Ted's Borax & Peroxide Mange Treatment for Dogs

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Lee (Clackmannanshire ) on 10/18/2016

My dog is also worse after using this for the 3rd time. Under his arms are very red and bumpy. He's so itchy and dry. Did this go away with your dog? If so how long did it take? Thank you.

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Yolanda (Quito, Ecuador) on 05/22/2014

I did the Ted's Mange Remedy for the first time today on my dog, Toffee, which had on her hairless open sores on lower back oozing and red. After applying the remedy, all instructions followed, the sores seems to be stinging much and she was like wanting relief and whining. Most posts say remedy is harmless and painless. But she seemed to be hurting much. Will it happen again when I repeat treatment? Please let me know what to expect next. Thank you.

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Jan (Biggs, Ca) on 01/25/2010

I used Ted's dip for mange (used Borax, ACV and water) on my female cat who is about a year old. I also sprinkled Borax in the carpet, the floor, the bedding, etc. Last night was the clincher when I was using the liquid dip on the worst places on my cat, and decided to pour some dry Borax right on the spots and make it pastey, and then poured more liquid on those areas.

My cat quit eating, and then quit drinking water, and this morning she threw up the little bit she had tried to eat, and lots of white foamy stuff. She hasn't eaten all day, but she did drink some water outside on the porch in a bowl - just won't touch anything inside my room.

I've since cleaned up all the Borax from the carpet and floor, cleaned her dishes, and changed all the towels and bedding. She finally came back inside this afternoon. She still won't eat or drink, and has crawled behind some boxes and is down under a long work table in a dark space on the carpet. I'm just leaving her alone but have stayed with her all day.

I've been on the website and read as much as I can, but decided to post this and ask if there's something I should be antidoting the Borax with. I'm sure she got an overdose from my over-eager application of it last night.

Thanks, Jan

EC: Hi Jan, Ted's mange remedy does not include apple cider vinegar. Did you mean hydrogen peroxide?

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Greg (Dallas, TX) on 09/01/2008

I recently found out my dog has demodectic mange. In an attempt to avoid the costly and time-consuming vet visits, I looked for at-home remedies. I found yours. Today, I bathed him, then washed him with the Borax/Hydrogen Peroxide solution (1% H2O2, 1.5 TBP per liter). I also made extra solution and immersed a cloth in it and rubbed my dog with it whenever and wherever he scratched. He's now scratching more than ever, to the point where he'll start bleeding. Is an increase in scratching and hair loss immediately following the commencement of treatment normal, or is it not working? Did I do something wrong?