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Posted by Linda Coring (Welland, Ontario) on 08/28/2008

I have a purebred pug 2 years old who has had Demodex for 18 months many Vet appointments which he was given Ivermectin antibiotics and spot on treatments,dips as well, nothing worked and he continued to get worse his feet are swollen and bleeding, I was desperate to find a cure,when I found Ted's remedy for Demodex mange, I followed the instructions for mixing 1000ml 3%peroxide 2000ml water and 3 tabsp. Borax, I keep rinsing him with it for 15 min and let him drip dry, the first bath I could not believe how much dander?(eggs/mites? he shed I was sweeping it up, I washed all the floors and bedding with Borax too, it has been a week now and 2 baths with Borax, he is looking so much better I'm so pleased and hopeful he is still not well only eats and sleeps goes out to do his business 2x a day, he is a pitifull site I pray this will work as I can not continue much longer to watch him suffer, I feel if I could get him well enough to get him nutered this would help I have taken pictures of him as I hope to have before and after of his cure from the nightmare of Demodex. I remain extremely hopeful and I will continue to use this remedy and let you know how it goes.

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Posted by Christan (Bloomingrose, West Virginia) on 08/19/2008


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Posted by Kathy (Yuma, AZ) on 08/13/2008

I was at my wits end when I came to the site and learned about Ted's Cure for Mange! We had just gotten our baby Daisy, she's a pure bred pitbull, and 9 weeks in and a few weeks after her vaccinations she started to get these red pimple like bumps an the next day hair loss. i was freaking out since i had never seen anything like it before.I'm glad we caught it right away. My husband and I began the treatment once a day and sprayed her with the solution throughout the day on the really infected spots. We also kept her in a very clean "solitary confinement"-which she absolutely hated- We put 1/8 of borax in her water every day, gave her liquid doggy vitamins and kept her on an all raw meat-chicken/beef-diet. Within a week she was going crazy as happy as can be. She has just two small spots left and her black coat is dyed quite orange lol but if thats all the side effects are then thats quite alright. I just want to thank Ted soooooo much and i will continue to keep her on the meat diet and once the spots clear up I will do weekly washes on her.
I USED (1)- 32 ounce bottle of peroxide,
(2)-32 ounce bottles of water ( i just filled up the already used bottle of peroxide filled w/ water),
1 cup of borax and I also found that using 1 cup of white vinegar with it really made it work.
By the 3rd day I had perfected the concoction and by the end of that day i could really tell the difference. thanks again!-kathy

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Posted by Jean (Cerritos, CA) on 07/04/2008

I can't thank you all of you enough for your wonderful help. I have learned so much for humans and our furry friends. With Ted's mange recipe, I added the aloe vera to it and it helped it stay on our dog's skin longer and I could really tell the difference. Our 4 pound Yorkie has so many health challenges, last trip to the vet she got a shot and I left with 5 perscriptions. God bless you for your time, effort, love and help.

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Posted by Selena, Ontario, Canada (Drayton, Ontario) on 06/25/2008

Today June 25th 2008, trying the (TED's) borax and hydrogen peroxide remedy on my old cat and myself against mange. My poor old grey cat looks like a funny poodle, because he seems shaven in his neck and tail, but it's mange and hairloss, also on part of his back and his poor feet are soooo infected. The cat is 16. There are three more cats here, who had it too, but not as bad and are now free after a two month every two weeks revolution treatment that is of course very expensive. My old cat however doesn't seem to get free of it, instead it's only worse. And so with me. I got it right away, my family too, but they're almost rid of it. I think low immune systems of the cat and myself are playing a role. I am diabetic and my immune system is not the greatest. I cannot by the life of me, separate the cat, that is just not possible because he is so affectionate and loves company. This is the first time in 55 years of having cats I contracted something from them. I wash wash wash, our bedding, his bedding. Clothes, bedding, and did I say bedding? Put it outside on the line in the sun to dry. Now I see it should go into the dryer on highest/hottest setting. I guess, the sun won't kill those critters either. The dryer does get hot alright, so it probably is good if I use that. I just got the borax and peroxide at the supermarket, after reading this website and mixed it up and rubbed down the cat who now looks like a drowned poodle and I rubbed myself down with it too. I wonder if this will help and I threw half a cup of borax in the load of laundry (bedding).. It's now almost getting to be three months of dealing with this. I am almost at the end of my rope, and I also notice the cat sleeps lots, lost weight, is still perky when awake, but doesn't eat much, drinks much and I am very tired myself, no energy etc, but no weight loss (that is too bad, I need some)...will keep you all posted. If this helps, I am sure going to tell everyone about it!

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Posted by Rowxy (Fontana, California, U.S.A.) on 06/20/2008

TED'S REMEDY OF BORAX AND HYDROGEN PEROXIDE WORKS!! My rottweiler puppy was losing hair all over.....I tried this remedy and his coat is thick and shiny again. After 3 treatments. ( I mixed the suggested amounts in the bathtub, my dog jumped in... and i continuously poured the mixture over his entire body, for 10 minutes, let him air dry, DID NOT RINSE HIM OFF. No more scratching!! My dog is as happy as can be. THANK YOU, from both of us!!!!

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Posted by James (Houston, Texas) on 06/11/2008

I tried everything on this site for the cure and control of Mange on my poor dog. Nothing worked and after three months of trying we had to put her down.

What we tried:
1)put ACV in her water
2)put sesame seed oil and olive oil mixed in with her food
3)Borax and H Peroxide w/H2O mixture as perscribed on site

Replied by KC
(Austin, Texas)

Put her down? Demodex is expensive but can be controlled. You can go natural, yet if that did not work then go chemical.

Replied by Stephanie
(Spring, Texas)

We purchased two white Greman shepherds from a breeder in Dickinnson. She CLAIMS she has never had a problem with her puppies having demodex. She further claims it is not a breeding issue and that she has never heard of demodex much less it being a breeding issue and she continues to produce pups. Feel free to email me if you purchased a pup from her.

Our Zeus and Shiloh are really bad, Zeus more than Shiloh. We thought we were going to have to put him down because he was so bad off. He got better with some medication but he is still getting worse after getting him neutered. He broke out before her so we were able to get her fixed then give him antibiotics and we were able to get him fixed 2 weeks later. We have no idea what to do, the breder told us we needed to keep them on royal canin babydog 30. We did and then we switched, for a week to different food, back to royal canin baby dog 32 at 8 weeks. They continued to get worse. We switched them finally to Orijen that has no gluten in it and high quantity of fish such as salmon. It is made in Canada. We have seen them improve as far as mood and temperment but now Zeus and Shiloh are both getting worse, Zeus gets progressively worse by the day. At this point I am trying to find people who have dogs form the same litter or prior litters to see if they may have had this problem and have found a solution. They do in fact have Demdetic mange, the vet did scrapings on both of them.

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Posted by Dewain (Randolph, NJ) on 05/28/2008

We have a 4 month old 25 lb. Lab mix. At 8 weeks she was diagnosed with scabies and demodectic mange. She completed a 3 dose regiment of 'Revolution' and is now on a daily 1 ml dosage of Ivermectin. We initially tried your (16 oz. diluted to 1% peroxide w/ 3 TB. borax solution) and was unsure of the results so we stopped it and went with the vet suggestions. The hair loss and itching continues. The vet has her on antihistimines, and after the vet's medicines, and no positive results, we went back to your borax solution. The vet recommended a shampoo that makes her brake out in lesions even worse. Seems like every time we do what's recommended, (your solution included) she breaks out in lesions, and itches and scrathes even worse. This was a shelter rescue, trucked up from Georgia to NJ. Please....Wit's End in NJ

EC: Sent to Ted for response..

Replied by Casey
(San Diego, CA)

Hi Wit's End in NJ

My uncle had a problem with his dogs some years ago. After hundreds of dollars and tests it turnes out his pup had lupus (unsure of the spelling) at first look it could have been mange, itching and balding which is what she was being treated for. Sadly because of the real problem she had to be put down. I dont know your situation in full but it might be something to have you pup tested for.


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Posted by Jen (Toronto, Canada) on 05/26/2008

Just wanted to say that I tried the borax treatment on my cats tail (he's got what is called a 'stud tail) and it worked wonders. He always had an oily tail and I tried everything even professional grooming and nothing helped before! So at least that problem is out of the way for now. But he has another problem - a hernia. Does anyone know of any treatment methods for a cat hernia? I really don't want to opt for surgery.

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Asha (Houston, TX) on 05/23/2008

Oh my gosh! I read all these posts where it said that the borax/peroxide helped their dogs, but I mean really, I was still skeptical. I just finished soaking my poor dog. He didn't have mange, just a severe case of fleas and he was tearing himself apart biting. I tried a few things and figured this couldn't hurt. I CANNOT believe it! He's already stopped scratching and he's running around all excited right now just like his old self. He was so depressed. Thank you thank you thank you...my poor baby is finally better. I'm gonna keep it up. I'm lucky enough that he won't shake at all when he's in the bathtub, so I made him stand a good long time before I let him out, where he promptly had a good shaking. Its sooo obvious that he feels better, though. May God bless you Ted!

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Posted by Barb (Peterborough, Ontario, Canada) on 05/01/2008

I, like everyone else, has been thrilled to find Ted's mange remedy. We adopted a "pound puppy" in mid January 08, a shepherd cross who arrived with a skin condition. Just like many who have written before me, Buzzbee got a rabies shot and immediately his skin condition got worse (didn't realize this until reading Ted's info.) so we started the whole vet treatment thing. Different treatments, tests, different diagnoses and of course, lots of cost. Then my collie cross, Rosie, 11 years, started scratching. When the vet mentioned possibly mange, I went looking for a cure and with 2 weeks of baths with Ted's treatment, things are much better for both dogs. WE will continue until they are perfect I did want to make one suggestion. Since dried dog food can be a significant contributor to skin and overall health problems, (Ted has also discussed good nutrition) may I suggest the BARF diet to all readers. This is the Bones And Raw Food diet - getting canines and felines back to the food they were meant to eat. If you google BARF, you will find a wealth of information on TRUE nutrition for dogs and cats. We have been feeding this to our dogs and cats for over 3 years now and not only do they love it, it helps in so many areas. Although it can be more time consuming, it is NO more expensive than "kibble". Check it out. Thanks again Ted for this fabulous and natural remedy and I look forward to reading the Earthclinic site for a long time to come.

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Posted by Mark (Little Rock, Arkansas) on 04/15/2008

My 5 month old American Pitbull Terrier had some bad mange due to mites. We had him take a mitaban bath because the vet thought it would be in his best interest. I decided to go along with it, because I didnt know any better until I stumbled across this site. The mitaban bath was bad, it made his coat even worse. His skin was red and some parts of his body was literally hairless. Here is a picture of him I took before we started the Borax treatment:


As you can see, much of his body has patches of hair missing. He also looks sad!

After a few weeks of the borax treatment, we already saw a great improvement not only in the way he acts, but also visually. His coat is shiny, and he rarely scratches. Here is a picture of him now:


As you can see, he still has some healing to do, however there is great improvement. Him and his buddy also made a huge mess because they play rough, ;)

Dont spend money at the vet with mitaban, do this treatment. I cant tell you how happy I am with it and how much money i saved.

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Eric (Evesham, NJ) on 04/09/2008

Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide is working on demodex mange on my dog. Amazing!

I have been fighting demodex mange on my bull terrier for about a year and a half. It started when my dog was about 7 months old (he is now 2 years old) and has been not only frustrating but heart breaking. He has had red itchy paws that he would lick and bite at until they would bleed. Then, secondary infection would set in and at one point he had trouble walking because his paws were so sore. The demodex then spread to his belly, legs, anas area and around his eyes. The affected areas were either bald, thinning or red and irritated or all of the above. His skin under his belly turned thick and looked like elephant skin. And most recent he developed a postule near his tail that grew until it oozed. He has had stereo typical demodex conditions that were on the severe end of the spectrum. I have spent a huge amount of money on vet bills, medicine and potions. You name it I tried it. None of it would even cure my dog temporarily. His most recent regime of medicine he is on is Ivomec and an anti-biotic (has been on same regimine twice before with little improvement). He has been on this treatment for two months with little improvement (again).

So I found this site and desperate I thought I would give the Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide rinses and try. It has been amazing and the very next day we saw an improvement. He has now been on the solution for about a week or so and he has improved to a point which we have not seen on ANY medicine the vet gave us or lotion that was recommended to us. It is really remarkable!

I am using 1 part Hydrogen Peroxide 3% to two parts water and about 4 table spoons of Borax (20 Mule, brand Name). I bathed him with oatmeal shampoo / rinse, then an oatmeal conditioner / rinse and finally the Hydrogen peroxide and Borax solution. I leave the solution on and allow him to air dry. The shampoo and conditoner is just something we have always used to wash him so the improvement has nothing to do with that.

I am optimistically hopefull that my dog will continue to improve and we can finally take control of this demodex. This is what I am doing with the Borax:

1.Hydrogen Peroxide and Borax for bathing my dog.
2. Washing all his bedding in hot water while adding Borax to the laundry detergent.
3.Washing his crate down with Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide
4.Vacuuming all the carpet then sprinkle borax over the carpet then broom sweep it in. I will leave it on for 48hrs then vacuum it up.
5. 1 pinch of Borax to drinking water

I should also say that I will contine the ivomec and anti-biotics for another month or so in conjunction with Ted's cure. Mind you however my dog has been on this medicine for two months and twice before with very little improvement. I am hoping that everything in conjunction will eradicate this horrible mange mite.

For anyone out there dealing with this frustrating and costly ailment you should really give this regimine a try. I thought my dog would NEVER get over this condition and in one week I am amazed with the improvement. It is as close to a miracle as they come for me. I am a real person and the results are real.

Replied by Carrie
(Columbus, Ohio)

I am going to try this. I have a 18 month old female bull terrier that we have tried everything for on her for the same reasons the last 2 months.

Replied by Cindy
(Stephenville, Tx)

I saw that you put Borax in your dog's water. I checked to see if it was harmful to dogs and found that it is, so am leery to try it. Did your dig get sick? Do you continue to use it? Thanks.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hello Cindy!

I use borax in my pets drinking water and also drink it myself. No one - fur kid or skin kid - has gotten sick. Borax is an important remedy in my medical tool box to keep my all in my household healthy.

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Cindy (Stephenville Tx) ---

On the contrary, BORAX IS VERY BENEFICIAL. Visit Walter Last's website and see the " Borax Conspiracy". Always do your research as we live in the age of dys- and mis- information because of vested interests.

Namaste, Om

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Marsha (Nashville, TN) on 03/23/2008

cat mange cure with hydrogen peroxide, borax, and warm water. My 10 year old lynx/siamese /himalayan cat developed intense itching with loss of hair and redness around the neck recently. I thought it was hair mats at first. I called to schedule a shave for her but the vet said they would have to sedate her and get blood work first to see if it was safe to sedate her. Total price, $300! I said "never mind". I began to feel that her condition was more than hair mats. I thought it resembled the mange in dogs I'd seen. I research the net for cat mange and the symptoms matched perfectly. I found Ted's peroxide,borax,water concoction and immediately fixed up a small amount. About 3TBS borax, 2 cups warm water, and 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide. I took a small rag and soaked it and rubbed it around her neck. She was suspcious at first of the wet rag but she was enjoying the rub to much to care for long. Before I started the application her neck was red and hairless. Within 1 hour her skin color on her neck was a light pink. I checked her the next day and the area was flesh colored and she wasn't scratching so much. I did another treatment that day for a added kill of the mites and let it rest the 3rd day. On the 4th day her hair is regrowing about an inch and she has more energy. I treated her again and rewarded her with fresh catnip. My cat never goes outside and there are no more animals around. Although on pretty days I open her window so she can perch there and watch the outside. I was thinking maybe bird mites blew on her if thats possible. Anyway the remedy works on cats too! Thankyou for saving me lots of $$$ and the unknown chemicals and added stress of going to the vet on her. Her name by the way, is Whisper and she says "Meow meow" (thats thankyou Ted)

Replied by LuAnn
(Spring Hill, FL)

I read this solution was safe for cats: (About 3TBS borax, 2 cups warm water, and 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide. I took a small rag and soaked it and rubbed it around her neck.)

My questions:

1. I bought 20 Mule Team Borax. Is this the type of borax safe to use?
2. If my cat licks this off is it dangerous?

My cat is terrified of the vet and I'm hoping to save him the trauma of a visit. Thank you for your help.

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Posted by Tracie (Highland, ca) on 03/18/2008

I rescued a 6 month old pitbull puppy from a woman who wasn't taking care of her property. We named her Nola. She was very skinny with a big swollen belly full of worms and mange starting on her face and legs. We gave her first set of shots which made her mange worse. We also dewormed her. I took her to the vet who did skin scrapings and diagnosed her with "red mange" he prescribe Ivermectin which I give her orally everyday along with antibiotics. She's gaining weight and is so sweet and very playful, but the medication doesn't seem to be working, in fact she is looking worse and she is still losing her hair. I bought borax and the peroxide, although I could only find the 3% kind, so I diluted it 2 to 1. then added the borax and the water. I gave her a bath tonight, then applied the solution all over her and made sure she didn't shake so it would have time to soak in. She then curled up in her bed and fell asleep, she looks peaceful, at least she's not chewing or scratching right now. I am praying this works for her. I have taken photos of her of how she looks right now. If this works I'll post pictures of the after. Please everyone pray for Nola!