Natural Remedies

Natural Gout Remedies: Diet, Topicals, and Precautions

Posted by Marsh57 (United States) on 10/30/2019

In 1998, I awoke in mid-summer with my big toe on fire. Excruciating pain with a sheet covering it, but I could put a shoe on and walk. Went into the college nurse who diagnosed it as gout. Ok, so I wasn't an overweight, drunken smoker. Instead 110# and yes, probably partying a little too much. There was a health food store next door, so chatted them up. The lady gave me the name of a reflexologist. Made an appointment, and to this day just remember begging for a wooden bullet. While he worked on my feet, I could literally hear the crunching of uric acid. It took a few sessions, but well worth it. PLUS stopped eating fried foods, American cheeses, processed foods. 30 years later (where did the time go?) not another episode. I still have reflexology done a minimum of 2-3x a year to keep any uric acid from building up, although there isn't much with the dietary changes.