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Alfalfa for Gout

| Modified on Aug 01, 2023

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Posted by Ed (Irving Township, Minnesota) on 05/13/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I suffered from gout for 9 years.

12 years ago I began taking cranberry capsules. It helped, however, gout would return, just not as often or severe.

I researched more on the internet and learned that Alfalfa tablets cause the uric acid to be removed through the other end and I have not had a gout attack for 11 1/2 years.

I drink, eat red meats, seafood, spinach, venison and other foods not recommended when you have gout.

I take cranberry, garlic, alfalfa, milk thistle a multivitamin once a day in the morning for maintenance.

I have been able to resume use of my treadmill and I lost 50 lbs, and no more worries about walking, yard work or hunting. I have told many others about this system and every single person said it worked for them. Your doctor won't tell you, there is no profit in this for them. So much for the hippocratic oath.

Replied by toni lee

Any idea of an effective alfalfa daily dosage for gout prevention?

Replied by James
(Boise, Id)

Please note that alfalfa promotes blood clotting.