Calamine Lotion for Folliculitis

Calamine Lotion
Posted by Juan (Los Angeles, California) on 03/23/2011
4 out of 5 stars

Id been suffering with Folliculitus on my scalp for five months. In the beginning of it I had confused it with a pimple. So I popped it and continued shaving my head like always since 1997. Days went by and more of them would come out. I would pop them and would continued with my normal routine. Until I notice that these bumps on my scalp were not pimples but something else. The more I would shave the more it would spread. Did some research on webmd and bam Folliculitus. I was hoping that it would go away on its own but no luck. I would aggravate it more when I would go to do my MMA classes.

On the Fourth month of the curse it got to the point where the itching was unberable and by scrachting it, the bumps would get bigger and the pain was intolarable. My head was looking horrible embarrassing sick. Went to urgent care and told me to stop shaving, stop the MMA classes and take antibiotics Doxycicline and use an antiseptic for cleaning off all the pus that would come out. It work for about three days and came back worse than before. The itching was hell I could almost feel the bacteria moving around my scalp and then the pain was so bad that it would wake me up from my sleep. I was not able to rest my head for a long time in one position because it would create pressure on the bumps. I became very desperate for some kind of relief. Checked out some sites on the internet stumble on this one and tried EVERYTHING!!!!

Turmeric 6 tablets a day didnt work, Apple white vinegar daily wash relief for some minutes but nope didnt work, mupirocin antibiotic oinment nope, clotrimazole antifungal cream nope didnt work, Lamisil nope, Alcohol nope, Witch hazel nope, until a memory ran through my head of a time I rubbed against poison oak. Calamine lotion!!! When I had poison oak rash on my forearm the itching was hell and the oozing was disgusting and contagious.

Bought the Calamine CLEAR lotion, got home washed up and rubbed that Calamine on my scalp. It work like Heaven. The itching stop instantly and the next morning my scalp was looking wayyyyy better. I still have some bumps but the relief from the itching and that thumping pain is gone. I also order Terrasil its on its way but for now the Calamine Clear lotion is good very good the only thing that has work for me. The Clear one because I dont want to be walking around work with the pink Calamine on my head. Folliculitus is very embarrasing to have. The pain and itching is hell. Im ready to get rid of it im doing everything right to stop it from living on my scalp. Hopefully this advice will help those who suffer from it!