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ACV and Tap Water
Posted by Hawk120 (New Canaan, Ct) on 02/27/2010
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My grandfather has long touted ACV for a variety of remedies-we all used to laugh but now he's 87 so I'm starting to believe him! I have one concern though with the ACV general tonic that people may not realize. I have city water (chlorinated and fluoridated) in my home, and when I added the tap water to the 2 tsp ACV I noticed a lot of very fine bubbling and a very light smoke.

I'm not a chemist, but remember how they say not to mix chlorine bleach and acid (including vinegar) because it will produce toxic chlorine gas? Is this happening with my tap water on a smaller scale!?

EC: Yikes! That doesn't happen here in Atlanta suburbs! I have relatives in your area and will have to ask them to test this too.