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Effective Natural Treatments for Pet Tumors: A Guide

| Modified on Feb 17, 2024
Castor Oil
Posted by Betty (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) on 01/18/2010

Castor Oil is working to shrink my dog's tumor. I have a 17 year old Shih Tzu. She has a benign malinoma tumor on the pad of her front foot. In 2008 she had a major operation to remove it. This included the amputation of one toe so that the skin could be used to build back the large walking pad. The tumor came back 2 more times and was removed using a local anethesia. The last time it came back it could not be removed because there wasn't enough skin left. Since she is 17 we thought that she would pass before the tumor got too large. WRONG. The tumor grew and grew. It was about the size of 3 pencil erasers. A second tumor started on the same pad just about the first tumor and a third one had developed just below the pad in the wrist area. It became infected 5 weeks ago and she is now taking an antibiotic.

I found this site and began applying castor oil 5 weeks ago. I started by simply putting some on my finger and spreading it on the open, bleeding large tumor and covering it with a little pink sock. I would apply the Oil 6 times a day. I did this for 3 weeks. The tumor started to grow, which I expected because I understood it had to grow before breaking down. At this point I cut up a cotton shirt and applied lots of castor oil to all of the tumors then I wrapped it in the cotton, followed by adhesive pet bandage, followed by a fake fur, homemade mitten. I do this 2 to 4 times a day. I have been doing this for 2 weeks now. The large tumor is gone and healed. I have continued the treatment to get rid of the other 2 tumors and today I noticed that the small tumor is starting to shrink and the large one in the wrist is softer and smaller. I have taken pictures so I actually have proof that this works. I wanted to share this because I am so grateful for finding this cure. I would like to thank all of you who sung the praises of Castor Oil and took the time to write down your stories. I hope that this can help to give someone the hope that I needed and received.

Castor Oil
Posted by Robbie (Illinois) on 12/22/2014

Since applying castor oil for a week to my cats fatty tumor it has opened and looks painful. It is under her arm and is causing the leg to swell hugely. Is this normal? should I continue applying castor oil since it is open? She has a cluster of smaller ones too. I tried adding turmeric to her food and she refused it. Please help.

Posted by Snickers (Washington) on 03/27/2016

Treating a beagle for tumors. Used Turmeric salve for a week. Then started feeding her turmeric in her food. She weighs 30 pounds and was giving her 700 mg once per day. Also 1/2 t apple cider vinegar. did this for about a week. Tumor split open and started to leak, and got bigger.

Now for the last two days the tumor seems to hurt her when we try to clean it up. Can not squeeze it because it hurts her to bad. Is a very large lump now. She has diarrhea is not eating, drinks a little water. Have tried rice water. All kinds of goodies, treats, chicken, turkey, beef. She normally eats everything in sight. She seems sick. I am not sure how to take care of the tumor now that it is leaking. HELP!

Castor Oil
Posted by Connie (Erial, NJ) on 12/26/2020


I have a 16 year old Maine coon cat that I acquired for my sister which now has a cancerous tumor on his front leg. After visiting with the vet, he said it was too big to remove there wasn't enough skin to put it back together so he told me to take them home and let him live his life out.

So now I'm looking for remedies holistically I came across castor oil so I've been rubbing that on his leg for two days now and it seems to be shrinking. But what am I to expect to happen? Will the tumor burst, or will the tumor shrink, or are there any other remedies I should use? Any help is appreciated. Thank you

Posted by Deanne (South Australia) on 07/13/2016

I have been giving my dog who has mast cell tumor.. ( already removed surgically & returned with a vengeance just weeks later) TURMERIC .. along with a cancer diet and many other herbs and supplements .. I have been using turmeric powder and also curcumin capsules ( concentrated turmeric extract) twice a day .. she was given 8 weeks to live and the vet said he could only make her comfortable.. that was 4 weeks ago and she was in poor state.. barely moving barely eating... she is now looking normal.

I know I am not out of the woods yet BUT..she has put on weight is eating like a horse and back to her usual self. I also have been using castor oil topically on the tumor and it has just started to open up and weep and bleed .. so using colloidal silver to prevent infection and continue with the oil and see what happens.. but she is happy and shows no sign of pain...so Turmeric has helped her tremendously.

Castor Oil
Posted by Karen (Georgia) on 07/07/2016

My pit terrier mix has a soft pliable, black tumor on leg. Was told I could use castor oil . I got grocery sore brand. Used it along with warm water compresses. The next morning it was bleeding some. I put tumeric in food and cleaned it with Apple Cider Vinegar and then put coconut oil.on it. Should I continue with this? Trying to shrink before removal.Thank you.

Castor Oil
Posted by Carin (Nv) on 05/13/2017

I read this page and used castor oil on a tumor on the neck of one of my cats. This tumor had been on his neck for years but it had recently started to grow. I could not afford surgery so I tried the castor oil on his tumor twice a day. After ten days the thing disappeared within two days. Fascinating. It has not returned. It was not an abscess. It has been on his neck, on the underside of it, for years... Miracle.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Helen (Christchurch, New Zealand.) on 07/01/2012

Thankyou so much for this site. I found out about coconut oil on this site but have some suggestions based on my experience of it. I am using it for my old golden retriever to help extend his life as he is in heart failure(also on diuretics and Vetmedin). The coconut oil makes him more energetic, and I believe helps his old joints but the most noticable effect is it makes his "old dog lumps" resolve, even ones he has had for years. He is lump free at the age of 16. I tried the extra virging cold pressed coconut oil but it didn't help my own rheumatism and seemed to help my dog less too. I have also noticed my nasal polyps have suddenly gone. When I stop the coconut oil my retriever grows new lumps but they are gone within two weeks of starting the coconut oil again. I am also using coconut oil to prevent seizures for my red boarder collie/ blue healer cross. In his first year of life he has had at least four grand-mal seizures, which honey rubbed on his gums brings him out of. Hopefully the coconut oil will keep him seizure free. Coconut oil is amazing.

DMSO and Colloidal Silver
Posted by Deirdre (Connecticut) on 01/01/2022

Update on my dog with a cancerous anal gland tumor, diagnosed in early August 2021.

I tried a number of different protocols, as detailed in this thread:


None of them seemed to be helping. THEN I started doing DMSO and organic and raw (Bragg) apple cider vinegar topically dropped in near his bladder because he seemed to be having issues there and he looked remarkably better a few minutes later with increased energy. The amazing Art from CA recommended I try DMSO with Colloidal Silver.

Here is what Art wrote - incredibly helpful!!

"On the alternative cancer sites and in science, DMSO is itself known to have anticarcinogenic effects and in some cases has shown the ability to revert cancerous cells back to normal cells. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/pmc/articles/PMC3328470/

Here is a quote from the review :

'Our results suggest that DMSO may be an important stimulator of the tumor suppressor protein HLJ1 through AP-1 activation in highly invasive lung adenocarcinoma cells. Targeted induction of HLJ1 represents a promising approach for cancer therapy, which also implied that DMSO may serve as a potential lead compound or coordinated ligand for the development of novel anticancer drugs. '

... The effective DMSO dosing is in the 5 to 6% area at direct contact with a cancer cell, so you will have to dilute it with something and CS seems good because of its known anticancer effects by itself. You could see if he can tolerate 50% DMSO with 50% CS. If he doesn't tolerate that ratio, try 40% DMSO with 60% CS. I think when you go below 40%, DMSO is not nearly as effective as a transdermal penetration enhancer, but I would consider further reductions to reach tolerance by him.

So after Art sent me that, I began the DMSO and Colloidal Silver starting with 1 droppersful of each mixed together once a day. I am up to 3 droppersful at the moment with a day off once or twice a week.

I use a dropper and drop the solution right where the lump is on his bum and the rest of it on his stomach where there isn't much fur.

This is the remedy combo where we've been making progress. His appetite returned in full force after two weeks on the protocol and he started gobbling down his freeze-dried raw food, which he refused to eat starting in October.

Now he seems to be doing quite well for an old dog with a tumor. The freeze dried raw is so much better than the kibble he was eating, which made him terribly thirsty.

Also, I put removable sticky paw pads on him to help him walk as even the carpet is slippery at this point. Those pads have helped him tremendously. Here are the pads on Amazon if anyone is interested.

One thing I realized recently is that I don't think people really understand how much assistance dogs need when they get older. Because they become increasingly unsteady on all fours, they have a harder time drinking water. I suspect some get very dehydrated and the owners might not realize it and think their dog is ready to be put down when, in fact, they just can't drink enough water on their own anymore. Just my two cents caring for two big elderly dogs! I make sure my dog gets plenty of water throughout the day and I also keep a belly support under him while he drinks so he doesn't lose his balance. I've seen him just give up on the water because he can't hold himself steady if I don't help him.

I think my vet would be surprised that he's made it this long after diagnosis at his advanced age. Of all the protocols I have tried for my two dogs since the summer, the DMSO and Colloidal Silver have been the most effective, with no side effects other than slightly increased thirst a short while after applying the DMSO/CS. Sorry I didn't know about this for my other dog's shoulder tumor but it may have been too late for her anyway.

Thank you so much, Art!!!! APPRECIATE YOU!

Hydrogen Peroxide, DMSO
Posted by Robtyea (Wrightsville, Pa/usa) on 03/30/2012

Food Grade H2O2 is safe for pets, at lower doses. I have quite a number of cats and kittens, and have been giving them Food Grade H2O2 in their drinking water for about a month.

I have a female cat that developed large tumors on her underside. It was getting to the point that it was difficult for her to walk. My wife and I knew that we might have to put her down. The cat has been with us since she was born, and isn't very old. We could not bear the thought of losing her. I ask my wife for one week, to see if I could come up with a treatment.

I had been studing and researching Food Grade H2O2 for some time. I already had some on hand.

I believed it would work, but how to get it into her system was the problem. I did some research an found a product that was used on horses, for injuries. It was said to be able to enter the body thru the skin and relieve the pain. The product is DMSO. I found it to be sold locally.

I didn't have much time to create a treatment, and really didn't have a lot of choice. I made a mixture of DMSO and Food Grade H2O2 ( I used the H2O2 as a carrier to enter the body). I disinfected the area with a 3% solution of H2O2 and applied the mixture with a Q-tip to the largest tumors. (make sure whatever means used to apply and mixture of DMSO is clean, as it will carry anything it comes in contact with into the blood stream). Within 24 hours the tumors had reduced by 25%. I was amazed at its power. I have been treating her now for 10 days and the tumors are all but gone.

I believe those who doubt, will continue to doubt until they are infected with a serious disease and pray for a treatment to heal them. The answer is Food Grade H2O2. I have witnessed the power of Food Grade H2O2 and truly believe it may be a treatment for all serious diseases in animals and humans. (H2O2 and DMSO are not approved for human use by the FDA, what a shame.)

Posted by Patricia (Downsville) on 09/19/2016 42 posts

I don't see a way that I can be notified when someone answers this. Also I don't see honey on the list of remedies.

My cat has had a tumor or cyst for over two years and have been trying to find something that works and had found nothing. I read somewhere about honey packs. When I read that a bee keeper said that the only thing that will kill cancer is honey. What that bee keeper said stuck in my mind and tried to use the honey but the growth is in such a spot that I couldn't get anything to hold it in place and every time I wrapped it the cyst would fall out of the bandage.

Anyway the growth didn't shrink when I tried the honey and read that the use of plastic or metal touching the honey would effect its efficacy and the honey had to be unheated. My honey was definitely contaminated if that story was true. I would have to start with a new jar. I called the same company that made my raw honey and asked if it was unheated.They assured me that it is. So my friend brought some back from New Jersey where he works last Thursday night September 15,2016.

To make a long story short, after 72 hours of slathering this honey twice a day and securing it with an Ace bandage for two hours on this growth, which was hanging from her chest, it had reduced 80%.

That was last night at 3 am. This morning it had enlarged some but no where near the size it had been Thursday when I started. I was told to use silver in the honey and a friend said that the baby spoons we found was plate.

My method: I was afraid to use the spoon so I poured the honey onto a 2x4" gauze pad but first used my finger to spread some on because growth was thicker than the depth of the honey.

I just thought that someone may need to hear this information before it is conclusive and the entire growth completely terminated.

I thought that if I could use DMSO to allow the honey to penetrate deep into the skin it would work better. I also purchased DMSO. When I read the label that stopped me from using with the honey until I had more research. So that bee keeper may be correct. Will soon find out.

That said nothing has worked even close to what the honey has done to shrink this growth. I am amazed.

I will continue to use this. I just wanted to post it so that others in fear of what to do for their animals can run with it and relate what their results.

Posted by Shaun (Los Angeles, Ca) on 02/10/2012

My 9 year old male boxer, 40 lbs, developed a tumor around his penis area. it has gotten bigger over the last week. I have taken him to two vets, who biopsyed him to see what kind of cancer it is. I have increased his dose of organic coconut oil and and have started giving him one teaspoon of tumeric for the last 4 days. Tumor is getting bigger, but I have been reading everyone's post that it swells before it starts shrinking. I hope this is the case.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Glen (St. Mary's Newfoundland)

A friend of mine who's dog was riddled with cancerous tumors gave him black strap molasses each day for a month. she took him back to the Veterinarian and the cancer and tumor were gone! Her mother, who was a medicine woman in the hills of West Virginia suggested she do this as the ancient egyptians used the remedy for consumption (cancer).

Castor Oil
Posted by Cindy K. (EC - Facebook) on 07/27/2018

My dog Shylo was diagnosed with a tumor on his hind leg that the vet suggested we have removed before it got any bigger to the tune of $700.00. I applied warm compresses first then the Castor Oil. Held it on him for a couple minutes. Twice a day for a couple weeks and it is gone.

Aloe Arborescens Formula
Posted by Patricia (Downsville) on 11/29/2016 42 posts

My cat has had a cyst for over 3 years and nothing has helped. I don't know if it is a cyst or a breast cancer. 25 days ago I started with father romano zagos aloe formula. 1/2 jar mountain wild raw honey. One leaf plus a little more with a good deal of the skin removed because it is not organic leaf. 4 tsp vodka.

As you can see it is not the true formula but I couldn't find the arborense aloe. I had been applying the aloe topically but nothing much had happened. The cyst started bleeding. Saw blood on counters and figured out it had to be the tumor. It was. I applied cayenne immediately and the blood did stop. Used alternately compresses of plantain and dthen aloe vera while taking the zago formula. The cyst/tumor has begun to shrivel up. from a grape to a raising. It seems never plump since. This is day 25 into the on 10 days and off 10 days. She receives absolutely no processed food.

Obviously until that tumor is completely gone, which I have no way of knowing it will be gone I can't say it is a cure. I wanted to post this to show others aloe vera, raw honey and vodka could help. This tumor at present has not plumped up for 25 days. From the poor results I have had with so many failed products in three years, keeping it in a shriveled state for so long, is in itself is a miracle. Right now I think I could cut the cord (it is attached through the skin not the rest of the body) and it would not come back. Will not try that.

Father Romano zago's formula found on cancer tutor reads:

1) Half a kilo (1.1 pounds) of pure honey. Synthetic or refined honey should never be used.

2) 350 grams (.77 lbs) of Aloe arborescens leaves (generally 3 or 4 leaves, depending on their size),

3) A distillate to preserve the product and open the path for the main treatment to get all over the body (by dilating the blood vessels). The distillate is a small (about 1% of the formula), but very important, medicinal part of this protocol. Only 40 to 50 ml (6-8 teaspoons) is used. It is generally whisky, cognac or some other pure alcohol.

Note: I have also been treating her for kidney problems like not urinating for 12 hours. I am dealing with two problems. So you can understand that I was thrilled when she suddenly started to love me again.


Two nights ago she bounded into my room pleading for food. She has been shying away from contact with me and I had missed her. I think she doesn't like to be around the computer because this didn't occur until I shut down. Two nights in a row. I wonder what damage the computer is doing to us. Found her at 6:45 am t his morning asleep on my left shoulder.