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Effective Natural Treatments for Pet Tumors: A Guide

Castor, Coconut and Olive Oils
Posted by marvincjr (New Mexico, USA) on 06/22/2023

Miracle oil for Rectal Mass Tumors in Dogs

My 15 pound male Shi-Tzu mix, Mr. B., who will be 17 years old on his next birthday, was diagnosed with Benign Rectal Mass Tumors about 10 years ago. I had seen them on his anus even three or four years prior but they were small and I thought they were scar tissue from a previous surgery on his anal glands so I didn't follow up. A new vet we saw for regular care, diagnosed them as Benign Rectal Mass Tumors when Mr. B was in for a routine visit. Dr. A, removed the tumor taking approximately 25% of the anal ring with it and explaining that if it ever recurred, removal would most likely cause fecal incontinence.

Within five years he did indeed suffer a recurrence and the tumor grew to be an external protrusion about the size of a golf ball. Several veterinarians I consulted, while desperately seeking a remedy, informed me that the tumor was too large to remove and that it would eventually block his rectum and stop his ability to defecate and I would have to have him put down. This little dog is my life and I was not willing to allow that to happen without exhausting every possible effort to heal him. About that time I found a book at Natural Grocer's on the wonders of Castor Oil for my self and was surprised to find that it has been shown to be effective on tumors. After researching further I began to use a rubber glove to put the oil on Mr. B's large ugly anal tumor every day. It began to continuously shed a layer of bloody mucus and for a while it was difficult because of the mess. I had to cover furniture and bedding with sheets to prevent everything from getting soiled with the mess. However, the tumor stopped growing and after about a year of using pure castor oil, and dealing with the mess, the tumor developed a pit in one side and began to drain an unpleasant smelling fluid. Fearing that I may be causing him unnecessary pain, as he began to lick it intently several times a day, I continued to research other oils and I decided to do some experimenting. I mixed:

1 Tablespoon of Pure Castor Oil (Very important to buy hexane free Castor oil)

1 Tablespoon of Virgin Coconut oil, and

1 Tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive oil together. I stored it in the refrigerator and used the mix up about every 3-4 weeks with daily application using a small amount each day on a gloved finger to coat the tumor.

My thinking after much meditation on the study I'd been doing was that the Castor oil by itself was very effective but may be causing the discomfort my buddy was experiencing and I wondered if mixing these three oils might make it gentler, and possibly even more effective as each have unique healing properties of their own when used separately. Sure enough, the constant draining and sloughing of the tumor slowed down, my buddy seemed more comfortable and I had less mess to contend with. I researched the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of Turmeric and found a formula for Golden Paste (find the recipe in the FaceBook Users group called Turmeric User's Group (TUG). You will have to join this user group (free) to get the recipe but it is well worth it to read the anecdotal experiences and research presented on the uses of Turmeric.

After researching this, I decided that the anti-inflammatory qualities of Turmeric would be a good addition to my 3 oil blend, so I cooked the Golden Paste, following their recipe to the letter, and then took a tablespoon of my 3 oil mix and mixed it with a tablespoon of the golden paste and began using that for the daily application, remixing fresh as I used it up in small daily applications. Within a few months the tumor was no longer visible from the outside... remember it was a golf ball sized ugly red mass before.

My vet was amazed as she and the Consulting Vet they had referred me to, had basically told me this condition was going to kill him. Once she saw how the tumor had shrunk, she actually asked me for the recipe so that she could give it to several of her other dog patient/owners who also had inoperable Benign Rectal Mass Tumors. She calls Mr. B her miracle dog now when we visit. Recently an exam revealed that the tumor has grown again inside and he has had some difficulty in defecating again. So, I have begun his treatment again on a daily basis. I had slipped out of the daily routine and was only applying it on occasion when I thought of it and this may explain his recurrence. Now I'm back to every day and hoping for the same results again.

I believe this 3 oil blend, that I call my Miracle Oil, may benefit other dogs with tumors so wanted to share my anecdotal evidence. Of course I am not a Veterinarian, and I offer this only for information of an Educational nature and I assume no responsibility or liability in the use of this information. Anecdotally, and objectively, I can tell you that the tumor disappeared from view while I was using this oil on the tumor daily with the golden paste. There are undoubtedly those who will say it was coincidental, they may be right but my dog is alive five years after I was told I'd soon have to put him to death. That is enough for me. I know that much research on other dogs with these tumors must be done to definitively prove that this oil blend was what did the trick but I will continue to use it until that research is done. It is a cheap effort to save one that you love and clearly has done no harm in my case. Of course, each dog owner must accept responsibility for how they treat their pets and the problems they have but this has been very useful to me. Also, please note, that while my vet was very supportive of my trying anything, since they had no solutions they could apply, I would never suggest that this or any other natural, or home remedy, should exclude regular consults with a qualified Veterinarian, I can say I'm glad I didn't let my little buddy die several years ago when they gave him no hope.

He has now also developed a fatty tumor on his belly and I am rubbing the three oil blend without the turmeric golden paste onto this fatty mass daily. No change yet but I'm hopeful.

Just today my cat was diagnosed with a Fibrosarcoma. The vet says it is an invasive malignant tumor that would be impossible to completely remove in our case. She offered little hope from a surgical standpoint but I began treating him with pure castor oil as soon as we got home a few hours ago and will apply twice daily until I begin to see results. The pure Castor Oil is what I'll use for the time being until I see results. Eventually the 3 blend may be something I'll switch to but I'm not willing to give up as easily as that on my cat friend either. I'll post an update in the future on the cat's progress.