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Most Effective Natural Remedies for Arthritis

Posted by P.R. (Pineville, Nc) on 10/17/2009
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Turmeric for Crohn's disease & Arthritis

I started taking turmeric for arthritis and got my mother who is 69 taking turmeric pills as well, 600 mg per day in one pill. If I run out of pills for longer than 4-5 days my knuckles start hurting and it's hard to bend my index finger. I make sure I don't run out any longer.

My mom has been faithful about taking the turmeric pills and just recently mentioned how she thinks it is helping with her Crohn's disease. She had emergency surgery in 1992 for an obstruction and they removed a large portion of small intestines and colon. It was due to Crohn's disease but they didn't diagnose it until after the surgery.

Since the surgery in 1992, my mom has narrowed down what foods bother her to eat. She cannot digest any kind of fat. Red meats, fried foods, nothing with fat digests and if she eats anything with fat she gets bad diarrhea sometimes all night long.

Since she has been taking the turmeric she has noticed that when she cheats and eats pizza or french fries (knowing full well what she will endure later after eating those fatty foods) she has found that she isn't bothered by the fat now and doesn't get the bad diarrhea.

She does take 2 different over the counter digestive enzyme pills with fattening meals to help digest the fat but she has always taken those pills. But now with taking the turmeric pills she can eat more of what she wants to eat without any of the consequences which is a blessing since she is so thin.

Hope this helps someone else. Reading this site has helped me and my family out tremendously. I encourage everyone to give feedback. You never know when it might help someone.

Posted by Pareetp (Los Angeles, Ca) on 10/07/2009
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best remedy for arthritis would be 1 tbsp fenugreek seeds soaked in 1 cup of water....boil it all together in morning .....drink the water and eat the fenugreek seeds.......gr8 for arthritis...tried n tested by my grandmoms

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Lee773 (Chicago, Illinois, United States) on 09/24/2009
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I have been reading and researching for the last few weeks about the many cures of Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Food Grade. I purchased a bottle from ____, and had my mother start with the treatment 1 drop in an 8 ounce glass of water 3 times a day, increasing the drops by one drop each day. She is now up to 5 drops as of today, and will be on her 6th drop tomorrow morning. My mother has been suffering from severe artritis for many years, but over the last year it has gotten to the point where she could barely walk. So let me tell you that as of today 9-24-2009, since starting this therapy of oral ingestion 5 days ago, she is not complaining at all of the pain in her lower back, left shoulder, wrist or leg areas. My mother said the only thing she feels now is stiffness in the back of her leg (knee area), but its starting to loosen up. I can tell by looking at how she walks now compared to last week, that it is working for real, It is still early, but I have to say that I am shocked!

Today as I was talking to her, she told me that the feeling in her toes have returned, she didn't bother to mention this to any of my siblings or myself until I was asking her how she has been feeling, since I got her started on the Hydrogen Peroxide 35% diluted with the dropper in 8 ounces of water. By the way my mother is 85 years old. I don't know what to expect as we continue with this therapy, but I have to say I'm thankful for a site like this, and all the information that I have read online here, and all the readily available information on the internet. I will update as I continue to watch my mother's progress. Thank you again!

Lee from Chicago, Illinois.

Fire Ant Bites
Posted by Teresa (Nacogdoches, Texas) on 09/13/2009
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Fire Ant Remedy for Arthritis

Back in the day when doctors weren't readily available people who worked in the fields had to find ways of healing themselves. If someone has a really bad case of arthritis the best thing to alleviate the swelling and pain are bites from fire ants.This has been done in my family for four generations and has always worked.

Posted by John (Auckland, New Zealand) on 08/17/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My mother has tried various things to treat Arthritis but nothing worked well enough till she heard from someone else that 6 cherries a day works to fix it. (I have heard cherries are effective at fixing gout too) She tried it with near perfect success, she has to keep taking them but as long as she does she is pain free.

She has told other people and they have had success.

It was noticed that my aging cat was no longer willing to jump up on the arm of my chair and would take longer to get up in the morning, it is defiantly arthritis. So I mushed up some cherries into hit cat food which he happily ate and after a week he was freer and freer and found it easier and easier to jump up.

While fresh organic cherries are obviously the healthiest canned or bottled cherries and the surrounding cherry juice works fine even with the added sugar and is cheaper and can be obtained year round without great expense.

I have also heard of someone who took 1 tsp of Turmeric a day for 5 days and wiped out their Arthritis for good.

But I must give Cherries the highest marks for being enjoyable, amazingly effective and cheap/easy.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Distilled Water Spray
Posted by Kelly (Anywhere, USA) on 06/22/2009
5 out of 5 stars

arthritis cures... I have recently come upon a natural help for arthritis pain derived from another post. I have terrible pain in both knees ( left is injured so it's worse ). I keep a ( garden) spray bottle that holds 32 oz. of liquid. I fill it w/ 2or 3 oz.'s of drug store H202 hydrogen peroxide and 20 oz.'s of distilled water (various strengths can be tried depending on how sensative one's skin is to drying out. I keep this by my bed and shake and spray myself all over, especially knees and hips. It is not automatic like a pain pill but once you get that concentration to the joint IT DOES WORK. I'm 49 and have just experienced this pain in the last 5 years. If you can run around in shorts, spray the concoction on joints 4,5,6x's a day you will feel the difference. There are nights that I would not be able to sleep from the hip pain if I didn't spray.

Ted's Cat Purring Remedy
Posted by CeBe Singer (New York, NY) on 05/14/2009

I would like to know more about Ted's cat purring remedy for arthritis. Where can you find the recording? How long did your mother listen to it for? How did you discover this remedy, and why do you think it affects pain?

EC: The link was on the stiff neck remedies page! Here is the recording you can download:


Dried Dates
Posted by Edward (Norwich, United Kingdom) on 02/14/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered from arthritis for years and have tried several types of medications.Most give pain-killing results but with side effects. Feeling hungry one evening, I ate a large handful of dried dates, and next morning I felt like a different person. All pain had gone! Why is this? Have I discovered a miracle cure? Could others try this, to confirm or refute. I double checked the food I had eaten the previous couple of days, but the only item that was unusual was the dates. Your's Edward.

Golden Grapes Soaked in Gin
Posted by Danielle (Hernando, Florida) on 02/10/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have tried this recipe. When taken regulary it seems to be very helpful. There's several of my friends who find it helpful too.

I also recently lost 25 pounds, with the help of Raw apple cider vinger. I use it for a daily detox, antiseptic for scratchs, minor burns, mostly to help alakalize my body. Most americans have more acid in akaline in there systems.I take about a shot a day. I can really tell when I am not faithful, and eat poorly.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Robin (Rocky Ridge, Oh) on 01/28/2009

Oh please, please research your options before having joint replacement surgery! Check out a guy by the name of Pete Egoscue, I believe at He is the author of several books as well. This guy started out as a physical therapist or something along that order. He started researching kinesiology and other movement methods and has come up with a way to overcome arthritic conditions.

You see, many cases of arthritis are alignment problems. Our muscles have memory and can loose that memory to do a specific job in a few days or less of bed rest from a cold, injury, etc. When you are back up and around, often times the wrong muscles start doing the wrong job. Over time, this pulls joints out of place and a rubbing of the cartilage starts. After awhile, the cartilage is worn to nothing and pain sets in. What most people don't know is, cartilage can regrow if the proper muscles are re-taught the proper job and joints are pulled back into place, eliminating the wearing away of the cartilage and a rejuvination of the joint takes place.

This guy helped Jack Nicholson (the famous golfer) when he was set to retire because of severe pain. One day he was to be in a tournament and was about to announce his retirement due to unbearable pain when an associate of his convinced him to try Egoscue out. He got an appointment that day and within a very short time on his first visit he had reduced his pain to the point that he made it to the tournament later that day. He then continued treatment with Egoscue until he made a complete recovery.

The last time I checked, you could find the simple movements meant to correct the alignment problems you suffer from on his website. I would suggest getting his books as a guide and for further research before you decide to go through with this surgery. All you would be out is some time and a few bucks for the books. It would be worth it if it saved you a complicated, painful surgery and rehabilitation if a simple movement plan could remedy the problem. Blessings, Robin

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Katie (Philadelphia, PA) on 01/27/2009

Hi all, I absolutely love this site. I've used many of the cures (tea tree oil to avoid headlice in 5yr old daughter, turmeric and ginger tea for MRSA) and have come away with perfect results. However, I've been diagnosed with arthritis in my hip and it has been suggested to me the only way to relieve my pain is to have my hip replaced. I'm 30 yrs young, I do not want to resort to surgery just yet so naturally I've come to earthclinic for advice. I've been drinking 2tbs of raw, unfiltered ACV with 1tsp of organic honey or Agave Nectar in 8oz hot water every night for the last 3 weeks and it has done nothing for my pain. I decided to add 1 spoonful of blackstrap molasses every morning to my regime (just started this yesterday) and also added 1/2 tsp of turmeric to my ACV tonic. I was hoping for some relief this morning, but I'm still in pain and limping around. I'm going to continue with all of the above, but wanted to see if anyone had any other advice or perhaps just some words of assurance that this could eventually reduce my pain. Sincerely, Katie

Cod Liver Oil
Posted by Donald (Houston, Texas USA) on 12/22/2008
5 out of 5 stars

One of my friend has just informed me that she has had artritis for over a year now. She was told to take 3 soft gel capsules of Cod Liver Oil each day. The pain of arthritis was gone and still is gone as we speak. Please try this inexpensive natural remedy and you will be blessed.


Cinnamon and Honey
Posted by Parag (Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA) on 10/29/2008
5 out of 5 stars

This is a remedy I have seen other people use around me in India for arthritis. I teaspoon of ground cinnamon powder, mixed with 1 teaspoon pure, organic honey. Take it in the morning before you eat anything. And do not eat/drink anything for 30 minutes after. Drinking water is fine. You should see effect within a week, if not within days.

Posted by John W. (Deer Park, NY, USA) on 10/21/2008
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Posted by Peter (Slate Hill, New York) on 10/16/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I read that cayenne pepper could alleviate excruciating pain of arthritis that I had in two fingers on my left hand. I'd awaken daily in pain to find my pinky and ring finger locked in a bent position and it would hurt very much to straighten. I would run hot water over them and it would get worse as weeks went on. I had been playing the piano several hours daily and most likely was the cause of this very painful arthritis, a common piano players ailment that if left unchecked would end my piano playing and use of two fingers. My fingers were dying it seemed. I met several ex-piano players who had exactly the same symptoms and quit playing because of the pain. Anyway, after reading Edgar Cayce's remedies with topical use of Castor Oil I thought it would be good to mix the Cayenne Pepper with Castor Oil so the mixture would stick to my fingers. So before bedtime, I'd take a paper hand towel and cut it to about 10x6 inches, wet it and squeeze excess water out until just very damp, then fold it to 10x2 (triple thick); now I'd mix some cayenne into some castor oil until very orangey/red and smear it on the first four inches (to cover both sides of fingers) of the paper towel and also smear some on my fingers; then I'd wrap my fingers with this bandage and excess paper, and finally a rubber band not too tight holding it all together. Every night I'd do this and take it off in the morning and there was noticeable reduction in pain immediately first day and more use of my fingers and after three months I was 80% normal and within nine months I was completely healed.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
Posted by Davey D (Victoria, BC Canada) on 07/30/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Ted!

I would just like to say how wonderful the site is.

About a year ago I started to search for natural cures for arthritis because my hips were giving me terrible pain and some pain in my knuckles as well. I am a male of 60 years with Muscular Dystrophy.

I started taking 2 tbs apple cider vinegar with 1/2 tsp of backing soda twice a day for 5 days on and 2 days off. I can say that today I am almost pain free. I have found that the Omega 369 has taken care of my suicidal depression, but one a day is all I can afford because our Government will not help me.

Your simple affordable remedy has saved my life because I can live more comfortably now. There was a story of a man of 53 found dead in his truck on day from carbon monoxide poisoning and I had been contemplating this method before I found Earth Clinic. Maybe if he had of known he would still be alive. No cuddo's for our gov.

God Bless you Ted.

Thank you so much for your help.

Davey D.

Cinnamon and Honey
Posted by Frankie (Franklin, Louisiana) on 07/19/2008
5 out of 5 stars

1st I tried BSM remedy for a knee issue but I needed surgery for it. Arthritis was found in right knee and now is in left knee. For a week and some I have been doing the honey-cinn and I positively feel the difference. I have not taken any prescribed meds. for a week. I add 2 teaspoons honey and 1 teaspoon cinnamon and add this to a cup very hot water. I drink this morning and nite. I also love the fact that it benefits me in other ways. Hope this helps someone else.