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Mite Infestation Cures

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Crystal M. (West Virginia ) on 06/30/2020
4 out of 5 stars

Dr Bronners: 18 in 1 hemp peppermint pure castle soap shampoo body wash just be careful not to get in eyes and you can use in laundry fir clothes & bedding and before bed I use a small amount of mentholatum around my eyes, nostrils, ears and mouth and I sprinkle borax detergent in my carpet and spray hot shot bed bug everywhere in my home and car where I feel the bugs are at. It's been 5 Yrs, 3 different exterminators and I've paid for $100 jugs of evictor insect control spray and fumigated myself, it's a lot better now after 5 yrs but we're still dealing with a light infestation.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Apick (Nj) on 07/02/2015
4 out of 5 stars

I have been dealing with mites of sorts. Constantly having creepy crawling feeling, when I would feel a bite or an itch, I would smack the area and always find a tiny little thing, almost like sand (sometimes larger, sometimes white brown or black) and thinking it was a coincidence. I started digging deeper once my daughter started getting bit and my husband even began to be itchy. Even when I was near my coworkers I noticed they started scratching incessantly!! Once I realized it was mites, I had a semi nervous breakdown and became angry.

Plan of action:

Washed everyone in my home (toddler, husband, 2 dogs) in T-Gel shampoo and washed all of our clothes in hot water and borax then sprayed everyone with pure white vinegar and peppermint oil

Then sprayed the outside of our house with ortho home max which worked wonders (a little scary but whatever works)

Put all of our clothes into garbage bags with the eucalyptus scent and lived out of those

Vacuumed everything! And mopped with vinegar and windex

Put cedarwood and eucalyptus incents everywhere!! And put those cedar moth replant things in all of our clothing drawers

After a day, I found nothing on me. Not one thing!!! I was so used to feeling around my skin and picking off litte pieces of sand and there was nothing!! No more creepy crawly feeling, no more anything. I also started taking sovereign silver twice a day. I still find mites around but they don't bite or bother any longer thank god. My husband just sprayed ortho home max inside today so I'm hoping that will get rid of the remaining mites. Try it! Can't hurt!!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Il Suffer (Usa ) on 06/16/2015
4 out of 5 stars

I have been reading this forum since after my third doc visit for these mutes

During the holidays a relative of mine that works in health care from another state totally infected almost the whole family. I was infested from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. I thought since I had gotten scabies in the 1970s and was rid of it less than a week with some super cleaning, washing clothes/sheets and using the prescibed meds from the doc we would all be fine. Well, this is the middle of June and we still are not rid of this nightmare. Seems Its just me and my grand-daughter that can not get rid of it. I have thrown out 2 sets bed mattresses and box springs , clothes and now my livingroom carpet. I bathe 2 times daily in Borax, ACV, Esalt, clove bud oil and spray Kleen Green on our bodies and every thing we wear.I vacume daily. I use clove bud oil on where I see red bumps . I use diatomaceous earth food grade on my bed sheets everynight and change them every day. Wash clothes in amonia and let them soak hours or over night. My family thinks I am nuts and its just "Fuzzys" they see. Well, believe me its NOT fuzzys..... I get these pin pricks from bites constantly. They are in denial! My relative also still has them also. I do not know if I get rid if them and someone keeps bring them back in. I feel them under my skin. My feet are the worst. I put olive oil 3T with 3/4 tsp clove bud oil on them every day and night after my baths. My stomach and under my breasts I get stuff out daily. I have used every concoction on the internet. I will say that tea tree oil mixed with diatomaceous earth food gradegrapeseed oil did NOTHING. I have covers on all mattresses and box springs. I see the doc again on Friday and an scared to death she is going to think I am nuts. I get black things out of my skin daily. They make look like small eye lashes, black dots or feel like salt. They are different stages I get off me. Some days are better than others. I pray and try to get healing at least for my grandaughter. I have taken every supplement on the internet to help.

I go see the doc and a few days. I am so embarressed. We stayed a way from people for months. Now, before I go out of the house any where I shower, spray Kleen Green on me again and wash my tennis shoes. I aways wash all our clothes daily.

I do not have any more burrows and neither does my grand-daughter. I am not understanding why we are still getting things out of our skin and the biting. Hand Sanitizer will help get the ones out of my hand with a lot of rubbing.

I am not infested like I was but, when will this end?

5 %Permethrin and 12 mg ivermectin were not of any help at all from first application.

Any on can help me totally get rid of these it will be a blessing.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Ralph P (Daytona Beach, Florida) on 05/01/2015
4 out of 5 stars

I have had an infestation of mites in my home for 6 months and was nearly at my wits end.

I tried at first to attack them with pyrethrum and then permethrin. I used these in conjunction with pre-core( a supposed life cycle interrupter). I used foggers and on and on it was all very costly and in the long run mostly not effective.

The natural things I've discovered lately seem to work much better.

Getting them off of your skin:

They don't like Salt, Borax, Peroxide, Heat - these are your weapons

I was showering in high heat and using very sudsy soaps with a loofah which helps. The most effective method I've found is making a mixture of epsom salt with lavender and peroxicare toothpaste and a little hot water (the mixture should be a thin paste consistency). Apply to the affected area after showering. Leave to dry for 15 minutes and then use a hair dryer on high heat as hot as you can stand it and you will watch the symptoms vanish before your very eyes within minutes. The lesions will turn from bright red to white and then vanish.

To keep them off is a challenge because they like to reinfest the same areas so they can reuse the feeding tubes which they insert into your skin. If you have a saltwater body of water near you I've found repeated soaking in salt sea water kills them.


Clothing is a real problem this is probably the greatest threat for re-exposure. I found that High heat is the best solution. I wash clothing in borax and detergent in hot water. I dry on high heat twice. I use a steam iron and steam press ALL my clothing. They seem to lay eggs in cloth they also seem to like cotton knits. With a life cycle of 4 to 8 days it's tough to keep all your clothing clean. You have to be relentless.


Build your immune system with apple cider vinegar and vitamin C, B 12, magnesium, zinc, and Garlic seems to be effective.

Clean the house daily with Borax and bleach mop all flooring with HOT water. They like to lay in the corners where the walls meet. Try to remove all or as much carpeting from the house as you can. They can hide in carpeting hard surfaces like ti9le are much easier to clean and keep clean. Carpets and cloth sofas can be cleaned with HOT steam.

To kill mites with heat must be at least 165f or preferably up to 212F.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by e-mail [email protected]

I am 63 years of age male.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Leevra (London, United Kingdom) on 01/22/2011
4 out of 5 stars

Hi, Firstly I wanted to say thank you to forums like this, where people can share their experiences, without which I would have probably gone mental and contaminated my body with more harsh chemicals! I'm not free of these mites yet but I seem to be on the mend (touch wood) and also wanted to share what has helped me so far.

I think I'm onto my fourth week of hosting these little buggers but have been actively trying to get rid of them for the last two. Not sure where I picked them up from. I did some volunteering with homeless people but also slept on friends' couches and was around different people over the festive season... Who knows! These mites do not discriminate. I should've gone to the doctors sooner than later though... Even if they were not so certain...

So, one dose of Permethrin didn't work. After reading comments on this site and a million others, two days after the slather of permethrin I set out to look for SULPHUR SOAP, TEA TREE OIL, BORAX and NEEM OIL. Unsuccessful in securing the latter 2 within supermarkets/pharmacies.

If you live in the UK (or London at least) don't bother scouring the shelves for Borax. Shops don't sell it anymore (not even Boots), the usual health & safety talk. You can get it online though (i haven't tried it yet).

Unfortunately I dont have the luxury of a bath. A good soapy lather of sulphur suds all over your body for a few minutes, day and night seems to have helped so far (it has also been amazing for my skin! But you need to moisturise after as it dries it out) After showering I'd put Tea Tree oil neat on lesions and bumps. Stings like anything on the lesions! But gradually subsides. My lesions seem to have joined, from all the scratching, so I've got big ugly blotches on my trunk. Try not to scratch and don't scrub your body too harshly either. Once your skin breaks you're open to secondary infections.

If I feel the lesions need a break I don't have the second shower but will still rub something over them. They wont heal if it keeps getting wet and I rebreak the skin. I eventually stopped putting neat Tea Tree Oil on them as I think it was perhaps too strong for the lesions that seemed to be taking a while to heal. Instead I mixed a few drops with aloe vaseline lip balm and smothered that on. Other than smelling like a tub of vicks it really helped!!

By day 6 the crawling sensation and need to scratch seemed to pick up again. I figured that it was hatched mites (7 day cycle or whatever! )I was even feeling them on my eyelashes.. YUCK! Frustrated I slathered on the second tube of permethrin. Regretted it because I felt some side effects but it has probably helped me to get to the stage I'm at now.. However the side effects although slight were scary.. And everything else I've read about it.

A day after the 2nd slather I purchased some Neem Oil and Neem and coconut cream online from NeemTeam. I continue to shower with sulphur soap. For bedtime I rub Neem Oil all over the infected areas and for the day I use the cream. It doesn't smell as bad as I thought it would (I read in many forums about the stench). Actually it just smells very nutty.. Not the nicest nutty smell but it could be a whole lot worse!!

It's day 7 again and I've been on alert for new bumps, the increased need to scratch or crawlies etc. So far... So good. The lesions are healing too. Much less need to scratch now and near zero with the crawly feeling. I initially thought the advice about 1. Washing everything everyday, 2. Not wearing anything twice, 3. Getting a plastic cover for your mattress was excessive.. But it isn't.

I had not been as militant in the first week.

I don't have time or the facilities to wash everything everyday so before the evening shower the days clothes go into a plastic bag kept away from everything else. Some people might mistake me for an employee of the laundrette now... But who cares. Hot wash and hot dry!!

I've bagged the clothing I don't wear as often, the duvet, pillows etc and stored them away (ie no longer in my room). I've isolated the clothes I'll likely wear to one closet, so that I'm not having to go through all my drawers etc. Never one to iron, I now have an iron LOL. I've read a few times about the mites not liking extreme heat/cold so I'll iron the sheet I sleep in if I can't manage to get it wash and dried. I'll iron clothes if I feel I need to. It's winter at present so for once I'm happy to get a good chill over me now and then. I just picture those mites getting a good shock!

I'm using the plastic side of an inflatable bed to sleep on top of my mattress and my sleeping bag to keep me warm. I've read a few times about the mites not liking the plastic and how they can burrow into your mattress and come back to feast on you when you return to bed. GROSS! At least I can scrub the plastic and put the sleeping bag in the drier.

My room gets hoovered at least twice a week, I sprinkle soda crystals and shake and vac on the floor before so. Thats probably excessive and I don't know if it does anything but you start to do these things lol. I've noticed a lot of dry skin on the floor (its a dark colour) due to peeling from the lesions as they heal and dried out bumps so its been another reason to hoover more often.

And don't wear your hair out, especially if you have long hair. Those buggers will crawl up and onto your scalp. I started noticing the crawling sensation on my head after the first permethrin tube so I started washing my hair with the sulphur soap too. That's worked.

I'm eating more healthy foods and keeping a positive attitude too. This is definitely helping to keep up the regime and hopefully will get rid of these mites sooner than later (when I read people had it months I nearly cried). Looking back to December I think my immune system was low - lethargic and all!

I've got olive oil, olive soap and grounded tumeric on standby... And will need to buy another bar of sulphur soap soon. I'm building up quite a collection..

While I can't wait to be rid of these mites and the scarring, I'm grateful that it has turned me to sites such as this and made me aware of the natural products I'm now using on and in my body. It's something I am going to continue with even after the mites are gone.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Pdidit (Alexandria, Va) on 08/02/2010
4 out of 5 stars

HI Ted,

I have morgellons and I know there has to be some sort of biofilm that is protecting this colony of horrors so that most remedies take a long time to reach the real infestation. In fact, this is why I think I still have this on my head, scalp and hair... Sticky, hard substance that I presume is some sort of barrier of biofilm that protects them. If you could help us figure out how to get rid of this protective film, that would make a huge difference and impact on what is used to kill the infestation. At present, I am trying an enzyme supplement dissolved in vinegar, then add the borax and some neem oil; then pour and comb through hair and cover with plastic bag. My ears are all bitten up and while it stung initially, by the morning, I was much better. But I can't sit in my condo for too long without the familiar sting and accumulation of these things again... Any suggestions would be welcome and thanks for trying to help!!! Btw, am FOUR years into this, with it destroying my friendships, leaving me with a broken home and family, financial devastation, and living a very lonely isolated life. This disease is progressive if not caught in time and stopped in its tracks... I have lost my hair, looks, 20 pounds in weight and if I don't get to the bottom of this soon, I don't see me surviving this. God bless you for your help and for sites like Earth Clinic

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Nm (Dallas, Tx) on 01/19/2010
4 out of 5 stars

I've been having a lot of luck recently w/raw pineapple. I've been eating lots of's great to be able to eat sweets again...I guess the bromelain eats worms...when I rub it on my face it kills the little black demodex like things (lots of things do kill them, it's killing all of them that's difficult)... I've stuck with the diet, meat, eggs, veggies and not much else... Have been taking garlic, a black walnut/wormwood/clove combo and a good antioxidant complex. I expecially take the blk walnut/wrmwd/clove at bedtime and then I apply a skin tonic which I make out of 1 oz. tea tree oil w/2 capfulls of 91% alcohol and 1 capfull of hydrogen peroxide w/25 drops oregano oil, 15 drops grapefruit seed extract a little olive oil and a drop of dishwash soap to make it all blend together well and put it all over my body at bedtime (I mean all over...except head) and then I wrap Glad Wrap all over my body to keep it in place til morning ... and I've noticed a real loss of activity with every day... And I can tell you this thing got real scarey w/me... these horrid worms can literally punch or dig into your muscles and likely organs and tissue so are potentially dangerous I'm sure. No doctor has helped me one bit. I have a hard time believing they are nanos or genetically modified things...but I have to say they are weird and when I go after one in my upper body sometimes one in lower body reacts so maybe they are somehow connected. But the black walnut definately is a key component and TTO is effective...I think they have to be fought exteriorially as well as interiorially at the same time or they just move from one area to another with ease. You can also take Silica & Nat phos homeopathics, they help too and Bryonia is good if you have cysts.Sulphur homeo would help can open cysts so they can't hide from your attack on them. I take ionic colloidal silver too (very safe in this form) just to avoid infections or viral/bacterial troubles from all this nonsense. Cats Claw (TOA free) is very good too for most things. They do get in your eyes and Walmart sells homeopathic eye drops too or saline eye solutions help, I mix a small amount of colloidal silver with it. If this gets to you mentally, take homeopathic kali phos or ignatia or a general homeo nerve remedy. The TTO wrap lets you sleep through the night. I don't have any sores. Saltwater baths are good too...just plain salt or Epsom.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Achilles (Everett, Wa) on 10/02/2009
4 out of 5 stars

Ok folks,

My dogs got the Cheyletiella mite and subsequently gave it to me. I will go over what has worked so far, and some extrapalations of some remedies here and how they are working.

1. Window Cleaner with Ammonia ( almost any blue window cleaner), this stuff really works, I've used Raid, tick sprays, foggers, everything...this stuff is the best and it's not even close. Buy yourself a $20 sprayer from Lowe's and get a couple large $7 jugs of Windex, spray down your carpet and the walls, the couches under cushions, everything, and especially your bed and pillows. Keep a couple bottles of spray to use afterwards on couches and such on a daily basis. Spray carpet occassionaly with a borax/ epsomj salts solution as well, just like the dip recipe, minus hydrogen peroxide.

2. Wash dogs bedding daily, use dawn dish soap for detergent, 1 cup of borax per load, and bleach heavily. With all loads use hot water, and let sit for 30 minutes after it fills and mixes well, this is crucial, hot water and chemicals alone will not get everything in the fabric, the little guys have to stew for a while to get everything.

3. Your own clothes, huge pain in the butt. This, other than the carpets will be your main reinfestation possibility. Once again, hot water, 1 cup borax per load, dawn dishsoap, bleach if applicable. Important!- buy a bunch of hangers and hang everything, even socks or sheets. If you put in drawers when the infestation is still current, you wont get rid of them, hang everything, and leaving your clothes in piles is the worst, both clean or dirty, wash dirty clothes quickly and hang the clean ones.

4. Your poor pup- experimenting on a dip right now, will see how it goes. 1 part hydrogen peroxide, 2 parts epsom salts water(1=1 solution (ie. 1 cup epsom salts, 1 cup water, ect.), 1 cup borax per 64 oz. Going to add Tea tree oil to next batch as well, will see how it goes. Or optionally, can use a tea tree condtioner before the dip, Paul Mitchell has one with strong tea tree content and peppermint content, both of which critters really dislike. Spray with your espsom salt solution on body every day or 2 as well. Bag balm on belly is nice if their skin is getting irritated.

Yourself- Ok buy Cetafil, this is what you will bathe with, rub yourself down, let stand 10min, rinse off, use tea tree conditioner on skin if you want, rinse again. Have a small spray bottle with 1-1 epsom salts/water solution, and spray body with it liberally. If you are going in public, avoid face and neck or anyplace showing, as the salt will leave a white dust all over your skin when it dries. Make sure to shower every night before bed, and spray heavily everywhere...I mean everywhere. If you have a tub, use epsom salt(a bunch in n tub with borax), I don't have one, wish I did. If your scalp needs extra attention, use petroleum jelly on your scalp or mineral oil. I have gone so far to cover my entire body in it, I don't recommend it for long periods though. A good one is a hair conditioner you can find in Walmart, called Blue Magic, its petroleum jelly and coconut oil, both of which suffocates the bugs

5. Your car- Same as #1, clean and spray heavily with windex, keep spray bottle in there to douse every couple days.

6. One thing will not beat this- Your job is to make yourself and your pups as univiting as humanly possible to these things, use everything you can in conjuction, I know the things listed above work, but it's going to be a process, and not a quick fix.

7. Buy a push sweeper, dont use vaccum unless its a bag HEPA vaccuum, even the try to use push sweeper. The air and critters hiding in your vaccuum go everywhere when its turned on, making your cleaning a misery to yourself by respreading them everywhere.

This has made wonderful progress from when I first realised what was going on, and I'll post later to show any progress or failures, good luck folks.