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Boric Acid
Posted by Spring (Miami, Fl) on 02/02/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I am a mid-30s female that has suffered with recurring bacterial vaginosis (BV) and yeast infections for years, but mostly BV. Antibiotics and Diflucan both work for me, but running to the doctor every time I have a recurrence becomes tiresome and costly. I also don't want my body to get so use to the antibiotics that they no longer work. With that said, I've tried to lend towards more natural and holistic methods in treating my BV and yeast infections.

A week ago I woke up with a slightly sore vagina. Didn't think anything of it until a couple days later the soreness got worse and was accompanied by itching. I didn't have any odor whatsoever (which I normally get with BV) and although I didn't have full blown cottage cheese looking discharge, I did have a little thrush down there. I was definitely in the early stages of a yeast infection, so let the remedies begin.

I did the apple cigar vinegar soaked tampon a couple times, but all that did was make my insides raw (and it burns). I think I even saw a little bleeding. I decided instead of using the tampon, I'd just put a teaspoon of diluted apple cider vinegar directly up my vagina. I had to get creative and applied it using a drinking straw while laying on my back - craziness, I know! Well, that offered some relief, but the itching would come back within hours. So then I moved onto garlic. I'd insert a clove of peeled garlic directly up my vagina and leave it there over night. Again, a little relief but the itching was still there. Since that didn't work, I moved onto acidophilus. I swallowed 10 x 100 million organism tablets and I also shoved 2 up my vagina. Again, no significant relief! I was becoming frustrated and hopeless!!!

I remember laying in bed one night sleepless, crying and itching like crazy... while searching the internet for my next potential remedy. I was just about to convince myself to run to the 24-hour pharmacy to just pick up some 3-day Monistat, when I came across a post on Earth Clinic about boric acid. I read through some reviews, did a little research and figured I didn't have anything else to lose.

For whatever reason, none of the pharmacies I called that night had any boric acid in stock, so I figured Amazon would be easier. I ordered a bottle of boric acid powder, a bag of clear 0 empty gel capsules and had them shipped overnight - longest 24 hours I've ever had to wait.

With clean hands, I filled one of the gel capsules with as much of the boric acid powder that would fit, closed the capsule and inserted it as far up my vagina as I could. I did this once in the morning and once at night. By the start of day 2... THE ITCHING WAS COMPLETELY GONE! I was so happy!!! I still had a little soreness around my vagina, but that was probably from stripping it raw with all the other stuff I had been shoving up there. After day 3, my vagina was feeling 100% normal again... but I committed myself to using the boric acid suppositories for 5 days, to ensure all of the yeast was in fact killed. During the 5 days, I also upped my water intake, stayed away from sugar & bread and would pop a couple acidophilus for good measure to help build up my good bacteria.

I am happy to report that boric acid CURED my yeast infection! From what I've read, this stuff also works miracles in curing BV too... so it looks like this will definitely be something I keep in bathroom cabinet. Personally, I was a little skeptical about using boric acid because technically, it is toxic when ingested. It's also used to kill pests, which frightened me at first. But I had no choice but to trust some of the women that wrote on Earth Clinic about their experiences. One woman said her female OB/GYN recommended boric acid suppositories after her long bout with vaginal infections as well. That was good enough for me!

I highly recommend that any woman suffering with recurring yeast infections (or even recurring bacterial vaginosis) at least try boric acid. Dealing with these ailments are not only physically debilitating, they drain you emotionally and there is not better feeling than finding something that finally CURES you!

Three things to remember: Make sure you only insert boric acid into your vagina, NEVER inhale it or take it by mouth.

Also, make sure you commit to using it for at least 5 days (maybe 7-10 depending on how aggressive your infection is). I inserted one capsule twice a day, for 5 days. You shouldn't start using it and just stop once the itching stops. You want to make sure all those pesky little yeast are dead, even after your symptoms subside. So remember, a minimum of 5 days.

Finally, I'm not a healthcare pro, but I would say it's better to abstain from sex during this time. This includes not letting your boyfriend or hubby perform oral on you for obvious reasons. Trust me, giving your body time to heal is what's most important anyway. Good luck ladies!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Victoria (Los Angeles, Ca) on 12/02/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Thank God for natural healings! Also, thank God for informative natural healing sites such as this one!! I've got yeast infection about 3-4 times my whole life. I'm 27 as of now. A few days after sex I started feeling very itchy, I hadn't been sexual in so long but it seems like almost every time I have sex with a new person I get BV or YI. I know what they feel like so I was able to diagnose myself. We all know the itchy uncomfortable feeling internally and externally.

DAY 1 TAMPON: Per my research I decided to use ACV.. I tried soaking w/tampon, the way it expanded before entering made it feel uncomfortable inside plus I've always heard tampons are bad so I tossed it! I separated a water ACV mix almost every time I used the bathroom, maybe worked a little, not enough for satisfaction. So I suffered.

DAY 2 AFTERNOON DOUCHE: I've never douched before but I bought Summer's ever, poured solution out and filled 50/50 water and organic ACV while in the shower. It stung for a few seconds then felt so good as it stopped the Itching, only for a few hours as it felt like it got worst after 2 hrs (Not blaming acv) (I'm also drinkin ACV 3x a day) Night time I douched again, also poured the little I didn't get from the douche over my vagina while standing. It felt so much better while in the shower, only 40% better and hr or 2 later. Same day after night time shower I wasn't satisfied still even though a little better.. So I decided to bathe. BATH So I gave up trying to avoid using my roommates bathtub (I only have a shower) and decided to do what I also kept reading works. Hot/warm water bath a little pass my ankles. Poured a little under 16oz of ACV towards my vagina while sitting in. I also added some Himalayan pink salt just because I know salt baths are good. MAN DID I FEEL 99% better while in there for 30 mins, I sat with my legs open in the birth giving position. I actually started writing this while in the tub! Lol :) I've been out for 30 minutes now, I now feel about 80-85% cured, because I'm use to feeling 100 down there 24/7 I maybe being a little sensitive/stingy with the percentage but I could definitely go out if I had to but after that bath and me going through heck all day id rather rest just in case, I'm kind of scared to do anything extra because I'm so at ease at the moment I don't want anything to bring the itchy feeling back tonight!

I'll douche again in the shower tomorrow morning and night, maybe I'll get in the bath again too not sure. I'll definitely drink 2 tablespoons of ACV 3x a day for the next week, after that I'll drink it at least once a day and make it apart of my lifestyle. There's so many other benefits! Thanks for taking the time to read! I'll try to update :)

Coconut Oil
Posted by Michelle (Lake Park) on 08/09/2015

I was reading the post about summer saturate a tampon in coconut oil for a yeast infection. I had to respond and say the toxic shock syndrome which is indicated in in every tampon box and associated with their use can be deadly! I offer the alternative, which I have used with complete success for many years!

Put some coconut oil a small ziplock bag until it covers the bottom up to an inch high. Store it in the freezer and as soon as you feel like quotation you may have a yeast infection, take it out of the plastic bag in break off an inch or more and very quickly, because it melts fast, inserted just as you would a tampon. You have to wear a panty liner but it will stop the discomfort almost immediately in 3 or more days necessary and you will be doing! I have done this over 10 times while pregnant nursing or taking antibiotics it has never failed me good luck ladies!

Acidophilus, Vitamin E, Folic Acid
Posted by Sharon (San Antonio, Tx) on 12/02/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Cure for a Yeast Infection: Acidophilus pills, Vitamin E, and Folic Acid. I struggled for about 2 years with constant burning in the vaginal area. I need to stress here that all I had was burning. Hardly any discharge, not the cottage cheese type, and NO itching!

It started with what I thought was a UTI. My doctor gave me antibiotics. It didn't work. Long story short, I took around 7 different antibiotics in about 3 months. Doctor just kept trying different ones. Please don't ever do this. It messed up my digestive system big time. I went to a naturopath next. Nothing helped. After 2 years passed with constant burning and going to a few different doctors, a new doctor finally diagnosed me with a resistant strain of yeast. I took 6 rounds of Diflucan. Didn't work. The doctor's last resort was boric acid suppositories. Didn't work.

I had pretty much given up until, by the grace of God, I read in a food/nutritin book about how Vitamin E kills yeast. I had also read here on Earthclinic how alot of women with Bacterial Vaginosis get relief by taking Acidophilus and Folic Acid. So, I took them all together. 2 Acidophilus, 1 200IU Vitamin E, and 1 Folic 400mg Folic Acid morning and night. Within a few days I felt a little better. I was hopeful. The burning wasn't as bad, but still there. I imagine 2 years of burning would take awhile to heal. After a month, I knew the combination was definitely working. I took it for 3 months. Then, gradually took it less and less. It has been gone for a long time.

And here is the kicker: At my next GYN appointment, I told the doctor what finally cured me. She then told me how she read about a very small study that tested the SAME EXACT combination I took and yes, it worked. I was FLOORED! She said big pharm doesn't do those kinds of studies (No way for them to make money off of vitamins). So, alot of people won't know about what has been found. So, I am telling you my own experience. I hope this will help someone else. This period in my life was horrific. It affected my family, marriage, and my overall health. I am still dealing with the physical effects of the stress and anxiety. It was so defeating to have this burning, but no one could tell me what it was. I credit the Lord for showing what I needed to take. I did pray for those two years and couldn't understand why God wouldn't heal me. The journey wound bringing me closer to God than I have ever been and I feel this is what He wanted from me all the while. I realize some people may downplay this aspect of my healing, but I am here to say I am living proof. May God Bless You!

Posted by Aurora820205 (Saskatchewan) on 07/22/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Haven't had a yeast infection for years since I started following a Weston Price type diet, but I fell off the wagon and ate a ton of junk food over the last week and suddenly ended up with the worst yeast infection I think I have ever had. In the past I would treat it with probiotic capsules and yogurt, vinegar, baths with oatmeal and nettle. But none of this was working like I remembered. I even made lines of yogurt, sprinkled on the probiotics, froze them, and inserted them. There was hardly any relief at all.

After searching I came across this site and read about Borax. I have it in the bathroom for making laundry soap. I don't have any capsules to use so I just stirred about 2 tsp into 2 cups of water. The burning and itching were so bad I couldn't stand it and I didn't even wait for it to dissolve before shooting some up there with a turkey baster in the bathtub. It burned for a minute but then it got about 95% better and I feel SO much better. Well at least I do down there. I found out the hard way that long turkey basters don't balance well in small measuring cups and that when you knock the solution across the tub while balanced precariously everything gets a bit slippery. Next time I will sit in the bathtub instead.

Boric Acid
Posted by Alabama (Toronto, Ontario) on 08/27/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I suffered for many many years from chronic vaginal pain. 8 years in fact. It was cyclical. It started on day 7 of my cycle and ended near menstruation And nobody ever knew why as I never had psoitive tests. (Now From reading the V BOOK I learned that estrogen was responsible for make yeast proliferate in women who were susceptible). Until one day I was simply been put on the progesterone only birth control pill (which did eliminate the symptoms immediately for 8 years! ) because they thought I was having an allergic type reaction to my own estrogen.

Now I tried everything in those years. Everything. Nothing worked but the pil. But when I came off it to become pregnant, within a year or so my cycling went back to normal and my pain began again. I tried to go back on the pil but it didn't work. I saw countless doctors, had vaginal anaesthetic needles inserted with pain blockers done during ovulation and was given powerful pain creams (because all my tests came up negative for yeasts except 1) Not only did these creams not work but they made things worse due to the chemicals in them.

After a year , I had no success and only one positive yeast test and I had a very sour milk smell all the time except during my period. So my doctor suggested that it could be cyclical yeast that lives in the walls and hard to detect. Whatever....... I just wanted some relief and all the yeast creams aggitated me due to the chemicals and the moisture from them dripping out during the day made the yeast proliferate and irritated the already very irritated vulvar skin. And the medications were just too hard on my liver and I had bad side effects.

So we decided to try boric acid. I started with the empty gel caps 1x a day and it burned so badly it actually bleached my underwear three nights in a row. I tried vaseline and oil to protect the outside but it didn't help. Nor did pads. I didn't want to spend a fortune on custom suppositories so I called them up and asked them the ingredients. A basic wax or oil with the boric acid. THAT"S IT? I can do that. I researched oils that were candida friendly and two jumped out.......... Olive and Coconut. So I started making my own in icecube trays. This was so cheap, chemical free and also protected my vagina from the harshness of the boric acid. Also the cold is soooo soothing! I put a pad on at night for leakage and one during the day and try to go without underwear whenever possible for a breather.

I did this for 3 weeks everyday and it dissapeared withing days. Only to return the next month day 7 as usual. So repeat. Then repeat the following month. Then I added pro b probiotics(drug store no prescription) specifically made for your vagina as it is a great misconception that acidophilus from yogurt helps your vagina........... IT IS NOT EVEN THE SAME STRAIN! And in fact yogurt in the vagina can make yeast grow more due to the sugar lactose. ( the V Book) It is wonderful for your digestive tract though. And I added a controversial element, a mild cortisone cream in a petroleum only base I had compounded as the other cortisones had chemicals that just irritated me. When you are irritated and swollen almost everything makes in worse especially harsh chemicals (the V book). Cortisone can make yeast grow sometimes but I only use a bit once a day as needed for inflammation.

It's been 4 months. I need the suppositories less and less. I start day 7 and often do a week then every 2-4 days until my period. My doctor said sometimes it takes a really long time to completely erradicate a stubborn cyclical infection. I see the results slowly but surely. The smell is gone, I can have sex oart of the month and I can live a relatively normal life wth only a few super swollen days as opposed to before when it was 22 days a month I was walking and sitting funny and crying. I am told it is common for 6 months to a year to deal with this so I am on track.. I wanted the quick fix but as long as I see progress I feel motivated, not depressed and in control of my body! Plus I have learned a lot from the V BOOK about good vaginal health, from listening to myself and I saved a lot of money by making my own suppositories (I got the boric acid at the drug store behind the counter in Canada it USA you can get it on

It is slow and steady. BIG LESSON don't try more than one thing at a time or you will not know what is working or not working. And don't see too many doctors, naturopaths etc, too many cooks in the kitchen leads to disasters and conflicting information.... I keep it really simple, no thousands of supplements, diets, meds or doctors! and drink a lot of water so my pee no longer burns and inflames it... Another trick. And I always use natural oils or petroleum for sexual lubricant now.... NO MORE CHEMICALS (except boric and cortisone) will ever touch my vagina again. Good luck and I hope this helps someone out there. Don't give up hope. Find what works for you and listen to you body. Inform yourself and keep at it. There is an end to this misery. Keep the faith girls!

Posted by Flowerfairy (Tennessee ) on 07/20/2016 1 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I just wanted to tell about my personal experience with Borax.

First, I've been prone to yeast infections since being on birth control pill. I stopped taking the pill 3 years ago but still will get occasional yeast infections. I found after my first yeast infection that none of the drug store creams worked or would appear to be working and than my yeast infection would return. (I know it was yeast because it smelled like yeast and was accompanied by thick white discharge and itching).

So, I discovered probiotics, apple cider vinager, organic coconut oil and hydrogen peroxide all relieved my yeast infections. Fast forward to last month when I got the WORST yeast infection of my life. Sorry for the TMI but it was so bad that I got a rash on my butt crack and my labia was so swollen and all my usual remedies made things worse.

It had a very yeasty smell and I was sure I got it from eating to much cake and bread (I'm vegan and usually stay away from gluten and sugar but last month I indulged.....a lot). I also had been working and sweating outside, not able to change right away.

Anyways, my period started and the yeast infection seemed to get much better and a day after my period ended it came back with a vengeance. I was crying and miserable and decided to try ice. (I had mini ice cubes, so they were perfect). I rubbed ice outside of my vagina and put a mini ice cube inside as well. It gave me instant relief but I new it wasn't a cure.

I finally decided to try what I had always been scared to try before: boric acid. I was desperate. All I could get was the Borax from the laundry isle. It is a naturally occurring mineral (Sodium tetraborate) and that is the only ingredient listed on the box.

I emptied out my vegetarian probiotics capsule into my water and filled the empty capsule with Borax. I than placed the capsule into my vagina. It tingled a little at first but than I felt relief. It was amazing! I did this 3 to 4 times a day and always had one in overnight. It made my discharge watery, so I would advise using some sort of panty liner. The yeast smell was gone, the itch was gone, the swelling was gone. It was amazing! I did this for 7 days and than stopped.

Borax saved me and I'm so thankful! I just wanted to write about my experience just in case it may help someone else.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Kim (Mo) on 05/14/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I'm a 44 yr old female that has had issues with yeast infections since I was 12 yrs old. Literally, every year of my life since I was 12 I have battled this issue including up to now. I've weighed about 110 lbs most of my life regardless of whether I ate crappy or healthy. I do my best not to eat lots of processed foods or sugary foods. As another person previously stated, my body does not process sugar correctly. I stopped drinking all pop years ago & only drink water & it changed nothing. I get thrush & vaginal yeast if I eat anything with sugar. Cutting out most sweets helps a lot, but still doesn't stop them.

The only thing that has helped since I stopped being able to buy prescription anti-fungal pills over the internet, is grapefruit seed extract. It works! And it works fast!!! I put anywhere from 10 to 20 drops on fruit like a kiwi or orange in the morning or in orange juice to hide the taste. I do this every morning for as long as I am having a problem. I can usually tell right away, the difference by just looking at my tongue. My tongue usually has a white coating when I am experiencing problems with yeast.

Takes anywhere from 1 to 3 days to notice a real difference. I'd say 5 days for most people would work. It's an ongoing battle for me so I do it several times a week especially if I have anything sugary.

Boric Acid
Posted by Marsh (Denver, Co, Usa) on 04/15/2013
5 out of 5 stars

ACV works too but in about 1977 I had reoccuring vaginal yeast infections that kept the obgyn in business. One prescription would cause another type infection and it constantly cycled to the point of practically not being able to sit. One morning, he was at the hospital delivering a baby and his nurse took one look at my chart. She was appalled that he kept re-prescribing the same drugs for nearly a year. She instructed me to purchase empty gelatin capsules and fill with boric acid and insert before bed. Wearing panty liners the next day will help keep things dry. The boric acid can even be used as a douche if preferred. For over 30 years I've used this remedy at the hint of a yeast infection and it disappears overnight. Indulging in too many sweets, wine, wheat, harsh soaps & detergents seem to be many of the culprits. Stay away from sheet softeners and feminine products with fragrances. Natural soaps and gentle detergents are the best.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Eunie (San Antonio, Texas) on 01/31/2013
5 out of 5 stars

So, I was on anti biotics cause of strep, and it ended up giving me a yeast infection. I was so not happy. AFter trying everythinggg I could think of. I finally decided to give this ACV thing a shot. I went a local HEB (super market in Texas) and bought raw ACV. In a small spray bottle, I poured about 1oz of hot water, and 3oz of the ACV. While in the shower, I sprayed my vaginal area until I could feel the ACV dripping down my legs. (my shower smells like vinegar :P) It burned for a few moments, but I already started feeling better. When I got out of the shower, I refilled the bottle because I had used most of it, but no water this time; just the ACV. I soaked a tampon in it and inserted it for about 30 min, and sprayed my vaginal area once more until I could feel it burning. While sitting down, I could actually feel the intense burning from the ACV in my vagina.. Let' sjust saying it really did suck. But after I took it out, I felt tons better. This stuff actually worked. So glad I gave in to it. I'm going to do this for another three days and see how everything works out.

Boric Acid
Posted by Thankyoulord (Tx) on 05/17/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I have had a yeast infection for nearly 8 months.... Not kidding. Mild infections started happening to me in highschool and I would go to the doctor and one pill of fluconazole would do the trick... I had about 2 or 3 infections per year until I turned 22... The yeast infection from hell came and symptoms did not go away for like 2 months... I tried so many different things- diet, supplements, garlic, fluconazole, other azole bullcrap, coconut oil, essential oils, you name it. My mom found these Vitanica Yeast arrest suppositories that were the only thing that helped my symptoms (never fully curing me) . As soon as I stopped yeast would regrow. That's until this month that I finally stumbled upon the boric acid powder put in a capsule. I noticed significant improvement from the very first day. It was close to a miracle. Boric acid powder only cost me like 4 dollars at cvs... All the ridiculous amounts of money I've spent on this is a slap in the face after finding that my cure was so easy and inexpensive. I will continue to be on the candida diet plus take good quality oral probiotic pills for a couple more months just as prevention but I feel so great and wanna thank boric acid for existing and repairing not only my vagina but the emotional and psychological scars this infection caused me....

Boric Acid
Posted by Tri (Tampa, Fl.) on 10/11/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Boric acid powder in 00 capsules inserted vaginally for 7-10 days will reset the pH vaginal balance...use probiotics and use boric acid suppositories periodically to keep your ph balance in check. I order capsules and boric acid powder from works, be persistent..

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Rita (Douglasville, Ga) on 01/17/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I don't get frequent yeast infections, but the few I've had have been almost unbearable. Recently I was so miserable and over a weekend no way to see a doctor except the ER. So I looked it up and found Apple Cider Vinegar. I soaked a clean washcloth in very warm water then poured the ACV onto the cloth and placed it between my legs as the yeast was between my legs, and up to the vulva, sorry to be so graphic, but if this can help someone. So be it. In a few minutes the horrible itching stopped and became bearable. I used it over the weekend and saw my Gyn on Minday & got except for Diflucan. Told her about ACV and she said it was great for use just be sure and dilute it. I also get yeast under my breasts and I started using it there too. It works. I've also heard you can dilute and gargle with it for sore throats. I can NOT USE MONISTAT or the normal creams, they are like setting my privates on FIRE but the ACV really worked for me. I'm keeping it from now on for "just in case" emergencies.

Bentonite Clay
Posted by Dee (Los Angeles, Ca) on 08/03/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I am 30 yrs old and have suffered from a constant yeast infection/candida overgrowth for about 3 years. I'm positive that this was caused by taking many rounds of antibiotics. Over the years I tried everything from traditional western meds (fluconazole, terconazole) to holistic remedies (ACV, probiotics, candida diet, garlic suppository etc.) and while the candida diet helped, it never completely got rid of my yeast infection.

About 5 months ago I discovered bentonite clay and it has changed my life! I bought the liquid form and followed the instructions on the bottle which is to add 1 tablespoon to an 8 oz glass of water and drink 2 times a day on an empty stomach. Within 1 week my yeast infection was completely gone. Since then I've only had 1 relapse (I went on vacation for 10 days, was in the pool for hours at a time, drank lots of beer and ate lots of starchy foods and unfortunately did not bring bentonite clay with me) As soon as I got home I started taking it again and my yeast infection was gone in less than a week. Now I only take it once a day about 3 times a week and I'm still doing well. I have not experienced any side effects and am very happy with the results.

Posted by Ed (Madison, Wisconsin ) on 05/07/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I get yeast in my abdominal fold. I've found making borax into a paste and applying it directly to infected area works well. Burns like mad for about 5 minutes but it's gone in 2 days.

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Art (California ) on 11/21/2017 1508 posts

In reply to Jennifer (Fl),

Hi Jenniffer,

With colloidal silver, ppm is just one way to describe how much silver is in an actual liquid suspension. It probably would be less confusing to just say how many milligrams of silver are in a given amount of the liquid suspension, but manufacturers have chosen to use parts per million instead of milligrams. Most other supplements use milligrams and this is easily understood with minimal confusion for consumers. For example, a one liter bottle of 10 ppm colloidal silver contains 10 milligrams of silver, a 500ml bottle of 20 ppm CS contains 10 milligrams of silver, a 250 ml bottle of 40 ppm CS contains 10 milligrams of silver and a 125 ml bottle of 80 ppm CS also contains 10 milligrams of silver. So these four examples will all deliver 10 milligrams of colloidal silver per bottle, even though they are all different parts per million. Based on available studies and the average amount of blood in the adult human body it can be roughly estimated how many milligrams of silver need to be taken per day in order to achieve an effective dose. The amount of milligrams of silver per dose is what is important, so when people say they take 5 teaspoons of silver three times per day, it doesn't mean much, unless they also say what the parts per million is, whereas if they say they take 5 milligrams of silver three times per day, it is clear that they are taking 15 milligrams of silver total per day and there is no need to use parts per million.

If a person already has 20 ppm colloidal silver, but would prefer to have 10 ppm colloidal silver, they just need to add an equal amount of distilled water to their 20 ppm silver and they will have 10 ppm colloidal silver.

To get the best effect for topical use, keeping the topical application (dressing) wet or moist is very effective for rapid healing and neutralizing most types of pathogens .