my eyes terribly. It was impossible to avoid this as this was on the underpart of the lids. I had great results but had to stop due to my vision be affected. I was putting the castor oil in my eyes having read this was safe and helped with the mites and the dry eye.

Then I read a comment by one warning castor oil can damage the eye and my vision is not clear now. I stopped the castor oil (said was also good for lashes) and vision is a little better. I can not locate the post with warning about using castor oil in the eyes.

I have 4 subtypes of Rosacea, I am in my 70's with many serious medical problems but this mite in my eyes is driving me crazy.

I have used Borax and Turpentine both internally and externally(baths). Can you suggest anything to use on eyes that will not hurt the eye? I thought about the AVC and the Borax mixture or the alcohol/borax but can not find info about using anything on the eye safely.

I am using baby shampoo often during the day. I have purchased all sorts of oils and many other items and tried them all.

I can not get neck underwater as I have a trach tube due to being left intubated too long which damaged my trachea beyond repair.

Thank you so very much for your reply if you can reply to me. Your info is very valuable to many and I thank you that you are willing to do so. I am thinking of getting the ozonated olive and coconut oil to try but unsure if I can use that on the eyes.

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Cocoa 2 ---- cold pressed castor oil, mixed with coconut oil is what I use all the time as it is super for the eyes, has cleared cataracts and the mites die. Creates beautiful skin. Makes lashes grow.

But I would stand clear of "baby oils". They have been known to be everything but ... I would never.

Colloidal silver drops into the eyes is always good and effective for mites, too. It has reduced my roseacea 95%. I was too lazy to carry on but planning to.

Hope this helps. Om

Replied by Dar
Phoenix, Az

Do you combine equal portions of the CPCO and CO (virgin) and use a dropper? Or rub over the eye?

I have the critter that I believe is a demodex. I also have a weird hair bug? Parasite? That lives on my hairstrand that turns the ends of my hair black and in certain looks black and white. It also twist the hairs around and groups a small section together. The scalp looks like it the hair has been sectioned off into small sections of hair. And if I do anything with my hair it pricks me. I also have a infestation of parasites in my organs and under my skin.

Can you suggest anything for the "hair mites"? I have tried everything from Neem oil, dandruff shampoo, castor oil on scalp etc... nothing seems to work. Any suggestion I would greatly appreciate. I am thinking about shaving my head. I am at the end of my road.

Thank you.

Replied by Linda

I have same symptoms with the black hairs, sectioned off. Little hairs grew back but some are white and some are black . I just went to dermatologist today . He did a culture of my scalp. In the meantime gave me selenium sulfide shampoo. I've had this hair thing for months . Used to have beautiful hair . Going to try tea tree oil . Epsom salts and cool shower helps morning and night but don't know how to get rid if mites . Praying there is a solution when I get the culture back . I'm fearing the worst, demodex. Some people say they get cured, some don't . Prayers to you .

Ted's Remedies  

Posted by Eve (Nv) on 06/14/2014 15 posts

Mite Help: Several weeks ago, Ted was referring to EDTH and another chemical to use as a soap and a spray. I can't find these in the posts, I need to know what type to buy as it seems there are several types in each.

Replied by Theestarseed
Bradenton, Fl

Ted's soap is a mixture of tetrasodium edta and ammonium chloride. I bought both online. He said to make a ten percent solution for the environment. he gave directions if you don't measure your products to use two tablespoons of each to a pint, a pint is two cups, so one tablespoon per cup. I hope this helps.

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Theestarseed --- thank you so much for the explanation for Ted's edta mixture. Finally I can use it. Thanks again Namaste, Om