Tumor and Cyst Remedies

Hydrogen Peroxide  

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Posted by Jeff (Escondido, CA, USA) on 02/01/2009

spindle cell tumor: Any recommendations for topical h202 applications to large spindle cell tumor behind and under front left leg? Also, after physical exertion, leg swells some. Just heard of h202. Will dilute in drinking water when receive it but am wondering about other ways to apply. Have been using whole food supplements tested with kinesiology, Orijen food, and milk thistle, and Essiac cancer formula herbal tinctures. We feel age of dog is deterrent to surgical removal. Also, any ideas for pain/discomfort management? Many thanks.

Replied by Holistichelen
St Petersburg, Florida

Use Heel (Homeopathic Co) Traumeel for pain and discomfort. My Wire Haired Terrier lost his eye to a tumor, cataract and glaucoma. We are totally holistic (noRx) after diagnosis by Eye Vet, pressure in Max's eye was 39 (should be 23). He was in tremendous pain I dosed him with the Traumeel every 15 min for about 4 hours until his pain started to subside and then 4 times a day for about 1 month. No longer in pain and with supplementation, no more glaucoma. My pups will readily take the Homeopathics. Holistic Helen

Replied by Naznine

Try this - Turmeric mixed with coconut oil and a pinch of Cayenne Pepper - twice daily mixed into food.

Black seed oil-twice daily.

Posted by Robin (Rural, VA) on 05/06/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Good News! My 10 year old cat was cured of a "very" large tumor with H2O2. I found this site a few months ago. I started out trying to use iodine, but she wouldn't let me near her after the first time. So I started putting some H2O2 in her water. I didn't however think about the fact that like humans, she might need a break for a few days now and then. It arrested the growth immediately, it drained some clear liquid for a bit, and she grew back her fur. But it stayed there. Until I gave her a break. Then it started draining large amounts of thick yellow pus. After about 10 days, it is gone!

Replied by Robin
Kettering , Ohio

was your cat's tumor diagnosed as cancerous? what amount of hydrogen peroxide did you put in her water for the tumor to go away?

Replied by Robin
Rural, VA
1 out of 5 stars

Although this appeared to work great initially, sadly, my cat's tumor reappeared and she died.

Hydrogen Peroxide, DMSO  

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Posted by Robtyea (Wrightsville, Pa/usa) on 03/30/2012
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Food Grade H2O2 is safe for pets, at lower doses. I have quite a number of cats and kittens, and have been giving them Food Grade H2O2 in their drinking water for about a month.

I have a female cat that developed large tumors on her underside. It was getting to the point that it was difficult for her to walk. My wife and I knew that we might have to put her down. The cat has been with us since she was born, and isn't very old. We could not bear the thought of losing her. I ask my wife for one week, to see if I could come up with a treatment.

I had been studing and researching Food Grade H2O2 for some time. I already had some on hand.

I believed it would work, but how to get it into her system was the problem. I did some research an found a product that was used on horses, for injuries. It was said to be able to enter the body thru the skin and relieve the pain. The product is DMSO. I found it to be sold locally.

I didn't have much time to create a treatment, and really didn't have a lot of choice. I made a mixture of DMSO and Food Grade H2O2 ( I used the H2O2 as a carrier to enter the body). I disinfected the area with a 3% solution of H2O2 and applied the mixture with a Q-tip to the largest tumors. (make sure whatever means used to apply and mixture of DMSO is clean, as it will carry anything it comes in contact with into the blood stream). Within 24 hours the tumors had reduced by 25%. I was amazed at its power. I have been treating her now for 10 days and the tumors are all but gone.

I believe those who doubt, will continue to doubt until they are infected with a serious disease and pray for a treatment to heal them. The answer is Food Grade H2O2. I have witnessed the power of Food Grade H2O2 and truly believe it may be a treatment for all serious diseases in animals and humans. (H2O2 and DMSO are not approved for human use by the FDA, what a shame.)

Replied by Kathleen
Charlotte, Nc/usa

I'd like to know more details. My GSP canine has multiple benign tumors, most concerned with the ones in her belly area (I see a change in her poop). Tested, show benign but growing - spreading. I was going to get her shaved and use castor oil. I've read this and would like to know 1/2 n 1/2 each mixture? Did you shave the area? Use any kind of large bandaid? I may need to use an elizabethan collar so she won't lick it. I'd love for them to be gone in 10 days. She gets grain free food n treats, filtered water, chloraphyl and Garden of Life Superfood (greens) which I think is why they are benign. I want to cleanse her lymph system as this may be the real issue as well. Thanks!

Replied by Jen
Digby, Ns Canada

Could you please tell me the dosage you are giving your cat.

Replied by Kay
Atlanta, Ga

Did he respond to any of you guys? I'd like to know the dosage as well as if the tumor is still gone and the cat is still alive healthy.

Replied by Rallau

I would like to know the dosage you used. Pleassssseee

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn

Hey Rallau!

Robtyea from Wrightsville, Pa posted on 03/30/2012 - in case s/he doesn't see your message I will offer a reply.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide [H2O2] is a 35% concentration; food grade is the only H2O2 recommended for internal use. Using DMSO - to bring it into the cells - requires food grade H2O2. So please make sure you have the right stuff, as the 3% concentration purchased in the 16 oz brown bottles at the drug store has impurities in the form of stabilizers for added shelf life in it, and you don't want these drawn into the body.

Now, there are many cautions about using straight 35% concentrated food grade H2O2 right out of the bottle; its caustic. If you poke around on the web you will find that a 10% concentration is the highest concentration folks might take orally, and that the stuff beauticians use on your scalp to bleach your hair is a 6% concentration.

And, if you poke around on the web - cancer sites and such - you will read about folks using straight 35% food grade H2O2 right out of the bottle swabbing moles and skin tags and the like; general concensus: its harsh and stings but doesn't eat a hole right through you like hydrochloric acid might.

Now, Robtyea used a 3% mixture of H2O2 to cleanse the area before applying an equal mixture of 35% H2O2 and DMSO to his cat's tumors.

To break that down: Mixing the DMSO and 35% H2O2 in equal parts created a 17% concentration of the H2O2 that was then applied to the tumours.

To make a 3% solution for cleansing from your 35% concentration - take 1 part of the 35% H2O2 and add 12 parts distilled water.

So if you use 1 tablespoon of the 35% concentration you need to add 12 additional tablespoons of distilled water to make your 3% cleansing solution to make the solution that Robtyea used prior to swabbing with the 17% H2O2/DMSO mixture.

Good luck! And please share if you can your results.

Replied by Teresa
Acworth, GA

Can this combination be used on the open sores on a cancerous tumor... Located at the base of my 14 yr old huskys tail. I'm desperate to get this oozing infection under control. This dog is still walking up to 2 mi a day, drinking & eating and pottying outside. Please advise. Thanks Teresa

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn

Hey Teresa!

I have no first hand experience with your situation, but reading through the replies the answer is YES - you are to apply the mixture directly on the open tumor and on the surrounding tissue as well.

Please report back with your results!

Replied by Teresa
Acworth, GA

Update...have used the DMSO & H2O2 on my husky's tumor at base of tail. It seemed to be a little better over night, not oozing as much...until he started licking it again! Its in a hard place to keep covered. I also noticed that he seemed to pace and pant for awhile after applying it, almost like he was antsy. I was worried he might have a heart attack, but my husband said it didn't feel like his heart was racing. Has anyone else experienced this? It's sort of a funky smell also. Really need to get this oozing under control and the abcess's closed. Please send my Stoli some positive energy! Thanks

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Theresa from Acworth, GA. you will see on EC many people had success with turmeric mixed in castor oil as well. Also, keep in mind that tumors, before they collapse, enlarge first as if to gather the cells first.

Since there is a lot of oozing, turmeric would be more appropriate with the castor oil. Also look up Essiac West and the genuine site with a green background. Do look up EC on pets and tumors.

Can he wear a collar, especially when you have just applied the mixture? There is much hope, believe me. Cover the mixture with love.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Teresa
Acworth, Ga

So my vet suggested I wash Stoli's tumor area & surrounding area 2x daily with chlorhexidine very diluted, and told me that the oozing is not just from infection it's from the cancer itself so it won't get better. This will just help to clean & cut down on the smell. I have turmeric and organic coconut oil but no castor oil. Consulted with a holistic vet today over phone and she said do NOT use castor oil on Stoli.


Quote: "Consulted with a holistic vet today over phone and she said do NOT use castor oil on Stoli." Why not use castor oil?

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc, Canada

Hello, Theresa --- have you perused the section on tumors for pets on EC?

Your vets did not give you much hope. Big Pharma is heading the schools for doctors and they do not allow the word "cure". When health is a business...

I found out about castor oil on Edgar Cayce's website where it is called "Palma Christy." I also saw it on EC.

Professional people are busy making money and few have the time to do research. Allopathic meds. do not believe in herbs unless they can be patented. That means only big money but certainly not good health.

I have always believed in myself and still do. Other people are not concerned. For example, I heard a woman in a group ask a medical doctor about vitamins. She gave an answer. But do allopathic doctors know or are educated about vitamins? One has to follow the heart and not the money.

I feel sorry for your dog. Love,

Replied by Grace
Idaho, US
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Teresa from Acworth, Ga,

The first time I used DMSO on my dog, I rubbed it on his skin and he too acted like your dog, kind of antsy. I thought it was just that he didn't like the smell...like garlic, but then I rubbed some on my skin and I knew what it was....it burns. Went to my computer to see if it was supposed to do that and I read in one article that you're supposed to pat the DMSO on, not rub it on or it will burn. I had done a lot of research into using DMSO before trying it and had never read that it would burn if rubbed on. I now pat it on my dog and he's fine with it, doesn't mind it at all. I'm surprised that more people don't mention the fact that it will burn if rubbed on.

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Hi, Theresa, if you look on EC DMSO, it should be diluted, for humans especially on the upper part of the body. That is how I am using it without the skin texture changing. I do not get the garlic smell; some people do.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Shaheen

What was the mix ratio that you used for the dmso and the H2O2? Thank you

Replied by Cynthia
New Jersey

Hoping you can help!

I have a 12yo Xlarge male tabby that developed Cancerous Cell Mass Tumors on his head and now in his neck. The Vet won't operate they say it is dangerous and may not get it all - it would also leave the wound open because there is not enough skin to cover the incision. They tried Palladia Chemotherapy - it did nothing but made him sick and the CMT got bigger! Now the vet has my poor boy on prednisone to help shrink it and increase his appetite. I hate giving him all these drugs.

Can you please recommend a way to get rid of these tumors and bring my boy back to health?

Mammary Gland Tumor Remedies  

Posted by Sio99 (New York, Ny) on 09/07/2014

Hi all - thanks in advance for your help. My Lexi developed mammary tumors last December but only showed symptoms recently. I took her to the surgeon who quoted me $3000 to remove them but to be honest I just don't have it. What is happening is they swell up once a week and she is uncomfortable and lethargic. In a couple of days they start to drain through the nipple and she feels great again. What comes out is gross - a sticky white pus, no smell but gross - although I am happy to see it drain. I tried castor oil last night using warm compresses first, then soaking a cotton pad in the oil and putting the warm compress on top. I do want to be sure the castor oil is safe since the nipple drains. I don't want to clog it as I think that may be part of the problem (stick pus clogging it so now I use hydrogen peroxide tto was nightly). I read somewhere castor oil may not be safe so I want to be sure. It is her upper left nipple so she can not reach it to lick off.

Any and all suggestions are great. She is just under 11 and about 9lbs (a yorkie) - and she is an angel.

2 days ago I visited an herbalist in a holistic pet store who I trust - he has been there well over 20 years and is very respected. He is changing her diet - wants her off poultry and beef - and instead instructed me to get down 3 other proteins she will eat. Not appetizing yet but she will get over it. He wants bison, venison, salmon, rabbit, buffalo, lamb, pork or other fish. I am to get him 3 and he will come up w/recipes or a commercial option. He also wants her to fast once a week (which wont bother her at all).

In her food he gave us Gentle Digest Prebiotic and Probiotics, DMG immune strength support drops (N, N-Dimethylglycine (DMG)), Canine Immune System support (ingredients here: too many to post! https://www.standardprocess.com/Products/Veterinary-Formulas/Canine-Immune-System-Support ) and a Chinese herbs formula called Survival which is Frankincense, Zedoria, , Oldenlandia, Curcurma, Lindera, Licorice & Gynostemma which is out of the Connecticut Institute for Herbal Studies. The trick is getting them in her which is NOT going very well, but again she will have to get over it too. I have now realized she knows the word medicine and goes and hides. She is smart!

Thank you all so much!

Replied by Ann

Hi..I see this post is a bit old but its actually the only one regarding mammary gland tumors.I would really like to hear your experience about what worked best in your case..


Was wondering if you have had any luck with trying any remedies, as this is the only post about mammary glands.

Replied by Karen

Hi Ann. How is the mammary gland tumor treatment working with your little one? My little toy poodle who is a rescue and has two open tumors on the right side is not responding to the treatments very quickly.

I am searching and will be changing the current plan. Essaic tea or tumreric or honey. Have you tried them?????

Triple antibiotics, Hydrogen Peroxide with half water, and NuVet wafers just are not working fast enough. She has been on all for over two weeks. Looks a tiny bit better and at least the other two on the left side haven't opened up.

Maple Syrup, Baking Soda  

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Posted by Veggienut (Alabama) on 09/24/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I've been using molasses/baking soda for my 16 year old cat with oral squamous cell carcinoma which was discovered in Oct. 2013. Her veterinary treatment consisted of conventional methods using Clindamycin and Prednasone. After her last round of this in April 2014, the ulceration was still there. Out of desperation, I tried the molasses baking soda cancer cure. I've been treating her myself with this since the end of April 2014 and her level of stabilization has much improved. With conventional treatment, it was an "on" and "off" thing with rounds of medicine and in between rounds, the inflamed red ulceration in her mouth would come back big time. Although I've not cured my kitty, the massive ulceration hasn't returned since I've been using this treatment which has made a big improvement in maintaining her quality of life. In addition to the molasses/baking soda mixture, I also give her a standardized triple blend of Shiitake, Maitake, and Reishi mushrooms plus standardized Maitake 3-fraction. I've also found that KMR milk replacement to be a good choice to use when the inflammation in her mouth would worsen. I add in some other supplements as well and they can vary. At age 16, I know we're on borrowed time at best, but I'm glad to have been able to keep her for as long as I have. Roughly ninety percent of these cats are dead within one year of diagnosis. Fortunately, I still have my kitty, Mandi, and next month it will be one year since we started this journey together.

Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn

Hey Veggienut!

Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey and your approach to healing your kitty. GREAT ideas - thank you!!

Replied by Veggienut

I need to make a correction in what I gave my kitty with cancer. I didn't give her Maitake 3 fraction, it was Maitake d-fraction. Sorry for the typo. I re-read this several times, but I missed it.

Replied by D

I have read a lot about cats with this particular type of cancer. There seems to be a great deal of information with possible positive outcomes mixing DMSO and Colloidal Silver. Try reading more about this and see what you think. Just a suggestion as I too, am seeking assistance in treating/curing my 16 year old cat with this same horrible disease.

Replied by D
Vancouver B.c.

Can you give me an update on your cat? I too, have a cat recently diagnosed with feline oral squamous cell carcinoma and would love to hear from you... thanks

Posted by Sunny (Solvang, California, Usa) on 06/12/2010


My dog (female cocker, 15) has a tumor on her neck that has grown rapidly. In one month, it has grown from <1" to >3" in circumference. Four months ago she had a 2" peduncular growth (benign) removed from her throat that was blocking her airway.

Her diet has always been cooked free range meat w/ raw vegetables/supplements, and some holistic kibble. Although in the past couple of years she has taken up eating poop...and I believe that it's a good possiblity that the tumor is parasitic.

I'd like to try the Maple Syrup/Baking Soda combination, but don't know if it's all right to give to dogs. If it is, do you think it might help?

Please help... I very much appreciate it.

EC: Sunny is referring to the cancer remedy found here: http://www.earthclinic.com/cures/cancer.html#BSMS

Replied by Leah
San Diego, Ca Us

Did you ever get an answer? My dog is the same situation and I'm curious thanx a million.


Replied by Js
Orlando, Florida

I would like to try the maple syrup baking soda on my 15lb bicheon who has a mass cell tumor. I want to make sure that baking soda is not toxic for dogs to take. Also, what dosage would I give him and how long?

Replied by Doug
Poynette, Wi

My cat has been given a month according to the vet. He's 20-22 (unsure) and apparently has a tumor in his sinuses. I started giving him a baking soda/molasses mixture hoping I can make his system more alkaline. I didn't really see any response to this feed and am curious if anyone had luck with this or any other homeopathic med.

Replied by Dogma
Laurelville, Ohio, Us

Hello, my 16 yr old terrier mix (22lbs) was just diagnosed with a mass on his left lung. I bought the necessary ingredients for the baking soda and maple syrup remedy. Mixed it 3 parts syrup to 1 part BS. I used a Tablespoon to measure. How much is a safe dose as I don't want to over alkalize him. Thank you!

Milk Thistle  

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Posted by Linda (Massillon,ohio) on 04/10/2014
5 out of 5 stars

My friend had two cats with high liver enzymes. They fought the medicine the vet prescribed. I gave them "full spectrum" milk thistle. They sprinkled one capsule on their food which they ate. (Big surprise) The levels went down and the vet said, "keep doing what you are doing. It is working". Liver problems respond to milk thistle. This brand was from an online vitamin catalog store and only cost 3.49 for 100 caps. I believe in full spectrum herbs.

Milk Thistle, Chlorophyll  

Posted by Debih (Moreno Valley, Ca, Usa) on 06/04/2011

Our 6 yr old lab has had elevated liver enzymes for a few years now, not exhibiting many symptoms yet, also the vet has already tried the "drugs" with no improvement. After we had her just yesterday to get her teeth cleaned and she still is not herself yet, this is the last time she's going under anesthesia, unless an emergency. I came back to my tried and true Earth Clinic for help. After reading all the stories about the milk thistle and the chloraphyll, I took myself down to the local health food store and bought both. We also have a 3 yr old lab mix so he's getting it too. Shoot, my liver enzymes are usually elevated so I'm going to use it too! They love it just straight out of the bowl! I got the chloraphyll in Apple flavor and both of them lapped it up! Neneh also has some fatty tumors showing up the last year and I'll be watching them too. Her sister is 18 months older and is overweight (they feed people food! ) and also has quite a few smaller fatty tumors. I'm going to tell them about this too, they never take her to the vet except to get shots. I'll come back and give an update in a month. Thanks to everyone that posted!

Replied by Michelle
New York City, New York

My Bichon/Poodle was recently diagnosed with having the same high enzyme production in his liver and vets can't figure out why. They want to give him Pepcid AC to calm his stomach upset in the emergency clinic, but the doctor is also giving him a milk thistle derivative. Can you tell me if it worked on your dogs and details of your treatment?? Thanks!

Replied by Colleen

Be careful, shots are just as bad for pets as they are for people (in fact my dog has developed a tumor exactly where they gave her the vax - she is taking thuja (homeopathic) to detox and I have tried everything I have read on here esp. the castor oil and turmeric, Although it did not get bigger since the use; it also has not shrunk - so I have been using natural antibiotic such as grapefruit seed extract and colloidal silver (directly on the tumor) and it seems to be shrinking ever so slowly tho. Alternately I also saturate it with arnicare gel - (in case she is having any pain issues) not getting bigger and my be shrinking. (also since these things may be parasitic I put black walnut tinture occasionally) - no grain food - and good meat products are also necessary for the diet. (small batch, primal, natures variety are brands of wild meat for dogs and cats that are sold at some smaller pet stores in the freezer.

Replied by ann
edison, new jersey

i have a question for glen from st marys newfoundland regarding the blackstrap molasses given to your friends pet for cancerous tumors. how far along were the tumors until treatment was started and can it help non cancerous tumors. i beleive my dog has the cancerous tumors, since his red blood cell count is low.

Replied by Donna
Yellow Springs, OH

Years ago my mom gave me molasses when I was bead ridden with mono.I remember the doctor telling her I recovered in 1/2 the normal time! I am interested in giving it to my dog who has a non cancerous lipoma tumor.How much should an 85lb dog take without adverse effects?

Replied by Jonna
Pittsburgh, PA

As kids we had a chiropractor "prescribe" black strap to us. We were maybe 10 and 7 and we each took a Tablespoon 2x per day so I'm sure the 2 Tablespoon dosage per day for your puppy would work also. Good Luck!

Replied by katie
oak view, ca, usa

i'm going to start my 11 yr old dog (a weimeraner) on molassas. she's got fatty tumors all over. i've had her on goldenseal, but 3 weeks into it, i'm not seeing any improvement. will try the caster oil on the tumors too, at this point what can either of these treatments do to hurt?

Replied by Donna

I didn't think it is safe to give goldenseal for 3 weeks; it supposed to be very hard on the liver.


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Posted by Glen (St. Mary's Newfoundland)
5 out of 5 stars

A friend of mine who's dog was riddled with cancerous tumors gave him black strap molasses each day for a month. she took him back to the Veterinarian and the cancer and tumor were gone! Her mother, who was a medicine woman in the hills of West Virginia suggested she do this as the ancient egyptians used the remedy for consumption (cancer).

Multiple Remedies  

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Posted by Marcin (Melbourne Australia) on 08/13/2017
1 out of 5 stars


I have a old stuffy x Ridgeback which my parents adopted from a family who was moving overseas. She is probably over 12 years old with 7 plus years being with us.In the last 1.5 years she start to grow a cyst or tumor on her tongue. Its just under it at the end of it.it has been slowly growing. When I first took her vet they told me to cut it out then test it. Because of her age I said no and tried natural ever since. I've tired essiac tea, baking soda, I have been given my dog for last 6 months organic tumeric with organic apricot kernnels.

I changed dogs diet to raw meat with steamed brocholi. then she gets minced chicken frames.

I'ved also tried alkaline drops for water to balance levels. I've tried gold and silver minerals

at the moment nothing helps.

anyone can recommend something else?

Posted by Denise (Fowlerville, Michigan) on 04/03/2016
5 out of 5 stars


7 months ago my dog was diagnosed with stage 2 sinus cancer and a fungal infection. His symptoms were a nose bleed 1-30-2015 then another in June of last year. Also for a few years he had clear nasal drip. But I noticed in September last year that there was no airflow in his right nostril. In September they diagnosed him and gave him 3-6 months and if we used radiation we would get a year, but he would go blind and have severe nasal mucus and pain. We opted out and went holistic.

Took him to a holistic vet which put him on max formula and turmeric, mushroom and curcumin. I also added to his therapy homemade liposomal c, hemp oil, krill oil, spirulina/chlorella/hemp dry powder mix, ip6, human grade DE, homemade dog food (chicken, mixed broccoli/cauliflower, carrots, pumpkin, black beans, quinoa) and half raw ground chicken backs with organ meat.

2 months ago he had massive nose bleeds from sneezing then a miracle, the tumor popped out at 2" the size of my baby finger. Had it tested and it was indeed the cancer tumor with the stem. Unbelievable but true.

Now I'm fighting his fungal infection which after the tumor flew out (btw it was an inoperable tumor) he had airflow from his right nostril but only lasted about a week. That is when I believe the fungus invaded and since then he has about 20% airflow.

I would like to know what i can give him specifically for nasal fungal infection. My dog (Chucky) is going on 8 years old in July and is a golden retriever. Otherwise healthy and happy, eats well at 110 lbs.., and stocky build so he may be about 10 lbs. Overweight..

Now you have a background. Do you have any suggestions on how to treat a sinus fungal infection. Thank you so much..

Replied by Suseeq
Sydney, Australia

Hi Denise, I would put your dog on vit c, oregano oil and colloidal silver and a couple of drops down nostrils.

Posted by Sally (Seattle, Wa) on 04/27/2010

My dobie Babe has a tumor on her upper leg on the humorous above the elbow. Six weeks ago I took her to one of the 2 vet's we see. He said the limp and the swelling was due to running into something in the yard. She'd been limping for about a week or so. He ordered 30 days of bed rest with potty breaks. We did that. At the end of the month, the limp was gone. I took her back in and the vet said she can slowly resume running and playing. Then the limp returned after another week went by. The first vet keeps costs down and doesn't have an ex ray machine. At that point, 3 weeks ago, I took her to the 2nd vet and she was diagnosed with the tumor. The vet said she can do nothing and that she's seen 3 other dogs since the first of the year with bone cancer on a leg. It must be what they're eating. She also said if the limb were removed, another tumor would grow back so she feels it's hopeless and all I can do is let her go. It seems cancer is everywhere both animals and humans..

Thanks to Earth Clinic and all that I've read here, I have her on Essiac tea. I brew the tea and put it in her water and have been putting it in her food as well, about a teaspoon both meals. I put 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons of flax seed oil on it so she'll eat it as I mix it with liver, her favorite food. I give her turkey or chicken morning and evening with 1 tablespoon and 1/2 of flaxseed oil over the food. I add 1/2 a teaspoon of turmeric for both meals. I mix it in with the turkey and oil and amazingly she loves the oil and the turmeric as she licks the plate clean. I've put flavic minerals in her water thanks to Ted on earth clinic. I'm giving her MMS several times a day. 5 drops of MMS mixed with 25 drops of the citric acid. I put it in 2 caps and put it down her throat after she's eaten. I follow each cap with a small piece of liver or chicken in case she's tasted the MMS. I was giving her a cap with a piece of chicken wrapped around it.. but she caught on after a few days and wouldn't take anything from my hand.. so I was left with the alternative. I also put a caster oil pack on the tumor every evening. I've put a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in her water as well. I'm using everything I've read about on Earth Clinic to help her. She's only 4 years old!!!!

The vet suggested I come back in 2 weeks for another ex ray (and check for $120 ). She assured me that the tumor would be larger. I decided to spend the money on food and the supplements rather than another sad warning of why I should put her down. So I don't know if the tumor has grown or not and she is still limping. But the other thing is she eats like a horse and she's not growing thin as they do with cancer. She's started to play with her daughter and wants to run around more even with the limp. In the beginning she was quite lethargic and wanted to sleep on the couch much of the time. She's still sleeping more then usual but she's also playing more so something is going on with her and it seems to me to be positive. Thank you Earth Clinic and all the wonderful readers that share their stories. Sally

Palliative Care for Dog Mast Cell Tumor  

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Posted by Erin (Tacoma, Wa) on 11/30/2016
5 out of 5 stars

My dog was diagnosed with mast cell tumors at 13 years of age. Here is what we did for him palliatively, since he was so old that surgery was out of the question.

When it presented, one of his fatty tumors ballooned to twice its normal size. The vet gave him a biopsy that confirmed mast cells. Within a week, it had perforated and left a huge, hamburgerish hole in his side that we were told to keep covered, and that it would probably not heal.

Bandages are expensive, so I ordered organic, reusable bamboo breast pads online (10 pack) to use in place of primary bandages. We asked around and received about 10 ace bandages that we used to secure the primary bandages, then bought a rigid back brace to wrap over the top of the primary and ace bandages to make it harder for Skipper to access the wound.

At first we were changing the breast pads several times a day, and each time we would slather one of the following:

  • Cold pressed, hexane free castor oil
  • EVCO
  • Vitamin E oil

To these we would sometimes add turmeric, Lugols iodine. Definitely added Yunnan Baiyou to wound at first when it was bleeding so bad, and also included a pill or two internally the first week. After he healed, we put Dr. Schultze's drawing poultice (look at Curezone for recipe) overnight, and left all bandages off during the day.

After about 6 weeks, the wound closed up completely. We frequently put ice packs over the bandage system to keep him comfortable when the sore would flare up.

Onto the supplements we had him on:

  • CannaCompanion cannabis (see their website for specifications)
  • Vet prescribed anti-inflammatory
  • Turmeric and pepper pills found at Costco
  • Green Mush pills (you have to assemble capsules yourself, unless your dog will eat Green Mush mixed into food)
  • 2 Benadryll
  • 1 Tagamet
  • Activated charcoal & Psyllium
  • Pribiotic
  • Indica just before bedtime towards the end

I attached his regimen. He was put to sleep about a week and a half ago, but I know he would have died sooner and been more uncomfortable had we not followed this protocol. Hope this helps someone out there!

Raspberry Powder  

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Posted by W (St. Louis, Mo) on 10/24/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have a 12 year lab. He was suffering with 8 fatty tissues that were very large. I learned that raspberry powder can help dogs with removing fatty tissues and tumors. My dog was draggy and slow with the many fatty tissues. I came a cross raspberry powder and gave it to him for a month. He only has two left. I would put 2 table spoons over his dog food in the morning and evening. This is a real story. The two fatty tissues left have been reduced in size. My lab has more energy and moving around better. Also I give my dog 1 teaspoon of apple cidar vinegar in the morning and put it in his bowl and put his food over it. He does lick it up. W

Raw Pet Food  

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Posted by Laure (Woodlands, TX) on 11/27/2006
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Our dog had a tumor on one of his ears. The vet said that if it continued to grow, it should be removed surgically. I'd had good results using raw food, and had heard of many cancer cures using raw food, so I did a search and found that the raw pet food I had once heard about, from Canada, called B.A.R.F. (which stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), was now available within driving distance from a local distributor. The dog was put on this food immediately. In three weeks, the tumor had flattened and blackened into a hideous thick crust. At 6 weeks into the raw food experiment, it was just a small flat scab. At 7 weeks, the scab fell off and revealed perfect, pink skin, with only a trace that there was ever a problem. We have kept him on a largely raw diet since then. Today, almost 2 years later, I can't tell where the tumor was. And he always smells fresher and less "doggy" when he is on raw food. He also has a lot more energy. I love how the raw diet decreased the burden of digesting cooked food, and gave him more assimilable nutrition to help his body heal.

Replied by Dee
Los Angeles, CA

What raw meat recipes are/did you use? My Cat has breast cancer for the 3rd time. The 1st and 2nd time she had surgery; she can not go through another one. So I would like to do anything possible to stop the tumors, they are growing over night... anything you have for Cat Cancer. Thank you, Dee

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