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Garlic: A Superfood for Health and the Immune System

Posted by Sarah (Ocala, Florida) on 04/21/2009
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I have COPD and chronic Bronchitis. I have recently been searching for a way to eliminate constant congestion and and continuous nasty cough. I found this site and now visit the health food store almost weekly. I love it and tell everyone I see. Anyway, back to the congestion, I took 2 cloves of garlic and smashed it and downed it chased by water late in the evening. Amazingly I feel 90% better after 1 night. I will do this again today and see if it continues to get better. I slept very good and did not wake up coughing all night. I also noticed in the morning that I am coughing up all kinds of junk. That is definitely an improvement. I will continue this for a few days and post another comment as I progress. I am very interested in the MSN method also. Could someone please post more specific instructions. Where do you buy MSN? Is it liquid, capsule, powder, etc? How much do you use and do you mix with water? Thanks.

EC: Hi, Sarah. Do you mean MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) or MMS (Miracle Medical Supplement)?

Posted by Toni (Toledo, Ohio) on 06/13/2008
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I take 2 cloves of raw garlic a day and have not been sick in over a year. I hate the taste of garlic, so I put a little bit of pudding or apple sauce on a spoon then I put 1 clove of finely minced raw garlic on top and then cover that with more pudding or applesauce, then just swallow it down. Do this twice a day. This is the easiest way to ever take raw garlic. Remember to get the full benefits of garlic it must be raw.

Tooth Abcess, Infection
Posted by Chanana (Aubrey, USA) on 02/06/2008
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My mom had a severe absessed tooth a few months ago (almost a year). It was so bad she could not sleep at night. She used garlic and it cleared the infection and it has not returned. She cut raw garlic and rubbed the cut edge on the tooth and gums a couple of times a day and also ate a whole clove a couple of times a day and then gradually reduced the garlic intake as she felt it healing. She also used whole cloves (the spice you use in pumpkin pie etc. )as a local pain killer. If you bite down on the whole clove it releases a potent pain killer. just wanted to chip in some info that can hopefully help others, this is a great site...

Ear Aches
Posted by Brigitte (Houston, Texas) on 01/11/2008
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Garlic works to alleviate ear aches. You simply must be sure to take the garlic clove and expose the tender inner flesh by scoring the outer flesh of the garlic; then wrap the garlic clove in a light cotton gauze to prohibit the ear from making direct contact with the garlic clove and place this into the ear canal. Be sure that the garlic clove is large enough to prevent its becoming lodged in the ear canal. leave it there and you will find that the pain will disipate. I have used this remedy repeatedly with great success. When my oldest daughter was about two years old she found it so soothing that if the garlic fell from her ear she would pick it up and place it back in her ear all by herself. Garlic works to alleviate ear aches.

Posted by Esther (Lymanville, Pennsylvania) on 11/08/2007
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Chewing raw garlic, which is hard on the stomach and bad for the breath, vs drinking garlic tea, which is neither, is very effective against colds.

To make the garlic tea, chop a garlic clove or two into a cup, add boiling water, followed by lemon and honey to taste.

The garlic will settle to the bottom.

Be sure to spoon it up and chew well when you have drunk the liquid.

Drink a cup of garlic tea frequently, at least once a day, when everyone around you is passing a cold back and forth, or at the first hint of a scratchy throat or runny eyes and sniffles. I am religious about this, and have not had a cold in years.

Posted by Paul (Haywards Heath, UK) on 10/18/2007
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re: garlic for superficial skin tumors -- I applied a slither of fresh garlic on a skin lesion abnormal but small skin growth under left eye for one week, appling for a duration of 5 mins untill it stung and was a little red...the lesion shrunk and has disapeared. senior operating department practitioner

Eliminate Garlic Breath
Posted by Shane (Melbourne, Australia) on 08/16/2007
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For those who don't want the smell of raw garlic on their breath try this method. Crush a clove or two onto a dessert spoon then add olive oil and down the hatch. you get the benefits of raw garlic with none of the breath issues. Best taken with meals.

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
Posted by Veena (Denver, Colorado) on 03/31/2016
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When my blood pressure is high I immediately chew and swallow 1 - 2 garlic cloves. It took at least 2 hours for the BP to return to normal level but you can feel it decreasing after an hour of taking it. When my BP is very high, I take the garlic followed by 1 tsp ACV mixed with 16 oz of water. This works for me every time! But I'm still open for suggestion as I believe that the more options to remedy high blood pressure, the better!

Bloating, Stomach Cramps and Constipation
Posted by Rick (Victoria, Australia) on 11/24/2006
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Cut garlic clove into small pieces. Swallow them in one go with just a little water. This cures Bloating, stomach cramps and constipation.

Weight Loss
Posted by Mayra (Jersey City, NJ)
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I used garlic for weight loss. It is excellent and burns fat.

Posted by Dud (From The Woods Of, Wv, Usa) on 12/02/2011


I think raw garlic placed on external skin for long enuf would ulcerate anyones' skin. I would not assume I was allergic to it, for that reason. It also done my skin that way.

However, the word on the street, is that USA stores are now selling chinese grown garlic. This garlic is said to test for prescence of arsenic..... Per this message board

My recent experience with side effects from taking no-brand garlic internally, seems to support this. [ I seemed to get side effects indicating possible poisoning. ] Before the chinese garlic was imported to the USA, I had no problems with taking garlic internally, and got some benefits.

Maybe we are all being poisoned via our food supply now.

I am going to start buying the USA GROWN brand garlic, grown in California. Christophers Ranch brand, to see is side effects go away.

Posted by Mawgee (Shelton, Wa) on 08/20/2012

I also believe china is poisioning us, with all of their cheap products. Not the general population, the government. Thats more or less been proven, baby bottles, kids toys.... lots of toxic items! Beware.

Posted by Tinyx (South Bend, Indiana) on 03/28/2015
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I put 1 clove of crushed garlic for each of my baby's socks when he had colds. I put 1 pair of socks on his feet then the socks with garlic next. This is the only remedy that I have tried for his colds from 1 month to 1 year old. It only took 2 applications for him to recover from the early signs of colds.

Garlic and Blood Thinning
Posted by El (Al) on 12/20/2013

Hi. I felt I was coming down with the flu, so ate lots of garlic. Next day, I had a horrible nose bleed. Since then, I've had bruising. Apparently, the garlic thinned my blood too much. So, if I want to take garlic for the flu or whatever, what should I take with it so I won't bleed? I've always been a free flowing person, so when I donate blood they have to do extra wraps. Low BP, too. Suggestions?

Ear Aches
Posted by Lynn (Mpls, Mn) on 01/20/2012
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I have used garlic to cure my son twice now from ideas I got from this site. He had an earache, I did the clove in the ear. He would only keep it in for a little bit at a time, I just kept putting it back in until he fell asleep. The next day his earache and head congestion was gone. For the past 2 days he was complaining of sore throat and swollen glands. I took 5-6 cloves minced in boiling water for a minute. In a large mug, add honey, cayenne, capful of ACV and then arlic water with the cloves. I tasted it and it wasnt bad! One sip gave me some serious garlic breath. In a few hours he felt better. It works!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Minuck (Scotchtown Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Canada) on 08/06/2011
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i had a wart and applied garlic with a bandage for 7 days and it is now gone, also got rid of a mole using garlic. I also find garlic improves my eyesight and can drive at night without any difficulty. Sure does cure an earache. I shall try garlic in socks at night. I read they must be white cotton socks. Your site is very informative. Thank you

Chewing Raw Garlic
Posted by Nanyunja (Kampala, Uganda) on 04/20/2011

Hello I was wondering if sliced garlic when swallowed work! Thanks

Posted by Heidi (Saint Louis, Missouri, Usa) on 02/25/2011
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I have been cutting up a clove of garlic and adding it to hot water, drinking it before bed. This is the first year (knock on wood) that I have not gotten sinus, cold, or flu. Not sure if it is the garlic, but I'm not going to stop drinking it. I do this a few times a week.

Sore Throats
Posted by Jrod (Boston, Ma - Massachusetts) on 11/19/2012

I get strep every year. heres what works for me. Mix this well:

1 tbsp honey
1/4 tsp cayene pepper
4 crushed or microplaned cloves of garlic.
take 1/2 tsp for every waking hour.

Don't wash down with water, tea, etc. Honey helps to suspend garlic in affected area. Cayene helps to bring blood to area to get immune system going. cured in 2 days- true story

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