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Posted by Sharonicus (Jacksonville, Fl) on 03/15/2012
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Side effect of ACV- I started taking a couple teaspoons of ACV in water to help with my TERRIBLE allergies (itchy eyes, sinus headache, etc. ) Before I began taking the vinegar, I had suffered from a yeast infection and later found out I was allergic to a certain brand of toilet paper. I lost the TP and the infection cleared. However, after taking the ACV, I got a bad rash again and the yeast symptoms returned very severely. The vaginal rash was red, raised, puffy, sore- gross. To treat the infection, I used sitz baths (as I usually do) using ACV, salt and sometimes peroxide. (Not all at once! In different baths. ) The ACV baths caused inflammation to the rash like I had not experienced before. Now I have stopped taking the ACV and the rash is slowly subsiding. I think I must be allergic to the ACV?! I feel like a lot of people who report negative side effects on here are shot down, sometimes quite harshly. The truth is not everything works for everyone. I can eat mango, while my friend will suffer greatly from it. But I would never say to him "how can you say mango is bad for you? Look how delicious it is for me!" In the same way, ACV may not work positively for everyone. I would love to hear back from anyone who has had a yeast infection CAUSED by ACV. I am not 100% sure of the correlation, but the evidence points to it. When I am free of the rash, I may try taking the ACV again, just to see if the rash comes back- then I would know for sure.

To address anyone who will say I eat poorly or whatever- I eat almost only whole foods, assorted vegetables, whole grains, organic egg for breakfast, very limited fruit intake, extremely limited dairy intake (only a little cheese sometimes), I take probiotics, and only a very occasional aspirin. I also run/walk/jog at least 40-60 minutes every day.

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Posted by Beth (London, Uk) on 09/14/2011
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ACV - nay. Gave me a headache every time I've tried it.

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Posted by Peggy (Santee, California, United States) on 06/11/2011
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So I started drinking the ACV in water two days ago and I've since had terrible gas. ????????????

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Posted by Maple65 (Vancouver, Bc, Canada) on 02/01/2011
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I have been reading the posts on apple Cider Vinegar- About 14 years ago , to lose weight I started taking ACV a tablespoon in my food. I had never ever had any problems with my joints or limbs or any other health issues-i must have taken ACV for about a year , not much effect on losing weight but after a year or so I was expereincing pain in my knee joints and it started to get worse over the years- To cut a long story short, I had to get an MRI done and was told , I had to have atropscopy to correct the problem-To go back many years , my mother related what had happened to her school friend many years ago, -She said ths girl was obese and had started taking a wine glass full of malt vinegar to lose weight, maybe she over did it, but she started losing not just body fat but her bones were brittle and she had to be hospitalized and the docs told her mother that she had lost a lot of bone marrow, to say the least, other complication developed and this girl lost her life.

I dont know if the reason was ACV or what? I have just related to what happend to me- I have as yet not recovered from the bad knee and had another surgery this time with atroscopy with micro fracture, this was to start the stem cells to kick in- Well it did not help at all and maybe in a few years will have to go for a knee replacement- The other knee is also painful but has had no surgery

This post is to RELATE my experience, I may be wrong but then I thought of sharing it with all of you-Thanks