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Dealing with Depression Naturally

| Modified on May 07, 2024
Proper Mental Diet
Posted by Tiberius (Oklahoma) on 02/07/2024

Edited 2/08/24 at 3:53 am
There are supplements and medications out there to aid in mood health. But one might have a difficult time finding independence from these things without a proper mindset. I firmly believe that the advice I'm offering here should be taught in every school. And it should be regularly reiterated and reinforced.

First off, self forgiveness and acceptance. Years ago, I was about 12 years old at the time, I did/said something to my mom that was uncalled for and certainly not a way a person should ever treat their mother. As it's embarrassing I'll keep the details to myself. I had apologized and everything shortly after... But it wasnt enough for me... I spent a week or so allowing myself to be torn apart by it. I was depressed, I was beside myself crying when I was alone, praying for forgiveness, and not finding any peace at all. I ended up opening up to my mom about it. And I'll never forget what she said, "How can you expect forgiveness if you cant even forgive yourself?" It became clear to me, that the only reason I couldnt find peace and let it go, is because I hadnt forgiven myself. I was expecting the feeling of peace and forgiveness to come from some outside source. The issue was entirely with myself. I had to accept that I had made a mistake and I had to forgive myself for it. My mom had forgiven me the instant it happened as any good mother would. Regardless of the situation, you always have to be able to live with yourself. You always have to accept, forgive, respect, and love yourself. You cant expect peace or happiness if you're disgusted with yourself.

Next... Dealing with external things... When I was a kid, there was a popular saying, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may never hurt me." As time goes on, western culture seems to stray further away from that simple philosophy. We have slowly placed more and more power in words, events, and circumstances. It used to be glorified and shown to us in media such as movies and TV shows, someone would make a rude comment and the hero would go and start a fist fight to defend their honor. A fight with a loved one would result in the protagonist turning to alcohol to cope. Or some horrible event would turn the protagonist to a life of depression and alcohol abuse. In our modern day, it is almost virtuous to be offended or to be a victim. It's a matter of duty to be outraged or to be hurt and to let it be known that you have been wronged.

What we have forgotten is that NO ONE HAS THE POWER TO DISTURB YOU BUT YOU. Absolutely NO ONE. Every word that is spoken to you, every event that you encounter, and every circumstance that you endure, you are faced with a choice of how to perceive it. You have the power to dwell on it and let it disturb you or you have the power to pay it no mind and go on. When someone says a bad thing to you, you have the choice to be offended or not. You have the choice to take that with you and dwell on it. You have the choice to let it define who you are or not.

Every time you allow yourself to be disturbed, hurt, offended, angered etc by words, circumstances, and events, you are giving those things power over you. You are allowing those things to control you and to define you. You are allowing those things to steal your peace and happiness.

Every moment of every day, you have the choice to seek out happiness. You have the choice to dwell on peaceful things. You have the choice to forgive and to forget. You dont forgive as a favor to those that wrong you, you forgive as a matter of health/wellbeing for yourself and as a way to maintain control over your emotions. It harms you mentally and physically to harbor negative feelings.

Awful things happens, far worse than words people say. Circumstances can be hellish. But you always have the choice to control how deep you allow these things to disturb you. Its not always easy. But how you respond to them, will certainly affect how quickly you recover and the damage you sustain from them.

Next time something negative happens big or small, and you're tempted to let it push you further into that pit of despair, stop yourself, and remind yourself that you have the power to change how that affects you.

On top of the mental diet, sunlight, try to stay around people you love and enjoy. Avoid isolation. Join in fun activities whenever possible. And allow yourself to enjoy them. When thoughts of "hiding" how you really feel creep up, shrug it off and remind yourself that you are enjoying yourself. THIS IS how you feel.

An anxious mind is one that dwells on the future, a depressed mind is one that dwells on the past, and a mind at peace is one that is present.


Look for the good...

If I told you to look around you, where ever you're at and find everything thats blue. You'll likely find plenty of things that are blue. But then I tell you to close your eyes without looking anymore and told you to tell me everything that you saw that was brown while you were looking for the blue.... Did you even notice anything that was brown? Probably not near as much as you would have had you been looking for stuff that was brown.

Your mind will see what you are looking for. So if you go through life with this idea that only negative things happen to you, you're going to see every single little negative thing to reinforce that idea. You catch a cold, check... they screw up your order at a restaurant, check. You have a bad day at work, check. You stub your toe on the coffee table, check. Someone makes a rude comment, check. And you'll likely gladly accept the negative things that happen to others as part of it.. a friend gets sick, check. A coworker gets divorced, check. A friendly coworker quits, or gets fired, check.. The list goes on.

But in all of this negativity how much good might you have missed? You got a free drink through a mix up at the drive thru. The nice person at the cash register rounded your change up from .95c to $1 so they wouldnt have to count change. You had a good day at work. You havent been sick in months. Your family was happy and healthy today. Someone complimented you, ("Hey, I really like that shirt! "). A friend or family member had a new baby. etc...

Chances are there isn't near as much bad as you believe there is and chances are there is just as much good to balance it out or completely tip the scales the opposite direction, you just refuse to see it.

Your mind amplifies the negative while overlooking the good or brushing it off as if its a lie or a rare fluke. You can flip this on its head and train your mind to look for the good while overlooking the bad. You just have to start looking for the good. And when you see it, dont brush it off or make excuses for it. Let that be "just your luck". Let that be the normal occurrence that you look for.

Posted by Doris (Murfreesboro, TN) on 12/05/2007

My son suffered from anxiety and depression after his divorce. I read an article by George Eby about Magnesium Glycinate for depression. I bought my son some of the magnesium and after a few days he started feeling better and talked about having more energy and concentration. He took 800-1000 mgs. for a few days to build it up in his system, then backed down to 400 mgs. The Magnesium Glycinate really changed his life.

Posted by Alla (California) on 01/14/2024

What is worm tablets?

Chlorella, Copper
Posted by Noohra (USA) on 08/05/2023

Hey Jeffrey!

Great tips, thanks for sharing!

I love Chlorella and fulvic acid. I should probably take it more often.

I was hoping you explain and give a little more detail about the chelated copper. I'm not depressed, but I am a big believer in taking supplements to stay happy and healthy. With 6 kids, I need to stay on top of my game :)

Couch Exercise
Posted by Hollyhock (America ) on 08/04/2023

Are you talking B complex? Or a specific B?

Chlorella, Copper
Posted by Jeffrey (IDAHO) on 08/03/2023

Re: High Dose Vitamin B For Depression

hello world,

Chlorella has the best multi vitamin b complex out there.1000mg -3000mg per day. It's also considered a super food.

also see fulvic humic from vital earth. that will clean you out and get the gut moving again. probably get the minerals you need to revitalize your soul.

Most people don't know about 2mg of chelated copper per day. watch your soul come back to life. it's very inspiring to see it happen quickly.

Couch Exercise
Posted by Ben (Kansas city, ks) on 08/02/2023

B3 or niacinamide definitely helps with depression

Couch Exercise
Posted by Gary (Kitchener On) on 08/01/2023

Hi Adrienne

My good friend was going through a bad time like you. After researching everything she could, she tried high dose Vitamin B..

Three weeks later, she had very little depression left. She did not tell me the amount taken.

God Bless


Couch Exercise
Posted by Adrienne (ID) on 07/31/2023

I get it! Imagine laying flat on the floor face down and then trying to raise up your torso or bend your head, shoulders and back upward and back as if you were trying to curl up backwards. Now picture how much easier that would be laying over the end of your couch with your hands touching the floor. You could just curl backwards as much as you could which might only be a little at first, but if you did it often you would gradually be able to bend further. I can see how this would strengthen back muscles, but I'm not sure how it works for depression, except to say if wiggling our toes works, hey, why not bending our backs? I've been depressed for several days, so, after reading about it on Earth Clinic, I tried just tightening my toes while I was walking around today. I'm not depressed now! :-)

Apple Cider Vinegar, Fish Oil
Posted by Martin (Ireland) on 07/28/2023

For depression, take 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar braggs in a glass of water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, wait half an hour before you have your breakfast. Fish oil 1000mg after breakfast. Magnesium citrate in the evening 2 hours before bed.stop drinking sodas coke etc and eating sugary foods they mess up the much sugar in the stomach is posion.

If your tiredness has to do with depression, take vitamin C 1000mg after breakfast and also take b complex. The vinegar is to control the candidias in the stomach if you have that, your stomach will be depressed. The fish oil is for a depressed brain. It takes 3 weeks for the fish oil and vinegar to work. I still take all my prescription medication. But I was depressed on it, these vitamins saved me.i have been cured for 2 years now since taking all of this stuff.I still have to figure out something for sleep. I will edit later if I find something. Thank you god and earthclinic.

Cold Showers
Posted by Seraphina (Lancaster, PA) on 07/17/2023

To the one who was suffering with tennis elbow and depression, might I recommend the Tennis Elbow brace from CVS. It helped mine tremendously. It's gray and is the regular store brand if I remember right . Good luck to you!

Exercise, Omega 3, Sauna
Posted by Jess (Boston, MA) on 03/02/2023

I have to monitor my mood because I'm prone to depression so I have to nip it in the bud. This is what works for me.

1. Exercise, especially intense aerobic exercise or weightlifting.

2. High-quality canned tuna (due to the fish oils). If/when I get down just having a bit here and there can perk me up.

3. Sauna. It's difficult to be depressed when you sweat it all out. Also gives you time to meditate and get into a better mindspace.

4. "Doing" rather than thinking. For example, trying to get involved in a tasks at home or at work that keep your mind off things. Decluttering, cleaning, gardening, etc. Anything other than negative thought patterns.

Posted by dhi22 (Mississippi) on 01/23/2023

addendum to my post about 5HTP- the info I shared from Julia Ross' book was for someone who is not on prescription medications for mood issues/anxiety/depression. You need to work with your doctor when adding supplements to your prescription regimen or trying to gradually move from prescriptions to supplements. Definitely don't do that alone. You want to avoid serotonin syndrome or other complications.

Posted by dhi22 (Mississippi) on 01/21/2023

Julia Ross, who wrote the Mood Cure, recommends taking 5 HTP 50 mg pills, 1-3 pills at mid afternoon and 1-3 pills at bedtime. If you haven't tried it before, she says to start with 1 pill, if you don't feel any difference in an hour, take a second one, and if still no difference in another hour, take a 3rd. At whatever point you feel a difference, that is your dose. She does not recommend 100 mg pills, I suppose because it limits the ability to start low and gradually increase, only as needed. Obviously, if you feel weird on it or have some side effect, don't take it. Her book is a great resource for how/when/why and side effects to look for when taking various aminos and supplements for mood. She also distinguishes between the "Blues" type of depression and the "Blahs" type of depression and recommends aminos/supplements accordingly.

Posted by Cynthia (Milwaukee) on 12/28/2022

Niacinamide helps depression. Dr. William Kaufman pioneered niacinamide treatment for osteoarthritis more than half a century ago. He observed that this form of vitamin B3 can relieve both anxiety and depression regardless of whether you have osteoarthritis or not.

Years ago scientists from a major patent medicine company published an article about niacinamide research in animals. They compared niacinamide to the patent medicines Valium and Librium and found their activities were much the same.

Niacinamide is very effective for improving the mood, attitude, and mental clarity of those with type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance/metabolic syndrome. Some users also report that their thinking… or their head… is much clearer when using niacinamide.

I take only 500 mg once in the morning and feel better within a couple of hours. At night I take 1,500 because of its sedative effect in higher doses.

Posted by Anne (CA) on 10/13/2022

I used cayenne this past month as a remedy for tachycardia.However, I thought the same thing as you, that my mood was better. I put a little bit in my hot herbal tea such as chamomile or hibiscus.

Vitamin D
Posted by Madeleine (US) on 10/12/2022

Having a lack of Vit d diagnosis changed my life. I was thinking about ending it because of the lethargy and pain. Everyone should take this simple vitamin 🍀

A simple solution to big problems.

Posted by Ashlee (Dallas, Texas) on 12/07/2008

I am taking Chromium Picolinate for minor depression and it has made me feel so much better i've heard that it is good for weight loss too but i havent seen any difference. Magnesium is also good for constipation, depression and other problems that have a tendency to pop up it pretty much can cure what ales you since most people do not receive enough magnesium in their diets.

St John's Wort
Posted by Meghan (Los Angeles) on 09/22/2022

I'm so happy for you, Cynthia!

I feel I must caution those currently on antidepressants:

Combining St. John's wort and certain antidepressants can lead to a potentially life-threatening increase in your body's levels of serotonin

St John's Wort
Posted by Cynthia (Minnesota) on 09/14/2022

St. John's Wort is amazing for depression. And at least for me, it worked quickly. I had tried all kinds of supplements without success. I had crippling brain fog, lethargy, and a general feeling of wanting to give up. Work stress was overwhelming. I started taking 350 mg of St. John's Wort twice a day and the results have been remarkable. Brain fog is gone. I want to tackle my work. I feel interested in doing things that I had given up long ago, things like polishing my shoes, curling my hair, or cleaning out a cupboard. Energy, motivation, positive outlook!

There are lots of reputable brands available. Many people take 300 mg three times a day and for some it takes a few weeks to start working. For me, SJW is as powerful as any RX antidepressant.

Brain Zap Recovery Supplements
Posted by Marco (Farmers Branch) on 07/04/2022

For brain zaps I highly recommend cold showers, or at least, a cold shower just for the head (which you should be able to withstand better). For my brain zaps, it reduced them by at least 70%.

Iboga Root Bark, Metta Meditation
Posted by IbogaQueen (Philadelphia, PA) on 06/04/2022

I found amazing temporary benefits from low dose iboga root bark for my depression. Low dose ayahuasca was also great.

But taking any substance isn't a long-term solution. A better approach that works instantly and costs nothing is metta (loving kindness) meditation. You imagine sending love to your inner child, then to someone you love, then to someone you like, then to a stranger, then to someone you dislike, then to someone you hate. Or you can do it impersonally and just send love in all directions. Ajahn Brahm has good guided metta meditation vids on youtube.

Posted by Devon (Oregon) on 02/11/2022

I started eating once a day, around 4-5pm. This means I do a 24 hour fast, roughly. It hasn't even been 2 weeks, but it has been very beneficial. I was 161 lbs and am already at 154. I can literally feel my body doing what it's supposed to be doing for energy. Sometimes I have so much energy that it feels as though I took an ADD medication, like Adderall. Definitely helps me feel hopeful and has the ability to get me out of that dark, horrible run. Good luck to you.

St John's Wort
Posted by Ron P. (USA) on 11/16/2021

+1 to Leilanie... -1 to Tif .. Not to be mean but... yeah. even the people I encounter who advocate Rx now and then don't even get relief from them.. it's just an old program that people repeat out loud like parrots; that doesn't work anymore..

Posted by Mary (San Gabriel, CA) on 10/01/2021

If anyone got the recipe of Oprah Winfrey's tea for depression containing Rhodiola can you please post it here on Earthclinic? I have been searching for it for a long time now. Thank you very much!!


Palo Santo Essential Oil
Posted by looms (hawaii) on 08/10/2021

i got a little carved box made from palo sainto, when in Mexico once and used to open it every day, just to smell it! I kept all my wishes written down in it. it really does have a healing smell!

Vanilla Bean Powder
Posted by dibro (Southern USA) on 08/07/2021

For stress, anxiety or depression - Vanilla Bean Powder

Vanilla bean fine powder melts anxiety & takes depression away.

Add a teaspoonful to coffee or tea/or simply remove the cap and use it as an aromatherapy! Add a spoon full to cereal/ even swish with a bit of toothpaste and prevent tooth decay!

Yes, it's a fine powder, not a liquid. Of course U can find it on

Palo Santo Essential Oil
Posted by Deirdre (Connecticut) on 08/07/2021

Thank you so much for posting this, Ron. I ordered a small bottle after reading your post to test it out and found it is indeed a good mood enhancer. I have been applying it to the sides of my wrist once or twice a day. I don't have depression but can feel a happy shift about 15 minutes after application. That really surprised me! Doesn't smell great though, a bit like petroleum! I have read the same comment about other brands of this essential oil too.

Palo Santo Essential Oil
Posted by ron (Idaho) on 08/01/2021

An unbelievable cure for depression is an essential oil named palo santo.

I have an occasional bit of depression and using palo santo is like magic, I have recommended it to a couple people and they had the same result; one person came to me with bad depression and while we were talking she sniffed the palo santo a couple of times and a while later I asked her how was her depression she replied she had not realized it was gone.

I have found many herbal remedies are so subtle that you don't realize the condition is gone or lessened. I have seen the same result for pain remedies anyway I don't need to keep on, best wishes

Gratitude Practice
Posted by Nonnie (Canada) on 11/27/2019

Hi Veronicah S. from Switzerland

- I enjoyed reading your post about gratitude / self love / self compassion. It's always good to have a gentle reminder of how much we have to be thankful for - regardless of our circumstances in life. Another great book (there are so many) is "Attitudes of Gratitude" by M.J. Ryan. I read it many years ago and I have to confess that I used to write in a gratitude journal but stopped for no particular reason. Now I'm going to make it part of my daily routine . . .

Thanks again and best wishes.

Gratitude Practice
Posted by J. (Mn) on 02/16/2020

Hi. Very good advice I start and end the day with prayers of thanks. I have cleaned my entire place from top to bottom. Got rid of tons of clutter and I did feel better and less fatigue. When you look at clutter everywhere it's defeating and makes you tired. My problem is keeping up with it and staying on an even keel. I do really good keeping the house in order and then after some days I crash. Too tired to do anything. I don't know if this is a form of chronic fatigue or depression, although I don't think negatively this is not new I've had I would call it poor stamina all my adult life. I have attributed it to having a damaged nervous system from prolonged (like years) emotional trauma in youth. I'll have to do some more research. Thank you everyone for your ideas.

Gratitude Practice
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 11/26/2019

I am grateful for your suggestion :) Cutting out the negative programming is good, too. No violent tv shows, no toxic relationships, no foul books or pictures. Get rid of drab furnishings, broken things, gifts people gave you that you don't really want, even photos of yourself you dislike; be ruthless, depression is serious business. Keep your house clean, metaphorically and literally. You think you don't want to clean because you are tired, but having a messy house can actually make you feel tired, too. Use nontoxic cleaning products like baking soda, vinegar, or yummy essential oils. Throw out those cheap probably toxic air fresheners, bath bombs, body care products, etc. Stale apartment air needs to be ventilated. This is not a time to be frugal, your life is at stake.

Gratitude Practice
Posted by Veronicah S. (Switzerland) on 11/22/2019

Practice gratitude, self love and self compassion and watch your whole world transform. I was utterly depressed until I learnt the power of gratitude. Gratitude changes the way we view life and ourselves. Difficult situations that were once intolerable and seemingly unchangeable, transform. The moment we feel gratitude, the situation begins to lighten, and then we can see the opportunities to create change. We feel better about ourselves and our ability to positively affect our environment and our world. Depression lifts, conflict turns to harmony, and stress releases to peace. When gratitude becomes a way of life, success, happiness, and health become the norm. Make it a habit of thanking everything along your path. I am thankful for my cat, I am thankful for my perfect health ( even though the reality is different). Be thankful to the people or situations that you don't like. It is one way to cut the cord and free yourself.

Otherwise they remain in your life through negative emotions. Be thankful thankful thankful thankful. Remember, being positive for ten minutes and compaining the rest of the day will not work. You have a job to do, cultivating gratitude until it becomes the default program . You mean I can be healthy by just repeating "I AM HEALTHY"? yes. You mean I can be happy by just repeating "I AM HAPPY"? yes. You mean I can be just repeating "I AM ............" ? yes.

Well, I did not know that either, now i know. It has worked for me. Earth clinic was my to go site when I was searching to cure depression, thyroid issues, hypoglaecemia etc. Unfortunately I did not find relief from the many good suppliments and herbs. I had to return here and say something as a part of my gratitude. Practicing gratitude to everything and all , being careful about what I was feeding my mind and practicing self compassion when I caught myself thinking or saying negative stuff transformed my life. Reading about the brain neuroprasticity and learning how to reprogram the subconcious mind was my first help. Abraham Hicks book "The law of attraction" transformed my life. Louise hay book "You can heal your life" and many other books are resources that will get you from here to there. You are not helpless, YOU ARE YOUR OWN RESQUE. It has to come through you to you.