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Apple Cider Vinegar ACV, sometimes AVC
Baking Soda BS
Oil Pulling OP
Blackstrap Molasses BSM or BM
Grapefruit Seed Extract GSE
Hydrogen Peroxide H202, HP
Potassium Iodide SSKI
Miracle Medical Supplement MMS


Acid Reflux AR
Bacterial Vaginosis BV
Blood Pressure BP
Clostridium difficile, CDF C. Diff
Fibromyalgia Fibro
Hepatitis C Hep C
Herpes Simplex Virus HSV
High Blood Pressure HPB
Human Papilloma Virus, Genital Warts HPV, GW
Lichen Sclerosus LS
Laryngopharyngeal Reflux LPR
Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus MRSA, Staph
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD
Peptic Ulcer Disease PUD
Rheumatoid Arthritis RA
Urinary Tract Infection UTI
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Apple Cider Vinegar

"Apple Cider Vinegar is a common source of malic acid and acetic acid. Malic acid is sour taste imparted by apple. Acetic acid is same as white distilled vinegar."

Baking Soda

"Sodium bicarbonate. Product name: Arm & Hammer's Baking Soda"

Epsom Salt

"Magnesium Sulfate. Most drug stores sell this as Epsom Salt"

Methylene Blue

"No common names. Is a solution of methylene blue 0.1% the rest is water. Is often a temporary blue staining dye in microscope, is also used as a antidote against cyanide poisoning and an effective treatment against malaria during the Vietnam war. I often use this for Redox balance of the body so the body can maintain stable antioxidant. Is anti-fungal in nature."

Milk of Magnesia

"Magnesium Hydroxide 8% the other 92% is water. Often found in drug store sold as Milk of Magnesia, but should not have aluminum added. Sometimes they add a small amount of peppermint. Is traditionally used as a laxative medicine."


"Made from wood sugar to become polyol sugar. Is found in chewing gum but is not recommended since many gum brands also contain aspartame along with Xylitol, which in present of body enzymes converts into Methanol"

White Distilled Vinegar 

"is actually 5% acetic acid."

Washing Soda

"Sodium carbonate. If this is reacted with a soda water it becomes sodium bicarbonate. Is often found in Arm & Hammer's Washing Soda"


07/29/2010: Keyser Soze from Amsterdam, Holland writes: "Hello everyone, I know in the States you use tablespoons as an amount for the ACV. In Europe we do not, mostly we talk in "ml" Milliliter or 1 tablespoon of sugar. I searched the internet and found out that 1 tbs is 15ml of liquid! A normal size tbs in Europe is 6ml maybe 8ml! So, I think most European people take more than the half of ACV in their home made cocktail. As I read often "it doesn't work". I know there is a lot of misunderstanding between the European and US and English sizes or amounts. Just have a look on this site

I hope that Earthclinic can make this clear on the site. So that it's clear for everyone on this planet. Regards KS, Holland Amsterdam"

02/25/2010: Judy from Meldrim, Georgia writes: "Dear EC: Re: Guidelines:

... it would be good to add to the Guidelines a compilation of general facts about getting EC cures to work if at first they do not seem to.

For example, I have read the following types of cases:

A: the cure did not seem to work until it was tried for a longer time than was posted - but then it did kick in.
Principle: be sure to try a remedy long enough, sometimes longer than is recommended or typical.

B: a cure was said not to have worked because the person's liver was in too bad a shape --- so,
Principle: make sure your liver - or clogged colon or whatever - is fit enough to process the cure. Might need to address that issue first before using a remedy.

C: a cure was reported not to work (it happened to be with the usual ACV amount) until the poster happily reported she upped the amount of the remedy. So,
Principle: is to (cautiously) use more than recommended in some instances.



[WARNING!] 01/21/2009: Rae from Norwich, UK writes,"Minor quibble on the measures. Sometimes tablespoons are used but this is a different measure for Europeans (= 4 teaspoons) and Americans (= 2 teaspoons, I think). Can you clarify which measures you, your readers and Ted are using? If they are American, a European could end up taking twice as much as recommended!"

EC: Thanks, Rae! We looked into this, and it turns out that Europeans and Americans use the same conversion for tablespoons to teaspoons (1T = 3 tsp), but for Australians it's closer to 4tsp. Everyone agrees that 1 teaspoon = 5ml. However, the Australian tablespoon is 20ml, whereas elsewhere (US and UK included) a tablespoon is 15ml. Hope that helps!


2 teaspoons in 8 ounces of water 3x a day.

For allergies, gout attacks, acid reflux, indigestion or heavy meals, heartburn and viruses:
2 Tablespoons in 8 oz of water up to 3x a day.

For day-to-day maintenance, anti-aging and weight loss:
1-2 teaspoons in 16 ounces of water.
Sip constantly to keep pH consistently alkaline.


From Ted:

"The amount of ACV needed to react with baking soda to get to pH level of near 6.5-7.0 depends on the brand of ACV. For my own brand of ACV, it is approximately 50 ml-70 ml per one tablespoon of baking soda. So always start on the low side first!

If you are not used to it, try only 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda - the safest possible mixture assuming 2 tablespoon of ACV in a 250 ml water. Then increase slowly as needed. For tougher cases like Acid Reflux, you can go up to 2 tablespoons but you must start slowly or you will upset your stomach. Most people will not need this much baking soda.

If you have a pH meter handy, it would be more easier go that way and just add enough until it reaches near pH of 7. It is very much dependent on what brand your ACV is generally. Please note that these are approximate figures."


1 TABLESPOON, first thing in the morning.
For anemia or fibroids, try 1 tablespoon 2x a day.

Diabetics should not take molasses because of the high sugar content!


Sore Throat Remedy:

Penny from Fresno, CA writes, "If it is too late, as in strep, it takes gargling with cayenne in water every fifteen minutes until it goes, and be patient, because it GOES. I haven't had a sore throat take hold in 15 years or more, though many have tried to start up, which also is a way for many illnesses to sprout. I generally will gargle cayenne in water at whatever strength I like and do it as much as I can until I tire of it, and then repeat every fifteen minutes, each time swallowing a tiny bit real slowly (not necessary). It only stings the tongue a little when spitting out, otherwise, no discomfort, you can get used to even the swallowing part when you see how well it works. I use the cheap Mexican stuff, but also keep on hand in refrigerator the pesticide free stuff from health store.


1TB after every meal 3x daily
Caution -- side effects include severe gas!


"Cold Water Massage Therapy is the one of the healthiest and inexpensive of therapies. Simply massage the body with almond oil before taking a shower. Shower in cold water [approximately 3 minutes] until your body temperature rises and no longer feels cold, but toasty and warm. Make sure the bathroom is heated. Never get out of a cold shower into a cold room."


"Soak 2 cloths or hankerchiefs in egg whites and put on the soles of the feet (cover with socks). The egg whites instantaneously start to draw the temperature DOWN from the brain (where it is dangerous) to the feet (where it can do no damage). After that incident my mom used this method successfully every time I had high temp. If no eggs are on hand, chopped onion or chopped potato can be applied to feet instead, although egg whites are the fastest method.

The egg whites are also a miracle cure for minor and more severe burns. Soak or coat affected area in egg white. While the egg white is still wet you will feel no pain from the burn. As soon as it dries up the pain comes back so reapplication is necessary. This also prevents scarring from the burn."

"Quick note: the egg whites are useless once they dry up, which can be rather quickly if the temp is high. The feet get very hot and the egg whites can literally COOK! You must check and REAPPLY as many times as necessary until the temp is back to normal. Don't give up after one application, it will work but the egg whites must be WET. My mom usually reapplied once or twice but you can keep going in case of a stubborn fever."

More info here.


2 cups V8 Juice
2-3 cloves Garlic crushed (use more if you can)
2 T Lemon Juice Hot Sauce (the more the better, so as much as you can handle)

Mix and heat in a pan or in the microwave. Sip slowly and re-warm as needed to get the full effects of the fumes. Let it sit in the back of your throat to bathe it. Suck the fumes through your sinuses and also down into your lungs. Its all natural and healthy, so drink as much of it as you want or need until you are SURE the infection is gone. This is past the time when you "feel better."

This appears to be the best recipe, but from the comments, people often don't have the right ingredients. Don't let that hold you back. Use whatever you have available. Below are some substitutes that may not work as well or as fast, but will still help. I've listed them by their likely effectiveness:

Substitutes: V8 Juice - tomato juice, vegetable juice, canned or fresh tomatoes crushed, tomato soup (if really desperate, try another kind of fruit juice, vegetable soup or even chicken soup . you're aiming for high Vit C content) Garlic - garlic in olive oil, dehydrated garlic, garlic salt (aiming for the strong anti-bacterial/fungal effects) Lemon Juice - Fresh lemons, bottled juice, limes, lime juice, oranges, frozen lemonade Hot Sauce - ANY kind of hot sauce works, fresh hot peppers, cayenne pepper, dried pepper flakes (if really desperate, try horseradish, black pepper or even mustard . you're aiming for the highly anti-bacterial/fungal properties of capricin which is found in hot peppers, and its effectiveness at clearing out the sinuses.)"

More info here


First thing in the morning, before brushing your teeth, eating or drinking, take 1 TBSP of either sesame or sunflower oil. Put the oil in your mouth, tilt your chin up and slowly swish, suck, chomp and pull through the teeth. Do this for at least 10 minutes. 15 - 20 minutes is better. You want the oil to become a thin, white foam when you finally spit it out. If it's still yellow, you haven't done it long enough.

You can do this 2 more times during the day if you want to detox faster. Make sure you do it on an empty stomach, however. Spit it out in the toilet when your mouth is full and rinse your mouth out well.

Follow by drinking 2 - 3 glasses of water.


1 teaspoon of ground turmeric in 8 oz of water 2x or 3x a day for acne, allergies, pain, arthritis.

For diarrhea, boils, MRSA, staph infections, Hidradenitis Suppurativa: 1 tablespoon in 8 oz of water 2x or 3x a day.

Note: If you buy capsules, please read the ingredients carefully! Some brands contain fillers that cause side effects.


01/21/2009: Gregg from Evanston, IL writes: "volume conversion tool:

I have noticed many people asking how to convert volumes from milliliter to ounce, etc. The easiest way is thru google. Just open, in the search box enter, for example: "ml to oz" or "300 ml to oz" for a direct conversion. Can use any measure e.g., liters, cups, tsp. Also converts units of length, mass, time. Great tool, super easy. Note that it will also perform straight math, e.g. "2.5*4+6"=16

Thanks for the great site!"



As gains readership, we are receiving more emailed Reader Testimonials from manufacturers. These emails are quite hilarious at times. We have included a few below for your viewing pleasure.

Another marketing ploy consists of sending testimonials that don't mention a product name but contain certain keywords in the email. The manufacturer wants our readers to plug these keywords into a search engine and voila! that company’s ad or website will pop up at the top.


"...I bought a book called _______ that I have been using to solve a few of my ailments. I use the recommended dosage that is suggested in the book, but I can't remember what it is."


"...I just got the free book ________ which tells you all the natural remedies to cure acid reflux. It is free, you just have to pay $18.00 for shipping and handling! Get the book at: [ -].


"...Please make sure you use the ______ brand ACV with THE MOTHER, because the store brand really was ineffective... "


"My Dr. (at a very well known medical organization), asked that I not tell anyone that he told me to try this instead of the prescription he could have given. Apparently the prescription stuff takes just as long to work, approx. 3 mos., and cost a lot more and has bad side effects on other organs in your body. The ________ every night before bed rubbed on toes, covered with socks and WOW! What a find... Renewed my faith in my doctor as well."

Needless to say, PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH regarding these products! Have a healthy skepticism any time a particular product is mentioned in one of the posts. If you can, test different products/brands and decide for yourself which one is the best. As of April 15, 2007, we are requesting on our Contact Us Page to please NOT mention product names or books in feedback posts unless it is a unique or difficult to find product. If you discover an obvious plug for a particular product on this site, please flag the post and we will delete the posting. We want this site to remain neutral.



An email reporting an adverse side effect from a totally harmless remedy, aimed to scare your pants off so you don't try any home remedies. (For examples, please read the NAY posts on the bloodroot page. Apple Cider Vinegar for genital warts is another recent target.)


An email which states, "I am a toxicologist" or "I am a medical doctor" at the beginning and then goes on to give a negative opinion about one of the remedies on the site. (See the bloodroot page.)


An email from a supposed holistically-minded individual who suggests that the FDA will shut our site down if we don't start removing the word "cure" from these pages.


A scientifically complex but nonsensical email about the terrible side-effects one might suffer from a particular remedy. Hydrogen Peroxide is one remedy they typically go after.


Even though we have been "live" since 1999, we only started to date emails a few years ago. Oops! You see, we never thought the site would grow this big OR this popular. Suffice it to say, anytime you see a post that has no date, assume it arrived prior to September 2005. Yeah, that's right, sometime between 1999 and 2005. Not too much of a stretch in the big scheme of things...

We added this option mid-February 2007. Before that we were mostly concerned with reader privacy and did not post anyone's email address unless they specifically asked (which never happened). However, after we received a handful of emails asking for various posters’ email addresses, we wisely decided we would let people choose whether or not they wanted to display their email addresses.

Please Note!
11/5/2009: As of mid-October, 2009 email addresses are no longer be visible on the site unless they are added to individual posts. We have disabled the "display my email address" option because of a recent spam issue.

We used to recommend on our Contact Us page that people slightly alter their email addresses to thwart automated robots searching the site for spam targets. The alteration of email addresses is also useful for privacy when it comes to search engine publication as well.

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