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Garlic: A Superfood for Health and the Immune System

Posted by Humberto (USA) on 01/10/2008
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I had a cyst behind my ear. I would pop it and white stuff came out that smelled really bad.

1. I cut a clove of garlic and smeared the juice on it.

2. I put a cut clove on it with a band aid and left it on for 15 minutes.

3. I minced the garlic and put some juice on it.

(DANGER) 4. I made garlic paste with extra virgin olive oil. Crushed/minced up garlic, add extra virgin olive oil. Put it in a glass jar. It turns into a paste (like jam or jelly). I left it on for 1 hour. I made a mistake. I should had left it on for only 15 minutes. I burned my skin.

WARNING: Only leave it on for 15 minutes. The cyst is gone. The garlic killed it.

Posted by Trisha (Singapore) on 01/26/2007
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My mom had a 1 inch diameter mushroom like mole that would fester. she had it for over 30 the side of her breast. when she was in her 70s she heard about garlic and started taking it to lower her high blood pressure, she would take 2-3 cloves every night ( chopped finely and tucked into her mouth like a pill, & swallowed it down with a glass of sweet drink.. ) after 6 months she realized that the mole started to dry up -no more festering- and after a year it started shrinking and simply flaked off bit by bit..after 2 years it completely disappeared, to date it is only a dot left. completely cured what could have been cancerous ? she continues to take 3 cloves of garlic daily, to keep her blood pressure down, she is 84 years old, lives alone in a flat in Malaysia. she is very lucid and keeps abreast of CNN's daily news cast. due to garlic ? all reasons point in that direction...

Chewing Raw Garlic
Posted by R Smith (LONDON) on 01/02/2006
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You can simply chew a peeled clove of raw garlic in the mouth, making sure you chomp it sufficiently into small pieces. The juices will be absorbed by your tongue almost immediately into your system, and is a fast way of getting it into the body. You can spit out the pieces without swallowing them, once the juice has been absorbed.

Low Energy
Posted by Ray (New York City)
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Wake up the dead juice: When I was younger I used to get a lot of fatigue, loss of appetite, and body aches as a result from a cold. It would be those types of colds that just basically gave you those symptoms. It would have none or very little fever, coughs, stuffiness and sneezing. So I used to say to myself I would go to school if I had the energy. That's when I started drinking "Wake Up the Dead" juice.

There are a few ways to make this.

You can either boil some water and add sliced onions to it.

Or boil water and add chopped garlic to it.

I usually mix both onion and garlic to the hot water. I leave the chunks inside. You can remove them if you wish.

Drink that water as hot as you can take it.

Another way people do it is by mixing about 2 cups of cold water and 1 chopped onion and/or some garlic chunks all in a blender. They can either drink it hot or cold. But drinking it hot is better.

It is extremely important that you drink this as soon as you get up on an empty stomach. One cup is fine and 2 is better. The more onions and garlic you put in it, the better it is. It tastes very disgusting but it will give you one hell of a boost. It will last anywhere from 3 to 6 hours. Then you have to drink it again. You should only drink it twice a day.

Posted by Kathy (Benton, Arkansas) on 01/24/2012

You are not allergic to topical garlic. Garlic burns sensitive skin. You have a burn! You are supposed to use gauze between the garlic and your skin. You will have to experiment to see how much gauze you need but the garlic fumes and garlic will seep through the gauze but not enough to burn you unless you do not use enough gauze. I use tea bags to make a poultice of garlic. I put one on each side of my back for a lung infection. It is working but at first I burned my skin. Live and learn.

Raw Garlic Side Effects
Posted by Gertjr (Madison) on 08/30/2020

I know that when I eat lots of raw garlic, I will bleed more than usual. If I'm getting bloodwork done, I avoid it for a week prior. If I don't, the simple gauze pad on the site doesn't stop it from bleeding and I need to apply pressure for quite some time or it'll bleed right through the dressing. So, for me, it thins my blood. Who knows what that does to my blood pressure.

Posted by Natural Cures (Los Angeles, California) on 06/22/2018
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Natural remedies for Alzheimer and dementia: I think garlic is curative and so garlic pills can help improve our mental and physical health. Thank you for all the information it is very helpful.

Candida and Thrush
Posted by Beehive (London, Uk) on 05/01/2013
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Garlic for candida in the gut and thrush:

I began getting ill with the flu very very regularly. If my son had a slight sniffle I would catch it and end up bedridden for 10 days. As soon as I recovered from one flu-like illness I would come down with another. This went on for about a year. I also ended up with a recurrent thrush infection. I searched the internet and found that my illnesses were probably due to an overgrowth of candida in my gut and my immune system was compromised. I also read that taking raw crushed garlic would kill the candida but that I would get die off symptoms and it would make me feel really unwell. Well, I followed the instructions, crushed a clove of garlic, left it to sit for 10 minutes and then swallowed it with fruit juice and then ate a light meal. An hour or so later I felt so unwell. I regretted having had the garlic. These symptoms lasted 2 days. After that I felt fine. A few days later my son came home from school with a bit of a sniffle and I feared that I might end up bedridden again. Amazingly I did not catch the sniffle. A week after I had had the first dose of garlic I decided to have another one. I did not feel unwell at all. No die off symptoms therefore no candida in the gut. Now I take a crushed clove of garlic every couple of weeks or so. I also make sure my son has it too. The thrush cleared up too. I also eat live yogurt regularly too. There is no need to go to the doctors for an antifungal when you can get a clove of garlic and it does the job a million times better.

Milk for Garlic Breath
Posted by Tracey (Britt, Ontario, Canada) on 01/10/2013
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There was a post for getting rid of the smell of garlic on your breath, MILK, yes milk. A big tall glass will get rid of the smell. :) Hope this helps.

Eliminate Garlic Breath
Posted by Nohard (Aristomenis, Greece) on 02/01/2012
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I'm taking fresh garlic for ED, so I chop up a whole head fine as possible, put it in a jar add olive oil, and lots of dry parsley, take the amount you want with a little water to swallow, I'm finding that this takes away the garlic smell from my breath, and must add, with my wife's thanks, for not breathing garlic over her.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Silent27 (Vaimangga, Rarotonga, Cooks Islands) on 03/11/2010
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For approximately 1 year I have had recurring bouts of strep throat and viral throat infections. These occurred every few months or so. 6 months ago I have was sick continuously for 2 months. I had NO energy and difficulty swallowing. My throat was always felt like it was on fire. Often it was bright red and/or covered in white spots. I was prescribed rounds of antibiotics and even had to take 3 penicillin shots. Nothing worked. UNTIL.

For about 3-4 weeks I drank fresh garlic (2 cloves crushed), ginger, honey, and lemon tea. I did this 3-4 times a day. Approximately 1 week after starting this course, I began to feel better. 2 weeks later I was 100% again. I still drink the tea and/or chew a piece of raw garlic whenever I feel a scratch in my throat or a little under the weather.

The best side effect for me was that the garlic tea course has also almost completely cleared up the acute toenail fungus I had on the majority of my nails. It was so bad that my two big toenails were almost completely yellow and hardened with areas of black; they even had begun to separate from the nail beds. For the first time in 3 years I can go nail polish free.


Garlic Tea
Posted by Kelly (Cincinnati, Oh) on 01/15/2010
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a great way to ingest garlic for multiple ailments is using it in a broth. It can be any kind of broth (no solids) so as to give your digestive system a break. Personally, I love the taste of roasted garlic. So I either sautee/bake fresh garlic and add it to the broth,then finely chop fresh garlic and add it as well (after heating-stir in and let sit a couple of minutes). The amount depends on ones tolerance for garlic. But that way I get the best of both worlds. The flavor of the roasted garlic and the allicin (the enzyme in garlic that fights disease) as well. cooking garlic kills most of the allicin so this is a good way to get it raw in a larger quantity. God Bless!

Multiple Cures
Posted by Kirsten (Portland, Or) on 10/28/2009
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Adding Garlic to my health regimen has improved my life so much. It started with chronic tonsillitis that nothing would help and it would be two years before I could get them out, I am now 31. I was having infections twice a month and in desperation I came to Earth Clinic and found the garlic remedy for infection. I took one clove 3x per day when an infection was starting and one clove before bed as prevention. I have not had a full blown cold since! What I do is slice up the clove and swallow in slivers like pills before bed.

Garlic also cures my recurring cold sores on my lips. As soon as I feel one coming on, I slice a clove of garlic and hold it firmly to the sore until it goes numb. I have to be honest that it hurts like nothing I have ever felt, but because it has worked so well, I endure it for 10 minutes or so. I swear I can feel it burning the infection away! Immediately the bump goes down and often does not even scab, just goes away.

Posted by Lex (San Francisco, Ca) on 08/15/2009
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I discovered that garlic cures acute bronchitis by accident...

I've been diagnosed with acute bronchitis and been sick for a month and two weeks and nothing seems to be working. It appeared as if I kept on getting relapses...

Growing up, I've always been told by mom that garlic is good for the health and what not. I've also been hearing it from others, tv, etc. But I've always thought it was just for minor things like a sniffle or so...

One day I decided to go "gung-ho" and chop fresh garlic into my salad. Maybe it was my primitival instict kicking in, but I thought that maybe strong dose of fresh garlic may do something. On the same day, I decided to include fresh garlic into everything - including my dinner pizza. The next day I started to feel better. I still wasn't sure if that was just a calming state before another relapse so I didn't jump into conclusion. Second day passed, Third day passed, and now I'm on my fifth day of feeling back to normal.

I then "googled" garlic and cures to read about garlic and its healing properties. That's when I found this site and discussion!

Thank you.

Posted by Janet (Near Idaho Falls, Idaho) on 05/21/2009
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Here is something soothing that really helps colds,
bronchitis, etc:

Bring 2 c. chicken broth + 2 c. water to boiling
Add 1 small onion, chopped

When done, remove from heat, add 3 cloves crushed
garlic, cover; let
sit for about 10 minutes.
Add sea salt to taste.

Multiple Cures
Posted by Monet (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 05/02/2009
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Hello, I use your site all of the time and want to thank you for such useful information!

Recently, my feet started swelling along with blood pressure spiking to very high levels. I do not have high blood pressure so I could not understand what was going on. By day three I figured out I had a tooth infection that was probably starting to seep into my blood causing the swelling, blood pressure spikes, tingling in head, legs, and feet. After speaking with a dentist who felt they were unrelated and would not give me any advice on whether I should go to the ER, I decided to use garlic infused with yogurt (yogurt helps it go down easier). I took about 1 T. of crushed garlic and 1 T. of yogurt. Within 5 minutes the swelling in my feet went away and I felt my blood pressure had gone down. I took my blood pressure and it had dropped over 50 points! Obviously, the blood pressure spikes were brought on by the tooth infection, unbeknownst to the young Dentist!!!

I cook with garlic all of the time, but RAW GARLIC is terrific for blood pressure and infections!!!


EC: Thank you!! Cross-posted to our high blood pressure, tooth abscess and fluid retention pages.

Serbian Tradition
Posted by Mary Simon (Stoneham, MA USA) on 04/24/2009
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Here's an old Serbian tradition for the New Year and a great way to take garlic - dip a peeled garlic clove into a dish of honey and scoop as much honey as you can with the clove- pop in your mouth and chew. If you need a little more honey - sip on an extra teaspoon or so. It's actually quite tasty, and even as kids, my brother and I never minded this mixture at all. Also, for some reason, the garlic odor seems to be a little more "contained" in the honey and seems to fade away sooner. Try it! You'll be pleasantly surprised.

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