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Posted by Pigsooie (Mountain Home, Arkansas) on 01/14/2012

My 14 year old son has had severe breakouts on his face, back and chest. Last night I mixed up equal parts of ACV/water and we dabbed it on like a toner. This morning I was AMAZED at the difference. He has done this again this morning, and shockingly the acne and pimples are almost gone! Highly recommed this! It works! :0)

Posted by Melmax (Nyc, Ny) on 09/18/2010

LOVE! ACV. Have been taking it now twice a day for about a month. Unlike others, I have no problem with the taste. Actually like it, and don't add any sweetener. I've had acne all my life. Was told it was hormonal. Since taking apple cider vinegar (ACV), my skin has been clear and healthy looking. Also have lost some weight. And feel an overall sense of general wellness. Am keeping an eye on my varicose veins to see if it has any affect on those. Will keep you posted. But, either way, you can be sure I will keep up with the ACV.

Posted by Ebony-Rose (Wellington, New Zealand) on 01/11/2009

I've suffered from acne for 6 years now, when it developed in my teen years. I've tried everything, from prescription antibiotics, to salicyclic acid/differn gel, to change in diet, the pill, and drinking litres of water...but to no avail!

Came across articles of the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) recently and decided to give it a try. After taking 2tsp of vinegar mixed in warm water 3x daily, and apply topically each night with cotton swab, I found within several days my skin was clearing. My skin did flare up again after a week, but I found having sensitive skin meant the vinegar was very drying. So I applied the ACV to my face every few days while moisturising with "Bio Oil" in between, and continued drinking ACV 3 times a day. After about 1 1/2 months my skin is so clear, with only a few spots every now and then. I have a healthy glow, smooth lightened skin, bright eyes, hair is in fantastic condition, and I have more energy than I ever had! A complete miracle!

Replied by Natasha
(New York City, Ny, Usa)

I suffer from nodular acne typically I get one or two around my periods I kept them at bay by applying JOJOBA oil to my face. It works for me. This time around I got a cluster of acnes on my cheeks and it got me worried Jojoba was not enough. I started drinking the ACV concoction after reading so much about it on this website. I do see some difference in the appearance of my acne, they are smaller, has less pus and go down faster.. But ever since I started ACV (a week ago now) I am observing that I get one new acne each day on my face. I did read that ACV may aggravate the problem before curing it.. I am just writing to gain some moral support to continue on ACV. Can someone share their similar experiences and how long it lasted. Please help.

Replied by Rachel
(Hartford, Connecticut, Usa)

Try applying it topically for faster results. Here's my skin regimen: wash/exfoliate with a paste of baking soda and castille soap (castille soap won't dry your skin), tone with 50/50 mixture of water and ACV (I use B---- brand with the mother), then moisturize with organic virgin coconut oil. I've found all of these products at either the grocery store or a vitamin/health shop.

Since using the above procedure, my breakouts are down to near zero (I do get one or two here and there when I get stressed, but this is the exception rather than the norm). My skin just glows now -- I just wish this site had been around when I was in high school!

Replied by Ninasim
(Northampton, Ma)

I'm so happy to have found this site, so much great info. I have been diagnosed several times with Candida. My body seems to be falling apart... Skin problems, allergies, lethargy and severe gastrointestinal problems for years. I started taking ACV twice a day with 5 drops of Grapefruit seed extract. It has been a week and I have so much more energy! Unfortunately, my cystic acne has broken out horribly... Worse than it's ever been. Is it possible that this means that my system is clearing out the bad stuff? Or am I making a mistake in using this as a solution?

Posted by Kathleen (Nairobi, Kenya) on 08/16/2007

I've had acne for the last 14years, am 29, got worse after age 18. Had tried all, including chinese and african herbal treatments, nothing worked. Stumbled on your site and started the apple cider vinegar (ACV) remedy and only 3months and my skin is almost perfect, by the way it was all over my face,chest, back and upper arms. Will never stop using it. Recently was having black tea and put ACV one teaspoon and it tasted nice like lemon tea, want to continue taking ACV in my tea, is it ok, does the heat or tea leaves interfere with the effectiveness of the remedy. Also which vinegar works better for the hair rinse white or ACV? Have dandruff. Thanks.

Posted by Angelina O (USA)

[she'has found that applying apple cider vinegar (ACV) topically to her face several times a day (4 or more times) has cured her of a "very bad complexion". She reports that she applies it straight and that while it burns her skin a bit, works like a miracle!]

Posted by Cheryl (USA)

My daughter developed a case of moderate acne, and after trying a number of different things for over a year which helped very little or not at all, she started drinking 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar three times a day and applying it topically once at night. She has been acne free for two months. It took about three weeks to clear up.

Posted by Andrew (Sydney NSW)

Apple Cider Vinegar has Cleared my Acne up very well, I drink it and also apply it to my face twice a day. Works a treat!

EC: Click here to read many more remedies to cure acne!

Replied by Rasha
(Pune, Maharashtra, India)

Has anyone noticed darkening of skin colour after using ACV (undiluted) directly on skin ? I am asking this, because I have used ACV during the day on several occasions and 1-2 hrs later my skin appears darker I get a lot of sun in through my window, but my skin appears darker after using ACV. Does ACV make the skin photo-sensitive?

Replied by Dianna
(Austin, Usa)

in my experience ACV can make the skin more sensitive to sun. you can try using it diluted and washing it off before going outside. it takes to top layer of your skin off (the protective layer) and can also lead to sun burn if used daily in my experience. lemon and lime juice also do this. I always rinse it off with water before going out in the sun.

Replied by Pjassal
(Lake Forest Park, Wa)

try using 100% pure castor oil AFTER the ACV. Rub it in like a lotion on your face. Castor oil is a natural sunscreen and moisturizer.

ACV and Baking Soda

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Posted by Mary (VA Beach, VA) on 03/20/2008

I just wanted to let readers know, that if you have trouble taking the BSM due to taste and consistency, it is really delicious in coffee. I always put a pinch of baking soda in my coffee to reduce the acid. I am a person who can eat just about anything, but I also know that if I don't care for the taste of something, I will not make a lifelong habit of taking it. I also found that you can't disguise the taste of ACV. Straight with a pinch of baking soda, and take it down in a couple of swallows, much easier than dragging it out.

ACV and Baking Soda
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 08/05/2006 391 posts

The amount of ACV needed to react with baking soda to get to pH level of near 6.5-7.0 depends on the brand of ACV. For my own brand of ACV, it is approximately 50 ml-70 ml per one tablespoon of baking soda. So always start on the low side first!

If you are not used to it, try only 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda - the safest possible mixture assuming 2 tablespoons of ACV in a 250 mg water. Then increase slowly as needed.

If you have a pH meter handy, it would be more easier go that way and just add enough until it reaches near pH of 7. It is very much dependent on what brand your ACV is generally. Please note that these are approximate figures.

One more important note!

Warning: if you mix with ACV it will create a lot of bubbles that goes very high! You need to mix inside a large empty pitcher! Also add the ACV very slowly! For me, I don't use ACV here in Bangkok that often because of the price. I just use simple vinegar, so I usually will not have the bubbling issues!

ACV and Breastfeeding

Posted by Shazi (Ajman, Dubai) on 06/15/2013

Hi recently I saw this site it impress me a lot and I thought I should aske some question which maked me confuse. I am breast feeding mom ( first baby 2 and half month) I want to start apple cider vinegar for weight lose but vinegar can effect on baby is it good or not?

Replied by Mama To Many
(Middle, Tennessee, Usa)

Yes, it is safe. I took it all through my last two pregnancies and drank it daily (mixed with water) all through breastfeeding my babies.

~Mama to Many~

ACV and Pregnancy

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Posted by Denise (Cork, Ireland) on 01/13/2011


I am just wondering if taking ACV during pregnancy is advisable? I am 6 weeks pregnant and would love to continue taking it to help with acid reflux, constipation and skin changes but am not sure if it will affect the folic acid I now take and/or if it will affect the baby.

Any experiences or advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Replied by Elyn
(Okc, Oklahoma, Usa)

On page 22 of Dr. D. C. Jarvis' book Folk Medicine, it states: "And, returning to foods contributing to the pre-birth growth of the infant, two teaspoonfuls of honey, if taken at each meal either as a food sweetener or direct from the spoon, enable the developing infant to build a good nervous system.... If there is a tendency to neglect the fruits, berries and plant leaves that are a prime source of acids, the deficiency can be made up by a teaspoonful of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water, taken immediately on rising in the morning. Usually this mixture will incidentally prevent or clear up any morning sickness. During the day a glass of either cranberry, apple or grape juice should be taken."

Just grabbed this book from the library the other day. Wish I'd had this information 30 years ago when I was busy having babies!

Replied by Jen
(South Jordan, Utah)

Glad I have it now. Thanks. I have been looking for a painkiller/anti-inflammatory that is safe for pregnancy. I am so glad I found ACV.

Replied by Jmc34

Can men use ACV? And could it help their sperm count?

ACV and Probiotics

Posted by Joyful (Memphis, Tn) on 06/16/2010

I currently take 2-3 tsp of ACV (with the mother, of course!) daily. In the morning, I pour between 2 and 3 teaspoons into a measuring shot glass then place that in the refrigerator. Whenever I fill up my glass with (steam-distilled) water I add a smidgen of the ACV at a time so by the end of the day the ACV in the shot glass is depleted. I've been doing this for about 2 months with good results (will post those later).

Last week I added a very good priobiotic to my daily regimen. Will consuming ACV interfere with the probiotic? I'm also considering taking the cayenne capsules (which includes ginger, garlic, onion and hawthorn berry), but I am also concerned this would interfere with the probiotics.


Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Joyful, There is no contraindication of what you are doing. As a matter of fact, apple cider vinegar is a prebiotic which feeds probiotics! So they work hand in hand. There should be no problem with the other 5 ingredients listed either. Hope this helps. Glad you're doing well! Lisa

ACV and Tap Water

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Posted by Hawk120 (New Canaan, Ct) on 02/27/2010


My grandfather has long touted ACV for a variety of remedies-we all used to laugh but now he's 87 so I'm starting to believe him! I have one concern though with the ACV general tonic that people may not realize. I have city water (chlorinated and fluoridated) in my home, and when I added the tap water to the 2 tsp ACV I noticed a lot of very fine bubbling and a very light smoke.

I'm not a chemist, but remember how they say not to mix chlorine bleach and acid (including vinegar) because it will produce toxic chlorine gas? Is this happening with my tap water on a smaller scale!?

EC: Yikes! That doesn't happen here in Atlanta suburbs! I have relatives in your area and will have to ask them to test this too.


Replied by Daphne
(Albany, Ga)

Just let the tap water sit out for about an hour on the counter before mixing. We have to do this with our fish tanks.

ACV and Tooth Enamel

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 01/20/2016

Now and again, the subject comes up on this site of the safety of using Apple Cider Vinegar for the teeth. The concern is that the acidity of vinegar will harm teeth enamel.

Yesterday I tested the pH of a cup of coffee and a glass with 8 ounces of water plus 1 Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar. The pH of each was pretty close. Both were quite acidic.

So what this makes me conclude is that taking diluted apple cider vinegar in water is probably no worse for tooth enamel than coffee. Seeing that coffee is consumed in such immense quantity in our country, and I don't think there is an epidemic of tooth enamel problems from that, I tend to think that the tooth enamel concern with apple cider vinegar is not really a concern for most people. And for someone for whom it is, it would seem coffee would be contra-indicated also.

Just an observation and a few thoughts.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Wow MtM, thanks so much for doing this simple test that no one else thought to do!!!

Another tip is to simply rinse the mouth out afterwards.

Replied by Rafe S.

Greetings all!

My first post on here after many years of reading all the wonderful information available from all you fine folks. I just wanted to say that for folks with tooth enamel concerns like myself, after I take my ACV and water, I take a half teaspoon of baking soda in half a cup of water and rinse. The baking soda neutralizes the acids in the vinegar and protects the teeth. Have a great day!

ACV and Tooth Enamel
Posted by Mr. Ree (U.s.a.) on 06/19/2014

Just a quick note on ACV usage...I have been using Braggs ACV since 1960 with absolutely no trouble with my teeth. I have a slug of it after I have a protein meal as it's a digestive aid. Of course I know it does many other things but just wanted to calm everyone down about their enamel peeling off their teeth after using it.

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