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Dealing with Depression Naturally

Sea Salt
Posted by Stephanie (Napa Valley) on 12/13/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Pink Sea Salt for depression! The emotional and mental fatigue statistics in this country are through the roof! One major change has been a massive decrease in natural Sea Salt over the past 50 years due to the negative results of a ridiculous study using the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of salt per day! Now everyone is low and can't figure out why they are so depressed and losing their minds. The brain NEEDS natural sea salt with trace minerals, NOT processed salt laced with dangerous chemicals. The rest of the world understands the benefits of natural salt--the Egyptians used to withhold salt from their slaves in order to keep them disoriented!

Take 1 teaspoon natural Pink Himalayan Sea Salt per day, divided in several doses of 1/8 tsp or 1/4 tsp throughout the day with a large glass of water. You will likely feel the effects within a few hours if you are trying to ease depression or reduce anxiety.

And if you have trouble sleeping and wake up in the middle of the night often, this is another indication that you are low on sea salt. Right before bed, take 1 pinch of pink sea salt and put it under the tongue for 30 seconds before drinking a cup of water to wash it down. You will sleep through the night because the salt will prevent your aldosterone from spiking and waking you up in the middle of the night. If you do wake up, take one more pinch of salt under the tongue with water and go back to sleep. You will eventually figure out the best dosage for yourself based on how low in salt and water you really are.

I used to work for a major pharmaceutical company that sold antidepressants and drugs for insomnia, both highly addictive btw, and when I found out about this remedy I was absolutely shocked that it was real.

I used to wake up at 1am, 2am, 3am, until I started taking a pinch of pink sea salt under the tongue each night, and now I sleep like a baby and don't wake up at all until 6:30, it's my personal miracle remedy...sleep well!

Posted by Jaminn (Alberta) on 07/31/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Exercise for Depression and Anxiety:

I am surprised to see that exercise is not mentioned in the list of remedies. It is a life saver. The ones that work best are high intensity low rep exercises that boost your serotonin levels. Do it in the morning to get most out of it.

Test for Hypothyroidism
Posted by Ravi (Mex.) on 10/22/2017

Originally I took Armour thyroid, before their formula change. When I reached 2 grains, the depression vanished and my basal temp. was normal. Basal temp. under arm) must be taken as soon as you awaken in the am, and are still in bed. Read the easy to read book Hypothyroidism by dr Broda Barnes, which explains the very simple protocol. In my case, years of depression had nothing to do with life circumstances.

Posted by Alicia319 (Seattle, Wa) on 10/28/2014
4 out of 5 stars

I have been taking the carbomazapine for depression and anxiety for 9 years. The doctors arent sure if I am bi polar or not the therapist both have said no. I have suffered with major depression for many years over 35 now. I decided to try b12 500 mg it is working great with my medication 250 mg at bedroom and the b12 in the am. they wanted to change my med but I don't want to. Why is the b12 working so well? I feel so much better, I am allergic to many anti depressants.

Posted by Sandhya (Maui, Hawaii) on 10/29/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Depression can happen as a result of concussions. Have you hit your head ever? Good luck with the B 12.... you might even try B 12 shots.......

Posted by Anon (US) on 09/04/2014

I've had depression since grade school. Some years ago I got a virus or something and was given three big azithromyacin pills to take, one a day for three days. The depression went completely away for three days. I had a ton of energy, I felt happy, cheerful, outgoing, I could think clearly and remember much better. Much more relaxed and optimistic. Like everything was fixed.

The third day I took some psyllium fiber and it all came creeping back.

Random Thoughts
Posted by Timh (KY) on 08/17/2014 2084 posts

What really bothers me is the fact that someone of almost unlimited resources could not find proper care and some working improvement. I realize that mainstream medicine seeks to maintain a certain level of a disorder so therapy can continue indefinitely thus improving profit margin, but w/ such resources this problem can be transcended. Also there is that "victim syndrome" thing going on in our culture as if one is "proud" to be ill. The recent Seymour Hoffman heroine overdose kinda fits in w/ Robin's tragedy. Now both these celebs are more the heroes despite the illness.

From a classical or common sense model, both these cases (as well as many other suicide) have what appears as a chronic sense of loneliness which is often accompanied by self-indulgence. It seems a crime against family & friends to check out and leave them to suffer. I worked for a man several yrs ago that confided in me the financial hardship of being an independent farmer operating on financial loans and pushed around by big bankers. I never sensed his anguish but a few yrs later committed suicide leaving his wife and children behind. It's something treasonous or immoral to have such disregard for others. Human freedom & happiness are well within reach for most folks, yet many live miserable lives.

The words from music from Neil Young seem appropriate here as the possibility of a cure ---"Change your mind, change your mind".

OTC Natural Lithium
Posted by Lilac (Northern Usa) on 07/23/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Over-the-Counter Natural Lithium and other Helps for Depression

I have a diagnosis of Dysthymia, Bipolar 2, Cyclothymia and Depression. (From different psychiatrists). I have been battling chronic sadness for years, and long ago I took antidepressants. They made me hypomanic, so I took prescription-strength Lithium, 900 mgs./Day, which brought me back to how I was. For years I stopped all drugs, and I have t tried many things to cure my mood disorder. Recently I found over-the-counter low-dose Lithium, and it is working excellently so far. My mood is better. My chronic depression lifts. Below I wrote some of the forms of OTC Lithium. I've been taking the first two. The Amazon reviews for the OROTATE form are also stellar. I would avoid Lithium Aspartate because the Aspartate part is not good for neurons. It's excitatory. Micronized IONIC form is available on Amazon, and ionic minerals are reputed to be the best absorbed. Lithium is also helping my sleep. It is reported to increase serotonin. I've been taking one dose at night and one dose in the late afternoon, when my mood begins to slip. I take both ionic Lithium concentrate and Li-zyme, as needed. (See below, with the forms.) A DNA test I took showed a higher-than-normal risk for Manic Depression. So I assume this mood disorder has genetic etiology. The ionic form I take is liquid, so I take it sublingually, and that way I need less, since none is being lost in digestion. You can see from the forms of OTC Lithium (below) how low the doses are. I don't even take one milligram per day. Amazingly, Lithium is effective at these low doses. Studies show that Lithium may also help to heal from STROKE, because it encourages Neurogenesis.


1. Mine is also alleviated by cutting out foods I am sensitive to. The big ones for me are Gluten, all Dairy (yes even the fermented forms), and Night Shades, especially potatoes. If you have depression, it is IMPERATIVE to find out if some foods may be causing your problems. When I cut out gluten, I got a whole new life. I was in graduate school, and before I cut out gluten, ALL of my term papers were late, and I labored over them. After a gluten-free diet, NONE of my term papers were late, I whizzed through them and started taking more classes at the same time. My brain was cleared. Most people think nightshades only cause arthritis in sensitive people. Well depression goes along with the achey joints. (For me, potatoes are the main culprit.) So find out what foods you are sensitive to. JJ Virgin's book THE VIRGIN DIET is a good place to start to find out about food sensitiviy. If you are sensitive to a food, it can ruin your day, not to mention your life.

2. Eat fermented foods--best before meals, but anytime is fine. Your gut has more to do with your brain than you know! Get your good bacteria and you will be smiling. I said before meals because on an empty stomach you will get most benefit. You can go to or and learn to make these great foods. It's a cinch. Probiotic powders, capsules, etc. are fine. However, you get FAR more of the good bacteria in the fermented foods, and eating them with food also prevents stomach acids from destroying them.

3. You can also try sleeping grounded. It helps me a little. Look up "earthing" online and you will learn a lot. You can also walk around barefoot--on MOIST ground is most effective. If the earth is dry, take a spray bottle and spray your feet with water or better, salt water for best conductivity. OTHER THINGS: I don't have to tell you what you already know: cut out sugar, take omega 3, cut out omega 6 oils (they are inflammatory and block omega 3), exercise, do not expose yourself to computer-screen or other bright lights at night (the blue waves in light block melatonin and disrupt sleep), get some sun and Vitamin D, etc. I'm trying to concentrate here on what isn't so well known. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet: people are not aware that inflammation can also cause depression. Some people have a genetic defect which makes it helpful to cut out foods with high sulfur. You can get your entire genome by 23andMe. It will cost $99.00. Then you plug in your genome to sites that will interpret it for you. Some people need more dopamine: you can take Tyrosine (be careful not to take it with any other protein), or try the herb Mucuna Pruriens, which has natural dopamine. If you need more serotonin, try Tryptophan or 5HTP, without taking any protein within an hour or so of them. (Or try OTC Lithium--see above.) Low barometric pressure, as before or during rain or storm, can also bring on the blues in susceptible people. (I'm one of them). FORMS OF OVER-THE-COUNTER LITHIUM "Ionic Lithium Concentrate" (Lithium Chloride) I bought from New Beginnings Nutritionals. Liquid. 10 drops = 500 mcg. (see also micronized ionic) "Li-Zyme" or "Li-Zyme Forte" Biotics Research Corporation . Widely available on Amazon, and the nutritional-supplement companies. I bought mine from or 1 tablet = 50 mcg or 1 tablet Forte =150 mcg. "Lithium Orotate" Available at all the above places. many manufactures put it out. It's usually sold in 5 milligrams. New Beginnings, above, has 10 milligrams. AVOID LITHIUM ASPARTATE

Posted by Timh (KY) on 07/20/2014 2084 posts

Misty: There are many other effective therapies for depression or other mild psychological disorders, like ---Yoga, Meditation, Healing or Harmonic Music (many healing music plus visuals on YouTube), Prayer, Affirmations. Cold ---Showers, Bathing, or Swimming is also very effective for even severe depression.

Mild Strains of Cannabis starting at low dose (where legal available) has much potential. There are other herbal blends (legal) from Nootropic experts which elevate mood. "Herbal Ecstasy Blend" or such would be a good search.

Posted by Gord235 (Vancouver, British Columbia) on 01/29/2018

CAUTION: If coming off of an SRI (saratonin reuptake inhibitor) such as paxel, do not stop the SRI suddenly (cold turkey). Instead, cut your dose in half for a week then take 1/4 dose for the second week.

5HTP can be started at any time and will not interfere with an SRI. Start with 50mg/day of 5HTP, then increase to 100mg/day if required.

Posted by Duncan W. (Japan) on 02/21/2018

Hi there, Misty (lovely name, by the way),

Here's a link to remarkable renaissance lute:

and a few powerful words, and the import behind them:

It is Psalm 91 - the prayer of God's Protection. Yup, got to go look it up.

I suggest the King James Version. Read it slowly to yourself, while alone, and out loud. Go over it many times until its depth sinks into your mind.

And here is the mother of all links to alleviate so-called depression, and it is true:

All the best, Misty. You'll be better soon, you can do it.

Posted by Idot13 (Ireland) on 07/18/2018

Did you first try worm tablets? Most of the time it can be the cause if nothing is working for you.

Antidepressants and Vitamin Deficiencies
Posted by Joy (Battleground, Wash) on 06/12/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Sorry you are struggling with imbalances... I can relate... Last year I found out a lot of things by trial and error. I was low progesterone and used E..... A brand and it helped me calm down and solved a lot of health issues but then I found out I was low D and the prescription stuff made me ill, heart racing and high blood pressure, couldn't sleep. So went on over the counter D and it helped alot after I got on the maintenance dose of 2K IU a day. Then I realized that when taking D you need magnesium, so I started that and it was amazing. I now use a wide range of supplements and found out I was low thyroid so using some Kelp.

Been over a year since trying this and that and I feel much better. Try to follow your doc's orders since you paid for the advice but if you are too overwhelmed back off. I had to push through discomfort on the D to get my level back up. B and C will make you feel good. Progesterone can cause estrogen receptors to open with temporary estrogen dominant symptoms that can be unpleasant, use low dose 1/8 tsp or less at first , could get acne, bloating, headache, pms, usual estrogen stuff until the cream settles in..... DON'T GIVE UP you will overcome and feel better again. Low mag can also cause TMJ and depression. Blood tests usually don't give accurate mag info so trial and error. I have just been adding a new full spectrum mineral after 6 months of mag and that has been a nice addition. Love, Joy

Acetyl L-Carnitine
Posted by Paul (Saint Louis, Mo) on 05/19/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Acetyl L-Carnitine has changed my life as well. I have suffered from depression since I was a child, have tried every medication out there and nothing seemed to work. Also, I found out I had candida, and everything I have done to bring my GI tract back into balance has helped the depression, OCD, worry, and ADHD. I take probiotics before bed, which has made a huge difference. L-tyrosine has helped me a lot. My biggest help was finding out that I was low in stomach acid. Treating that with Betaine HCL has changed my life and enabled me to actually "absorb" vitamins and nutrients from food that I couldn't before, this has changed my life.

Acetyl L-Carnitine
Posted by Emma (Centralia, Il) on 12/28/2016 10 posts

Paul: Thank you so much for this help. This depression has been kicking my butt and I'm so tired of it. Now, thanks to you, I have new hope and will try this Acetyl L-Carnitine. I've been taking probiotics, as well. I also have fibromyalgia and just discovered that when I take Serrapeptase, it literally saves me from horrible pain all night. I couldn't do without it. I'd be in a wheelchair without that. Now I can walk again and do my work. It blocks the pain. Works immediately, no bad side effects. They say improving digestion even helps with depression. It sure does.

Posted by Alan (Mexico) on 01/10/2017

Take out of your diet all sugars, grains, pastas, breads, sweet fruits and you will see a great difference in your mood ....paleo diet or atkins....

Posted by Denise (Us) on 12/17/2018 56 posts

Hi Neukoln,

I'm trying your method above today. I'm writing down when I take it etc. So I got up late, but took 1/2 (100mg) capsule in maybe quarter cup of water and waiting to eat in 30 minutes. I'll save the other 50 mg for the "at bedtime" dose. Then I will do a whole dose before dinner. Geesh, that sounds like a lot as I type it, lol. Maybe I'll just skip the 100mg before dinner and see how I do with the 100mg a day but split up. Just for awhile and see.

I do feel I've turned myself into a lab-rat, but quite frankly, it seems way better than allowing conventional medicine doctors to do the same thing. In my small area of the country (US) you tell the doctor what you want, or they rattle off a list of things that might help and you pick one. I am totally serious. I know there are good and knowledgeable doctors out there, many who have studied natural medicines as well, we just don't have any I know of. And there is always the issue of a doctor accepting my insurance.

Posted by Steve (Las Vegas, Nv Nevada) on 02/07/2013
5 out of 5 stars

When I was going through extreme depression due to adrenal exhaustion I found taking 5HTP pulled me right out of the depression. I knew my serotonin was low and the 5HTP brought me back to normal levels. I started with a dosage of 50mg and gradually increased until I felt I could smile again. I beleive 5HTP is as close as you can get to the actual serotonin produced by your body.

Posted by Mrs Betty (Colorado) on 04/19/2018

You can empty out the capsule and divide the contents in half with a knife. It is not precisely exact but quite close. This tip was given to me by a hospital pharmacist.

Green Juice
Posted by Lightawake (Nelson, New Zealand) on 12/25/2012
5 out of 5 stars

hi, I havent seen this fantastic and powerful natural 'medicine' posted here yet so I thought I would post my experience with it. It has been described by one person I read about, as something akin to getting a blood transfusion and I can attest to its gentle, but immediately noticable effects for depression. I have been taking it every day for about a year now. I find when I take it, I feel both energised and relaxed at the same time (eases my anxiety, and helps me keep calm), and it clears away the 'hopelessness fog' that can take over my mind. Apparently it also alkalises the body and boosts it with all kinds of goodness. there are all kinds of green juice around, many that mix fruits in, but my partner introduced me to the zero-sugar green juice which is what is recommended by dr brian clement, who researches and uses raw food diets to help cure people of many diseases.

I find a total raw food, sugarless diet such as the one he recommends quite hard to follow for any length of time (basically no processed foods, sugars -including fruits or sweet vegetables; centred on salads, fermented foods and dehydrated foods, and some supplements), but that the green juice was something that helped me noticably, and which I could take every day.

most mornings my partner makes me a glassful of green juice made of a base of celery or cucumber, then a combination of dark greens such as kale, spinach, then microgreens, cabbage, broccoli, wheatgrass, coriander, parsley, mint - whatever organic veggies we have. he puts it in a slow masticating juicer, and I drink it within about 15 minutes of it coming out.

-organic is important, as the juicer extracts all the good vitamins and things in the veggies - one glass of green juice is like eating a whole giant bowl of salad;

-drinking it within about 15 mintues is also apparently important as the vitality starts fading after too long - it needs to be made fresh each time;

-making it in a slow masticating juicer, and not a blender or a centrafugal juicer is apparently important in order to keep the enzymes alive - apparently the enzymes are hugely important as we dont produce them ourselves, and our modern diet doesnt give us too many. I actually think that this has been quite key in helping me where other supplements and herbs have not. creating the juice at a low temperature (below 20-something degrees) makes sure that the precious enzymes in the veggies remain alive to do all sorts of good work in our bodies;

-finally, there are many juice recipes out there which would include sweet veggies or even fruit such as beetroot, banana, carrot or apple - but apparently, for the body to heal, any amount of sugar inhibits the body, and so all fruits and sweeter veggies should be avoided in the juice.

when I first started taking this juice, my energy levels were so low that I could only go for a walk for about 10 minutes before I would flop down exhausted. Every day I drank it I noticed that I felt better, and I noticed that after about a month, I was managing to walk for 2-3 hours and I was fine! My partner is healthy, but he swears by it to keep him balanced and healthy too. Obviously, it`s quite 'green' tasting, but we found it tastes a bit better with a squeeze of lemon, or a couple of mint leaves added. The strength and taste also depends on what we put in it, and how much - eg. we adjust how much leafy greens and wheatgrass we put into the juice to make it stronger or weaker.

one warning: green juice is quite strong, and a powerful detoxer - I found that if I had alcohol or fast food the night before, then had green juice the next morning, sometime during the day I would find myself going to the toilet several times!

personally I see green juice as a great all-round balancer, enegiser, and health booster. Not as concentrated as wheatgrass juice, a lot easier on the system, but very medicinal. Feels very much like drinking a potent herbal formula. our fridge is always full of teatowel-lined plastic bags, filled with lots of veggies to last us the week, for green juices and salads.

I take green juice along with some supplements, and trying to maintain a diet as free of processed foods and sugars as I can, and am finding definite noticable progress, and recommend it to anyone dealing with depression, or anything where their body would benefit from some extra health.

Hormone Related
Posted by Sue M. (Worden, Il, Usa) on 10/29/2012

When I started my downward spiral with depression, I never made the association of possibly being hormone related. After 5 yrs. of psychiatrists putting me on almost every drug combo to see if it would help, the next suggestion was ECT treatments.... I had 9. That may work for some people, but all it did for me was take away my memory recall.

My husband was the one who got me to go back and figure out where my depression started. I figured out it was hormone related. I called my GP... Got back on plant based hormone and within 2 weeks began to see the "fog" lifting. When I told my psychiatrist that I wanted her help to slowly get off the meds and get a regime of eating healthy, exercise and concentrated therapy, she became furious and refused to help me. She said that I would end up back in the hospital within 2 months and be worse off than I originally was. Well.... that has been 7 years ago and I feel great.

So.... I would suggest bloodwork, diet, exercise, and research, research. Everyone of us is different in what works for our bodies. Postings here on EC was lifesaving for me. Daniel Ahem's books are invaluable for educationing yourself about what you need to do when you start noticing a problem. Dr. Mercola just had an article on him a couple of days ago on his website. Please read his research.

I slowly weened myself off my meds. I would have loved to have had the support of my psychiatrist. All the drugs were taking away my life and I knew I had to take my health back into my own hands and not rely on someone else telling me they knew what was "best" for me. It was terrifying for me to take that step, but I'm so glad I did. I really hope this helps someone. I believe we're all guardian angels here on this site.....")

Posted by Juliette (Reston, Va) on 10/23/2012

Check out the book The Mood Cure by Julia Ross. Really lays out a plan for you, helps you identify what your mood type is. Very simple and easy to read. Has chapter on getting off anti depressants! Lots of information on 5htp and other amino acids... can get it used off amazon for pretty cheap. Good luck!

(fyi when I took 5htp I took it twice a day once in afternoon once at night really worked for me)

Posted by She (Richmond, Virginia, United States) on 10/28/2012

Thank you for your reply! Are you totally off meds now? I just took myself off hormone patch and progesterone by applying Clary Sage Oil. Hopefully I can get my Dr. To lower my dosage a little at a time. I know how bad the side effects are!!

Posted by Jack (Los Angeles, Ca, Usa) on 11/16/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you all for your advice. It's greatly appreciated. I have a relative who has been on Luvox (an SSRI; anti-depressant) for a while, taking 50mg a day, and who was on a bunch of other drugs last year (they kept trying to treat the "symptoms" with a different drug, instead of figuring out the "cause" (ironically, the anti-depressant itself), and eliminating that), and we just found out about Niacinamide (Vitamin B-3), and how it helped the guy who started AA to get rid of his depression. Actually, he used Niacin, but Niacinamide doesn't have the hot flashes that Niacin causes.

Can we start to give him the Niacinamide while still on the Luvox? If so, how much Niacinamide do you suggest? They are in 500mg capsules.

Btw, I successfully stopped my panic attacks with it (I only had two attacks my whole life; I'm still blown away that I even had them). I took between 500mg and 2000mg per day, and only needed to take it for a few days. And that was over 3 years ago.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Seekthetruth (Wisconsin, Usa) on 10/18/2011

I am wondering - for those who have suffered a long time with depression (years and years) - and not just the basic 'blues' from time to time - but true depression, if someone can provide me with some advice on how to best proceed. I have a situation where a friend has a child (young adult under 30) that has been depressed and battling it for 10 years. My friend is not open to alternative remedies, but her child is - to a degree. He has been in and out of 'treatment' for depression (at facilities) a few times over the years and always tries to eat healthy, stopped drinking, etc. And still battles with it - he doesn't want to do drugs, and wants to live more simply, with less chaos in his life, but it seems his parents don't agree with that method - (no meds). He is stressed by this as well but would never say so to them. So what my question or need is - do I tell him about these wonderful remedies and offer my personal advice on his situation to him - and risk his parents friendship - or stay out of it. (I have experience with depression in a relative who committed suicide - we didn't know he was depressed until it was too late. ) I was forbidden to tell this friends son about my relative, by his parents.

If those of you who suffered with this depression for years - would let me know - if someone had the sort of info that is offered here and knew it would help you - would you want them to tell you about it - or stay out of it? I am not suffering from depression so I can't know what people who do feel about those who give them advice or tell them what to do - I don't want to be simply 'heard out' and not have it be of benefit because it was unsolicited or unwanted advice.

Let me know how you would want someone in my situation to proceed if you were the one who I wanted to tell about this. I am desparate to know - I feel like time could be short for him - and I want to help this family so much.

Thanks in advance for any help. I'll check back for posts in response to this. I'd also like to hear follow ups on those who have been taking ACV for depression for long periods of time and how it has been going. God bless!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Antrius R. (Cyprus) on 08/08/2021 16 posts

Make an amino acid test (either amino acid serum or amino acid plasma, both equally reliable). This test can save your child. Find a doctor who knows about amino acids. Check all amino acids of course, but especially check for Tryptophan (that makes Serotonin) and also check Tyrosine (that makes dopamine).

Also make sure you check immediately vitamin D not only the child, but also all family and everyone you know. Sometimes depression can be caused only by the vitamin D deficiency itself. Thus vitamin D is of absolute importance. All the best.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 10/20/2011

Seekthetruth, from reading about Earthing, maybe your friend's child could go outside and walk barefoot on the grass. There is science that goes along with this that it has a lot of healthy effects. Youtube has a lot of info on the benefits for the body.

Also vitamin D is good for getting endorphins and also for health, so sitting outside in the sun is very beneficial.

Posted by Lily (Brisbane, Australia) on 08/25/2010

Hi Gtijes, the best thing to do is ask your chemist/pharmacist if 5htp is safe to be taken with the meds you are on and then if it is safe you can go into one of the hundreds of forums on the internet that help you and suggest how to reduce and finally stop taking your prescription medication. You can then add in your dosage of 5htp that you think is necessary to replace your reducing meds. I hope you succeed with ease. Lily.

Posted by Brian (Boulder, Co) on 03/02/2012
1 out of 5 stars


My caution is quite different: there is a VERY good chance your doctor will advise against 5-HTP (or any natural remedy). For many, that avenue then becomes a dead end.

I use 5-HTP now after being prescribed pharmaceuticals, and it is at least as effective. The dark secret about meds is that for many of us they don't do much in the first place, and eventually they destroy your liver (which happened to my sister, with many serious health consequences).

My advice for wearning yourself off your meds (which is what I did) is to do it VERY slowly, and introduce 5-HTP as slowly. At least 3 months, until the dosages you are taking are just tiny crumbs. This will keep your side effects down to a bare minimum. Good luck!

Posted by Jim (Anniston, Alabama) on 04/11/2010

I took the prescribed amount, one capsule a day, of 340mg or Rhodiola. It showed on the bottle that it contained 3% rosavins = to 10.2mg. I bought it in the hope that it would help with some depression that I've been having. I didn't want to take anti-depression medicene and hoped this would be a good route without the terrible side effects of any of the anti-depression medicines. About 20 minutes after taking the capsule of Rhodiola, I began to feel light-headed and so far that's all that's happened. No reduction of the depressed state of mind, no energy, no nothing.. just the light-headedness. Maybe I need to take it for awhile? But based on what I've read already about it, I should've gotten some response other than light-headedness.

EC: Hi Jim,

It's helpful if people wait at least a few days before sending in feedback about a remedy or supplement. From your post it appears to only have been an hour or two... Thanks.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Tina (Venice Beach, Cali) on 12/23/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Update: after one day off sugar and flour products, my depression totally went away. I am back to normal. WOO HOO!!!! Glad that this was such an easy fix and boy, do I feel like a fool for letting it go on for so long before figuring out the overload sugar connection to depression. Hope this helps someone else to cure the holiday blues!

To Carmen, yes yes "glum" is a great description for what I was feeling!

Posted by Marlo (Hattiesburg, Mississippi) on 12/01/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Depression Remedy

Whenever I feel a depressive mood coming on I simply pour myself a glass of juice or tea and add about 3 dashes of just regular grocery store bought cayenne pepper, drink up and in seconds I begin to feel much better and relaxed. Works really fast! No need to even stir the cayenne into the drink.

Vitamin D
Posted by Earthfirst (Chicago, Il) on 10/27/2009
5 out of 5 stars

depression cured with vitamin D

depression has pretty much been a part of my life since i can remember. after trying every anti-depressant my doctor could dispense i turned to the internet to search for a more natural approach. since my depression worsens in the winter months i made the connection with a Vitamin D deficiency. since 30 minutes in the high summer sun provides 20,000iu yes twenty thousand IU (International units) of vitamin d i realized my 400iu supplement was not cutting it. i started taking 10,000iu on sunny days and 20,000iu when it's cloudy. i have never felt better in my entire life. coconut oil helped and i continue to take it, so did vitamin b supplements. but the vitamin d deficiency was surely the culprit. don't accept feeling miserable, change your habits. i have read that doctors can offer 50,000iu daily by prescription so i felt that i could take 20,000 without complication. its important to use common sense, if you're at the beach in the sun all day then take a few days off of the vitamin d.

Cold Showers
Posted by Bill (East Stroudsburg, PA) on 05/29/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I suffer from periodic severe depressions. I have taken every drug known to science and have undergone shock treatment. By accident this spring I discovered that a long, very cold shower, as long as I can stand it provides the best treatment I've had in 50 years. I can only assume it is not suggested by doctors because the drug companies don't recommend it.

Fish Oil
Posted by Samantha (BC, Canada) on 04/12/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Yeah fish oils helped me too. I was taking Cod Liver Oil, about 1 Tablespoon per day, for other health issues and I noticed that I started laughing more, mostly during tv shows which I hadn't found "laugh out loud" funny before this so it was surprising. Maybe just after a few days too; its effect was pretty quick.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Gr8ful Gal in Cleveland (Cleveland, Ohio) on 12/07/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I just want to thank Earth Clinic for such helpful health advice. I was already using ACV. (*1/2 cup in the morning). But I noticed my depression worsening I was thinking of going to a therapist. When one night I was internet surfing and found this site. I also kept having migraine headaches. (of course) no doctor, or medicines helped. I ran across the oil pulling remedies. So, I tried it. The results are great!!!! The oil pulling (first thing in the morning) *1/2 a cup its the BEST THING I could have done. Its healthy for me and has no negative side effects. My depression has gone away!!! I sleep better, I am not restless, my mood swings have diminished. I have so much energy its ridiculous!!! I can feel and see the difference. I have also tried the BSS (Baking Soda Scrub) I add honey and a little water until it thickens to my liken. (I have oily/combo skin). I used ACV as a toner,(diluted with water on a cotton ball). VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) as a moisturizer. (very thin amount) My face glowed. I only do it 3x a week. It is so great to have all these resources at hand. And they are so inexpensive. Thank You so much!!! Earth Clinic.

EC: More about oil pulling here.