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Cure Bacterial Vaginosis: Natural Remedies for BV!

Last Modified on Apr 09, 2014

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Acidophilus Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis

Acidophilus pills (the higher the live count, the better) can be taken orally and inserted vaginally to add healthy bacteria to the vagina and restore your balance. Remember that acidophilus pills must be kept refrigerated.

[YEA]  02/12/2010: Kararn from Dallas, Tx, Usa: "Re: Bacterial Vaginosis

I've been reading a lot on this site about Lactobacillus acidophilus (L. Acidophilus) and its success in treating bacterial vaginosis (BV). For those who are having trouble getting it to work, here's some info that might help. There was a clinical study performed using four different strains of lactobacilli. L. acidophilus, apparently, may be helpful, but is not necessarily the best one to use. They found that L. rheuteri and L. rhamnosus are the most effective. BV can be caused by an imbalance in the pH which leads to a decrease in lactobacilli (good stuff) and/or an increase in Gardnerella (bad stuff). Antibiotics don't work well against Gardnerella because it exists in a biofilm - a community of organisms (bacteria in this case)that encapsulate themselves protecting them from the antibiotics. So the antibiotics never really get rid of the Gardnerella or restore lactobacilli and your BV returns. Gardnerella, lactobacilli, and pH are linked, so if your pH goes up for whatever reason, lactobacilli go down and let the Gardnerella take over OR the Gardnerella colonize and kill off the lactobacilli. Chicken or the egg. Anyway, of the four lactobacilli tested, L. rheuteri reduced the biofilms most effectively and the L. rhamnosus displaced the biofilms most effectively. So basically, one kills and the other crowds out. So if you're having success with L. acidophilus, great! - it's good for you regardless. If not, or you want to try something different...find a probiotic that contains significant numbers of L. rheuteri and L. rhamnosus. There's at least one particular brand that has this, carried at health food stores, in the refrigerated section. It's in a brown, glass bottle to protect it from heat and light.

For myself, I use 2 capsules of this probiotic orally in the morning w/ Vit. B12 400mg and Folic Acid 800mcg. Then at night I take Vit. B12 400mg and Folic Acid 400mcg orally and 1 probiotic capsule vaginally. Wetting the capsule first seems to help give it a kickstart dissolving. I also drink one low-sugar probiotic drink a day, found in the yogurt section of the store and take Vit. C and a multivitamin daily. This has really seemed to help. I do the hydrogen peroxide flush right after my period. Hopefully, this helps someone else. Also FYI I'm an RN and have suffered from BV aka "the life ruiner" since my teens and am just now finally getting it under control. Cheers and good luck!"

04/07/2010: Sarah from Marion, Nc, Usa replies: "I have been dealing with BV for the past year and 1/2. It is ruining my life! I have tried Flagyl, Metrogel for 3 months( I have used Flagyl 4 seperate times and Metrogel 2x's for 3 months!), and Rephresh, during that time as well. Can you tell me what Probiotic I need to buy and do I need to purchase the Folic Acid and B12 capsules seperatly, or do I just take a multivitamin twice a day? I am just looking for a cure and some help. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated!"
06/25/2010: Ms. Tiredofthisproblem from Alabama replies: "Just wondering how you knew so much information and to find that you are a RN explains it. But I can't understand why you just found out about this. How long did you suffer from this problem? MY real question is what did you do to hide the odor being that you work with people closely everyday?"
09/07/2010: Patty from Orlando, Florida, Usa replies: "The trick for me was going to the health food store and buying "Kefir" (right next to the yogurts) has all the L. Acidphilus and live cultures you need. It's like yogurt but on crack... In a good way. 2nd day.. BAM gone.. BUT I continued to drink 2 glasses per day for the rest of the week for good measure. PLUS I did drink cranberry juice that I also purchased at the health food store. I got the PURE cranberry juice, organic, undiluted and no sugar.. VERY bitter and kinda expensive ($10) but worth it. I made sure to drink lots of water too (not along with the undiluted cranberry juice as that would kinda defeat the purpose). Oh one last thing I did was "wash" with the hydrogen peroxide, not inside though cause I was too chicken. Anyways I had a real bad case this time lasting about 2 weeks.. Was hoping it would go away with the cheap yogurt and weak cranberry juice from regular grocery store but it didn't. After going hard core with the good stuff mentioned above from health food store, that stuff cleared right up by 2nd day... But remember keep it up for a week for good measure! I think that's why it sometimes comes back almost immediately on some women cuase they happen not to smell it anymore so they stop treatment without totally wiping it out in the first place. Just my opinion. Good luck ladies!!"
11/27/2010: Laura from Fort Wayne, In replies: "I'm 26 years old and I've been struggling with a constant case of BV for over a year now. I've taken metronidazole on two different occasions and it seems to work but within a week to a month after the doses stop the symptoms come back. I've been reading about different douches (which I've been told by health care people to avoid) such as water and hydrogen peroxide. I read that douches can be dangerous because they can cause the infection to go further up and hide in the cervix and fallopian tubes which can cause Pelvic Inflammatory disease which is something even more dangerous that I would really want to avoid! You claim to have success with the douche and yogurts and cranberry juice, but would it potentially be dangerous to use the douche before you got the infection under control?"
02/15/2011: Laylatahlua from Minneapolis, Minnesota replies: "I have suffered on and off for about six months. The first time I went in to the doctor they said I had BV and treatment was to take metronidazole by mouth 3 times daily-- 8 hours apart, which, for a student working 30 hours a week is difficult to time. About three months later I got it again and went back and was given metro-gel. Came back, yet again, and I began my own research. I am an undergrad studying biology and have had a few microbio classes-- The bacteria that causes BV (v. Gardernella) produces things like cadaverines when it lyses the protein cells in the vagina-- causing the foul smell. This bacteria thrives in an anaerobic and alkaline pH environment-- that is why some people are finding success using the Hydrogen Peroxide.
ANYWAY, enough babbling-- I thought some people might be interested to know a bit more about it than just it flippin sucks.

So, the trick is to A. ) Kill the bad bacteria, and B. ) build up the good guys.

I purchased: Acidophilus (1 bil. ), Folic acid (800 mg), a women's GNC multi, Vitamin B complex, and Femdophilus.

Femdophilus is in a brown bottle with pink labeling-- I found it in a whole foods store. It contains Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus reuteri-- both which reestablish "healthy flora" or good bacteria in the vaginal tract.

My regimen is to take one of each of these in the AM, and one in the evening. AND.. Now this is kinda strange but it worked in a few hours. I took a Lite tampon, got it wet, opened one of the Femdophilus capsules and covered the tampon in the powder and inserted it-- left it in a few hours and poof, smell- gone. I've done it twice now this week.

The kicker is the BV would usually go away and then come back if my boy toy and I had sex. Well, we have sex A LOT and this week... Nada, no sign of that crap. I am crossing my fingers its gone for good or that I can keep it at bay.

One thing you also want to avoid is your man ejaculating inside of you-- seminal fluid is VERY alkaline and makes the vagina a great environment for BV to flourish-- I think that's how it all started for me.

One last thing-- I have the Mirena IUD and have had it for a year and a half with no issues up until the last six months-- I am not sure what exactly is to blame or if it played any part in me getting BV but if it keeps reoccurring I may have it taken out. :(

Hopefully doctors will eventually try to figure the bug out instead of wrongly prescribing antibiotics that don't do their job.

Good luck, smile."
11/13/2013: Bv Sufferer from United Kingdom replies: "I'm 19 and have been sufferring from BV for 7 years! I'm not sexually active (never had sex) and I guess I got it from using harsh chemicals down there. I've just bought acidophilus pills (5 billion units) from ebay and will be taking 1 pill orally per day. Do I have to insert it down there? I've tried checking the pH down there with a little pH test stick but it could barely go in! So I really don't want to have to stick anything down there. I'm also taking multivitamins everyday and yoghurt with live cultures but I'm not sure if this is working as my only symptom is the foul smell and most of the time I cant even smell it myself, only others can! So sick of having this. I'm thinking about drinking apple cider vinegar/taking a bath in it too. Please please someone advise me on methods than can help (other than putting things up there vaginally)"

01/10/2010: Yourstruly from Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States: "I tried inserting Acidophilus. I have the form thats a caplet. It looks like a normal pill as if it were a pain reliever; thats they kinda make it has. it has no outer covering that you can break with insides. I first tried a 40million and that dissolved but was just gritty. and worked. a couple nights later i tried the 1 billion one and it never dissolved. i didn't put it too far up but when i went to feel it was still there but a little desinigrated (sp) and it was there for about 12hrs. so i scooped it out and it was very fragile but was powdery if i crushed it in my hand. im not sure which is the right pill to use the first one did work that was 40 million; mind you the 40million weren't put in the refrigerator i missed that memo. so the cultures were long killed. does anyone know if the normal pill form kind are ok to take. they are just a hard pill no layers"

01/18/2010: Sy from Houston, Tx, Us replies: "I truly understand your "problem" with the acidophilus. I tried an acidophilus capsule that required refrigeration it worked fine. No grit afterwards & it did dissolve. Just to help you further I would like to share my BV B GONE recipe with you.

40 million acidophilus in the am
1600 mg of folic acid a day
A collodial silver douche, 1 TBS to 8-10 oz water
1 acidophilus inserted at night
1 cup apple cider vinegar in bath, soak 15 to 20 min.

Now this method will need some adjusting according to your needs, cause we're all different but I hope it helps. It did wonders for me. I would suggest a fragrance free hypoallergenic soap. When it's gone treat yourself to new panties, throw the old ones out. get a special washing detergent for them also. Hope this helps!"
01/18/2010: Jordan from Indianapolis, In replies: "does anyone know why acv or acidophilus would cause vaginal bleeding. I convinced myself that I had bv because I had been treated for it and i could not make it go away. I took 3 500 mg tablets of acidophilus and 2 400 mg tablets of folic acid. The musky smell that lines my stomach line was lessen not gone. So I was encouraged because someone said the smell was the bacteria in my intestinals. But then I had bleeding."
10/29/2010: Sam from Somewhere In, Ga, Usa replies: "I've been using the 1 billion acidophilus, at least 4 a day, for a week now. I've also added in B-complex with 400mcg Folic acid for 3 days now. I thought I was better, but had sex tonight and WHAM! That nasty smell is back, and worse! Now it has an even more toxic smell to it. I don't want to douche, since I've been told by numerous doctors and nurses that you should Never put anything in there... I'm at a loss. I had a hysterectomy several years ago so I have no period, therefore it's not really "that time of the month" related like so many people here seem to have. Aaaauuuuggghhhhhh! I have never had problems with BV, only in the past year or so and it is driving me INSANE!!!!"
12/26/2010: Lorilynn from Somewhere, Usa replies: "The smell: Typically only two ways to detect:

1) During your period you will notice 'the odor' &

2) During sex. Seldom but sometimes if the BV is REALLY bad, you can spell outright. I never wanted to surprise my partner with 'the odor'. So, I was incredibly thankful that my Dr. Told me to buy ph strips. I now test myself daily!! Not fun, but necessary. The strips are difficult to find in CVS, Walgreens, etc. Typically, health food stores carry them. They also help to catch BV before it gets too out of control.

Unfortunately, I slacked on checking since I recently finished another dose of antibiotics. So, just two weeks after (antibiotics, then my period) I now have BV yet one more time. I'll be checking daily again. Please note: the roll form that comes in a olive color does not work well. Look for the plastic white strips in a bottle. They are easier to use and easier to see the results! "

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  11/01/2009: Cici from Orlando, Florida, United States: "I am sorry to see that many women like me suffer from this, but glad I'm not the only one. I thought I was suffering from a yeast infection for a month due to the fact that I had more white discharge than usual and no odor, a burning sensation when urinating, and itching. I had these about a week before my period came on and then suddenly left during my period. However, after it went off the symptoms came back full force except I no longer had any burning when urinating. I tried an antifungal cream that contained miconazole, but it irritated my vagina even more and made it swell. So I only used it for 3 days and not 7. Now I think it may be BV because my discharge has changed to yellow and there's a horrible odor.

I have been taking acidophilus pills (100millionunits, not enough I know) to help and it has been. My itching has gone down, but I still have plenty of discharge and odor. I've tried inserting the capsule vaginally, but it doesn't really dissolve. So I wouldn't recommend using capsules inside the vagina. I've also tried sitz baths with apple cider vinegar and salt which help the itching temporarily. I'm going to try the folic acid and vitamin c next. Hopefully it'll work because dealing with this is so annoying."

11/08/2009: Ms.t from Madison, Wi replies: "Hi, today is my first time reading this website i got bv again for the 2nd time in a year and my doctor perscribed me metronidazole again. I first got bv when i was 6 months pregnant with my daughter. i was even sexually active my whole pregnancy. anyways my doctor told me about the acidophilus and i didnt end up buying it till after i had my daughter. i had bv for about 6 months until 2 months ago my doctor gave me nuvaring for it. it went away but a week ago i tood some medicine for something else and it took away all the good bacteria as well so i have bv again. and guess what metro again so i look on the website and find this website u guys have some good ideas that will hopefully work. because bv is nasty it smells and has a lot of burns when i urinate and it itches bad not this second time around so much but when i was pregnant it was horrible. mines never smelled like fish but it has a smell none the less. I also wanted to know how you do the peroxide thing if someone could be a little more clear on that.i had some acidophilus but left it at my sisters 2 months ago. i have to go to the store and get some more. i will also pick up some of the things u guys suggested. this site really helps. i cant believe theres actually other ppl who have this same reoccuring problem as me. now i dont feel alone. but i have a few tips for it my self.

Tips to help: WHen your at home dont wear any underwear so your vagina can get some air.
Wear white cotton underwear while your infected
Take showers or warm baths 2 times a day and use blow dryer to dry area my doctor told me that
Also taking the capsule in the vagina is more effective so orally and vaginally.
Peeing after sex and making sure your partners genital area is clean or wear a condom because i believe thats how i got it this second time is from sex.
Use white towels or wash rags because they are more sterile colored rags and towels hide more bacteria and dont easily clean when washed.
dont dusche because it can make it worse plus its removing good bacteria.

But does anybody know what a good mild soap to use in that area because i use dove is dove to strong for the vagina?"
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  12/03/2009: Jo from Atlanta, Ga replies: "I am a firm believer in the Acidophilus. I have only had BV once in my life and it was about a year ago. Well this year, I have had it 3 times and do not know why! I am very clean, shower every day and have had limited partners (and used condoms). You clear up the BV and then you get a yeast infection because the PH levels are so screwed up. Or you take Metrogel and get a yeast infection because of it being an antibiotic and then get BV again from all the activity in the vaj jay :).

Anyway, my doctor asked me if I had ever heard of Acidophilus. I said Huh ? She told me to take it for 14 days and i felt great while taking it. But as soon as I quit taking it, I felt like it came back. She tested me and said it did not come back, but about a month later I had such an odor from between my legs I could not stand it. So i went back to the dr and got checked, confirmed I had BV again and got some more Metrogel.

I was told that the thick, cottage cheesy discharge from the Metrogel is the bad bacteria coming out of your body.

I started taking the Acidophilus again and have decided to take it regularly to help with keeping it from coming back!

I have taken it for over a month now and felt great. But I bought a different kind and it only has 100 million bacteria in it, and I feel kinda weird now. So I wondered if I need to try the 2 pills/day and one at night in the vaj jay ? Maybe the dose is too little ?

Anyway thank you for all your comments and suggestions, it definitely helps and makes ya feel better that you are not alone!"
12/03/2009: Dameimei from Memphis, Tn replies: "Hi Jo,

I am also suffering between yeast infection and BV. Originally, I thought I got my first yeast infection 3 years ago but then I realized it was possible that I had it before but didn't know it. In my case, I don't get it every month but once awhile I get a very bad one which drags over 2 months length in the past couple years.

This time, I started with a yeast infection in the end of September and my nightmare began.

- September 29th, My new Dr. prescribed me 2 Fluconazole 150mg table (I didn't see the doctor, just got prescription over the phone). I felt better for few days but the itching came back.

- October 19th (3 weeks later), my Dr. prescribed me Terconazole 0.4% cream 45gm for 7 days. The itching was better but I knew it was not cleared.

- October 29th, I went in to the doctor and found out I had yeast and BV. So 3 days after I finished the Terconazole cream, I was on Metronidazole .75% gel 70g for 7 days and took another Fluconazole pill.

- November 13th (2 weeks after my previous visit), I went back to the doctor. Nightmare just kept going... I was still not cleared from BV. This time, he put me on Tinidazole 500 mg two tablets daily for five days. Finally I felt normal but the nightmare did not stop there..

2 days after I finished tinidazole, I was in Canada visiting my fiance. We only get to see each other 2 or 3 month interval dur to our jobs. I was there on Friday then by Sunday.. I started to get burning feeling while I pee. I was not sure at first and drank lots of water and started to feel a bit better but then it got worst so I went into the doctor in Canada (no insurance coverage) and found out I had urinary tract infection. Of course I was on antibiatic, Amoxycillin 500mg 3 times daily for 7 days. Now, I am back on yeast (or BV or both.. I am not sure).

I just don't want to be back on all the crazy antibiotic nor antifungal.. especially I want to have a baby soon. I am so glad that I found this site yesterday! I immediately got on Folic Acid, Lactobacillus acidophilus (the one needs to be in the refrigerator) and multi-vitmins. I just started it last night and I also put some Nystatin and Triamcinolone acetonide cream (antifungal to treats Candida ) around the lips of my v to help the itchness. I feel a bit better today. Not clear yet but I have faith in this. I plan to do this for a week before I try other remedies or back to the doctor.

You guys need to read the post from Ted on the yeast infection page in this site. Either click on the following link or type yeast infection in the search box on this site.

I truly believe if we can find out what we are missing in our diet, get our body pH balanced up, boost up our immune system, we can fight this thing!"
12/03/2009: Dameimei from Memphis, Tn replies: "Oh, another thing to add. My doctor mentioned about bleaching the underwears may help on the recurrence. Soak them in water with 1/2 to 1 cup of bleach added for 10 to 15 min before wash them. 100% cotton (in white) undie is a must!"
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  12/05/2009: Dameimei from Memphis, Tn replies: "I felt better but it's not cured. I started on Folic Acid and L. Acidophilus on Wednesday night. I felt better on Thursday but started to felt itching on Friday. Here is the list of what I took..

Wednesday - 1 Folic Acid (800 mcg) and 2 L. Acidophilus (5 billon live cell) capsules at night.

Thursday - 1 Folic Acid in the morning and 1 multi-vitamin tablet. Since the multi-vitamin I took during the day contains Folic Acid 400 mcg, I skipped the Folic Acid at night and took 2 L. Acidophilus before bed.

Friday - In the morning, I took a multi-vitamin contains Folic Acid 1200 mcg but no L. Acidophilus.

I only took L. Acidophilus before bed since few women post that they have to lower or stop the L. Acidophilus to feel better. I truly believe L. Acidophilus is good for us but I also want to be careful since everyone responds differently. Maybe I didn't take enough.. On Friday, my condition got worst then Thursday.

So I went to the local natural food store and picked up some organic fresh garlic, a bottle of garlic supplement (6,248 mcg allicin - 90 tablets), tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide and a bottle of cranberry juice (fresh pressed, not from concentrate and no sugar added).

I never douched before and I don't know what I need to get so I decided not to try that yet. I decided to start on use a garlic in my v first.

Friday - At night, I took 1 garlic supplement and 2 L. Acidophilus. I also used organic non fat plain yogurt mixed with some L. Acidophilus (open 1 capsule and use the powder inside only) on the lips of my v. I left the yogurt mix on the lips for 30 min then washed off and dried it well with blow dryer. I was hoping to get some release from the itching on the lips. The yogurt was cold so it did calm the itchiness. It did seems to work (I can't really say it worked but I feel fine after). I decided to try the garlic method, put a fresh garlic in the v. I pilled the garlic and cut the end off. I also pressed few marks with my nail so the juice of garlic can come out a small tiny bit. I tied a string on the garlic by using needle passed the string from one end to the other then tie a knot at the end. Make sure the knot is not too small and it will lock on the garlic and help you pull it out from your v. I also make sure everything is clean! my hands, string, needle, everything I need to use.

Saturday - I felt much better! I do see some white discharge and I think what I have is yeast. (I get yeast and bv both usually) I took the garlic out after I woke up.

A hour later, I cleaned my v with hydrogen mix with water. Just to washed the outside, not douche. Before the wash, I tried to clean up some discharge inside my v a bit. Make sure my finger is clean and dry, try to scoop some white discharge out (no nail and be gentle and careful not to hurt yourself). After washed, dried it well and got another garlic. This time I cut it half and before I put it in. This happened 2 hours ago and I am really feeling much better!"

12/06/2009: Dameimei from Memphis, Tn, USA replies: "Question on L. Acidophilus.

If I want to use it to treat either yeast or BV by insert the L. Acidophilus capsule into the V, how many can I insert and how often? Will the condition get worse if I put too much? Thanks!"
12/08/2009: Sarah from Dallas, Tx replies: "metronidozle cured my bacterial vaginosis"
03/02/2010: Pahlee from Philadelphia, Pa replies: "Ms from Madison: In response to the mild soap, I think that if you are not allergic to it, ivory might be your best bet, it is suppose to be perfume free"

10/26/2009: Jessica J from Milwaukee, Wi: "I've been suffering from BV for about 10 years and I've been fed up with docters only perscribing metro gel or the pill for treatment. It did cure the problem for the moment, but right after my period it comes back. My doc finally sugested the nuva ring, which did keep me pregnant and bv free for about a year. about four amonths ago I stopped taking the birth control and have had reoccuring infections once again. Please help! I've been taking the acidopholus for three days now, I will try taking it vaginally tonight and keep everyone posted. Thanks."

05/07/2010: Rachel from Milwaukee, Wi replies: "HI there...I hope you can help. I was on this site yesterday for the first time and there was a lot of great information.There was this one gal that was telling about her dr visit how her gyno was very thorough with her. She got a pap done but then there was someting with a live culture that was done and it takes like 3-4 days to come back. I forgot the name of the test and i was wondering if you know what email i m talking about and if you remember the exam her Dr did on her.

I m sorry if im not making sense but im pulling my hair out becuz i can't seem to find that email on this site. It was great info that she was sharing us with."

12/22/2011: Dee from Wixom, Michigan, United States replies: "I'm thinking the lab test was a vaginal discharge culture. Once BV is diagnosed a sample of the discharge can be examined for the specific types of bacteria present that are causing the infection. The phrase 'Real time - PCR' often appears to designate that the lab grew the culture to see what particular strains of bacteria are present and flourishing.

BV remains persistent in women because not all methods of treatment work for all the types of bacteria that cause BV, most treatments are not being done for a long enough time period (allowing the bad bacteria to build up again), once the infection is cured proper pH must be maintained and healthy bacteria re-colonized to keep bacteria and yeast from returning. Most treatments only eliminate the symptoms, not the infection. So the infection resumes once the 'coping' treatments are lessened or stopped."

05/29/2013: Nellie from Youngsville, Louisiana replies: "That makes so much sense. I wonder why gyno does not tell you that."

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  09/23/2009: Db from Greensboro, Nc: "I'm thankful to this website, as it led me to the cure for problematic bouts with Bacterial Vaginosis. The acidophilus and folic acid combo has worked well for me. I found a product that was particularly helpful and widely available at pharmacies called _____. If you get the supplement, It contains acidophilus cultures that are particularly helpful for maintaining ph of your lady area. Taking three of these a day (and inserting the CONTENTS of one capsule vaginally) each night for a week got rid of my infection. It is important to maintain consumption of the acidophilus, as the activities that upset your ph in the first place (mine was a sexual encounter with a new partner) may cause it to come back. It is also important to assess the factors that may have caused your infection. The first time I got it, it was from trying a new brand of tampons. Don't use heavily scented soaps to wash with, and use hypoallergenic laundry detergents as well. I also found that switching to all cotton underwear has helped immensely. Also, I would recommend sleeping in loose breathable clothing. Anything that can foster the environment for bad bacteria to grow is something you should try to fix. Since then, I've only had a recurrence when I quit taking the remedies altogether and did something that triggered the infection. The peroxide douche is also helpful, though I wouldn't use it just by itself as a remedy. It seems to be a temporary fix. When I combined it with my aforementioned remedy, it seemed to speed up the cure process. Within the first day of using the four capsule dose and one tablet of 800mg folic acid, the odor and discharge were gone. I used the peroxide to flush out the area initially before taking the pills. It did wonders for me, and I hope this helps someone."

[NAY]  10/06/2009: T-rox from Flint, Mi replies: "Ive been trying the folic/acidophilus combo for maybe a week now. At first I started taking 2 400 folic and 1 acidophilus. wasnt changing. so I startd takn 3 folic twice a day & inserting the acidophilus vaginally. Putting the Acidophilus in really made the difference, but the very next day it was back.The acidophilus insert is good except the discharge of the capsule is more gross than the bv discharge ( w/o the funky smell, its just like a **** my pants frm my vagina) I dont wanna keep havin to insert that everyday! Ive tried the peroxide and it really didnt help. None of this seems to wrk. I think Ill try taking 2 acidophilus 3x a day cutting the folic down to just maybe 400 1x day. If anyone has any other advice on how much stuff I should take then pls let me knw! Im gettin desperate & dont wanna go to the Dr.s"
10/22/2009: Pahlee from Phila, Pa replies: "Hi, I just read recently that full strength of h202 might be beneficial for us, I have been diluting it with h20 but found out that h202 has already been reduced down to 3%, this is my first night of full strength, so I will get back and do another post in about 2 or 3 days, good luck ladies"
12/24/2009: Dana from Rosedale, Ny replies: "I have a question. I want to drink the 1/4 baking soda with the two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar but I'm also trying to get rid of my bv and keep it away, is it true that taking ACV makes bv worse? is this true?"
12/22/2011: Dee from Wixom, Michigan, United States replies: "Baking soda is alkaline and apple cider vinegar is acidic. So it seems pointless to combine them."

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  09/20/2009: El123 from New York, Ny: "I read what you all have written on this site, and I noticed that I usually get BV after having sex. I had one partner for 2.5 years and making sure that he cleaned his penis prior to sex pretty much stopped the BV. I had a new partner and got BV immediatley. I bought acidophilus chewable tabs by accident but was desperate. I inserted one and and noticed about 2 hours later the smell was gone. I inserted another one before bed and still no smell. No bleeding or anything. Only problem now is that I still have some slight itching and irritation around the vagina as well as swelling. now it feels like a yeast infection without all of the discharge."

10/21/2009: Joc from New Orleans, La replies: "I have been doing the hydrogen peroxide on a tampon as suggested by another person on this site. I started out putting it in for only five minutes (afraid of what might happen) and then increased my time. At one point i fell asleep with a peroxide tampon in and slept for about 6 hours before taking it out. It seems to be helping and no adverse effects. The odor is gone but one symptom is not and i'm wondering whether anyone else has this symptom. It is somewhat embarrassing, but it seems the bv gives off a gas so that when i sit down to urinate, I expel air from my vagina - slight but noticeable. This has been going on for months prior to the peroxide so i know it is not the peroxide. Also taking the folic acid and B vitamins, apple cider vinegar. I think i bought the wrong kind of acidophilus as i read that one must have the one with bifida reguilarie (sp) and mine doesn't have that so i quit taking it. I have tried the metrogel 3-4 times, the boric acid cure sold in drugstores OTC once. It always helps for a little bit. I am going to keep doing the hydrogen peroxide on a tampon nightly if possible."
06/17/2010: Nancy from Indianapolis, In replies: "Joc and others...thank goodness I have found this site! I too am desperate to find a homeopathic/ natural cure for BV. I have had 3-4 BV cases a year for the last 5 years and am so tired of the odor and moistness that seems to come with this "fun" condition. SIGH. Joc, I too have noticed the vaginal gas or "farts"...embarassing I know, but that's how I know I have a BV infection...and have described it to my gyno that way as well when asked why I'm suspicious that I have BV. Same thing happens to me...when I sit to pee...I feel like gas bubbles are being expelled. My theory is that the bad bacteria are making gas as they are growing and growing??? Going to try the various treatments described out here, Folic acid, hydrogen peroxide, increasing dose of l. acidophilus, B12, etc. Thanks for the idea and sharing ladies!"

09/02/2009: Vichick from St. Croix, Virgin Islands: "well, ive only drank one acidophilus a day, i havent seen a change, but i will try and start taking two a day as well as inserting one into my vaj (lol) and see if that makes a difference by this weekend, whether it does or not, i will give an update, im really thankful for all of these tips!!!"

09/05/2009: Jaxblkchic from Jacksonville, Fl replies: "I was reading everyones responses on the site to cure BV. Ive had this for a few years but never really red up on it. I just took my docs advise / medicine. I always thought it was b/c I was sexually active. I finally realize its just my body. I went to the store and bought the acidophilus and took 2 this morning, the another again a few minutes ago.Totaling 3 on the first day. The odor isn't that strong anymore, but is still there. I am also going to try the peroxide and H20 half and half in a seringe. Hopefully this works."

08/27/2009: Amy from Los Angeles, Ca: "hi everyone! I suffered from bv since I had my first baby nine months ago. Since then i've been to the doctor once sometimes even twice a month for creams, gels or antibiotics. Nothing seems to help! I even asked the doctor if there was anything I can do at home to cure this problem. She said she doesn't know becuase usually when someone gets bv, they take the antibiotic and that was it! Cured! For a long time I felt alone. I didnt know that theyre were others out there that was also suffering with the same condition. Suddenly I felt like I had hope! I'm so thankful for all u ladies out there who posted up remedies for others to try. GOD BLESS U ALL! I'm going to try the acidophus tonight. I am a little worried that it might come back like all the other stuff I've tried. However, I'll be back to let u know how the results went! Thank u ladies again. God bless u and I pray that each one of u ladies don't have to go thru anything like this anymore."

[YEA]  08/29/2009: Karen from Mobile, Al replies: "Amy, there is a combo treatment in the drugstore that you can try.. one is a pill and the other is a gel that you insert every 3 days. When you use both of these together along with 2 folic acids a day... you'll be bv free. I tried this method after suffering from bv for over 3 years and I am bv free. I didn't want to post anything too soon, because I thought surely it would return, but it hasn't. You will notice a bit of a disharge (may actually look like yeast infection in the very beginning), but this is normal so don't panic. Other tips include washing with water only (genital areas) until things are stabilized, wearing non-scented pads/liners every day (g-string too). I am pleased with the results and am happy to share this with everyone recognizing that I've been BV free for 3 months now. Good luck!!"
12/23/2010: Pwilly from Calgary, Alberta, Canada replies: "Hi Karen from Mobile, Have you been BV free since you used the combo treatment? If you have what's the name of this drug/treatment? Thanks!"

[YEA]  08/07/2009: Tanya from Los Angeles, Ca: "I had a major issue with this a while back. Here is what finally cured me:

There is a certain brand of acidophilus that you can find in the refridgerated section of the health food store designed specifically for women. It is far superior to any other brand out there. Take two of those a day when you've got the problem and then you can taper down to once a day for maintenance. If you feel something coming on, take two a day again.

Also, I was using grapefruit seed extract for another problem and I found that it kept everything else in check down there as well. It is an anti-fugal and seems to clear anything up.

Avoid too much sugar and starches. Eat a good diet and give your liver a rest now and then.

If you're suffering from a very bad case there are also these tea tree supositories that seem to work, but you should also be taking the internal stuff. I think the magic pill was that acidophilus I mentioned though. Give it a try!"

04/24/2012: Linda from St. George's, Grenada replies: "I am living in Grenada, a small Caribbean island, and I suffer from BV AND heavy yeast infections for quite a while now. I have to say that I hate myself because I ignored the symptoms for a long time before I finally made the gyn appointment. Health care is very expensive here, and most medications are not even available here, unless you have them ordered. Besides, they can also be quite expensive.

After the first gyn visit, my doctor prescribed 3 different medications, but I could only get one of them at the time, and it was almost 100$. It was Flagyl antibiotic, prescribed against my yeast infection. I took it for a week, but absolutely nothing changed, I had discharge and odor during the whole time and also after finishing it, it was not gone at all. So two weeks later, I went back to my doctor, and she diagnosed me with BV and heavy yeast infection. Great! She prescribed two meds, caplets that I had to take twice a day for 4 days plus a vaginal suppository for a week. I am still using the suppositories, and I just had my period, so I can't really tell yet if anything helped.

Because I don't really trust anymore that my doctor (she is the best gyn on the island though) is able to help me to get rid of my infections and BV, I did my own research on the internet, and I am so glad that I found this site. I am now also taking one folic acid tablet every day (all I could get here is a smaller dosed pill though, but they were very cheap, not even 10 cents per pill), two Acidophilus tablets per day, and I also eat plain yoghurt in the morning.

Now that my period is gone and I am using the suppositories for the next 6 days, plus my folic acid/Acidophilus regimen, I am very hopeful that it will help.

Additionally to what I am doing already, I ordered VH Essentials BV treatment, boric acid powder and empty gel caps from Amazon. It will take a while until it gets here, but I am hopeful and positive that something of that will finally help to get rid of that nightmare. I am with a wonderful man and our sex is great, but I am so insecure because of the foul odor, and every time we have sex, I am getting heavy discharge and the odor during the day after. It's a nightmare!

I will post here again in a while, after I got my order from amazon and hopefully I can post some good news.

To all of you suffering with the same sh*, thank you for sharing your problems and experiences here, it's so great to know that I am not alone!"

04/25/2012: Candace from Los Angeles, Ca, Us replies: "PERSONAL BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS REMEDY COMBINATION

I have been dealing with BV for years now and it comes back pretty often, but I've begun to notice patterns and when/why it comes back (usually due to diet). But anyway, after much experimentation, I have found a combination of remedies that gets rid of all my symptoms within 1-2 days. Start treating it at the first sign and seriously attack the infection with all the weapons you've got:

Acidophilus capsules - take a billion 3 times a day
Diluted apple cider vinegar - 3 times a day
Insert boric acid capsule into vagina every other night right before bed
Take women's health vitamins (these usually contain cranberry, more probiotics, and other important vitamins for feminine health)
Drink a ton of water
Eat fruits and vegetables
Sleep well

Stay AWAY from the following (or at least cut down significantly):
ALL caffeine (coffee, soda, energy drinks/5 hours, tea [even green tea causes BV to come back for me so I drink this in moderation])
Spicy foods
Processed, fried, and unhealthy foods in general

So I know everyone says to stay away from these things, but you'd be surprised at how quickly and surely it comes back after you eat one of these items.

When I don't have symptoms, I continue everything except the boric acid and apple cider vinegar. As long as I stick to these remedies and restrictions, the infection stays away. Every time final exam week comes around and I have a couple of Red Bulls and coffees, skip some acidophilus pills, and eat some junk food, it comes back. Good luck ladies!"

04/26/2012: Bvfreeee from Happyville, Usa replies: "This REALLYYY works, I promise! Here's how it goes: douche with a solution of half hydrogen peroxide and half PURIFIED water. Absolutely NO NO NO NOOOO TAP WATER! Do this for seven days, morning and night, and then follow up with seven straight days of acidophilus suppositories once or twice a day. Make sure that while you are doing this you are taking at least 4 billion units of acidophilus and 800 mcgs of Folic Acid by mouth each day, and do not have sex! Also, cut back on smoking and TRY (I know it's hard sometimes) to eat healthy and be conscious of what you are putting in your body. Alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco are extremely hard on your immune system.

It's also wise to follow up with weekly or bi weekly peroxide douches but ALWAYS follow it immediately with an acidophilus suppository to replenish the good bacteria.

You can find the suppositories online and in some health food stores.

Hope this helps every single one of you like it helped me!"

04/26/2012: Cando from Toronto, Ontario, Canada replies: "Helpful but no Cure--Hello Ladies, I found this website about a month ago and have been battling BV for about 10years now, i've always been cautious especially when it came to my genital areas, so couldn't understand how I got this sickness. At first I didnt know what the hell this horrid thing was I went to the doctor time and time again and only got diagnosed with yeast infections then I started seeing a female doctor who diagnosed me the right way she gave me antibiotics and I thought I was cured then it came back a few month later and every time I seen her and got my fix it would come back in a shorter time even worse then before. Fed up of the embarrasement I went on a cure search im doing everything I seen on this site apple cider vinegar, peroxide and water, folic acid, probiotics, acidiphillus (not sure of the speling), yogurt inserts... To tell you the truth I dont know if the cocktail is working for me because I was jumping for joy when the peroxide took away the smell and the discharge the first day, but then after about two weeks I thought okay I should be able to go without everything and just keep up the vitamins, boy was I WRONG!!! Two days later it came back... So im back on this site and im happy to see that there are more recent posts. Ive been doing the cocktail as I said it does work especially the peroxide and water mix I use it as a douch every night and every morning along with my yorgurt insert. But its only a temperary fix.

I seen that Marina has used something starting with a "V" not sure we have that in Canada but is that something you used for a short period of time and everything went back to normal for you? if so please please please let me know where I can get that PLEASE... im so desperate!

Im going to try and add something new to my cocktail and see if this works I found a product called Purfem I Will update on the status of that and let you all know the outcome.

Fingers Crossed!!!"

04/28/2012: Molly from Colorado, Denver replies: "You ladies have been godsent! I have been dealing with bv since I got my first period at age 11. I'm 25 now! For the longest time I felt like a freak of nature, avoiding walking by any one sitting, changing my underwear at least 3 times a day, showering 3 times a day. I avoided camping trips, sleepovers, and boyfriends. I though I had this because I was dirty. The worst was going to about six different doctors (that I can remember) and telling them my symptoms. Every single doctor told me it was my hygiene! This page has been my lifeline! I am going to try the acidophilus orally and also in a cream for my vagina. I pray to god this works! I fear that because I've had it so long it won't go away. Thank you ladies!!!"
05/23/2012: Madeinmanhattan from Brooklyn, Ny replies: "Hey ladies I've been dealing with BV for 4years... Understand that it has to do with the ph of our vaginas and the over growth of (bad) bacteria, therefore we have a increased sensitivity to sex etc. Also keep in mind, the ph of your vagina changes during your period due to the basic ph of the blood. Sperm is also very basic. I dont think the douche peroxide is a bad idea, its supposed to be 2 caps of peroxide with a quart of water for 3-7 days. Please becareful with this. The peroxide is supposed to clear out the anaerobic bacteria that is causing all the problems. Also, Try using products like femdophilis, probaclac (but it's in Canada, they're not FDA approved yet) or the probiotic made by rephresh while douching with the peroxide. But continue to take the probiotics on a daily basis until there is some stability down there (you can take them 2-3 times a day the 1st week, the more units of bacterium the better! ).

FYI: I have douched with peroxide after sex and it prevented reinfection but probiotics are key!!! The probiotics that I recommended are live forms of acidophilius and are not the bacterium found in yogurt. They care bacterium that are healthy and are the normal flora in your vagina. Ladies I've been through a lot and it took me a LONG time to get where I am. I'll be glad to share any info I have and would love to hear yours. My partner is very supportive despite everything. It was my ex who caused this occurrence. His sperm was so alkaline that it BURNED me everytime we had sex, and it completely threw my vagina out of whack."

05/23/2012: Hhr from Austin, Tx replies: "Well this will be a releaf for everyone. I have suffered from bv for 2 yrs now I have tryed everything doc vist pills, douches, creams. It can be a pain. But what I found out is in 30sec after taking folic acid u should get the 800mg if you have been suffering a long time bc it need to work out the buildup and probiotic 100billion. u will c the discharge go away and with in 4 day everything is gone I am so glad. Also what works is activea yogert eat 8 cups a day for a week straight . if ur not into pills. Also soak for 20 min in warm bath water with 1/4 of viniger I know it sink but it works to. Okay pls reply to let me know if it helped anyone out there, thanks"
06/10/2012: Sheila P. from St. Louis, Mi replies: "Looking into a diet that will kill Candida. That is the reason for the yeast infection or BV. You have to kill it in your gut because it travels in your body and makes its way to our lady parts. I had to treat this first before I even saw in difference in the symptoms. I really hope this helps. The dirt will starve the yeast or whatever bacteria you have and it will eventually die out."
06/14/2012: Prs from Berkshire, New York United States replies: "I have been fighting back and forth with BV and Yeast for over a yr now! Apparently it has gotten bad enough for me that it has caused a mild Staph infection. Too bad the meds to treat that feed the Yeast and BV, also apparently Metro Gel doesn't work for me so after reading everyone's stories I decided to go Natural. I have a RN friend who is into Natural healing and she recommended Luvina you can get it at Walmart and I've seen it at Rite too but Ive used it 1 day and I had no symptoms until around 4pm. It says use evey 3 days but it your having symptoms to use it everyday which I plan to do. I REALLY hope this works!! I'VE HAD ENOUGH!! I will post results!!"
06/23/2012: Majorpainbv from Bk, Ny replies: "Hey ladies, so I've been going to the doctor for the pass year and a half for bv. I am usually treated with antibiotics and the symptoms return. So I started thinking maybe the antibiotics only cover the symptoms. What if there is a deeper issue below the surface? Rather than treat bv why not treat the condition that is causing bv. So after further research I read that low estrogen levels causes the vagina pH to be alkanized above 6.5 pH rather than acidic pH 4.5 and below. So I believe bv is a hormorne imbalance. Please get your estrogen levels tested and see if that is your issue. I will keep you posted after I go to the doctor to get my estrogen levels tested. good luck."
06/29/2012: Algirl from Florence, Alabama, Usa replies: "Hey ladies! I've suffered with BV since I was 14 and have tried everything from prescriptions which only temporarily worked to over the counter to home remedies which seemed to work at times... For a time. Always coming back shortly! However I was on drugstore & came across a feminine cleanser that had great reviews regarding BV issues. It's expensive... Around $30 for product that states it's a "cleanser for optimum feminine hygiene" (not supposed to list name brands im told). It's a 120 ml bottle. Starts with an N. White & grey slender round cylinder type bottle. Anyway... If you can find what im talking about, try it!!!! I haven't had problems with BV in 3 years since starting to use this cleanser!!! Just an external feminine cleanser that's pricy for a feminine cleanser but PRICELESS to me!!"
07/14/2012: Falcon from Midway, Georgia replies: "Ladies I have been dealing with BV as well tried all the remidies on this site nothing worked found out about a new product by vitanica called bacteria arrest I used it thursday night and when I woke up 90% less discharge used it friday night and again maybe 95% less. I am not affiliated with this company just ran across it after trying yeast arrest I am so excited to see almost no discharge in my undies and it has been a while just thought I would let u know and it is a homeopathic remedy that does not cause a yi for me it was worth the price I bought it online"
08/13/2012: Jessinfallriver from Fall River, Ma, United States replies: "I have tried the hydrogen peroxide douche, 1/2 water 1/2 hp. I have tried bathing in 2 cups of Apple Cider Vinegar in a hot bath for 20 minutes for a week. I have tried Folic Acid 400mcg 2x a day along with a cranberry pill 1x a day (helps with UTI's), and Acidophilus pills 2x a day. I've been doing this now for a couple of weeks to no avail. The only thing to rid yourself of the smell (for a SMALL amount of time) is the Hydrogen Peroxide douche. Usually I have to do the douche 2x a day. The yogurt suppository did not work. I have yet to try the boric acid.... Summertime seems to be when I get BV the most. My guess hot sweaty crotch and the inability to walk around naked with nothing touching, covering or smothering it is the reason! :-/ This is the craziest thing EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR. Us women are basically not supposed to stick ANYTHING near our vajayjay's for us not to encounter some sort of issues... BOGUS!!! I demand a recount, or a do over, or SOMETHING!!! I wish you all the best of luck and health. With this damn thing WE ALLLLL need it."
12/07/2012: Tara from Memphis, Tn, Usa replies: "I have had multiple strep b infections and bacterial vaginosis diagnosis' in the last seven years. The symptoms seem the same regardless of what the doctor the diagnosis. I went through many oral and vaginal antibiotics and it always returned. I was fatigued and felt bad all the time.

I got relief for about a year and then stopped doing the things that worked. I was diagnosed again about three weeks ago and again oral antibiotics did not work.

The natural remedies that worked as long as I used them were Reuteri acidophilus 2 X a day, 400 mg of folic acid four times a day, one or two cloves of crushed garlic aired for ten minutes twice a day, one tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in divided dose twice a day with a little lemon juice, (I used one squirt from a bottle of organic lemon juice) and I douched twice a day with undiluted hydrogen peroxide with one teaspoon of Betadine Iodine and a took a good quality multivitamin. It took about three months to totally clear, then I went to twice a week on every thing but the Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic and Lemon which I used daily. I did this for about 8 months and remained symptom free until I stopped altogether. It took about six months, but my symptoms have come back. Now I plan to do this forever. I also switched to a gluten free diet and seriously limited my sugar intake. Some times I would put a little Reuteri powder inside my vagina after douching to restore some good bacteria.

To get the garlic down, I would put it though a garlic press and put it on a spoon and swallow with out chewing and chase it with the Apple Cider Vinegar, Warm Water and lemon. To sweeten the drink, I now add a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of Organic Coconut Oil and it tastes like a delicious warm apple cider vinegar. I have switched to an organic diet and eat no processed food. I have seen several articles about gluten from wheat and flour and sugar feeding the Strep B and BV.

I would start out slow as I had a bit of the Herx reaction by trying to take high doses of garlic and Apple Cider Vinegar. I decided to try to boost my immune system because from my research and reading, it seemed that the Strep B thrived in a weakened immune system and sugar and carbohydrates.

I wish you the best and hope you find relief. I hope this works again for me, but I know it worked the first time. There are many things that can strengthen the immune system. I personally found the most helpful information on

Take Care, Tara from Tennessee"
12/10/2012: Tina from New York, Ny replies: "Hi ladies, It gives me a weird kind of comfort to know I am not alone on this. At first my gyno thought I had yeast and that took almost a year. I went on a candida diet and took tons of diflucan. Finally she told me I have bv and no yeast. I guess I have defeated at least one evil. Then I went on 2 rounds of metronidazole (oral and vaginal). Didn't work. Now after reading all of the comments, I am taking folic acid, e vitamin, acidophilus, encinea, and multi (just to cover grounds) and St. John wort. I am also drinking kombucha daily! That seems to have made a lot of difference. My discharge is way more mild and seems to be more controllable. The problem is the days right before and after my period. Somehow it is messing everything up. Does anyone have any idea to control it during those times? Ps: just got bacteria arrest suppositories. Can't wait."
[YEA]  12/11/2012: Ladybug2434 from Melbourne, Florida replies: "Hey guys I just want to say what worked for me was taking lactobacillus. I took one in the morning and one at night and when I woke up in the morning it was cleared up. Each pill contains 10 billion good bacteria which will kill the harmful bacteria that causes the smell and discharge. I also soaked in a apple cider vinegar bath for about 30 min. I'm going to continue to take the pills and then make an appointment with the doctor to make sure this is gone for good!!"
05/06/2013: Tara from Memphis, Tn, Usa replies: "I wanted to update my post. I have simplified my supplements to keep the BV at bay. I haven't found any way to be rid of it forever, however I have found a way not to have symptoms. I take 3 tsp on ACV either in divided dose or once a day. Daily consistency seems more improtant than amount. I also eat one minced clove of garlic a day. Lately I have been taking ACV and Garlic pills (one each) and they seem to work just fine twice a day. I still douche with H2O2 full strength and 1 tsp of betadine undiluted at least twice a week and more often if symptomatic. I also am pouring in 8-10 drops undiluted Colliodal Silver with a dropper 2 times a week in my vagina. I have switched to a gluten free diet and this has helped me tremendously. I was a slow convert. Apparently, the GMO's in our food are wrecking havic with IBS and multiple health problems like BV, Strep B. ADD, ADHD, autism, celiac disease, gluten intolerance and autoimmune disorders, ect.

Having suffered with this for many years, if I was newly diagnosed and wanted a simple formula, I would try ACV, Garlic, H202 and betadine douches and Collidal Silver dropped into the vagina. I had it so bad and that is what I do now and I have my energy back. Also, if still symptomatic, try a gluten free diet.

I never had this problem until my second husband and now he is gone 5 years and I still have to deal with this. I suspect it might be linked to HPV, but I am not sure. I got sick every time I had sex with him. It's been five years since he is gone and I still have to treat the symptoms. If you are symptomatic with a partner, I don't know what to tell you. I have had one new partner and I never got symtomatic with him. Google Colliaodal silver. I am very impressed.

Tara from Tennessee"

05/11/2013: Anon from Anon replies: "Update. I stopped the Colliodal Silver in my vagina. It caused me to be symptomatic again. I am having exceptional results with hydrogen peroxide and betadine douches, ACV and garlic."

07/30/2009: Laurie from Honolulu, HI: "To my understanding from information from my OBGYN, you will always have good and bad bacteria in your body. So you are never really 'cured' of the bacteria. The trick is to keep the ph levels in your body balanced so that the bad bacteria will not take over. The acidophilus is what keeps the ph level in your body balanced. Also I have found the acidophilus that you buy in the refrigerated section of your health food store in the capsule form seem to work better than the pills you find on the regular shelf."

04/21/2012: Dani93 from East Troy, Wi replies: "I have been dealing with this for a few years now and I went to the drs a few a times. The first time they gave me the Metrodizondale pills than I got it again and they gave me the gel for 6 months and now I have it back. I don't have the smell so much but I have the discharge. So i'm gonna try taking the acidophilus and folic acid. And hope it works. But just a question. Do you take 2 of acidophilus and once vaginally or one orally and once vaginally?"
05/14/2012: Kknic from Honolulu, Hawaii replies: "Dani 93, I hope you get this message. I drink Alkaline water and it has completely cleared my BV. I hope you can find a local health store you can buy alkaline water. It saved me."

[YEA]  07/28/2009: Trin from Las Vegas, NV: "I've had BV about four times now. Every single time I had it my Ob-gyn would give me Metro-Gel. I just moved to LV recently and haven't found myself a new Ob-gyn yet and my prescription for the Metro-Gel has expired so when my down there started giving that awful smell, I was so horified. My boyfriend one day said ewwwww what is that smell and it was such an embarrassment. For a week or two, I would go to the gym and I feel like my trainer can probably smell me. I tried to get in with my family doctor but she was so booked thus I was googling for home remedies and found this website. I went to _____ and bout some Acidophilus and took two capsules right away and stuck the other one in my vagina. I was a little nervous about doing this home remedy but I was sick and tired of smelling like bad sushi. I have to say after a day, the smell went away and since then I've been taking a capsule everyday. I just want to say thank you sooo very much for all your great stories and insights. I find this site extremely helpful."

08/26/2009: Dawn from Toledo, Ohio replies: "I have also been a victim of this horrible stuff...ive had it as long and i can remember...somedays i dont know whats normal and whats not! ive been to the dr and hes given me pills...and it comes back...Im so glad i found this site! i have VB now and i didnt want to go back to the dr...i knew there was natural remedies out there...all i could find was this chick with the same problem SELLING THE CURE! come on! not fair at all i dont have that kind of money to spend on a book to find the cure in min....SO anyway i have vb now...its not bad...but its not normal either...i feel like everyone can smel me...but the odor really isnt that bad...anyway again! I also sweat alot down there...does anyone else have this too? ive done the alcohol rubs to kill any of the odoros causing bacteria...i cant wait to try some of the remedies that are listed on glad for this site!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!"

[SIDE EFFECTS]  07/28/2009: Daisy from Orlando, FL: "Hi ladies, I inserted a acidophilus capsule last night and slept with a panty liner on. This morning in the shower, I noticed I was bleeding as well. I hope that maybe it's just due to the capsule being drying to the vaginal tissue. Did any other ladies who spotted or bled have any more bleeding after the 1st or 2nd day of inserted the capsule?"

11/25/2009: Ming from Chelsea, Mass replies: "yes i have been spotting too..during sex also have you had this problem during intercourse?"
09/21/2011: Nicole W. from Pacific Nw, Wa, Usa replies: "Every time I have treated this, within hours I begin to bleed. The spotting isn't close to the level you would have from a period but it is still disturbing."
11/26/2013: Smartteenwriter from Calgary, Alberta, Canada replies: "Your vagina might be dry. Try to add water on your vagina to moisten it before you put the pill in. That might help, if it doesn't then. Break the pill use the power to make a paste.


In a cup or something small you can use to put the ingredients in.
Add a little bit of water.
The entire capsules powder.
Add some yogurt that has live active cells.
Mix together. You might get this smell of yeast but that's totally fine.

Probiotic is basically yogurt so adding yogurt to the paste just enhances the amount of live cells your putting in there and also it makes it stronger so you may feel relief quicker."

[YEA]  06/19/2009: Lucyloo from West Midlands, United Kingdom: "i was sick of anti biotics, so i tried my own remedy i used natural live yoghurt, i dipped a tampon in it i did this only twice and it completely cleared up. 2 weeks have passed and no sign of it returning. just thought i would let you know it is worth a try."

07/03/2009: Frustrated from Phoenix, AZ replies: "I am so frustrated also. I dealt with an infectin for 6 months straight. I thought I was done, forgot to keep taking my probotics and now it is back. I am trying the advise listed below- I have inserted one of my capsules in my vagina. I hope it works."
07/16/2009: Tamara from London, UK replies: "Having read a lot of if not over 100 posts on the site, I still do not know the amount in MGS of Acidophilus that firstly you are to insert and secondly to take daily. Seems most have tried and had success but not give the most vital information for us new readers. Sorry to sound annoyed but I have had BV nearly consintly for over 4 years and am frustated to have maybe found the cure/relief but with no guidence. Can some-one help clarify this for all of us first time site users. Thanks guys"
[YEA]  07/25/2009: Patricia from Las Vegas, NV replies: "ACIDOPHLIUS WORKS!

PERSCRIPTION - 3 capsules orally and 1 inserted vaginally.

I usually get BV twice a year if i'm sexually active. Definitely with unprotected sex and I notice definitely if I use Magnum condoms. I usually go to Dr. and get a Metrodizondale perscrip and it works. Was out of town and scent got so bad and there was no Planned Parenthood in the area so I typed in home remedy for BV into the search engine and this site pops up. I decide that I would try the acidophilus and the peroxide douche. I call walgreens and ask if they have acidophilus and to my surprise the pharmacist said yes. So I grab a box that says its -- --- EXTRA STRENGTH and 1 BILLION CFU'S per CAPSULE. ------

I get back home and realize that I forgot to get the Peroxide. So I take 3 capsules of ACIDOPHILUS orally and stuff one into my vaga. The capsule that I stuck inside of me was actually triple coated and when I checked to see if it was melting it was. But I did take one capsule and put it in a bottle with a small amount of water for 20 minutes then I took that capsule and pulled off the top layer. That layer was a bit sticky so I decided to take the one I had already inserted out and replace it with the one that I had just peeled. I will say 1 (ONE) HOUR LATER the BV scent was gone. Not to mention that I was on the last day of my period and the strong ammonia scent was at an all time high. Before doing this the scent was literally coming through my clothes and my pantyliner reeked of ammonia scent. GONE INSTANTLY!

Later that night I decided to peel another one and place it into my vaga but a little while later I started to feel a lil irritated on the outside like a yeast infection so I took the capsule out and the irritation stopped shortly after.

Reading the box I realize that Acidophilus is for the intestines and I also have a problem with not having regular bowel movements. The next day I had one. So Thanks to this site I've been able to fix 2 of my problems with one product. The box says take one a day so from now on I am going to take one a day and add some yogurt to my diet.

Thank you so much for this site."
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  08/20/2010: Suffer No Longer from Atlanta, Georgia, Usa replies: "I did this treatment for only two days. First say with a tampon, 2nd day with an applicator. It was instant relief. Today is day three and it has not come back yet. The Yogurt I used was Plain Organic yorgurt and one of the cultures it contains is the L. Acidophilous referred to over and over again on this site. What helped me get much less severe BV was when I read on Web-MD that it may be caused with the anti-bacterial soaps. I discontinued using Anti-bacterial shower gel. Now I am avoiding shower gels altogether and will only use Ivory bar soap. It's the last soap I recall using prior to getting this horrible infection over and over again. I am sooo thankful I found this site. I had been taking the metro gel and pills over and over again but it kept coming back. I hope this will help others too. Good Luck!"
05/05/2012: Jennifer from Honolulu, Hi replies: "Relieved....... Hi ladies...... I just want to say...... Thank you for sharing your stories. It feels comforting to know that there are many of us suffering from this. I've never had this before..... And I'm currently dating someone whom I care about deeply..... And it's been so depressing for me. Just trying to enjoy sex with you're partner and being cursed by this is so embarrassing. He told me to visit the doctor since his ex had it before..... But here I am with no insurance whatsoever. I was on a quest to find natural cures..... Looking for cranberry pills..... And god lead me to you ladies. Wish me luck as I will return back with hopefully good results. I'm heading to the store to get the acidophilus and colic acid pills. You're stories give me hope."

[SIDE EFFECTS]  06/10/2009: Maryanne from Billings, MT: "After reading about the women who've tried using acidophilus IN the vagina rather than just orally, I decided to give it a try. I put a capsule up there before bed last night, and when I woke up this morning, the area felt pretty irritated, rather than soothed and improved like so many women claim it should.

Is this normal? Can this happen depending on what capsule you use? I'm definitely NOT doing this again. I'm really afraid I took a step backward by doing it, I guess I'm looking for advice and words of encouragement!"

07/11/2009: karen from Nashville, TN replies: "I have had bv since May here it is July. Been to the doc twice for different antibiotics, it did take away the odor... but the bv came back with a vengence. The itching burning yellowish grey discharge the reddness the swelling of the outside of the vagina is driving me NUTS!(but no odor this time) .... I am going to try the acidophilus and see if it helps. I used a garlic clove wraped in gauge in the vagina and that seem to really take away the itching during the day, oh and I haven't had sex since May to see if that would help..NOPE been eating yougart like crazy and I did try the peroxide flush.. caused me to bleed slightly."
10/28/2010: Amber from Ny, Ny replies: "I suggest inserting plain (unflavored) yogurt. Make sure it has acidophilus. Some people insert it with a tampon. But tampons mess up the ph, so I don't feel it makes sense. If you dont have an applicator to insert it, take a plastic tampon applicator (cardboard ones will fall apart) (take the pon out) and rig it. I like the tampax compact ones. Plug up the little part with the tampon and fill the big part with the yogurt. Insert carefully, and apply. It's very soothing. You will need to wear a pad. I usually use an apple cider vinegar or peroxide douche before bedtime, then insert the yogurt and sleep with it. Kill all the bacteria, then replace it with the good ones. I started getting BV after I got a mirena. My doctors swear it's not from the mirena, yet I find numerous pages like this with thousands of women claiming the mirena gives them incurable BV. (and that their doctors say the same thing)"

[YEA]  05/30/2009: JD from Greensboro, NC: "I just want to say that I am sooo thankful for this sight. I have had BV atleast 3 times within the past year. I have been on Flagyl and other antibiotics....but nothing...and I mean nothing has worked as well as the acidophillus capsules that I opened up and inserted into my vagina. I started off taking these pills orally...which I don't think they work as well for me I came to this sight within the past week since I had BV and I decided I would open the acidophillus capsule and I took out the stuff inside put it into my vagina with my finger...I had a pantyliner on and laid down for a little while. I kid you not within a few hours when I checked back...The smell was gone....."THANK GOD" and there has just been my normal discharge...I am very happy ..and plan to use many other home remedies in the future...Those pills taken vaginally are awesome."

10/22/2009: Pahlee from Phila, Pa replies: "JD,, question?? Is the meds inside of the acidophilus cap, a powdery substance or is it once peeled, solid, if powder, how exactly do you insert it inside of the va2"
02/12/2012: Diamond from Salisbury, Usa replies: "BV flora is caused by the conversion of protein & amino acids which is responsible for raising the vaginal PH balance and producing the typical odor of the vaginal discharge. The best thing I do is stay away from anti-biotics because it kills off the good bacteria also douches especially perfumed douches it adds insult to injury, , the PH needs to be re-balanced, "sugars are not good during this time";even juices have natural sugars, I buy super strength cranberry caps for uninary tract health, stay with a good balanced diet. I found that the odor smells like bread/which is yeast(protein) I also found that my PH balance is lacking protein//amino acids. These situations only happen to compromised immune systems which includes poor eating habits where it tells the immune system we are lacking in many nutrients, vits. and proteins etc. Therefore the immune system rarely gets attacked when we eat right, I am a vegan some times I eat chicken(protein) but also need to take more protein//amino acids. I just read that ACV is great to ingest as well as apply to the vagina often. I bought L-Glutamine but it's not always needed to buy this one substance, meat and veggies & fruit are great but I don't eat animal's. I am beginning to feel a little better but I need to stick with building then keep on re-building the immune system. God bless"
04/09/2014: Silm from Australia replies: "I just read most comments about BV and inserting acidophilus. I have used it vaginally, but never had BV. Late last year I went to the Dr because of bleeding after sex and a smell that was horrible. All STD checks and BV check was clear. I did however use a acidophilus capsule vaginally to help with the odour. My Dr never heard of this.

I also have a Mirena and wondered if the Mirena can cause imbalances in the ph level down there.

Nevertheless the symptoms came back and the Ultrasound revealed that there is a foreign object stuck, length 2cm. My Dr thinks its the residual of the capsule I used vaginally. Either way after the ultrasound went back to the Dr. to remove this 'object.' Strange thing is she can't see nor feel it and called a second Dr to confirm. Same. Then she sent me off to the womens hospital. Same story, two Dr checked and no findings. Now I am booked in for a surgery, D and C, removal of the 'object, ' taking out the mirena and put a new one in at the same time. My question is is it possible for the capsule to not fully dissolve and get stuck so far up that one needs surgery to remove it? I don't think it is a retained tampon, nor does my Dr, as the measurements don't correspond. Apart from that I haven't put anything else in my vagina, tampons or a capsule on the occasion."



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