Coconut Oil for Folliculitis

Coconut Oil
Posted by Cath (Brunswick, Georgia) on 09/14/2010

I was so scared I had a staph infection I went to a dermatologist in June. Yes, folliculits! And, I said, WHAT! I was put on Cipro which is what they give for anthrax! So, I guess it killed any staph. But the ugly sores dot my chest, arms and legs. My health food store guy researched and said Coconut Oil was now being recommended. You put it all over your body twice a day and take a tablespoon. Taste is kinda blah. Seems to clear up the scabs and starts the healing process. Compared to what you all have written I must have a minor case. You have some real horror stories. So I'm gonna up the treatment with some of the stuff mentioned here.