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Fish Oil

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Posted by Calista (Penang, Malaysia) on 01/03/2009

Fish Oil (Omega 3 Fish Oil) REALLY helps with depression. I have been battling severe clinical depression for over 2 years now. Though I'm emotionally & mentally better, I had problems with irregular sleep pattern, excessive sleepiness and lack of energy. I read that Omega 3 can help, so I tried taking it. After just 3 days on 3000mg a day (taken on breakfast, lunch, dinner), for the first time in years I noticed I slept less during the day and slept better at night. It's been weeks now and I continue taking 1000-3000mg a day, and I keep feeling better. I now wake up feeling more refreshed and motivated to do things. I have the energy to actually do them. My naps are short, or sometimes I can go without one. I feel sleepy after a certain time (at night) and can actually sleep throughout the night and wake up ONLY when it's morning. It has regulated my sleep cycle! I can't remember the last time I feel this great! It's amazing such improvement can be achieved with just a simple thing like Fish Oil. Do try it. There can be no harm, only good.

Replied by Ian
(Oldham, Manchester United Kingdom)

After years of ups and downs and depression, I must have tried almost every supplement and pharma pills also. My conclusion is that for myself a good quality pharmaceutical grade fish oil really is excellent at stabilising and improving mood. I use one but others available. Also I've found vitamin c works well to improve my mood also, having read about "histadelia" and high histamine levels that could be the reason as vitamin c is a potent anti -histamine. Commonly touted remedies such as tryptophan made me worse as does any ssri like prozac. Also selenium seems to affect my mood in a negative way also. I guess the bottom line is we are all different biochemically and have to experiment on what works for yourself, though for anyone with these symptoms I'd suggest everyone reads about histadelia and histapenia and the roles of histamine in mood.

Replied by Samantha
(BC, Canada)

Yeah fish oils helped me too. I was taking Cod Liver Oil, about 1 Tablespoon per day, for other health issues and I noticed that I started laughing more, mostly during tv shows which I hadn't found "laugh out loud" funny before this so it was surprising. Maybe just after a few days too; its effect was pretty quick.

Replied by Ashley
(Edinburgh, Uk)

Which brand do you recommend is better?

Fish Oil
Posted by Shanon (San Antonio, Texas) on 11/29/2008

Fishoil helped my depression. I was about to consider Zoloft when I ran into an article about the benefits of fishoil. I started taking 3-4 grams I divided doses and in less than 5 weeks I felt better! Then, I started sleeping before 11 pm and found out that I functioned better and my thoughts were more positive. Everyone used to tell me that in order to cure depression you had to think positive...fishoil taught me how to do so! it's been four months and I only get depressed during my period. I'm working on that...any suggestions?

Replied by Naturelove
(Ft. Polk, Louisiana)

B complex vitamins will have not only a positive impact on your mood, but help you stay regulated during your period.

Replied by Jane
(Spring Valley, Ny)

I don't know about fish oil curing anything but Apple Cider Vinegar and molasses totally helps with bad period.

Fish Oil
Posted by Colleen (Perry, Florida)

Omega 3 Fish Oils work great for depression!! Be sure to take them on a regular basis. They really work wonders for depression.

Replied by Ethan
(Nashville, Tennessee)

I take fish oil at least twice a week. I have been doing this a year now. Though it has not cured my depression it seems to help. I also take a multi vitamin occasionaly. I was skeptical of a natural cure working after having tried ST Johns Wart because it did not seem to work for me but I gave it a shot and I have been doing fairly well. I still get depressed but not for such long periods of time like I used to.

Replied by Laurie
(Wolverine, MI)

In reply to the person taking fish oil. Fish oil is very good, trying different types of omega threes would be beneficial. Vitamin D3 is essential in winter months, especially if in the northern states; no depression when vit D3 is around. Best regards

Replied by Nirinjan
(Traverse City, Michigan)

For those who are vegan or don't want animal products you can try hemp oil which has omega 3,6,and 9. Hemp oil with bragg's or tamari makes a great salad dressing!


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Posted by Teena (Melbourne, Australia) on 05/24/2019 233 posts

Hello all it is early days but caught up with a friend who suffers depression and anxiety and is on different meds, twice a day. She was strangely severely affected by afternoons. She about 6 weeks ago started my suggestion of the spoonful of linseeds (flaxseeds) soaked overnight in water, consumed in the morning. As it had been awhile I asked her how she was doing on it. Apart from actually enjoying drinking the seeds, she grasped my hands to advise she no longer had the dark cloud over her head in the afternoon, and often didn't take her afternoon antidepressant because she didn't need it. We both had tears in our eyes at this development. Hope this encourages someone who needs it.

Food-Related Depression

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Posted by Anon (Anon) on 01/25/2013

My depression is food related. Eating bakery that's not gluten free will bring on depression nearly immediately. Also, when I cook or choose what to eat, I pay attention to how I feel because sometimes I pick up something to eat or season the food with and immediately get an intense twinge of depression that goes away when I put the item back.

Foods That Help

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Posted by Sheilds (Wash) on 07/18/2018

Foods that help with depression - Broccoli and ginger help me.

General Feedback

Posted by Gloria (Poughkeepsie, Ny) on 01/10/2013

Hi everyone, I was just diagnosed Viibryd for depression, anxiety, and anorexia. Has anyone tried it before and had a good experience? I am a little skeptical and nervous about taking a Western pharmaceutical. I have been seeing a naturopath and want to find out if there are any better, more natural options... but thought I'd see if anyone on here has suggestions. Thanks! Gloria

Replied by Steve
(Las Vegas, Nv Nevada)

I've had great results with 5HTP for depression. Worked within an hour of taking it. Went from crying at the drop of a hat to smiling like it never happened.

Replied by Pete
(Latin America)

Please ready the book The Mood Cure by Julia Ross. It talks about the groups of chemicals we need for our well being, how to assess which ones you need, how to supplement and then maintain through dietary changes. I changed my life where everything else failed!

Example: 5htp didn't work for me in the past. It made everything worse and turned me a bit bipolar I felt. It wasn't until reading the book that I realized I wasn't taking it properly (it is important what time of the day you take it). Miracles happened after that!

Good luck!

Replied by Gloria
(Poughkeepsie, NY)

Got the book... Excited to give it a go! Any other suggestions and/or feedback about that specific medication?

Replied by Gloria
(Poughkeepsie, Ny)

Actually, got the book and tried 5-HTP and it made me manic!!! I was more anxious and had difficulty falling asleep... Weird... Any other suggestions?

Replied by Steve
(Las Vegas, Nv)

Sam-E is said to normalize neurotransmitters and worth a try.

Replied by Juliette
(Reston, Va)

hi! could be that 5htp isnt the amino acid for you. GABA might be calming it works on a different part of the brain than 5htp. Really mellows me out! Can get at WF. Pretty cheap too! If that doesnt work mabye an adaptogen like ashwaganda or tulsi? check it out good luck! <3

Replied by Julie
(Charleston, Sc)

I expect many people experience side effects from 5-HTP or even Sam-E. I have also had bad reactions to various amino acids that I have tried over the years and have come to the conclusion that magnesium, fresh green juices and plenty of exercise are the best things for my brain chemistry and health. I recommend you start with very small dosages of any supplement that you are trying for depression. Good luck!


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Posted by Lad (Maryland) on 04/09/2006

GH3 (I used a more complex type "GH7") is a mild, reversible MAO inhibitor. It does lift your mood. Sceletium, or "Kanna" herb is reputed to work faster and better than SJW, and I found it to be very useful too. Also, gotu kola is a good all around herb for depression and anxiety.


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Posted by Anon (Anon) on 08/09/2020

A one inch piece of fresh organic raw ginger, chewed and swallowed with water. Effective within minutes. Suicidal thoughts and depression had been happening for a few hours. Took more as needed, 3 or so times over the next few hours. Continued as needed over the next few days.

Gluten Free Diet

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Posted by Anonymous (USA)

Depression can be a side effect of celiac disease, which I have. It is treated with a gluten free diet. If you feel you have had digestive problems that are very confusing, consider getting yourself checked for this. Or search "celiac" on the web for plenty of information.

Grape Jelly

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Posted by Isis (Detroit, Illinois) on 08/19/2009

Me & My freinds notice that when u eat grape jelly, it improves yr mood

Gratitude Practice

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Posted by Veronicah S. (Switzerland) on 11/22/2019

Practice gratitude, self love and self compassion and watch your whole world transform. I was utterly depressed until I learnt the power of gratitude. Gratitude changes the way we view life and ourselves. Difficult situations that were once intolerable and seemingly unchangeable, transform. The moment we feel gratitude, the situation begins to lighten, and then we can see the opportunities to create change. We feel better about ourselves and our ability to positively affect our environment and our world. Depression lifts, conflict turns to harmony, and stress releases to peace. When gratitude becomes a way of life, success, happiness, and health become the norm. Make it a habit of thanking everything along your path. I am thankful for my cat, I am thankful for my perfect health ( even though the reality is different). Be thankful to the people or situations that you don't like. It is one way to cut the cord and free yourself.

Otherwise they remain in your life through negative emotions. Be thankful thankful thankful thankful. Remember, being positive for ten minutes and compaining the rest of the day will not work. You have a job to do, cultivating gratitude until it becomes the default program . You mean I can be healthy by just repeating "I AM HEALTHY"? yes. You mean I can be happy by just repeating "I AM HAPPY"? yes. You mean I can be just repeating "I AM ............" ? yes.

Well, I did not know that either, now i know. It has worked for me. Earth clinic was my to go site when I was searching to cure depression, thyroid issues, hypoglaecemia etc. Unfortunately I did not find relief from the many good suppliments and herbs. I had to return here and say something as a part of my gratitude. Practicing gratitude to everything and all , being careful about what I was feeding my mind and practicing self compassion when I caught myself thinking or saying negative stuff transformed my life. Reading about the brain neuroprasticity and learning how to reprogram the subconcious mind was my first help. Abraham Hicks book "The law of attraction" transformed my life. Louise hay book "You can heal your life" and many other books are resources that will get you from here to there. You are not helpless, YOU ARE YOUR OWN RESQUE. It has to come through you to you.

Replied by Anon

I am grateful for your suggestion :) Cutting out the negative programming is good, too. No violent tv shows, no toxic relationships, no foul books or pictures. Get rid of drab furnishings, broken things, gifts people gave you that you don't really want, even photos of yourself you dislike; be ruthless, depression is serious business. Keep your house clean, metaphorically and literally. You think you don't want to clean because you are tired, but having a messy house can actually make you feel tired, too. Use nontoxic cleaning products like baking soda, vinegar, or yummy essential oils. Throw out those cheap probably toxic air fresheners, bath bombs, body care products, etc. Stale apartment air needs to be ventilated. This is not a time to be frugal, your life is at stake.


Hi. Very good advice I start and end the day with prayers of thanks. I have cleaned my entire place from top to bottom. Got rid of tons of clutter and I did feel better and less fatigue. When you look at clutter everywhere it's defeating and makes you tired. My problem is keeping up with it and staying on an even keel. I do really good keeping the house in order and then after some days I crash. Too tired to do anything. I don't know if this is a form of chronic fatigue or depression, although I don't think negatively this is not new I've had I would call it poor stamina all my adult life. I have attributed it to having a damaged nervous system from prolonged (like years) emotional trauma in youth. I'll have to do some more research. Thank you everyone for your ideas.

Replied by Nonnie

Hi Veronicah S. from Switzerland

- I enjoyed reading your post about gratitude / self love / self compassion. It's always good to have a gentle reminder of how much we have to be thankful for - regardless of our circumstances in life. Another great book (there are so many) is "Attitudes of Gratitude" by M.J. Ryan. I read it many years ago and I have to confess that I used to write in a gratitude journal but stopped for no particular reason. Now I'm going to make it part of my daily routine . . .

Thanks again and best wishes.

Graviola Leaf

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Posted by Nathan (Troy, Michigan) on 11/08/2014

My sister likes to use graviola for various ailments including depression. Graviola leaf infusion of 1 cup 3 times a day is the recommended dosage that she follows. It has helped her a lot, it may help you also.

Green Juice

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Posted by Lightawake (Nelson, New Zealand) on 12/25/2012

hi, I havent seen this fantastic and powerful natural 'medicine' posted here yet so I thought I would post my experience with it. It has been described by one person I read about, as something akin to getting a blood transfusion and I can attest to its gentle, but immediately noticable effects for depression. I have been taking it every day for about a year now. I find when I take it, I feel both energised and relaxed at the same time (eases my anxiety, and helps me keep calm), and it clears away the 'hopelessness fog' that can take over my mind. Apparently it also alkalises the body and boosts it with all kinds of goodness. there are all kinds of green juice around, many that mix fruits in, but my partner introduced me to the zero-sugar green juice which is what is recommended by dr brian clement, who researches and uses raw food diets to help cure people of many diseases.

I find a total raw food, sugarless diet such as the one he recommends quite hard to follow for any length of time (basically no processed foods, sugars -including fruits or sweet vegetables; centred on salads, fermented foods and dehydrated foods, and some supplements), but that the green juice was something that helped me noticably, and which I could take every day.

most mornings my partner makes me a glassful of green juice made of a base of celery or cucumber, then a combination of dark greens such as kale, spinach, then microgreens, cabbage, broccoli, wheatgrass, coriander, parsley, mint - whatever organic veggies we have. he puts it in a slow masticating juicer, and I drink it within about 15 minutes of it coming out.

-organic is important, as the juicer extracts all the good vitamins and things in the veggies - one glass of green juice is like eating a whole giant bowl of salad;

-drinking it within about 15 mintues is also apparently important as the vitality starts fading after too long - it needs to be made fresh each time;

-making it in a slow masticating juicer, and not a blender or a centrafugal juicer is apparently important in order to keep the enzymes alive - apparently the enzymes are hugely important as we dont produce them ourselves, and our modern diet doesnt give us too many. I actually think that this has been quite key in helping me where other supplements and herbs have not. creating the juice at a low temperature (below 20-something degrees) makes sure that the precious enzymes in the veggies remain alive to do all sorts of good work in our bodies;

-finally, there are many juice recipes out there which would include sweet veggies or even fruit such as beetroot, banana, carrot or apple - but apparently, for the body to heal, any amount of sugar inhibits the body, and so all fruits and sweeter veggies should be avoided in the juice.

when I first started taking this juice, my energy levels were so low that I could only go for a walk for about 10 minutes before I would flop down exhausted. Every day I drank it I noticed that I felt better, and I noticed that after about a month, I was managing to walk for 2-3 hours and I was fine! My partner is healthy, but he swears by it to keep him balanced and healthy too. Obviously, it`s quite 'green' tasting, but we found it tastes a bit better with a squeeze of lemon, or a couple of mint leaves added. The strength and taste also depends on what we put in it, and how much - eg. we adjust how much leafy greens and wheatgrass we put into the juice to make it stronger or weaker.

one warning: green juice is quite strong, and a powerful detoxer - I found that if I had alcohol or fast food the night before, then had green juice the next morning, sometime during the day I would find myself going to the toilet several times!

personally I see green juice as a great all-round balancer, enegiser, and health booster. Not as concentrated as wheatgrass juice, a lot easier on the system, but very medicinal. Feels very much like drinking a potent herbal formula. our fridge is always full of teatowel-lined plastic bags, filled with lots of veggies to last us the week, for green juices and salads.

I take green juice along with some supplements, and trying to maintain a diet as free of processed foods and sugars as I can, and am finding definite noticable progress, and recommend it to anyone dealing with depression, or anything where their body would benefit from some extra health.

Replied by Larry
(Fairfax, Va/usa)

Thanks for your excellent information on "green juice." As far as using slow masticating juicers, can you be more specific as to a specific brand or model; I understand that you probably can only communicate this off-line. (my eMail: LaKrutzel {at} yahoo[dot] com). The type juicers that you recommend, do they separate the pulp from the juice or do they totally liquefy the entire vegetable like the Vitamix blender? Also, can incorporation of ice, allow for the use of higher speed blenders, so as not to destroy the enzymes? Thanks, Larry

Replied by Lyle
(Gaborone, Botswana)

I can attest to the benefits of the 'green' diet or green juices. I too suffered with deep depressions until I diversified my diet by adding or blending lots of greens. I am saving to buy a masticating juicer soon. My depression has gone after a 20yr battle, energy levels are up, lost weight, sleep better, skin clearer and smoother, had no flu for 2 yrs. Life's better and I have more time since I cook less now.

Herbal Supplements

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Posted by Shai (New York , NY) on 09/01/2007

After the death of loved ones, bereavement, perhaps, is not the same as other forms of depression, but it can be debilitating. I tried a few things that i found lifted my spirit. I took E3 Live, rhodiola and ashwaghanda, holy basil (tulsi). A good brand is Gaia herbs "Adrenal Health" liquid gel caps. But i added more rhodiola as my case was extreme. The e3 live is wonderful, give it a chance to work its magic. Make tea with gymnostemna, rose hips, add some flowers like jasmine, rose, chrysanthemum, osmanthus, add rose water to premium white tea. Throw in some oat straw tips. For sexual increase, maca and shatavari (for women) maca alone for men. This will return your shakti. One can lift any depression with active self healing-this is giving yourself love. No need for drugs. Share your love and beauty without ever looking for thanks, you will come out of any depression this way. peace love and light.