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Effective Natural Treatments for Pet Tumors: A Guide


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Posted by Patricia (Downsville) on 09/19/2016 42 posts

I don't see a way that I can be notified when someone answers this. Also I don't see honey on the list of remedies.

My cat has had a tumor or cyst for over two years and have been trying to find something that works and had found nothing. I read somewhere about honey packs. When I read that a bee keeper said that the only thing that will kill cancer is honey. What that bee keeper said stuck in my mind and tried to use the honey but the growth is in such a spot that I couldn't get anything to hold it in place and every time I wrapped it the cyst would fall out of the bandage.

Anyway the growth didn't shrink when I tried the honey and read that the use of plastic or metal touching the honey would effect its efficacy and the honey had to be unheated. My honey was definitely contaminated if that story was true. I would have to start with a new jar. I called the same company that made my raw honey and asked if it was unheated.They assured me that it is. So my friend brought some back from New Jersey where he works last Thursday night September 15,2016.

To make a long story short, after 72 hours of slathering this honey twice a day and securing it with an Ace bandage for two hours on this growth, which was hanging from her chest, it had reduced 80%.

That was last night at 3 am. This morning it had enlarged some but no where near the size it had been Thursday when I started. I was told to use silver in the honey and a friend said that the baby spoons we found was plate.

My method: I was afraid to use the spoon so I poured the honey onto a 2x4" gauze pad but first used my finger to spread some on because growth was thicker than the depth of the honey.

I just thought that someone may need to hear this information before it is conclusive and the entire growth completely terminated.

I thought that if I could use DMSO to allow the honey to penetrate deep into the skin it would work better. I also purchased DMSO. When I read the label that stopped me from using with the honey until I had more research. So that bee keeper may be correct. Will soon find out.

That said nothing has worked even close to what the honey has done to shrink this growth. I am amazed.

I will continue to use this. I just wanted to post it so that others in fear of what to do for their animals can run with it and relate what their results.

Replied by Sherry
(Lompoc, Ca)

What is DMSO? Looking and doing some research to try to save my Bella. Vet said it was to big to remove it because there wouldn't be enough skin to close it.

Replied by Sharon
(Carthage, Tn)
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This is my first visit to Earth Clinic. I have been searching for help for my five yorkies. Thank You so much for the raw honey info. Can you buy raw honey at grocery store or does it have to be ordered? Thanks for sharing, big help.

Replied by Doris

DMSO carries whatever its mixed with to the cells. Important because you have to make sure area is clean n free of harmful chemicals. Before n after application. Read the label. I located my jar at the local Rural King back by the horse supplies. I've yet to use it. Wanted to try the food grade hydrogen peroxide on my dogs tumor.

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Mandy (Bay City , Mi.) on 01/26/2016

I had read about food grade hydrogen peroxide on the Earth Clinic site, while researching natural remedies for animals as my Maine coon Kitty had a pea size tumor under his jaw that had grown to the size of a marble. I was very low on funds at the time and couldn't afford a vet visit, so I crossed my fingers, went to the health food store, bought some 35% food grade H202 and put a capful in his water bowl.

To my amazement the tumor disappeared after about two weeks. He's been tumor free ever since and I now drink it in my water. It's a Godsend.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Mandy,

This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

May I ask what size water bowl you used? It seems that a very small bowl would make the hydrogen peroxide concentration dangerously high.


~Mama to Many~

Replied by Nina

Cats often get Acne on their chin which can get as large as a marble. If you didn't have it biopsied to actually tell if it's a tumor it was probably just a cysts or acne pimple.My cat used to get them until I read never to use plastic bowls or dishes to feed your animals.Since I replaced her dish and water bowl with glass, no more bumps on her chin.

Replied by Noah
(Seattle, Wa)

My cat has a tumor in virtually the same area. I purchased the same exact peroxide. What dosage did you give your cat? How often? And how were you able to successfully give your kitty enough?

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Earl (Middleton, Wi, USA) on 10/13/2012

My girl friend has a Bernice Mountain dog who got cancer. He is about 8 yrs old. The vet said he will be dead in 3 months due to the tumor on his leg. 98% percent of these dogs die of cancer. It is now 3 1/2 months later the dog is VERY much alive...... Lots of energy. We sprayed HP 5-6 times a day directly on the tumor( it shrunk and and looks dead). Also we gave him green veggies ( partially cooked) and add it to his food/water (worked up to 8 cap fulls each day; 4 in the morning, 4 in the afternoon with meals and water). I hope this helps many of you.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Julie (Cleveland, Ohio) on 10/22/2011

I was wondering if giving a dog hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting could cause the same dog to rupture a tumor in his liver? My dog had ingested a corn cob about 3 weeks ago and so I gave him hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting, but he never vomited. Then about 4 days ago he became very ill, and I thought for sure it was the corn cob blocked in his intestines, only to find out he had a ruptured tumor on his liver, and I was just wondering if the hydrogen peroxide would cause that to happen to a tumor???

Replied by Marc
(Higgins Lake, Mi)

I have cured many warts and cysts with 35% Hydrogen Peroxide applied topically. I have also staved serious infections with Oregano oil. I am preparing to cure my dogs tumors with colloidal silver and the many suggestions stated on this site. Thanks to everyone and their very helpful insights.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Carol (Houston, Texas) on 06/17/2011

After reading an article "The One Minute Cure", I found GOE and ordered a quart. I have a paraqueet with a tumor and since she was dying, I decided to try this as a last resort. When I got the bottle, I accidentally spilled some of the HP on my hand and it burned and instantly, turned my skin white. I read this was normal so I didn't worry about it and my hand returned to normal color within a short time.

I began giving my little bird 3 drops of HP in her water and increased it daily until she was getting 40 drops... Gastly to taste, but that tumor within a couple months completely vanished. I began to cut down the dose but continued to give her the drops. Early this year, I realized that tumor was growing again so I started to increase the dose. It didn't seem to work this time so I poured the HP over my hand and realized, it was not strong anymore, my hand didn't burn or turn white. So, in early April, I reordered and the lady who took my order at Guardian of Eden told me that by keeping it for the year in my kitchen cabinet, it had lost its effectiveness because it was too warm. She said, however, I could use it to feed plants which made sense.

I began feeding my bird the new HP but it doesn't seem to be working and last week, I poured it over my hand and it was like pouring water on me... No burning, no white... So I called and the lady I spoke with said it probably had lost some of its strength and was perhaps 32% rather than 35% but to keep giving it to my bird. She also told me she was taking 17 drops a day and felt terrific, so I took 2 days of it with 3 drops and I did feel good. Whether 2 days made a difference, I don't know before I get into following this routine, I decided I wanted to talk to Don, whom I spoke with last year. He is the expert. I placed a call and anticipate a response as soon as he can, since his comments on this website indicate they are swamped with calls and cannot get back to anyone immediately.

In the meantime, my little bird continues to get 40 drops a day and actually, that tumor does look smaller. I recommend to everyone to read the article "The One Minute Cure" which I know Guardian of Eden now sells... I purchased it over a year and a half ago from another site. Hope you all get the great results I got last year and this year, once that tumor disappears, I will continue the same strength... obviously I cut the strength down too soon.

Replied by Patricia

What strength of how are you giving your bird? I have 12% and 35% food grade. My Yorkie Ginger Pop had several tumors on her body but the vet can't operate due to her heart condition. I am on the 35% food grade for my lung cancer.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jeff (Escondido, CA, USA) on 02/01/2009

spindle cell tumor: Any recommendations for topical h202 applications to large spindle cell tumor behind and under front left leg? Also, after physical exertion, leg swells some. Just heard of h202. Will dilute in drinking water when receive it but am wondering about other ways to apply. Have been using whole food supplements tested with kinesiology, Orijen food, and milk thistle, and Essiac cancer formula herbal tinctures. We feel age of dog is deterrent to surgical removal. Also, any ideas for pain/discomfort management? Many thanks.

Replied by Holistichelen
(St Petersburg, Florida)

Use Heel (Homeopathic Co) Traumeel for pain and discomfort. My Wire Haired Terrier lost his eye to a tumor, cataract and glaucoma. We are totally holistic (noRx) after diagnosis by Eye Vet, pressure in Max's eye was 39 (should be 23). He was in tremendous pain I dosed him with the Traumeel every 15 min for about 4 hours until his pain started to subside and then 4 times a day for about 1 month. No longer in pain and with supplementation, no more glaucoma. My pups will readily take the Homeopathics. Holistic Helen

Replied by Naznine

Try this - Turmeric mixed with coconut oil and a pinch of Cayenne Pepper - twice daily mixed into food.

Black seed oil-twice daily.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Robin (Rural, VA) on 05/06/2008

Good News! My 10 year old cat was cured of a "very" large tumor with H2O2. I found this site a few months ago. I started out trying to use iodine, but she wouldn't let me near her after the first time. So I started putting some H2O2 in her water. I didn't however think about the fact that like humans, she might need a break for a few days now and then. It arrested the growth immediately, it drained some clear liquid for a bit, and she grew back her fur. But it stayed there. Until I gave her a break. Then it started draining large amounts of thick yellow pus. After about 10 days, it is gone!

Replied by Robin
(Kettering , Ohio)

was your cat's tumor diagnosed as cancerous? what amount of hydrogen peroxide did you put in her water for the tumor to go away?

Replied by Robin
(Rural, VA)

Although this appeared to work great initially, sadly, my cat's tumor reappeared and she died.

Hydrogen Peroxide, DMSO

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Posted by Liz (Lomita, CA) on 10/20/2022

Dear anyone who can help,

I have a cat with a tumor that has returned in the same spot for the third time and surgery is not possible for several reasons. I have searched everywhere for a holistic vet that treats pets using DMSO, but I cannot find one anywhere, even in the greater surrounding areas where I live, in fact I cannot even get an appointment to a regular vet for 3 weeks or more. I have been looking for several weeks now. I am rather desperate. I want to try the DMSO and hydrogen peroxide solution that you were so successful with. I have some questions though and was hoping you could help me out.

1. What is the ratio of DMSO to distilled water to used?

2. Do you make up a fresh batch before each time you apply it?

3. What is the ratio of H202 and distilled water to reduce the 35% hydrogen peroxide down to 6%?

4. What is the percentage of the DMSO solution to Hydrogen peroxide solution that you actually apply?

Is it 94% of the DMSO/distilled water solution to 6% of the HP/distilled water solution which makes 100%?

5. What is the ratio of H202 and distilled water to reduce the 35% hydrogen peroxide down to 3%?

6. Do the tumors just shrink, or did they open and drain?

I would soooooo appreciate it if you could help me out. I am quite desperate and feel very overwhelmed. I thank you greatly in advance for any help and any other suggestions you might have. Thank you!!!



PS-I tried to email [email protected], but the email address no longer exists.

Replied by Tweetybird

“CANINE BELLY BUTTON TUMOR” TX with Hydrogen Peroxide and DMSO

Treatment initiated for belly button tumor in my elderly dachshund mix dog with a mixture of equal parts hydrogen peroxide/ DMSO 90% in aloe gel/CBD and Silver Sol gel shall post here periodically updating my dog's progress for those of us experiencing this problem.

(Kitchener On)

Hi Tweetybird,

Get a bottle of Frankincense Oil..

Rub on tumor 2-3 times a day. It is the #1 remedy to remove tumors in people and pets.

God Bless


(New Jersey)

My cat was diagnosed with “Rodent Ulcer” under her top lip, what a nightmare! It is now huge but it doesn't hurt her but she still eats, although I make sure it's very juicy! I've been putting Colloidal Silver drops on it, but I'm kind of winging it & it's only been a few days & I'm having second thoughts about using it after reading that it can kill if it's swallowed! I'm sure being on that tumor it leaks into her mouth, that's why I'm very concerned. After 60+ years of cats & others animals, I've never seen this & 6 of 7 vets, didn't know what was wrong when it started! That's how rare it is! This is the size of a ping pong ball that's been flattened IN her mouth attached under her top lip! Anybody else trying to help their pet baby??

Mama to Many

Dear Barbara,

I have never heard of colloidal silver being toxic for cats. I have used it for cats and dogs and myself in very large quantities.

I would also try turmeric for your cat. 1/4 teaspoon twice a day, mixed in food, or mixed with water and given in a syringe. My German Shepherd puppy had an odd mass on his neck and turmeric got rid of it.

Is any of the ulcer accessible to you? Castor oil is great at reducing all sorts of growths. You just apply some topically. (If your cat ingests it, it isn't a problem but can cause loose stools.)

My cat had an odd growth on her mouth, as I am now recalling, many years ago. We were sure she would have to be put down. She had recently had a litter of kittens. We took her to the vet and he said to get the kittens off of her (which we did.) The kittens were taking a lot out of her. That said, if you cat has any stress, try and remove it, and give her the best food possible. (We use Costco cat food. Anything else and our cat gets UTI's.)

Keep us posted!

~Mama to Many~

(North Carolina)

Hi Barbara,

It can be such a scary and powerless feeling trying something new to help our fur babies. I can tell you, without any hesitation, Colloidal Silver will not harm you, your cat or any other pets. It's the one thing helping my 13 yo dog poly arthritis, chronic inflammation, cysts, yeast.... I give it to her 3 times a day and put it in her water. I have been drinking it as it's the only thing that helps Lyme.

Many websites associated with conventional medicine (pharma company controlled) have. list of inexpensive, universal healing agents they attack. Colloidal silver is one, chlorine dioxide is another, iodine, boron, vitamin B 17 just to name a few. I would be surprised if you didnt find all you need to heal her here. Sending you both love.


Hello Barbara,

Sorry to hear about the ulcer on your cat's lip.

A couple of tried-and-true, old-timer treatments come to mind because they have been effective for so many different animal infections and wounds for a very long time:

1. Hot Epsom Salts Packs - apply for 30 minutes, 2x/day. Heat salt in a frying pan, dump into 3-lined cheesecloth, dip into hot water, wring it out a bit and apply to infection.

This treatment has been successfully used to draw out all sorts of infections and ulcers on animals. My mother used to use this on our outdoor cats who would always come home with ulcers and other wounds, it worked perfectly.

2. NuStock ointment. First shave the site then apply a thick coating of the ointment and cover with a non-stick bandage so that it does not dry out. Or, use one of those elastic wraps if possible. If you can't do this, then simply leave the ointment on the area and reapply often. Ideally, leave on for 3 days, covered, then reapply after removing any discharged debris. Make sure the ointment remains moist while on the skin so, you may need to apply more ointment.

Repeat application until completely healed.

NuStock is a blend of ~ 75% sulfur, pine oil and petrolatum. There are other versions of this ointment on the market. One product uses raw shea butter instead of petrolatum. The pine oil is probably 100% gum turpentine which is the distilled oil from pine resin. So, it is pine resin essential oil.

This has cleared many different infections on the farm.

Good luck. Sherri


Hi Mama to Many, can you tell me which cat food you get to prevent urinary problems? Thank you!

Mama to Many

Hi Hollyhock,

I use the Costco/Kirkland cat food in a purple bag. I learned that their puppy food is made by Diamond, which is a high quality food. Labeled as Kirkland it is half the price. I suspect that the cat food is the same deal - a more expensive brand sold as Kirkland.

~Mama to Many~


Forgot to include:

Another way to apply Epsom Salt Soaks is to prepare a pan/bowl of very hot water, dissolve as much epsom salts into it as you can, dip a wash rag into the salt water, lightly wring out, and apply to the infected site until it cools, repeat until 30-60 minutes of soaking has passed.

Hydrogen Peroxide, DMSO
Posted by Robtyea (Wrightsville, Pa/usa) on 03/30/2012

Food Grade H2O2 is safe for pets, at lower doses. I have quite a number of cats and kittens, and have been giving them Food Grade H2O2 in their drinking water for about a month.

I have a female cat that developed large tumors on her underside. It was getting to the point that it was difficult for her to walk. My wife and I knew that we might have to put her down. The cat has been with us since she was born, and isn't very old. We could not bear the thought of losing her. I ask my wife for one week, to see if I could come up with a treatment.

I had been studing and researching Food Grade H2O2 for some time. I already had some on hand.

I believed it would work, but how to get it into her system was the problem. I did some research an found a product that was used on horses, for injuries. It was said to be able to enter the body thru the skin and relieve the pain. The product is DMSO. I found it to be sold locally.

I didn't have much time to create a treatment, and really didn't have a lot of choice. I made a mixture of DMSO and Food Grade H2O2 ( I used the H2O2 as a carrier to enter the body). I disinfected the area with a 3% solution of H2O2 and applied the mixture with a Q-tip to the largest tumors. (make sure whatever means used to apply and mixture of DMSO is clean, as it will carry anything it comes in contact with into the blood stream). Within 24 hours the tumors had reduced by 25%. I was amazed at its power. I have been treating her now for 10 days and the tumors are all but gone.

I believe those who doubt, will continue to doubt until they are infected with a serious disease and pray for a treatment to heal them. The answer is Food Grade H2O2. I have witnessed the power of Food Grade H2O2 and truly believe it may be a treatment for all serious diseases in animals and humans. (H2O2 and DMSO are not approved for human use by the FDA, what a shame.)

Replied by Kathleen
(Charlotte, Nc/usa)

I'd like to know more details. My GSP canine has multiple benign tumors, most concerned with the ones in her belly area (I see a change in her poop). Tested, show benign but growing - spreading. I was going to get her shaved and use castor oil. I've read this and would like to know 1/2 n 1/2 each mixture? Did you shave the area? Use any kind of large bandaid? I may need to use an elizabethan collar so she won't lick it. I'd love for them to be gone in 10 days. She gets grain free food n treats, filtered water, chloraphyl and Garden of Life Superfood (greens) which I think is why they are benign. I want to cleanse her lymph system as this may be the real issue as well. Thanks!

Replied by Jen
(Digby, Ns Canada)

Could you please tell me the dosage you are giving your cat.

Replied by Kay
(Atlanta, Ga)

Did he respond to any of you guys? I'd like to know the dosage as well as if the tumor is still gone and the cat is still alive healthy.

Replied by Rallau

I would like to know the dosage you used. Pleassssseee

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Rallau!

Robtyea from Wrightsville, Pa posted on 03/30/2012 - in case s/he doesn't see your message I will offer a reply.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide [H2O2] is a 35% concentration; food grade is the only H2O2 recommended for internal use. Using DMSO - to bring it into the cells - requires food grade H2O2. So please make sure you have the right stuff, as the 3% concentration purchased in the 16 oz brown bottles at the drug store has impurities in the form of stabilizers for added shelf life in it, and you don't want these drawn into the body.

Now, there are many cautions about using straight 35% concentrated food grade H2O2 right out of the bottle; its caustic. If you poke around on the web you will find that a 10% concentration is the highest concentration folks might take orally, and that the stuff beauticians use on your scalp to bleach your hair is a 6% concentration.

And, if you poke around on the web - cancer sites and such - you will read about folks using straight 35% food grade H2O2 right out of the bottle swabbing moles and skin tags and the like; general concensus: its harsh and stings but doesn't eat a hole right through you like hydrochloric acid might.

Now, Robtyea used a 3% mixture of H2O2 to cleanse the area before applying an equal mixture of 35% H2O2 and DMSO to his cat's tumors.

To break that down: Mixing the DMSO and 35% H2O2 in equal parts created a 17% concentration of the H2O2 that was then applied to the tumours.

To make a 3% solution for cleansing from your 35% concentration - take 1 part of the 35% H2O2 and add 12 parts distilled water.

So if you use 1 tablespoon of the 35% concentration you need to add 12 additional tablespoons of distilled water to make your 3% cleansing solution to make the solution that Robtyea used prior to swabbing with the 17% H2O2/DMSO mixture.

Good luck! And please share if you can your results.


Robytea did not use 35% HP with DMSO in a 50:50 ratio. On another website, they said they used 6% HP:

"I used a mixture of 6% hydrogen peroxide with DMSO. I reduced 35% HP with distilled water. I then applied the mixture with a Q-tip directly on the tumor. Don't be afraid to apply it at a couple of spots. The DMSO will penetrate the tumor carrying the HP with it. This worked for my cat so I don't see why it will not work for you. Apply this mixture as many times as you can. I did my cat 2-3 times a day. I saw results within 24 hours. Don't give up this will work. My results may be different than yours. You can email me directly at [email protected]"

Replied by Teresa
(Acworth, GA)

Can this combination be used on the open sores on a cancerous tumor... Located at the base of my 14 yr old huskys tail. I'm desperate to get this oozing infection under control. This dog is still walking up to 2 mi a day, drinking & eating and pottying outside. Please advise. Thanks Teresa

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Teresa!

I have no first hand experience with your situation, but reading through the replies the answer is YES - you are to apply the mixture directly on the open tumor and on the surrounding tissue as well.

Please report back with your results!

Replied by Teresa
(Acworth, GA)

Update...have used the DMSO & H2O2 on my husky's tumor at base of tail. It seemed to be a little better over night, not oozing as much...until he started licking it again! Its in a hard place to keep covered. I also noticed that he seemed to pace and pant for awhile after applying it, almost like he was antsy. I was worried he might have a heart attack, but my husband said it didn't feel like his heart was racing. Has anyone else experienced this? It's sort of a funky smell also. Really need to get this oozing under control and the abcess's closed. Please send my Stoli some positive energy! Thanks

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Theresa from Acworth, GA. you will see on EC many people had success with turmeric mixed in castor oil as well. Also, keep in mind that tumors, before they collapse, enlarge first as if to gather the cells first.

Since there is a lot of oozing, turmeric would be more appropriate with the castor oil. Also look up Essiac West and the genuine site with a green background. Do look up EC on pets and tumors.

Can he wear a collar, especially when you have just applied the mixture? There is much hope, believe me. Cover the mixture with love.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Teresa
(Acworth, Ga)

So my vet suggested I wash Stoli's tumor area & surrounding area 2x daily with chlorhexidine very diluted, and told me that the oozing is not just from infection it's from the cancer itself so it won't get better. This will just help to clean & cut down on the smell. I have turmeric and organic coconut oil but no castor oil. Consulted with a holistic vet today over phone and she said do NOT use castor oil on Stoli.


Quote: "Consulted with a holistic vet today over phone and she said do NOT use castor oil on Stoli." Why not use castor oil?

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc, Canada)

Hello, Theresa --- have you perused the section on tumors for pets on EC?

Your vets did not give you much hope. Big Pharma is heading the schools for doctors and they do not allow the word "cure". When health is a business...

I found out about castor oil on Edgar Cayce's website where it is called "Palma Christy." I also saw it on EC.

Professional people are busy making money and few have the time to do research. Allopathic meds. do not believe in herbs unless they can be patented. That means only big money but certainly not good health.

I have always believed in myself and still do. Other people are not concerned. For example, I heard a woman in a group ask a medical doctor about vitamins. She gave an answer. But do allopathic doctors know or are educated about vitamins? One has to follow the heart and not the money.

I feel sorry for your dog. Love,

Replied by Grace
(Idaho, US)
36 posts

Teresa from Acworth, Ga,

The first time I used DMSO on my dog, I rubbed it on his skin and he too acted like your dog, kind of antsy. I thought it was just that he didn't like the smell...like garlic, but then I rubbed some on my skin and I knew what it was....it burns. Went to my computer to see if it was supposed to do that and I read in one article that you're supposed to pat the DMSO on, not rub it on or it will burn. I had done a lot of research into using DMSO before trying it and had never read that it would burn if rubbed on. I now pat it on my dog and he's fine with it, doesn't mind it at all. I'm surprised that more people don't mention the fact that it will burn if rubbed on.

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Hi, Theresa, if you look on EC DMSO, it should be diluted, for humans especially on the upper part of the body. That is how I am using it without the skin texture changing. I do not get the garlic smell; some people do.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Tweety Bird

Initiated today on my 14 1/2 yo dachshund mix very symptomatic with large tumor over most of her abdomen obvious since around October 2022 as small nodule now he size of large grapefruit and actually herniated exposing raw bleeding tissue draining blood and body fluid. Desperate studied into late hours of last night and decided with my husband to give your recommendation a try. Only I tweaked it and wanted to share what I started only to help others get pray for a miracle she gets better: After giving her a bath and she settled down cleansed the tumor with a couple of cotton balls soaked in food grade 3% hydrogen peroxide and I mixed very small but equal amounts of cbd cream, DMSO 90% gel with aloe (ordered from Amazon), Silver Sol gel and 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide on a sheet of Saran Wrap and after thoroughly stirring together with a Q-tip fit my hand over the dry side of the Saran Wrap like a glove and massaged this concoction into the raw open wound.

Shall update this site for all to review and file and pray for a miracle my dog will beat this…


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Posted by Saykiatric (Central Florida) on 05/01/2020

Kelp helped reduce tumors in my boxer years ago.

Mammary Gland Tumor Remedies

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Posted by Sio99 (New York, Ny) on 09/07/2014

Hi all - thanks in advance for your help. My Lexi developed mammary tumors last December but only showed symptoms recently. I took her to the surgeon who quoted me $3000 to remove them but to be honest I just don't have it. What is happening is they swell up once a week and she is uncomfortable and lethargic. In a couple of days they start to drain through the nipple and she feels great again. What comes out is gross - a sticky white pus, no smell but gross - although I am happy to see it drain. I tried castor oil last night using warm compresses first, then soaking a cotton pad in the oil and putting the warm compress on top. I do want to be sure the castor oil is safe since the nipple drains. I don't want to clog it as I think that may be part of the problem (stick pus clogging it so now I use hydrogen peroxide tto was nightly). I read somewhere castor oil may not be safe so I want to be sure. It is her upper left nipple so she can not reach it to lick off.

Any and all suggestions are great. She is just under 11 and about 9lbs (a yorkie) - and she is an angel.

2 days ago I visited an herbalist in a holistic pet store who I trust - he has been there well over 20 years and is very respected. He is changing her diet - wants her off poultry and beef - and instead instructed me to get down 3 other proteins she will eat. Not appetizing yet but she will get over it. He wants bison, venison, salmon, rabbit, buffalo, lamb, pork or other fish. I am to get him 3 and he will come up w/recipes or a commercial option. He also wants her to fast once a week (which wont bother her at all).

In her food he gave us Gentle Digest Prebiotic and Probiotics, DMG immune strength support drops (N, N-Dimethylglycine (DMG)), Canine Immune System support (ingredients here: too many to post! https://www.standardprocess.com/Products/Veterinary-Formulas/Canine-Immune-System-Support ) and a Chinese herbs formula called Survival which is Frankincense, Zedoria, , Oldenlandia, Curcurma, Lindera, Licorice & Gynostemma which is out of the Connecticut Institute for Herbal Studies. The trick is getting them in her which is NOT going very well, but again she will have to get over it too. I have now realized she knows the word medicine and goes and hides. She is smart!

Thank you all so much!

Replied by Ann

Hi..I see this post is a bit old but its actually the only one regarding mammary gland tumors.I would really like to hear your experience about what worked best in your case..


Was wondering if you have had any luck with trying any remedies, as this is the only post about mammary glands.

Replied by Karen

Hi Ann. How is the mammary gland tumor treatment working with your little one? My little toy poodle who is a rescue and has two open tumors on the right side is not responding to the treatments very quickly.

I am searching and will be changing the current plan. Essaic tea or tumreric or honey. Have you tried them?????

Triple antibiotics, Hydrogen Peroxide with half water, and NuVet wafers just are not working fast enough. She has been on all for over two weeks. Looks a tiny bit better and at least the other two on the left side haven't opened up.

Replied by SMequine
(Midwest USA)

Good afternoon, one of my older rare breed Bolonkas has tumor on mammary gland. She has been on Joe Tippen protocol for 5 wks now. No change.

Castor Oil and DMSO topically. Getting Curcumin sprinkled in food w capsule broken open of Reishi. Wanding w iTerraHertz 15 mins daily as well.

I want to increase turmeric and/or paste it, but I am not sure about the bleeding issue on mammary gland blood supply.

Has anyone used turmeric on mammary tumors? What about Bloodwort?

She is 12/13 yrs old, 8-10#, and a happy Howdy Dyu Russian Bolonka.


Ivermectin shrinks tumors to almost nothing after 6 months of daily use. Horse paste 1.87% version. Adjust according to the weight of your little dog :)


I've also read to apply castor oil to non-cancerous tumors to help shrink them. Some add frankincense to it as well.

Maple Syrup, Baking Soda

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Posted by Veggienut (Alabama) on 09/24/2014

I've been using molasses/baking soda for my 16 year old cat with oral squamous cell carcinoma which was discovered in Oct. 2013. Her veterinary treatment consisted of conventional methods using Clindamycin and Prednasone. After her last round of this in April 2014, the ulceration was still there. Out of desperation, I tried the molasses baking soda cancer cure. I've been treating her myself with this since the end of April 2014 and her level of stabilization has much improved. With conventional treatment, it was an "on" and "off" thing with rounds of medicine and in between rounds, the inflamed red ulceration in her mouth would come back big time. Although I've not cured my kitty, the massive ulceration hasn't returned since I've been using this treatment which has made a big improvement in maintaining her quality of life. In addition to the molasses/baking soda mixture, I also give her a standardized triple blend of Shiitake, Maitake, and Reishi mushrooms plus standardized Maitake d-fraction. I've also found that KMR milk replacement to be a good choice to use when the inflammation in her mouth would worsen. I add in some other supplements as well and they can vary. At age 16, I know we're on borrowed time at best, but I'm glad to have been able to keep her for as long as I have. Roughly ninety percent of these cats are dead within one year of diagnosis. Fortunately, I still have my kitty, Mandi, and next month it will be one year since we started this journey together.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Veggienut!

Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey and your approach to healing your kitty. GREAT ideas - thank you!!

Replied by D

I have read a lot about cats with this particular type of cancer. There seems to be a great deal of information with possible positive outcomes mixing DMSO and Colloidal Silver. Try reading more about this and see what you think. Just a suggestion as I too, am seeking assistance in treating/curing my 16 year old cat with this same horrible disease.

Milk Thistle

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Posted by Linda (Massillon,ohio) on 04/10/2014

My friend had two cats with high liver enzymes. They fought the medicine the vet prescribed. I gave them "full spectrum" milk thistle. They sprinkled one capsule on their food which they ate. (Big surprise) The levels went down and the vet said, "keep doing what you are doing. It is working". Liver problems respond to milk thistle. This brand was from an online vitamin catalog store and only cost 3.49 for 100 caps. I believe in full spectrum herbs.

Milk Thistle, Chlorophyll

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Posted by Debih (Moreno Valley, Ca, Usa) on 06/04/2011

Our 6 yr old lab has had elevated liver enzymes for a few years now, not exhibiting many symptoms yet, also the vet has already tried the "drugs" with no improvement. After we had her just yesterday to get her teeth cleaned and she still is not herself yet, this is the last time she's going under anesthesia, unless an emergency. I came back to my tried and true Earth Clinic for help. After reading all the stories about the milk thistle and the chloraphyll, I took myself down to the local health food store and bought both. We also have a 3 yr old lab mix so he's getting it too. Shoot, my liver enzymes are usually elevated so I'm going to use it too! They love it just straight out of the bowl! I got the chloraphyll in Apple flavor and both of them lapped it up! Neneh also has some fatty tumors showing up the last year and I'll be watching them too. Her sister is 18 months older and is overweight (they feed people food! ) and also has quite a few smaller fatty tumors. I'm going to tell them about this too, they never take her to the vet except to get shots. I'll come back and give an update in a month. Thanks to everyone that posted!

Replied by Michelle
(New York City, New York)

My Bichon/Poodle was recently diagnosed with having the same high enzyme production in his liver and vets can't figure out why. They want to give him Pepcid AC to calm his stomach upset in the emergency clinic, but the doctor is also giving him a milk thistle derivative. Can you tell me if it worked on your dogs and details of your treatment?? Thanks!

Replied by Colleen

Be careful, shots are just as bad for pets as they are for people (in fact my dog has developed a tumor exactly where they gave her the vax - she is taking thuja (homeopathic) to detox and I have tried everything I have read on here esp. the castor oil and turmeric, Although it did not get bigger since the use; it also has not shrunk - so I have been using natural antibiotic such as grapefruit seed extract and colloidal silver (directly on the tumor) and it seems to be shrinking ever so slowly tho. Alternately I also saturate it with arnicare gel - (in case she is having any pain issues) not getting bigger and my be shrinking. (also since these things may be parasitic I put black walnut tinture occasionally) - no grain food - and good meat products are also necessary for the diet. (small batch, primal, natures variety are brands of wild meat for dogs and cats that are sold at some smaller pet stores in the freezer.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Peter (New York) on 01/31/2023

I've been applying a mixture of quarter tsp of castor oil, DMSO, 3 or 4 drops of CBD oil and a smidge of turmeric and to the tumor and surrounding area for about 2 weeks. I've also been giving him and my 3 other cats an eighth teaspoon of turmeric, Kidney Restore by Healthy Kidney, Liver and Kidney Support by Mercola, Fermented Foods by Mercola, mushroom blend powder, Digestive Enzymes by NaturVet mixed with a dropperful of Omega-3 Oil supplement and a dropperful of colloidal silver and 2 teaspoons of water mixed into their dried kibble. As a result of that Talker Stalker no longer vomits after meals as he had often done in the past, but his tumor swelling continues to advance down into the foot. I have on order some Essiac Tea and I've been looking around for a halfway affordable frozen raw food for cats but have not yet found it. I sure would welcome suggestions. The vet wants to cut off his leg for $2000. He is still very mobile and can jump down from the top of the Hoosier cabinet to the counter and to the floor without hesitation. He's a great talker and purrer and can still run fast but he's starting to limp and sometimes hold his affected foot up off the floor while sitting.

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