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Posted by Frank (Converse, TX) on 06/13/2009

Just wanted to say how happy I am now, a year and one half later, after reading about Ted's cure. I have treated over 75 dogs with 100% cure rate. No side effects and happy hairy dogs that I could have never have done without this forum. Thank You!!! I used the sodium perborate in the form of oxy... clean, a laundry additive. I figured this out by researching on the web, what products are derived from sodium perborate. It does lighten the coats. I used three scoops, or 4 tablespoons powder to two gallons water, and poured this mixture over each dog after bathing. I poured a little at a time over small sections of the dog and massaged in, until all of the solution was used. Letting them air dry. They loved the massage of the solution over their bodies as I made sure the solutions was warm but not hot. I have used this solution on stray dogs with skin problems that were not dianoised, because I didn't go to the vet. I just treated and watched them. Other dogs had scarcoptic mange and they healed and all have beautiful coats..BJ in Texas

Replied by BJ
(Converse, TX)

I don't remember seeing an answer to this question about the eyes so I'll tell you what I have done. I first put a drop mineral oil in the eyes, then use a cotton wash cloth dipped in the solution and go over the face very gently and very carefully around the eyes. Air dry. Hope this helps everyone with the eye issue. BJ in Converse Tx.

Replied by Galin
(Miami, Florida, USA)

These products are known to lighten. I assume they'll do the same with fur. I'm concerned about using the mixture on my black lab. I and everyone loves her shiny black coat. Will it lighten her fur? If so, what can I use in place of these products? Please, feel free to answer to my personal email [email protected]

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Jan (Barstow, CA) on 06/08/2009

My 12 week old puppy was just diagnosed with demodectic mange. The vet gave her several shots and a cream to put on her bumps which cover about a 3rd of her body. I'm going to start her on Ted's treatment today. She is very inflamed around her eyes. What do I do about that? It appears that I should keep the solution out of her eyes. I am praying this will work. The vet didn't say anything about sterilizing her bedding either. So tonight everything gets washed. She's very small, just 4 pounds so far, so I'm nervous about other treatments as well. I will post back how she responds.

Replied by Jan
(Barstow, CA)

Follow-up to Sandi's first treatment: A marked improvement. I'm going to bathe her again tonite. She's supposed to go back to the vet Saturday but if she's better I probably won't take her. Any ideas about the eyes?

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Karen (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) on 06/07/2009

wow, ted's remedy of peroxide, water and borax is working so far on my dogs sarcoptic mange. we are keeping our fingers crossed. today june 6th, the homemade cure of 1cup peroxide, 2 cups water and 3 heaping teaspoons of the borax went on our dog rocky a mixed breed(sheep dog and sheltie). for 3 months this poor thing has been suffering along with my pocketbook.i want to tell you $$$$. in the beginning of march he began scratching at his ears and i noticed the typical crust along the edges. took him right away to the vet. he is so skittish so he had to be knocked out just to get his ears looked at. well no mites he said but how bout we groom him -give him his shots,nails etc/$255.00 and he came home drugged and constantly scratching. within a week took him back-says allergies-prednisone and antihistimine-$115. 2 weeks losing his hair and bumps all over keeping us all up at night with his scratching and legs hitting the hardwood floors 50 times a minute. omg!1 week no visit for rocky just meds$35. 2weeks visit-allergy meds $90. tues june 1 visit $125 skin scraping reveals mites,shampoo,antibiotic,household spray, dog spray.june 2=vet calls and says after carefull examination of parasite under microscope it is the scabies. ugh! $35 for revolution applied june 2nd-no relief and 2 benadryl at night.

today i mixed up the goods-put on myself to see if it burned(no discomfort at all)poured it all over the back and massaged down to his feet. he was ticked as he hates baths. had his leash on and walked him about a half hour til he dried. surprisingly it made his coat so soft when he dried. my whole family is amazed. just a few bites to his feet and a couple of scratches but no real intense scratching as it has been 24-7. we are all praying he sleeps through the night and he is even less itchy tomorrow. i would hope it cures this horrible nasty problem.i made a fresh batch and cleaned all the floors and have been disinfecting the entire house. i will be sure to check this site for any new remedies. ted-you are an angel!!!!thanks karen

EC: Please let us know if/when he's cured and we'll add a YEA rating!

Replied by Karen
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

hi, as you can see from my previous post i tried the solution on rocky and itching stopped up until today june 8th. can i reapply the solution again or is it too soon? i have to tell you it was great having a good nights sleep for all of us including rocky. he was calm after the mixture was applied and just started scratching again today. i treated everything his toys, bedding etc. the vet said that the revolution would not work right away maybe reapply in 14 days. this poor thing has had enough prednisone and antibiotics, antihistimines etc. i just want to use this treatment of the proxide, water and borax. any other suggestions. thanks again, karen

Replied by Peggy
(Delbarton, Wv)

Are you doing this on a daily basis? If so, you need to until you see some healing. I try to reapply it now that it's under semi-control with each bath. He hates water so, it's only once every two weeks now. It helps too if you can mix up a small batch and apply when and where you see him scratching. You just have to stay after these lil buggers as they don't seem to want to give up their host. I am like you,, I am determined to win this war.

I have pictures posted on here some where of Ruff before and after. Just look through the pages and you can compare his mange with your dogs. It's always the same spots but if I don't get on it right away they magically appear in the same places on the opposite side of him. He has some now but I'm not stressing like I was. You can get some good vitamins to boost his immune system as well as stress tabs at Wally World or probably any good pet store. Good luck and keep us posted.

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Ashley (Moorpark, CA) on 06/06/2009

I just found your website and remedy for my 1 year old Jack Russells Demodectic Mange. This is the 3rd time her mange has come back after giving her the oral Ivermectin that 2 different vets perscribed and I'm ready to try something new. My question is when I mix up the solution to put on her, you say to leave it on- do not towel dry. If I let it sit on there can I still blow dry her? She is a wimp and will shake for hours if she's cold and the last thing I need now is her getting even more sick! Thank you so much- can't wait to try it.

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by firefly_66 (Hempstead, TX) on 06/05/2009

Thanks so much, Ted! I brought home a stray dog two weeks ago, and the local vet wanted upwards of $120 to diagnose and treat her mange. Instead, I used your remedy on her twice, and for less than a dollar, I know have a happy, mange-free pooch. Fur started regrowing immediately after the first treatment, and in less than two weeks, she now shows no signs of mange. I'll treat her one more time, since I'm told mange can recur. One note: the peroxide did bleach her black fur to a reddish brown, but that's much better than having all her fur fall out.

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Judy (USA) on 06/05/2009

My dog had Mange for months. I was so sure that he was going to die. I was so ashamed for not being financially able to take him to the vet. I was afraid to ask a pet rescue program for fear that I would be arrested or sued for the condition my dog was in. I searched the web for cures. My husband insisted that the burnt oil treatment was the only cure! We tried it, it didn't work! Finally, I found your web site. THANK YOU!!! I used the hydrogen peroxide and borax formula. I couldn't bear to see him in the condition he was in. So I stopped playing with him and petting him. I would just go out and feed and water him. It got to where he wouldn't even get near me, like a total stranger! One hour after treating him with the HP / Borax solution, he came up to me and layed his head on my knee. And he wanted to play with me.

It's too early to know if he can be cured, but you have given me hope, and my puppy back!

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Nathalie (London, England) on 06/01/2009

I bought sodium perborate as you suggested but looks like everybody used the borax and H2O2 so I am not sure how to use it. Should I mix it vinegar or water? and how much in ml or cl please ? Could you please give more directives for the people using the sodium perborate ? Also can it be safely mix to his water ? or sprinkle on him as a powder ? I have applied it so far once as a paste mixed with vinegar and once in pouring it on him after washing him with Head and Shoulder shampoo. I have mixed 3 tablespoons of borax with 1.5l of water&vinegar. So far I can't really tell if it is improving or not. He is still scratching himself. Many thanks for your advice.

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Cindy (Aransas Pass, Texas) on 05/31/2009

I have a 1 yr old chihuahua. She was diagnosed with demodex cornei on Friday. The vet gave us treatment of cephalexin, benadyl and Mitaban. The diagnosis page stated on it not to use Mitaban on toy breeds. I had found your page several weeks ago and wondered if this is what my dog had. So it was really no surprise to find that she did, just that the vet ordered the treatment that he did.

We did give the antibiotic and benadryl but I will not do the Mitaban dips!

Yesterday we bought some tea tree oil and applied directly to spots on our pet. It has generalized so she was pretty much covered with oil. It helped tremendously with the itching. No scratching for over 12 hours. This morning we applied our first dose of "ted's treatment" mixed as follows... 1 cup hydrogen peroxide, 2 cups water and 3 tablespoons of 20 mule team borax. I am really hoping this works.

I contacted vet yesterday to voice my concerns over my pet possibly licking the mitaban off.. they were very uncaring and told us to watch her.. this was after they told us to put her in a kennel to dry.. kind of hard to watch her while in a kennel.. no collar given.. and they got very rude when I ask about getting one. I have contacted another vet to get others options... So far first vet bill was close to $200... Its not the money.. its the fact they honestly dont care that Mitaban is not for use in small breeds.

Our girl doesnt have any "raw" spots.. just hair loss on approx 15% of her body... I will update as treatment continues.. Should I treat daily, weekly,... I have seen both and just wondering what is normally done.. also if there is any additional I can do that wont harm her.


Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Beth (Killingly, CT) on 05/18/2009

Hi, I can't wait to try Ted's remedy on my 6 month old bulldog. My question is...Do I completely submerge her in the "dip" or just give her a soaking in the solution of 2 cups h20, 1 cup peroxide and 3-4 tble borax. So if it is the "dip" how much of the solution is needed to fill a bathtub or big bucket? That is where I'm stumped...the measurements for a full dip??? thank you

Replied by Mtwolfgirl
(Athens, Ga)

hi, i have read these instrtuctions so many times i can recite them in my sleep.first, shampoo and rinse dog, mix the ingredients, use this as a rinse, do not dry after application. do not rinse it off. i had trouble understanding at first. good luck!! best wishes for your 4 legged friend.

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Frida the Chihuahua (Progreso de Obregon, Hidalgo, Mexico) on 05/16/2009

i am going to try the hydrogen peroxide 11 volumes on my chihuahua's mange. here are before pictures! she has 3 pups too which is why i can't treat her with borax or other mixes

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Rachel (Harrisburg, PA) on 05/15/2009

I used this remedy last week and after a day my dogs red scaly skin went completely away. I also disinfected the whole house and am on the second round this week to ensure the mange is completely gone. I would definately recommend this remedy to anyone. Thanks!!!

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Cathy (Muntinlupa, Philippines) on 05/12/2009

Is it okay to use Ted's solution for mites on a puppy that is almost 2 months old. The vet has verified that my puppy has sarcoptic mites and applied medicine for the mites at my puppy's back more than a week ago but my puppy seems to be getting worse as he is scratching constantly and crying too (i guess from the itch). Thank you.

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Melanie (Fort Lauderdale, Fl) on 05/11/2009

We got our yorkie from Pets in distress...little did we know she had mange. We took her to the vet who said they would use Mitaban(sp?) dip in 3 sessions each costing $70. I wanted to research first and found that Mitaban was very toxic. So I came across Ted's cure. First I was skeptical because I don't trust "home remedies" but when you're talking spending over $200 for treatment then I decided to "open my mind" and give his "cure" a try. AM I GLAD I DID!!! IT REALLY FREAKIN WORKED!! We first washed her with some Selsum Blue dandruff shampoo then rinsed her, squeezed excess water from her fur and applied the solution. I made the solution taking 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide 3% and adding it to 2 cups of warm water, then I added 3 tablespoons of Borax and stirred to dissolve. Poured the bowl of solution all over her body then carried her straight outside for a long walk til she dried. I have done this 3 times and her mange is almost completely gone, not to mention her coat is super shiny! Thank you for this, I was not to keen on the dangerous dip the vet wanted to do so HURRAY for this remedy!!! THANK YOU for sharing this cure!

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Wednezday (Las Pinas, Philippines) on 05/07/2009

Hi ted, I've Tried the Hydrogen Peroxide, Borax and water solution on my dog. It seemed to work because after a day the red spots disappeared. now on its 2nd day, i was eager remove the mange a soon as possible so i apply these solution to him like every hour. would that be harmful to him? and thanks again for the help. i loved him my dog soo much. btw he had parvo when he was 5months old, now he is 1 1/2 year old

Replied by DogLover
(Minneapolis, MN)

Every hour seems very excessive! If the remedy is working well after 1 day there is no need to alter the instructions.

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Jeana (Attalla, Al) on 04/26/2009

OK... So i want to try this home remedy for mange, but i have one question. My dog LOVES to drink the water when she takes a bath. Is this going to make her sick if she ingests it? I will try to keep her from drinking it but she will still probabally take in a little bit.... Will she be ok?????