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Apple Cider Vinegar: Uses, Health Benefits and FAQ

High Cholesterol

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Posted by Royce (Phil Campbell, Al., Usa) on 10/13/2010

I recently had stints put in my neck and one valve in my heart. I take Plavix 75gm and Lipitor 40gm. Will ACV help me get off these meds as they are very expensive? will they damage the stints. Thanks for your help, Royce

High Cholesterol
Posted by Sathiananthen (Singapore) on 02/14/2010
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I have been taking ACV for almost some time now.
Reason high cholesterol and so on.
My reading taken on the 23/10/09
Cholesterol 7.73, Trigleycerides 1.33, HDL-C 0.94, LDL-C 6.19 and Chol: HDL Ratio 8.22 all in mmol/L measurment. I went on an offensive method thats ACV 2 cap full, Lemon 2 teaspoon and 1 teaspoon of honey with pipping hot water drinking slowly.

Current result taken on 07/01/2010
Cholesterol 4.63, Trigleycerides 1.55, HDL-C 1.05, LDL-C 2.88 and Chol: HDL Ratio 4.41 all in mmol/L. For me it works well but in term of loosing weight I don't see much. I introduced ACV to my Manager who has the same problem and never once see his result pass from the test. After my advise and taken for 3 or 4 weeks on daily basics last week result out shine my report.

Those with high cholesterol please try but please check with your doctors advise. I tried after reading from the net on the benefits. One important thing I was on medication too for cholesterol (Lovastatin). My managers report was the thing which confirm of ACV coz he never see a better result in all his testing.


High Cholesterol
Posted by Susan (USA)
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One reader found success in lowering her high cholesterol by diluting ACV with a small amount of grape juice; she also drinks close to 80 ounces of water daily.

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Replied by Thingz8
(New York, Ny)

Are the side effects not that bothering? I believe only those who doesn't have any gastric problem can take such vinegar.


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Posted by Jamie (San Jose, Ca, Usa) on 05/20/2010
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Recently i used indoor tanning cream (for a tanning bed) with tingle on my legs and arms. I got home and showered and was so itchy and blotchy i called in sick to work. I applied ACV with a cotton pad twice directly to my legs and arms and within about 8 minutes the pain and redness was completely gone!!

How to Make ACV at Home

Posted by Gul (Harare, Zimbabwe) on 12/05/2012

In Zimbabwe we only have refined ACV. I have bought some ACV with the mother from UK. Can I mix the refined ACV with the ACV with mother to make a new batch of vinegar with mother. I cannot find Apple Cider in Zimbabwe

How to Make ACVinegar at Home

Posted by Shadel (Nebraska) on 04/01/2014

Does anyone have the recipe to make store-bought vinegar into ACV with the 'mother'? Thank you for any replies.

How to Take

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Posted by Ed (New Holland, Pa) on 07/03/2012
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I hate the taste of vinagar, so I found the best thing to mix with it is grape juice. Chug it down without breathing, then rince cup out with a little more grape juice. Not to bad!

How to Take
Posted by Deb (Vancouver, Canada) on 05/27/2012

I find the easiest way to take Apple Cider Vinegar is, put the amount on a spoon, pour it in your mouth but do not swallow, take a glass of water or juice if you prefer and while you still have the ACV in your mouth take a drink of the juice, mix it around in your mouth with the ACV and swallow, voila, done!!! I actually like the flavor so I can take it right off the spoon, but it can burn your throat that way so it's best to mix in some water or juice.

Replied by Cat
(Austin, Tx)

Comment on Gargling with ACV:

I would not frequently do this, folks! The enamel on your teeth will eventually erode making it very easy to get cavities, plus, your teeth can thin. Best to mix with warm water in a small baby jar with a lid -- about 2 ACV tsps with 3 tablsps of water and 1 tsp of honey or molasses (if you are not worried about sugar-diabetes) and either chug down or straw-down toward the back of the throat. And certainly never gargle with ACV without quickly rinsing your mouth out thoroughly afterwards. If you want to thicken thin teeth, look into ingesting a tsp a day of FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth (DE) for a couple of weeks to a month. Many report that it thickens teeth (it did mine - from playing card look to corn bulb look and it tightened my loose teeth. You can even brush once a week with it to whiten your teeth); helps with thin hair, gum health, arthritis, shoulder, wrist, knee and other joint pains. Do your "safety" research first. Peace out, CAT

How to Take
Posted by Henr (Ny, Ny Usa) on 04/04/2012


Apple cider vinegar is gross, as any of you who has tried drinking it surely knows. All the posts I have seen say to dilute it with water, but in my opinion that just prolongs the terrible experience of drinking it.

I just tried mixing it with a little bit of cold tonic water (about 1 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar to 2-3 tsp tonic) and found that was much better than still water.

I hope that this doesn't somehow counteract acv's effectiveness, because I've found it to be much less disgusting!

How to Take
Posted by Laura (Jefferson, Wisconsin United States) on 01/22/2012

Delicious with tea. Works well with some teas, better with others. I have tried many.

MY FAVORITES: White tea with a little pomegranate juice; or raspberry tea. To either, add a teaspoon or two of apple cider vinegar. The vinegar actually ENHANCES the flavor of these two teas. Thats right, it makes them taste better. :-)

I have found it does not always taste well with green tea, however certain flavored green teas pair well. Such as the one I am drinking right now. It is called antioxidant max dragonfruit green tea. Made by Celestial Seasonings, the same brand that makes Sleepytime tea. It isn't organic and it does contain 'flavor' but it tastes great with the apple cider vinegar and contains more antioxidants than other green teas, so I will overlook that. As you get used to the flavor of ACV you can increase the amount in the tea without compromising your enjoyment.

How to Take
Posted by Leehofook (Plainville, Ct) on 01/15/2012

I did the obvious: I mixed the apple cider vinegar (ACV) with apple cider. It gives the cider a great kick and makes it a fantastic drink, and you don't even notice the apple cider vinegar going down!

How to Take
Posted by Lady Day (Somewhere, In) on 12/13/2011
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My daughter turned me on to apple cider vinegar (ACV) a while ago. I would like to suggest a WONDERFUL way to consume it. You will look forward to your daily cup if you will try the following:

Add 2 teaspoons of ACV to a hot cup of green tea. I sweeten with Sugar in the Raw (turbinado sugar). Add a couple sticks of cinnamon and voila!

Trust me... (1) cup won't be enough. You 'll think you're drinking apple cider and not only are you getting lots of antioxidants, you're lowering your blood pressure, glucose and acidity.

How to Travel With Your Remedies

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Posted by Linda (Ft Lauderdale, FL, USA) on 01/15/2008
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Here's a suggestion for all those folks who write, "What if I go out to dinner with friends- How can I have my ACV/ Baking Soda or other concoction close to hand? I guess I'll just have to run home!

You can make up a tiny travel kit or "night out" kit.

If you are male, check with your women friends about what they use for travelling with makeup, etc. Tell them what you need to carry and ask for suggestions how- We ladies are quite resourceful with this kind of thing :).

I have travelled with a 1-ounce bottle of ACV and a baby food jar of Baking Soda. It takes up almost no room, and is right there when you need it. You don't have to lug a quart jar of ACV out to dinner with you.

It may work for you to place your small kit in the glove compartment of your car on your way out the door (Maybe not a good idea to leave it in there 24/7), or in a manpurse if you carry one. Or in the pocket of your parka.

Just put enough pre-measured in the container for one or two applications. That alleviates the need for measuring.

There are small, flat liquid and solid containers in the cosmetic department of Walmart, other department stores or beauty supply stores which you can use for things like this.

You can use empty, cleaned baby food jars from the grocery for powders. That's just an example. Stick one of baking soda in your glovebox so thsat it's there when you need it.

It's quite possible to get creative and come up with a tiny little, one-or-two application kit which will meet your specific needs.

Just sit down and work it out once and the problem is solved.

Hope this helps someone-


IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

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Posted by Lillian (Chicago, Il) on 05/26/2010
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Have been having severe IBS-D symptoms for the past week and on and off for months--nothing has helped, except sometimes peppermint. Finally decided to give apple cider vinegar a try, since it's so highly thought of. Stirred a tablespoon into a glass of water with a little cinnamon and ground ginger, plus the tiniest drop of honey. Not only was it delicious, but my stomach feels great for the first time today. I hope the good results stay consistent!

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
Posted by KEELY (CHINO VALLEY, ARIZONA) on 05/02/2006
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