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Cure Bacterial Vaginosis: Natural Remedies for BV!

Last Modified on Apr 09, 2014

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Acidophilus Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis

Acidophilus pills (the higher the live count, the better) can be taken orally and inserted vaginally to add healthy bacteria to the vagina and restore your balance. Remember that acidophilus pills must be kept refrigerated.

[YEA]  09/25/2007: Jennifer from Dover, DE: "I have never delt with a ongoing anything in that area before so the symptoms Im feeling are a bit alarming, since I have been to the Dr. office 3 times in the last 7 weeks with little to no change in the burning, swelling, itching and painful intercourse. I tried the OTC generic 1-day monistate and was left with a pain and swelling that almost drove me to the ER. I had taken the oral yeast infection pill along with a cream the DR gave me... Had a pap a few weeks later and I was still having "flare" ups. Went back to the DR a week ago to be handed triple paste (zinc oxide) and another yeast cream...through all this things would start to feel as about normal as I can remeber since this all started and then I would wake up and the swelling and itching would be back and the redness, Sigh* So after several attempts this morning to reach another DR to get yet again another would be failed attemp at clearing this problem up I found this site. I thankfully already have the Folic Acid pills (800mcg) and the Acidophilus...I took the pill just before writing this and I do plan on inserting the Acidophilus tonight...Im not sure if I have a misdiagnosed BVI (I have no fishy odor) but after everything else it seems to be the only thing left that makes sense. I have to say that as horriable as it is that our own educated DRs have a hard time helping or even diagnosing many of the womens issues out there, that as women we can find a commen place to share our story and help one another out. If I have good news pertaining to the pills I have just started then I will be posting again to share :)"

07/15/2008: Sarah from Dothan, AL replies: "I have been having problems with BV for as long as I can remember, and I very seldom have fishy odor(sometimes after sex, but not always). But I do have a strong odor, especially after working and sweating all day. So you probably haven't been mis diagnosed, just lucky enough not to have to deal with fishy smell. :)"

[YEA]  09/24/2007: Lyra from winston salem, NC: "For a long long time, a couple of years i guess, i have battled with BV on and off. The last time it was bad, it lasted for about 7 months and just got worse and worse. It was so embarrassing, i didn't want to have anything to do with my partner sexually. i couldn't enjoy it because i was just so embarrassed. It was ruining our relationship. i thought it was a yeast infection all the time but i took medicine and it never went away. Then i looked online and saw BV and read about it. i just happened to come across a website that said to insert acidophilus pill into ur vagina, and also to try inserting plain yogurt once a week always to maintain healthy balance if you are sensitive to getting BV. So i tried the acidophilus before i went to bed, the next morning my symptoms were almost gone, so the next night i did the yogurt, and that was it. i was cured...all this time of going through everything, and it was that easy. But regretfully i didn't do the once a week thing. SO then 7 months later, i got it again, i think from taking too many baths with a lot of soap and stuff. So this time, i did the acidophilus pill, but when i inserted it, i also put plain yogurt on it, the next day i woke up and it was gone. Its amazing. i just can't believe it works that well. But im happy. i would recommend that to everyone. Just make sure that when you buy the acidophilus MAKE SURE that it is NOT in capsule form, make sure it is a plain regular pill that will dissolve, because i used a capsule and it did not dissolve, just got really sticky and it was really bad. Anyways, i hope that everyone here can get rid of this terrible thing. Good luck."

[YEA]  08/29/2007: foneny from mt pocono , pa: "re: BV Cure -- the insertion of plain yogurt worked for me. instead of using the acv, i spread the yogurt on the exterior service also and washed it off the next morning. i had relief from the burning, itching, and smell in about 15 minutes."

[YEA]  07/13/2007: Lynne from Columbia, MD: "When I read that BV returns even after antibiotics I decided taking that route would be pointless, so I researched other ways to treat it. What works for me is taking one acidophilus pill a day, and increasing the amount of yogurt products I eat/drink. Particularly Kefir seems to be helpful, as it has, I believe, a higher concentration of active cultures than regular yogurt. Also, I mixed vitamin E oil with a few drops of tea tree oil, placed this on a wet wash rag and wiped the area. I have also done this with ACV and tea tree oil, but the vitamin E oil prevents drying, which will help with the itching."

05/16/2010: Still Frustrated With This Mess from Miami, Florida replies: "LADIES! Please be careful when trying these home remedies. Just because the odor or itch is gone does not necessarily mean the entire infection is gone too. Make sure you are still seeing your OBGYN to ensure the infection is gone for good. As always, schedule your annual Pap Smear for overal vaginal health. I have suffered with BV and yeast infections for five years now and I feel the same about antibiotics(temporary fix.) I started taking probiotic pills (L.BAC) and the odor disappeared so I thought it was gone. But I went to my OBGYN and she said I was still infected. I will try this folic acid and acidophilus combo to see the outcome. Should my partner get tested? He is not circumcised and I believe that is the reason I keep getting infected because it is harder for him to stay clean due to the extra foreskin. Also does NuvaRing really work to prevent BV?"
10/27/2012: Lei from Cdo, Mindanao replies: "I'm just want to ask if where I could buy some lactobacillus acidophilus pills or any tablet. I went to pharmacy but they dont have any acidophilus pills"
11/19/2012: Eatlo from Dallas, Texas replies: "Just so y'all know peroxide cooks the skin. It's not even a good method to clean wounds. Only soap and water. So with that being said you might not want to wash or rinse with an agent that burns the skin! Especially not your sensitive vagina walls. It will "numb" it one day maybe to but to me your only adding fuel to the fire. If antibiotics won't heal then invest in probiotics and vitamins. A positive mind heals."

Acidophilus and Garlic

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[YEA]  03/08/2009: GirlTalk from New York, New York: "I always get BV when I sleep with my boyfriend. It is almost instant now. Like the morning after we sleep together. I am sure condoms would help but for now I use a suppository of Odorless Garlic and Acididolphillis for 3 nights and it clears it up."

03/09/2009: Rosy from Orlando, Fl replies: "Make your boyfriend go to the doc. He is giving BV to you. Men can have it, and not know."
05/18/2012: Missy from Baltimore, Md, Usa replies: "The BV is not coming from your boyfriend, unless its not BV but trich, which is an STD. In that case you should go to the clinic. I have suffered with BV since age 19 and I'm now 43. It is the PH balance that tends to go haywire. And it is usually after sex because semen changes your PH balance also your periods and sugar doesnt help either. After trying several remedies, a female doctor prescribed Boric acid inserts. DONT MAKE THEM YOURSELF. Go to your GYN and have them prescribed. You will have to have it filled at a special pharmacy. I take 600mg capsules. She recommended inserting one directly after sex and I take folic acid and garlic pills every day. The last time I had an occurance, my doctor recommended taking the flagyll and inserting the Boric acid capsules together. Since my outbreaks came from my periods and sex she recommended I use them then. I have a hysterectomy now and only use them after sex and occaissionally take a flagyll just to be safe and I have not had an episode of BV now since using the prescribed Boric acid pills. And they are not expensive and even so $40 is worth it. You get a lot of pills and I havent used a refill yet. Its been about 5 months now and I have sex on a regular basis and no BV. Thats great for me cause after sex not long after I got BV. They work great. Hope this helps someone because before the prescribed boric acid, I tried everything, all recommendations and spent lots of money with no relief except for consantly taking flagyll."
09/01/2012: Julie from Marietta, Ga replies: "Missy in MD. If you see this can you provide the name of your GYN in MD. I would like to put my MD/Board certified holistic physician in contact w/her.

If anyone has an Atlanta, Ga metro doctor who has successfully helped you with persistent BV please let me know.

Feel free to email me directly - jgosselinonline(at)"

11/25/2012: Roksan from Lincoln, RI replies: "I've been taking lactobacillus/probiotics 2x per day for 5 months now. I am also taking Garlic 2x daily, along with Folic Acid 400mcg 3x daily. I have a very healthy diet (veggies with poultry - no dairy/no gluten) however, I do have the occasional "sugar" (candy/mint/cookie). I exercise regularly; have been married 17yrs, and have been suffering on and off for years with bv! This has been a daily thing for me since Spring 2012. I seem to have tried everything - including inserting the probiotics vaginally, and soaking tampons in yogurt; even sleeping with a tea tree suppository in! I am completely stumped (as is my gyn) as to why this is continuing to happen to me! I have just finished yet another round of antibiotics to no avail. Can someone help me?? I'm lucky I don't always have the odor - but the discharge is driving me crazy!"

Acidophilus, B12, Folic Acid

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05/16/2012: Jessica from Houston, Tx: "hey guys. Im glad I found this post... This is probably the best site ive seen about bv. I recently started having this problem because im on the depo shot, so I wont get pregnant, so my bf doesnt pull out... I didnt know I could get bv because of that. It makes sense, because that is not very sanitary.. So now im suffering from bv every once in a while. I usualy have it for a few days, then it goes away from a month, then it come back. Today I bought a $10 acidiphilis & liquid b12 that the guy there recommended. Hopefully this works.. But I also bought 3% peroxide.. But im not sure how to use it.. :( do I just mix it with 1/2 water& rinse down there? or do I have to use a syringe?"

[YEA]  05/06/2009: Sucess in SB from Santa Barbara, California, USA: "Acidophilus, B12, and Folic Acid got rid of my Bacterial Vaginosis. I took orally: lactobacillus acidophius 90mg, lactobacillus bibidus 25mg, folic acid 800mcg, vitamin B12, 500mcg. Vaginally inserted qty 4 half caplets acidophius. I did this for one day and the infection was gone."

05/06/2009: Penny from Atlanta, Ga: "I have read many testamonies and successes about B12, Folic Acid, and acidopholis for the treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis. Can anyone tell me what I should be looking for on the label of these supplements when choosing from the variety of brands and claims I see at my health food store? Is there a reliable website that sells superior products or explains how to choose vitamins and supplements? Your help and opinions are appreciated. Thank you and have a healthy day!"

EC: An employee in a good health food store should be able to point you to good brands. Whole Foods, for example, has some very knowledgeable people working for them.

Acidophilus, Folic Acid

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04/19/2012: Stephanie from Dallas, Tx: "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all the information.... I've been struggling with BV for years now and is tried of going to the doctor once or twice a month for the same medication. After reading through multiple stories I'm going to try using Folic Acid and Acidophilus. I wasn't sure what to purchase so I purchase two bottles of Acidophilus one in the capsules and one in the caplets. I want to try to insert acidophilus but not sure if I should insert the capsules or caplets. Would someone let me know the difference or does it matter. For now I'm just going to orally take the folic acid and acidophilus pills. Thanks again ladies."

[YEA]  11/22/2011: Mary from Oconomowoc, Wi, Usa: "Thank you ladies and Earth Clinic. I'm 40, and had my first symptoms of BV 2 1/2 months ago after a round of antibiotic and a new partner. I have had NO SYMPTOMS at all since I combined a multivitamin that is FORMULATED for women (400 mcg of Folic Acid) and 50 Billion acidophilus. The KEY is not to get regular, or even refrigerated acidophilus because your body will digest it in the stomach and very little gets to the place it needs to repopulate the flora. I tried regular stuff at first and it helped but did not cure. Buy the delayed release acidophilus which sold at health stores for vaginal health. This acidophilus gets digested in the intestines and WILL repopulate the good flora. Thanks to all that posted, and good luck to everyone. No one should have to have this problem ongoing."

04/10/2012: Stefduzhair from Las Vegas, Nevada replies: "I live in Las Vegas Nv... I have never heard of that type of store or acidophilus, but would love to find it.... I love Acidophilus and all the remedies on here they have truly saved my health and sanity!"

[YEA]  10/17/2011: Yay For This Site from Oconomowoc, Wi: "Wow so grateful to have this site and thanks to all of the wonderful contributors. I am 40 and just got my first experience with BV about a month ago. Thought it was a yeast infection but the symptoms weren't right and treating for that only gave me a bladder infection. I tried the Hydrogen Peroxide on a tampon with NO improvement whatsoever, so decided to try this. I took 800 mcg of Folic Acid morning and night for the first 3 days and a FloraJen (20 million) (on an empty stomach) and then I only took one 800 mcg Folic Acid and one FloraJen per day after that. I got my girlie days after I started, so I don't know exactly how long it took, however after one week at the maximum, I have NO MORE SYMPTOMS at all. Yay!! Thanks everyone, hope you all find yourselves happy and healthy."

[YEA]  05/14/2011: Kerri from Virginia Beach, Va : "I'm so happy I found this website. About a month ago I started taking 2 pills of folic acid and 2 acidophilus (orally) before or during lunch and dinner every day and within 3 days everything was gone! Using peroxide vaginally did work for me... But only for 24hrs... And doing that everyday didnt seem safe. Plus: these vitamins are way cheaper than OTC remedies (pushing $15-30 a month for temporary healing). A bottle of each costed $11 supplying 2 months. Also, these vitamins are good for your overall health while the temporary OTC vaginal specific medications only help the infection. So for everyone suffering like I was: just give it a shot! It works against the infection and for your overall health"

[YEA]  05/03/2011: Vi from Los Angeles, California, USA: "Hello there, after battling with BV (foul vaginal odor) for a year or two, after the birth of my second child, I finally found this wonderful website and decided to try the Folic Acid with Acidophilis regiment. I can't belive it but by the second day that horible smell I have been living with is gone!!! Thank you for this amazing website and all the feedback and help that people offer on it! You are all wonderful, but most of all the person who put this site together is a saint! Thank you! V"

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  08/07/2009: Tamara from London, Uk: "Hi all, Ok managed to pick through all the details and am doing the following. At the end of my period last month I had the itch and smell so just as a trial I inserted a capule using a tampoon. The most common brand with an applicator in the UK has a sort of, for want of a better word, claw on the top. the tampoon can be lowered and the capsule placed in the top, it actually fits in the top and stays there and can be easily inserted. The following morning the smell was gone.

From then on I have been taking and doing the below:

Take 1 x 1 billion Acidophilus capsule, 1 x Zinc 15mg, 1 x folic acid 800mg

take 1 x 1 billon Acidophilus
with these I take Dong Quai 250mg morning and night and 1 x multi vit and mineral, these help with some other stuff I have going on.

1 x a week mix probiotic natural yogurt with the contents of a Acidophilus capsule, and using a tampoon insert this and leave for up to 2 hours, its a bit messy but any itch is very quickly releived. Basically I have only really done this when I feel some thing going on.

I have been to my doctors and explained the vitimin etc cocktail and she is very interseted in finding out what happens in the next few months (I think she maybe a fellow sufferer), mean time she has prescribed me metronidazole vag gel 0.75% which I am not going to get or use.

My BV always is much worse a couple of days after my period has finished. I do want to expell one thing though, just because the smell is worse at some points in your cycle does not mean that it went away between these times, if you have it, you have it all the time. Its just is worse at certain times and can be detected in a test at any time of the month, trust me I have had a few tests.

So ladies I am now on my period and will report back once its over but so far so good, no smell even after sex. If all this works then I hope the info helps you all. I am happy to have met you although I think some of your methods maybe a little crazy.

Acidophilus, Goldenseal

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[YEA]  09/01/2009: Sista Ann from Nyc, Ny, USA: "I was soo awed to see how many women were going through what it is that i have only been experiencing for the last 2 months now. Thank you all for sharing...when one is going through something as personal as having an odor you feel like you are the only one out there experiencing look at other women other there at the supermarket or in class thinking that they are all just fine...and to think this line of though is coming from a health educator...LOL

The odor that I was having was very mild but I knew that it was not describe was more like a biology experiment done with bacteria in lab class. Anyhow.. .I was inspired to take a little advice from here and there. I first bought the acidophilus 500 million live cultures 2 per day. Then I bought a twin pack douche ( a generic brand) i just used the bottle i threw out the liquid inside of it. Filled the bottle with distilled bottled water and 2 ml of Goldenseal root. I only douched with that mixture once and i saw an instant difference. Its been 2 days now no smell no nothing. I'm going to keep an eye on it and i'll keep you all posted.

I'm not sure if it is the goldenseal's direct contact or the acidophilus' bacteria. Maybe the combination works."



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