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Posted by Erma (San Diego, California, USA) on 04/22/2009

Hi Ted,

Thank you for your time and wisdom.
I have a cat that obviously has mange, I have other cats in the house as well and they seem to be scratching on their ears and chin and head but not as badly as the first who has lost patches of fur and had deep cuts from scratching, I put a cone around her neck and the cuts have healed but the skin problem is the same, I used sulfur lym dip on all of them but it made one cat sick and the smell is so bad.
I was wondering if your treatment can be used on Cats and if so how would you recommend the measurement and how often should I treat them?
Thank you kindly for your time.


Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Janice (Mcdonough, Ga.) on 04/22/2009

i have a 14 yr old cockerspaniel with red mange. i read the many testimonials and would love to try the peroxide and borax. i am afraid of all the toxic in the dip from the vet."cookie" also has chronic yeast infections in both ears. would the borax solution help this? i got confused about how much to use with what from the post i read about the solution. seems every one had different answers to the amounts to use and how often to use it. can someone clear this up for me? i would like to get started right away. thank you.

Replied by Tina
(Garden Grove, Ca)

I have used Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth with the Peroxide instead of the Borax and it worked great. I even put just it in their food to kill all parasites including worms.

Replied by Mary
(Regina, Saskachewan)

Hi: Where did you get your food grade Diatomaceous Earth? Do you trust it? Thanks

Replied by Lisa
(Wichita Falls, Texas)

Hi Mary, I got my DE from Wolf Creek Ranch online.

Replied by Mary
(Regina, Saskchewan)

Hi Lisa:

Obviously you trust this company. could you go over how you used it for me. I believe my little dog may have worms. Have you ever taken it?


Replied by J.s.
(Portland, Oregon)

For Mary of Regina, Saskchewan: I personally have taken Food Grade Diatomacous Earth internally for 2 years. My husband, children, and parents also have been taking it. We use it twice a year (spring/fall) to eliminate any bad bugs that may be hiding in our bodies. All of my pets (cats,dogs,guinea pigs)are given it in their food once a month. I buy mine at a ware house here in portland, but have bought products from wolf creek ranch and was happy with them. We have never had side effects. There is a cleansing period when first starting so start with small doses and get larger with each day.

Replied by Lisa
(Wichita Falls, Texas)

Hi Mary! I just put a heaping teaspoon in some wet food. If you will go to their website, they have all kinds of info on the DE. How much to give(you can't give too much, it will not hurt the pet), what uses DE has. Good luck!!

Replied by Mary
(Regina, Saskchewan)

Hi JS: Thanks for telling me this it makes me feel safer. Is the bag labelled food grade? do all the same precautions exist? Like dont breath it in? Etc lung damage. Also how much do you take 2x per year and for how long? and about your dogs, how much and when do you give it to them. Mine are 10 lbs each.

Any more info would be greatly appreciated.


Replied by J.S.
(Portland, Oregon)

Reply to Mary from Regina, Saskatchewan: sorry it took so long to reply, been on month long vacation. All precautions should be taken with DE even food grade. My animal get one teaspoon per 10 pounds daily for one week to ensure all parasites are dead. I make sure to clean up any fecal matter daily so not to reinfect them. When I first started giving them DE, I gave each 1/2 a teaspoon for 3 days then went to a whole teaspoon. I gave this everyday for the first month, after that I just give them a teaspoon for one week each month as a preventive. My parents only give it to their dog every three months for a week, however he never leaves their property and ours tours with us. My family takes 1 tablespoon with yogurt in morning for one week in February and another week in September. Sometimes if someone is feeling ill (stomach stuff) I will have them take a weeks dose. Any time something is ingesting it I make sure it is with wet food so it won't be breathed in. Hope this helps!

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Tracey D (Clinton, MS) on 04/20/2009

I have read just about all the posts here. I too, was much like many of you in that I wanted to help my animal. Max, our mixed shepard/rottie was an animal rescue. We have had him for 4 years and he had been an inside dog for the most part(except to go outside to potty). Recently we moved to a much smaller place. He started displaying behaviors that were not good. I thought that maybe he was unhappy with the new place and would be much happier out in the country where he could run. My parents live on 10 acres and were willing to take him in, but he would be an outside dog.He had been out there at least two week when I noticed his head. At first I thought that he had simply scraped the top of his head. I could smell that it was some sort of infection. So I started putting Ivarest on it. Well the next day my mother called me and told me that it was looking worse. So I went back out there the following day (2 hours round trip)to look at it again. I took good notes as to the way it looked. So I did some research and came up with the diagnosis that it was sarcoptic mange and that stress does not make it better. So I did a search on treatments and found this site. I have heard about the burned oil treatment but I also thought about the damage it could to to my pooches internal organs too.(it sounded so wives taleish) It wasn't an option. I gathered up all the materials I needed(the lady at the store looked at me like I had the some infectious disease, because I bought all the Hydrogen Peroxide that they had on the shelf). I have to mix at least a 1/2 gallon to make sure he is throughly soaked. The first week it looked awful,the top of his head and his snout and a couple of spots on his check were raw and crusty. (I have only been treating him once a week)Not that I recommend anyone do this but I did and it helped him. I gave him one prednisone for 5 days (my dad gave it to him in a piece of ice cream sandwich, that way he doesn't stop to smell the meds.He just inhales the ice cream, meds and all. If he had stopped to chew it, he would find the pill and spit it out). After that week was up, I went back out for the second treatment. Same mixture that the Doc prescribes(1-3-2), except now he gets a benadryl every other day to keep him from knawing. I am now on about the 4th week of treatment, once a week, and there are no new raw spots and his hair is trying to sprout back out in some places. He never went completely bald in any of his spots. I took before pictures and I will take after pictures when he is completely cured. "We" plan on bringing him back home when I know he is free and clear. (We have a cat at home and I do not want to go through this again)But once Max is better I will email pictures.)It just isn't worth it to me to leave him in the country anymore. He doesn't seem happy around other dogs, he is a people person kind of dog.I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this site. Otherwise I would not have known what to do because currently we do not have the money for those expensive vet visits. It is reasonably priced and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to get them better.

Replied by Tracey
(Clinton, MS USA)

I have been treating Max for 6 weeks @ once a week and he is completely healed but as a precaution I will continue the treatment for a few more weeks. I have photos of before and after but I do not see where I can email these or post them. Please advise. Thanks again for being a life saver. I am a true believer in this method of treatment and would recommend this to anyone who has a pet that is going through the mange!

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Michelle (Smithfield, Queensland, Australia) on 04/19/2009

My 5 month old blue heelerXlabXborder collie pup recently developed demodectic mange (diagnosed from this site). She was losing fur from around her eyes, then her muzzle over a time frame of several weeks. Then I started to find lumpy, crusty sores along her body, and her balding areas were starting to become quite wrinkled. I came upon this site looking for an answer to what it may have been, and also a natural cure, and started using Ted's mange cure. My solution was made of 3% hydrogen peroxide, mixed 1:3 parts water, with borax mixed in until it no longer dissolved. Applied solution every week for 4 weeks, and the mange is now completely cured. The first time I applied it to her, I was concerned as it was around her face that the worst of the mange was. I was sure that she would put up a fuss about it, however, it was as if she seemed to know that it was going to help her, as she stood quietly while I sponged the solution all around her eyes, mouth & body. Now, 8 weeks later, her fur is back to being sleek & smooth, and it was as if she never had anything wrong with her. I am a complete convert!!! As per Ted's instructions, I never washed her, and made sure the solution dried on her coat. Also, as I learnt that mange can be more prevalent with a stressed immune system, I looked at ways to improve her diet. I've been making my own dog stew, (which she absolutely loves!!), and this includes plenty of veggies, sesame seeds, and wheatgerm. I also give her a heaped tablespoon of natural yoghurt on top of it, and she loves the yoghurt so much, she eats this first before anything else. For the first 4 weeks, I also added between 1-3 tablespoons of Olive Leaf Extract as an added boost. Ted, your cure is amazing. You saved me a fortune in vet bills, and my dog is cured without any nasty, harmful chemicals. Thank goodness for this website, what a wonderful service you provide. Keep up the fantastic work!

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Angel (Austin, Tx) on 04/18/2009

I used the ted's 1 cup of hp and 3 tbp of borax 2 cups of h2o just today on my chi but I have kids and other dog. do we all need to be treated? he was not that bad. his name is charlie and he's a chihuahua. I got him from a ad in the paper and he look sick right off the bat and he smelled bad and had a lil rash on he's ears. the lady who sold him to me said he had he's shots and he was just sleepy and scared when she handed him to me but I knew somthing was wrong but I just took him so he could have a better home and a chance in life I'm so happy there are people like you that have a heart to help others I hope he gets better but if you can let me know if I have to treat my kids and myself and well it work on us as well thank you so much ur the best!

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Kelly (Chehalis, WA, USA) on 04/15/2009

Hi, I'm anxious to try the peroxide and borax dip because after reading this site I'm convinced our lab's problem must be mange. Every day last year, I could sweep a large pile of dander and hair in the room where she sleeps. She'd lost most of her fur, but since there are other animals i just assumed it was allergic reaction to fleas. We put flea meds on them all at about the same time that summer weather finally arrived here. Also we moved to the countryside, where she likes to be outside rolling in the grass when it's sunny and dry.- Which is only a short time of the year around this part of the world. She grew back a nice shiny black coat a hadn't seen in years, looked like she'd gained weight back even. So naturally i assumed it was because the flea medicine had worked and she had nothing to make her so itchy anymore.

But, then came ol' neverending rainy season, with her spending most of her time indoors. Now, once again since last fall, she has gone right back to being the most pathetic looking animal ever. Constant scratching. Now, I've come to a conclusion that it may be mange afterall. When I did an online search for human head lice cures, I came across sites selling ultra-violet light wands for sanitizing and killing lice and flea eggs, it said. NOW it makes perfect sense why she improved so much in the summer, if u.v. light is really effective in killing germs and parasite eggs!!! So maybe some of your readers out there who are wondering how to sanitize their dog's sleeping quarters can try the lites and tell us if it is effective. And I highly suspect it will be.

thank you.

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Vanessa (Woodbridge, NJ) on 04/07/2009

my three year od yorkshire terrier (bella) has had mange for about a year. I've been seaching for home remedies because the dips and baths don't seem to be helping. Most of them say to do the borax-hydrogen peroxide-and water mix but i cant find borax any where. I just wanted to know where i can buy it?

Replied by Peggy
(Delbarton, WV/USA)

It's in the detergent isle at wally world aka wal-mart. It's usually on the top shelf opposite the detergents. It's popular and they go out of it quick..so if you find it..buy two or more..won't be there when you go back.

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Margaret Swank (Houston, TX) on 04/06/2009

Just wanted to tell Ted his remedy for dog mange is a lifesaver. To date I have spent over $139.00 on various creams/lotions/etc. None of them worked except the tar shampoo bought at a local pet store. However, when I used Ted's mange cure he recommended , "mix a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution with water and add borax", for the first time in weeks, my dog is playful, and not constantly biting and scratching himself. I have only used this one time too. I plan to use it every week, till his hair grows back, and has his beautiful coat once again. thank you again Ted, and Earth clinic.

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Leah (Surrey, British Columbia, Canada) on 04/06/2009


I have a 10 month shar pei, named penny and I just started using ted's solution. Shar pei's are known to have skin problems, and I was wondering what you can use in conjunction with ted's solution to sooth her skin so she won't be so itchy? I think the solution is working, but I can tell that from the treatment, her skin is completely dried out. Any suggestions?


Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Charron (Middletown, NY) on 04/01/2009

I have a few questions for TED or anyone who can provide answers/experience.

I have been trying the Mange Cure for aprox 2.5 weeks. Our puppy has had mange, treated with Mitaban dip (8 of em) and at the final dip follow up there were still live mites. Her hair stayed thin on the top of her head then one stressful day she had a breakout. I tried the good win ol and still no improvement. I came across this site and did the H2O2 1 cup, 2 cups water and 3-4 tbsp Borax solution 4 days in a row since she progressed so fast into elephant skin on her neck. I had noticed that the solution was stinging my arms so I switched to the ACV with Mother 1 cup, 2 cups water and 3-4 tbsp mixture and after 1 week of H2O2 treatment and 1 week of ACV treatment the pustules are no longer pussy, but still bumpy. I let her air dry, and at times will even spray the solution on problem areas between baths.

Some of them are filled with blood instead of puss. Is that normal?

There is minor hair re-growth happening on her head and neck, but my boyfriend is rather dissapointed that she has relapsed after such expensive vet treatment (mitaban) and is wondering if she will ever recover fully.

How long does it typically take for a large localized (head/neck, 50% hocks, and armpits) case to heal? Since this is my first time using this treatment I don't have an answer for him and am trying to vie for more time to prove this treatment works. Otherwise... you know what most vets suggest for cases that relaps so quickly and vigorously... If I can prove this works I need to stand by a time line.

Also, She is heavily scratching her ears and shaking her head. Is there anything I can do to help her stop being so itchy in her ears?

To help her from the inside I am giving her one garlic tablet in the morning, 2-3 tsp ACV in her drinking water with a parasite tincture (10-20 drops), salmon oil in her kibble (Innova high protein), and just started with sulfur homeopathic pearls. If she is particularly itchy I give her a 25mg benadryl.

I am really trying and need to know if I am doing the right thing, if I need to modify something.

I tried to put a cone on her to stop the itching or licking and that stressed her out way too much. She ran into the wall and eventually just froze. Since stress is a big trigger I will not be doing that again...

Your advice and all the comments have been wonderful, but now that I am sort of fighting for her life, I want to make sure that I am doing everything possible to help her get through this and live a happy and healthy life.

Replied by Peggy
(Delbarton, WV USA)

It sounds as though you are doing everything right. You sound a bit like me. I wanted an instant cure. It actually took just over two months to get him well. Go to page two and look at his pictures and read everything I did. Your dog might benefit from the listerine/babyoil/water solution which I also found on this site...just try everything...including a good diet, a vitamin and mine love the yeast/garlic pills which also helps. Are you washing it's toys, cleaning where he/she lays or spends time. I use ACV in a spray bottle and spray every where..carpets, toys, bedding. Ruff is better but I still rinse him at least once a month with the solution. He goes off into the hills (dont' have a fence up YET) and I have no idea what he comes in contact with. Just read through everyone's suggestions and don't stop...if anything you may have to bathe them every three days. Good luck.

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by The Bruce (Manila, Philippines) on 03/30/2009

I tried TED'S REMEDY FOR MANGE CURE. I used the 500ml of hydrogen peroxide and 1000ml water then 3 scoops (2-3 tablespoon per scoop)of Borax (MULE brand) and poured it slowly on my 2 labradors after their normal bath, Ange (Angelina Jolie) and Brad (Brad Pitt), my kids named the labs. I do this once a week but I give their normal bath after 2-3 days using a commercial shampoo for mange cure as well. Ted's remedy really works. I already used his remedy for 3 weeks (once a week) now and my 4 month old labs are really getting better. Their hair are growing back slowly but surely. Once totally cured, I will send you their before and after photos. PLEASE USE THIS REMEDY, IT REALLY WORKS! Thanks, TED!

EC: Thank you -- we'd love to post your photos!

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Lisa (Eugene, Oregon) on 03/29/2009

I used 1 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 2 cups of warm water and 3 tablespoons of borax. I cannot believe that my 9 1/2-year old Lhasa Apso is sleeping comfortably right here in front of my. Charlie has been itching himself like crazy which has caused him to bleed. I thought that his flea medication wasn't working and that he was reacting to flea bites but luckily my girlfriend mentioned mange the other day and then today it dawned on me that his black spots were actually spreading, that, oh, my goodness, Charlie has mange!!Like many others on this site, I have already spent $1,600 on trying to cure my dog of demodicosis (mites) possible food allergies, possible flea allergies, and a possible dermatitis with various medications, none of which are good for dogs in trying to cure the sweet little guy. Charlie is already on good dog food and I add Omega 3 oil to his food and another very nutritional supplement powder which is why I think he has had such a quick and fantastic reaction with only one treatment of the borax, hydrogen peroxide and water solution. I am so very, very grateful for this website. Charlie and I thank you both and to everyone else who posted their results.

Replied by Pug Owner In Alberta
(Calgary, Alberta Canada)

Did you have to treat the couches and bedding and such as well? They live in the hair follicle so nothing I have read other than at this site has said that you have to treat the bedding and premises as well.

I treat my pug, who is 9 months old, the skin looks white again, and then they have moved, onto his feet, or his face. I am giving him an immune booster in his food as well. But do I have to treat the whole house?

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Jay (Cavite, Philippines) on 03/26/2009

Can you please send me a picture of the borax and h2o2 solution?

I bought the Borax at a Billiard's Store because I cannot find one in any of the supermarket's laundry and detergent sections and I used the 3% h2o2 solution.

I mixed 300 ml 3% h2o2 with 600 ml warm water then I carefully added the borax. The solution was milky white but there were a lot of borax lumps on the surface. Is this normal?

I dipped my puppy, Calyx, on this solution and he seemed to be doing just fine.

Your answer would be greatly appreciated!

Replied by Peggy
(Delbarton, WV USA)

It should say 20 Mule Team Borax on the box. The box front is yellow with green trim. It has Since 1891 on the front top..It's also says "Natural Laundry Booster" and list the various multi=purposes on it. It comes in a 12 lb 4oz box . It is usually opposite of the detergents, top shelf and if you find it..buy two. It won't be there when you do go back. I always find mine at Wal-mart...not sure I'm allowed to say that but it is the old place short of a country store. Google it..I'm sure you'll find it online.

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Griselda (El Paso, Texas) on 03/25/2009

Hi, I suspect my dog has mange, so I started to read about it and came across with this site, I love all the positive feedback about this remedy and I am serously considering to apply it to my dog. I just have a few questions.

1.I have read that thera are 3 types of mange ( Demodectic Mange, Cheyletiella mange, Sarcoptic mange) I am not sure wich type my dog has, so my question is: Does this remedy cure all 3 types of mange?

2. My dog is old (9 years) is it safe to use this remedy on him?

I love my dog and I hope this can be the cure to his mange. THANK U anticipatedly for the help you all can give me in this matter.

Borax and Peroxide User Reviews
Posted by Carrie and Tom (Western Springs, IL) on 03/25/2009

After spending nearly $2,200 over the last five months, our fifteen month old German Shepherd (Dirk Reilly) had been diagnosed with just about everything: fleas, food allergies, seasonal allergies, bacterial infection, and now finally sarcoptic mange. The original one patch of missing fur was only about one inch in diameter when we first started treating him. Over time the one patch became two patches and eventually spread to his ears, tail, hips, and even an identical matching patch on the right side by his ribs. We had listened to everything the Veterinarian requested that we do, but nothing had seemed to work for Dirk. Knowing that he had highly sensitive skin, our local pet store suggest we begin adding salmon oil to his food daily throughout all the treatments. The salmon oil definitely made a difference, but Dirk was still scratching and biting. At our most recent visit to the Veterinarian, Dirk was prescribed (yet another) antibiotic along with three additional topical treatments for the sarcoptic mange. As frustration set in with yet another set of prescriptions, we decided to see if there were any other options for treating sarcoptic mange. After reading ALL of the feedback on Ted's solution, with much hesitation, we decided to try the solution on Dirk's sensitive skin. We used 1 cup of three percent hydrogen peroxide, added to two cups of warm water, and then mixed in three heaping tablespoons of borax. After bathing Dirk with a medicated Oatmeal (yummy smelling!) shampoo, we sprayed his entire body with the solution. Not wanting him to lick any of the solution off, we took him over to the park to let him run around and air dry. The next day, we noticed that all of the spots Dirk had lost his fur in now appeared to be extremely red and irritated. (sigh) Not knowing if we should continue to use the treatment because of the irritation, we made the decision to continue for one week, spraying him every other day and using the salmon oil consistently. It has been one week and we cannot believe how much of a difference the solution has made for Dirk - his fur has already started to grow back! Granted, he still has one more topical treatment to use, but we are completely convinced that Ted's solution has made a HUGE difference in treating Dirk. For anyone who is treating their dog for mange, we highly recommend using Ted's solution! We cannot thank you enough for making this information along with the feedback public.