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Posted by Joe (Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin) on 02/11/2009

We thank you so much, Ted from Bangkok, Thailand. your cure The best....

for our dog - so called allergy etc etc ...your cure was the best.whether it was allergy or not for which we spent hundreds of dollars to the vets... your cure mange is to mix a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution with water and add borax. Dissolve thoroughly. Wash the dog with it once a week. Do NOT WASH THE solution left on the dog with ANY WATER. Do not wipe the dog dry. The solution will take effect on mange. The treatment period should not be longer than a month or two. The dog will probably not be resistant as the treatment is painless. This has worked well for me.. we applied 3-4 times over 2 weeks.. our sinba the lion back and roaring, no more itchy and scratchy...

thank you thank thank you, you saved our dog..

Posted by Peggy (Delbarton, WV/USA) on 02/07/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have posted several comments on Ted's remedy for demodex mange. The peroxide, h2o, borax solution. I wanted to let everyone know that Ruff, in my opinion, is 95% improved. He still has a couple of scabs on his neck. I am no longer finding them throughout his body. His underbelly was THE worst. He may scratch once or twice a day but it's not consistent scratching. Whenever I do see him scratch, I just warm up some of the solution I have made up and rub the spot down to the skin. I do include 1/8tsp. of borax in his drinking water.

His circles/patches of hair loss show signs of hair coming back. (He never went completely bald in these circles, he just lost hair and they appeared as dark rings). I am just here to give praise where praise is due, and this remedy is due it's share. I also still rub him down with the (blue)Listerine/baby oil/water solution too. It helps soften his fur and I'm sure his skin and boy does he ever smell good. I even spray his bedding, towels and toys with it and alternate with apple cider vinegar (ACV). I still wash his bedding at least weekly along with any soft/fuzzy toys. I throw in borax with the wash as an extra incentive. Thanks Ted and everyone else for sharing your experiences. If I knew where to post the pictures of him before and after I would.

Replied by Peggy
Delbarton, WV/USA

Ruff as a puppyYes, I used Ted's h202 borax and I have been using an equate brand for acne treatment medicine on him whenever I see him scratching. I immediately feel for mange pimples and even if it's a scab, it gets treated. He is on weekly baths and I still rinse him with the h202 borax solution. I also add 1/8 tsp of borax to his and Daisy's drinking water.

The pix of him in his dog house was the way he looked when I first brought him home. He seemed so grateful to have a home of his own. During the winter he has stayed in doors with us. I use ACV to spray the floors and bedding areas as well as his toys on a daily basis. I also wash his toys at least once a week. (The fuzzy ones).

You can see what a shape he was in but he wasn't like this the day I took him to the vet for his neutering. I think the stress of that is what brought this all on. When I took him for his first set of shots. She said he had sarcoptic mange and put him on antibiotics and Revolution. Ruff Mange Photo 1Even though it helped, I think it was all too strong for his little system. The lady that knew of his existence in the back alley said he'd been there maybe 3 wks on his own. He had a really poor start. When I called to him he barked at me but once I kneeled down he came to me, peeing all the way. His fur was so harsh and rough that is was hard to pet him. That is how he got his name Ruff. :D

His little private areas were consumed with mange pimples. Ruff in Healing They are no longer there. (I did forget to mention that I keep a solution mixed up to spray him when needed but I was wondering how long it last once mixed?)

Ruff Healed from Mange

This final pic was just taken the other day. As you can see he is happy and looking healthy. He actually got into the tub by himself, first time with out a fight and him trying to eat me alive. :D


Replied by Nina
Brighton, TN

I have a 13yr. old Chow who has suffered with this skin condition for as long as we've had her..now in the last six months our 1 1/2 yr old Hound has the same problem so i'm sure this is contagious but to date our 5yr old Chahauha has no symptoms..these babies are constantly suffering and until your site we had lost all hope..the chow's condition has gotten so severe if this doesn't work the only option will be to put her down..just over the last several months she's lost all the hair on her neck,chest,around her eyes and everyday she's losing more and more..her legs and paws over the last week. They smell horrible and nothing i'ved bathed them in has worked. Before I try this I need to know if it's safe to use since they have scratched and bitten themselves so bad it's causeing some open wounds..and also the hound almost died last summer after I treated them with flea drops and it either got into the blood stream or he ingested it from chewing..so now I am very cautious about what I put on them. Will the blue listerine mixture burn or sting if it gets on a opened wound?? Or will the borax mixture make them deathly ill if ingested or seeps into a wound like the flea drops did..I pray that the answers you give me are no major reactions will occur because this is the last hope for our old girl "Princess" she's just miserable!

Replied by Peggy
Delbarton, WV

I hope someone else answers this as well. Ruff seems to break out with odd puff balls at the site of his flea medicine. I actually haven't had to use any lately cause Ted's cure takes care of the fleas as well. When I do put it on him it's just so he won't drag fleas in on my other dog Daisy. I would try the borax solution first...I use the Listerine mostly as a deodorizer when he comes inside from being out in the hills. It also softens his fur. Mix the borax (20 mule team from Walmart in the laundry section) with the full strength peroxide first then add the water. This helps the solution dissolve better. Maybe try it on a small place first to check your dogs reaction to it. They don't consume enough of it to hurt them, so don't worry about the licking it off part. Maybe use a sponge or cotton ball to try it out first. It will take care of mange odors once it starts working. The vet says this is due to a poor immune system. He was taken away from his mother too soon, dropped off by who knows and left to fend for himself in a high traffic area. I think they wanted him to die and I wanted him to live more! If he gets stressed he will have a spot show up. I just doctor it with the solution I keep mixed up for things like that. The pimples I use an acne cream on. I hope and pray this will help as well, we love our dogs and hate to see them suffer. I think what helped me too is just trying to relax myself and not get to uptight about it. I did start giving him vitamins, more real beef and chicken, and he loves to take yeast/garlic pills (Wally World aka Wal-Mart) I am trying to build up his immune system and it seems to be working. Keep us informed please. Pp

Replied by Peggy
Delbarton, WV/USA

I forgot to mention that during Ruff's worse times, he had sores and running wounds and the solution didn't seem to sting/burn him when I used it on him. I wanted an instant cure and in fact it took a couple of months but I did see a change after the very first bath. Be patient, and start them on vitamins as soon as possible. Introduce some good food to them. I have given Ruff cooked chicken and beef, not for every meal but I tried to see that he got some at least once a day and avoid any processed lunch meats and scraps.

Please post something in return and let me know how your dogs get.

Posted by Pamela (Tomahawk, Alberta) on 02/06/2009

Hi there, We just adopted a rescue "Jack Sparrow" & believe him to be Shepherd/Collie cross. I noticed hair loss around one eye & researched finding this site. From this I guessed him to have Demodectic Mange & confirmed with a Vet last week. She did the scraping & I viewed in the microscope to see these little 'bugger's'. Unfortunately, she gave Jack a shot of I believe "Dectomax" & was told he'd have this injection once a week & monitor (approx.4 weeks). To my horror yesterday when we went for his 2nd shot, we saw our usual Vet & he let us know, thankfully, that this type of medicine can prove deadly for Collies! Of course this was NOT an option any longer & we were offered a blood test to determine if Jack would be at risk for a hefty price of $150.00. As he isn't in a bad way yet, (couple patches & not itchy) I thought we'd try 'Teds' remedy 1st, & right away thanx to this site, I've been giving him immune boosting foods. Also, as it is close to his eye, My Vet recommended using Artificial Tear (contact lense solution) for dry eye, to wash his eye if any gets too close to his eye. Thought I'd pass these two bits of info. on that I've come across as I haven't read yet that Collie's are at risk & I noticed someone asking about getting the "Ted Remedy" in the eyes. As we live out & away I'm hoping it won't be too hard to find the ingredients... And I really hope Jack responds as well as other's. Thank-you Ever So Much for all the information & another option!

Replied by Pamela
Tomahawk, AB Canada
5 out of 5 stars

Hello there again - here's my update from 02/06/2009 about Jack Sparrow. His demodectic mange began around one eye & then spots appeared down his nose, 4 patches on his forhead under chin, & by his collar. I located sodium perborate by calling pharmacists - one told me it is in (100%) Oral-B (the mouth rinse)(made in Belgium). We mixed 5 packets which equals 2 Tablespoons of Oral-B/sodium perborate, with one litre distilled water and saturated the bald areas and rubbed in from his neck up. I took care not to get it in his eye as i got it in mine & OUCH! If this occurs use the eye drops for contact lenses/dry eye. We didn't give him a complete bath. We also continued to feed him immune boosting foods (salmon & dulse/seaweed from Nova Scotia). Initially he produced more bare spots, but soon the hair around his eye - the initial spot was growing back in. We just had a check-up with our Vet & he's pleased as even the new areas have hair growing back. I believe this all has helped overcome those blasted mites & Jack is on the road to complete recovery as hair is appearing quickly now. We will always feed our pets high quality foods & supplement with veggies/real chicken/salmon etc. because i don't believe 'they've' developed a great dog food out there yet simply because of the processing it requires. Again, thank-you for ALL the info.& resources - it has been greatly appreciated! This has been an experience! and i wish all of you & your special paw families the same results! Pamela

Posted by Peggy (Delbarton, WV/USA) on 02/02/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I've been using Ted's solution mix for a month now. I am now putting an equate brand name for acne treatment. This contains 10% benzoyl peroxide on the mange pimples. When I first started the treatment he was covered in the mange pimples. He's down to just several now. I give him a good rub down to feel for them. I also pay attention to where he scratches, which isn't often. Using a used peroxide bottle I made a solution to use on him in between baths. This has helped a lot. I HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT THIS. HOW LONG DOES THE SOLUTION RETAIN IT'S HELPING PROPERTIES ONCE IT'S BEEN MIXED? I am wondering if I should change it after a few days or is it good till it's gone?

Something else I saw on here was to mix baby oil, blue Listerine and water 1/3 parts each. I have used this especially when coming inside from outdoors. It really makes the fur soft and helps him smell a lot better. Everything I'm doing I learned from this site. I've even posted it on my dogster and doggyspace pages. I'm not mistaken, this should continue even after control of the mange just as you would any typical grooming care of your dog. I do appreciate any response concerning my question.

Posted by Sandy (Nampa, Idaho) on 01/29/2009
5 out of 5 stars

just to say that i tried the borax/peroxide solution on my dog. i tried everything else and was not impressed by the possible side effects of medication our vet advised. (much less the price). i was amazed. this is the first day that she has not scratched herself stupid. her hair was falling our and she was in so much distress that this was my last resort. (wish i had tried it earlier) i have used this on our 2 other babies because this is contagious and also sprayed everything with the same solution. (i.e bedding etc.) so far the results are amazing. will let you know if it keeps up. (i am giving them a treatment of just a sponge bath every other day for awhile to make sure all the mites and eggs are killed off). thank you thank you thank you.

Posted by Diane (Belmar, NJ) on 01/28/2009
5 out of 5 stars

We rescued a 3 month old boxer/terrier. She has about 3-4 spots of hair loss and also around her eyes; the vet confirmed dermodemic mange. They wanted to use ProMeris which is used for fleas & ticks. I read on the internet that dogs cannot fight the dermodemic mites because of a weakened immune system.So I changed her diet to Innova Puppy Food which is a high protein diet.I also used the borax/hydrogen peroxide dips twice a week; 1 bottle of peroxide mixed with 2 bottles water and dissolved 3 tablespoon borax. I added flaxseed oil, vitamin E and C, echinacea oil, and organic apple cider vinegar to her food daily. Her hair is growing back in less than 3 weeks. Amazing results without the harmful chemicals! Thanks for this wonderful remedy.

Posted by FRANK (YAZOO CITY , MS) on 01/25/2009


Replied by Peggy
Delbarton, Wv Usa

Frank, I use a mix of baby oil, blue Listerine (cheap) and water 1/3 parts each to make the fur soft and keep my dog from itching. I also had another spray bottle with apple cider vinegar in it that I sprayed the beds with as well as the toys and any place they laid around a lot. The Listerine mixture helped to keep bugs off of them, also, when outside.

Posted by Dragonfly (Traverse City, MI, USofA) on 01/24/2009
5 out of 5 stars

For about a month:

1. I used the Borax, peroxide & water, per Ted's directions, to fix the worst part of mange, spritzing my thick-furred keeshond-collie mix every three days.
2. I also gave him a weekly bath using Neem animal shampoo. Immediate normal skin coloring returned.
3. I fed him a daily dish of yogurt mixed with a spoonful of immune-fixing Spirulina. He was very sick before, inundated by the mange and not eating much. Within two days of Spirulina he left his favorite spot and joined us at activities.
4. I also spread a powdery mix of borax & diatamaceous earth all over the house for about a month, rather appreciating the spread being blown around by the ducts and ignoring the messy house look. This dried up all flea activity. And Finally...the healing:
5. Last week, I bought another spritz bottle, some non-scented hypo-allergenic baby oil (a cheap kind) and a blue bottle of Lysterine, original. Mix 1/3 water, 1/3 baby oil, 1/3 lysterine. The lysterine will not hurt, even the sores. It soothes and disinfects! I rubbed it in real good, giving a massage over the many many scales & little bumps and sores. My Rusty stretched into the pretend-scratching of his itches, loving it! It was nearly 5 hours before he scratched himself and bit into himself, so I gave him another spritz, rubbing it in.

Now I only spritz him with the baby oil mix every few days, when he 'points' to it. Then he frolicks all over, too energetic for the cat, so I let him out and he rolls in the snow to remove the smell, tossing snow into the air with his nose, wagging away. His horrible self-mangling has stopped. The bumps are nearly all gone. He rests & sleeps comfortably. He's much happier and so are the non-furred members of this group!!

Replied by Mags
Salem, OR

A number of you had mentioned you "sprayed" the solution on your dog and/or its bedding. What kind of sprayer are you using. The solution clogs every sprayer i have tried? Thanks.

Replied by Peggy
Delbarton, Wv Usa

I use a plastic bottle bought at Wal Mart. If you're using the borax solution try this first. Dissolve the borax in the the peroxide before diluting it. You may still end up with some settlement. Then, use cheese cloth or a strainer.

If you are using the lysterine, water, and baby oil solution you shouldn't be having a problem with the spritzer.

I'm thinking it was the borax solution that you were having problems with. Sorry it took so long to respond.


Posted by Pam (Georgetown, Illinois) on 01/22/2009

I have been reading your solutions for mange and not one of these solutions says how to control and help with mange around the eyes. I know you shouldn't use any of the solutions this close to the eye. My dog has been suffering from mange for a long time, it has never completely went away and her eyes stay bald and slightly swollen. Do you have any suggestions on this?

Replied by Mary
Regina, Canada
5 out of 5 stars

Hi: When I treated my dogs with Ted's cure it dripped all around their eyes. No problems and worked like a charm. If you are worried, just apply with a cloth to control for dripping. The borax wont hurt the eyes. At least it did not hurt my dog's and I just did it the other day. Good luck. Mary

Posted by JScottv (Atlanta, Georgia) on 01/13/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I used Ted's treatment. One bottle of Hydrogen peroxide mixed with two bottles of water and added Borax until it would not longer dissolve.

I washed my dog in this and let it dry naturally. The next morning I rubbed all affected areas with Castor Oil. I did this about every 3 or 4 days for two weeks. (4 washes)

My dog was fully cleared and healing. He now is completely restored and shows no signs of Mange.

There was zero ill effects. Amazing!

Posted by Lisa (Aliquippa, PA) on 01/07/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Ted I want to THANK YOU for your Borax and Hydrogen cure for mites. My dog Sam got the mites at the vets office after getting neutered.It was about two to three weeks after coming home that we noticed his intense itching and biting. Looked up symptoms on the internet and came across your site. What a blessing.It took just about two months to cure.My dog looked like a bleached blond with a bad perm. At times I didn't think he would ever get rid of those pests. One thing with Sam was after the Borax and Hydrogen bath. Leaving it on to dry. He would get the trembles each time we applied it. They lasted several hours. We also had to make him wear a cone around his neck so that he wouldn't lick it all off.If you have a licker get yourself a cone so that the solution can dry. Got the cone at Pet Smart.One thing we did was reinforce the cone with duct tape. This made it last longer. Also started giving him vitamins that I got at Walmart. Plus Brewer's Yeast with garlic also by(Pro-Pet). He is healthy and shinny and happy now.Don't give up keep treating. Also I am still putting Borax in his water. Ted can you continue to use Borax in water? All the time or should you stop at some point. My suggestion if you have a longed haired dog would be to shave all his hair off because the solution causes the hair to get burnt just like a bad perm. Hang in there it works!

Posted by Vivian (Edmonds, WA) on 01/05/2009

If a dog is losing hair and there is a smell is that an indication of mange? My dad's scottie really smells and is losing hair. Also, he is very oily. Have to give him a bath every week just to combat the oil and the smell.

Replied by John
Westport, Ct

In my experience those symptoms are indicative of a bad diet and vitamin or mineral deficiency. Try a high quality dog food with added human food and the dog should improve within a week.

Replied by Peggy
Delbarton, WV/USA

The smell is very indicative of mange. That is what gave away our pup that we found in an alley. He had a horrible smell and I thought he was just dirty from living on his own. As soon as one of my friends saw him, she said she hated to tell me but my dog had the mange. After visiting the vet, he indeed does. I was given the "dip" but it's so horrible that I'm trying the borax and hydrogen peroxide. He is getting more spots and has had 4 treatments. Do they get worse before they get better?

Replied by Vreed27
Edmonds, WA

Do you have a type of "good, nutritional" dog food that is recommended?

EC: Check out this page: http://www.earthclinic.com/pets/food.html

Replied by Randy
Amite, Louisiana

dianna, i heard that using burnt oil would cause a dogs hair to fall out. we are having a cold spell down here in louisiana. would it hurt to put it on now, or wait till it warms up? ita a stray catahoula pup that needs treating. also he has spread it to another of my dogs.

Replied by Peggy
Delbarton, WV, USA
5 out of 5 stars

I am sorry I certainly didn't mean for my comment to be a NAY. I was commenting on the smell could be mange to someone else. Then got caught up in my little Ruff's problems. I took him in at about 10 wks old. I took him for his shots and a check up and the vet said he had scarcoptic (sp?) mange. He was put on medicine and by the time he went back for his second set of shots he was cured of it. Then in Dec. when I take him for his neutering the vet calls for me to come pick him up that he was ready to go but she needed to talk with me. She had done some scrapings and he had demodectic mange. She gave me vitamins, shampoo and the "dip" for him. I was to use it once a week. (all the instructions were included). However, it was so horrible I thought there was no way I was going to make him take baths in this. I began my search for natural remedies. I had not read far enough apparently cause I was only bathing him once a week. He is a bit of a wild pup (almost 8 mo) and growls and tries to bite me when I bathe him. He is a handful. My older dog will go get into the bathtub trying to showing him it's no big deal. He seems afraid of water and I have no doubt that he may have been doused with hot water before I found him by people trying to run him off.

Recently my husband and I bought a truckload of straw and put it all over our front yard trying to old down the mud the dogs were tracking inside. Then, I notice Ruff is getting more spots...and sores on his privates and the mite pimples are all over him. I have been using the borax/H20/Peroxide but only once a week. I have a solution mixed that I put on him two or three times a day by gloved hand. Should this still be helping him out? He is on a yeast/garlic pills as well as a vitamin. He eats two to three times a day so he has a good appetite. He has been wormed and I do my best to give him all the love he can handle. He is house broken and it was really easy as he went out with his "big sister". She btw has remaind mange free throughout all this. *fingers crossed* Ruff had a poor beginning and probably has a poor immune system. The vet said stress can cause this to worsen and he stresses about taking a bath. How can I get him well when I can barely bathe him once a week? Also, I spent all day yesterday raking up the straw after I read it can give dogs mange. Then, I scatted borax all over the yard.

He is getting more and more spots of hair loss (black in these spots..not the skin just the hair color) The sores/pimples worry me most. I just feel so sorry for him. I am ready to try the dip again but don't want to. I just want him well. I have been reading this site for three weeks and he's had 3 baths with the solution. I did see some improvement but now he is worsening...straw probably didn't help.

I spray his bed area, wash his toys and covers and spray the carpets as well as shampoo them. I suppose I need someone to tell me how to get the solution on him daily without a fight. During the summer it was easy I just bathed him where he stood outside but it's way to cold to do that now and he knows what is up when he sees me gathering his towels and heading toward the bath area I use to bathe him in. Then it's a chase to catch him, put up with his trying to bite me. (Once I do have him in the tub, he is calm and the best puppy. I talk soothingly to him to assure him he is ok.) What else can I do? I apologize for this being so long. And Yea to this remedy. I am all for natural remedies and always have been. I am thankful this site is here!

EC: Thanks, Peggy. We'll remove the NAY from your other post!

Posted by Rhonda (Sherman, Texas) on 12/28/2008
5 out of 5 stars

My dog, Lucy, has had mange for a couple of months. I didn't know it was mange till just about a week ago. I was going to bring her to the vet on Monday but I happened to stumble upon Ted's cure. I immediatly went and got the ingredients and followed the instuctions last night. Just over night I saw improvements. She's not scratching like mad and she is acting so happy...like it doesn't bother her so much. i'll keep applying every week and keep posted on her progress. Is there anything that I can rub on her to help her itching...like cooking oil? I want to help her as much as possible, but I dont want to mess with the borax solution on her.

Replied by JASMINE



Replied by Desiree
Portland, OR

Benedryl has been shown to cause premature dementia (not that dementia is a normal part of aging). I wouldn't say it is not harmless. I don't recommend anyone take it on a regular basis. I read this in a report about 10 years ago. I can't believe this information is still not mainstream and so many people are still using it.

Posted by Helen (Spokane, WA) on 12/25/2008

Does the borax and peroxide also work on cats? If not, what can one use to treat cats with bird mites?

Posted by Nixon (Portageville, NY) on 12/17/2008

i have 4 springers, i just treated one, so far, did the first tx per suggestions for mange. this smaller springer loves to run down fox holes, and torment coyotes. I ususlly have to vet treat all 4 twice a year for mange. Mange is wild here. thought i would try this home remedy dogs Nell tolerated the tx during anyway, then she bolted outside and started rubbing herself in the snow. the poor thing was in a crying frenzy. i will monitor her tonight and take her in if needed. yes all my dogs are neutered.i used 3 heaping tabelspoons of borax, 500cc of h2o2. 1 liter of water. washed dog with baby shampoo first , then applied all over, but the eyes forward , thanks anyway, nixon