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Posted by Tori (Fayette, Alabama) on 05/18/2009

I am so happy I found this website. Like many of you on here I have been dealing with BV for years and am tired of constantly being handed medications that just don't work very well or have to be taken alot because this condition flares up quite a bit. After reading reviews for most of the morning I went out and bought the necessary items. I did a H2O2 douch this morning ( 1/4 peroxide to 3/4 water ) and also did an external wash this evening. This seemed to help the smell a great deal! Little to no discharge for most of the day! I took 2 acidohpolis pills in the afternoon and also 400 mg tablet of folic acid.I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this continues to work since my wedding anniversary is this week and I would like to have sex! LOL Thanks so much ladies for your reviews and I hope we all have continuing success with battling this horrible condition.

Replied by BR
(BR, LA)

I have been suffering from BV for about 5-6 years now. Creams and Antibiotics is what I have been taking to relieve the FISHY ODOR smell. I always thought I may have had an STD but was always tested and turned out negative. I was in a relationship on and off but at the same time sexually promiscuous during my earlier adult years. I now am married with the same man Ive been on and off with and wonder why this BV continues. Im so sick and tired of this Smell, I cannot wear the same undergarments for long, showering everyday and staying clean helps but only for an hour or so. I thought it was my tight clothing which seems to trigger the smell, I thought it was my weight loss, etc. Anyway, i think its him. I take the meds, all is good, have sex with my husband and BAM, I have that odor again. I have always felt that i may have PID (pelvic inflammatory Disease) but never diagnosed. Gosh, so much to write. This is my next step... Douching with H2O2 and Water, trying the Folic Acid pills... Its sad to think that your husband may be sleeping around and causing this or it can mearliy be that he's unclean (what i mean, not showering beforehand) everytime we have sex. Never paid attention to that until now. Best of Luck to All and i will be posting again with my results soon.

Replied by Red
(Greenville, SC)

Even though you take antibiotics to get rid of BV, your husband needs to also take meds. If not you guys will just keep passing it back and forth.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Folic Acid, Acidophilus
Posted by SoMuchBetter (NY, NY) on 05/14/2009
5 out of 5 stars

i found this site earlier this week when i was hit for the 2nd month in a row with bv. last month when i got it i went to the dr. and they put me on oral antibiotics. these hurt my tummy and tasted terrible. last month was the first time i ever got bv an i assumed it was from my boyfriend who is intact. after taking the meds prescribed bv was gone and i was happy. the next month i get it again even tho my b/f and i have been super careful about germies. totally makes sense tho. i mean, i'm not a dr. but from this website and just knowing my own body i can figure out what i think happened:

antibiotics killed all the bact. bad and good.

this is my method:

2 pills acidophilus, 1 day 1 night
v rinse: 1/2 peroxide 1/2 water

i couldnt douche because i lacked the proper tools but i did wash myself with this mixture last night and i have been smelling good ever since. going to do it every other day for a week just to make sure. it didnt hurt or sting or anything. i would suggest it to any women suffering from this terrible and embarassing infection.

i also take 2 acidophilus pills a day, one at morning and 1 evening to build up the good bact.
i started these pills a few days before the v rinse, hoping it would be enough. i saw some improvement but the rinse really helped.

hope that helps :)

Replied by Tye
(Arlington, VA)

how long does it take for it to clear?

Hydrogen Peroxide, Folic Acid, Acidophilus
Posted by Girl Bear (Auckland, New Zealand) on 05/10/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have been avoiding having sex with my husband since 17 March because it smelt fishy down there. The doctor treated me for thrush with a 6 day course of Clotrimzaole cream. But the fishy smell remained. Not much discharge but awful smell. Last night my husband wanted sex. I could smell myself and did not enjoy it. Also, I had no sensation and could not feel anything in my vagina. My husband said afterwards I smelt different. I cried myself to the internet. At 4am I found your website. This morning I rushed to the chemist. Purchased folic acid and an acidophilus probiotic which contains 12.5 billion lactobacillus acidophilus and 12.5 billion bifidobacterium lactis and 67 mg colostrum powder. Got home and took two 0.8mg of folic acid and one acidophilus capsule which has 25 billion good bacteria per capsule. Drank it with cranberry juice. Inserted one acidophilus capsule in my vagina. Four hours later took another acidophilus capsule orally and inserted another vaginally.

Then a couple of hours later put two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide (3%) in two cups of water and rinsed my vagina with it. Repeated the rinse two hours later again. At the same time I inserted my finger into my vagina and after withdrawing it I had a sniff.

Incredibly I have no more discharge and the fishy smell is disappating. Note I did not douche because I was nervous about sticking bleach inside me.
Before I go to sleep tonight I will do another rinse and insert the contents of the capsule inside. I am going to mix the contents of the capsule with some KY jelly and insert it with an applicator. Hopefully, I will be rid of this forever.

FYI I am allergic to metronizadole. Last year I got bacterial vaginosis and was prescribed it orally. After taking it for just over a week I came down with hives, my eyes started to swell to slits, my tongue went numb and my arms went tingly. I ended up in a hospital emergency ward. When I suspected I had bacterial vaginosis again I despaired. Thank God for this website.

Replied by Mili
(Waukegan, IL)

Hydrogen Peroxide is not bleach. It is water that has hydrogen atoms in it. H2O2. Your vagina produces it naturally.

Replied by Kiahland
(Atlanta, Ga)

I really appreciate this feedback.I have been suffering from Bv for the last couple of years and It seems to happen more with my boyfriend I don't know if that is the cause but when we weren't together I went a long time without any recurrences I tried it for the first time last night.I did the 1/2 H202, 1/2 water douche and took 1600 milligrams of folic acid and 2 one bil. Acidophilus and so far the smell is completely gone and I'm feeling better already, Hopefully this continues I will keep you all updated.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Folic Acid, Acidophilus
Posted by Klen (Huntsville, Alabama) on 05/05/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I too suffered from b/v. I ran across this site about 1 week ago and thank God. I hated that gross smell and that awful discharge. I tried everything under the sun and nothing worked. I have been using the 1/2 water and 1/2 peroxide douche and it seems to be working. Also I bought some acidolphilus pills (1 billion) and some multivitamins for the folic acid. I take 2 acidolphilus pills and one multivitamen a day. Things are looking better already. Thanks everybody for sharing!!

Hydrogen Peroxide, Folic Acid, Acidophilus
Posted by Earth Clinic (USA) on 05/05/2009

If you are looking for all the feedback on hydrogen peroxide, folic acid and acidophilus for bacterial vaginosis, it's back where it belongs, right here on the bacterial vaginosis pages. We've just moved this successful remedy combination back to its original section.

Replied by Geomara
(Kearny, Nj - New Jersey)

Ok, I'm 19 yrs old and a total newbie with this vb problem, I've never douched before so I'm a little scared of how to actually douche and if the hydrogen peroxide would hurt. Could someone help me out with actual steps to take. I would be very grateful because I've had this problem for awhile now and I just want to get rid of it!! Thank you!

Replied by Heatherb
(Hurst, Texas)

Douching does sound a little scary if you're experiencing troubles down south already, but rest assure that this method will make you feel better. I've actually been suffering from BV for almost 3 years now (since right before my 23rd bday). Its affected me being able to be intimate with my boyfriend, but thank god he is understanding of the fact that this is something that greatly affects my esteem and he's supportive of the "great fight to regain control" over my ever-picky vag.... It sucks ass- there's no other way of saying it. The best thing I can tell you to do is to go buy a cheap douche from the dollar store and empty all the liquid inside of the one that comes in the box... Rinse it out real good, and fill it half way up with hydrogen peroxide (the kind that comes in the brown bottle from walgreens! ) then, fill the other half of the bottle up with room temperature bottled water (to make sure theres no bacteria and junk in it! Also, ice cold water is a shock- I can speak from experience lol) After you fill up your bottle, screw the long top on it- I would suggest with it being your first time to douche to get into the bathtub, and sit back- kinda with your legs up, and insert the long top into yourself like you would a tampon- make sure its in far enough to really get in there... And just squeeze the bottle until all of the mixture is gone out of the bottle- stay there for about 30 seconds, then stand up- and shower! I've read the best way to clean yourself if you're suffering from BV is with water only- but if you're like me and that doesn't feel right, use UNSCENTED bar soap like DOVE or IVORY... This way the soap doesn't change the pH of your vagina.

Definitely take probiotics/acodophilois and folic acid. I've definitely noticed a difference with the probiotics alone, then adding in the folic acid even more so, but the douching is an immediate cure! It's awesome! If you have any more questions though, I would gladly answer any question you need answered- it's awkward to talk about to people, but women who suffer from this have to stick together! DOCTORS DO NOT CARE ABOUT CURING THIS-THEY WANT US TO KEEP COMING BACK TO THEM! THEY GET PAID EVERYTIME WE SEE THEM!

Replied by T
(Cedar Falls, Iowa)

Hello, I have been suffering from vaginal discharge for about three years now and have been told the same thing now that its "normal". But the discharge smell can ge horrible sometimes! It really has affected my social life, majorly!!! Can someone email different instructions to how to use the hydrogen peroxide rememdy? Or if you have any other solution PLEASE do send that as well! Thank you!!

Hydrogen Peroxide, Folic Acid, Acidophilus
Posted by Happy (Salisbury, NC) on 04/21/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I would like to say thank you thank you!! This is a blessing to me. I have had BV for 12 years. Started in 10th grade. I just moved in with my dad, who I have only met a few times before. He is the best, but I just could not talk to him about this. How could I ? BV is one of the most embarrassing things. I would pray, wish on a falling star, and pray...."please make this smell/discharge go away" I have done every thing under the sun to stop my suffering. It aways came back. I have cried time after time and just said "OK this is how it's going to be"......NOT!! THANK YOU IT HAS BEEN OVER 2 WEEKS.....NO SMELL NO DISCHARGE!! I found this site, and could not believe what I was reading. I did not know that lots of women suffer from this {BV}. I CAN'T PUT IN TO WORDS HOW FEEL, I NOW HAVE TEARS OF JOY! I feel like I can do anything now.I did the H20,Folic acid,and Acidophilus. I used 2tbs- half of this was H20 and the other was water- I did this 2 times, once the first night and again the next day. Then I took my folic acid and my acidophilus and put one inside. It works! Thanks.. i love this site.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Folic Acid, Acidophilus
Posted by Crystale (Holiday, Florida) on 04/20/2009

Acidophillus Probiotic Complex and Folic Acid for BV

I'm 25 yrs old and have been sufferring with BV for 9 yrs. BV is more than just a nasty smell, it literally robs you of your self esteem, concentration, and your sanity. I've been prescribed metro gel more times than I can count, but have never seen ANY result. This has affected my sinuses, my skin, my sex life, my social relationships, my confidence, anxiety issues, my job preformance..........
I have been trying to run away from this smell and all the emotions that come along with it for far too long...

That being said, let me breathe my sigh of relief.

I came across this site 3 days ago. I read testimony after testimony, into the night, and finally realized I had nothing to lose. I went to the drug store and purchased l.acidophillus 500 million tablets and folic acid 400mg. I did use the H202(1/2 peroxide 1/2 water)the first night, I took two acidophillus by mouth and inserted one directly into my vagina, and, took two folic acid and went to bed. The next morning I was amazed. The smell was practically non-existent. My sinuses felt better, my morale, totally uplifting. I got so excited, I re-visited the site for more remedies. My boyfriend has been suffering from athletes foot for a few yrs and can't find relief. So I came across the organic apple cider vinegar. Day 2 of my acidophillus and folic acid treatment I went out and purchased a bottle at the health store and after reading about the health benefits I decided I would drink it 2x a day with some water and thought I was on the track to a healthier me... Boy was I wrong... The BV "funk" slowly crept back after my 2nd dose of ACV on the evening of day 2. Today is day 3 and when I woke up this morning I was horrified that the smell was back and much worse.

So I once again I came back to the site, and happened to see the note at the top that you SHOULD NOT DRINK APPLE CIDER VINEGAR IF YOU HAVE BV! that it makes it worse..And I almost jumped out of my seat.. I am totally convinced that the acidophillus and folic acid method works... I am not taking the ACV drink again and I will definitely update in just a few days...

My heart goes out to all suffering with this plague... Thank you all SO MUCH for sharing your hearts and your remedies, and Earth Clinic for making this accessable!

May God Bless You

EC: Thanks for the confirmation about Apple Cider Vinegar! We won't attach a yea/nay rating to your post until we hear back...

Replied by J-Rod
(Houston, TX)

Do you think I can try this while still nursing my daughter???

Hydrogen Peroxide, Folic Acid, Acidophilus
Posted by Miss Scotland (Scotland) on 04/15/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I am so grateful for the posts left on this site. Ive been bothered with bv for about 10 months on and off. Starting when ever it wants if i am having sex or not! Ive been having pain deep inside during sex and so my dr sent me for an ultrasound and everything was fine. Thank god, but ive had countless swabs also and everytime you guessed it bv and everytime i was prescribed antibiotic cream. The cream didnt clear up the infection properly. So ive been searching the web and found this site seems the most sympathetic and real. So since ive found this site off i went to holland and barrett. I started off trying the folic acid x2 and acidophilus (refrigirated kind) x2 twice a day. This seemed to keep things at bay for about a week and a half. I had sex during this time and was fine and then a week later exactly its back but that could be because my period is due in 7 days time (another reason that seems to cause it to start). So since its back i tried the hydrogen peroxide 3% solution and its only 1.25!! I was extremely nervous putting this inside my vagina, it is bleach after all but diluted. But the bv was so bad! And so many of you wonderful ladies have sworn by it i thought just do it. Instantly and i mean instanly the smell had gone. Gone gone gone. I did it twice that day using 1/4 Hydrogen Peroxide 3/4 Water. I thought that was a safe dose for the first time. I cant believe it. The next day my v was as fresh as a spring morning! I have done this for a four days now and also kept up the folic acid and acidophilus. FIngers crossed this carries on working! THANKS again and again to everyone who has posted their experiences. Drs just dont understand! You SHOULDNT have to live with BV! We want beautifal vaginas not bad vaginas!

Hydrogen Peroxide, Folic Acid, Acidophilus
Posted by Kris (whitby, ontario/canada) on 04/15/2009

I have had this for about 2 years maybe more but that is when i started to notice "the smell" and I have been fighting it ever since I finally just went to the doctors this past week for some meds for it they gave me pms-metronidazole 500mg tabs taken orally just started taking them yesterday so we will see how that goes but the smell seems worse today honestly and I have done the peroxide douche regularly before now i found every 2 days and i didn't smell or discharge at all but i stopped doing the douche because i started feeling like that may not be the best thing for my body so now i am looking for a remedy once again it is sooooo frustrating i feel dirty and gross i hate it i read before about the acidophilus and folic and went and bought some but never about inserting it and like i am with most pills i forget about taking them but seeing such good response on here to using them i am going to try that route again first without the peroxide douche for the first week and if there is no change with just the pills then i will ad the douche again cause it is sooo embarassing i can't believe that they don't have a forever cure for something like this! i will post back in a week or so and let you all know how it is coming along and if i am still stinky ewwwwww! really though it is eww i can't even stand the smell of myself ughhhh my poor husband although he doesn't seem to notice granted i never let him down there for this one reason

Hydrogen Peroxide, Folic Acid, Acidophilus
Posted by Amy (Fremont, CA) on 04/12/2009
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

with the douche of 50/50 hydrogen peroxide/water and the folic acid and acidophilus probitic pills HOW LONG do you have to do this to maintain clean vaginal health???? I have done this for a few days which helps, but it seems to return the next week. any help would be appreciated from the readers

Replied by CC
(Ft. Worth, TX)

I'm keeping up the pills - make sure you get the refrigerated type of acidophillus - and try to eat yogurt every day. I also treated myself with apple cider vinegar douches. I finally got rid of the BV and then bam! Yeast infection. I figured my system was just out of whack in every possible way from the BV. I've been treating myself off and on externally with the peroxide and apple cider vinegar and I've felt normal. Look up the apple cider vinegar on this site, it's great stuff. You need to make sure the acidophillus and folic acid to buid up in your system too, which could take up to three weeks. As long as I have a sex partner, I'm planning on treating myself externally on a regular basis as a safeguard. Good luck.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Folic Acid, Acidophilus
Posted by S (Queens, New York, USA) on 04/11/2009
5 out of 5 stars

After YEARS of panty liners, feminine washes, douches, wipes, powders, creams, lotions and perfumes -- not to mention the utter humiliation, embarrassment, depression and odor caused by BV -- Hydrogen Peroxide/Water + Acidophilus seemed toooooo simple of a solution, but it works!

The h2o2 kills all the bacteria (the "good" and "bad" ones), and the Acidophilus replenishes the "good" bacteria. I've read some posts where the Acidophilus is added directly into the douche mixture. I am not sure that is a good idea as the h2o2 will probably kill the acidophilus.

For the last 3 evenings, I have douched with 50/50 h2o2 3% h2o. Following that, I inserted a Acidophilus capsule directly into my V. In the morning, I took 2 capsules of Acidophilus + 2 tablets of Folic Acid. I feel clean, fresh and dry. The smell seems to have gone, as well!!!!!

Now that I've had some time to do some "daily dose" research, I will have go back to the drug store. I read someplace that 1- 2 billion CFU (Colony Forming Unit) is considered a good daily dose, except all the labels read "at the time of encapsulation". Naturally, live organisms die over time, so the refrigerated dark glass bottled versions probably help prolong the shelf life. (In my rush 3 nights ago, I had purchased a Acidophilus with Pectin 10 mg - supplying 100 million live organisms, which seems too little compared to the 1 - 2 billion CFU.)

And, most vitamin labels suggest Folic Acid 400 mcg is 100% of the daily dose. I've been taking 2x 800 mcg. Can taking more than the daily dose be harmful for the kidneys?

Replied by Yvo
(Gaithersburg, MD)

Ok let me understand this...for 3 nights do half water half peroxide douche and each night insert the acidophilus? The next mornings take the folic acid and the acidophilus. I have tried some of the reading and I still have to problems....maybe I need to do it 3 days in a row...I guess?

Hydrogen Peroxide, Folic Acid, Acidophilus
Posted by Finally relieved (Houston , Texas) on 04/08/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Hey Ladies!!! I have to say that I was very leary of the idea of puttung hydrogen peroxide in my special places but I was at the end of my rope. With no insurance and very little money, I had no choice but to figure something out on my own. I tried the 1/2&1/2 douche and I took 1600mg of folic acid and 800 mg of Acidophilus (not refridgerated kind) and today is the next day and for the first time in years it is the middle of the work day and I STILL SMELL CLEAN!!! I feel like my old self again... There is hope out there you can get all of the stuff for under 20 dollars and you wil have relief!!! I just wanted to let you know that after 16 hours I already fell better than weeks of antiboitics and creams. Good Luck to you all there is still hope!!!

Hydrogen Peroxide, Folic Acid, Acidophilus
Posted by Shana (Brooklyn, New York) on 04/07/2009
5 out of 5 stars

At age 15 I lost my virginity to a boy (didn't use protection). The day after that some malodorous and profuse discharge came out of my vagina. The discharge smelt like rotten disgusting! I could smell it through my clothes(imaging going through High School with this problem). Went to the doc and he told me that i had trichomonasis. After this, BV has been attcking me every few months since im 25 and has still been experiencing BV's vicious attacks. Up until 2 wks ago my doctor was still prescribing flagyl which is so disgusting. Flagyl worked for me until i had my period or until i had what was the point? I found this website and was very skeptical about the natural alternative. My BF kept asking for sex but if i can't stomach that disgusting fishy odor how could he? I got fed up and together we drove to the nearest CVS picked up folic acid, acidophilus, and hydrogen peroxide.
Step1: cleaned vagina with distilled water
step 2: mix 1/4 cup peroxide and some water
step 3: squirt solution up the vagina with a syringe(this can be found in pharmacy also)
step4: place 1 acidophilus tablet in vagina (as far as possible)
step 5: take 1 folic acid pill

Immediately the smell and discharge was gone. Im still in shock. 1 day after and I keep smelling for an odor, but there is none..i seriously feel like crying because i'm so happy. I feel like telling the whole world.

Replied by Angela
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

First I would just like to say thank you all for sharing your stories! It feels better that I am not alone and yet hate that anyone else has to experience the hell and complete torture that this infection has seemed to caused almost my entire life! Mines too started in high school and I had to drop out because of the terrible odor and all the looks and whispers!!!!! Since then almost 15 years later I feel like a prisoner in my home!!!!! Afraid to go out and be around people because you get tired of the disgusting looks and repulse by people, family or anyone! Who don't know you have a disease only thinks a grown woman is too retarded to.wash there butt!!!!! And I must say I too have sometimes thought about suicide, but my faith in God and love for kids will not allow me to do that! But I admit this tests your faith on every level!!!!! I can't believe they are not treating this as seriously as cancer!!!! Because this is almost worse than death! This infection has ruined my life, you ca barely work think or function worrying about how you smell all the time and you get so tired of people covering there noses or thinking your un clean because of this!!!! People can be so.cruel and some just dont know the suffering your going thru while they are making nasty comments or jokes!!!! I wish I.could talk to some of you in person because I feel I can't turn to anyone else!!!! Been in the house for weeks and holidays come and go and you can't even enjoy them like everyone else because all you do is worry that you got to be around people with this horrific smell!

Hydrogen Peroxide, Folic Acid, Acidophilus
Posted by SATISFIED (PHILLY, PA) on 03/22/2009
5 out of 5 stars

what i used is a douche with h202 hydrogen peroxide, acidophilus, folic acid, and warm water. I have a fresh clean smell coming from my body for the first time in 3 years. I will take the pills every day as per you ladies suggestions. I thank the Lord for bringing me to this site and for all of your testimonies. and i just did it about 5 hours ago!

Hydrogen Peroxide, Folic Acid, Acidophilus
Posted by Stacy (Bronx, New York) on 03/20/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I am so thankful I found this site. I have been suffering with BV for about 1 year and it has been awful. I have spent hours searching the web for anything that could help, then I found this site with helpful info. I just came from my GYN and there are no signs of BV. I never would have been able to accomplish this without reading many many of these entries. I wasn't as strict as I should have been but this basically what I did. I started my day by taking 2 folic acid and 2 acidophilus. Then when I got home on Monday, Wednesday and Friday I would douche with 50/50 peroxide and water and sometimes open a acidolphilus capsule and add that to the douche. Then when I went to bed I would take 2 more folic acid and 2 more acidolphilus. I would also open a acidophilus capsule and pour that directly into the vagina. On Tuesday and Thursday I didn't douche. I began to just take the 1 of the folic acid and the acidophilus in the morning and the night. That is the basic regimen. After do this for about 3 weeks I just mixed and matched the procedure as I saw fit. If I thought I smelled anything I would immediately douche and the smell was gone. Yes, this is a lot to do but it is better then the horrible creams the doctor was prescribing. All they do is hide it for a short time. What makes me most happy is that I just came from the GYN told her everything I have been doing and I asked her to test me for BV. I am happy to report that she says everything seems to be normal. No yeast infection and no BV. I am so very grateful that I found this site and I am thankful to all of the women who have shared their stories. I don't know if I will ever get BV again, but if I do, I know what to do immediately. Everyone please keep sharing your stories and I will give updates of my status.

Replied by Aprilluvv
(Los Angeles, Ca)

use panty liners with ODER CONTROL, this will keep you from smelling bad until you can find something that works. To date, I have found nothing that offers a permenant solution and I have tried all of the formulas posted PLUS garlic orally and placed in the vagina. Good luck!!!