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Effective Natural Treatments for Pet Tumors: A Guide

Essiac Tea
Posted by Andrew (New York, New York ) on 09/12/2016

Hello, My 13 year old cat was recently diagnosed with squamous cell of the gums. He had surgery in June to remove most of the mass but the doctor said she could not get it all because of the location (upper gum by canine tooth). I have been giving him essiac with his wet food approx two tablespoons. One in the morning and one in the evening. He is active and eating and drinking regularly. The mass has grown quite large in the original location and gradually has hardened.

Could anyone tell me approx when the tumor should shrink. From most of the posts it happens quite fast but we have been religiously monitoring the growth and it hasn't shrunk, it has only gotten bigger. Also, he seems to be sneezing periodically. Could he be allergic to the herbs in the tea? Any help or suggests would be greatly appreciated!