Natural Remedies

Effective Natural Treatments for Pet Tumors: A Guide

Cod Liver Oil
Posted by Shirley (Minnesota, US) on 03/26/2015

I had a cat that was 15 who would not eat or drink for 10 days, the vet said bring her in & they would put her to sleep. I took off work & carried her in a sling all day & gave her 4 times a day cod liver oil. On the 10th day she jumped out & started drinking & eating slowly & lived until she was 22 & died in my arms.. She had a tumor in her stomach & the cod liver oil somehow healed it.. could have been a hair ball.. they figured she lived to be 15 & she would die... not so.. Also healed a tumor on my niece's dog's cheek.. I forget the two things I used for a pack..(it is a old treatment for humans with boils etc).. It worked.. also gave a little in the mouth.. I am going to look it up tonite.. some cold packed oil & baking soda (natural kind with no aluminum in it. it works.. look it up.. just put in cold pressed oil & baking soda... cannot remember the name of the oil... should pop up on the computer maybe.. thank u ..