Natural Remedies

Effective Natural Treatments for Pet Tumors: A Guide

Essiac Tea
Posted by Andrew (New York) on 05/15/2023

Based on the reviews here we had high hopes for this for our cat's oral carcinoma. Unfortunately, it appears to have had no positive effect whatsoever. We started the tea by syringe 10 days before we received the biopsy results, based on his drooling and not wanting to eat, but he still declined rapidly and five days later (15 days in total) he was so physically debilitated and seemed to be in so much pain that we made the (obvious but no less heartbreaking) decision to euthanize him. Sadly, a cat homeopath we spoke to during that time said she'd tried essiac tea more than 10 times with tumorous cats and had never seen evidence of its effectiveness. It probably doesn't hurt to try it if you have no other options, though not expecting a miracle might make it easier to countenance eventual loss if that sadly comes to pass.