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Posted by Evans on 06/02/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Ted, I have written to you before because as I had mentioned my dog is 12 years old so I didn't know if I could give him your treatment without hurting him. After reading all the feedback and learning that your dog was 13 I just went right ahead and did it. I have a pure bred fox-terrier wired hair, actually I have three but Charlie is the one with demodectic mange. Two years ago Charlie was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and therefore he has low immune system. The doctor told me he had some type of allergy so a test was conducted in 2004 and therefore he was placed on this allergy program of allergenic extracts for a whole year. I stopped it because I saw no improvement on the contrary between the prednisone and the program he was getting worse. Then he was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis and was given cyclosporine capsules and after four capsules the dog started vomiting, stopped eating was lethargic so I stopped giving him those. This poor dog has continued since 2004 with the itch and has two patches of missing hair on either side because he chews desperately. He has been given prednisone and antibiotics but then this year he got a black spot on his back so the doctor had that scraped to see if it was cancerous. Thank God, it was not cancerous but discovered he had demodectic mange. He put him on a daily dose of ivermectin, antibiotics for ten days and antihistamine. He took it the whole month of April, when I took him in for a test he still had the demodectic mange. He said continue another month (May) of ivermectin etc. after giving him another box I saw he was not improving he was itching like crazy and was wobbling. I thought, if I continue like this I am going to kill this dog. I stopped the treatment I have to take him in this month for another test after having finished with the medication. I stopped the treatment and I looked desperately on line to see if there was any cure. I found you, Ted and I want to tell you I gave him the first treatment yesterday. Today since he is still itchy I said come here and I will cure you. Since I read that you said it was good to blow dry the hair, I went to get the hair dryer and when I came back, he was still waiting next to the sink. That meant that he felt relieved with the first treatment usually I have to go after them because they don't stay when it's bath time, they run even though after the bath they feel great but it's always the same thing. When I saw Charlie waiting next to the sink I couldn't believe it. The first time I left him wet in the garage but the second day I blew dry the hair. I am dying to see him totally well. I already see he is relieved but I want to see him totally well. I haven't dared give him the borax in the water because I am afraid since he has Hypothyroidism. I started the treatment of peroxide with borax on June 2,2007 and I have done it twice on a daily basis until I see that it is totally under control then I will do it once a week. Ted, I want to thank you so very much for your valuable and life saving information. You are so very kind in sharing this so that these poor suffering animals can lead a normal life. Thank you again. P.S. Mil? a lump the size of a pea on his lip and I put some of this with a sponge. I will let you know the results of both my doggies. Thank you.

Posted by Amanda (Wichita, KS) on 05/30/2007
5 out of 5 stars

CURE DEMODECTIC AND SARCOPTIC MANGE: This remedy is GREAT!!!!! Here is my story. My boyfriend brought home a dog that was given to him. She looked funny, she was thin and she had patches of hair gone. I though she was just adjusting to the new environment. I found out she is a picky eater. Well, she is a smart dog and allows me to keep her tied up. When she is ready, she can and will get loose. To make a long story short, she had puppies and by then, all the hair on her head had fallen off and her puppies were beginning to loose hair in spots. She was itching herslef until she had scratches, I was giving her benedryl to stop the itching. I got on line and figured out she had Sarcoptic Mange. I found that you can smother them by putting baby oil on the dog. That only kept it at bay. I found this remedy and tried it. I went to Walmart and bought the supplies. I treated her and the first day her skin started flaking. A few days later, I treated her again and I started seeing peach fuzz on her head. I also put a little in her drinking water for inside out treatment. Now she looks like a completely different dog and the puppies hair grew back also. SO if any dog has puppies and you are worried if the puppies may be harmed, they won't. I did not treat them, I treated her and put some borax in her water. As she was being treated, the left over residue from her treatment and the borax in her treated the puppies also, they were still feeding. I also found that giving her green tea boosts her immune system.My boyfriend wants to take the credit, but I really have to give the credit to Ted.

Posted by Betty (Rector, AR) on 05/03/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I tried Ted's proxide and borax remedy . I am very proud that i ran across this sight when looking for a cure on the net. I had Doxie puppies that caught it from mother, she was so malnourished " my fault i have to say bought a different brand of food , didn't check the label good. " That is all it could have been, have done nothing different . anyway she quit feeding the pups at three weeks and with the mange thought sure i would loose them . went and got the fixings and bathed them as directed and could tell a difference with the first treatment. have had three baths now and all three are getting their hair back one has got all of his. mother and her mate have recovered almost as quickley. thank you so much . I advise anyone to try it first works better than most vet remedies i have tried.

Posted by Vicki (Hartford City, IN) on 03/08/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I just wanted to let you folks know that I have 2 grown daughters who in the last few years have been having boil problems. They have had to go to the doctor and have them lanced. I have a problem with my right leg that turned into a staph infection. I have an awful scar left there now. My oldest daughter swears there is something wrong with our water here. Cancer is like an epidemic here, my Grandfather died from cancer, my Dad has bladder cancer, my Mom has outbreaks of facial skin cancer and was diagnosed with Lupus last summer. My oldest daughter has had breast cancer twice (first time at age 26), she is now 31. My son-in-law moved here from New Mexico 5 years ago and he just had surgery for testicular cancer. There are many people in this town I know of who have died from cancer here. I am so glad I came across this website. I have already tried Ted's Borax remedy on my dogs and am amazed!! 2 days and the itching is almost completely stopped!

Posted by Mich (Virginia Beach, VA) on 02/27/2007
1 out of 5 stars

I used the Hydrogen Peroxide and Borax cure for mange on my pup for 3 months. For about a week I thought she had been cured but, she started to lose hair in other places and she just wasn't getting better. We had to take her in today for a Mitaban dip which I was highly against initially, I wanted to go natural but after battling this mange and her skin was just getting drier and drier from the borax and peroxide treatment. I let her skin rest for a week and today she is at the vet for her 1st dip. I really wished the borax and hydrogen peroxide had worked but it seems the mange had a mind of its own and took its toll on her.

Posted by Jason (Bundaberg, Australia) on 02/05/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have used the Mange cure as per the Instructions. I used Harpers brand Borax and 3% peroxide diluted to 1% both available at woolworths in Australia and found it to work great. Thanx for the cure Ted. Cheers Jason

Posted by Terri (Ft. Lauderdale) on 01/26/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I want to Thank Ted for his Dermodex Mange home remedy. My 8 month old Rotti puppy was diagnosed with dermodex mange around her eye. The vet recommended Mitaban. after reading up on side effects, I decided to try a more holistic treatment when I came across Ted's treatment. I have to say I was a little skeptical. But after only one treatment my puppy's eye looks so much better.(one week ago) I am going to give her a few more treatments. I have since had her spayed since we received the diagnosis and she was also going to one vet that she was always very upset going to. I think it was caused by stress. I have taken before and after pics and what a difference. In just one week. Thanks! Ted.

Posted by Mich (Virgina Beach, VA) on 01/24/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Ted thank you so much for saving my puppy. A quick review, we lost one puppy to full body demodectic mange by treating it with ivermectin. We found your site and used the borax and hydrogen peroxide treatment. It was a long road but finally after treating her with this she is finally growing hair! No more itching! She is due for a scraping on Friday and we will let you know how it goes. Thanks again.

Replied by Sherryl
Athens, Ohio

I would like to know the remedy and amounts for what appears to be mange around my pups eye. I really can find it on the site?? Her eye is very raw looking. I would like to bath her all over in this solution. Please help

Posted by Garry (RI) on 01/08/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, Just wanted to thank you for listing that mange treatment. My dog had mange bad enough that he would chew out large patches of fur and several times chewed his tail bloody and bare when I was away at work. I tried Lindane, which marginally worked, and a product by Zodiac as well as a lime sulpher dip. The Zodiac product worked the best but it was an old dusty bottle on the petstore shelf and I could not find it again to buy more once it was gone. He has had the mange a number of years. Caught it from a visit to the vet!! Saw the responses to your treatments and I gave him two dips with the peroxide / borax the first couple of weeks and then switched to a 50 / 50 water / white vinegar / borax dip ever since. I used white instead of ACV because it's cheaper and it seems that it's the acetic acid that is the carrier into the skin. ALL of his hair is back and he hardly scratches anymore. He gets the recommended borax in the the drinking water too. I intend to give him maintenance dips once every month or so and may continue with the Borax in the drinking water as an ongoing thing. Great advice! Thanks again!

Replied by Vivian
Edmond, WA

So it is ok to use the vinegar instead of the peroxide? I have a black haired dog and would rather him NOT turn orange by using the peroxide! LOL

EC: This may not be an issue in the winter, only in the summer with strong sun!

Posted by Sharon (UK) on 01/01/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Absolutely amazed by the results achieved in just one soaking of the solution.....my great dane is 12 month old & ( without me realising) ) has had this problem for around 6 /7months...now i know what he has its very easy to see the symptoms he had ( which i didnt notice )...tha severe hairloss i thought was malting...the bad smell i thought was because he's outdoors a lot...the reddening of the skin i thought was because he has white fur...the poor thing has been suffering all this time!!!!! after taking him to 2 different vets at a cost of over £200 he was first treated for ringworm - with absolutely no affect...i took him to another for a second opinion...he gave him 500mg anti-biotics, malaseb & advocate..i am on low income with 5 children & so could not afford to keep paying for treatment that is not working...the second vets did do a scrape which then resulted in the diagnosis...i came home almost crying at the cost....i was told this treatment could last several months....i came accross this site & i was very impressed with what other users had experienced using 'Ted's Cure'...so off i went to my local pharmacy to get the h/p & borax....within 24hrs of applying the solution his redness has totally gone & his baldness is dissapearing...he does however still have the awful smell so i am going to soak him again today with acv & borax...(they only had 1 bottle of h/p so have to wait for the order to come in wed )...i am so thankfull for this site & to Ted - from Bangkok!!!!! A massive Massive big thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Posted by Sheila (UK) on 12/20/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I used apple cider vinegr and borax to cure mange. I soaked dog with mix of ACV and borax, every day. After 4 days skin had cleared, couldn`t believe how effective this was, would certainly use again.

Posted by LaDonna (Longwood, FL) on 12/10/2006
5 out of 5 stars

All I can say is WOW!!! What a difference within 1 week on my Golden Retriever-Riley. Thank you, thank you so much for this remedy. My dog has been suffering for at least 3 weeks, I had no clue as to what was wrong with him. He is known to have allergies consistantly but I knew something was different with him when he started loosing his hair and chewing all over his body like something was eating him up. I started to do research last week when someone had suggested that he may have mites or the mange. I came across this website and read Ted's remedy. I knew I had to give it a shot, anything before taking him to the vet ( I did not want him to go through the process of a highly toxic dip). I did the remedy exactly as stated, no changes were made-did not dry him, etc..... As of today, remember-1 week ago I did this, he is getting his hair back, no red bumps oozing with blood, no chewing off his hair. His coat is beginning to get its shine back and we both can sleep at night without the excessive scratching. It works folks, try it and you will be amazed. I do have before and after pictures if anyone would like to see the results. Thank you, LaDonna....

EC: LaDonna kindly sent us the photos when we wrote back to her.' Here they are -- AMAZING!

Posted by Marilyn (Queensbury, NY) on 11/15/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks for your reply about the solution near the eyes. I thought I'd update you on our progress. As I wrote earlier, Onyx gets very scared when a hose is used for bathing, so I have yet to bathe her. I have been using the solution as a "sponge bath" on her bare spots and around her eyes twice a day for just over a week now... within 3 days the hair was starting to grow back!! Two of the spots over her hips are barely noticable now. She's not crazy about being sponged along her muzzle or down the front of her chest...but we manage. Thanks to the combination of the antibiotics for the pustules and the borax solution, she doesn't smell like a nasty dog anymore! She goes back to her vet in a couple of weeks for a recheck - I will definitely be telling him about your cure!

Posted by Sarah (Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada) on 10/25/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Lady is a19 month old valley bull... she had mange when we got her at 8 weeks old ..We had to take her to the vet -- it cost us over a 1000.00 dollars. She got rid of the mange for about 2 months .. the vet said they couldn't get the dip for her anymore ..so i saw Remedy #2 on the internet so i through i try it.. she is looking real good, nice and white and no more streching and digging ...Thought I would let you know it worked real well on her. Thanks.

Posted by Nancy (Selma, Indiana) on 10/09/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I took my chocolate lab to (2) different vets trying to figure out what was going on with his skin. They put him on cortisone pills, antibiotics, had me dip him in sulphur dips on five day intervals. Nothing seemed to help him. He would appear to somewhat get better, but nothing major noticeable. The smell never eased up. On my own, I tried vinegar baths and other things to try and ease up and/or cure his condition. Nothing ever helped. A year later and about $500.00 American dollars poorer; I was about to give up hope of helping him. Then, I stumbled onto your remedy using peroxide, borax, and water. I thought, why not give it a shot; I've spent out all sorts of $$ on every type of cure thinkable. If it helps him, I would be so much relieved for him. I went to the store that evening and bought a box of mule team borax, two bottle of peroxide (I anticipated more than one treatment, and I was right) and a sponge for application. The next afternoon, I cornered the poor fellow and sponged on a dose of the mixture. He wasn't impressed, but he is a little gun shy about washings and dips since he has been subjected to so much in and so many treatments already. I laid in on heavy this first treatment , and left it to dry up on him. He rolled around in the yard like any other treatment or bath and then went about his usual business. The next day, he seemed less flaky; and when I brushed him, the skin flakes seemed to just come right out with ease. Two days later, I made up another batch. A little less potent this time. I sponged him down again ( to his dismay, he hates personal hygiene issues now) I left this on to dry. The next day, he had some dried up flakes; but not near as many. Most of the yellowish scale was gone; and his odor was starting to improve (Not gone all the way though) Two days later, I again made up another batch and sponged it all over him. Left it to dry. The next day, he had hardly any new flakes, his odor is gone, hair is starting to re grow. I'm just totally amazed. I am going to make a spritz and lightly spritz him once a week when I brush him out and hopefully he will remain in remission for whatever this stuff was. Maybe it was the red mange. Whatever it was, your #2 cure has given him his life back. He had to be miserable. Thank you for sharing your remedy; I'm ecstatic. $3.90 for a box of borax, $1.00 for 2 bottles of peroxide, a couple cents worth of water equals approximately $5.00..................my dog's well being and peace of mind from the savages of his skin condition, priceless!