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Dealing with Depression Naturally

St John's Wort, Sunshine, Exercise, Love of Animals

Posted by Catherine (Eureka, MT)
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St. John's Wort works well for me, and I definitely benefit from Sunshine (#5)! plus: Movement. It doesn't need to be strenuous exercise. Animals. Being around people increases my anxiety and depression - they wear me out. Animals are great companions; they're honest, clear spirits, and keep your mind in the present. My depression stems from a spinal cord injury - animals don't recoil from my appearance or look down on me. Riding horses provides freedom - I can't run anymore but I can ride well. If animals aren't your cup of tea, try gardening - it helps, too!!

St. John's Wort

Posted by Paracelsus (Orlando, Fl) on 09/16/2020 24 posts
5 out of 5 stars

If you suffer from the occasional blues or even extended depression, St. John's wort is the herb for you. There have even been scientific studies that show St. John's wort to be as effective if not more effective than Prozac.

My wife and I have been using it whenever needed for years. Always great results. As with all herbal remedies, you probably want to pay attention to the quality and the place or origin. Personally I avoid everything from China. If you can get something locally, I think that is much preferred.

Sun Gazing

Posted by Michael (Gig Harbor, Washington) on 08/21/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I started sungazing one year ago because I needed more balance in my life. I was depressed do to the lack of sunlight in Western Washington state. In the past year I have logged hundreds of hours of sungazing directly at the sun. Depression disappeared in a matter of weeks, my vision and night vision have both improved. I sleep less and have more energy then I have ever had before. Being in a good mood almost all of the time is another wonderful side effect.

Replied by William
Charleston, Sc, Usa

Michael, when you began sun gazing do you start off just gazing for a minute and progressively more each day? or did you start off gazing five or more minutes. I just began and this is what I do. Now the sun gazing guru Hiran Ratan Matek says to start gazing for a small moment, maybe less than a minute, then gradually in weeks or months doing it for 30 minutes or so? cannot remember exact time. The sun helps to clean the body, mind and spirit this is why you feel good.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

I will post this question all over again as I got no answer! Aren't you afraid that it will burn your retina? Dr. Bates, the eye expert talks about it in his book but nowadays others say that it is very dangerous.... Is it, isn't it? I have a lot of eye problems like myopia, eye floaters and I am always on the look out for something which might help!

Replied by Lis
Ny, Ny, Usa

Most people who sungaze do it when its relatively safe, that is within one hour after the sun rises and one hour within the time the sun sets. I believe Ted in other posts has even talked of not looking directly in the sun as well. And when it is done, you start at only 10 seconds a day and continue to build in 10 second increments until you reach 44 minutes. Some never go this high but still do experience some benefits. If you google you can find out more details. Often they say, if you have worries, then its better not to do it. Most people in sungazing forums I have read, experienced many positive results, not all of them experienced the miracles like not having to eat (or eat much at least) anymore but a few did. There were a few who developed eye problems of some sort. Anyways, regular checkups with the doctor and being observant of your own body should help you know if to stop or lessen it. I did it a handful of times and enjoyed it and did not feel any negative effects, especially when I did palming after (rubbing hands and gently covering eyes with them for a minute). I would have done it longer but I got lazy and the weather is on and off a lot.

Here is one place to read more info on sungazing:

Replied by Entheogens
Palo Alto, California, Usa

I found the following link to be a bit more cautious and sensible as regards Sun Gazing. What I like is that this person (Vinny Pinto) is a Sun Gazer but is willing to play "Devil's Advocate" and consider the potential negatives to Sun Gazing. He is not afraid to sacrifice "Holy Cows", especially this notion that 44 minutes is some kind of miraculous number that you should shoot for:


Posted by Anon (Anon) on 06/05/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I get depressed. I have most of the symptoms of thyroid insufficiency. Get up early in the morning and go for a walk or go jogging out in the country as the sun us coming up. Laying out in the sun helps a lot. Just wear dark clothes like jeans and a long sleeve shirt with a hood so you don't burn. Or go somewhere you can lay out without clothes, but only for maybe 15 to 30 min at a time. Lay on the ground on a blanket for an hour. Read a book. Drink your green tea w/ fresh lemon juice. You will feel soooo good.

Making smoothies with fresh parsley is also good. Thuja, Valerian, kava kava, ginkgo, st. John's wart, green tea, lemons, parsley. All good. Anything that increases melatonin or improves circulation, or diminishes inflammation helps. Get more sleep, don't drink coffee. I have social anxiety, chocolate, kava kava, nutmeg, ginger help with that. Goldenseal w/ Echinacea helps. Lugol's iodine helps. Eating clean/organic, raw fruits and vegetables and filtered water. Avoiding cooked food. Carbs. I've got some stomach issue, I find myself scowling a lot, the ginger makes me more relaxed when that happens. Eating certain foods, especially some wheat foods like cake especially, causes severe depression the second I put it in my mouth. It's like my brain revolts. Frankincense essential oil is also a blessing. Also, buy a pair of pink tinted sunglasses, you'll be amazed at what a difference they make. Life is strange....

Also, if you're depressed, figure out how you can please God. Look back over your life and if you have wronged anyone go make it right. When you see someone in need help them. Be kind to everyone. Tell the people you love that you love them. Write letters to people you love and tell them about it. Just get up every day with one goal: to make the world a better place.

Replied by Davidnvegas
Las Vegas, Nv

With all do respect to Anita, do not use sunscreen period! They are full of cancer causing toxins and block Vitamin D production. "Search the web for "cancer and sunscreen use". For prolong sun exposure wear a wide brim hat and a long sleeve shirt and pants.

Sunshine is a great way to get Vitamin D and most Americans are deficient. Vitamin D improves the immune system and with out a strange immune system you will be sick! Studies show that it can reduce your risk of cancer as well. It also improves mental well being. You need only 15-20 minutes of sun exposure a day over at least 50% (the more the better) of your skin if your fair skin, longer exposure if you have a darker skin tone. Search the web for "Vitamin D and Sunshine health benefits".

Best of health

Replied by Deb
Anywhere, Usa

I have Sarcoidosis and was wondering about vitamin D intake. I have read that it is not advisable for persons with Sarcoid to take vitamin D supplements. Does anyone know for sure?

Replied by Lis
Ny, Ny, Usa

"Sunscreens, even weak ones, almost completely block your body's ability to generate vitamin D. Rays cannot penetrate glass to generate vitamin D in your skin."

"If you live north of 37 degrees latitude (approximately a line drawn horizontally connecting Norfolk, Virginia to San Francisco, California) sunlight is not sufficient to create Vitamin D in your skin in the winter months, even if you are sitting in the sun in a bathing suit. The further you live from the equator, the longer exposure you need to the sun in order to generate vitamin D. "


Posted by Anita (Garland, NC)
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Go out into the sun for a while. make sure u have on sunsrceen. if it is cold outside, just soak it up through the window. a great natural way to ease depression!


Posted by Dawn (York, UK) on 01/22/2009
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I know many people had longstanding depression had the Thyroid hormone T3 added in by their psychiatrist and never felt better. It helps the uptake of other hormones. Works for me, after 25 years of depression.

Replied by Mary
Regina, Canada
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Hi: I am so glad someone brought up T3(liiothyronine) therapy and depression. A very common effect of both clinical and sub clinical hypothyroidism is depression. Sometimes people who are depressed are misdiagnosed as not having hypothyroidism because the blood tests are negative. A true test if you are depressed and want to see if it is a symptom of hypothyroidism is to take your temperatue under your arm, three hours after waking, then 2 more times every three hours. Average these and they should not be below 37 C. If below, could be cause of depression and a host of other symproms. see This has helped me greatly, Mary

Replied by Gean
Salina, KS

I was pretty sure my husband had the Wilson Temperature Syndrome, as his temp. was consistently around 97.2 F throughout the day, plus a host of symptoms (for years). We tried many things such as MMS, MSM, cod liver oil, flax seed, acidophilus, ACV, ACV garlic and honey, coconut oil, you name it, plus of course healthy diet. Nothing worked. Finally a couple months ago he started taking Turmeric root, 1000-1500mg a couple times a day, along with acidophilus. Temp has been above 98.2 ever since. Also more energy and motivation, more clear thinking. Apparently some chronic inflammation was messing with the hormones, causing low body temp.

Test for Hypothyroidism

Posted by R27 (Mexico) on 03/28/2015
5 out of 5 stars

My 30 years of depression ended years ago, the day I took the proper dose (for me) of dessicated (non synthetic) thyroid medication. To cure chronic depression, the first step is to determine if you are hypo-thyroid. From my experience, forget the usual blood test and read the book on hypothyroidism by Dr Broda Barnes, md, phd (deceased) -- after years of research, he found that basal temperature (underarm temp. first thing in a.m.) is best indicator of low thyroid---if below 97.8 f.

If you have low basal temp., search on web Dr Broda Barnes, and choose an M.D. who follows his protocol---an association exists of such physicians. If you follow this advice, it could change your life forever.

Replied by April
La, Ca

My temp is [email protected] usually. Not normal. Which desiccated hormone therapy did u take? Armour? Maybe I didn't take enough. I had dep fr pms and the pms specialist prescribed that as well as hormones. But still fighting. So it vanished? None was fr life circumstances nor neg thinking? Sounds like purely physical???

Replied by Ravi

Originally I took Armour thyroid, before their formula change. When I reached 2 grains, the depression vanished and my basal temp. was normal. Basal temp. under arm) must be taken as soon as you awaken in the am, and are still in bed. Read the easy to read book Hypothyroidism by dr Broda Barnes, which explains the very simple protocol. In my case, years of depression had nothing to do with life circumstances.

The Arts

Posted by Phoebe (USA) on 11/28/2005
5 out of 5 stars

I have found journalling and painting really helpful in understanding the roots of my depression, which tends to be seasonal and occasional but severe. Making myself sit in the morning and blurting out whatever comes into my head without any censor (it's quite hard - try it!) is brilliant - as long as you do not show it to anybody - the more private you can make it the better it is for having a good old rant at the world without hurting anyone's feelings!! Also taking loads of rough paper and cheap paint and just doing the same with the paint, using colour and shape to express feelings. Learning to allow 'negativity' and 'mistakes' through these processes, is really helpful for moving through depression. Freestyle dancing is also excellent..Read Gabrielle Roth - 'Sweat Your Prayers' for in-depth information on dancing yourself through many states of mind and finding incredible strength. Good Luck! Oh and don't forget the positive thoughts and affirmations!! Phoebe.

The Supplements Gh3 and Sceletium

Posted by Lad (Maryland) on 04/09/2006
5 out of 5 stars

GH3 (I used a more complex type "GH7") is a mild, reversible MAO inhibitor. It does lift your mood. Sceletium, or "Kanna" herb is reputed to work faster and better than SJW, and I found it to be very useful too. Also, gotu kola is a good all around herb for depression and anxiety.


Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky) on 02/05/2013 2109 posts
5 out of 5 stars

For depression, I get very good results w/ Tyrosine. I like to take 1 grm daily but Tyrosine will raise the blood pressure in folks who have the condition. I am at least able to take 500mg daily now. Add some St John'sWort once daily along w/ the T and I'm a happy man again.

Urine Therapy

Posted by Sandy (Melbourne, Australia) on 02/01/2012
5 out of 5 stars

It is well known that depression is caused (at least in part) from nutritional deficiencies. Urine therapy is perfect for fixing mineral and electrolyte imbalances. Most people believe urine is a waste product. This is incorrect. The body can only process a certain amount of vitamins and minerals at any one time. The test is lost through urine. This makes urine very high in nutrients. Why waste it? Make sure you haven't eaten or drunk anything for at least 2 hours before you ingest urine to make sure you body is ready to accept the nutrients. Try not to mix it with other liquids (eg juice) and the body may absorb those vitamins instead. Secondly I would recommend a remedy that can be used in conjunction with urine therapy.

Energy fields emitted by crystals can help balance weak chakras. (another proven cause of depression simply google it and you'll find plenty of evidence). Simply hold the crystal to your forehead (I use tape. The longer it stays there the better) and within a week you should start to feel better. Which crystal you use may depend on your zodiac simply research which crystals are best for you or you may want to use your birthstone (also good). Let us know if you try either or both of these suggestions and if they worked for you!

Replied by Marie
Quebec, Canada

Hi Sandy,

Hope you are still around and will see my post. First, I would say that "my" english is not perfect, as I speak french, so sorry for the language mistakes. My situation is that one: I suffered from chronic depression most of my life (I'm 37 now), been on antidepressants (without good results) for 16 years and now off of them since 2 months. I've tried soooo many alternatives and supplements or therapies (name it) without any relief. I'm not investigating about urine therapy. I'm really willing to start it NOW but need some guidance about how to start and the general procedure. (I don't need other suggestions than UT, because if so, I will be overwhelmed, and I'm interested about UT only...hope you understand) THANKS in advance :)

Vitamin C

Posted by Stephanie (Napa, Ca) on 10/20/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Vitamin C for depression.

I started taking 1,000mg of vitamin C per day for my skin and immediately started noticing an elevated, happier mood, for no apparent reason. I have tried many supplements for depression and anxiety over the years and I have to say that staying hydrated and taking vitamin C regularly have proven to be directly related to my ups and downs. I also found the following, which relates vitamin C to seratonin production.

Dr. Hugh Riordan also supports using vitamin C as a treatment for depression. He teaches medicine at the University of Kansas Medical Center. He received the Linus Pauling Award from the American College for Advancement in Medicine. He believes that vitamin C is effective against depression because it increases serotonin production. That's the brain chemical that improves mood and promotes relaxation.

“Medical text books [used] to indicate that one of the most common effects of inadequate vitamin C is depression, " says Dr. Riordan. “But we very seldom go to a psychiatrist who measures our vitamin C level."

Vitamin D

Posted by Beth (New Jersey) on 11/10/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Depression Cure:

I can't believe no one has mentioned vitamin D, but more specifically, UV light. I already take 2,500mg of D3 daily, but perhaps it's not enough because I've been battling Mycotoxicosis for over 5 years. Between that and working a night shift, I got lazy and only tanned (yes, tanning beds! ) once last week. Big mistake! I became unbelievably depressed with constant suicdal thoughts for four days. I finally went tanning (12 minutes in a low level bed), and within 30 minutes, my depression was GONE. My face even filled out (it was getting disgustingly hollow), and my body became less bloated.

I highly suggest labelling this cure as UV light if you don't want to mention the controversial tanning bed, but don't just say D3! I think I took 10,000IU at the beginning of the week, and it wasn't enough to make up for lack of tanning. Nothing compares to your body making its own vitamin D. It's common sense - humans need sunlight. Believe me, if the weather wasn't so crappy here in Jersey, I'd be tanning my butt outside.

Posted by Earthfirst (Chicago, Il) on 10/27/2009
5 out of 5 stars

depression cured with vitamin D

depression has pretty much been a part of my life since i can remember. after trying every anti-depressant my doctor could dispense i turned to the internet to search for a more natural approach. since my depression worsens in the winter months i made the connection with a Vitamin D deficiency. since 30 minutes in the high summer sun provides 20,000iu yes twenty thousand IU (International units) of vitamin d i realized my 400iu supplement was not cutting it. i started taking 10,000iu on sunny days and 20,000iu when it's cloudy. i have never felt better in my entire life. coconut oil helped and i continue to take it, so did vitamin b supplements. but the vitamin d deficiency was surely the culprit. don't accept feeling miserable, change your habits. i have read that doctors can offer 50,000iu daily by prescription so i felt that i could take 20,000 without complication. its important to use common sense, if you're at the beach in the sun all day then take a few days off of the vitamin d.

Replied by Heather
San Diego, Ca
5 out of 5 stars

Yeah. This is a no brainer for depression. If you are depressed, and not getting sunshine (10 minutes a day) get at least 1,000 mg per day of Vitamin D. Double that in the winter. Some people may need more. Generally, if you live in an area known for sunshine (in the States that would be California, Hawaii, Florida, Texas, Arizona, etc.) 1000 mg per day might be enough, unless you live in a house with the windows closed and rarely go outside.

If you live in the north, where there is less sunshine, at least 2,000 mg supplement is needed; doubled in the winter.

This helps enormously with depression, much more successful than any anti depressant prescription medication.

Give it a few weeks to see how you feel.

Don't take it if you are a surfer, outdoorsy type, or don't wear sunblock.

I had good Vitamin D levels per the doctor before supplementing it because I drank milk with Vitamin D. That is not enough, however, to help with depression. San Diego is known for its sunshine, but that didn't help me because I was depressed, rarely left my house, and would apply sunblock to my face and wear a hat in the sun for wrinkle prevention. (The one year I didn't do this, hoping to get more vitamin D, I got lots of new wrinkles on my fair skin.)

Vitamin D is CHEAP, especially at Costco where you can get 250 USP pills for $9.

Replied by Tim
Cincinnati, Oh

I assume that you mean 1000 I.U. of vitamin D instead of mg. Vitamin D is usually sold in I.U. and 1000mg of vitamin D is equivalant to 40,000,000 I.U.


Posted by Renee (Pontiac, Michigan) on 05/03/2007
5 out of 5 stars

When i'm feeling stresssed, irritable, or so sad i want to die, i just drop everything and go for a walk! It's okay to stop thinking about everything all at once! I don't even think about where i'm walking to, i just go. Taking deep breaths along the way and just enjoying the control is the best way to go. I used to suffer from anxiety and bi-polar disorder, but walking, healthy eating, and love for myself and everyone else have cured it!"

Replied by Heather
San Diego, Ca
5 out of 5 stars

Yea. Even the shrinks know that walking is a better cure for depression than antidepressants. It's the first thing any shrink will tell you to do.

Trouble is, depressed people often don't feel like walking.

Force yourself to walk, but if the idea really sucks to you, and makes you miserable thinking about it, try to put a (fake if necessary) smile on face and start counting your blessings - finding things to be grateful about, instead of focusing on the fact that you don't want to take a walk.

I try to notice things while walking -- birds, what the road construction crews are working on, what is making a particular noise, children, trees. This gets me out of my head and away from my troubles, and also prevents me from getting too bored while walking.

Walking daily increases health and happiness, and helps a person to sleep better.