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Posted by Peggy (Hinesville, GA) on 01/30/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, First, I'd like to say thank you Earth Clinic and Ted for this site and the contributions. I share it with everyone I can. This is a concern I have which I patiently direct to Ted. I have been using AC vinegar since last spring. I take at least 2 TBsp a day with 1/2 tsp. of baking soda 2x a day. I fluctuate between 2 and 5 pounds in weight loss due to the belief that I have other issuses that may need addressing in order to see the true benefit of its use. It has kept me feeling good, BP has lower some, but not where I need it to.

I have started experimenting with it on my face as a toner morning and night. I spray a cotton ball and gently wipe my face to my neck, then follow with vitamin E oil to soothe the slight itch and smell. This is to purify the skin for toxin. My face feels better but will keep everyone posted on further results.

Also, I am using it along with Tea Tree oil to help rid three small warts near my vagina. The treatment consist of acv applied for 5 minutes with q-tips and follow up with t-tree oil three times a day. After bath at night, I spray a cotton ball and apply in place against the area and leave for thirty minutes. It is painful. After removal of cotton ball I apply more t-tree oil to soothe the pain and then I can rest. So far the skin on the warts are turning white and shrinking, one is a little raw, but it is working. I will follow up after end results.

Now for Ted, I am now taking' 2 TBsp of applecider vinegar with 1/2 tsp of baking soda, 1/2tsp of cinnamon,1 TBsp of apple cinnamon Lecithin and 5 drops of organic cayenne pepper as a concoction upon arrival in mornings, noon and night. Is it healthy to take that much baking soda daily month in and out? My family is harrasing me because they say vingar is a blood thinner and may cause me problems and I am concerned about the dose of baking soda? Will you clear this up for me so that my family will let me continue my experience for weight loss and lower blood pressure in peace. Thank you in advance, Ted and God bless you all.

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Posted by Mira (Venice, CA) on 01/28/2008
5 out of 5 stars

LET ME START BY SAYING I THINK THIS SITE IS THE BEST ONE OUT THERE ON THE INFO HI-WAY.. I had a sinus infection on and off for the last 15 years! I have tried everything and more from the regular md's including pain pills for years to get rid of that horrible head ache around my eyes and cheek bones. A couple of years ago while walking, I Met a man selling a book about Cancer cures/prevention. he had published the book himself and i was interested in prevention, and what he had to say. He told me that all Humans and animals would benefit greatly by drinking and BATHING in ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR WITH THE MOTHERS... I found this to be very interesting and decided to do my own experiments and research, I have a dog who was beginning to get mange on her hind knee it was red and irritaded the vets wanted to give her some horrible medicine and she was clearly not feeling well.I held him over the sink and poured the Vinegar strait from the bottle over her infected knee she squirmed a bit probably from the stinging but a second later that smart pooch put her leg on my chest so i could at it better (as though she knew i was gonna fix her) after the first time it was 80% better and in two days that mange was gone! so I took a bath using the vinegar i probably used a quart as I buy it in gallon jugs ...I could not believe how I felt after one bath..."Reborn" is the word that comes to mind. after that one bath I began to take it orally, in the morning or anytime i had heart burn another ailment of mine...The ACV has worked wonders,also it took My skin tags off and made my skin and hair so much brighter.i also only use coconut oil for moisturizing and a small amount in my hair for dryness.

I started reading about baking soda and gave that a try too...I put a small box of baking soda with the vinegar in the bath. Amazing, all my aches and pains were gone! the skin on my knee caps looked like they were 12 years old, No ashiness,or dryness... now about the sinus infection, I was really sick, for a month in November and Dec.07 i had a crusty sore on the tip of my nose and I had laryngitis from working in year round air conditioning and the dry winds that plague California, and it was like the 5th time in a year that I had come down with it. Being a singer,with a weekly show this has been so depressing for me... so i took one tablespoon ACV and warm water in a Netti tip your head from side to side not backward. It burned I have to admit.... so I rinsed again with plain water to get the sting out. My eyes started to water and my throat hurt and I blew stones out of my nose! I am not kidding. the mucous changed from greenish yellow to clear almost immediately, The sore on the tip of my nose went away over night, i blew my nose after that for a week, as wads and wads of mucous came out..I could actually sing the next night! It was a Miracle for me...

Then I found your site on Oil Pulling I had never heard of it before and I mistakingly thought it I read safflower oil in stead of sunflower oil. I got the courage up to try it and could do no more than a couple of minutes. Now I doubt if I will ever go to the Doctor ever again! After one try with the Safflower oil my VOICE was better than when i was kid! As if the oil had lubricated all that was rough and scratchy! I am so amazed at the oil pulling, I wonder why no one ever talks about it publicaly as the best thing ever for well being, as one of your writers on this site put it "The virus was made in nature can be healed by nature too!" I am a true Believer and will do these remedy's for life.I could go on and on about the benefits of these homade remedy's that REALLY WORK!

Replied by Joseph
(Chesapeake, Virginia)

curious what is oil pulling -- can anyone explain please? Also I just started to lose my voice. Apple cider to the rescue within one hour the flem from my throat is clearing.

EC: Read more about Oil Pulling here:

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Posted by Tracey (Chicago, USA) on 01/24/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I use ACV for ear mites on my cat and itchy skin. They bite their skin-- I suspect allergies. They don't have fleas, but even if they did, I'd still use _____'s Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, because it's undiluted and has all the vitamins and minerals and potassium intact. The cats have stopped biting and scratching. I put it on a cotton swab for the ears, a cotton pad (round ones for removing makeup)for the fur, and I also put a tiny amount in their wet food. They do not like the smell, but the cats took to the ACV better than the ear mite medicine I had applied to the ear.I think the ACV soothes the cats' ears. I use 2 t. of ACV in an 8 oz. glass of water with a little honey. I drink this in the morning, and I think it's helping my tendonitis (from typing too much) and my brain fog. I am thinking much more clearly and I feel that I have more energy.

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Posted by David (Sheffield, United Kingdom) on 12/03/2007
5 out of 5 stars

started ACV on 30 Nov 07 and within 48 hrs noticed -
itchy/blurry eyes began to clear,
nasal passages cleared of persistent build up,
easing of soreness at the back of the throat,
joints working better and not "clicking",
increased muscle energy,
increased mental clarity and greater capacity to cope with complex information- generally having a more "can do" attitude rather than defeatist,
return of normal (how shall I put it) "libido",
reduction of constantly high body temperature and sweating (even in cold rooms),
reduction of facial redness /blotchiness,
disappearance of skin problems (peeling, dry, itchy),
reduction in "congested" feeling in lower abdomen (possibly a BPH problem),
calming of nerves,
feeling of increased well being after food (as opposed to food making me feel worse),

I've had the above aliments for many years so I should point out that the ACV has recently been added as part of an overall health promoting strategy which includes

Avoidance of ALL grains
Elimination of sugary foods
Keeping a watch on starchy carbs intake and changing to occasional rather than regular indulgence in hot spicy foods
Avoidance of mushrooms
Taking specific Vitamin and mineral supplements (especially Biotin)

Any non-ACV believers reading - make of this what you will. All I know is that after four days on ACV, I'm not imagining things. I've been dogged with the above ailments for years (caused, I believe, by the complete wrecking of my digestive and immune systems by antibiotics) and they are now on the wane. I'm guessing here, but I would say this is due to a more invasive attack on systemic Candida by the ACV.

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Posted by Queen (Auburn, WA) on 11/27/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Okay, this is unbelievable but it is really happening in my body. On saturday, I took my stepson out to dinner and a movie for his birthday, and we started talking about a friend of his who was taking acv and was having mind numbing results..well..I ran out at midnight saturday night, and bought some..I have been taking 2 tablespoons 3 times a day in apple juice. My hair, that was dry and brittle has grown one inch in 3 days, it is super soft and has body and life. My skin is starting to get much softer. I am usually very tired but last night I went to bed at 4am in the morning, I woke up at 9:30 am this morning and had a ton of energy, with hardly any rest at all. My clothes are fitting a bit looser as I spend a bit more time in the bathroom. I find myself thirstier for more water which is a good thing as our bodies need more water than food. Also,today, I have just added honey to the mix.I will keep you all posted.

Multiple Cures Reported
Posted by Ashok Kumar (Portland, OR, USA) on 09/11/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I am amazed to see the fast active ACV and its health benefits. I have been using ACV for the last 3 weeks. I have lost around 8 pounds till today, my BP is getting well controlled around 110/70 and oily skin is natural looking w/o any skin eruptions, etc. OVerall I feel young and mentally sharp at the age of 55. I also found something astonishing and require verification from others. I found and, as reported by my family, my Snoring is missing now a days!! Really ACV is an Amazing Drink.Thanks

Multiple Cures Reported
Posted by Lisa (Cape Canaveral, FL) on 08/22/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I used to be prone to constant urinary infections to the point I no longer felt them. One time it had got so bad I actually felt the severest of symptoms. At the time no medical insurance and no money to go to a doctor. So I emailed a friend who had a huge book on herbs and natural remedies. He researched for me and found if I took a bath with apple cider vinegar it would eliminate the urinary infection because the urethra acts as a wick and draws the high ph into the bladder. Well I had no bathtub and no access to one. So we devised this plan. I would take a cotton ball and soak it in apple cider vinegar and place it on my urethra for twenty min three to four times a day. The skin would burn and it did hurt alot. But I persisted. I woke up the next day and had no symptoms at all. I continued to use the acv for three more days. Since then I have not had another attack of urinary infection.

Years before I forgot to mention this. A neighbor told me about acv and honey as a remedy for headaches depression arthritis pain help and lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure. Well i suffered from all of these symptoms. I asked how much to take. She said she took two tablespoons each of acv and honey in enough hot water to melt the honey and drank it down half an hour before she ate. I did the same. The first week I lost ten pounds of excess water weight due to bad diet of too much salt. I sweated alot and peed alot. I lost a total of forty pounds. I had visited my doc before I started and thirty days after. He was amazed at the weight loss and asked how I did it. I told him and he said oh. he wasn't concerned at the amount in that short of a time. I should have been. It is dangerous to lose too much weight in a short amount of time. But I believe in my case it was extreme excess water weight. My cholesterol dropped from 256 to 156 in six months. My blood pressure was below normal and I couldn't gain weight. So acv and honey is my magic remedy. My kids would see me taking the acv and honey for my migraines. They wanted to try it for their headaches. Well after the first time they used it they didn't want tylenol anymore. Ever. To this day they are teenagers they remember it is instant and keeps the headaches away.

I have laxed in my daily regimen of acv and honey and have gained back the weight and the blood pressure. i am going to start it again. Anyways. Thank you for your time in reading its benefits to me. Hugs to you.

Multiple Cures Reported
Posted by Mike (Summerville, South Carolina) on 06/03/2007
5 out of 5 stars

i just stumbled on your web and thought i would share with you.ive been doing organic acv for about 4 years.shared it with my friends and family and here are some of the cures...cross my heart! 2 cases of boils.1 of athletes feet.1 infected finger nail due to a schrimp stick and this lady had been on antibiotics for 2 weeks with surgery 3 days away. i told her husband she would cancel the surgery if she applied acv on the wound through out the day.and she did! 1case brown recluse spider bight.1 case possumm bight.1 case outer ear infection.numerous cases of colds.external or internal acv is worth its weight in gold. truth

Multiple Cures Reported
Posted by Therese (Belleville, Illinois, USA) on 05/02/2007
5 out of 5 stars

My children and I have been sick for over a month. Nasal congestion, constant coughting until vomitting. Nothing the Dr. gave us was helping. My dear mother in law told me to try:

8 oz warm water
2 teaspoons ACV
2 teaspoons Honey

The first day I tried it and it brought up and out a very nasty brown mucus, and shortly after I started to feel better, and able to breath without coughing. The second day I noticed my acne was clearing up. The kids are not fond of the taste but they will drink it because they feel much better!

Multiple Cures Reported
Posted by Cynthia (Dallas, TX) on 04/10/2007
5 out of 5 stars

At 50, Apple cider vinegar has given me my life back. I am hypothyroid and cannot take medication for it. I started by going totally organic and then added the apple cider vinegar. So far I no longer have:
Acid reflux
Restless leg syndrome
Muscle pain
Night sweats
The need to get up 3 times a night to use the restroom.

I have so much energy now and my head is clear. I am curious to see what my thyroid levels are at now.

Multiple Cures Reported
Posted by Maria (Bristol, United Kingdom) on 04/10/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Following your advice about searching online for raw ACV with mother, I found a company called Ostlers, in Barnstaple, Devon, UK ( and and was able to purchase directly from them. I find it very palatable, less acidic than the one I had been using previously. I have been taking it regularly twice a day and feel much more energetic, my skin is softer and my hair is less greasy. It is a wonderful thing! I recommended ACV to my sister who was on the verge of having diabetes and within two weeks her sugar levels returned to normal as well as her cholesterol levels. Thank you very much for this site and your advice. Maria

Multiple Cures Reported
Posted by Susie (Phoenix, Arizona) on 04/07/2007
5 out of 5 stars

My husband and I went to see my mom whom I hadn't seen in years anyway she looked the same! Very youthful positive and joyful! I had a stomach ache(we had gone to a restaurant with super spicy food) anyway my mommmy showed me ACV and had me take 1 tsp. with some juice my cramping almost immediately went away and so now my husband and I were on a mission! First of all I've noticed that ACV is in almost all of these testimonials. Of course something that's biblical is what our bodies need??? So my thinning hair is not thinning anymore I put the ACV in my hair I spray it on my body in the shower leave it on for fresh looking skin, and then I drink it, I noticed it almost immediately flattens my tum tum. God is truly amazing! I can't wait to see him to thank him for so many things but you bet ACV will be on my long list! Susie in Phoenix, Az.

Multiple Cures Reported
Posted by Maisha (San Francisco Bay Area, California) on 04/01/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I hope yu have a few minutes to read thru this. I've tried to keep it brief, but that's just not possible when praising ACV! There are NUMEROUS instances where ACV came to the rescue!!

1) I discovered ACV when my stomach ulcer was SO bad, every breath hurt, smoking just burned my stomach and, after eating, pain was constant. I was drinking liquid antacid straight from the bottle every few minutes.

A vegan friend told me that stuff was WORSE for me than the ulcer. He fixed an 8 oz glass of water with equal parts of ACV and honey (2 Tbs each; more honey if needed). By the time I took the THIRD swallow, I could feel the pain and pressure lessening like bubbles bursting inside. I started making it by the gallon (1/2 Cup ACV, 1/2 Cup honey and fill jug with water). Keep it in the fridge and shake before serving. I drank a glassful 30 minutes after EACH meal. In LESS than a month, I was symptom free and have had no problem since. I still smoke, I eat any/everything I want and no problems. I've fixed it for many, many people with acid reflux, chronic indigestion and diverticulitis. Every one of them was able to get off prescription meds within 3-4 weeks. (There's an additional regimen for curing diverticulitis. I'll send it in another time).

I started reading about ACV and found it balances Ph: if you're too acidic, it makes yu more alkaline and vice-versa.

2) ACV also cuts mucous. My son and I both had frequent sinus colds and bad seasonal sinus allergies. When I read that dairy creates mucous (a fertile bed for all manner of "nasties"), I took both of us OFF milk. (He was only 2 so I had to make sure he got enough calcium from other sources.) We drank ACV with honey 3-4 times a day. We both got to where we preferred it to just plain water. It's also a great thirst quencher. Our colds were cut by at least 1/2 in frequency and severity; our allergies all but disappeared. It helps if the honey is from LOCAL bees; it helps build your resistance to pollens in your area.

3) A few years later I had stopped drinking the ACV/honey drink and got pneumonia. When the doctor told me I had to go in the hospital, I could not go. He said if I didn't, I could die. He gave me a huge dose of antibiotics and said to return in 48 hours; if I was still as congested, he would have to insist on hospitalization. I went home and drank a glass of the ACV w/honey EVERY hour. I also put enough ACV to cover the bottom of a small saucepan and heated it very slowly. When it started to steam, I inhaled the fumes. Believe me, it burns wherever there's congestion and made me cough like crazy. (Keep eyes closed, it stings.) After about 8-9 minutes of coughing, I could actually lie flat without feeling like I was drowning and slept like a baby for the first time all week. I repeated inhaling the steam 2 more times over the 48 hour period. When I returned to the doctor 2 days later he said, after listening to my lungs, "If I didn't KNOW yu had pneumonia, I wouldn't be able to tell right now." He was blown away!

4) Put 8 oz of ACV in your bath water and soak to relieve aching muscles, remove dead skin on feet just by rubbing, refresh skin all over, etc. No, yu won't smell like a salad afterwards. As soon as yu dry off the smell evaporates.

5) For healthy, shiny hair: pour 1/2 Cup ACV thru freshly-washed hair. Do not rinse it out.

6) For bruises: soak a cotton ball or gauze pad in ACV and apply to bruise with adhesive tape. Re-wet with ACV whenever it dries. Bruise noticeably diminishes in size overnight.

7) For insect bites: I suffered from horrible allergic reactions to mosquito bites as a child. I was bitten by a spider a few years ago and also had a bee sting that same summer. Within seconds, the swelling and pain was traveling up the leg/arm. I poured ACV in a bowl and soaked the bitten area. The swelling and pain/itch lessened IMMEDIATELY!

8) For sun burn: Put 8 ozs of ACV in tepid bath water (NOT HOT water) and soak. Because it takes a few hours for the burn to reach the surface of the skin, yu may not feel it until later that evening. Best to soak as soon as yu can SEE that you're red and BEFORE yu feel it. For smaller areas or for more severe sunburn, after the bath and perhaps 2-3 times during the course of the day/evening, soak a washcloth or a dishtowel in ACV diluted with warm water. Place the compress over affected area and keep wet with the liquid. Yu can alternate the compresses with an application of Aloe Vera gel (kept in fridge, it's very cooling). The ACV relieves the burn and ALSO helps prevent peeling. It's a drag to suffer all that discomfort trying to get a tan and then end up looking like a spotted leopard from peeling.

A votre sante. (To your health)

Multiple Cures Reported
Posted by Tracie (Trenton, OH) on 03/23/2007
5 out of 5 stars

The best ACV is Raw ACV as the pasteurizing process takes out most of what is good about it. The _____ web site should explain the difference between the two, otherwise just do a word search on google or something. I have had experience with ACV since I was a child. It was something that my great-grandmother used and passed down to each generation after her. And today, I use it with my own family. It really does help with a myriad of issues.

Multiple Cures Reported
Posted by Amy (Cedar Park, Texas) on 03/21/2007
5 out of 5 stars

i use apple cider vinegar topically for many things. so far, it has cured my teenage sons pimple out break(we now use it every night as a toner followed by coconut oil), athletes foot, fever blisters, styes, rashes, cleaned my sinks, windows(pretty much the whole house). i also started drinking it. 3 tblsp of acv in 8 oz. filtered water & 1/4 tsp baking soda everyday, 3 times a day. so far, i have lost weight, i have not been sick, i haven't suffered from allergies, i have more energy, and i noticed last week that a y shaped varicose vein is not even a connected v and it is flat (it was very much protruding before). i was pretty ecstatic about that! i am so excited by all the benefits that i tell everyone! my family jokes that i should put some in a windex bottle(they are referring to the father from the movie ''my big, fat greek wedding''. anyway, i now buy small bottles to put acv and coconut oil in. i have given these to my family, friends,& clients as samples. i write down the brands(and specify why) , & also your web site. they have all called me and asked where they can buy more. yeah! they have used it for there blemishes, those with diabetes have said it lowered their sugar levels. a couple of my clients who have eczema and psoriasis have told me they have been very impressed with the acv and coconut oil on their problem areas and for dry skin. wow!!! truly a miracle!!! i was also wondering if the 'nays' are using raw, unfiltered,organic acv? i have bought some in the past that did not work. after doing more research i had come to understand where i had gone wrong. i then bought acv and ''nutivas'' coconut oil. what a difference! oh!!!! i use the coconut oil on my woods! it's awesome!!!