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Natural Gout Remedies: Diet, Topicals, and Precautions

Posted by Peter (Los Angeles, California) on 05/22/2021

Without knowing what it was at the time because it didn't affect my joints as is common (i.e. big toe), but actually the soft tissue at the bottom of my foot, I suffered a handful of gout episodes in my right foot that I attribute to high uric acid levels from drinking too much beer on numerous occasions.

I tried a number of supplements to remedy the situation with varying degrees of success (i.e. ACV, cherry juice, baking soda, cherry extract) One thing that permanently relieved the aforementioned gout no matter how poorly I ate or drank is MSM.

I take a tablespoon of MSM on most days and ever since I have never had one episode of gout related pain again. I attribute the success of MSM to its known ability to enhance the permeability of the cellular membrane which allows water and nutrients to flow in while allowing toxins and waste to flow out of the cell so as not to accumulate as in the case of uric acid which builds up as sharp crystals inside the cell which is what causes gout pain.

I never took any drugs for this or even saw a physician. MSM simply works for gout pain because I believe it prevents the built-up of uric acid inside the cells by enhancing the function of the cellular membrane. If you want added insurance to prevent gout, take Quercetin. It deactivates the same enzyme in the body that produces uric acid in the body that the drug Allopurinol does.