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Effective Natural Treatments for Pet Tumors: A Guide

DMSO and Colloidal Silver
Posted by Deirdre (CT) on 01/31/2022

This is another update on my dog with an anal gland tumor.

Well, it really looks like the DMSO and Colloidal Silver is the winning combination for halting the growth of my dog's anal gland tumor. I upped the dose and now mix 1 tablespoon of DMSO and 1 tablespoon of Colloidal Silver in a small dish and use a dropper to apply it to his belly where there is less fur, near his tumor in the anal area, and at the base spine and tail. After applying a dropper at a time from the solution, I then rub it in with clean hands as quite a bit tends to run off if I don't. He tolerates it pretty well as it's at 50/50.

He stopped having accidents in the house for the most part and, as I mentioned previously, is in very good spirits for an old guy with the addition of colloidal gold to his dinner.

If I decide to skip a day with the DMSO and silver to give him a break, he ends up having an accident and generally doesn't seem to be doing as well. So I do it every day now, no breaks.

Part of his walking sideways issue comes from a severely arthritic left hind foot, which the sticky paw pads really help with.

Hope my post will inspire others to try it. DMSO + CS are really amazing.

DMSO and Colloidal Silver
Posted by Deirdre (Connecticut) on 01/01/2022

Update on my dog with a cancerous anal gland tumor, diagnosed in early August 2021.

I tried a number of different protocols, as detailed in this thread:


None of them seemed to be helping. THEN I started doing DMSO and organic and raw (Bragg) apple cider vinegar topically dropped in near his bladder because he seemed to be having issues there and he looked remarkably better a few minutes later with increased energy. The amazing Art from CA recommended I try DMSO with Colloidal Silver.

Here is what Art wrote - incredibly helpful!!

"On the alternative cancer sites and in science, DMSO is itself known to have anticarcinogenic effects and in some cases has shown the ability to revert cancerous cells back to normal cells. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/labs/pmc/articles/PMC3328470/

Here is a quote from the review :

'Our results suggest that DMSO may be an important stimulator of the tumor suppressor protein HLJ1 through AP-1 activation in highly invasive lung adenocarcinoma cells. Targeted induction of HLJ1 represents a promising approach for cancer therapy, which also implied that DMSO may serve as a potential lead compound or coordinated ligand for the development of novel anticancer drugs. '

... The effective DMSO dosing is in the 5 to 6% area at direct contact with a cancer cell, so you will have to dilute it with something and CS seems good because of its known anticancer effects by itself. You could see if he can tolerate 50% DMSO with 50% CS. If he doesn't tolerate that ratio, try 40% DMSO with 60% CS. I think when you go below 40%, DMSO is not nearly as effective as a transdermal penetration enhancer, but I would consider further reductions to reach tolerance by him.

So after Art sent me that, I began the DMSO and Colloidal Silver starting with 1 droppersful of each mixed together once a day. I am up to 3 droppersful at the moment with a day off once or twice a week.

I use a dropper and drop the solution right where the lump is on his bum and the rest of it on his stomach where there isn't much fur.

This is the remedy combo where we've been making progress. His appetite returned in full force after two weeks on the protocol and he started gobbling down his freeze-dried raw food, which he refused to eat starting in October.

Now he seems to be doing quite well for an old dog with a tumor. The freeze dried raw is so much better than the kibble he was eating, which made him terribly thirsty.

Also, I put removable sticky paw pads on him to help him walk as even the carpet is slippery at this point. Those pads have helped him tremendously. Here are the pads on Amazon if anyone is interested.

One thing I realized recently is that I don't think people really understand how much assistance dogs need when they get older. Because they become increasingly unsteady on all fours, they have a harder time drinking water. I suspect some get very dehydrated and the owners might not realize it and think their dog is ready to be put down when, in fact, they just can't drink enough water on their own anymore. Just my two cents caring for two big elderly dogs! I make sure my dog gets plenty of water throughout the day and I also keep a belly support under him while he drinks so he doesn't lose his balance. I've seen him just give up on the water because he can't hold himself steady if I don't help him.

I think my vet would be surprised that he's made it this long after diagnosis at his advanced age. Of all the protocols I have tried for my two dogs since the summer, the DMSO and Colloidal Silver have been the most effective, with no side effects other than slightly increased thirst a short while after applying the DMSO/CS. Sorry I didn't know about this for my other dog's shoulder tumor but it may have been too late for her anyway.

Thank you so much, Art!!!! APPRECIATE YOU!

DMSO and Colloidal Silver
Posted by Melinda (Seattle) on 02/19/2020

I discovered a lump about the size of a walnut shell on the lower front part of my Wheaten Terrier Bonnie's hind leg. I thought it was cancer and my vet agreed. We scheduled a surgery date. The vet showed me how it was easy to move the lump from side to side and said that indicated it hadn't metastasized.

That night I applied 50/50 DMSO and colloidal silver to the lump. The next morning it had shrunk and no longer looked inflamed. I called the vet and she said keep it up. I continued to apply this mix morning and evening for a few weeks and it continued to shrink into a smaller hard lump under the skin. I cancelled the surgery. When it got about the size of a marble it wasn't shrinking anymore, so I stopped the application. That was over two years ago, and the shriveled up lump is now about the size of a pea. A vet who recently saw Bonnie for another matter noticed the lump and she said she wouldn't worry about it. I honestly think we beat cancer. Bonnie also had a harmless fatty tumor (diagnosed by two vets) near her shoulder for years. When I applied the same mix to it, overnight it also shrunk up into a small condensed lump.

February 26, 2021 Update:

I took a little eye dropper bottle and filled it half with silver and half with DMSO. I took an empty bottle and filled it half with silver and half with DMSO, then shook it.

the silver was Source Naturals. I used a medicine dropper, then smoothed it gently with my finger to make sure it was covered. I suggest you try it on a small lump and see if you like the outcome, then take it from there. Please post and let us know.

May 20, 2021 Update

Recently the vet did a needle biopsy and it turned out to NOT be cancerous. I don't want to mislead anyone about anything so serious.