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Effective Natural Treatments for Pet Tumors: A Guide

Castor Oil
Posted by Deborah (Crandall, Ga. United States) on 08/09/2009

I recently found this sight and started using castor oil on my 8 year old ridgeback bulldog had a tumor between his belly and frout legs for about a year now I am trying the castor oil on him I am rubbing it on the tumor and it is shrinking it was the size of a egg and now it is down to a golf ball size Thank you for the remidy.

Turmeric, Coconut Oil +
Posted by Pacific Coast Lady (Crescent City, CA) on 03/02/2022

What a lucky, little dog to have someone like you to search for alternative help, and cures. Keep up the wonderful work! Thank you EC for having a section for our beloved pets.

Turmeric, Coconut Oil +
Posted by Rhonda (TX) on 03/02/2022 33 posts

Thank you You all mean so much to me, I have a place to hopefully give help and information and HOPE to others in my shoes. In a way, it's like a support group.

Turmeric, Manjistha Powder, Moong Dal
Posted by MokiMom (San Francisco, CA) on 09/24/2021

This poultice is helping with a large sarcoma on my cat's back. I found it at:


I didn't see a specific recipe or how long or frequently to use it. I am mixing about 1/4 cup of warm soft-cooked moong dal with 1/2 tsp each of turmeric and manjistha. I put a thick coat of paste on the tumor and cover it with a square of unbleached muslin. Then I protect the area with a 'hospital gown' made from paper towels held in place with an elastic bandage. I leave the paste on overnight and clean it off in the morning using kleenex and a spray bottle of tea made with the same two herbs. After three nights the lesions were softened and opened up and I could gently wipe away a quantity of cheesy whitish stuff, bits of cartilage-like tumor, and hunks of dead skin. (Yes, absolute gross-out.) After the initial treatments the cat's appetite and energy were dramatically improved. I have been doing this for eight days. I am not scrubbing or forcing, just wiping away what has come loose. She seems to like the sensation of the warm paste and has been patient with the treatment. I don't know if the entire tumor will eventually fall off or what, but she feels better and the area is cleaned out, so I am calling it a win.

Here is the paragraph from the above source where I learned about this:

"One simple suggested paste is that of turmeric, manjistha, and mung dal. The area is then fomentated and squeezed gently as the tumor ripens. This procedure is repeated over and over. The goal is to draw the tumor out. This treatment is true for tumors of all three doshas, but most especially those of vata nature. Due to the application of heat and paste, the tumor should ripen and allow itself to be squeezed. If this does not occur, the tumor should be removed by surgical means. It was well known that if the entire tumor was not removed, it would surely grow back again. In the case of pitta granthi, it is recommended to apply leeches to the tumor and heat is avoided or minimized. The open wound should be washed with cool infusions of herbs and allowed to heal."

If anyone thoroughly trained in Ayurveda reads this, please comment with any further details I should know about this method.

Turmeric, Manjistha Powder, Moong Dal
Posted by MokiMom (San Francisco. CA) on 10/06/2021

Update: The poultice opened up a spread of tumors the size of my palm on the cat's back. I have stopped using the dal poultice because I am focused on keeping the exposed area cleaned out. There are flaps of loosened tumor with large cracks into deeper layers. I'm cleaning with a spray of sterile saline, pressing kleenex into it to remove loose surface gunk. Then I get down in there with MicrosynAH antimicrobial spray, and finally saturate the area with a strong infusion of turmeric and manjishtha and let it soak in. She brightens up and eats well after the treatment. I won't be surprised if she doesn't have long to live but if this comforts her I'm doing it.

Castor Oil, Turmeric
Posted by Art (California) on 08/11/2021 2136 posts

Kitty Junkie,

When you apply hydrogen peroxide and blot it to remove excess moisture and then apply true colloidal silver, the residual hydrogen peroxide will cause the silver to fall out of suspension and render it ineffective. Applying colloidal silver with castor oil, the castor oil may coat the silver particles again rendering the ineffective.

In order for colloidal silver to be effective at wound healing, it must remain wet for maximal healing in the shortest amount of time. So creating an appropriate sized pad for the wound that is thick enough to hold enough CS and then placed on the wound and then wrap the pad multiple times in place with an Ace flexible bandage would be a way to get the most benefit from the colloidal silver. Try to use a long enough Ace wrap to completely cover the pad and hold it in place. Replace the pad every 12 hours and rewet as needed to keep the pad wet to speed the healing process of the wound. Keeping the pad wet also helps minimize bacterial resistance to the CS.

You can sprinkle the pad with curcumin before applying the pad to the wound, but topical curcumin stains anything it comes in contact with and can be messy.


Posted by Saykiatric (Central Florida) on 05/01/2020

Kelp helped reduce tumors in my boxer years ago.

Posted by Carol (Texas ) on 06/07/2019

I was a little skeptical about using turmeric at first. I was rubbing my cats belly and noticed a cyst the size of an egg -it felt like it was attached to the sternum - and did not move around-and it was not hard or soft. I checked those things as I have had cysts on cats before and these are all the things vets check.

Any of my pets that had cysts removed in the past did not recover- even when they were diagnosed as benign. So there was no way I would have this removed and no way I would put my baby through chemo or radiation (if it were cancer).

So I researched and found an article on Earth Clinic for turmeric- and read the reviews as well. My baby didn't have anything to lose (except a cyst)...so we had to give it a try. I researched the best turmeric brands as well. One reviewer had mentioned Thorne research group products, and I actually had that on hand. I had bought it for another cat that had ruptured 2 discs in his back for the inflammation.....it had worked great! Now I would try it for this cyst. It is in capsule form and is a special formula so that it is well absorbed by your pet.

After only 4 days the cyst shrank from the size of an egg to size of a marble, and now it felt mobile under the skin. It has now been 12 days (at one capsule daily) and it appears to be COMPLETELY GONE . I will dose him for another 3 days to make sure ... my cat did not seem to have any side effects at all- I pilled him and It has been a stress free experience for us all.

Thanks to “Earth Clinic “for the wonderful article!!!

Palliative Care for Dog Mast Cell Tumor
Posted by Erin (Tacoma, Wa) on 11/30/2016

My dog was diagnosed with mast cell tumors at 13 years of age. Here is what we did for him palliatively, since he was so old that surgery was out of the question.

When it presented, one of his fatty tumors ballooned to twice its normal size. The vet gave him a biopsy that confirmed mast cells. Within a week, it had perforated and left a huge, hamburgerish hole in his side that we were told to keep covered, and that it would probably not heal.

Bandages are expensive, so I ordered organic, reusable bamboo breast pads online (10 pack) to use in place of primary bandages. We asked around and received about 10 ace bandages that we used to secure the primary bandages, then bought a rigid back brace to wrap over the top of the primary and ace bandages to make it harder for Skipper to access the wound.

At first we were changing the breast pads several times a day, and each time we would slather one of the following:

  • Cold pressed, hexane free castor oil
  • EVCO
  • Vitamin E oil

To these we would sometimes add turmeric, Lugols iodine. Definitely added Yunnan Baiyou to wound at first when it was bleeding so bad, and also included a pill or two internally the first week. After he healed, we put Dr. Schultze's drawing poultice (look at Curezone for recipe) overnight, and left all bandages off during the day.

After about 6 weeks, the wound closed up completely. We frequently put ice packs over the bandage system to keep him comfortable when the sore would flare up.

Onto the supplements we had him on:

  • CannaCompanion cannabis (see their website for specifications)
  • Vet prescribed anti-inflammatory
  • Turmeric and pepper pills found at Costco
  • Green Mush pills (you have to assemble capsules yourself, unless your dog will eat Green Mush mixed into food)
  • 2 Benadryll
  • 1 Tagamet
  • Activated charcoal & Psyllium
  • Pribiotic
  • Indica just before bedtime towards the end

I attached his regimen. He was put to sleep about a week and a half ago, but I know he would have died sooner and been more uncomfortable had we not followed this protocol. Hope this helps someone out there!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Mandy (Bay City , Mi.) on 01/26/2016

I had read about food grade hydrogen peroxide on the Earth Clinic site, while researching natural remedies for animals as my Maine coon Kitty had a pea size tumor under his jaw that had grown to the size of a marble. I was very low on funds at the time and couldn't afford a vet visit, so I crossed my fingers, went to the health food store, bought some 35% food grade H202 and put a capful in his water bowl.

To my amazement the tumor disappeared after about two weeks. He's been tumor free ever since and I now drink it in my water. It's a Godsend.

Posted by Johnnaswiger (North Carolina) on 11/09/2015

I have an older white lab that developed a tumor beside his genital area and he kept it inflamed by licking it. I started him on 1 teaspoon per feeding, twice a day, of turmeric on his food. He did not reject it at all, and the tumor has now shrunk and he no longer pays attention to it. It's not totally gone but it's definitely shrunk and no longer inflamed. Turmeric works. I did not add molasses.

Maple Syrup, Baking Soda
Posted by Veggienut (Alabama) on 09/24/2014

I've been using molasses/baking soda for my 16 year old cat with oral squamous cell carcinoma which was discovered in Oct. 2013. Her veterinary treatment consisted of conventional methods using Clindamycin and Prednasone. After her last round of this in April 2014, the ulceration was still there. Out of desperation, I tried the molasses baking soda cancer cure. I've been treating her myself with this since the end of April 2014 and her level of stabilization has much improved. With conventional treatment, it was an "on" and "off" thing with rounds of medicine and in between rounds, the inflamed red ulceration in her mouth would come back big time. Although I've not cured my kitty, the massive ulceration hasn't returned since I've been using this treatment which has made a big improvement in maintaining her quality of life. In addition to the molasses/baking soda mixture, I also give her a standardized triple blend of Shiitake, Maitake, and Reishi mushrooms plus standardized Maitake d-fraction. I've also found that KMR milk replacement to be a good choice to use when the inflammation in her mouth would worsen. I add in some other supplements as well and they can vary. At age 16, I know we're on borrowed time at best, but I'm glad to have been able to keep her for as long as I have. Roughly ninety percent of these cats are dead within one year of diagnosis. Fortunately, I still have my kitty, Mandi, and next month it will be one year since we started this journey together.

Milk Thistle
Posted by Linda (Massillon,ohio) on 04/10/2014

My friend had two cats with high liver enzymes. They fought the medicine the vet prescribed. I gave them "full spectrum" milk thistle. They sprinkled one capsule on their food which they ate. (Big surprise) The levels went down and the vet said, "keep doing what you are doing. It is working". Liver problems respond to milk thistle. This brand was from an online vitamin catalog store and only cost 3.49 for 100 caps. I believe in full spectrum herbs.

Posted by Kaz (Townsville, Qld, Australia) on 07/24/2013

To the Staff of Earth Clinic, I am sending these photos of the tumour that is on my dogs front leg and how it is healing after using turmeric, castor oil and aloe vera on it.

First Photo: taken after five days of putting turmeric in his food, it swelled up and then started to get soft and crinkle and blister.

Dog Tumor Before Remedies
Second Photo: taken after four weeks of treating the tumour. The "wound" was not cleaned so it has some grass on it however, once cleaned, mixture was applied and wrapped. there is no infection and it is closing slowly.

Dog Tumor Treated With Remedies

Thanks for the assistance from your site and your readers.

Hydrogen Peroxide, DMSO
Posted by Eric (Alexandria) on 03/23/2021

Robytea did not use 35% HP with DMSO in a 50:50 ratio. On another website, they said they used 6% HP:

"I used a mixture of 6% hydrogen peroxide with DMSO. I reduced 35% HP with distilled water. I then applied the mixture with a Q-tip directly on the tumor. Don't be afraid to apply it at a couple of spots. The DMSO will penetrate the tumor carrying the HP with it. This worked for my cat so I don't see why it will not work for you. Apply this mixture as many times as you can. I did my cat 2-3 times a day. I saw results within 24 hours. Don't give up this will work. My results may be different than yours. You can email me directly at [email protected]"

Blackstrap Molasses, Turmeric
Posted by Dominique (Athens, Ga) on 12/04/2013

For any bleeding- you can use cayenne pepper. I would try sprinkling it around the area and gently add more. Cayenne stops bleeding. It is wonderful. Do some research online- you'll see. I hope your baby is better.

Blackstrap Molasses, Turmeric
Posted by Rio Moon Fox (England) on 03/04/2017

hi interested in the cottage cheese gunk coming out . My beautiful Rio moon fox. (She fox size). Has what I believe to be a tumour, had lump removed for lots of money. Couldn't afford it to be analysed. She is a fit dog of Aprox 13yrs.old. She recovered well the lumps were on her left rib cage, then started to grow back, I was told that I should have it removed again, but one cell left it would grow so chose holistic remedies. I have been through lots of herbs her lumps grew size of tennis balls! She has been having turmeric in her diet until she refused and since last oct2016 the lump burst she has been having honey raw organic. And a few months of comfrey root compresses. The wound was very angry.

Then a friend who had cancer healed with bicarbonate and bentonite clay. So I have been giving her bicarbonate and turmeric honey in syringe internally and on the now 3 open wounds! Cottage cheese like lumps coming out and discharge. Lots of. Lump at back going down two open lumps crater like ongoing battle compresses and. Daily bicarbonate/ lavener/ROSMary baths as the wound is sore, and DIEING. infused herbs not essentials. Getting greens blended with good dog food. Also nettle porridge with chicken, now using chamomile tea bags soaked aloe and caster oil. She is now on antibiotics when I can get them in her. She's foxy clever!!! As I was concerned about the discharge / infection.

The bicarbonate seems to of had the most affect at dissolving the lumps she's had 3 weeks of it, turning them to snotty cottage cheese like bits!! They grow in bubble like formation the lumps cluster together and as I can see them they die slowly and the stopping them growing is a headbanger!? Any other suggestions?!!

Also giving her vit c. So much more could write weeks of nursing till early hours. I am tired!! But she is an angel dog and she is fighting not ready to go, the one vet would of put her to sleep last October!! Lazy vet!! Not into holistic luckily I have found a herbalist vet X she is great. But expensive, big love to all of you nursing your poorly babies I know what an emotional roller coaster it is. We are special and so are our beloved friends.

Castor Oil
Posted by Angela (Cary) on 07/24/2012

Keep using the castor oil. Place it on the area and use a heating pack to help absorb into their system. I JUST did this for our cat and it worked. Our vet was impressed with this remedy. I can't say enough how much I value all of you on this board. Thanks so much and good luck to you!

Raspberry Powder
Posted by W (St. Louis, Mo) on 10/24/2009

I have a 12 year lab. He was suffering from 8 fatty tissues that were very large.

I learned that raspberry powder can help dogs with removing fatty tissues and tumors. My dog was draggy and slow with the many fatty tissues. I came across raspberry powder and gave it to him for a month. He only has two left.

I would put 2 tablespoons over his dog food in the morning and evening. This is a real story. The two fatty tissues left have been reduced in size.

My lab has more energy and is moving around better. Also, I give my dog 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in the morning and put it in his bowl and put his food over it. He does lick it up.

Castor Oil
Posted by Francine (Playa Del Rey, CA) on 07/19/2008

I wanted to share my experience with castor oil. One week ago I discovered a large lump on the throat of my dog, the size of a golf ball. Remembering I had found info about castor on your site, I quickly started aggressively applying it to the tumor. I personally have been brewing and drinking essiac tea for years. I keep the left over sludge and started putting that in my dogs food. Remarkably, the tumor is now gone. A little of a week has passed and after applying the castor oil almost 5 times a day. Thank you so much. On a side note, I have been using the oil on my face for beautiful skin, on my strained veins on my legs, which have been disppearing, and my mother in law's dog with tumors also as well as an enlarged liver, has been applying it to her dogs tumors and liver area, after a visit to the vet, the second tests showed the liver had shrunk to normal.

Essiac, Turmeric, Famotidine, Diphenhydramine
Posted by wynnye (Texas) on 01/29/2023

in June of 2022 I took my older dog, Ruby to the vet because I thought she had ingested something in the garage left by the handy man. on x-raying her stomach, the vet found a tumor on her spleen. upon further x-ray, looking to see if the cancer had spread to other organs, multiple lesions were found on her lungs (odd, I thought, since she had no coughing, shortness of breath, low energy, etc). but I saw the lesions on the x-ray. the Vet gave her 2 months at the outside. I took her home and did a little research. I started her on diphenhydramine 25mg twice a day with famotadine 10mg twice a day (I looked up the dosages online, according to her weight). The same with Essiac Tea, also by weight, twice a day. and Turmeric by weight, again twice a day. It is now January 2023 and she is going strong, energy, no symptoms!

Posted by Mamarottweiler (Grove City, Ohio ) on 11/30/2022 1 posts

Osteosarcoma: Fenben+Vitamin C+CBD+Cucuremen

I am helping my niece with alternative remedies for her Rottweiler "Spike" who has Osteosarcoma. 9 year old + 134 lbs. He has a tumor on his leg that we are treating with 60 PPM Colloidal Silver soaked gauze secured in place with adhesive ace bandages. He is cooperative for daily bandage changes. We have begun administering Fenben (222mg) capsules, with Vitamin C, Cucuremin, CBD oil. Day 5 we are noticing that his energy to "play" even with a bum leg, is improving. We are increasing the Fenben to 4 capsules (222mgx4) for 3 days on and 4 days off but keeping him on the remaining supplements. Beautiful new skin growth on the leg. We are going to speak with his Vet about the treatment and have found several medical studies indicating that within 48 hours of beginning Fenben, Cancer cell death is happening. From what I am reading, cell die off begins immediately. Fenben is not allowing the cells to uptake sugar and weakening the cell walls of the Cancer. We are going to ask the Vet to monitor Spike's liver levels to make sure that we are not consistently exposing it to Fenben without respite - 4 days off should help. Can anyone recommend anything else that we could be doing to help Spike along and help his vet understand that we have nothing to lose in trying this remedy? We need more Professionals to get on board with alternative treatments so we can save more lives without Chemo/Radiation.

Turmeric, Coconut Oil +
Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 02/24/2022

Dear Rhonda,

Your Chi is just adorable!
When you mentioned being out of cottage cheese, I was put in mind of the Budwig Protocol for cancer, which is a combo of flax oil and cottage cheese. It might be easy to implement if your Chi will eat cottage cheese.

Here is a post about it.

Also, here is a post from another Earth Clinic poster who used Essiac for lymphoma.

Keep up the good work and let us know how it goes!

~Mama to Many~

Turmeric, Coconut Oil +
Posted by Rhonda (TX) on 03/05/2022 33 posts

My computer crashed so I am typing all over again, Darth Vader's Lymphoma tumors are draining and disappearing, it is a milky thick liquid with no blood. He is more active and eating better. the Lumps on his throat are gone about. I will keep up his medicines from the vet and his Turmeric, -Shark cartilage, IP-6, and coconut oil. I mix the capsules with honey and coconut oil and give it to him on a baby spoon so he receives it all. the IP-6, Shark Cartilage I get from Swansons. www.swansons.com

Turmeric, Coconut Oil +
Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 03/08/2022

Dear Rhonda,

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your much loved Darth.

He was very blessed to have you and I know the feeling was mutual.

~Mama to Many~

DMSO and Colloidal Silver
Posted by Art (California) on 01/02/2022 2136 posts

Hi Deirdre,

I am very happy to hear that it has helped him to have a better life!

One of the effects of silver other than its pathogen neutralizing effects is that it creates reactive oxygen species (ROS) which is detrimental to all cells, but more so to cancer cells than normal cells. This is similar to chemotherapy in that sense, only chemo is a much more potent generator of ROS. Silver seems to be a milder form that will work at a slower pace and do less damage in the process.

It is too bad that he was not able to tolerate melatonin in his food as it has multiple anti-cancer effects. Just a thought, melatonin dissolves in DMSO, perhaps a little melatonin added to his 50/50 mix might have an additive effect. If you are going to consider that option, dissolve the melatonin in the DMSO and then add the AgNPs as you have been. This will put melatonin where it needs to be and may keep too much melatonin from getting into his circulation and reduce the potential for his intolerability to melatonin.


DMSO and Colloidal Silver
Posted by Deirdre (Connecticut) on 01/03/2022

Hi Peter,

I used 99.99% pharmaceutical grade DMSO. Here's the link on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ZNV5N8U/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Castor Oil, Turmeric
Posted by Teena (Victoria) on 08/11/2021 233 posts

My son had an open fleshy wound normally I would just put raw honey over it but infection was visible. So I put turmeric and castor oil, it was paste consistency. Until the wound was clear of pus (two days) then I did turmeric, castor oil and honey. It was healing well with just the turmeric and castor oil and that's what I would be using since she will lick it and that's good for the turmeric but because of the tumor I'd avoid the sugar. I'd try and give other supplements (colloidal silver) orally, rather than topically, especially the turmeric will be beneficial. I'd also be trying to get comfrey into her because it's so good to quickly heal open wounds such as you describe. And I'd incorporate raw eggs into her diet for easy nutrient absorption and lysine. I'd drop the Dawn and only wash with warm water.

Castor Oil
Posted by Maryland (Ca) on 09/08/2021

Hi Flower's Mom, I just put your username between quotation marks on google and found your post from last year about colloidal silver. It is on the second page of "7 Natural Remedies for Cancer in Dogs and Cats" Https://www.earthclinic.com/pets/cancer2.html

Osteosarcoma Remedies
Posted by Janet (In) on 07/06/2018

Danes Mom,

For our dogs cancerous tumors, cannabutter was the fix. Ours were full of tumors. Also look up Rick Simpson oil. If you are in a state that offers medical pot all the better, as it works better. You may be able to travel to obtain it. If nothing else the pain relief would be helpful.

Bone cancer, I would use Teds internal, people remedies. In his bone cancer remedies. Sometimes in the US you can find Sabah snake grass on eBay or Amazon. It sells out fast.

I am not sure why you have added calcium to the regime. It will prevent absorption of all the good things you are doing. Free calcium in blood and organs it counterproductive.

Instead, to drive the good nutrients that he eats, the calcium that's there can be utilized better, you might want to add vitamin d3 and not supp. the calcium. This can be purchased in drops. Added to food. Our 40 lb dog and 70 lb dog get about 10,000 iu a day. The companions of d3 are magnesium, k2, selenium is very low in cancer patients.

So for k2, we use nattokinase which is a rich source, it'd properties are as an enzyme, cleans the blood of fibrin, debris. Easily. Given as a capsule, pushed down the throat or with applicator. Before any food.

Magnesium, this is a sticky wicket, you want to give him enough, a lot, yet he might get the runs. You need 2 avenues here, through the skin, diet.

Through the skin. If he will lay down in a kiddy pool or feet in buckets. Epsom Salts 1 cup, 1/2 cup 20 mule team borax, 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide oxygenates the body. Oxygen kills cancer. Borax removes cancer causing fluoride, makes the body rich in boron to displace the offender out. He needs magnesium in every inch of himself, to improve digestion, bone health, correcting bones and joints.

2nd magnesium strategy. Magnesium oil, buy magnesium flakes. In a mason jar, 60% flakes, 40% spring water. Let stand 1 hour. Cap and shake. Buy a 16 oz glass spray bottle. Fill with mag oil. Spray his tummy and legs and rub in, often.

Internal magnesium, 250 mg magnesium malate, it is rich in malate's helping keep stools firm, but digestible amount of mag with it. If his stools seem to hard add a drop or 2 of mag oil to his food, extra, will balance it out.

So now, selenium yeast 100mcg. This mineral gets depleted quick. Is an effective fungus candida fighter. Often part of cancers ability to grow.

Only give him fluoride free water, mineral or spring water, fluoride can undo all your good effort. A pinch in drinking water, of 20 Mule Team Borax, every third day will remove any in his body to promote your efforts.

Essiac, we use as a nutrient and cancer fighter.

1 tbsp of non GMO lecithin, on food. To get his liver clean free of bad fats, liver optimization is so important. 1x a day. The first week. Then every other day. So he does not have a herxmier reaction. Add 1/4 tsp of cilantro in food. Every other day. To remove heavy metals gently. Then after 1 week, 2 x a week.

Liver function must have b vitamins, a scoop of brewers yeast or dried liver to his food. You can add extra niacinamide, not niacin. This can be purchased as a powder. 1/4 tsp every day. Or open a capsule.

Baking soda, cancer killer. Alkalizing the body, circulation protector, brain protector, digestion helper. 2 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass, add 1/2 tsp of baking soda, let fizz, add 1/2 glass of water. Pour 1/2 on breakfast 1/2 on dinner. Keeps alkalinity up to fight cancer.

Lysine remedy. For 3 days I mix this up as a solution. To give hourly doses for 4 hours in am. Through syringe. 1 liter of spring water. Add 8000 mg l lysine powder. 2000 mg l threonine powder. 1000 mg sodium ascorbate. Cap and shake. Mark bottle with 12 lines. 4 doses a day. syringe in, a dose an hour. Lysine only lasts 55 minutes in body. The reason this timing.


Castor oil packs. Topically fighting the cancer. I would get an old threadbare towel. Fold it to fit his leg. 3 to 5 folds. Drop in a gallon ziploc. Add castor oil. To saturate. Use bag as squeegee, pull out towel or flannel. Lay flat. Add some sprays of magnesium oil. Put on his leg. Maybe with an ace bandage. If he will sit with it. Add a heating pad. 20 minutes. Castor oil tells the body, send healing here, now.

When our dogs have had challenges. I rub in some iodine. 5% lugols iodine. Near whatever I am treating. On us on the guinea pigs, cats and dogs. It boosts the body. Every other day then 1 or 2 x a week.

Food. Try to stick to organic non GMO it will help during this challenge.

DMSO. Can be added to castor oil pack. You must wash clean the treatment area as DMSO carries good and bad through the skin. But it is the magic of topical treatment as it penetrates like no other thing. Targeting that cancer head on.

These are my standards for treating our dogs. I might change things for different ailments, but these have worked. Sabah snake grass if available somewhere is worth the pursuit, from everything Ted has said. I had not found it until we were not needing it.

The first week I treat everyday. 2nd week I go to Ted's recommendation of 5 days on 2 days off. Those 2 days are to absorb the good and allow the body to dump garbage. Janet

Here is Ted's info


Turmeric, Blackstrap Molasses, Coconut Oil
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 06/20/2017

Dear Tclack,

Yes, it sounds like what you are doing is working. It seems that often the tumors look worse right before improving.

I would continue with those internal remedies as they will support the body fighting infection. You might also add vitamin C to what you are doing internally. While dogs make their own vitamin C, under times of stress, a supplement is sometimes helpful.

Aloe and castor oil, gently massaged topically on the tumor can support its healing and may help with pain.

If there are actual open wounds, my preference is raw honey, topically. If possible, you could dress the wound and change the dressing a couple of times a day. In other words, honey on the wound, then a couple of layers of gauze, then cohesive tape to hold it on. My large dog is not able to remove cohesive tape, which sticks to itself but not the fur. Honey keeps infection from setting in and also heals.

My biggest concern with this type of tumor is the risk of blood loss if it suddenly drains a lot. While you want whatever is in there to drain, if there seems to be significant blood loss, cayenne pepper can be used to stop bleeding topically. It sounds awful but it stings just briefly then actually can relieve pain and stop bleeding.

Keep us posted on his progress!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Paul C. (Lancashire, England) on 05/24/2017

Hi Mama to Many

Just a quick update on Jed. 15 days in now form the start of his treatment with turmeric on his tumour which has all but gone. The size of the wound from the start was very large and deep after the tumour burst open and all the nasty stuff came out and we were left with a big deep hole. Since applying the Manuka Honey on and in the hole it has all but closed up now there is no sign of the tumour it has gone and all the swelling has gone down too. The are that is left as of now has closed up by about 80% so not much more to go. Jed is back on his feet and 100% a happier dog. Thank you for all your help through this difficult time us and thank you to all at the Earth clinic website this has to be the best find I have ever made on the internet.

All the very best to everyone from

Paul and Jed

Seabuckthorn Oil
Posted by Jss (London, England) on 03/08/2015

Seabuckthornberry berry oil is for human consumption and as my dog has had no adverse reactions to it I would assume it's safe for all dogs. As I truly believed I'd be saying goodbye to Boppo within weeks and I was clutching at straws I went for a high dose, a whole dropper a day. When the tumour had shrunk to virtually nothing I decreased the dose to half a dropper a day and I'm giving him that still. Seabuckthorn berry is easily available in oil form and capsules. I bought the oil from the largest online retailer and it's made in the USA and produced by a company in Chicago, Ill.

Castor Oil
Posted by Robbie (Illinois) on 12/29/2014

Betty, I put it in her food and she turned her nose at it and wouldn't touch it. Thanks for trying to help. :) I have added a pinch of baking soda to her water and also a touch of H2O2. The tumor is now only a 1/3 the size it was before and sores are healing.

Castor Oil
Posted by Char (Tampa, Florida) on 03/24/2015

Robbie, I saw your post and have had a similar experience. My dog had a nasty black area on the back of her neck. I started rubbing castor oil into it several times a day, one day went to rub it in and the black area just came off and underneath it was a tumor that was attached to it, the skin had basically healed underneath and forced the tumor out.

Castor Oil
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 02/24/2014

Hey RSC! Please review the ASPCA website again as what you have posted is not correct.

From the ASPCA website:

Most castor oil products, unlike the beans of the plant, aren't considered poisonous. However, ingestion of the oil can have a significant cathartic effect, and cause diarrhea and possibly vomiting. [Source: http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/animal-poison-control/poison-control-okay-or-no-way ]

While its true that too much of anything can be toxic - drinking too much pure water in one sitting will kill you, ie 6 liters in 3 hours [source http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/strange-but-true-drinking-too-much-water-can-kill/ ] - studies show you can feed rats and mice a diet consisting of 10 percent castor oil with no ill effects whatsoever [source: http://ntp.niehs.nih.gov/ntp/htdocs/st_rpts/tox012.pdf ]

It certainly appears that the health benefits of using castor oil topically to reduce tumours outweighs the risk of the dog licking some up and having a loose stool. JMHO!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Marie (Colorado) on 06/06/2013

Question for the coconut oil. You give the dog coconut oil to eat? and how much? or how often?

Blackstrap Molasses, Turmeric
Posted by Dave (Dillsburg, Pennsylvania) on 11/30/2010

I have 13 yr old Akita, that had a tumor on his tail and was the size of a half of a golf ball. Kimo is absolutley been the greatest dog I could ask for and was worried about the tumor, he's to old to get the tumor removed and my vet Dr Dave is the best vet in the area. Kimo is like a 1 yr old health wise, but I did what earthclinic said to do to cure Kimo's tumor and I gave Kimo blackstrap molasses and tumeric and the tumor got bigger and pinkish and then it started to bleed and started breaking open about 2 weeks ago, Kimo is taking cephlaxine and is still taking blackstrap molasses and tumeric and his tumor is is now shrunk about half the size and is clearing up, I wouldn't believed it if I didn't see it and it was nasty to look at and thank god for your website.

Castor Oil
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 12/16/2015

Rachel, India

It is not possible to predict as every individual reacts different. Once the wound is open apply haldi (turmeric) and when dry and healing, apply coconut oil. Keep feeding with some turmeric dissolved in coconut oil. patience pays off.

Namaste, Om

Castor Oil
Posted by Dee (Metairie, La) on 11/29/2009

Update on my dog with cyst on neck that slightly burst after 2-3 weeks of castor oil. The original 3"lump turned into the size of my hand overnight. Slight opening of skin occured but no real expulsion of pus. Brought him to vet and excision of huge neck bulge resulted in massive pus/infection. Dog put on mega antibiotics, etc. Almost 2 weeks has passed and original lump is now gone too.... He has another checkup this week. Incision was kept open and cleaned 2-3 x daily to expell infection and cleaned with water under pressure and expelled as well. He was put on Clavamox, Zeniquin, Benadryl and Cimetidine. He weighs 112# Rhodesian Ridgeback. He is excellent and improved after 1-2 day of mega antibiotics.

I can only assume that the castor oil prompted the cyst to progress that had been lying under his skin for a long time.

Vet was puzzled that she thought he had been bitten by a snake. I assured her that he had NOT......no snakes in my yard. I repeatedly told her it probably was the castor oil........she doubted that is what caused the progress in the abcess.

EC: Thank you for the update, Dee!

Castor Oil
Posted by Edith (Ventura, California) on 04/21/2012

An update on Castor Oil and my 9 year-old poodle mix's abnormal growth:

Three weeks of nightly castor oil made the growth rupture.

I then treated it for two weeks alternately with hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and antibiotic ointment, and kept it covered to prevent licking.

After a month, the once large eraser-sized growth is now a flat, reddish, hardened and dry spot. I'm still not confident that this is a good thing since I would like for it to be completely gone. I think that I will let it rest for a week and then begin the castor oil treatment again.

Thanks for everyone's comments. They really help!

Castor, Coconut and Olive Oils
Posted by marvincjr (New Mexico, USA) on 06/22/2023

Miracle oil for Rectal Mass Tumors in Dogs

My 15 pound male Shi-Tzu mix, Mr. B., who will be 17 years old on his next birthday, was diagnosed with Benign Rectal Mass Tumors about 10 years ago. I had seen them on his anus even three or four years prior but they were small and I thought they were scar tissue from a previous surgery on his anal glands so I didn't follow up. A new vet we saw for regular care, diagnosed them as Benign Rectal Mass Tumors when Mr. B was in for a routine visit. Dr. A, removed the tumor taking approximately 25% of the anal ring with it and explaining that if it ever recurred, removal would most likely cause fecal incontinence.

Within five years he did indeed suffer a recurrence and the tumor grew to be an external protrusion about the size of a golf ball. Several veterinarians I consulted, while desperately seeking a remedy, informed me that the tumor was too large to remove and that it would eventually block his rectum and stop his ability to defecate and I would have to have him put down. This little dog is my life and I was not willing to allow that to happen without exhausting every possible effort to heal him. About that time I found a book at Natural Grocer's on the wonders of Castor Oil for my self and was surprised to find that it has been shown to be effective on tumors. After researching further I began to use a rubber glove to put the oil on Mr. B's large ugly anal tumor every day. It began to continuously shed a layer of bloody mucus and for a while it was difficult because of the mess. I had to cover furniture and bedding with sheets to prevent everything from getting soiled with the mess. However, the tumor stopped growing and after about a year of using pure castor oil, and dealing with the mess, the tumor developed a pit in one side and began to drain an unpleasant smelling fluid. Fearing that I may be causing him unnecessary pain, as he began to lick it intently several times a day, I continued to research other oils and I decided to do some experimenting. I mixed:

1 Tablespoon of Pure Castor Oil (Very important to buy hexane free Castor oil)

1 Tablespoon of Virgin Coconut oil, and

1 Tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive oil together. I stored it in the refrigerator and used the mix up about every 3-4 weeks with daily application using a small amount each day on a gloved finger to coat the tumor.

My thinking after much meditation on the study I'd been doing was that the Castor oil by itself was very effective but may be causing the discomfort my buddy was experiencing and I wondered if mixing these three oils might make it gentler, and possibly even more effective as each have unique healing properties of their own when used separately. Sure enough, the constant draining and sloughing of the tumor slowed down, my buddy seemed more comfortable and I had less mess to contend with. I researched the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of Turmeric and found a formula for Golden Paste (find the recipe in the FaceBook Users group called Turmeric User's Group (TUG). You will have to join this user group (free) to get the recipe but it is well worth it to read the anecdotal experiences and research presented on the uses of Turmeric.

After researching this, I decided that the anti-inflammatory qualities of Turmeric would be a good addition to my 3 oil blend, so I cooked the Golden Paste, following their recipe to the letter, and then took a tablespoon of my 3 oil mix and mixed it with a tablespoon of the golden paste and began using that for the daily application, remixing fresh as I used it up in small daily applications. Within a few months the tumor was no longer visible from the outside... remember it was a golf ball sized ugly red mass before.

My vet was amazed as she and the Consulting Vet they had referred me to, had basically told me this condition was going to kill him. Once she saw how the tumor had shrunk, she actually asked me for the recipe so that she could give it to several of her other dog patient/owners who also had inoperable Benign Rectal Mass Tumors. She calls Mr. B her miracle dog now when we visit. Recently an exam revealed that the tumor has grown again inside and he has had some difficulty in defecating again. So, I have begun his treatment again on a daily basis. I had slipped out of the daily routine and was only applying it on occasion when I thought of it and this may explain his recurrence. Now I'm back to every day and hoping for the same results again.

I believe this 3 oil blend, that I call my Miracle Oil, may benefit other dogs with tumors so wanted to share my anecdotal evidence. Of course I am not a Veterinarian, and I offer this only for information of an Educational nature and I assume no responsibility or liability in the use of this information. Anecdotally, and objectively, I can tell you that the tumor disappeared from view while I was using this oil on the tumor daily with the golden paste. There are undoubtedly those who will say it was coincidental, they may be right but my dog is alive five years after I was told I'd soon have to put him to death. That is enough for me. I know that much research on other dogs with these tumors must be done to definitively prove that this oil blend was what did the trick but I will continue to use it until that research is done. It is a cheap effort to save one that you love and clearly has done no harm in my case. Of course, each dog owner must accept responsibility for how they treat their pets and the problems they have but this has been very useful to me. Also, please note, that while my vet was very supportive of my trying anything, since they had no solutions they could apply, I would never suggest that this or any other natural, or home remedy, should exclude regular consults with a qualified Veterinarian, I can say I'm glad I didn't let my little buddy die several years ago when they gave him no hope.

He has now also developed a fatty tumor on his belly and I am rubbing the three oil blend without the turmeric golden paste onto this fatty mass daily. No change yet but I'm hopeful.

Just today my cat was diagnosed with a Fibrosarcoma. The vet says it is an invasive malignant tumor that would be impossible to completely remove in our case. She offered little hope from a surgical standpoint but I began treating him with pure castor oil as soon as we got home a few hours ago and will apply twice daily until I begin to see results. The pure Castor Oil is what I'll use for the time being until I see results. Eventually the 3 blend may be something I'll switch to but I'm not willing to give up as easily as that on my cat friend either. I'll post an update in the future on the cat's progress.

Castor, Coconut and Olive Oils
Posted by Oona (FL) on 06/25/2023

I saved my cat and gave him 3 years of quality life using Dexomethosone (powerful steroid) and strong CBD oil dosages, plus saline sub Q every day for 3 months. The emergency vets told me he was in kidney failure, with a Bun/Cr. of 6. Slowly over the next few months of prayer and treatment, that Bun/Cr dropped to? 2!!! 2 is high normal function for an old cat. I knew he'd eventually hit the wall, but with fluids and love that cat got 3 years of quality life. Shortly after we moved to Florida, he got worse and started down hill I believe he had contracted something outside bacterial that finished his heart and kidneys off. The vet here would not treat him as my old vet with the Dexomethsone, Abx and CBD. I think we could have recovered him had I started treatment in Nov. when he first showed issues. Nonetheless, he did get 3 years of life and the vets were astounded at his numbers AND the fact he didn't go on to develop kidney cancer till the very end... they told me I'd put him into remission WITHOUT using harsh chemos. Since that time I've learned of Fenbendazole, Curcumin, and CBD oil being used for cancer cure... see Joe Tippens....

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