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Posted by Tina (Houston, Usa) on 10/21/2011
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I spent about 15 years severely depressed and on medications which, in my opinion, numbed me and added to the already bad situation.

Couple of things that helped me...

1) Seeing a chiropracter and getting the spine re-aligned, which in turn allows the nerve endings to do their bit effectively.

2) Acupuncture and chinese herbs which allowed me to wean off the nasty allopathic depression meds that I was originally put on.

3) Soaking 1-2 times daily in dead sea salt (Available at ebay. The more you buy, and you use 3-4 heaped cups or more in a single soak). This allows your body to absorb magnesium and other critical elements and minerals that are missing from your body which may most definitely be adding to the 'low'.

4) Green juice first thing in the AM on an empty stomach. Include celery, cucumber, parsley, ginger and lemon juice. This detoxes your liver and flushes out the toxins from your body which will shift things very fast for you. FRESH juice drunk as soon as you have juiced, preferably withOUT the pulp.

5) Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine, atleast 30-45 mins daily in nature.

6) Walk barefoot atleast 30-45 minutes daily on the earth, grass, see earthing under separate heading on this site.

7) Exercise to release those endorphins.

8) Eliminate all sugar, white flour, and processed foods from your diet. HUGE in getting better. Substitute with more healthy choices like greek yogurt and agave and nuts for a 'sweet' treat.

9) Addition of raw foods to your diet. If you can go 50% raw, you will find you are getting better very soon.

10) Pranic healing. Please google it. Learn to do it yourself or find someone who can do it for you. Life CHANGING!

Please ask any specific questions. I really know the above has shifted my being and hope it can be helpful to you too.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mary (Los Angeles, California) on 07/09/2011 50 posts

I have heard so many helpful hints to help you heal. I use to listen to Louise Hay a very well known woman who helped to heal many people. Ms Hay had been abused by her father as a small child. I didn't pay for her tapes as I found them in the library and made copies for myself.

I listened to her tapes every night for 9 years and they helped alot. Another woman who became a doctor after being Agoraphobic for years has a hospital but sorry to say she charges too much for her programs and that's a terrible shame after knowing how bad these panic attacks and depression feel and most people I know who have it bad can not work. She geta a big lump of coal from me!!

I did a lot of research to help myself. GABA is a very important supplement to take because it relaxes your mind enough to let you sleep and find therapy to help you get through it. Magnesium for me is 700 mg daily but check for your size and weight this helps to keep your muscles loose and not tight. Exercise for depression is very important. Don't eat too many foods that contain MSG this spice can actually bring on anxiety attacks. If you can go and swim in the beach the salt water takes away many negative energies and relaxes you. If you cannot, take epsom salt baths. Laughter is very good for your overall health. I have bought movies that make me laugh or I look up jokes and keep them in a folder. When I am down I go for these things to cheer me up. God bless you all and may you heal and have very wonderful lives. Please don't forget to "pay it forward" and help others who are in a difficult place in their lives.

Blessings to all, Mary

Replied by Steve
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

I have had some severe bouts of depression, crying for several days at the drop of a hat for no apparent reason. One day it hit me for some reason that my seratononin levels must be off for me to be feeling this way. I had heard that many people have had good experiences with 5HTP so I bought some and emptied the cap under my tongue thinking it might absorb a little faster. I could feel a subtle change happening almost immediately. Haven't had any depression since that point. I take it once every few days if I feel a little off. My brother has also been suffering for several years with depression and he tried it the same way 50mg under the tongue. He began feeling better the same day and reported feeling brighter. Like the fog had lifted, and he sounds much happier. I believe if your seratonin levels are low then 5HTP will definitely help you feel better.

Replied by Joylie
(Solana Beach, Ca)

I really like 5-HTP, too. I take 50 mg. Every night before I go to bed. It has made a positive difference for me. I am really pleased.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Loretta (Phoenix, Az, Usa) on 03/11/2011

My husband has weaned himself off prescription drugs for depression and anxiety. Now we are wondering if it is safe for him to take St. John's Wort and Passion Flower at the same time? He has been taking melatonin in the evenings to help him relax so he can sleep better. Is it okay to take all three (in moderate doses)?
Thanks in advance for any info you can provide...Loretta

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Anonymous (Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Usa) on 04/05/2010
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Multiple remedies for depression

Obviously it depends on what's really wrong, but here are some suggestions that have helped me. I scanned the list of titles on the right and did not see the following:

-adequate sleep
-quitting coffee
-tanning/sun bathing
-loseing weight/body image/new clothes
-doing things you've always wanted to but were too afraid to do
-jogging/runner's high - this works well
-fresh fruit and vegetable juices/smoothies/fasting on them
-clean water - not fluoridated/chlorinated tap water with additional mystery chemicals
-spending time alone with Jesus/getting close to Him
-getting enough fiber in your diet - apples
- Drink 2 tablespoons of olive oil mixed with the fresh juice of a lemon and the juice or minced bits of a few cloves of fresh garlic.
-staying out of co-dependent relationships - love people the way Jesus did
-being honest with yourself about who you are, what you want, etc. For example, don't tell yourself you want to be married, if all you really want/need is fellowship. Be real honest with yourself about your wants and needs. Isaiah 58:4, Matthew 19:12

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Richared (Long, Quebec) on 02/07/2009

Fighting the blues with Fennel

I have been plagued by the so called blues most of my life and so its been a preoccupation with me to find suitable remedies to cure my down times. While the following have more benefits than just making one feel better... they all seem to make life more generally happy for me. So after many years of trying one thing and another.. here's a list that I hope will be helpful..

Fennel..Powder form
Black sesame seed powder...some chinese markets carry it.. I take quarter of a cup a day
Chamomille tea
lemon and lime juices
Poppy seeds
''Fleur de sel''.. the salt that they harvest at certain select times
Blackstrop molasses
Omega 3 oils... a must for those prone to the blues like myself
hemp protein..acts for me within minutes especially if I mix it with applesauce
canadian ginseng..doesn't affect BP as much as others..its a cooler energy than the others
goji berries...soaked first..they are less expensive at chinese groceries
number 8 of the ''Schuessler Salts'' some health food stores carry this..this one affects me a lot.. I feel grounded, good, in tune with my spiritual self.. I have heard others say the same about this one

I hope this helps,


Multiple Supplements

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Posted by Desire (Chicago, IL) on 10/30/2006
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5HTP, Omega3, Chlorophyll, ACV, Lemon and H2O everyday, Yoga 4 days a week. This combination has cured plenty; depression, regularity, appetite suppressant, etc. I'm just one happy camper


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Posted by Jo (New York) on 02/13/2014
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My daughter suffered from depression and I found a doctor who advocated niacin we tried it, she was 20 and found that the flushing was painful and then she switched to non flushing Niacin. Now still on Niacin at 21, we have come to realize she must not go a day with out it and we have even increased the dose, she is vitamin B dependant! We have also noticed a remarkable difference when she adds Omega 3's it helps her even more and she notice a loss in weight. She might be bi polar, it runs in the family, but NIACIN has been a MIRACLE and EVERYONE should try it!!!!!!

Posted by Paul (St Louis, Mo) on 05/19/2013
5 out of 5 stars

In regards to Niacin, it has absolutely changed my life. I take 500mg of it twice a day. The depression seems to just melt away after taking it. I like the niacin flush I get. Be careful when you first start taking it, I recommend starting by cutting the pill into 50mg increments.

Posted by Kathy (Las Vegas) on 02/03/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I watched a documentary on nutrition and a Dr. said that niacin totally erases depression. Of course you have to stay on it. He sited an example of a woman that was so depressed that she stayed in her room. When she took niacin, as much as she needed to get her acting like herself again, it worked, she became her old self. They told the Dr. and he said to take her off the niacin, they listened and she reverted back to a depressed state. The documentary may have been called "a beautiful world".

Replied by Kimi
(San Diego, Ca)

The doctor's name is Andrew Saul and the documentary is called "Food Matters". His books are a "must-read" and the documentary is priceless!

Posted by Jack (Los Angeles, Ca, Usa) on 11/16/2011
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Thank you all for your advice. It's greatly appreciated. I have a relative who has been on Luvox (an SSRI; anti-depressant) for a while, taking 50mg a day, and who was on a bunch of other drugs last year (they kept trying to treat the "symptoms" with a different drug, instead of figuring out the "cause" (ironically, the anti-depressant itself), and eliminating that), and we just found out about Niacinamide (Vitamin B-3), and how it helped the guy who started AA to get rid of his depression. Actually, he used Niacin, but Niacinamide doesn't have the hot flashes that Niacin causes.

Can we start to give him the Niacinamide while still on the Luvox? If so, how much Niacinamide do you suggest? They are in 500mg capsules.

Btw, I successfully stopped my panic attacks with it (I only had two attacks my whole life; I'm still blown away that I even had them). I took between 500mg and 2000mg per day, and only needed to take it for a few days. And that was over 3 years ago.

Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 10/18/2011
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Seekthetruth, I know what you mean about wanting to help someone and your friend not being open to it. I have a similar situation with someone. It is soo hard to even speak to them.

Niacin or B3 is very effective for treating depression and Dr. Hoffer had great success with it. From the linked article:

"Bill began to take niacin, 3 g daily. Within a few weeks fatigue and depression which had plagued him for years were gone. He gave it to 30 of his close friends in AA and persuaded them to try it. Within 6 months he was convinced that it would be very helpful to alcoholics. Of the thirty, 10 were free of anxiety, tension and depression in one month. Another 10 were well in two months".

Also magnesium is very good for depression. Swimming in the ocean particularly good or just bathing in epson salts or magnesium chloride.


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Posted by Caroline (North Ireland) on 02/10/2007
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Porriage oats boiled for 2 minutes on the lowest heat drain then eat good for depression and nervous disorders. multi vitamins and minerals (iron supplement) is good for acne and hair loss. you can get this supplement from the chemist boots

Oil Pulling

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Posted by Dosti65 (Castries, St. Lucia) on 10/11/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered with depression from childhood which I feel has wasted a huge chunk of my life. I now try to treat it with diet, etc, I hate the thought of taking any form of drugs into my body. I feel that they are more damaging in the long term. Always on the lookout for natural ways to relieve the depression, I stumbled on your site last night after reading about OP on another site. Though I was skeptical, It sounded interesting, so I kept reading the testimonials until I came across what one person said about the effect that OP with olive oil had on his depression! Well... I immediately shoved a tbsp of olive oil in my mouth and swirled to my hearts content for 20 mins. What do you know, my mood lifted immediately, I felt motivated, positive, I was singing and dancing, my energy was back! Hey, I was back! I hadn't felt like this in many, many months. My mouth felt great too. I woke up the next morning without the usual panic attacks and feelings of foreboding. I'm stoked! I OP again this morning and my motivation has lasted through out the day. No depression! I just realized that a pain in the throat before doing the OP is completely gone. Hadn't noticed it before, so amazed at the renewed spirits! Still cannot believe this 'miracle', so I'm going to keep monitoring and listening to my body while doing the OP. I plan to do it just in the morning using the olive oil. If this keeps up words will not be able to express how this site and all your comments have given me my life back... No words. Thank-You! Q:Does it make a difference whether one uses olive oil or evoo? I'm a newbie so feedback would be welcome.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Burton (Portland, Oregon) on 01/25/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I read about oil pulling on this site and decided to try it, though i wasn't aware of any real health problems. I only had olive oil in the house so I went with that for 3 or 4 days and did the neti pot nasal flush afterward each time. I used a tablespoon of oil and swished for 15 minutes, rinsing afterward with 1/2 tsp. salt and 1/2 tsp. baking soda in warm water. Throughout the course of those four days I noticed a startling mood elevation and mental clarity that I hadn't had in a very long time. I also noticed alot of sinus drainage and my ability to smell increased. Also my eyes stopped feeling itchy or dry. I switched over to sesame oil because it was recommended, but have since switched back to olive oil and experienced the same mood elevation and mental clarity. This has made me wonder if I was suffering from low-grade depression the whole time. I feel much calmer and focussed, less confused and find alot more reasons to laugh during the day. I also have a TON more energy and work much harder. This energy caused me to have some problems sleeping for the first few days. One last thing is that my beard seems to have gotten much thicker and softer. I'm excited about such a cheap and simple remedy and would recommend it to everyone.

OTC Natural Lithium

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Posted by Lilac (Northern Usa) on 07/23/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Over-the-Counter Natural Lithium and other Helps for Depression

I have a diagnosis of Dysthymia, Bipolar 2, Cyclothymia and Depression. (From different psychiatrists). I have been battling chronic sadness for years, and long ago I took antidepressants. They made me hypomanic, so I took prescription-strength Lithium, 900 mgs./Day, which brought me back to how I was. For years I stopped all drugs, and I have t tried many things to cure my mood disorder. Recently I found over-the-counter low-dose Lithium, and it is working excellently so far. My mood is better. My chronic depression lifts. Below I wrote some of the forms of OTC Lithium. I've been taking the first two. The Amazon reviews for the OROTATE form are also stellar. I would avoid Lithium Aspartate because the Aspartate part is not good for neurons. It's excitatory. Micronized IONIC form is available on Amazon, and ionic minerals are reputed to be the best absorbed. Lithium is also helping my sleep. It is reported to increase serotonin. I've been taking one dose at night and one dose in the late afternoon, when my mood begins to slip. I take both ionic Lithium concentrate and Li-zyme, as needed. (See below, with the forms.) A DNA test I took showed a higher-than-normal risk for Manic Depression. So I assume this mood disorder has genetic etiology. The ionic form I take is liquid, so I take it sublingually, and that way I need less, since none is being lost in digestion. You can see from the forms of OTC Lithium (below) how low the doses are. I don't even take one milligram per day. Amazingly, Lithium is effective at these low doses. Studies show that Lithium may also help to heal from STROKE, because it encourages Neurogenesis.


1. Mine is also alleviated by cutting out foods I am sensitive to. The big ones for me are Gluten, all Dairy (yes even the fermented forms), and Night Shades, especially potatoes. If you have depression, it is IMPERATIVE to find out if some foods may be causing your problems. When I cut out gluten, I got a whole new life. I was in graduate school, and before I cut out gluten, ALL of my term papers were late, and I labored over them. After a gluten-free diet, NONE of my term papers were late, I whizzed through them and started taking more classes at the same time. My brain was cleared. Most people think nightshades only cause arthritis in sensitive people. Well depression goes along with the achey joints. (For me, potatoes are the main culprit.) So find out what foods you are sensitive to. JJ Virgin's book THE VIRGIN DIET is a good place to start to find out about food sensitiviy. If you are sensitive to a food, it can ruin your day, not to mention your life.

2. Eat fermented foods--best before meals, but anytime is fine. Your gut has more to do with your brain than you know! Get your good bacteria and you will be smiling. I said before meals because on an empty stomach you will get most benefit. You can go to or and learn to make these great foods. It's a cinch. Probiotic powders, capsules, etc. are fine. However, you get FAR more of the good bacteria in the fermented foods, and eating them with food also prevents stomach acids from destroying them.

3. You can also try sleeping grounded. It helps me a little. Look up "earthing" online and you will learn a lot. You can also walk around barefoot--on MOIST ground is most effective. If the earth is dry, take a spray bottle and spray your feet with water or better, salt water for best conductivity. OTHER THINGS: I don't have to tell you what you already know: cut out sugar, take omega 3, cut out omega 6 oils (they are inflammatory and block omega 3), exercise, do not expose yourself to computer-screen or other bright lights at night (the blue waves in light block melatonin and disrupt sleep), get some sun and Vitamin D, etc. I'm trying to concentrate here on what isn't so well known. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet: people are not aware that inflammation can also cause depression. Some people have a genetic defect which makes it helpful to cut out foods with high sulfur. You can get your entire genome by 23andMe. It will cost $99.00. Then you plug in your genome to sites that will interpret it for you. Some people need more dopamine: you can take Tyrosine (be careful not to take it with any other protein), or try the herb Mucuna Pruriens, which has natural dopamine. If you need more serotonin, try Tryptophan or 5HTP, without taking any protein within an hour or so of them. (Or try OTC Lithium--see above.) Low barometric pressure, as before or during rain or storm, can also bring on the blues in susceptible people. (I'm one of them). FORMS OF OVER-THE-COUNTER LITHIUM "Ionic Lithium Concentrate" (Lithium Chloride) I bought from New Beginnings Nutritionals. Liquid. 10 drops = 500 mcg. (see also micronized ionic) "Li-Zyme" or "Li-Zyme Forte" Biotics Research Corporation . Widely available on Amazon, and the nutritional-supplement companies. I bought mine from or 1 tablet = 50 mcg or 1 tablet Forte =150 mcg. "Lithium Orotate" Available at all the above places. many manufactures put it out. It's usually sold in 5 milligrams. New Beginnings, above, has 10 milligrams. AVOID LITHIUM ASPARTATE

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Lilac,

Depression issues ...

You're a wealth of information. I've experienced a recent family death and have taken it worse than the loss of mother and father five years ago (one lost five years ago and the other 6 and a half).

I found "colloidal gold" seemed to even me out a lot. It is a calmer and kept the feelings of "desolation" from being too extreme. And I more easily emerged from those moments of "melt down" faster. I also found simple reading from Scripture is helpful...from the Book of John in the NT and the Psalms.

I wonder if you have read about Colloidal Gold's effect. Also have you tried valerian?

Based on your post I'll try to get off computer at night...ha...I'll try anyway...


Replied by Lilac
(Northern Usa)

Dave, I'm sorry about your loss. Thank you for the tip to read Psalms and John. I will try that. Those books are elevating.

It also helps me to feel in touch with God when I contemplate the immensity of the cosmos. When your blues come knocking, contemplate the famous photo called "Pale Blue Dot." You can find it online. It puts your issues in perspective.

I'm not familiar with using gold. I never ran across any information on it. I do have much experience with Valerian. It works excellently for sleep. However if used regularly, Valerian can bring on depression. So I use it only as needed.

If you want to use your computer at night, just block the blue light waves that emanate from the screen. You can do that by wearing amber-lens glasses or covering your screen with an amber lens. (I got cheap amber goggles on Amazon, but pricier glasses are also sold for this purpose.) If you google "blue light waves and sleep, " you should find out much about this topic. I read an excellent book on the topic that you can get on Amazon: GREAT SLEEP! REDUCED CANCER! By Richard L. Hansler, Ph.D. The new energy-saver light bulbs that are everywhere now have more of these blue waves than the older incandescent bulbs, so they too are a problem, as is the light from cell phones. If you look up "Insomnia" here on the earthclinic site, there is an entry called "Block Blue Light, " that will tell you what you need to know.

Recently I came across information that Vitamin C is needed for the body to make neurotransmitters that are important for overcoming depression. Consequently I am now also trying a high dose of Vitamin C. Here is the quote which I found for Vitamin C made from tapioca:

"Vitamin C inhibits candida and promotes wound and gut healing. This vitamin is also important in the biosynthesis of carnitine, serotonin, and certain neurotransmitters, including norephinephrine."

I regret those feelings of desolation you have, and I will think about you. I hope that, day by day, your desolation will fade and joy and wellbeing will visit. Your new beginning may be just around the corner, and something of great value may replace your loss.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Dave,

I, too, am so sorry for your loss.

I and many here at EC so appreciate your love and friendship and hate to see you hurting.

I love John and the Psalms, too.

You are in my prayers.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello again Lilac and Mama to Many:

First, again Lilac you have great information which comes from your ample research. Please continue informing the EC community about your insights and progress. There's nothing like living through an issue that makes suggestions have real meaning.

One of the most memorable persons we all know who had depression issues was President Lincoln. So severe were his manic depressions, that he would not carry a pocket knife with him for fear he would use it on himself. At least that is in one of the biographies on Abraham. I have four or five.

And to both you and Mama to Many, thank you for your condolences.

I am such an impatient person, and I expect instant recovery after a short time but find that grief is more persistent and perplexing in this case (loss of a mate) than I'd anticipated, even though I knew for years the prognosis of her cancer.

One would think the mind and soul would be ready when the end finally came. Oh not so. Very rarely in my life have I experienced mental confusion. Quite frustrating. So many cross currents seem to be at work with a spousal loss.

I can now better sympathize with those who suffer the death of a husband/wife. It's only been a month so really what should I expect? The "rawness" is still there, and the strange quietness of the house when I'm here alone...always nearly expecting her voice. But knowing that is an impossibility and then the intellectual refusal to talk to her; she is not here. Not here. The thought seems so self contradictory..."she"...not her own home. You see? An impossible demand; a command by the emotion to expect the "normal" but the "normal" is a "goneness" that is mystifying. Then the "brain" says, "no quit that...she is gone." Not just left me...even for another man...that would be easier I think. She is just gone.

The only consolation in a way, is I am convinced that "absence from the body is presence with the Lord" and that can console me when the extremes are working me over...overloading both sensation and reality. The reality. That insatiable reality will not leave me alone. I'm told again and again by wiser than me that time will take the edge off. OK. It's just been a month.

The "reality" is an "un-reality"....and that is so frustrating to deal with. Why can't the mind just control the emotions? It is what it let's move on...would be the mind's command.

So is this depression...or still a bit of shock? The last two months were very hard. She died at home. In my arms. And I'm oddly proud of that. Interesting that I observe my most emotional moments come in recollecting what "we" went through during those final weeks. Is much of grief about "me" and not "her"... ? My mind wants to put it all into an analysis.

I was her "nurse" for about 15 hours a day and her sister the rest. So I saw it all. At the end she could not speak except to blink a "yes" at my questions..."do you want water?" "blink"...then I bring water. She could only walk with help and a walker for her to lean on. And she died taking a tour of the upstairs...she wanted her normal clothes on...and then we "walked" her holding the walker and I holding under her arms. She inspected upstairs bedrooms and then she had to sit down on the walker so I could push her back to her bed. While standing...ready to sit...she made dramatic eye contact ... eyes became like saucers...huge....I'd never seen that before ... in 29 years of marriage. I though somehow I'd hurt her, even though the eyes were not "grimacing" as if in pain ... no facial expression of pain and then, she fell into my arms. She was dead. Instantly.

She left over a period of two weeks, in dramatic downturn. And then died while standing. Just like her. She was a tiger. A very alive person.

So the unreality permeates..."she"... a most alive mate for all these years is not here any longer.

Many who write here to EC are facing dire situations and potential loss of a loved one ... we see that often on posts. And I sometimes have just glossed over the intensity between the lines; the desperation for help.

I will never be so glib; so quick to fire off some "answer" without sensing the hurt...the dawning of loss written in those lines.

So many who write to EC are in pain and are suffering. Those are emotions. So many have suffered for years; for decades.

I cannot fail to consider that suffering when I read their stories. Never again will I just focus on the "answer" without "feeling" their some degree to empathize. At the tomb of Lazarus ..."Jesus wept.

Replied by Jeanne
(New Hampshire)

Thank you for this post. It was so very touching. You also gave some very good advice for compassionate thoughts for others.

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

Dear Dave, I would like to add myself to those here who have expressed their feelings over your loss. It is a heart ache only time can lessen.

it is one of the experiences here on this planet that has hidden wisdom and it is a journey for all.

Perhaps if your mind sometime can dwell on the fact that in the not to near future, wisdom will dawn to take the pain and sorrow away for good. May your heart be soothed with the knowledge that wisdom will dawn to an understanding of the purpose of life transcending the mind.

Much Love, Om

Replied by Kbugg
(Kcmo Area)

Dear Dave,

I, too, weep for your loss....

Death is not natural, so, no, even though you knew the expected outcome, NOTHING can prepare you for that moment.

Continue to find comfort in the scriptures, my friend.....That alone can ease any shock or depression.

Grieving has its own time-line & is different for all. It can not be analyzed. Just endured and even embraced. The more you fight it, the more difficult, I believe......(Beware anyone who suggests you should 'medicate' your grief, even though herbs / supps / therapies may be needed to help with the side-effects of the grieving---you know, like lack of sleep & such)

So glad you found some comfort here from EC friends.......

Replied by Suzanne
(Fort Wayne, Indiana)

Dave from Fountain Inn SC. Thank you Dave for sharing those sweet last minutes spent with your beloved wife. You have a kind, gentle way about you in your writings and are much appreciated. The deepest hurt, no doubt, is losing the one we have spent a lifetime loving. My heart goes out to you. I thank God that grief comes in spurts as we would not survive otherwise. On losing my father I came across a line from CS Lewis that helped me a bit to understand my brokenness, "No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear" . This was true for me as I had lost direction and hope. God bless you and hold you close.

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)


I am so sorry to read your posting about the loss of your wife. How could anyone ever be prepared for that? When you mentioned her eyes, I couldn't help but think of Steve Jobs last words, "Boy, of boy! " and I wondered if that was her reaction to her first glimpse of heaven? I hope you can draw strength from happy memories you have from your many years together, and if you have children, you will see she still is with you in them. All of us in your Earth family are here to support you in any way we can. Trust in God and lean on your friends until one day when the weight of this loss becomes bearable. Take care.

Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Dear Dave - I am so sorry for the loss of your wife. You were truly blessed to have each other for 29 years. Your strength and love must have been such a comfort to her during her illness. Both my husband and I were moved to tears when we read your post. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Dealing with the death of your wife, along with the stress of being a caregiver, has taken its toll on your physical, mental and emotional health. Take as much time as necessary for your healing. Be kind to yourself - there is no schedule to follow because grieving is such an individual process. I hope you find peace in the days ahead.

I just want you to know that I always found your posts on Earth Clinic to be generous, enlightening and uplifting. You write with warmth, sincerity and empathy. It's obvious that you put a lot of thought behind those words before you hit the “Submit” button.

Take care, Dave, my thoughts are prayers are with you. Bess

“Within our hearts and memories, those we love remain with us always.”

Replied by Sp
(Wb, Nj)

Dear Dave, thank you for sharing so openly. I am truly sorry for your loss. It sucks to be left behind, doesn't it?

Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi Lilac - In your reply to Dave about depression, I read your comment about the book Great Sleep - Reduced Cancer by Hansler. I checked our library (they didn't have it) but I was able to get a Kindle version for less than $1 on Amazon. I haven't read it yet but I did check the customer comments on Amazon. I'm ready to get amber lights and glasses to see if it helps with insomnia. Thanks again Lilac - I love learning something new! Cheers, Bess

Replied by Lilac
(Northern Usa)

Dave, beautifully expressed and a memorable tribute to your beloved. Mourning the death of a friend, I was once extremely comforted by reading accounts of near-death experiences. So I recommend that to you. You can find such accounts at, or look at a book on this topic on Amazon, and see other books that are recommended there. One I found good is PROOF OF HEAVEN: A NEUROSURGEON'S JOURNEY INTO THE AFTERLIFE by Dr. Eben Alexander. Obviously you enjoy reading, so another thought I have for you is to read things written by men mourning a great loss. John Keats wrote "Ode to a Nightingale" (my favorite poem) soon after nursing his young brother, who died in his care. In this poem you can see Keats' reference to that experience. ("Where youth grows pale...") Wordsworth wrote his poem "Surprised by Joy, " while still in mourning for the death of his daughter. Goethe wrote his novel, THE SORROWS OF YOUNG WERTHER, while mourning over the unrequited love of a woman named Lotte. The process of writing this biographical novel was therapeutic to Goethe, and relieved him of his grief; this same situation and therapeutic outcome applied to Algernon Swinburne writing his poem "The Triumph of Time, " which I find so beautiful. Yes, Bibliotherapy...losing oneself in a book...visiting another person's life and for a while stepping out of our own. That is the best thing--being able to step out of our lives, slough off the pained ego, escape. I'm thinking of you, as are others here. Lilac

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Lilac: Thanks for the wonderful literary references. One line in particular that's always stuck on me is "heart for any fate" by Longfellow. More recently the prog rock Yes's "children of light - don't be afraid".

As for the NDE's, I bought & read one of the first publications on the subject authored by Gallop editors back in the late 70's as these reports kept coming in and validation was mounting for empirical after-life legitimacy. Then another from a Christian publisher in the 90's, and recently after loosing my mother, my kitty family, and what little health I had left, began reading all NDE accounts on the web. Some of mom's last words, as she glimpsed into the heavenly realms, were "It's beautiful - so beautiful".

Not to fall victim of liberal or romantic idealism, there is certainly cause for caution & alarm for people who live lawless and corrupt lives. Move on to all the horror stories of Alien abduction, livestock mutilation, and reptilian overlord mind and planet control. I have always been rather conservative and careful in assessing such nonconventional subjects but a long-standing disability has put me in the cross-hairs of what's really going on. It's where living w/ your back against the wall gets truly educational as suspicious after suspicious events are unambiguously validated.

To conclude, it is most imperative to do one's best at living an honest and sincere life, as there are spiritual beings that will absolutely deceive the blind into yet another slave world existence. I think they call it "energy harvesting" where these (trans-dimensional and thousands yrs old) overlords continue sucking the awareness directly from sentient beings consciousness, leaving the subjects not knowing the difference between what is and what is not. What's the Biblical New Testament record from St John "Little children, let no one deceive you".

I don't like making such long post of extraordinary subject but the importance cannot be overstated.

I particularly loved Andy's NDE account were millions of little lights grew closer and stronger until they were felt as wonderful spiritual beings that proclaimed they had known & loved him from all eternity. Then as the folks back on earth were reviving him from drowning an angel told him he was going back home, but Andy declared this place was his home and he didn't want to go back to earth.

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I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you. She was a lucky woman to have had such a good and thoughtful husband for so many years. Bless you both.

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Hello Bess, I'm pleased that you found the information on blue light waves and sleep helpful. Thank you for letting me know. Because the blue--and to a lesser extent green--waves are small, they more easily penetrate our eyes and disrupt the melatonin that is crucial to good sleep. People are generally not aware that the energy-saver light bulbs we now use have more of these blue waves than the older-style bulbs ("incandescent"), and thus are not good to be around near bedtime. Even stronger are the blue waves from TV screens, computer screens, cell- phone screens. An amber or red lens will block these waves, either by putting such a lens on the screen or wearing the glasses or goggles for an hour or a few hours before bed. (I got inexpensive red and amber goggles on Amazon.)

One can spend thousands of dollars on supplements, but health still comes down to these basics: good sleep, the right food, and exercise. That is the golden trinity of good health.

Here are a few more things I have found helpful for depression: Vitamin D, either from the sun on one's skin or from taking D3. (Avoid synthetic D2) Vitamn C--as I said before, it is needed by the brain. Eating lots of raw vegetables, alone or in a salad. Raw vegetables rarely fail to give me a boost.

Also, pay special attention to your digestion. A happy gut = a happy head. If you have digestive issues, look into cures, like the low FODMAP diet.

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Hi Timh ---- well said. This is what counts. The Golden Age is not far off and there is enormous effort to deceive souls and keep them focused on media, etc.

These are tests. Practising keeping in the light and doing good works without expectations. That is for this age as well repeating the names of the Lord for protection.

Remember the story of Lot in the bible when they fled the city. She turned back and became petrified. This goes for all the evil effort today. Be in the light and be the light.

Namaste, Om

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I am so very sorry for your loss, Dave.

My heart broke for you as I read your post. I am all too familiar with the emotions you are experiencing.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.