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Posted by Lisa (Peterborough, ON) on 02/08/2006

When you use yogurt to cure a yeast infection try dipping a tampon in it then insert tampon overnight. This way you don't need to worry about it leaking, and it still works.

Posted by Joan (NY) on 10/10/2005

I've only had 2 yeast infections in my life, and do you know what worked? Yogurt! However, MAKE SURE it is plain (no sugar!) yogurt with live active cultures. The bad news is that is very messy to apply as you must insert it in to the vagina. What I did was buy a disposable douche bottle, empty it, cut off the tip so the hole is as large as possible yet still allows the nozzle to be twisted back on, and using a teaspoon, carefully place the plain yogurt in the bottle. This takes time and effort, but trust me, it provides nearly instant relief. Apply the yogurt in the same way you would use a douche although do it while laying down in the tub or on your bed with a towel under you as it can be messy. Let the yogurt rest inside you for about 15-20 minutes, then sit up. When you sit, the yogurt will of course come back out of you as you,with the exception of a thin film or layer that will remain for the next few hours. Shower (no soap) that area to rinse off any mess, then put on a clean pair of cotton panties, along with a Kotex in. Sleep in the kotex and during the night the thin layer of yogurt will slowly seep out. It isn't much.. maybe a teaspoon, max. Once application should clear things up as the yogurt can bring your vaginal PH back to order. This may also be helpful to women who use vinegar and water to douche, and do it so excessively that their vaginal PH is also screwed up.. as vinegar is very acidic. If you feel sore or raw, yogurt will do the trick. Caution, do not do the yogurt unless you really need it or you will disturb your vaginas natural healthy PH. One application should be enough for a yeast infection, but if you have no improvement after 2 days, reapply. Rest assured, the yogurt does NOT stay in you. It slowly comes out the same way a man's sperm does when he ejaculates inside you. Another note is; if you douche regularly, DONT. Douching is very bad, unnecessary, and will actually bring you more problems. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ, and if you bathe with soap and water every day, there is NO need to douche.

Posted by Anita (Garland, NC)

Plain yogurt in your grocery store can cure a yeast infection in less than five hours. Insert it with a syringe or turkey baster. lay down as much as possible so it will not come down. A pad should be worn to catch the leakage. It really works and the itching will also stop almost instantly!!!!

Posted by Cathy (Churubusco, Indiana)

Yogurt does cure yeast infection-I have used it for years.

Replied by Deb
(Waterloo, Ia)

Yogurt works great. I have been doing that since 1982.

Yogurt, Garlic, ACV

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Posted by Haley (Hackberry, LA) on 08/09/2008

1c ACV in med. deep bath for 30 min = 90% relief for me! THANKS!

2 days ago I started getting a terrible vaginal yeast infection which was progressively getting worse. I bought the monistat ovule yesterday and used it at about 10pm. Today, I woke up at 1:30am absolutely miserable. I couldn't hardly walk the area was so irritated; it was absolutely unbearable. I sat in the shower under cool/warm running shower & tried to go back to sleep. Tough luck, absolutely no improvement. So I Googled "yeast infection instant relief" and as always, Earth Clinic was one of the first sites to pop up. I quickly read some reviews and followed three of them. (1) I ate a container of (flavored) yogurt (that's all I plain) (2) I minced a large clove of garlic into some water & chugged it (3) poured about 1c of ACV into a medium-depth bath (enough to lay back & the area still be covered). 30 minutes later I got out & am now posting this...the itching is completely gone. The skin around my v-jay was very very red and irritated/raw. I do still have a little burning, but I will definitely be able to fall asleep. Wow. EC, Thanks so much for being here when I need you! (P.S. it's 3:23am & I am FINALLY going to SLEEP!) xoxo - hk

Replied by Hank
(Albuquerque, Nm)

Ok ladies. I need to know if any of these remedies will work on a guy. I've had a very painful, itchy and vivid yeast infection down the middle of my buttocks (visual diagnosis) for 3 months now and none of the creams or the one pill, Fluconazole, has worked. It's really uncomfortable. Do guys get this?

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)

Hi Hank...I had bad tinea cruris(jock itch) for over 7 years and, like you, all the antibiotics, lotions and drugs I tried couldn't make a dent. This rash covered both inside thighs right round to the buttocks and around my rectum -- like a big, bright red welt of skin.

For 7 years nothing worked, until I tried Milk of Magnesia. Here is my simple remedy:

After my shower at night -- and just before bed -- I would use my hands and just smear the liquid MoM all over the affected area (Don't forget to shake the MoM bottle first). I would then let it dry and then simply go to bed. MoM just dries to a pale white dust. Bye the way, MoM is also very cooling and soothing. In the morning I would just have another shower and wash it all off. Repeat this the following evening until the yeast is gone.

If you have sensitive skin(I don't) then perhaps it's better to apply the MoM just twice a day for 30 mins until it dries to a white dust and then wash it off. Then apply a moisturizer like jojoba or cocao butter to rehydrate the skin.

It only took me 2 days too get rid of the awful red welts, healthy skin again -- after 7 years !!.

MoM -- usually just a solution of Magnesium Hydroxide -- works in 2 ways to kill yeast, fungus, bacteria and viruses. First, MoM has a pH of 10 -- strongly alkaline -- no microbe can survive in this pH. Second, MoM is hydrophobic -- drives out or sucks out moisture wherever it is applied -- thus also killing the yeast/microbes by dehydration as well.

It also does not matter if the MoM has Aluminium Hydroxide in it, since both Magnesium Hydroxide and Aluminum Hydroxide are very badly absorbed by the body.

And it's really cheap too !!

Replied by Tee
(Chicago, Il)

How do you know if you have yeast on your skin? What does it look like. I have acne all over my body plus I've been told I have too much yeast in my blood. How can I know if the rashes on my body are yeast???

Replied by Eggy
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I tried all 3...for me, inserting a garlic clove, made the rawness and itching worse, as for the ACV, it did get rid of the itching, but it burned like a mother f'--r! I felt the ACV just numbed the pain out, but the rawness of the rash was still there. The only thing that seems to work for me is the plain yogurt. It seems to calms down the itching, and relives the rawness and swelling. I took a turkey baster and about 1/2 cup of the yogurt and shot it on up there! Also used the yogurt externally too. I think it's a trial and error thing for an individual, the only way you'll know what will work on your body, is by trying out all 3 either in combo, or separately. I can't say that Yogurt has cured me, but it has temporarily subsided the yeast infection aggravation.

Replied by Marica
(Clearwater, Florida)

I had a YI for several months. I tried most everything here and it helped temporarily. Acidophilus worked well but what really worked was witch hazel used topically and internally as a douche. I did this for a week and have not had a YI for years now. Witch Hazel has been around for a very, very long time and people just don't know about all its uses. Try it you will like it.

Replied by Badger
(Guffey, Co, Usa)


Not sure if it's Yeast or BV or ? Symptomatic for nearly 6 mos. itching made itchier by scratching, but impossible to leave it alone! Burning and sometimes it feels like someone bit me way up in there. It seems to have a cycle, tolerable at times, intolerable at others! Been trying holistic stuff the whole time, finally thought to try a traditional doctor as well, she gave me Flouconazole? Seemed to clear up fast since I took it a week ago. Dang, today I felt that "old familiar feeling" down there. No cheesy discharge, but there seems to be a granular substance coming out of me, and my mucous alternates between slick & sticky like glue. My vulva is swollen & sore, and a couple of days I also sported a bright pink rash on my inner thighs. Feels inflamed!

I've tried ACV on a cottonball, Super results wearing a pad soaked with ACV for a few hours. Enjoy drinking ACV or lemon juice added to my water & tea. These were great help, but only temporary help. Tonight, I made ACV baking soda paste and applied liberally. Felt so good for a few hours. Now I fear it's degrading, feel an itch coming on again. Tried clove oil and I warn you: WATER IT DOWN. It felt like it was burning the heck out of me. When I looked no damage, and it did relieve symptoms for a whole day or two! What to try next.................. B3, Magnesium, Borax. I think Ted really knows his stuff!

Replied by Happy Vj
(Kc, Mo)

the plain yogurt worked like a charm and only cost me 99 cents as opposed to the monistat that cost 20 bucks and didn't work at all. Thanks for all the suggestions! So glad to have my happy vajayjay back!

Replied by Sophia
(Wheaton, Il)

Had a yeast infection and immediately tried Monistat for three days and the infection became worse! Found this incredible site and took some suggestions from different posts. On day 3 now and my infection is almost completely gone!! Bought a squirt bottle and filled it halfway with ACV and warm water. I sprayed it twice a day to the infected area.. BURNS LIKE A MUTHA! After that I took a tablespoon of plain yogurt and broke a capsule of acidophilus (20 billion) into it and spread it on the infected area. Sooo much relief. Wear a pad! Going to start taking Vitamin C tomorrow (as suggested in a post). BTW-tried the hydrogen peroxide, don't do it! It is so painful and drying, much worse than the ACV. Also, some people wrote to place the probiotic up the ying yang, mine did not dissolve. Not sure how that is supposed to work. I tried two different brands. Good luck. So glad I found this site. Thanks for all of the great info! P.S. Stop eating sugar and yeast during this period, it only contributes to the problem.