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Posted by Kenneth (Tampa, Florida) on 12/16/2008

After reading all of the positive responses pertaining to a borax/hydrogen peroxide solution for demodectic mange in dogs i had to find out what borax actually was. Ck for yourself, turns out it is really nothing more than a type of salt that forms naturally out in the west, texas or someplace. It is used in cooking and other things. Since mites along with roaches and many other insects have an exoskeleton what i believe the borax/salt does is dry them up to the point of death. kind of like a human dying of dehydration with an endoskeleton, just backwards, from the outside in instead of the inside out. So assuming that i understand all of these things correctly i would think that if you lived near the salt water and you took your dog swimming everyday and didn't rinse him off you could get rid of the mange. Ive heard people say this before.Theoretical of course. When people say that it made their dogs condition worse the only thing that makes sense is that the salt must have dried out the skin, causing severe itching, that makes sense also. To my knowledge hydrogen perxide can't really hurt you. I gargle with it when i have a cold. Dandruff shampoo w/ sulfer makes sense to. Head and shoulders extreme, and why not just leave the shampoo on the dog. Can't be that bad or the FDA wouldn't let humans use it and definetely not as harsh as the 70% sulfer solutions sold at feed stores.I currently believe that my three Boston Terriers have contracted mange and this is the route I'm going. Tried the acne cream with 10% benzoyl peroxide and it seems to be helping as a spot treatment in only 2 days. Some sites say demodectic mange is not contageous but i don't believe it, just not contageous to humans. I'll keep everyone posted on my results.

Posted by Emily (Harrisonburg, VA) on 11/29/2008
5 out of 5 stars

My lab/chow mix, who is just over a year, has had a horrible skin condition. Every vet has passed it off as allergies and nothing else. Well when the sores started to get worse and he cried constantly, I knew it was something else. I started researching and found the Peroxide/Borax mixture. I just free handed the measurement but within a few hours I noticed he wasn't waking up every few minutes to chew and scratch. I can tell he is happier too, which makes me just as happy. This website is absolutely fantastic and I am so glad I found it. Thanks to everyone who has posted or left feedback, it is amazing how helpful it all is! Thanks again!



Posted by Jennifer (Dallas, TX) on 11/17/2008

I am writing about Ted's Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide mange cure to treat demodectic mange in dogs. I hope I am posting this question in the correct place. I need to be certain I have the recipe and procedure right. The vet confirmed demodex with a scraping and performed one Mitaban dip. The dip was so toxic to our 3-month old, pug-chihuahua mix -- she didn't move from her bed for two days -- that I sought out alternatives and arrived at the Ted's cure site.

I have tried the treatment 4 times: two days in a row, skip a day, treat, skip a day, and treat. There has been some improvement in hair regrowth on her head -- new stubble has appeared! -- but her face and scalp are still scaly. Every day I read more posts and have adjusted my procedure, but before my husband insists on another Mitaban dip I would like to be certain I am performing the therapy correctly.

I mix 2 cups hydrogen peroxide with 4 cups water and add 2 handfuls of borax powder -- not measured precisely but about 1/4 cup ("20 Mule Team" brand). I am going to start waiting 15 minutes for the borax to fully dissolve -- something I just learned from reading a past post. I start pouring the solution on my puppy and begin to rub it into the skin -- like I was washing her if there were suds. Pour -- rub -- pour -- rub, for about 5 minutes. The first two treatments I was timid around her face, but now I really rub her closed eyes, inside the wrinkles, ears etc. I then give her a treat and stay with her in the shower for another 5 minutes. I just started rubbing a small amount of dry borax powder on her while she was still wet. I then let her out and keep her on a towel or in her crate until she is dry enough to play with the family. I am going to start doing the treatment every day instead of every-other-day. I haven't shampooed her with any another products -- just the borax wash. I am now giving her a high quality food and am going to research supplemental vitamins.

Am I doing everything correctly enough to tell my husband, "Have patience! This will work -- give it time."? I appreciate any response and greatly respect your commitment to this site.

Replied by Katy
Athens, Texas USA

To Jennifer in Dallas:

I had an earlier post about a stray dog that showed up here positively eaten up with the mange. I have not had to seek veterinary advice. I've used the borax/peroxide dip on this dog and he is now beautiful! I have five other dogs and have had to bathe them also to prevent them from getting it. I was bathing very often at first but quickly settled to once a week. It has taken about three months to get him completely over this but the solution works. He had NO hair over most of his body and many areas were raw and bleeding. I was using 4 cups of peroxide, 8 cups of water, and about 1 1/2 to 2 cups of borax. Mix the borax in until it won't dissolve any more. You can pour up some in a spray bottle to use on itchy places between bathing and I've sprayed bedding, floors, etc with it. Seems as if the dog would itch worse a couple of days after bath but each week he would look better. He now has hair everywhere totally except a couple of areas on his ears but this has healed and is slowly growing hair. I can't begin to tell you how bad this dog was and now he is a happy playful pup.... obviously feels so much better. It didn't happen overnight though.... it took persistence and he slowly improved. A couple of times I was frustrated and thought he was getting worse (especially if I didn't bathe every week--skipped the hurricane week and that wasn't a good idea) but he looks so good now and it's been three weeks since the last bath. The peroxide will bleach out hair color though and I think it dries the skin... one of the reasons I went to only once a week baths. Good luck. I've heard so many bad things about the mitaban and I've seen such good results with this.


Posted by Marybeth (Tempe, AZ) on 11/15/2008
5 out of 5 stars

My dog has been suffering(scratching and biting)for about 3 months now. I was not sure if it was a food allergy or a pest problem. Recently he began developing lesions. I did try the ivermectin, but with nothing positive to report. just alot of extra money spent. He is doing much better on the Ted's formula with much less scratching and a reduced redness. This is with one treatment. Thanks for the information.
Kia is much happier!

Replied by Isela
Edinburg, TX

Where did you purchase your borax?

Posted by Marsha (Anaheim, U.S. Calif Orange County) on 11/11/2008
5 out of 5 stars

After doing everything I possibly could to help rid my 9 yr old sweetheart of a dog of his itch I came upon the remedy of peroxide, water and Borax. I used if only 3 times and have seen 100% improvement on Sebastian. I was finally of the impression it was not so much fleas as it was mites though the vet thinks over wise. In addition to the peroxide remedy I also put oils/bacon grease, (which was used on horses for wounds) olive oil etc. anything greasy on the scabs to help kill mites as well.

I want to share that I also did the Diamaceious earth treatment outside and the Borax on the carpets inside as well as washing his bedding every few days.

It is a complete treatment for the area and would recommend it for anyone plagued by these persistent and dreadful creatures that wreak havoc on our pet unable to help themselves.

I used popular flea killing products on another younger dog and consider it a waste of $50, time and can not justify the toxicity of such products. Do your homework people......natural is best for your beloved pets. Good luck. Marsha

Posted by Bettina Moss (Los Angeles, CA, USA) on 11/11/2008
1 out of 5 stars

Just to let you know re: borax bath for demodex mange, my homeopathic vet (he practices both regular vet medicine and homeopathy) said the borax treatment was the absolute WORST thing you could do. He said borax is very harsh and a supreme irritant. Sure enough before we were able to go to the vet with our pups we tried the borax bath and they got horribly worse. I would strongly advise that before trying this remedy you talk to a homeopathic practitioner. Maybe this works for not terrible cases but in our situation it created torment for our puppies! So please think TWICE before trying this.

Replied by Bettina
Los Angeles, California, USA

Hi, I sent you an email over a week ago about a warning from my homeopathic vet about using borax on dogs. I find it interesting tht you only post those emails which agree with your remedy. This really is irresponsible. It's too bad you won't let others know that a homeopathically trained vet in L.A., Dr. Richard Palmquist, who is well respected in the field doesn't agree with this remedy and in fact when we used it on our dogs it greatly aggravated thier condition. You should be fair and post views counter to yours.

EC: We have no problem posting negative responses and side effects to remedies as our readers will tell you. In this case we sent your email to Ted and was awaiting a response from him. Still waiting.

Posted by Joe (Southside, Virginia) on 11/09/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you Ted! I mixed everything just like your instructions and it worked like magic. I put it on the dog, sprayed her bed and sleeping box, and sprinkled diatomaceous earth around as well. It took months of other treatments on the last dog I had that developed mange. This time with your concoction and an early diagnosis, my dog's mange was gone inside of two WEEKS. I was amazed. I have shared my find of this website with friends as well.

Posted by Debbie (Fulton, NY) on 11/08/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I was so thankful to find this website. My golden retriever has mange. We treated her with the peroxide solution yesterday. We saw immediate results on her back end. This morning I looked at her neck, chest and upper back. She still has red spots and it looked like a few red spots were coming back on her on her hind quarters. So tonight I sponged her again with the perioxide solution. 1 32oz bottle of peroxide, 2 32oz bottles of water and 3/4 cup of borax. I sponged her down again and let her dry natually. The red spots became very red after the application. She's resting peacefully and not scratching. How often do I continue to bath her with this solution? I have another Golden Retriever who doesn't have any symptoms of mange at all. She's perfectly healthy. My other concern is that I have carpets all through my house. Should I sprinkle them with borax? Are these mites contagious? Also, I read more on this website about using sulfur. Is it safe to use a sulfur mixture after you use the peroxide treatment?

Posted by Mike (Port St. Lucie, FL) on 11/07/2008
5 out of 5 stars

thanks ted, your borax & hydrogen peroxide worked like magic on all 3 of my dogs!

Posted by Deborah (Fleming, Ohio) on 10/20/2008

cure demodectic mange

We have been fighting this horrible disease with our nine year old female aussie sheppard, since she was less than a year old. We tried a year and a half of mitiban dips, only to see her get terribly sick after each bath. We could tell that the strong chemical was terrible for her. We tried several holistic remmedies with varing degrees of partial success, and after changing vets, we tried another two years of ivermectin doses. These would help, and we would have a few months of improvement, only to have a huge outbreak again. Our poor Brownie is scarred and hairless over a sizeable area of her body. Her skin is sensitive, and she yelps if you toch her scars. Her skin has thickened on her ear tips, and around her muzzle. About a year ago, we started her on a product called Missing Link, a wholefood, natural suppliment that boosts the imune system. While it did not cure, there was signifigent improvement. Experimenting further, we also added blackstrap mollasses, and eventually LOTS of cold pressed flaxseed oil. While I have seen her improve more with this formula than anything the vets offered over the years, she is still far from cured. She no longer has the bleeding leasions, and raw skin, her coat is still coated with residue from the mites, her skin is flaking and sensitive, and she is still obviously not feeling well.

For the first time in nine years I am hopeful after reading your website. It is so difficult to improve a dog's immune system to the point that they will no longer be infected, but I think with your wonderful solution, our Brownie may have a chance for the first time in nine years to be rid of this horrible, debilitating disease. I am starting yor suggested treatment immedietely!! Perhaps with boosting her immune system, and yor treatment to finally rid her of the infestation, she can be well again.

I will continue her dietary changes, and probably try others, to boost her immune system as much as possible. I would recommend others to try the dietary changes along with this treatment. However, I will begin your remedy first thing in the morning, and I will let all of you know how she does. When I read the remedy and all the tesitimonials, I knew deep in my heart that this will work...that it was the final link in the chain I have been looking for this long nine years. Thank you, Thank you all!

I will try to find my pics of Brownie at her worst, will take pics of her now, and will collect pics as she improves, and I will share them all with you!

Until next time (soon, I'm sure), God Bless you all!


Posted by Ervin (Arroyo, Puerto Rico) on 10/13/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hi,I'm very pleased with Ted's Remedy,this is only the second week of using it on my two,Male & female Boxers & one male Chiguagua,and it works great no Vet bills or anything first week my male Boxer is already growing his hair back,I've actually altered the formula a bit to make it a little stronger than Ted recommended because my male Boxer was get pretty bad in a very short time here it is, I actually use 1 32oz bottle of peroxide mixed with 64oz's of H2O(water)3 table spoons full of Boraxmix this all up to delute Borax,now first I give all my dogs a bath with any good flee shampoo,Walmart brand will be fine,let them dry off completely, then I use the Borax solution with the peroxide and water,scrub them out with the solution so it penetrates the skin for a couple of minutes and you have to remember NOT TO DRY THIS SOLUTION With anything, let the dog AIR DRY by him or herself,great remedy, I do this twice a week,for a whole month to make sure It goes away,I'm thinking of doing this every week once a week after the first month as a preventive measure,because where I live in Puerto Rico there a lot of wild dog close by my house that have mange,and as you should know this is very contagious and goes airborne,thanks Ted, if I can be of any asestence to anyone just e-mail me,I've authorize this site to show my e-mail so If I can help,just let me know,I'm a dog lover before my two Boxers I had two Beautiful Blue pits witch I had to leave with my son in PA because there Banned in PR,that a shame very good dogs still love them and will always remember them,Hi Blanca and Rambo Love you's both,I know you's guys are doing fine !

Posted by Jenn (Moncks Corner, SC) on 10/12/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I just want to say thanks so much for the advice. I am the proud owner of a beautiful 4 1/2 chocolate American Pit Bull Terrier. About a month after we gother I started noticing her hair falling out around her eyes and in spots on her chest and legs...I was devastated. She is a beautiful girl with one of the best temperments I have ever seen in a pit and I have seen quite a few. I found out that the otyher pups from her litter were also experiencing the same problem and had been diagnosed with puppy mange. Thats when I started looking for a home remedy...I found Ted's and am happy to report my girl is getting better. Almost immediately after the first treatment we could see a difference. This is her second week and about 85% of her hair has returned and she is beginning to blossom into quite a gorgeous girl. I know that she was more sucseptible to the mites due to a horrible worm infestation she had when we first got her. Now she is on a lamb & rice diet, worm free and mite free!

We simply mixed 32oz of peroxide; 64oz of warm water and a full cup of borax into a sprayer and soak her in it. No drying of any kind just let her air dry. I have been rotating this with baths of Adams Shampoo and Sulfodene Shampoo which is medicated in order to help her heal faster and kill the smell of the peroxide. Thanks Ted you have made my Hershey girl and her mom very happy by sharing your knowledge! And saved us thousands of dollars in vet bills! Thanks Again!

Posted by Adriana (Paramus, NJ) on 10/09/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have used the borax peroxide treatment on my pup. It did get rid of the mange. But now she has developed something else, it looks like little craters on her skin it bleeds and it's oozing. Could this be a reaction to the borax treatment. did I do it too much???

Replied by Michael
Aurora, CO/USA

Same thing with my Doby

Posted by Julie (Columbia, SC) on 09/22/2008
1 out of 5 stars

I'm sad to say that Ted's remedy did not work for my dog. I have a cock-a-poo and for almost 3 months has had sarcoptic mange. I have tried everything, she first was given Ivermecin, then I tried the borax + h2o bath, and now she has her 4 Mitaban Dip tomorrow :( It that doesn't seem to be working either. I shaved her yesterday because i heard that cutting the hair would let the treatment get right to her skin, and this morning I woke up with a million bites on me. I've been to the doctor 3 times to treat scabies for myself. Some PLEASE help, I don't know what else I can do! Thank you!

Replied by Peggy
Delbarton, WV/USA

Go to your vet and get Revolution. It cured Ruff of his sarcoptic mange within two months. Google it and you can view the details. It certainly worked for him.