Antibiotics for Folliculitis

Posted by Angie (S, Indiana) on 07/31/2011
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I am prone to folliculitis. Over the past 6 years I have had it twice. In both instances I felt the bumps on my scalp, had flu like sympoms and ran a fever. I was put on antibiotics and was better in a week. This past May I was again diagnosed with folliculitis. I thought it was weird that I was getting folliculitis again because I had just gotten over pneumonia and an ear infection and had been on two rounds of antibiotics.

My doctor put me on more antibiotics and I got worse. He switched me to Kflex and I took four rounds of that and got worse. I switched doctors and the new Dr. Put me on Cipra. After 10 days on Cipra, I started developing a rash on my chest, arms and legs. My face was flushed and I developed sores in my mouth. I found out I am allergic to sulfides so I decided to see a dermatologist. Before I saw him they took a culture of the blisters and tested them against different antibiotics. I took that report to the dermatologist and based on the report he put me on augmentin. I got a lot worse on augmentin.

I decided to research and I found this site. I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar and it made it worse. Tea tree oil helped and turmeric helped, but it was still spreading rapidly. Swimming made it worse. Sweating made it worse. I could feel it move and spread. It hurt and burned. I quit going to the gym.

Then I read a comment on this site about developing folliculits while on antibiotics and how it caused not a bacterial based infection, but a yeast based infection. I gave this info to my dermatologist and he took me off anitibiotics and put me on a 10 day oral antifungal medication and for the first time in 11 weeks my scalp is blister free. It is all healing up and drying up. I can't thank this site enough. I am going to continue to add turmeric to my daily vitamins because I believe that it will help prevent it from coming back. I would say that you might check into yeast even if you have had a culture taken. They took a culture of my blisters and it showed a high concentration of bacteria and the report didn't say anything about yeast, but the bacteria wasn't the problem. Good Luck!