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Posted by Kandy (Lakeland, Fl) on 01/19/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using apple cider vinigar for several months now for a sinus infection which is now under control after having problems with them for years, and as a toner for my face. The results are amazing. Pores are smaller face is clear of red spots and wrinkles fade. It has also taken away my body aches and pains. If I take regularly my legs dont hurt and I feel great. I take 2 tsp. twice a day followed by 1 tsp. of honey.I love not having to take medicine. Thanks Earthclinic.

Posted by Arlene (Meredosia, Il.) on 01/05/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I just realized after two weeks of acv, not only all of my sinus problems are gone, but the muscle aches that accompanied it. I didn't realize that that was what was causing the pain all over my body until someone mentioned it on this site. My husband and I have been miserable with the sinus headaches, congestion etc., but we attributed the aches and pains to arthritis. We are in our 70's so it was logical. It wasn't arthritis at all it was the sinus infection. I feel 100% better.

Posted by Ashlin (Sulphur Springs, Texas) on 12/23/2009
5 out of 5 stars

ACV. well i think it works my family uses it for every thing! sinus infections, high blood pressure, complication... just a little fyi dont take it raw you will loose your dinner! half a cap and a cup of orange juice is much better

Posted by Shar (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) on 12/06/2009
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

hello all!

I am a 30 yr. old female who is overweight and recently had gall stones. I also have iron defienciency anemia. My family has started eating organic and all natural 3 yrs. ago. I recently started researching all natural cures as i don't believe in going to doctors unless its absolutly neccessary. I read about apple cider vinegar and blackstrap molasses. i started the blackstrap molasses first (2 tbs daily) and the numbness i was feeling in my fingertips and legs has went away. I am still waiting for my menstrual cycle to come to see if it will ease the heavy bleeding. but it has eliminated my stomach cramping (that felt like labor contractions) that I usually have monthly.

But this is about the apple cider vinegar. let me tell you it really works! started by taking 2 tsp. once a day in 8 oz. of water. 3 days later i had extreme pain in my ear and my jaw that has yet to go away. I also have extreme itching everywhere. That doesn't sound good does it? but it is good cause i know that it is my body getting rid of toxins. I have been peeing like crazy and having regular bowel movements without straining( which is the opposite of the consipation i was having from taking iron pills).

I think for all of you who are all sufferring from itching or jaw pain etc. should up your water intake. I started drinking a gallon of water a day and the itching is going away. I now take 2 tbs of acv chased by a 16 oz. glass of water in the morning,then proceed to drink water throughout the day and i feel great! I have more energy(no more sluggishness)and i know my 5 kids are happy to see that!

I plan to keep taking ACV despite the side effects(unless it brings more harm than good) to see if it will aid in my weightloss.

Also i have been using the ACV on my hair and it has smoothed the cuticle and made my hair less frizzy!

EC: Thank you Shar! Your feedback has been cross-posted to the blackstrap molasses section.

Posted by Lisa (Cleveland, Ohio) on 11/07/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I started apple cider vinegar 2 months ago and I can tell you that it has helped my overall health. I feel more energy and my husband says my complexion is glowing.

I take 2 tbs in 10 oz of water 2 x a day. On the third serving I add a tablespoon of blackstrap mollasses. I call it "grandma's tonic" It worked for granny and it seemsto be working for me.

I also drink 4oz of buttermilk 2 x a day to help with the sinus.

Posted by Cured (Ft Walton Beach, Florida) on 10/21/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I stumbled upon this site looking for a cure for the flu. I am amazed and had never heard of the healing powers of ACV. I am now a believer and will tell anyone who will listen. My symptoms started out as allergies then went to a sinus infection then started feeling like the flu. This went on for over a month with the flu being the last straw to bring me to the internet to search for an alternative to OTC medicines. Within the first few hours my symptoms had reduced in severity, the first to break was the fever. I have continued the last two weeks various concoctions. One being 2T ACV to 4-6oz orange juice. I would take this as much as 3x a day. I also suffer from back pain where I was popping pain pills and muscle relaxers and ibuprofen on a regular basis. Most of this has gone on for almost 2 years--the last week I have hardly taken any of them. I don't know if it is the ACV but I will continue using daily. I have also read it helps with depression and can't wait to see if it helps with my occasional bouts. I have also tried 2T ACV in 6oz of warm water with honey to sweeten--wasn't too crazy about that. I tried it today with 2T ACV and 8oz room temp water with a straw and this actually wasn't too bad. I think that last concoction is something I could mix and put in the fridge so that I don't have to mix it every glass. I will try this out and others and post again my results.

Posted by Natalie (London, Uk) on 10/05/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Apple Cider Vinegar

I started using acv with organic honey two weeks ago, to stop unbearable menstrual migraine headaches, which also went on for nearly half of the month. I must say the headaches have improved but not gone completely, but the acv seems to have other effects, in one week several people remarked how "well " I look and glowing!!

I am concerned however, about the weight loss side of acv. I am slim and have noticed a little toning up which is fine but I do not want to lose any more weight at all

please give me advice on this as I want to stay at my present weight!

with many thanks
ps I tell many people about earth clinic!

Posted by Ratgirldjh (Austin, Texas) on 09/27/2009
5 out of 5 stars

i love ACV. my dad always drank it and so i've known about it forever. but being young and healthy i often didn't remember to drink it.

now that i'm older and not as healthy i've been using it again. when i first started i tried to drink a teaspoon in 8 ounces of water with or without the baking soda and found it gave me very bad gas at night! also my teeth would start to get sensitive even with the baking soda added.

so i found that if i would put a dropper full (about 1 teaspoon) in 32 ounces of water and drink it throughout the day and drink at least 2 teaspoons per day - followed by regular bottled water at night time that i didn't have any gas!

the first effects for me are usually that i feel cleaner 'down there'. i actually can feel this very quickly and i notice that my sweat dosen't smell as bad.

after taking it for a while i usually begin to notice that my libido is stronger! i am 49 and usually pretty disinterested in sex - so this always suprises me.

then i will begin to notice that my skin looks fresher! it also feels firmer.

finally, i take insulin for diabetes. when i drink this daily i begin to notice my blood sugar levels stabilizing and can usually lower my insulin dose.

try it! it really helps a lot of things! i also put a teaspoon in my pets drinking water.

Posted by Haley (Greenville, Nc) on 09/26/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I am diabetic and was overweight, blochy red skin, sun spots on my face, neck, chest, arms and legs. I read Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) was good to drink and put on skin. I bought some and began drinking 1 tablespoon three times a day and put it full strength on my body in the shower after bathing when I still had some water on me. I rubbed it all over including my face, neck whole body, arms, legs and feet. After a month I began to notice the sun spots were getting lighter, my skin was getting a more youthful look (I am 55 years old) and I had more energy. When I went to get my A1C checked, it was 5.4! My blood pressure was 113/63! My doctor was estatic and so was I. My skin now is clear and bright. I have LOTS of energy. I'm not tired anymore. All the sun spots are just about gone. My dark elbows and ankles are now a normal color. I am so happy. I have been getting so many compliments on my "glowing" complexion. My facial capillaries have just about disappeared. ACV to me is a miracle in itself.

Posted by Hippiechick (Laurel, Md, United States) on 09/24/2009
5 out of 5 stars

ACV has nearly cured my acne. I have acne since my 1st menstrual cycle in 6th grade. I'm 35-years old now. I have tried everything you can think of ... the only thing that has worked is Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

I am addicted to carbonated sodas! These cause huge blood sugar spikes. I noticed that my acne got worse when I ate high glycemic foods and when I drank sodas or ate cakes. From the research I did on Earth Clinic and from other places, I discovered ACV helps to control spikes in blood sugar. So, not only did I lower my consumption of these foods, but when I absolutely HAD TO HAVE a soda or a slice of chocolate cake, I took 2tbs of ACV diluted in about 6 ounces of cold water about 10-minutes before. Not only did it eliminate the breakouts already there, but it has prevented more from popping up. It smells awful and tastes even worse - but, for more than 20-years I have spent thousands of dollars to fix this unsightly problem and it's the only thing that has been worth anything! A huge bottle costs about $8.

As for weight loss ... the same reason it seems to work on acne, is likely why it seems to help with weight loss. We gain weight (especially around the middle) when we have an insulin response to the foods we eat (along with stress , etc.) Lower insulin response = lower stored fat. It also helps the digestive process and I don't feel like eating two pieces of cake after the ACV. All of these things contribute to ACVs weight loss prowess. It's better and cheaper than diets and diet pills. But, always try to maintain a good balanced diet, low in fat and at least walk for thirty minutes three times a week.

ACV also cured my hemorrhoids. I had such bad ones internal and external that I needed surgery. It was the worst pain i have ever experienced. (Don't do it!!!) But, after three months, they had not gone away. On Earth Clinic I learned that they could be remedied by applying ACV. I tried it and they shrank to almost nothing overnight! I just saturated a enough of a section of a gauze pad to cover my hemorrhoids and applied it directly on them for 30-minutes before bed. I was in so much pain after the surgery that I would cry all day and I stopped eating, just so I wouldn't have a bowel movement. The ACV was a miracle. I wish I had read Earth Clinic before I decided to go under the knife.

Posted by Dianna (Mumbai, India) on 09/12/2009
5 out of 5 stars



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For Dianna from Mumbai, India:

Hello Dianna,

I have used ACV with my children and my youngest one is now 47 years old. I don't remember giving it orally to any of them until they were l year old, In view of the
fact that honey is said to contain some bacteria (it also has some antibiotic/antihistaminic action) that the babies immune systems cannot handle under 1 year or age. However I got the honey/ACV from Dr. Jarvis' book on home remedies that he found worked, so I probably did give it to them before since I didn't hear the above caution until all four of my children were past the age of l year.

I haven't seen it on EC yet,but I used to have a relative with 2 small children visit frequently. In the heavy insect bite seasons, my children always developed impetigo (also a streptococcus organism) after their visits. I quickly learned that putting a cup of ACV in the bath water for my four after these visits, stopped my kids from catching impetigo all the time. Another benefit of the ACV in their bath water, they had very few bug bites following the ACV baths. Not wanting to spend half my time treating bug bites & stings, I started using ACV every night for their bathwater.

I am now 76 years old & still using ACV for multiple purposes: cooking, medicine, clogged sinks, bathing, etc.

I can only recall one respiratory infection with severe cough that 50/50 ACV/local honey didn't help. I must have drank at least 3 pints of that stuff and if it helped I would hate to think what pertussis would have been like without it. There was a couple of times that I came close to dialling 911 for transport to the hospital ER. That was when I caught pertussis (whooping cough) from a patient about 10 years ago. When I got one of those coughing spasms after returning to work (the cough does sound terrible and it doesn't feel good) my doc remarked that I needed to see a lung man. He looked surprised when I told him that I didn't, because what was making me cough was all in my head, and my lungs were working hard to keep the crap from moving on down into them. If any of you or your children ever get this mess, remember that. The cough comes from the drainage from the head, which I can best describe as "feels like someone is spraying Elmer's glue or worse over the trachea (windpipe) and the best way to stop it is to flush the nasal passages with normal saline, which I got proceeded to do and stopped the coughing for an hour or two, when I needed to repeat the process. The good news is that my lungs did sucha good job of keeping it out that my entire chest was sore from coughing so vigorously.

Wish I had known about Bill's H202 inhalation then. I certainly would have used it by inhalation & probably sprayes it in my nose too.

Posted by Justmeh (Sdney, Nsw Australia) on 09/11/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I am the living witness on how Organic Apple Cider Vinegar helps much in our body. I suffered different ailments..and it always come to the doctor see the cure and take the medicines. But still it takes a while before the our body relieves. I use this internet to see what is best on my ailments. I found this Organic ACv. i try to use it last 2008. and until now it does really works with me. Every time i am not feeling well, I used 1 tbsp of acv diluted with a glass of water3x a day before meal. It does really works with me. Good advise try it and you will see the difference with your body!!heaps of people relieves thru this .Try now! Use straw to drink it!!

Posted by Aja. (Canton, Oh.) on 08/28/2009
5 out of 5 stars

i feel that apple cider vinegar is a cure-all. It cures everything from constipation to a urinary tract infection. I take a shot of it everyday and it helps me so much! I love it, the taste is strong, but its worth the help it does your body. ACV is good for everything, allergies & sinus problems. I love how much it has helped!

Posted by Leah (Las Vegas, NV) on 07/25/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I've been drinking ACV w/ maple syrup and cayenne for several months now after reading about it on Earth Clinic. It has helped me to control my sweet tooth, drop a few lbs., and completely healed the dry cracking skin on the back of my hands. If I miss a day of drinking it or when I feel thirsty, I actually feel a craving for it. I use 2 TB of ACV and maple syrup per 8 oz. of water and a few dashes of cayenne pepper.

Also, I haven't gotten sick once since I started drinking this great stuff. My entire household got colds a couple of months ago and I fully expected to get one too, but to my surprise, it skipped me!

Posted by feeling.better (Vancouver, British Columbia CANADA) on 07/24/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I started taking ACV just over two weeks ago, and after about 3 days my hay fever was almost completely gone and hasn't come back! It has been absolutely terrible this year since about May. I started out by using 2 tbsp. a day, just adding 1 tbsp. to a 160z water bottle. I found that worked well, and I've reduced it some days to just 1 tbsp. and I found it still to be just as effective. I also noticed almost immediately after I started taking the ACV that I have absolutely NO ODOR under my arms. I've always had to wear deodorant, so I was shocked when the second day I was taking the ACV and I forgot to put my deodorant on and I realized I didn't smell. It's wonderful! I haven't worn deodorant for 2 weeks now! Just to note, I always use a straw when drinking the ACV, to prevent my tooth enamel from wearing away.