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Effective Natural Treatments for Pet Tumors: A Guide

Castor Oil, Turmeric

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Posted by KittyJunkie (New Mexico) on 08/11/2021 6 posts


So I posted a while back about my cat that has an open, ulcerated tumor on her belly that I have been treating now for over a month. I don't appear to be having good success with my treatments, as the tumor isn't healing as it should. I learned here that I can use castor oil on an open wound and its benefits. I also learned about turmeric and its benefits.

So here is what I've been doing, hopefully, someone can help me figure out why this is not working!

  • Daily, I clean the wound using some warm water with one drop of dawn blue dish soap and a clean cloth to gently press up onto the wound to try to clean up the previous day's castor oil solution.
  • I then spray some peroxide on the wound and let it bubble for a minute or two.
  • I blot it with a clean paper towel and then spray it liberally with my homemade colloidal silver.
  • I then mix about a tablespoon of castor oil with approximately 1/16th of a teaspoon of organic turmeric root powder.
  • I apply the castor/turmeric mixture to a clean sterile wound pad that I've sprayed down with colloidal silver.
  • I slip the pad over the wound on her belly and secure it with strips of vet wrap (Not tightly! ) around her body just enough to hold it in place and put her in a baby onesie.

It's been a month now, and there is still an infection that I can see on the surface of the tumor that is grayish/green/white in color. The tumor has a crevasse in the middle that I try to get the castor oil into. The surrounding edges of the tumor itself have small red sores that don't seem to be healing at all. I will say, that the tumor has grown a little bit in circumference since it burst open and since I've been treating it this way.

Can someone help me with this, or give me some advice on my treatment or how I SHOULD be treating this? I feel like there should be more clear evidence of healing by now. Thank you!

Replied by Teena
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My son had an open fleshy wound normally I would just put raw honey over it but infection was visible. So I put turmeric and castor oil, it was paste consistency. Until the wound was clear of pus (two days) then I did turmeric, castor oil and honey. It was healing well with just the turmeric and castor oil and that's what I would be using since she will lick it and that's good for the turmeric but because of the tumor I'd avoid the sugar. I'd try and give other supplements (colloidal silver) orally, rather than topically, especially the turmeric will be beneficial. I'd also be trying to get comfrey into her because it's so good to quickly heal open wounds such as you describe. And I'd incorporate raw eggs into her diet for easy nutrient absorption and lysine. I'd drop the Dawn and only wash with warm water.

Replied by Art
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Kitty Junkie,

When you apply hydrogen peroxide and blot it to remove excess moisture and then apply true colloidal silver, the residual hydrogen peroxide will cause the silver to fall out of suspension and render it ineffective. Applying colloidal silver with castor oil, the castor oil may coat the silver particles again rendering the ineffective.

In order for colloidal silver to be effective at wound healing, it must remain wet for maximal healing in the shortest amount of time. So creating an appropriate sized pad for the wound that is thick enough to hold enough CS and then placed on the wound and then wrap the pad multiple times in place with an Ace flexible bandage would be a way to get the most benefit from the colloidal silver. Try to use a long enough Ace wrap to completely cover the pad and hold it in place. Replace the pad every 12 hours and rewet as needed to keep the pad wet to speed the healing process of the wound. Keeping the pad wet also helps minimize bacterial resistance to the CS.

You can sprinkle the pad with curcumin before applying the pad to the wound, but topical curcumin stains anything it comes in contact with and can be messy.


Replied by Katzie

You could buy Conforming Bandages for your cat if they are cheaper.

I would ditch the turmeric topically and start giving it to her internally instead, via sneaking it into her food, turmeric milk or eye-dropper to the back of her mouth. It could do more there and it wouldn't stain a thing!

Castor Oil Packs are amazingly healing )instructions on this site). They have never failed me or family.

After I pull the pack off, I would leave the oil in the area, then sprinkle baking soda on top, cover with gauze and then a conforming bandage or vet strips. I would do this 2x/day, morning and night.

Pure White Vinegar is another go-to! Been trying to heal a cut for 3 days, was about to use the C.O.P. on it, but first tried soaking it for 10 mins in the vinegar, undiluted (this did not sting my infected cut). After that it healed quickly. Sometimes simple is the best.

You could also use that eye-dropper I mentioned earlier to get some water/juice of 1 lime or lemon, 1/4tsp baking soda mixture in her, too. Mix in water glass and see how much she will drink. Bad things cannot live in an alkaline environment so I would help this along.

Please do update us on your fur baby.

Replied by KittyJunkie
(New Mexico)
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Castor Oil & Turmeric ---Update!

So, on the advice of someone, I switched to applying just straight castor oil to the belly tumor. I tried to give the turmeric in the food, but she wasn't having any of that! Apparently, she can tell if there is even the slightest amount in her food...refusal!! The tumor is disintegrating (rotting?) into small, thin, gray pieces of flesh that come off when I clean it. There is still a smell, but considering what is happening, I'm not surprised.

I've started giving her shark cartilage and 2-3 ml of aloe vera juice (inner filet) in her food as well. My poor kitty is also experiencing muscle wasting in her back legs, but I don't know how to stop or reverse that if possible. She can still walk and has strength but is just very skinny. I'm hoping that once the castor oil has done its job, that there will be some healthy flesh appearing soon on her belly.

Any advice as to what to do once the ragged edges of the tumor are healing? Do I keep it covered? I want to deter her from chewing at that area, that's why I have to keep her in a onesie, she will tear at the wound.

(Illinois, USA)
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Hey Kitty Junkie! It's so good to hear good news!! It's one of the things I love about this place!!

Since she's already wearing a onesie, you could put a waterproof patch in it and soak some cotton in colloidal silver and lay it across it. And you can leave that on for several days, as the silver will kill any "yuckiness" before it can even get started.

Colloidal silver is amazing. If you put it on a bandaid and cover just part of a bad cat scratch, where the puncture is, that part will heal practically overnight and leave you with two smaller scratches on either side of the bandage which - if you're an experimenter - is way more cool than it sounds. You could also put some in her water - which I think people might want to do for all of their pets, anyway - personally. Not only will it attack infection from inside, but the water stays fresh and kills any mosquito eggs that might get laid in it.

It's the silver they would normally get from live, natural, running water sources and that most people and pets probably aren't getting at all. It doesn't take much to stop fungal, viral or bacterial growth and will slowly resolve them and any damage they may have done. Plus, if you just use small amounts, you probably won't even notice the herx effects. There might be a sniffle, a little rash or some loose stools from something the body's keeping locked up to prevent it from doing serious damage, but nothing really uncomfortable.

It can be used as a remedy but it's actually a vital nutrient. In fact, it's been discovered that with at least 30 previous days of supplementation, it greatly increases its effectiveness when one uses it against a viral load that exceeds the capacity of the smaller amounts one is taking. And that's just the more virulent pathogens that can survive it well enough to breed and become an issue - which most can't. As one researcher remarked, there was nothing in the 650+ pathogens they threw at it that could survive it.

In nature, without all of the jackboot damage, nearly all ground water sources would provide minute amounts of it for all man-friendly life on earth.

Castor, Coconut and Olive Oils

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Posted by marvincjr (New Mexico, USA) on 06/22/2023

Miracle oil for Rectal Mass Tumors in Dogs

My 15 pound male Shi-Tzu mix, Mr. B., who will be 17 years old on his next birthday, was diagnosed with Benign Rectal Mass Tumors about 10 years ago. I had seen them on his anus even three or four years prior but they were small and I thought they were scar tissue from a previous surgery on his anal glands so I didn't follow up. A new vet we saw for regular care, diagnosed them as Benign Rectal Mass Tumors when Mr. B was in for a routine visit. Dr. A, removed the tumor taking approximately 25% of the anal ring with it and explaining that if it ever recurred, removal would most likely cause fecal incontinence.

Within five years he did indeed suffer a recurrence and the tumor grew to be an external protrusion about the size of a golf ball. Several veterinarians I consulted, while desperately seeking a remedy, informed me that the tumor was too large to remove and that it would eventually block his rectum and stop his ability to defecate and I would have to have him put down. This little dog is my life and I was not willing to allow that to happen without exhausting every possible effort to heal him. About that time I found a book at Natural Grocer's on the wonders of Castor Oil for my self and was surprised to find that it has been shown to be effective on tumors. After researching further I began to use a rubber glove to put the oil on Mr. B's large ugly anal tumor every day. It began to continuously shed a layer of bloody mucus and for a while it was difficult because of the mess. I had to cover furniture and bedding with sheets to prevent everything from getting soiled with the mess. However, the tumor stopped growing and after about a year of using pure castor oil, and dealing with the mess, the tumor developed a pit in one side and began to drain an unpleasant smelling fluid. Fearing that I may be causing him unnecessary pain, as he began to lick it intently several times a day, I continued to research other oils and I decided to do some experimenting. I mixed:

1 Tablespoon of Pure Castor Oil (Very important to buy hexane free Castor oil)

1 Tablespoon of Virgin Coconut oil, and

1 Tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive oil together. I stored it in the refrigerator and used the mix up about every 3-4 weeks with daily application using a small amount each day on a gloved finger to coat the tumor.

My thinking after much meditation on the study I'd been doing was that the Castor oil by itself was very effective but may be causing the discomfort my buddy was experiencing and I wondered if mixing these three oils might make it gentler, and possibly even more effective as each have unique healing properties of their own when used separately. Sure enough, the constant draining and sloughing of the tumor slowed down, my buddy seemed more comfortable and I had less mess to contend with. I researched the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of Turmeric and found a formula for Golden Paste (find the recipe in the FaceBook Users group called Turmeric User's Group (TUG). You will have to join this user group (free) to get the recipe but it is well worth it to read the anecdotal experiences and research presented on the uses of Turmeric.

After researching this, I decided that the anti-inflammatory qualities of Turmeric would be a good addition to my 3 oil blend, so I cooked the Golden Paste, following their recipe to the letter, and then took a tablespoon of my 3 oil mix and mixed it with a tablespoon of the golden paste and began using that for the daily application, remixing fresh as I used it up in small daily applications. Within a few months the tumor was no longer visible from the outside... remember it was a golf ball sized ugly red mass before.

My vet was amazed as she and the Consulting Vet they had referred me to, had basically told me this condition was going to kill him. Once she saw how the tumor had shrunk, she actually asked me for the recipe so that she could give it to several of her other dog patient/owners who also had inoperable Benign Rectal Mass Tumors. She calls Mr. B her miracle dog now when we visit. Recently an exam revealed that the tumor has grown again inside and he has had some difficulty in defecating again. So, I have begun his treatment again on a daily basis. I had slipped out of the daily routine and was only applying it on occasion when I thought of it and this may explain his recurrence. Now I'm back to every day and hoping for the same results again.

I believe this 3 oil blend, that I call my Miracle Oil, may benefit other dogs with tumors so wanted to share my anecdotal evidence. Of course I am not a Veterinarian, and I offer this only for information of an Educational nature and I assume no responsibility or liability in the use of this information. Anecdotally, and objectively, I can tell you that the tumor disappeared from view while I was using this oil on the tumor daily with the golden paste. There are undoubtedly those who will say it was coincidental, they may be right but my dog is alive five years after I was told I'd soon have to put him to death. That is enough for me. I know that much research on other dogs with these tumors must be done to definitively prove that this oil blend was what did the trick but I will continue to use it until that research is done. It is a cheap effort to save one that you love and clearly has done no harm in my case. Of course, each dog owner must accept responsibility for how they treat their pets and the problems they have but this has been very useful to me. Also, please note, that while my vet was very supportive of my trying anything, since they had no solutions they could apply, I would never suggest that this or any other natural, or home remedy, should exclude regular consults with a qualified Veterinarian, I can say I'm glad I didn't let my little buddy die several years ago when they gave him no hope.

He has now also developed a fatty tumor on his belly and I am rubbing the three oil blend without the turmeric golden paste onto this fatty mass daily. No change yet but I'm hopeful.

Just today my cat was diagnosed with a Fibrosarcoma. The vet says it is an invasive malignant tumor that would be impossible to completely remove in our case. She offered little hope from a surgical standpoint but I began treating him with pure castor oil as soon as we got home a few hours ago and will apply twice daily until I begin to see results. The pure Castor Oil is what I'll use for the time being until I see results. Eventually the 3 blend may be something I'll switch to but I'm not willing to give up as easily as that on my cat friend either. I'll post an update in the future on the cat's progress.

Replied by Oona

I saved my cat and gave him 3 years of quality life using Dexomethosone (powerful steroid) and strong CBD oil dosages, plus saline sub Q every day for 3 months. The emergency vets told me he was in kidney failure, with a Bun/Cr. of 6. Slowly over the next few months of prayer and treatment, that Bun/Cr dropped to? 2!!! 2 is high normal function for an old cat. I knew he'd eventually hit the wall, but with fluids and love that cat got 3 years of quality life. Shortly after we moved to Florida, he got worse and started down hill I believe he had contracted something outside bacterial that finished his heart and kidneys off. The vet here would not treat him as my old vet with the Dexomethsone, Abx and CBD. I think we could have recovered him had I started treatment in Nov. when he first showed issues. Nonetheless, he did get 3 years of life and the vets were astounded at his numbers AND the fact he didn't go on to develop kidney cancer till the very end... they told me I'd put him into remission WITHOUT using harsh chemos. Since that time I've learned of Fenbendazole, Curcumin, and CBD oil being used for cancer cure... see Joe Tippens....

Replied by Melissa

Hello, checking to see if you have an update on your pack? My dog has multiple growths and mast cells and my cat was just diagnosed with inoperable primary lung cancer with spread to lymph nodes. I'm curious how things are going with you.

Cayenne Pepper and Salt

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Posted by Vince (Philadelphia) on 02/05/2007

Don't think I told you that Diablo had had a growth on his lower back, near his hips that Looked BAD. It was like cauliflower on a stalk. It was small but looked dangerous. I put some moistened cayenne and salt on it. It didn't bother him at first, but later I saw him lick it. A few days later it was Gone, never to return. I don't know if he bit it off, or it shrunk and shriveled. You have to try things, and figure the best way to use it.

Replied by Christine

Did your dog have a cysts or tumor? Mine has a tumor on her foot. It's huge and infected. Was your dog's pretty small or big?


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Posted by BW (Nemo, TX) on 02/27/2022

CBD for Pets (Dogs, mostly) with Tumors, Lymphomas, Cancers

I have not seen mention of this on the site for pets with tumors, lymphomas, cancers and such, so I want to include it for reference: do a search on YouTube for "dog lymphoma cbd". You will find many videos from owners who helped their dog (and sometimes cats) by giving them cbd oil.

Replied by Rhonda
33 posts

right now I have been giving him our CBD oil and a Homeopathic remedy, eye and upper respiratory . From Only Natural Pet. or Amazon.

p.s. Darth is moving around more also.

Chlorine Dioxide

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Posted by L (HI) on 08/07/2021

Try chlorine dioxide for your dog, it works on tumors but takes time, you will see benefits immediately, also topically several times a day using 10 drops (activated) in 1 oz water, spray as often as you can. Orally start with one drop diluted, increase according to weight.

Replied by Maryland

is there a brand you can recommend?

Replied by Roxanne
(West Virginia)

My five-year-old Maltese has a mass on her spleen I've been using turmeric and curcumin paste daily in her food it has started to shrink her stomach is still distended though I've been thinking about using chlorine dioxide to completely cure her and get rid of these tumors she weighs 13.5 pounds I don't know how much to use if you know the ratio would you please help and let me know I'm trying to completely heal and shrink these masses on her spleen . Thank you.

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Helen (Christchurch, New Zealand.) on 07/01/2012

Thankyou so much for this site. I found out about coconut oil on this site but have some suggestions based on my experience of it. I am using it for my old golden retriever to help extend his life as he is in heart failure(also on diuretics and Vetmedin). The coconut oil makes him more energetic, and I believe helps his old joints but the most noticable effect is it makes his "old dog lumps" resolve, even ones he has had for years. He is lump free at the age of 16. I tried the extra virging cold pressed coconut oil but it didn't help my own rheumatism and seemed to help my dog less too. I have also noticed my nasal polyps have suddenly gone. When I stop the coconut oil my retriever grows new lumps but they are gone within two weeks of starting the coconut oil again. I am also using coconut oil to prevent seizures for my red boarder collie/ blue healer cross. In his first year of life he has had at least four grand-mal seizures, which honey rubbed on his gums brings him out of. Hopefully the coconut oil will keep him seizure free. Coconut oil is amazing.

Replied by Marie

Question for the coconut oil. You give the dog coconut oil to eat? and how much? or how often?

Replied by Vcn
(Mesa, Usa)

Yes, coconut oil is excellent for dog's health. I use it to cook my dog's meal. A popular Holistic vet near us recommends not to use olive oil for dogs b/c it disrupts their digestive system.

Replied by Cj
(Gr Mi)

My furry boy was just diagnosed with a tumor Friday. It is pressing down on his brain stem. They think it is a Choroid plexus tumor. I have been reading for some kind of help for him and right now am drained. He just turned 9. He is 42 pound dachshund/cocker rescue baby. They put him on Steroids to see if that will help shrink around the tumor. I have been reading things today that say it will actually shrink the tumor. He has had four doses of the Steroid meds and was doing better yesterday. He stayed awake all day and into the late night. Today he is making noises as though he is uncomfortable but yet he likes to go out and walk and is wagging his tail and licking me as he has done. Coconut oil is mentioned, I've read and heard hydrogen peroxide will help. I am now so confused and I feel as though time is not on my side. Can anyone help me with what I can do for him please? Doses etc? As with the peroxide. I don't know how much to give him. Please help? Thank you, CJ

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey CJ!

Start by reading up on the Earth Clinic brain tumor page:


Given the weight of your dog the nutritional doses in the formulas on the tumor page could reasonably be halved.

The linking to topics is goofy - but this is posted on the real time page for you also:

12/09/2013: Rsw from Uniontown, Oh replies: "The best person to know how to help your dog is Skip Lenz, a pharmacist and PhD. http://www.skipspharmacy.com/wplog/pets-vets/. He knows the most about low dose naltrexone for pets and how to compound it properly. He will work with your vet to find the best path to follow. He ships all over the world. You can call and talk to him yourself. He is very devoted to helping animals. Best wishes.

Replied by Lily
(Mississippi, US)

How to you administer naltrexone to the dogs? Do you rub it on the spots or give it to them orally? if so, how do you get them to eat it?

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Lily!

I have no first hand experience with naltrexone but I did some research for you.

If you have it in liquid form, you can add water and draw it up in a syringe and drip that into your dog's mouth. If you have a tablet then hide it in some cream cheese or other soft food.

I hope this helps!

Replied by Nayibe
(Raleigh, N.c.)

Hi Theresa: You already helped me with Bailey allergies. She is doing great. I took her to the vet. today and in spite she found her better. She did a cytology on two tumors that she has on her mammary glands. Of course I don't know the results yet. But I have been reading all the posts about tumor and cysts home remedies on this page. What is your advice at this point. The only thing she told me was to change her food. 75% vegetables and 25% protein only mackerel, mixed with turmeric and cayenne pepper just a little bit. Can I start the castor oil ? I will keep you informed. Thank you again.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Nayibe!

Fingers crossed for the results of the cytology!

If this were my dog I would brew up Essiac tea and use it as a fluid to soak the kibble. And while castor oil can be taken internally - USP and BP grades can be taken internally, but have a laxative effect - you might have an easier time of it doing an oil pack; you wrap the area with the castor oil pack and let it sit for around an hour and then remove: the pack can be reused a few times. You should seek out high quality castor oil if possible as the regular drug store stuff doesn't pack the same punch.

I can see you doing the oil pack on your girl's belly, and giving her a nice chewy to distract her for a while. She gets the benefit of the castor oil pack and cleans her teeth to boot.

Can your girl have beef? I like to feed beef ribs or beef neck bones; I pop them in a 350 over for half an hour or so, just to the meat on the outside is browned and tasty but the bone is still very much raw on the inside. Feed the bone only when she is in the wrap, so the wrap = good stuff, and then take it away after the hour is up so she doesn't gnaw off more calcium than she can comfortably process ;-)

Replied by Nayibe Guarin
(Raleigh, N.c.)

Hi Theresa: No results yet about Bailey. I will start the castor oil packs and also the food. Thank you again and I will let you know about her results.

Replied by Nayibe
(Raleigh, NC)

Good morning Theresa. I replied to you yesterday in another conversation. I don't know if you already received it. I told you that vet called me yesterday with bad news. She said that the tumors are malignant. I am devastated and confused. I already started with the castor oil, turmeric and I bought the essiac tea. I don't know what to do. What is the best for her at this moment. The vet wants to remove the tumors. I told her I will call her back. I don't even ask how much it will cost me. I can't afford it. Is the removal necessary? Please help me to do the right thing for Bailey. Thank you thank you. God Bless.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Nayibe!

I got the bad news and did reply. The best way to find my replies is to go to the PETS tab and then select "Latest Pet Posts". This brings you all the recent conversations and just scroll down -you may need to go to the next page via the bottom tab, but all the latest posts should show if you visit the 'Latest Pet Posts'.

I copied and pasted my reply from earlier today - take a peek, in particular read the link about Bernie, and then check back please. I will have more on Thursday.

Here is the reply from earlier today:

Re: Cat With Fibrosarcoma From Vaccine

Wed, 01 Apr 15 11:18:53 -0500

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 04/01/2015

Hey Nayibe!

I am sorry to hear the biopsies revealed cancer :-(

You and Bailey have been together for quite some time; now is the time to really turn inward and turn the inner ears on. I say that because IF Bailey is going to leave you soon, it is important to know that her leaving is part of the plan, part of Bailey's solution to a problem that you may not be able to articulate, and the natural progression of her soul path. So in your natural attempt to keep her with you, please listen - and give permission for her to leave when the time does come, as all of us must do one day.

Now, a plan of action:

Essiac Tea - Om has much info on this tea, there is the original and then the knock offs, so get the original and brew it and add to her food 3x day or so.

Chaga - steep it and add to food as you do the Essiac. Read up on Chaga:


Read up on EC how Chaga helped a Beagle with mammary cancer [scroll down]:


Castor Oil pack/wrap - you have the info on this already, this seems very promising IMHO.

One thing to also consider - this thinking outside the box - is putting mind over matter and the laying on of hands. Consider EFT:


Consider Tellington Ttouch:

http://www.healthharmonyvistas.com/tellingtontouch.htm [scroll down and read about Bernie's tumors please - *many* good ideas]

And it never hurts to hold and hug and say a prayer and ask for healing.

{{{{{{{{{{{Nayibe & Bailey}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Replied by Nayibe Guarin
(Raleigh, NC)

Hi Theresa. I read your response this morning and I went and bought the essiac tea. I am preparing it. I also have done the castor oil packs. I couldn't find chaga , but I need to go to another store tomorrow. What is your opinion on the surgery. I don't understand the fact that bailey is fine , she is happy, eating good. running happy as never before. Could this be happenning to her? Thank you for all you do,

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Nayibe!

I have typed out lengthy responses on how I have both done the surgery and in other cases chosen against the surgery and they end up being 6 pages long. So the short version:

If Bailey were my girl, I would not do the surgery; the reality is that chances are great that the mammary tumors will not grow faster than she ages, meaning something else will likely be the cause of her eventual demise rather than the mammary cancer.

She is feeling good right now, so why screw that up by making her recover from surgery and anesthesia? The anesthesia, particularly at this age, is a huge hit to her immune system which in turn allows for other conditions such as yeast to get way out of control.

I would monitor the lumps; if they quadruple in size in the next 6 months I would revisit the idea of surgery, but for now with the Essiac and castor oil packs know that you ARE doing something and these are huge in terms of fighting any cancer and boosting her immune system to fight should this become a battle.

Do visit the Tellington Ttouch link on Bernie and about the cancer fighting supplements they used - you might get some ideas there too.

Keep us posted on Bailey please!

Replied by Nayibe
(Raleigh, N.c.)

Good morning Theresa. Some updates about Bailey. The vet took a chest x-ray yesterday and the good news is that it doesn't have spread. She said that she will consult with a pet oncologist to see what is Bailey's prognosis. she insisted in removing those cysts to avoid spreading . I also read your opinion about it. I am very confused at this moment I don't know what is the best for her. Remove or not remove them. She gave her Free and Easy Wanderer and Mammary PMG. I am also giving her the essiac tea, and the CC with flax seed oil and putting castor oil with turmeric on her tumors. The are real small. I know I need patience. Please Theresa help me to make a decision . Thank you again.

Hi Theresa . I forgot to mention that the vet said that she would use local anesthesia. Does it make any difference on Baileys skin reaction to it?. Thank you

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Nayibe!

From what has been prescribed, it sounds like you have a smart and savvy vet. Given that, and that she feels strongly on her approach to treatment, I would choose to follow her advice.

The tumors are hard and tiny and have not spread, and your vet can do local anesthesia [as opposed to general, where they are completely knocked out], and Bailey is in otherwise good shape, I think it would be reasonable to remove the tumors. The thinking for NOT removing them is that it could well be the tumors never pose a problem during the rest of Bailey's life - it could well be that Bailey passes of old age and not due to any complication from mammary cancer. But you have a competent vet who is savvy and who uses both western and alternative approaches to healing, I would not have a problem following your vet's advice in removing these small tumors.

About my concerns over anesthesia. The main thing I do not like about the *general* anesthesia is that it takes a while for the body to filter it out, and I have noticed changes in my animals when they have been knocked out - their hair coat turns dull, they got flaky and dry skin; the Free and Easy Wanderer is liver support so this is just what the doctor ordered [literally! ]. The other thing about knocking them out completely is that the skeleton relaxes to the point where joints will subluxate, so your dog gets knocked out with the bones in the right places, but can wake up with bones all out of wack and in need of a chiropractic adjustment. With the local anesthesia there is less of a tendency for Bailey waking out of it with bones all out of wack; her body will still need to filter out the anesthesia drug, but she will be on liver support and that makes me feel so much better about it :-).

Replied by Nayibe
(Raleigh, N.c.)

Thank you, Theresa. I will keep you updated on Bailey's health. God Bless you.

Replied by Barb
(Fort Dodge, Ia)

How much do you use for tumors and seizures in dogs? How do you get it in them? Thank you.

Replied by Janet
(Knoxville, Tennessee)

How is coconut oil administered to cats. What is dosage? Did (grey & black tabby 13 yrs. he has mass under tongue (vet doesn't know if it's cancer or benign. He's always been active mostly outdoor cat. He is now having difficulty eating. What would. Dosage administered be and how?

Replied by Nikki

Did you treat your cat with coconut oil? My cat has throat tumor. looking for more remedies to add to DMSO, Colloidal silver, bloodroot and artemisinin. Just found out yesterday it was a tumor and it needs to shrink soon so she can eat and breathe normally so far breathing is OK but we have to shrink this thing for her to eat. We put a feeding tube in, so I can get any supplements into her easily now as well as food of my choice (lots of raw organ meat, and organic raw meats). Thank you!

Replied by Teresa
(Henry, California)

Do I feed the coconut oil to my dog or rub it on the spots?

Replied by Marie
(Ontario, Canada)

Is the coconut oil used internally or externally and how much would you use.
I have a Snoodle-part Snauzer and part miniature poodle 15 pounds.
Thanks, Marie

Cod Liver Oil

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Posted by Shirley (Minnesota, US) on 03/26/2015

I had a cat that was 15 who would not eat or drink for 10 days, the vet said bring her in & they would put her to sleep. I took off work & carried her in a sling all day & gave her 4 times a day cod liver oil. On the 10th day she jumped out & started drinking & eating slowly & lived until she was 22 & died in my arms.. She had a tumor in her stomach & the cod liver oil somehow healed it.. could have been a hair ball.. they figured she lived to be 15 & she would die... not so.. Also healed a tumor on my niece's dog's cheek.. I forget the two things I used for a pack..(it is a old treatment for humans with boils etc).. It worked.. also gave a little in the mouth.. I am going to look it up tonite.. some cold packed oil & baking soda (natural kind with no aluminum in it. it works.. look it up.. just put in cold pressed oil & baking soda... cannot remember the name of the oil... should pop up on the computer maybe.. thank u ..

Colloidal Silver

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Posted by Jen (Santa Ana, Ca) on 08/20/2011


Replied by Emmy
(Bloomington, In)

Is it safe to give a dog a shot into a tumor? I have never done this before.

Replied by Krysty
(St. Robert, MO)

Do you make the CS yourself? I have a CS generator, electric, & I pour the CS into my dog 's water bowl.

Replied by June
(Liverpool, England)

My dog has been diagnosed with a nasel tumour. Do you think this could help?

Replied by Eve
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My little 13 lbs dog has developed some sort of cyst/tumor on her hind leg where she bends it. She can't have surgery because of her age. I read some place that colloidal silver might decrease it. Any suggestions will be appreciated

Replied by Mario
(El Paso, Tx)

How much colloidal silver do I give to my dog by syringe and dropper? How many times a week do I give it to her?

Replied by Mama To Many

This page may help you figure out a good dosing schedule.

~Mama to Many~


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Posted by Susan (United States) on 12/17/2019

I just found out my dog, Jesse, a pug/manchester terrier mix, most likely has a brain tumor after two seizures 8 days apart....he has never had any before and he is 14. Pugs are very susceptible the vet said and his age. We are doing all the blood work, but she says it still is most likely he has a brain tumor. I have an medical grade ozone machine so I will put it in his ears and rectally every day.

I had a girl friend who dissolved her brain tumor mostly taking DMSO and applying it on her head. I need to know other things I can be doing and what the dosage of DMSO should be.. He is on a grassfed/organic mostly meat diet, no grains. Thanks for any help you can give. I love my dog awful!

Replied by RSW


Maybe try the Panacur C fenbendazole for cancer. My cat has had two swollen red areas on her ear for ten months. When we took her to the vet last February, she took some samples and looked at them under her microscope and said they did not appear to be cancer, (the samples were not sent to a lab) but they will not heal. I have been giving her the fenbendazole for about four weeks now, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, then four days off as Joe Tippens recommends for humans, about 1/5 of a one gram packet. I mix it with her food. (Joe took 1 gram at 115 lbs. when he had cancer everywhere in his body, and continues with that today for maintenance, so I think 1/5 gram would be OK for my 15 lb. cat). They have become a dark color and almost seem to be going away, but come back again. Joe's site says it takes about ten weeks to work, and then continue for maintenance, in humans, so I will continue with this. I think this is the best choice, with at least 40 humans reporting their various cancers have disappeared. It can't hurt your pet, in any cast, because the recommended amount to worm a ten pound animal is 1 full gram for three days in a row. His liver and kidneys must be OK to clear it.

Best wishes.

Replied by ted

Someone answer please

Replied by Katzie
(Cancun, Mexico)

If it were my pet, I would use a good squirt 2x/day on my pet. I would also use (at a differing time), Castor Oil Packs 3x/week (plenty of quality info on this very site) over the area, along with a few drops of Frankincense Oil. And surround your pet in your mind's eye with a green healing glow, which also helps. Thoughts are things and they're always going somewhere; so how about your pet's reality?

(Louisville, ky)

Sanicle will also shrink tumors. You take it orally and also topically over the tumor site. It will penetrate down and work its magic.


thank you for this suggestion! I have a Tibetan Terrier who has cysts and I'm wondering if it would help with those? how much do you give orally to a 25 pound dog?

DMSO and Colloidal Silver

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Posted by Deirdre (Connecticut) on 01/01/2022

Update on my dog with a cancerous anal gland tumor, diagnosed in early August 2021.

I tried a number of different protocols, as detailed in this thread:


None of them seemed to be helping. THEN I started doing DMSO and organic and raw (Bragg) apple cider vinegar topically dropped in near his bladder because he seemed to be having issues there and he looked remarkably better a few minutes later with increased energy. The amazing Art from CA recommended I try DMSO with Colloidal Silver.

Here is what Art wrote - incredibly helpful!!

"On the alternative cancer sites and in science, DMSO is itself known to have anticarcinogenic effects and in some cases has shown the ability to revert cancerous cells back to normal cells. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/pmc/articles/PMC3328470/

Here is a quote from the review :

'Our results suggest that DMSO may be an important stimulator of the tumor suppressor protein HLJ1 through AP-1 activation in highly invasive lung adenocarcinoma cells. Targeted induction of HLJ1 represents a promising approach for cancer therapy, which also implied that DMSO may serve as a potential lead compound or coordinated ligand for the development of novel anticancer drugs. '

... The effective DMSO dosing is in the 5 to 6% area at direct contact with a cancer cell, so you will have to dilute it with something and CS seems good because of its known anticancer effects by itself. You could see if he can tolerate 50% DMSO with 50% CS. If he doesn't tolerate that ratio, try 40% DMSO with 60% CS. I think when you go below 40%, DMSO is not nearly as effective as a transdermal penetration enhancer, but I would consider further reductions to reach tolerance by him.

So after Art sent me that, I began the DMSO and Colloidal Silver starting with 1 droppersful of each mixed together once a day. I am up to 3 droppersful at the moment with a day off once or twice a week.

I use a dropper and drop the solution right where the lump is on his bum and the rest of it on his stomach where there isn't much fur.

This is the remedy combo where we've been making progress. His appetite returned in full force after two weeks on the protocol and he started gobbling down his freeze-dried raw food, which he refused to eat starting in October.

Now he seems to be doing quite well for an old dog with a tumor. The freeze dried raw is so much better than the kibble he was eating, which made him terribly thirsty.

Also, I put removable sticky paw pads on him to help him walk as even the carpet is slippery at this point. Those pads have helped him tremendously. Here are the pads on Amazon if anyone is interested.

One thing I realized recently is that I don't think people really understand how much assistance dogs need when they get older. Because they become increasingly unsteady on all fours, they have a harder time drinking water. I suspect some get very dehydrated and the owners might not realize it and think their dog is ready to be put down when, in fact, they just can't drink enough water on their own anymore. Just my two cents caring for two big elderly dogs! I make sure my dog gets plenty of water throughout the day and I also keep a belly support under him while he drinks so he doesn't lose his balance. I've seen him just give up on the water because he can't hold himself steady if I don't help him.

I think my vet would be surprised that he's made it this long after diagnosis at his advanced age. Of all the protocols I have tried for my two dogs since the summer, the DMSO and Colloidal Silver have been the most effective, with no side effects other than slightly increased thirst a short while after applying the DMSO/CS. Sorry I didn't know about this for my other dog's shoulder tumor but it may have been too late for her anyway.

Thank you so much, Art!!!! APPRECIATE YOU!

Replied by Art
2181 posts

Hi Deirdre,

I am very happy to hear that it has helped him to have a better life!

One of the effects of silver other than its pathogen neutralizing effects is that it creates reactive oxygen species (ROS) which is detrimental to all cells, but more so to cancer cells than normal cells. This is similar to chemotherapy in that sense, only chemo is a much more potent generator of ROS. Silver seems to be a milder form that will work at a slower pace and do less damage in the process.

It is too bad that he was not able to tolerate melatonin in his food as it has multiple anti-cancer effects. Just a thought, melatonin dissolves in DMSO, perhaps a little melatonin added to his 50/50 mix might have an additive effect. If you are going to consider that option, dissolve the melatonin in the DMSO and then add the AgNPs as you have been. This will put melatonin where it needs to be and may keep too much melatonin from getting into his circulation and reduce the potential for his intolerability to melatonin.


Replied by peter

Deirdre, do you use the 100% strength DMSO to mix CS with?


Hi Peter,

I used 99.99% pharmaceutical grade DMSO. Here's the link on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ZNV5N8U/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Replied by Deirdre

This is another update on my dog with an anal gland tumor.

Well, it really looks like the DMSO and Colloidal Silver is the winning combination for halting the growth of my dog's anal gland tumor. I upped the dose and now mix 1 tablespoon of DMSO and 1 tablespoon of Colloidal Silver in a small dish and use a dropper to apply it to his belly where there is less fur, near his tumor in the anal area, and at the base spine and tail. After applying a dropper at a time from the solution, I then rub it in with clean hands as quite a bit tends to run off if I don't. He tolerates it pretty well as it's at 50/50.

He stopped having accidents in the house for the most part and, as I mentioned previously, is in very good spirits for an old guy with the addition of colloidal gold to his dinner.

If I decide to skip a day with the DMSO and silver to give him a break, he ends up having an accident and generally doesn't seem to be doing as well. So I do it every day now, no breaks.

Part of his walking sideways issue comes from a severely arthritic left hind foot, which the sticky paw pads really help with.

Hope my post will inspire others to try it. DMSO + CS are really amazing.

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Hi Deirdre,

I am glad to hear that he is doing well!

Have you tried putting your solution on a cotton cloth that has been folded to create 4 or more layers that are similar in size to the area of application, then putting another multilayer cotton cloth over it and wrapping it in place with an Ace wrap for 20 minutes to a half hour? This can increase the active time that the solution is at work and still allow time for the skin to recover between applications.

The second folded cotton cloth is there to help keep the wet pad from drying to fast and to also help prevent the dmso from damaging the elastic Ace wrap.

If you are concerned about the length of time that the dmso will be on his skin and possibly irritating it, just apply your 50/50 mix as usual and as soon as you are done with that application, apply the cloth as I described above, but only wet the folded cotton cloth with colloidal silver and then apply to his skin and secure in place with the Ace wrap for a half hour. Your initial dmso/cs application will leave his skin "open" (skin barrier function perturbed) for up to 15 minutes. Applying the silver only cloth and wrap during this period should allow more silver to reach into the target area for a longer period of time. Leave the wrap in place for a half hour and remove. Keeping the silver cloth wet with CS should increase the effectiveness and the silver is healing to the skin after the dmso application. Good luck!



Hi Art,

Yes, you did mention this to me a few months ago. I did it for a while at the beginning but then stopped at some point. Thank you for the reminder! Going to order another ace wrap and do it again. Appreciate the help as always!

DMSO and Colloidal Silver
Posted by Melinda (Seattle) on 02/19/2020

I discovered a lump about the size of a walnut shell on the lower front part of my Wheaten Terrier Bonnie's hind leg. I thought it was cancer and my vet agreed. We scheduled a surgery date. The vet showed me how it was easy to move the lump from side to side and said that indicated it hadn't metastasized.

That night I applied 50/50 DMSO and colloidal silver to the lump. The next morning it had shrunk and no longer looked inflamed. I called the vet and she said keep it up. I continued to apply this mix morning and evening for a few weeks and it continued to shrink into a smaller hard lump under the skin. I cancelled the surgery. When it got about the size of a marble it wasn't shrinking anymore, so I stopped the application. That was over two years ago, and the shriveled up lump is now about the size of a pea. A vet who recently saw Bonnie for another matter noticed the lump and she said she wouldn't worry about it. I honestly think we beat cancer. Bonnie also had a harmless fatty tumor (diagnosed by two vets) near her shoulder for years. When I applied the same mix to it, overnight it also shrunk up into a small condensed lump.

February 26, 2021 Update:

I took a little eye dropper bottle and filled it half with silver and half with DMSO. I took an empty bottle and filled it half with silver and half with DMSO, then shook it.

the silver was Source Naturals. I used a medicine dropper, then smoothed it gently with my finger to make sure it was covered. I suggest you try it on a small lump and see if you like the outcome, then take it from there. Please post and let us know.

May 20, 2021 Update

Recently the vet did a needle biopsy and it turned out to NOT be cancerous. I don't want to mislead anyone about anything so serious.

Replied by Maryland
(Los Angeles, Ca, USA)

Melinda, which brand of dmso? I wonder if the mixture killed the cancerous cells and that's why the biopsy didn't detect cancer.

Essiac Tea

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Posted by Andrew (New York) on 05/15/2023

Based on the reviews here we had high hopes for this for our cat's oral carcinoma. Unfortunately, it appears to have had no positive effect whatsoever. We started the tea by syringe 10 days before we received the biopsy results, based on his drooling and not wanting to eat, but he still declined rapidly and five days later (15 days in total) he was so physically debilitated and seemed to be in so much pain that we made the (obvious but no less heartbreaking) decision to euthanize him. Sadly, a cat homeopath we spoke to during that time said she'd tried essiac tea more than 10 times with tumorous cats and had never seen evidence of its effectiveness. It probably doesn't hurt to try it if you have no other options, though not expecting a miracle might make it easier to countenance eventual loss if that sadly comes to pass.

Replied by Carol

My dear cat, an eight year old male, who was my baby, was diagnosed in November of oral squamous cell carcinoma. I had known many people who had faced this with their cats and even with the help of many dollars and chemo, etc. the cats all had a horrible death. I was devastated. My cat was never exposed to any toxins, wasn't given vaccines because he was strictly indoors with me, and I had only ever fed him a nutritionally complete raw food diet which he never turned his nose up at. He was the picture of health. I tried using MMS and DMSO every hour 8-10 times a day for three months. It did nothing. I think I was most bitter because so many "testimonials" indicated it usually works. I will say, that for those three months, he seemed like he had a great quality of life except for the fact that the last two months, the tumor around his tongue and down his throat was so large that he could not keep his tongue in his mouth and it was a struggle for him to eat. There was also blood tinged mucous everywhere. But he never had bad breath or many of the horrible symptoms I had been told of. Right up until 12 hours before we euthanized him, he seemed he was pushing himself to be the best he could be and enjoying life as much as he ever did. He suddenly could not breathe and there was so much mucous coming from his mouth. He also didn't want to be near us. From what I have read, living with this condition for three months is a long time. So, maybe the protocol helped him live longer, but it didn't slow the growth of that horrible tumor. I mixed up the MMS and the DMSO separately and applied it to his food each day 8-10 times (small meals) every day. I wish there was a clue as to why this very aggressive cancer is taking the lives of so many cats and dogs!

Essiac Tea
Posted by Sarah (Chicago) on 02/12/2018

Hi there everyone. I posted in Sept. of last year 2017 and I have learned a few things since then.

Essiac Tea is wonderful!!! It has almost completely changed my dog's life. My border collie who is 15 has a horrible tumor on her chest, near her front right leg. It started out very small and grew huge. We took her to the vet 100 times but they will not do much for her because of her age. so we started her on essiac tea. 2 ounces a day an hour before or after food.

The minute I stopped giving her her essiac tea she got sicker. So I'm keeping her on it. She always gets the tumor cleaned with peroxide 3 times a day, hot(not too hot) compresses and cold compresses, washed out with lukewarm water and antibacterial soap 3 times a day as well.

I also have her on...enzymes, probiotics, a daily vitamin, Omega fatty acids, a grain free and raw diet, and now I am adding sea buckthorn fruit oil to the mix. I give her garlic and turmeric in her food all organic and I can honestly say without a doubt that she would have been long gone if it wasnt for this site.

I just ordered Colloidal silver because her tumor is opened up and draining. More then half has flattened out and is healing already. Now just in the middle of it is the last to drain and then heal. So I am right now in the motion of preventing infection and boosting her immune system to fight anything off. I just ordered manuka honey because I've researched and read that it will help with pulling all the bad out and helping with healing. I keep it wrapped with gauze, ace bandages, and tape at night which is when I notice she tries to lick it. I have been giving her around the clock care for months now and she is still normal..eating, drinking, pooping, peeing, playing, barking, etc. I know that the tumor must drain before it heals. So I just keep her area clean, dry and make sure she is always comfy. I also give her apple cider vinegar and keep her alkalined. It is indeed alot of work but worth it if you love your animal and want to keep them healthy and happy.

Please listen to the advice of the people here because without I know my baby wouldnt be here right now.

Essiac Tea
Posted by Sarah (Chicago) on 09/13/2017

I would give him a home made diet. ORGANIC chicken turkey some beef veggies and fruits and I would start giving him supplements immune support, cell salts, probiotics, and enzymes. Then ESSICA TEA. My 11-year old almost 12-year-old border collie had two tumors. One fatty and one that scared me. Looked like cancer. I did what I told her and gave her 2 ounces of essiac tea for 1 week and her tumors already shrank at least 2 sizes. The one that is scary looking is already draining and almost completely flat. I make her own food and treats and make sure she gets plenty of spring water. Keep her alkalined and she is doing much better. Do your research. Cancer or tumors can not survive in oxygen keeping him oxygenated is what works the best. Essiac tea is amazing and I will tell everyone I know about what it has done in my dog!! Good food is number one in my book. If he is in pain look up Milk Thistle it helps.

Essiac Tea
Posted by Andrew (New York, New York ) on 09/12/2016

Hello, My 13 year old cat was recently diagnosed with squamous cell of the gums. He had surgery in June to remove most of the mass but the doctor said she could not get it all because of the location (upper gum by canine tooth). I have been giving him essiac with his wet food approx two tablespoons. One in the morning and one in the evening. He is active and eating and drinking regularly. The mass has grown quite large in the original location and gradually has hardened.

Could anyone tell me approx when the tumor should shrink. From most of the posts it happens quite fast but we have been religiously monitoring the growth and it hasn't shrunk, it has only gotten bigger. Also, he seems to be sneezing periodically. Could he be allergic to the herbs in the tea? Any help or suggests would be greatly appreciated!


Replied by Petra
(Tinjan, Croatia)
1 posts

Cat fibrosarcoma

So, my 15 years old cat had the x-ray and ultrasound and the vet.said some tumor is in her belly. It is 4x2 cm, in the lover belly, and it is palpable. On ultrasound it seems it has one part solid, one liquid like a cyst. The vet said that he thinks it is some kind of sarcoma, started im muscles and then entered abdominal cavity. I didn't want her to go to biopsy and the surgery, which vet also agreed, so I started to investigate what can I give her. By the way, her blood sample is ok, all is good, other than creatinine that is lightly high. She is ok, normally eating(just a little bit smaller portions), drinking, peeing, pooping....behaving like always. So I hope I got the right time to act, but I just need some advice.

I found out this remarkable site and I saw that a lot of you saved your beloved pets with Essiac tea and shark cartilage. On my research I found that people are not so keen to this treatment because it is not proven to work.

Anyway, I ordered them both, and beside that I am giving her some Spirulina, Ganoderma, Hydrogen pills, while I wati the tea to come.

I would like some comments, tips, suggestions, what to do with my 15 years old best friend? I must say that I'm a DMD, and finished acupuncture school, so any suggestions which points to use is great.

Please, write to us, 'cause we are desperate in some help.

Thank you all

Replied by Jon Leupold
(Chitre, Panama)

Try injecting massive doses of vitamin c intravenously. It will cure almost everything. Use potasium ascorbate (less acid less pain).

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